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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 6

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Tuesday, July 14, 1964
Page 6
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TUESDAY > JULY loke Chorles Amcricon Press FOR YOUR RECIPE FILE.... PICTURE OF THINGS TO COME? — Here'a Ihe way it would look with a woman president. Actually, this is Congresswoman Kaiherine St. George of New York officiating behind the Seal of ihe President of Ihs United Stales at a state GOP meeting several years ago attended by President Eisenhower (not in picture). CANTALOUPE AND ORANGE JAM 4 cups peeled, diced cantaloupe 3 oranges, peeled and diced Vi cup lemon juice i teaspoon grated orange peel 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel 4 cups sugar '? teaspoon salt. Combine the cantaloupe, oranges and lemon juice in a heavy kettle. Bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Add the orange and bneon peels, the sugar and salt. Boil rapidly until thick and clear, about, 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Skim as necessary. Pour into sterilized jelly glasses and cover with paraffin. Yield: About four cups. 6 Feminine Role in QOP Is Improving With Years By .10Y MILLER AP Women's Editor Unlike little hoys, littlp girls rarely dream of growing up to be President. Tlio practical dears know ii's n waste of imagination. At least right now. But. when .Sen. Margaret. Chase Smith's name is placed in nomination at. the Republican National Convention, women wilj have moved ahead one jump in the game of politic? Women have run for President hcfnrp - hut never seriously •••.ought tlir nomination within a inn jnr party. Victoria C t a f| i n Wondlmll made a couple of efforts in the tfl7fls Colorful, beautiful and enchanting, she campaigned for free lore and equal rights for women. She pot, nowhere. Belva Loekwood. a respected and brilliant teacher and lawyer, was nominated by the National Equal Rights Party both in 1K1U and 1888!" Not. Mirprisinc- Iv. Benjamin Harrison and then fii'over Cleveland heat, her handily [n ins? a Mi ?. Liiie.3 Jenr-en ran on the George Washington Fe^e.e party. Her presidential didn't get far. especially after she announced she h^d just communicated with the father of our country. Almost in '52 Senator Smith has been men- I tinned before on the convention ! vention. Mrs. .Sarah J. Spencer In the 1920 convention, held ; floor in relations to hieh nation- ' w 'as the woman permitted for!two months before the ratifica-i al office. " ' the first time to address a Re-! tion of the amendment giving j In 1P52 Mr:- flare Boothe publican National Convention —iwomen the vote, there were 27i Lure, a delegate from Connect!- for 10 minutes too. I lady delegates and 131 lady al-j cut. in]d the" convention that, it' That same convention's plat- ternates. For the first "time I was "the desire <">( the women form enlarged upon the worn- Women could be said to be tru-' delegates and million? of Re- en's plank of four years before, |ly participating in the conven-! feel about women publican women throughout the beginning the statement "T h e: lion's business (love with married nation that I should "put into, Republican Party recognizes i A woman served for the first, am the exception. nomination for the vice presi- ! wilh approval the substantial; time as chairman of the com- I have loved a professional rirncey. the name of Margaret advances recently made toward mittee on credentials at the 1928 1 man for six years. I work for of Sfudenf Nurse Receives Tenth Quota Scholarship When Carole Cornett begins her senior year at McNeese State College in September she will be recipient of the tenth annual scholarship awarded McNeese nursing students by the Quota Club. A total of $2,250 has been contributed to further the education of nursing students at