Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 13, 1964 · Page 17
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 17

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1964
Page 17
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lEGAl^ NOTICES SHERIFF'S SALE fturtttrrth^ Judicial District .Court, Par- stale Louisiana, . ,^.' Mid Stote Home, Inc. Vs. Mo. 41 ,531 J. J. Hill and FranM* HIM. By virtus of a writ of Seizure ond Sale Issued and to me directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seized and will offer for sale at public auction to the lost and highest bidder without ihe benefit of appraisement, ot the court house door of this parish In Ihe city of Lak« Charles, parish of Calcasleu, on Wednesday, J.ty Is, 1W4, between leaol hours and starting at 10-00 a.m. the following described property, The' West 79 feet of the following des- ng ot a point South of the cribed property: Commencin 133 feefWest and 635 feet Northeast corner of the Northeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter (NEV4 of NE'/i) of Section 28, Township 9 South, Range 7 West, Louisiana Meridian, Cal- casleu Parish, Louisiana. Thence running 208.7 feet North, thence 708.7 feet west, thence 2M.7 feet South, thence 208.7 feet East to the point of commencement, together with all buildings and Improvements situated thereon Seized under said writ. Terms: Cash on Day of Sale. H. A. REID, JR., Sheriff, Calcasleu Parish, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, La , June 5, 1W4. WETH S ERILL, 8ALL ' HARPER ' TETE * Attorneys for Plaintiff. Jun«S_-_July 13 -5t. Fourteenth Judicial District Court, Parish of Culcbsleu, State of Louisiana, LaKe Charles Lumber Company, Inc., Vs. No. 61,803, Duffy Guldry. By virtue of a luffy writ of Seizure and Sale Issued ond to me directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I hove seized and will offer for sale at public auction to the last and highest bidder without the benefit of appraisement, at the court house door of this parish in the city of Lake Charles, parish of Cal casleUf on Wednesday, July 15, 1««, bclween legal hours and starting at 10:00 a.m. the following described property to-wlt: . Lot 71 of Block B In Boulevard Ter race, a subdivision of Blocks A «, B of Green Heights, o subdivision by W Si Green of a part of the Southeas Quarter (SE'A) of Section 8, Township 10 South, Range a West, as per plat re corded In Ptat Book 3, ot page 175, said plat of Boulevard Terrace being record cd In Plat Book 3, ot page 234, records of Calcasfeu Parish, Louisiana, together with all buildings and other Improve, rncnts thereon situated. Seized under said Writ. Ttrms: Cash on Day of Sale. H. A. REID, JR., Sheriff, Calcosleu Parish, La Sheriffs Office, Lake Charles, La. June 5, 1964. CAMP, CARMOUCHE, PALMER, CARWILE, BABIN & BARSH, Attorneys for Plaintiff. June 5 • July 13 ___ -?t. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Public nolle* Is hereby given that pursuant ta It* provisions of Sections 33013316, Inclusive, of Title 33 of th« Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, and o resolution adopted by the City Council, the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, does hereby advertise for sealed construction bids and will open same on: 1. Wednesday, the 5th day ot August, 1964. 7. At the Council Room In the City Hall, Lake Charles, Louisiana, at the hour of 9:00 o'clock a.m. 3. For the following work: Construction of street paving and drainage Improvements on certain portions of certain LEGAL NOTICES -^—^—-w-w~-*~*_-^—w^w—w^-^-^_,^,— above scheduled time of opening, ond the right Is reserved to r«ect any -•* an bfcfs ond to waive formalities. «. Certified check, equal to not less han five per cent (5%) of tho bid and made payable to tho CJty of Lake Charles, Louisiana, must accompany each ild. The checks of the low bidders may be held for sixty (») days or until flit contract is signed, whichever Is sooner, 'erformance bond for the construction Is required upon execution of the contract equal to one hundred per cent (100%) of said contract. 