The Miami News from Miami, Florida on September 11, 1955 · 25
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 25

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 11, 1955
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MIAMI DAILY 'NEW?, Sundoy, September '11, 1955 BB HERB RAU ML Everybody Picks On ' Lollobrigida Movie Time Clock' DRIYIMN 1:11 11:00 "The S.v.n Thi Slid 1:00 I:t3 l:4f TOrAY'S HEARTBURN Clo your eyes In mast any . side-street Paris cafe and you'd think you war in Miami Baach. Mambo hat takan evar. Net ged mambo, but Ifa uit ai loud and ai wild at anything on Cellini , Avenue. v ( Even A Monkey ' Paris Gina Lollobrigida hates us; but we're in love with Gina. We just spent an hour with filmdom's most delicious hunk of pizza, pina became so unnerved she let a monkey bite her finger. ALL WE DID was ask her a lew questions on the set of "Trapeze", which is being filmed in the Cirque d'Hiver in Pari. Oh, of course, they were personal questions, and that's ' what upset La Lollapalboza. "Who cares about my measurements?'1 she asked; or, rather, explaimed. "The people who want to see my pictures are not interest-' ed. They just come to see me to be entertained. . "Who cares what I wear when I'm sleeping! Who cares ' what I think about Marilyn Monroe!" v THIS WAS NO TANTRUM. Just the hottest thing in pic , tures laying down the interview law to a nosey gazetteer. ; But it upset her so much she got careless a little later and a monkey with which she was posing for publicity pic- tures nipped her finger. . ' Between takes of "Trapeze", Gina was wearing a tight blouse and tight pantaloons and high-heeled shoes. ,.- , Mama Mia ' : Contrary to popular belief, she is no Jane Russell. But what Gina may lack in one department, she makes up for it in talent. Unlike most movie stars, she's strictly the actress only on-stage, not off-stage. " nCE.CTAAC f inn', nam .... t,, m .J J- parts from this pattern only to talk about herself in the third person. "Marilyn Monroe and I are different", she'll say, for example. "She isMarilyn Monroe; I am Lollobrigida." , BUT THE THINGS she says about herself stamp her more like the Italian Mama Mia she wanted to be instead of an actress. Like this: . "Some things you must keep private. Like where I sleep, and what I wear when I'm Sleeping, where I. eat, and when and where I take a bath." ' , The role she plays in "Trapeze", she said, is that of a "real witch", only she substituted another word. The men in her movie life are Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. Floridians In Film -v ' r .;. "Trapeze" deals with the high-flying men and women of the circus, and from all corners of the world over the past few weeks have come the top acts of the big top. Eddie Ward and Willie Krause from Sarasota, Florida; Zavatti, celebrated French clown; the Codrianos from Portugal; the Ariolas from Stranger" 4:1 3:2S 1:00 t:25 BBArH "Night Of