The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1944
Page 6
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: rA«i in BLYTHEVJLLB (A«K.)' COURIER NEW* TJIUHSDAY, Al'JUL 0, 1 !)•)<! Frank Mancuso injures Ankle Former Blytheville .Backstop'Is Replaced In Exhibition Game Frank'.Mnncuso, the crslwlitlp ElyttiMille Glniit catcher, is gelling libs' sharp oE the (PUgh breaks as he • ihakes , a serious bid for first string catching Browns. job with the St, Off to 'M\ impressive start. -due niRiiily , io Jiis ewUctlt physical condition 1 "obtained durtng the year apd a . half In tli6 Army, the ypijngster turned up. with a se -cpld thai ;put him on the sjielf for a few days and retarded his pro. In an exhibition game with the Toledo Mudlieris'sit the Cape ,Qlr- nfdenu, Mo., training cnrnp yestcr- dfiy FVank turned his anklo In nn n|U-mpt to score frorii second on nn err or at shortstop, after doubling arid scoring -two Brownies : in the -second Inning. Tlip injury -WHS 'not ierioiis, but he was icplaee'd b> Hayworth, who: got three win the American 'i hlls to• share' In (he' 10-2 SI,' Louis v|cfofy. Dy their Ike DOPE BUCKET ]. 1'. FRIEND 'I.ITTI.K DUTCH" SENDS COI'V to gel a copy. It Is n graphic. In Ordinarily, I don'l put much (cresting historical account of the ;tock hi this menial telepathy bu- systematic bombing of Germany slness. But after, wliat happened during the first year. It takes you recently lias caused mo to wonder right along wilh (tie boys In Hie If Ilicre really is comoUilrig lo gr was II mere coincidence. Ever since I heard that n maga- zljie entitled "Target-Gelmany" had been published I htive been smxlous Ihc New York Giants. Frank has been hiding the ball hnrd and of- len In Ihc exhibition KW ne3 ' 'I" collected two In the first contests with Toledo, HU receiving has Slipwn rapid 'Improvement, thanks IP n full season with Hie San Antonio Urowns of the Texas league In 1942. After that campaign Frank enlisted in the Army and successfully completed Officers Candidate School : for his commission, transferred to' tlio Paratroops and was'^eiit lo Fprt Helming, Ga. Durs. evened tho series,with the !|jig p. jump after qualifying as a American -Association (arm ^club (it Jumper he Injured his back and three-nil. . '• knee 'when his chute opened over baseball, Mnijcuso appears well on' charge. the rond to becoming n regular with t)ic Browt)s, flccording to reports emanating from, the Cfipc Qlraj- d«iu training camp. Manager Lulfe 3c»ell Is said to be high on the .Houston: .Tejffui boy N nnd' brother; to Gils Mancusb, yelerpn catcher of big bombers; gives yon a ringside sent on Ihc greatest aerial assault ever dcnll oui. lo n nnllon, Jusl when I had just nbout giv- dii i|p hopes of ever Retting hold of a copy In came one, via airmail, from captain l,co (Little Dutch) UllUenlch, former co'unlry Olub champion and one of Iho most promising golfers over developed here, who Is Btatloned with the American Air Force In Knglniid. '.Thought you might enjoy rcsd- IliK this "Tnrgct-Clcrinony", us It Is n good account or our first year of operation against Germany," Captain Leo wrolc In Ills brief letter. "Would appreciate it If you will return It to my brother. Joe, when you are finished tis lliey nrc rather Iwid io obtain." And he's lulling inol "I really enjoy your column as It \s more or less an Index to where rou before Hint It doesn't get dork icrc until 11 p. m, in other words, only 6',i hours of darkness. "Everyone here uses a bike for transportation and nm about lo get used to mine." ... MAIZES STKADV CUMIi "I.lttlc putch'fi" career in the service has been one of a steady, consistent climb up the ladder. Enllst- li|(j at Memphis, Dec. 21, 1(140, lie was sent, to