McNeese since the scholarship fund of $250 per year was established by the club in 1954, Mrs. C. R. Donaldson, -club president says. Constance White, McNeese nursing department head, says three outstanding members of the nursing profession have thus far been aided by the Quota Club scholarships. The three are William Brown who held the scholarship from 1955 to 1959. Mrs. Helen K. Whitworth who received t h e funds from 1960 to 1963 and Miss Cornett who presently holds the scholarship. Brown who graduated In 1959 did post graduate work in education at McNeese, and is presently a public health nurse at the Calcasieu - Lake Charles Health Unit. Prior to his appointment at the health unit he was director of nursing at Green • 1 Acres Rest Home. A 1963 McN e e s e graduate, Mrs. Whitworth is now a resident of Garland, Texas, where she serves as health nurse for the city employes, the first such nurse to be employed by that city. She and her husband, who teaches social science at Bussey Junior High School in Garland, are the parents of a 20-month old son. The present recipient of the scholarship. Miss Cornett is president of the McNeese Student Nurses Club and is active in the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses. She is the daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Buster Corned of Southern Pines, N. C. and is a member of Phi Mu social sorority. The scholarship is awarded to nursing students who have graduated from a Louisiana high school and completed their freshman year of studies at McNeese. The recipient retains the scholarship until graduation provided he or she maintains at least a "B" average. Serving with Mrs. Donaldson on the. Quota Club scholarship committee are Dr. Janie Topp, chairman of the committee, Mrs. Edith Richard Rowland. and Elsie W. DEAR ABBY She's Patiently Waiting Arid Exceptionally Qullible A662 SIZES 10-18 Ardaxiti Original By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN We have never been seen to- DEAR ABBY: 1 know how you gether in public as I wouldn't lis good name. He (three of them) in nine years, his youngest will be 21. At that time he plans to divorce his wife, leave her vvanl to . men, but I j has children rri r rr ,, r ,, rfr , r r f ,f fff f f rtt e rt ABOVE US Bv CARROLL RIGHTER IIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIII FOR WEDNESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: The, Is on: Chase Smith " the. establishment, of e q u a 11 convention — Mrs. Mabel Wai-i him. He is married in name on However, she wont nn, Mrs. .rights for women . . ." : ker Willebrandt, then a U. S.'ly, if you know what I mean. Smith asked her name be with-' In 1892 the party convention j Assistant attorney general. drawn rather than create divi- for the first time seated two 1 Firsts For Al! "ion of loyalties since ' : jl seems women — alternates from the' Congresswoman Clare Boothe' Hvre 15 to be one name placed new state of Wyoming. It also Luce from Connecticut present-! in nomination" allowed Mrs. .1. Ellen Foster ed a major address at the 1944; Republican women are proud;to address Ihe body. She said: \ convention, the first time, a''. to point out that theirs was the: "We are here to help^you and speech was given by a woman only party that didn't give worn-! we have come to stay." ; at a national convention other en the brushoff in 1872 when the; From then on, the progress than seconding speeches since National Woman Suffrage Asso-! of women within the party j 1892 when Mrs. Foster had pre- ciation sent delegates to the j paced more women speakers,'dieted "We are here to stay." political conventions of the Dem-i more steadily — more women j A woman officiated as sec- ocrats, Republicans and Liber-1 delegates, more women speak- retary of the convention for the. WHCKKl _ , CUUC1 ^ 1CC1 ,,„, „ „„. al Republicans. ers. more action in their behalf, .first, time