The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY- 2, 1D38 BLVTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUKIBR NEWS Iinc(*rlH In liquids can lie milk killed •ml other keyed lo thb' f)rbpcr plWh, by sounds i,, B t<, ; CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino tor consecutive Insertions: tme time i>cr line ivo tunes per line per day ...08c Three times per line per day ..Wio f.x times per line per day . ...05c Konth rate per line 60c lirds of Thanks 50c & 75o Minimum charge 50C Ads ordered for three or six ( times and stopped before cxpira lion will be charged for tho imm tier of times the acid appeared and ,IJuslincnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by uersoas residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be laslly computed, from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular ftscrllons lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken or more than one Incorrect, Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent For Sale 1'mnlshed 5 room house. I'hone 5!i| or '(93 ixftcr 6 p.m. 31-nk-1] 'V Kiicsl.s lor hold hills. ii leulher tjliuUloiie has, seal fur coal and brawn or •! room furnished apartment, rent reasonable to. pcrinnnenl nartv. M9 W. Kentucky I'hone 165-W. M-ck-2-20 Modern 5 room house at :)05 N UroaUway. Call 853-J. Price $2!> 2fl-iik-5 3 room funusliod apartment. 003 llcarn. Mrs. C. II. Wheeler. 20-ck-r black nluk fin- coat. phone 638. (Jlencoe Hotel; l-ck--l Corn and Alfalfa and Soybrou hay. 1>. 11. Oarner, Armorel. WcslhiBlioiisc Klecirlc nnnjc, priced low. Phone C2S-J. Hatchery Baby Chicks PUULIO HATCHING. Mnvllyi Kntchory, Itlytlmvlllc, /Uk,, U.W 01 Norlii. rhoiic H2. Room and Board lciim healed mom 803 \V. Asli. Phone Kurntshcd apartment. Lights mid water (urmslictl. Private bath. M n week. 1GOI W. Ash. 29-cktf 2 unluvnlshecl rooms. Oulsiile entrance. Adjoining bath. Couple onlv. Slfi S. Franklin. Call after 5 P. 'ai. 28-cX-4 For Knlc—Nice (i room stucco residence locnled 5ia North Mrsl Bariiiiln. smull down paymonl. Cu'.i 120. QUALITY _ ^ H _2L SH 9- P Grocery store, chcan. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1611 W. nose. ll-ck-2-11 with uo 151. ll-ck-2-l Found 'lite average capuclly of n fn' ar on an American Clnss 1 rakl- oail Is 'In.;! Ions, as compared to 1.0 tons in Ifllli. FARM POWER UNITS 40 Acres Innd. Kcquii'C slock, feed tools. D. n. Garner, Armtircl. Business Directory HAKKY BAILKV'S CURVE IN CAFE Ciimrl I'ootl :il 'Guod 1'rites AH Kinds Sea Food Fresh Cnippic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY HAILKY'S Holland, I\Io. Phones S-F-4 & 878 l r OH KENT—Mortem :i fi '1 room furnished apartments, call 230. IC-ck-lf ; I Nicely furnished room cnlcilnfi in to bath. Inncrsprlng maltr Vill Eire 3 meals a day. Call (!3« 18 Chtckasawba. 25-da-dn "•imiished bedroom. Mrs. Coal My (,'aal Is IUa«k l!ut I Treat You While. LOCAL HAULING Jolni Buchanan HIj-dicvHlc, Ark. 1'hon* 107 C22 W. Mull 22-ck-t Coinlorlnblc bntroom In ptival Uiillu-r folder with 2 l:ryx. Owner enn liiivc snnic by imylnij cost of this nil. For Trade Complete 10 volume set of Rlaii-l darrt Reference Books with loose leaf Wilder. Cull 230 or 79a. 15-fa-fa AdtlhiB machine for typewriter, c;. K, Parks, 903 Cherry, phono U«;i. 29-pk-a MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Personal home. 115 East Kentucky. r.2-ck-tf room furnished apartment. 