Tampa, pla., and re mined Hierc until April 4, IS42, when ho wus selected for Officer Candidate School and sent to Ml ami, Fla. On June 24lli he received his coininlsslon as Second Lleulcnant After a few days leavo hero wilh his parents, the young officer was assigned to Itoto, Idiiho, Hn 1m- icdlalely wiis named Adjutant. Pilling the next few monllis Ills ravels Wok him to Walla \Valla Vashlngton, Rapid City, S. D., Po alello, Idaho, ami thence to pyotc 'exas, for Iho trip across (lie pond." Captain IJiitzenich Ls a graduate f the local high school where he jaile p creditable record, Interest- all over I4ic world, "Have served as adjutant of this far, 'neither ha (rouble but II is a long, hard grind before Seplembcr rolls • around. '• . )k.-.))tis his fingers crossed. So has Mo.ntigcr Scwell. 'PLEASt RETURN EMPTY BEVERAGE BOTTLES TO YOUR DEALER fTo be ahle to serve you better, your denier needs .empty beverage boUlos, There, arc plenty of bottles ;IF thoj' nio kept rooviiur. Won't you please return . empty bottles to your (Jerijer nt once for your deposit ;or, better still- for credit on full bottles of your favorite beverage, Crown Bottling Co, l l)r. Pepper'Boltlins Co. ' '.Pepsi-Cola Botlllnj To. Slldwtst Dairy Products Co. ' cic.irColn Holding Co. Idaho, In August -1942. now spent 10 months here In ig honors as a member of the Club earn, He competed hi several inaj- >r tournaments and made . creditable- showings. Leo's father, C. L. (Dutch), was qullc ii golfer, too. In his younger lays and had much to do with his nierest and development in the sport. "Dutch" recently passed on after a long illness. Naturally, Captain Iilntwnlch was unable to attend (he funeral. A younger brother, Joe, who -•strongly resembles "Uttle Dutch" expects lo try for Ihe Air Corps soon. However, he has no designs on golfing laurels. His No. 1 spori concert) i« fishing. And he is quite inlept, Ihey tell inc. To Confer Adams WithSewellOn Exhibition Here , Definite information nboul~tln prospective baseball :er of (he Ulylhcvllle' Army Air Field. • ; .; The Browns wore tentatively jooked for a game with Ihc pusl cam yesterday bill did not gel to 111 Ihe dnte. Lieutenant Adums ilans lo fly to Cape Oirnrdeau, ifo., where the teams are in trailing, to confer with Manager Luke Sewell and get the schedule straightened out. • Mcutcnunt Adinns also rcventecl Ihat a gnmc lias been booked with Ihe Arkansas Slate College training unit for the lust week in April. Willis Hiiillln, former Cleveland slur pitcher, who led Ultle Hock! to the Southern association championship In 1042, is athletic officer and chief cluinker. In some parasitic types of insects, one egg will hntcli out a thousand or more offspring. E. H. FORD, General Agent National Equity Life Insurance Co. Telephone 3185 I'rotcol .1111! caso jibrascd "''"' W«s:wa, tlio Eoollllll «. ni«licu(cd |K>w- ..u <'<•',•. Als " rolitvo ImniiriK, ANNOYS itclmii;, «f irritated ukm. I with cither tbc St. Ixmls Drown or llie Toledo Muclhcn American As=oc-intion farm Is promised soon by Uouf; liill Adams, athletic offj-. . d In til) forms of sporls, he con- cntrntMl on coif, d«o peiliaps to ils small slalue thf(t prevented par- Iclpatloji in other competitive ames. Starting first ns a-caddy nt! he niy'theviljc Counlry Club, Uo nilgrew tliat rjink , wjlh' time and jcgnn lo' pjay , In faster , company. ml he learned right !,•> indicated iu atl » u fw Uitalifu a t 91 fn fin? • (he fad that he' rose lo Ihe " dnl ''*" • IW "'J al £i 1° Du ' ub championship. Incklpnlly he lefealcd E. B. CJoc, originator'nn'il owner of, the. local Country C)ub, o cop the title !f he score was 11 Men,Women!NoPep?