7. The constructor is required to ac- cepf cerfTflcafes of the municipality In payment of the work performed which shall bear Interest at the rate of not tss then four per cent (4%). Lake Charles, Louisiana, this 1st day of July, 1964. CITY Of LAKE CHARLES, By: (s) ALFRED E. ROBERTS, Mayor. PROJECT NO. 1«4-«1 EXHIBIT "A" Pr»|«ct "A" The construction of Portland cement wvemenl to a width of 'wenty-flve feet (25'), together with Integral curb and gutter and without sidewalks on West LaGrange Street to a point 660 led west of Lake Street. July 6-13-30. _ -3t SKI EWRF'T SA LE ~ Fourteenth Judicial District Court, Parish of Calcasleu, State of Louisiana, The Philadelphia Saving Fund Society, Vs. No. 63,016, James P. Walkner, Et Ux. By virtue of g writ of Seizure and Sale Issued and to rne directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seized and will ofter for tale at public auction to the last and highest bidder without the benefit of appraisement, at the court house door of this parish in the c/fy of Lake Charles, parish of Calcasleu, on Wednesday, August 1», 1M4, between legal hours and starting -. 10:00 a.m., the following described property, to-wlt: Lot 10 of Black 10 of High School Park Annex to the City ol Lake Charles, Louisiana, lying In Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter (SE'/i of NW(4) of Section 4, Township 10 South, Range 8 West, per plat recorded In Plat Book-3, Page I58A, records of Calcasleu Parish, Louisiana, and situated In Calcasleu Parish, Louisiana. Seized under said writ. Terms: Cash on day of sale. >. H. Ar REID, JR., Sheriff, Calcasleu Parish, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, La., July B.' NEWTON HARGIS, Attorneys for Plaintiff. July 13-AugustJ7. -j| MONDAY JULY~13 MUST.i SHERIFF'S SALE Fourteenth Judicial District Court, Parish of Calcasleu, State of . Louisiana The Prudential Insurance Company o! America, Vs. No. 62,074, Anthony Jones, Et A). • .< By virtue of a writ of Seizure and Sale ssucd and to me directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seized anc will offer for sale at public auction to the ast and highest bidder without tho ben*> fit of appraisement, at the court'house door of this parish In the city of Lake Charles, parish<of Calcaslou, on • Wednesday, August 19, 1M4, between legal hours and starting at 10:0 xm., the following described" property Lot'3 ot Block 3 of Myrtle Springs Sub division No. 2 to the Town of Westlake Calcasleu Parish, Louisiana, as per pla recorded In the Records of Calcasleu Par Ish, Louisiana, In Plat Book 9, Page 189 together with all buildings and other Im streets within the corporate limits of the City of Lako Charles, Louisiana, said Improvements being shown on Exhibit "A" attached hereto. The project totals 1,850 square yards of reinforced concrete pavement (approximate.) 4. All as per plans and specifications prepared by D. W. Jesseni Engineer, Lake Charles, Louisiana, which plans and specifications and proposal forms are on file and available for examination by prospective bidders and other Interested parties at the City Hall, Lake Charles. Louisiana, upon deposit of $25.00 said deposit to be refunded If tho plans and specifications are returned In good condition within ten (10) days from the receipt of bids. 5. All bids must be sealed and will be publicly opened and read at Ihe above designated place and time. Bids may be submitted for the whole as a single project or In one or more Items as separate protects. No proposal may be withdrawn within sixty (60) days after t h r YQUR HEALTH provaments located thereon. Seized under said writ. Terms: Cash on day of sale* H. A. REID, JR. Sheriff, Calcaslou parish, La Sheriff's Ofllce, Lake Charles, La., Jul 13, 1944. STEWART & BOND, Attorneys for Plaint!!!. JulyJ3-Auijust 17. _ -i Bids will be received In the Office o the Purchasing Agent, McNcese Slat College, Lako Charles Louisiana, unt 10:00' a.m., July 31st, 1964 tor Health em Accident Insurance for Students of McNeese State College, LaKe Charles, La. and Insurance coverage tor Football players. Specifications and bid forms may be obtained by applying ta this office. The right Is reserved to rc|ect any ond all bids and waive Informalities. McNEESE STATE COLLEGE, W. J. OAKLEY, Purchasing Agent Jul/ 13 70 ••>!. -31 Hard to Treat By Dr. Theodore R. Van Dcllen i TOMORROW: Mental Health. CALCIUM AND AGE S. M, writes: Is it true that p old age is caused by calcium Some people lose Skin pig-i leaving the bones? (Copyright 1964: By The Chicago Tribune) rnent in irregular islands (vitil igo). These individuals do not look forward to the summer months because exposure to the sun, aggravates the condition. White patches on the face, neck arms, or back of the hands become whiter and more noticeable. This