108 108 W. Kentucky. Phone U83. 13-ck-tr Vlan Books. We loaned someone a zipper case containing a bunch of plan LOHI One pair Blove.s. Courier. iiiiturnl color don <; Kcwnrd for return to M-oooo no volt — ;HHKI wait I'OWKH Itll' SAW Swmd lliiml Siifcs BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 Nil. Hn'iinil HI. KMXTKIC* ft ACKTVI.KNF. W E I. D I H G A'l' UBST PIJIOB8 PHOMl'T BK11VIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co, I'HONE 10 Hubert Utlcy's Service Station and Cafe All l.atilln; Driimls »f ttttr, Wlilskry, Wine, (ilus And <\>r<lliih nt:,M>:u IN ('mil — liny — & — Oralns rim.urs cti <;AS l;i!iu 'I 1 AX I'Alll <:i<;,tni:iTi;s 2 jili. Vie in 1 SUii i«-r Oir 24 Hour Service n,\v. 01, Hume n iioiiniiii, ll,»V. (il. 11OU,ANI>, MO J. C. EVANS BOX CM Ulylhcvlllo, Ark. UWrlct M»n»*«T HAMILTON TRUST Sponsored liy lliimllton Dqiosltors Corp, f ARM LOAKS ts«* ArtuU* '*oi AUo city ptopctUn DON ft. KASSERMAN Thbnw Land Co. Oftfcx) P. O. BOX 470, I>hon« 52*1. Here orrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SUKGKUY & GUAKANTKKD Stfo, JIT* in* with (CM iilK«toirort. All dl*n«r« and eoiUHkmi of iitrwui otlelri, fiwt illnitnl* and gVIn r«ncrr» WMcd »h4 cured at «Ur clhil*. • DBS. MIES & NIES 0»lc.op*th1o rbjt«kl»m SH Main Thorn Bljthcrtlle, Ark. For Sale or which we LUMBER need. E. C. ROBINSON CO. 31-ck-3 6 room house. 151C W. Ash. Jio- ccnllv remodelerl from front to back. Will sell cm easy terms or lease to ri'S|»tislbl(- pnrty. Loiils Applebaum. phone 1C7. 107 S. 2ml. si. aa-ck-i Modern 3 room furnished apavi- rncnt. 120 Dugnr, Ave. Mrs. Belle Wood. Pliotic 7S5-J after C 17-ck-tf MEN OI.D AT 4D! GET PEP. New Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invisoralors and other sllmutants. One dose starts ns'.v gep. Value $1.00. Special price 89<:. ;all, write Klrby Bros. Drug Store 3 'room fwrn. apt. with bath. Newly decorated. Call 204, 1117 W. Ash. 8-ck-2-B 2 or 3 room fnrn. npts. One ; room npt. «i>slairs, 914 Hcarn. 12-pk-2-12 Aiinounceuieiit Fnrnislicit comfortable bedroom 515 Wiilnul. Phone 351. 10-ck-t Modern furnished room, iicale( \vitli s:is.. Prlvnlc bathroom an nnje. Phone 410. G-ck-2-B Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—More Iron Tb» HeoonjmBDdeiS Tt«»tinaut Tor MALARIAL CHILLS and FEVER SWAMP FEV Kit-AGUE FEVEH At AU Klrhy Drof Stor»l Uritish Leisure ID Be Studied LONDON (UPt—Tlic llrsl'-lnlsurc survey" ever undertaken In Oreal Britain is to be conducted by n group of psychologists mid educationists Interested In knowing how intieli free time people hnvc whnl they do with It. WANTED COUN SOYHKANS Ho. SI. ISI.vlhcvlllc, Arli Maiden Grain Co. W. O. Uccvcs. Phone Special Prices \rc Now liciiitf OfTcred on .All M'inU'r Auto Accessories Visil our modern parts & WTi'ssorii's stove. Ilci'c you will linrt cvcrylhliiK OH displiiy tn eniiUlc you 1" make easy selections »! your [wrtii'iilni- needs. Cull (>,'(;! Tom Little Chevrolet Co. VKKK In Ijilriil Styles KnltthiK "1IIC1INAT" KNITTING VAIINS Mrs. l.t'Ktio Hooper 1101) Clitckriflawus I'hono 703 USED TRUCKS &CARS Al.l. 