in 1948, the same con- 'unusually good day to get 'together wimilike The Republicans n o m inated In 1916 the convention ap- \ vention in which a woman first Ulysses S. Grant for reelection, proved a woman suffrage plank.' nominated a presidential candi- and put the women in the Mth, Two years later Mrs. Ruth'.date — Sen. Raymond E. Baldplank: i Harma McCormick of Illinois he-1 win of Connecticut. "The Republican Party is ! c a m e chairman of the firs t. M,- S Katharine St. George be- mindful of its obligations to the Woman's Executive Committee canie (j ie fj rs j woman parlia- loyal women of America for 'of the Republican National Com- imentarian in ICSfi; Miss Jose- their noble devotion to the cause i mittee. i phine L. Good in IPfiO was in- of freedom. Their admission to i At a national committee meet- ;treduced as the first woman of. ran be wider fields of usefulness is : ing the next year not only was anv political party to serve as , : '»" lost time m .the past. Be happy to viewed with satisfaction, and Mrs. McCormick called on to a national convention executive the honest demand of any class, speak, but four women were ap- director, of citizens for additional rights i pointed members of the Repub-1 After her defeat back in should he treated with respect- liran Council and a woman for ; 'f^s, Belva Lockwood is sup- ful consideration." the first time was permitted to!posed to have said consolingly my problem will be solved. She reads your column. "CHICKEN" DEAR "CHICKEN": "Chickens" who object to having their letters sent on to others should say so—or they'll be gone geese. Mobile Midriff Achieved The most current cut is clingy | For warm days and nights, yet mobile — beautif u 11 y have your version sleeveless in DEAR ABBY- My married a girl when husband he was comfortably provided for, and marry me. 1 am not a home-wrecker, and have no desire to take a man j very young. Without first getting away from his wife and family, j a divorce he moved to another He tells me every time we are state and married again. together how much he loves and Again without getting a di- respects me for my patience and vorce, he married me — telling fairness. .1 me only that he had been "mar- Perhaps this will give other'ried and divorced." When our women who share my situation I baby was two years old, he got achieved by a front and back bias section in Printed Pattern A662 by Ardanti, Swerved seaming creates the dividing line between straight and bias sections. The neckline is slashed shoulder to shoulder, and down the front to the softness of a bow. IEAUIY TIP an idea. Sign me- PATIENT DEAR PATIENT: Would you a medal for "patiently" a summons for non-support from his second wife. I learned then that there had been two marriages and no divorces. He obtained a legal di- you p 0 7tnVrs'and"oii7esio"d7«usrwith' mem I ^.u, ~ ",l n t»" M'~I,»A^'"«*« VU1L ™- ne "u'aiiieu a icgai m- If nature has endowed , ust where you ore headed in the f u -1 «amn{, iinui nis cmioret) are vorce f rom hjs second wife (but • with small eyes, you can give 1 and his^vifejs entirely | not f rom his first). Am I living | them more expression and| "in sin because of this? I am ; make them look twice their size | slubbed silk or crepe. If you're a wise early bird of fashion, sew a short or % sleeved version of this two-part dress for Fall in jersey, double-knit wool, tissue faille or an Autumn cotton. Printed Pattern A662 is available in Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 requires 3 yards 39-inch fabric. Send one dollar for Printed Pattern A662 to Lake Charles American Press, Pattern Department, P. 0. Box 59, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. (Add 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing and special handling.) Please print plainly your name, address with zone, style number and size. - ._ ... ...