is, an illusion; the normal skin surrounding the white spots.tans, whereas the unpig- mented areas remain the same. Vilijigo presents a challenge tq dermatologists. The patches are round or irregular in shape and vary in size. Only one or two may. be present or depig- mentation may involve half the body surface. The hairs over the" affected their color. skin may lose Reply No, but many oldsters suffer from a deficiency of calcium because of too little in diet. As, a result,? the body steals the, mineral from the bones and a variety of symptoms oc cur, including backache bowing of the extremities. A. UNLIKELY writes: Could heavy Vitiligo should not be confused with albinism, in which there is no pigment. In vitilig- nous areas pigment is lacking but pigment-forming cells (mel- anocjytes) may exist. Successful treatment depends upon whether these cells can be stimulated with hormones or methoxsalen drugs. The latter .are taken orally or painted over the lesions. This makes the skin overly sensitive to ultraviolet light. The raelano- cytes may be stimulated provided the individual is exposed to a gradually increasing dosage of sunlight about 45 minutes after the medicine is used. Burning must be avoided and the product should never be used except under the supervision of a physician. Furthermore, it takes several months drinking on the part of the father cause a baby to be mentally retarded? Reply Probably not, considering the many causes of mental retardation and the number of children with this condition whose parents are not heavy drinkers. PUNCTURE AFTER STROKE C. M. writes: Why is a spinal puncture given after a stroke? Reply This is not a routine procedure in strokes. But it is done now and then to determine whether a hemorrhage is responsible for symptoms. PAIN AFTER SURGERY E. K. writes: I have heard rumors that the pains following hemorrhoidectomy are extreme ly severe. Is this so? Reply This is a sensitive area and the surgeon orders medication to relieve pain, TRACES OF ALBUMIN G. H. L. writes: My 21-year- old son went to an insurance doctor, who said, he had albumin in the urine. When the boy returned in two weeks for another urinalysLs, there was no album- for repigmentation to occur, . Coul(J th dodor have made and users must be on the alert fur side reactions. The psoralens are tricky to mistake the first time? Reply Yes, but is unlikely. Traces use and most victims will find | O j albumin often are found after i it safer to stick with the older ; exertion. In addition, some per- i remedies. Avoid the sun to pre- sons have albumin in the first : vent tanning of the normal skin. | morning specimen but not after • Stain the patches the color of • they have been up and about ' normal skin. There are several j £ or a w hn e . Send stamped, self- ; . . . _______ stains available but the proper i addressed envelope for leaflet ! KERRY DRA1 mixture is needed. Therefore it i O n albuminuria.. k wiser to consult a specialist GLAUCOMA CONTROL Some dermatologists recom- p (;. W rites: Is glaucoma a mend tatooing the white spots chronic disease? with gold salts. Four to 12 Reply treatments are needed and the yes, but the majority of vie- best results are seen on face i\ ms are a bk- to control the and neck. eyeball tension with medica- Alpha-MSH is a melanocyte . tions. Send stamped, self-ad- stimulating hormone that may dres.sed envelope for leaflet on ofler hope for the future. I! glaucoma. acts directly on the pigment T<ida>'s Health Hint- forming cells, but its use in this condition has not beni evalu a'«i Dr. Van Delk-n will atiiwer questions on medical tupk-.s i' stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. A bl'jw t'j the f-Hr may age hearing. Addri'-^ inquiritv?' ! u Dr. nit-odure Fv v . MM Tribune Syndic a>•:• Tribune T'iV.c' (JUEENiEU BE FOUNP. WE'VE THAT WSELF THIS WHOLE I TOOK TfflNQWASA NISHTMARE. HOW TIME I WOKE UP/ YES, BUT I A5TRyiN( TDKIPWSELF rrfOTHlNKlNO SHE WASN'T, THSY'U. TRWCE / r FCRSCT TO HER THROU<SK/PUT HER COtlAR TH£ LICENSE NUMBER ON HER COLLAR. BACK ON AFTER WF WENT SWIMMING LAST WEEK. TIME, WON'T VDU, BETWEEN HERS SHE 5 SORT OF SCAREP OFP06- CATOCRS. / AIAVSE-TrllS T:,v\£ zwov / LUCKY FOR YOU I SPOTTEP YOUR \COUNTE2 IN THE- TRASH, W"~T r^ A T- — / DON'T FOESET TO I EMPT/ MV WAST&\ BASKET, BEETLE WAIT NAT.' IT \ >O'J WON T HAVE TO WON'T TAKE ME oET RID OF ME,'.' VOU A MINUTE TO / NEEPN'T WORRY; ££TRlDCfr /AUVNARP/YOU'LL WILL you SET