'I'KUCKS (illAHAN- TKi;n TO PASS STA'l'l' INSPECTION Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW MANAO.KMKN1-) NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH OI'IT MMl'l'S <»N IIKillWAV (il Prlvnlc DllililB Room Munlu IM'lvulc Hooths Home Cooklni; flpeclnl Club nrcnfcfntil Htil lllacull all the Time Pit liarbocun nurljccui'd uilw BnmlwIcliCH- nicil Chicken Mlmllnfi stcfikK rtut'nn Bpiiglit'ttr nhnu'i.'i I.iiiicln 1 :; Drinks IA!, I'AHTIl'.S INVITl-:i>—I'llONK 845 I'l.BNTi" OF I'.VItKtNd SPAOK .' New >t 101 North Uccond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, I'ropikl* l raitrt i>l HrbulU Ty|W«rl|rr.i, Aililli'if MmblnM »nt C»l<mlitou— Repairing— I'urts— itttiboni ri.on e w COBB FUNERAL HOME »""""' nsurance By Hunitlh •PV WELL. W« Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 Chlckanmha Fhone GIRLS-ITELL-itH) SURE.'WHV WAIT s~ - v /ALUTHAT WORR.V PCX?. WHV DID 1 LET HEE DO IT ? I MUSTA BEEW CCAZV- OH, WELL-ITS TOO LATE MOW-ALL 1 CAM DO f 15 HOPE- nQ,-A^ r '"XVOU'RE V LG.T5 DO /-)VOTE ORDAWIZE; /^,. n ,, lK :-ii\ n mmu' /_' v yi fc SGfT/wa^TMow? (^SN!\ EEMY 1 ..^-..^r, ^t— r 1 inlntllll I \HJKbEIV7. \ bbn(« NE y.^ R .5S^° V * L }5HE'56OT OXCR WITH V-W SUBJtCIS 1IKG ^ A MILLlOW.' WCVCIH. vjc; t ; ivrii-i vvih.w » SUF S I-iCTl v^ ^^^—• TL W !il^/ flA^^"^/^ One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. StcrnbMg, 984, 1209 Holly. 28-ck-2-28 __ f ( I (j y \WIZER 2 comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred, phone 704-W or 161. 7-ck-U. SERVICB J. Ben Clone Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's S A V '& To]) Of Yonr Furniture Wilh Glass All designs cut & finished. " US Blythcvilln Taint <t Wallpaper Phone 8W HI Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TBRIES Hardaway Appliance Co. HE^fRY 1VERNER Main & 5th riione i BOOTS AND HER P>UDDIES Black leather key holder contnln- ing one key. Owner can hnve name hy paying Courier News. Illustrious Jurist '0 Male ancestor::. 1 1 lie WDS a lib oral --- all liis life (pi.). Answer (n Trcvbus 11 Slvt'it car. 1?. Citrns (vuit. !•! Mood. 0 Liirpc stringed im tt inncnt. J5 lie was jn ),i s --- when he died. 20To classify. '!! i'l Compacls. 2(i Covered stall. 2« Mortise tooth. 30 Ensravcr's lool. 32 language. 3>1 To pot ;ig,iin. - plal- forrrt. 39 Linked neck- loco. IB Fiiiry. I!) Kind. 2P SpinninrI machine, "2 Measure. 23 Norlhcusl. 2-1 His fnlhcr K-OS the famous • c( the siimc niimc. 2o To pierce •villi n knife. 27 3B Sailor 20 To weep. 31 To choose by ballot 33 Mohiiinmedan nymph. 3j To rtccliim. WASH TUBBS WHILE THEV'RE LOOKIf-ki/ WE'LL 1 S,TF-ftL THEie BOW AND ESCAPE i ' THEY NTHPy'RE IOOKIK'6 SPLENDID. OBOV! \THEVVE SEEM OUR. HELGA ZkAITH'S GANG Coin!. •! His middle nnnve. VERTICAL Pope's scan". 2 Small bin:. 3 l.illlc devil. •I To run away S To relax. G Cornet,-;. 7 Assault.- 36O.U. o7 Opposed to lee. 35 Fragmcnls of wood. •10 Wilhin. •SI Nay. Form of "a." Aristocratic. •18 Musical note. 50 Starch. 51 Plant 63 lie was jus- tii-c ot the U. S. A. 43 Nominal value <»Malc cat. 5 i'-invidcd. 46 F,\'/.ea \valcr. bow. 49 Sick. 50 Spain. 52 Compass polr.1 KRKCKMiS AND HIS FRIENDS V.-E..L...WELL! V)S!TORS ! <T^, CAME OUT SECAUsel: (~*f^ vX-i « ^~A» /cr- *— \.i i-^- i IPU_ — / ARE S:] ALL SET TO GO, V/E I MR.SCUTTLE'.' ^LL PE-ADY, ) V/ETGOTWC30 IS BOYS / -fo STV^T THE ',/r/ PUMPS .'THE C TRUCKS ARE L TO HAUL THE OIL A X DpM'T KKJOV/ V/MAT HE MEANT, so YCIJ C(SVE OUT MERE MR.SEUTLEY SAID IF V/E TO SEE WHAT REALLY CAME, WE COULD HAVE CAS! BE DOME WITH OIL LAND, EH .' THE LAST LAUGH .'

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