| [Worn Out, Exhausted; ip and nine (o'go, one of the most convincing victories in champion- play here., "UtUe Dutch", us . worn-cur; e htm KUC- IV Golrlv CO 111, vnni-nut. rmi/Lri you ivaitv Jicw i thli very Oay, At uU l[ yuii. Cw. ^;e u utiiV. lin ul lr..ti..ld!.[(iii-,',Bii.l '' ' and.' N THIRD YEAR Captain LinUenid), serving hii third ycur In (tic service, sent hi nothcr nn Interesting'.nccoitnt' o the opcnliie of the field where h now Is stationed, and Included a Incident of which he Justly Is proiu The letter, In part, which wa written May 22, shortly after h arrival follows'. ". . . A|n celling more acquainted With .this place now. At first, I IhoviBht T would get lost right, here on the buse. "Am enclosl|i|! a program of (lie openlpg of Ihc field, or I should 5(iy dedication, which look place ycfilerday, This Is to be ntimtd Andrews Field in honor of General Andrews-\\'ho \vtis killed In Iceland n week or no iitjo. "Had (inlle an Interesting purl, in the exercises. A group of officers here, of which I was a number, had the.Jobs of rldlnsr out to the pianos In , ii "Jeep" when the Generals landed. As hick would have It, ' caught Genera) Bilkers' plune. He's commander of the Eighth At Force. I got to shake linnds will him and say n few words. "If you haven't already done so you should (censored) the • (cen sored) and tell Uicin I am station cd at ail nhfleld In England. And to add a little Interest, yon can say it Is the first Field built,. by American Engineers and occupied Ijy American airmen. That Is, Hie tlrst In Ihc British Isles. "jhcrc is a nearby town about the sta) of Dlylhcville where \ve go almost, oveiy evening. Think t (old ic wns best.'kiigwii/woii many golf- uiniieviitv. at Kirby i:\t rj-whcr* — ia Macoupin Seed Soybeans Germination Average 88-5% R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Soillb Broadway—Bljrtlicvllle Genuine Oliver PARTS & EQUIPMENT Combines - Rise Harrows - Hay Rakes - Walking Plows - Planters - elf. UADDICAIi AUTO PARTS nHKIfldUII & GARAGE Expert Auto Repair Work 517 W. Ash Phone 2652 VVral Main Near 21st St. i <| int. itzrfs KM; Sun. starts 1:4* Night slioirs 5:45 Kirepl Monday, gpens 6:45 CuiKlnuoui shinyj Sal, and Son. f.asl Time Today Double Feature "Forever And A Day" Uilll diaries Laughton & Anna N'eagle :iml "DR. BROADWAY" with Carey McDonald * Jean Phillips Furniture : Is'getting harder to'get , , . lumber is gplling mighty scarce, however we do have a fairly -cornplefo slock now. We advise you to buy what • you need, b'ut-no more. LIVING ROOM SUITES /Vlthqugh Living Room Suites nrc mighty searcc \ve jiwl received six iarge new suites with spring construcfion . . . regular pre.wnr construction, all with IrA quality upholstery, Priced as before. CHAIRS AND ROCKERS A fairly complete slock some of which have spring construction, SECRETARIES-CEDAR CHESTS These Hems are mighty scarce hut we nrc hopeful of getting some shipments this summer. MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION- ELECTRIC STOVES-WASHERS \Ve have none in stock wilh no prospects of tiny deliveries. We do have n complete slock of Ice Refrigerators including tlie nationally known COOLERATORS . . . all at moderate prices. OIL RANGES Deliveries arc coming thru hetler and the new stoves are of heavier construction although they arc Victory models. 5-hurncr sizes including BABY BEDS AND MATTRESSES A complete stock of baby beds wilh mattresses to fit. 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Always 12c and 30c Last Time Today RE.RF.ICJSCD Max la. •rmlWta ten !I-j ll Hoi M. t [is. u ft¥>i !m It Ehrf L Pnaa ii «* P* OnS>l« la Lobby! News of (lie Day Short i Friday & Saturday 'Beyond the Sacramento' wilh Bill Elliotl SEHIAL: "The AdvenlurM of

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