OUT?.. Of? A\AYNARD?,'HOWCOLitP YOU TAKE THAT;FARV AWAY NEGOTIATIONS WITH. THE • INFAMOUS BROAPWAy FROM ME AFTER ALL THAT WE'VE BEEN TO EACH ...1 LOV£D VOU, MAyNARP, NEVEK,£MF/? HEAR Tj FROM /UEA6A1N' AT, . SUDPENLY •••• INTEgRUPTfCL ON STAGE AND WELL BE MARRIED IX PHONE YOU VERY NIGHT. WONT SHE MAKE THE MOST WONDERFUL WIPE IM THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ? VES I'M SURE OF RIGHT AFTER YOUR TOUR. HAPERONED BY PRQFES- AND MRS. SAUCER OF HARVARD, MOON MAID SETS OUT ON HER CAMPUS -- --LECTURE TOUR. ILL MEET NOU IN ^ ANN AP?BOP, DARLING. ick TRACY SCARED TH'CHICKENQ •NCfTHEl? BOTTLE f POLKS HOPE SOl SURE MI3Q EM 'ROUND HERE I BUT THEY'LL B£ RPHAN ANNIE YOU WOULDN'T W WHY NOT? AS YOU..YOU RE \MYDE5TINYIS CERTAIN YOU WANT; IN YOUR HANDS, • ME TO WAKE A ^:- PHILLIPE/ < COMPLETE CHANGED GIVE ME THE MI55GALE? J WORKS/ .• PHILLIPE,WHAT \ WOULD YOU THINK OF A COLOR CHANGE? / WANT ME TO DO ANYTHING TOO 1 DRAMATIC? •*' IT 15,IT'S GOTTEN ME NOWHERE/ LEAVING THE OFFICE EARLY, TUNE GflLE GOES STRAIGHT TQ THE BEAUTY PARLOR/ REX MORGAN, M.D. EYiEEE/SHOULPHAVE THE YANKEE WOMAN WOULDN'T > BELIEVE... NOW, IF SHE WHERE PIP you 5FOTTIN6 HOLLY WITH AN AMERICAN OFFICER TO STARTLE TERR/ HINT OP HIS MISSJNG CO-CONSPIRATORS . r SOi ifAV£r> r/ Ig HHIHPED CRFAM FRD^ BOMS fOX, il'-'. SPECIAL AiiUtr.' 1 !; WHERE IS MM'- HI5 FIRST APPt'ARAKCE, PETECT'VE JOrtNNi'COlT THE >'OUNG 5i PERFOPMANC MONDAY, JULY 13, 1964, Loke Chartes Amefrcoit Press Bills Picked For Action in Senate WASHINGTON <AP>-Majori-i Among Republicans already ty Leader Mifce MansfreM, D-| publicly opposed to it is Sen. Mont., said today the Senate j Barry Goldwatcr, R-Ariz., the "must get into high gear and | indicated GOP standard bearer. stay here" if members of Con- , MansficM also feted these gress hope to adjourn the week- measure9 for ^3^ considera- erel of Aug. 22. uon in the first post-convention But he referred with elatron to j wec!< . the pace the Senate has set in i the three weeks since it finished a 15-weeks rights, and dence that goal will be met. The National Conven- debate on civil expressed confi- —A $202-rrutTion yearly increase in military pay recommended last week by the Senate Armed Services Committee. It would provide a 2% per cent raise in base pay for military Democratic NJ S&VWT* Ctty ' P— of a'™*? «?* rt\h the im-fe L House i ««»« l*™ e1 " ith Iess *•" arc in recess this week while two y ears scrvicc most Republican members are in San Francisco for the Republican convention. Both houses will reconvene next Monday. Mansfield, who as Democratic i leader supervises the flow of legislation fhrough the Senate has picked half a dozen bills for Senate action next week- Topping the list Is a controversial antipoverty measure asked by President Johnson with a first-year cost of $!lf>2.5 million. —A foreign aid authorization bill which must be passed before the Senate can act on a separate money bill to finance it. —Two more of the annual appropriations which supply operating funds to the numerous government departments and agencies for the fiscal year which began July t. These provide money for Congress and its related activities and for tho District of Columbia. Ruby Thinks Jews DETROIT, Mich. (AP)-Jack Ruby is convinced he has been linked to the assassination of President John I 1 '. Kennedy and that a result is the systematic slaughter of this country's almost six million Jews, a psychiatrist says. Ruby is under death sentence in the Dallas, Tex., county Jail for the slaying before a nationwide television audience of Kennedy's accused assassin, l,ee Harvey Oswald. The former Dallas night club operator "is convinced" that he and other Jews from all over the United States are being "rounded up" for execution, says Dr. Kmanuel Tanay in a copyrighted story published Sunday by The Detroit Free Press. Tanay, former assistant director of Detroit receiving hospital's psychiatric department, said Ruby is haunted by "psychotic delusions." The psychiatrist made two visits to Ruby's cell after he was retained by Ruby's family last May M. Tanay told Free Press newsman Don Beck that Ruby acted like "a caged animal and definitely wants In commit suicide." He described Ruby as sitting on the edge of his bunk with his is something the psychiatrist said he "can only speculate about." "The act itself was committed under circumstances that indicate he was acting without conscious control, and you could argue therefore that, legally, ho