- "^ joint ventures o •"* «nu ilia >TJIC l?t Clllllt-l^y big success. Ths evening is splendid alone before taking him awav? cn<-)nhlnt\y «t/- _ P .. . . " . , f0 AR 5 i 0 ls""iMorth tc '2i to ' portent you know whot your true [ tlott Is with partners so that you can car- ly through together more hormonlously, successfully. Dig into data at hand. Know ; where vou are headed. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Wllh all those duties facing you, If vou are i9> im- I am sure he's delighted with your "patience and fairness." It also means he won't have Say ^Tto 5 June 211 Eve. nlng |> ideal for fun If you first do som«- i thing constructive about your fine tal- : ? nt^ ond make real money with (hem Se " whot pregnant again and if my husband doesn't get this thing cleared up, I am going to end up with the artful use of make-up. Your eyes will need all the expanse of color possible. . ,. , c . .. i v - > —• ~ v ' M r» ' ""* ^"'et ••" ^.n** 1*1- CAUdlltit Ul \-Ul\Jl yj\JDOiuic. any static out of you for the in fhe mit house C an you help i Therefore, apply eveshadow, in npvf. niiip \*pnr*i. l»pt wi<u>? i «-»«n .. . r . r , - , .1 next nine years. Get wise! DEAR ABBY: When you write ; someone a letter do you think i ) mp? _ stick or powder form, along the CONFUSED base of your upper lashes and DEAR CONFUSED: You need ; diminish'the color as you blend lawyer to advise .you of your; jt n p toward your brows and Lioness Club To Dine With Lions The Maplewood - Hollywood Lioness Club met last, week with the Lions Club at a covered dish >i • i i i i it r , - i i *•' I" 'U 1 u ' lu M|j y ywuiJ^ii M i iv tni. Emboldened, the women asked serve as a proxy for a nation- 1 to her daughter: "The fact that'"°" °< kl " 15 tar easier now, and - ' " to present a Suffrage Associa- i al committeeman. a woman actually ran for Presi- ! vou flnd " lat hobbles > more In p.m. Be gay. .. . after i VIRGO (August 22 to September 221 auci i r I years to come." I The political progress jhaye been making Ion 0 _.„. , Beautltyln3 , cleonl odd)np ort „ ; Belva Lockwood IS giving both to surroundings win Increose ^volue I men and women something to • *t e " "' ' " i think about indeed. CLUB LEBLEU tinn memorial at (he 187fi con-' There were many other firsts: j dent, my dear, will give men ~"~ ;something to think about for Mamou Pastor to Speak At Welsh WMU Quarterly Meet WELSH ~ The Rev. Melvin 'quarterly meeting of Luther Rice Plauche, pastor of the Mamou j Baptist Woman's Mission ary First Baptist Church, will give Union on July 16 at the Welsh the missionary message at the First Baptist Church. The theme of the meeting is "Make Known His Deeds Among j the People." The Rev. Plauche, a native of New Orleans, is a graduate of : University of Southwestern Louisiana and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He served in the. U. S. Navy, and . ^ has done mission work in south on , , " . slc , - , ,. : and southwest Louisiana includ-i a BHl - A demonstration on ; ing pastorates in Pecan Island covering buckles was also RIV- and Loreauville Pn ' , He is married to the former i ^ rs n u - a ni Morgan, nutrition Mildred Hammell of Binning- j leader, gave hints on preparing ; ham, Ala. i foods for the. freezer. ! Other speakers for the Thurs- I day meeting will be .Mrs. H. F. Courtney of Elton and the Rev. j Gene Tipton of Kinder. : Mrs, J. C Hazel will install '• newly elected officers of what steps your that will embellish It : LEO (July 22 to August 21) Gelling new projects going Is quite possible today If you contact the right allies* per[ sonnel. By putting In a good day's work/ ,, , , ., . , . . t 'J~' *" •"• • *"~ •,' "" "* J 1 "" [ 11 {IU mVKUU \ UU£ U£U*>tT that person has the right to send rights . If you can - t afford one . t \ d „ , , i , hcir reEular dinnp , nleetincs ,, lr m ^ntllPriMP PISP? T navp i — * t r-i^iT i rr\ cirmm MICH icuuldt UUIIlcl nicclinLIS cil to someone else. I have a I g 0 to your LEGAL^ID SOCIE- The art of outlining tlle eyes , the Lakeview Restaurant on the TY. Your husband is a bigamist was 0| .j ginal | y designed to en-! fourth thursday of each month. and your lawyer had better see able small eyes to compe ie with i The time is 7 p.m., the first mother-in-law who does this. enloyed ce. Fix tor gifts ners wll! oppreclate. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Your role as peacemaker In the zodiac | requires you to be especially charming She has sent ME letters she has received from others, and J know that she. has sent MY letters to her friends and relatives. Not that 1 would ever write anything about anyone that might cause trouble, but it is difficult for me to write her a letter not Knowing where it will end up. How can this be handled tactfully? Maybe if you print this, today before you get to work. Much benefit can come to you In the process. Meet equally charming people. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) If you use a confidential, quiet tone with those who have the information vou want, It will be forthcoming with ease Be sure to hove home or office In good order. Be at ease. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to De„. r _ : cember 21) You must havt some good The LeBlCU Home Demonstra- friend who con show you a glimmer of tion Club met in the home of j iH!!£ ar h / r !on y cTrUrcon pt act'' ! ^fy. P G 0 a t d Mrs Hivam Mnrnan rpppnllv (about socially later and have fun. ,, Mis. nil am Morgan recenu>. , CAPRICORN (December 22 to Janu-i m p P »q pverv Tuesdav Mrs Ruth Hernandez, COlincil ary 20) A more sincere and serious ap. i "'ceis eveiy lucauay, advisor gave a demonstration C°c, h M.' '£? ? hn ow cer ffi' v y^i i 7(M ^ R y an "' value good credit, ore serious In vour him before the DA does. naturally larger ones, so learn | meeting tn be on July 23. this important make-up tech- j CONFIDENTIAL TO "CAME i nique ]jj[ e an artis , W jth fluid I The Lionesses will decorafp, A LONG WAY FROM SIOUX ey e-iiner, draw a band of color! the Parish Ba ' - n for the Lions' CITY": from th g inner corners O f the | 20th anniversary on August 15. eyes, along the base of the up-1 Tne Maplewood Lioness Club per lashes, and extend it about | will h °ld installation of officers a quarter of an inch at the out-' on J^v 23. er corner. Money can buy: Money but not brains Medicine but not health Finery but not beauly A house but not a home Amusement but not happiness. WEEK'S CALENDAR Small eyes especially can use the look of luxuriant lashes and this can best and most easily be accomplished by the use of tex- ' lured mascara in rich black. j Don't forget the lower lashes or Tiit7or»*v Tiuvr 11 ". i j ^ ] !T77'you will miss out on the full TUESDAY, JULY 14 ; played every T u es d ay, M0,g eaut lenlial of this { . . , A ., ,.„ ., , | p.m.. High School Park Recrea- ! ito } p ^ Anchor Lodge No. b9 Inde- f ion Cen « er (T , d u t , site. pendent Order_ 0 d d Fellows), Mng partner) . B ^ b ^ d g e games open to the public. WEDNESDAY, JULY 15 National Office Management fo February! Association, Lake Charles Chap- Wodnpsriav Inlv '" oe lieici »ennes>nay, Jiny AQUARIUS (January 21 19) The dala you seek today can make you a more stable, successful person. Oet It by being practical. Then put all 3kv.a uar j^ Members tn bnn 8 ° wn '. whether ol a personal or business no-! ter, meets every Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Pioneer Club. Fifty Club meets every Tues- "Finally, pencil your brows with an automatic eye pencil, creating a high arch to make your eyes look even larger. „ . . , ir , ,„ , , , Keep a pair of tweezers handy Fairyiew HD Club workshop and (e , a , hair de . Knlir~>li^\l*nrJnn.<ir1i-><. I,.1..1C *' A. McDonald. 