did not know right from wrong. "But I feel that his present psychotic state is primarily precipitated by his imprisonment," Tanay said. He added: ". . . He was always obese; always struggled in a vain attempt to control his weight; was always dieting unsuccessfully. "Now, he is emaciated, lie just doesn't cat. Part of. it is because he believes his jailers think he's going to slip poison into his own food and ho want:? to convince them he hasn't. "He definitely wants to commit suicide—but he tries to hide this from the jailers." Tanay said he believed Dallas County authorities "honestly believe Ruby Is faking. He told me he had tried to strangle himself, but couldn't," Tanay said. The psychiatrist said IIP thought Ruby had a good chance, of committing suicide because he approaches the deed "with the earnestness of the psychotic, hand cupped to his ear and leaning forward, apparently straining to hear something. "Wait, do you hear?" he quoted Ruby as asking. "Oh, God, they're bringing another load. "They say I'm the killer of the President. They believe I did it. That's why they're bringing them in. "They've brought in thousands already. "You must, convince Karl that he .should lake hi;; own life before they torture him. You are a Jew, tod, and you .should, too." Earl Ruby is Jack's brother, who lives in Southfield, Mich. Tanay said the warning of the i^,,','. impending purge of Jews was | t .i, aree s' t V"u» t_'«» rrwh at* *if\\e>r-,t\ In r I)i iK> f i/> ' . ** '. not the neurotic." "The longer he is in that cell, the better his chances of killing himself arc," Tanay said. he same as voiced by Ruby to Clue Justice harl Warren last Rep. Thompson Faces Charges From Opponent U. S. Rep. T. A. Thompson has upon to answer threa at him by Gary ,,, h , t , (he ' , r I)( , mocra primary . ' J In a telegram sent to Thorn p- month wlum Warren visited the condemned man's fell. Warren heads the commission son, Tyler asked the congress- appointed by Piesidcnl Lyndon i man to deny charges that he B. Johnson to probe the Novem- • voted to increase the tnember- ber 22 assassination and the; ship of the House rules com- subsequent slaying two d ays rnittee which took control of the later of Oswald. • committee away from the South. Tanay said Ruby never refers to Oswald by name, but rails him 'the deceased'' or "thai' weasel" Whether Ruby was psychotic | mon knowledge around Wash- at the instant h« killed Oswald i ington, D. C. that the Kennedy i administration needed the increase on the rules committee to get the civil rights bill on the floor nf the House. Furthermore, Tyler said Thompson Voted for the increase when he knew that it was com- Mexican Meet Opens to Show Alliance Work Tyler also asked Thompson to deny charges that he was ah- bent fuur of the five cntic;il days that the civil rights law was being debated and passed in the House The (acts arc .so important, MEXICO CITY (APi Mex Tyler aid, that the people .>f ico's secretary of the treasury the Seventh Congressional I'is- Antonio Ortiz Mena today will triet, who are directly affected open a meeting here designed by the usurpation of individual to show the positive work and freedoms written into the civil achievements of President Ken- rights law. are entitled to know nedy's Alliance for Progress in the farts from their representa- the last two years. tive. The hemisphere-wide meet- —•• - ing is the first ever held by the • ., , . l/iter-American Committee of P r Q n IDI tl 0 MIS fS the Alliance for Progress ( (CIAP). It is considered to rep- j resejot the best concerted effort i yet made to inject new boosts to the program designed by the j U, S. President to help Latin America overcome its economic shortcomir dam- President Saw de SaoUmaria vill present his report on tho activities ol the alliance Mora this session, with delegates vot- _ . ReDOrtS r HUJLSDALE. Mich. (AP) Quota of the day: Earl U. Munn, 60-year-old Hlllsdala teacher, after ie was nnmlnflfojl for president by the Prohibition party. SMItIN- JACK kig afterward* to approve an 18- poiut long working agenda. "We're asything but a bunch The meeting will close July 24,; u { old fuddy-duddies. Apybody with what we expt-cied to be 4 whg believes thai; should coaa rtxoinniyndatiuiis tu make thejki oije oJ ow copveniiozis and alliaace's prograiu mure ftffec-'sce all the brig^ yoiftg peo ir.u Uiroughout tlie hemisphere.' pie.'

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