1204 vo||j . hmws tract from the clean look of Picture Framing \ PAINT CO., INC. 1301 RYAN ST. HE 6-75S8 REV. MELVIN PLAUCHE WALLPAPER i AU NEW PATTERNS SHiRWlN- WILLIAMS See Ihe Vew KAIRVIEW Collectiou 3431 Kvan Slieet 477-3973 7 30 5 Wtc* Doys 8 'Id 4 Sotutdoy her senior year at McN e e 5. e Mrs. J. D. Antlpy, housing the j leader, told how a room divid- group. 'er can hp both decorative and The Rev and Mrs. Bobby useful in the home especially Parker of Iowa will furnish mu- in a bedroom, sic !ov the event. Plans were rnadp for a fain- Mrs. Ance Clemnions of Jen- ily barbecue to he hied at tho nings will report on the WMU home of Mrs. J. E. Shotwell jubilee gathering in Atlantic Ci- August 8. ly. N. .).. and Linda Hornsby ' — of Iowa will speak on her experiences at Girls Auxiliary camp at Tall Timbers near Alexandria. Mrs A G. Stutzman of Iowa, vice president of the WMU. will preside at the meeting Mrs. B. .) McN'uU, Luther Rice president, is tviw making her home !» liPimany uh(>!,> her husband '- r-mployed by ,in oil company. Moose, Loyal Order of L a k e co;\cious V 'wHrgTc? f VTgnt n0 a W n 5 w T e 0 r U /p'a D yi Charles Lodge No. 1378, meets , , , particular attention to government mat- . cvorv Tnocrlav 7 1(1 nm 4')T Home management leader,.iers. ,e\erj luesaaj, < <su p.m., u Mrs. Dudley LeBleu. gave a St Building, Highway 14. Duplicate and contract bridge speaker. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY, I he or she will be one ot those Individ- UQls who will be most Imsrested in for-; elgn countries Ond peopla and Will Study Tnacrlav 7 in r» m Rrnarln^nni* much about them on own hook., write: llieSday, LAO p.m., brOaQmOOr Interesting treatises, etc., all of which Is calculated to qlve a better understanding of one's foreign cousins. Technical snrt of mmd here Teach to complete what Is started early "The Slors Impel they do not compel " Whot you make of vour life, is . largely up to VOU! ' Carroll P.IQhter s Individual Forecast for your sign tor August u now ready. For your copv send your birthday and $1 to Carroll Ri^hter Focrcast, (Lak? Charles ' American Pressl. Box 1921. Hollywood ; 25 Calif. ' Distributed bv McNought Syndicate. Inc. Civitan Club meets P v e r v Wednesday, 12 N., Lakeview Restaurant. meets every! A.BWA City of Lake Chapter meets July 13. 7.30 p.m., at the Pizza House. Dan \Vise, guest SUMMER CLEARANCE Easy Way to Kill Roaches and Ants Sale Starts Wednesday July 16. Doors open at 9 a.m. BOXER SHORTS SALE for Boys and Girb. Sizes 2-6X Shop Now and SAVE 2 „ 79e Boxer Shoris, 1 (o 6\. Regular 1.29, Now Boier Short* for Boys, sues 1 lo 7. Reg. S1.98 to $4.49, Now Khaki Short* for Boys, sizes 1 to 7. Reg. 51.29 to $3.00, Now Boys' Shirts, sties 1 to 16. Ree. S'-'-29 to $2.98, Now 93c SI.39 to $3.49 93c to 5*2.69 Brush on Onct, , . Lusts for Months JOHNSTON'S NO-ROACH: Simply brush Johnston's No-Roach in cabinets; to control cockroaches, on sills (o btop ants. Colorless, odorless coaling stays effective f< months. No need to move dishes. Harmless to pets. Remember: No-Roach means no roaches. 0EORGE THERIOT'S H.50 to SI.98 Ladies' Dresses, sizes 12»5 to 24'3. Reg. $6.98, Now $4.98 Juuiors and Misses Short Sets, sizes 7 (o 16. Reg. $7.49 to $8.49, Now $5.59 to $6.49 Girls' Slip over Blouses and Shift Shirt Dresses. Sites 3 to 14. Rig. $1.09 to $2.98, Now . 89c to $1.59 Girls' Short Sets and Pedal Pusher Sets, sizes 2 to 14. Reg, >1.79 to $4 49. Now $1.29 to $3.69 Girls' r.ieatly Reduced—7 14 Subteens, Petites & Juniors. Also 1,adits' Jamaica*. Blouses. Capris, and Meu's Sport Shirts. Hus many, many other items ou sale! Open Charge Accounts Now For Back to-School JUNE'S YOUNG MODERNS WAKE UP There's still time to earn dividends from the 1st of the month. But hurry! Get your money here by the 15th. Savings in by the 15th earn from the 1st IRST FEDERAL. SAVINGS AND IOAH ASSOCIATION 63i KIR&Y UWY. 171 MOSS BLUFF. LA 'et&VA

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