Tha Hunter" 1:10 1:56 ii:5 7:30 30 Hot I.EYARD Cobw.b" 1:10 4:50 7:20 :M ItOII.EVAKI) Year Itch" Trap" :2S C AM to 'Man From Urinill" :00 S:M 5:5 A: 0.1 10:0 rARIB "On ntilra" :35 11 :2S CENTER "Not Aa A i:V 7:00 40 CINEMA "Cobweb" f is e IR4 I E "Scarlet Coal" J 05 4:00 S:5S 7:60 :45 CORAL "To Catch A Thief 1:10 4:00 :00 7:55 it, CORAL WAV DRIVE IN "Ain't Mil- n.havln' " 7:10 10:31 "Battlt Clr- eui" S:55 DAN I A KR1VE1N "We're No An. eli" 7:30 1:00 "Tropic Zona" 1:34 Only D1XIK "Blueprint Far "Muriter" 11:4 2:66 1:118 :U "Tall Men Rldina," 1:14 4:30 7:33 10:3 DIXIE DRIVE-IN "Marly" 7:01 10:31 "Cruel Sea" 5:61 Only BMRASNV "Follow The Fleet" 1J:M 3:60 7:15 10:36 "Elephant Walk" 1:65 6:15 1:60 ENKEX "Not Al A aranger" 1:00 4:30 7:05 :40 FLAfiLER "Mil S tuitt Alegrea" 3:36 6:40 7:45 0:50 FLORIDA "Beven Angry Men" 1:00 4:00 7:05 10:06 "Ua Vegaa Shaki- . down" 11:35 1:40 5:40 S:45 GARI.E "Night Of The Hunter" 1:30 4:20 :1lt S:00 0:65 GATEWAY "The Private War or Major Benaon" 1:30 6:30 7:3" i:10 BALLANDALE DRIVE-rN "Not Al A Stranger" 7:00 . 11:00 "Rooiiai Bump" t:45 LKJEI NIC PARK ACTO "Mlaler Hoh- erti" 7:15 10:50 "Stranger On - Horaebnclt" :fl LINCOLN "Ifi Alwayi Fair Weather" 1:25 4:30 5:40 :45 11:00 MAVFAIR ART "Mademoiselle Go- belte" 2:36 4:25 :00 5:00 10:00 MIAMI "One Deairc" 12:00 2:00 4:00 5:00 1:05 10:05 MIAMI DRIVE-IN "Stranger On Horeeback" 7:15 10:30 "Mambo" :46 MIRACLE "One Deilri" J:20 4:1S 5:06 5:00 10:00 NnKMANDV "Cobweb" 1:40 4:20 S:M 10:20 . NORTH ANDREWS DRIVE-IN "Not . Ai A Slranger" 7:20 11:15 "Holly. wood Trhlllmakeri" 10:00 OLVMPIA "Night 1OI The Hunter" 12:01 1:60 3:40 5:55 5:06 10:16 PARAMOUNT "To Catch A Thlil" 12:10 2:10 4:10 4:10 5:10 110:15 PARKWAY "Not Al A Stranger" 2:00 4:30 7:05 :36 RKUEIST "Daddy Long Igi." 1:00 6::i6 20 "Thu Imnd Earth," 4:05 7:50 RIMWEVELT "The Temptreu" 1:30 :30 4:30 1:30 10:30 ROI.ETT4' Foaltre" 1:00 S:5S I.M 7:60 1:46 ROVAL "It'i Alwayi Fair Weather" 12:20 1:20 4:15 4:10 1:05 10:00 SHERIDAN "It Came From Beneath The Sea" 2:05 4:45 7:20 :56 "Creature With The Atom Brain" 1:25 :iw 5:35 11:10 SHORES "Beven Lltta Foyi" S05 4:00 4:00 5:00 10:M STRAND "Shield For Murder" 1:00 5:20 5:10 "Pemetrlui And The Glad-latora" 3 35 (:60 1:35 SI'NKET "Love Ma Or Leave Ma", 2:20 4:41 7:00 t:26 - Sl'RF "Milter Robert!" 1:26 4:55 7:25 1 T1VOI.I TOWER TOWN "The White Orrhld" 12:30 1:25 4:20 1:15 5:10 10:05 12:00 TRAIL "U'l Alwavi Fair Weather" 1:35 3:5 6:56 T:NI :65 TROPICAIRE DRIVE-IN "House Of Hum boo'' 7:03 10:37 "Mini Robin Crunoe" 5:07 Only TI'RNPIKE DRIVE-W "Houie 01 Bamboo" 7:10 10:40 "Mill Robin Oruioe" 1:17 ND AVENI'E DRIVE-IN "Marty" 7:19 10:47 "Anache" :12 TJTH AVENI'E DRIVE-IN "Milter Robert!" 7:22 11:25 "Cattla Town" :68 VARIETY "Arena" 1:10 :45 "Carrie" S:35 7:05 10:35 WEST HOLLYWOOD DRIVE-IN tie Ouern 01 Montana" 7:30 "Suian Slept Here" 0:30 NEGRO THEATERS ACE "Man Called Peter" 1:00 7:14 5:51 "Violent mturaay" 2:31 Sea Chan" 1:35 4:13 1:51 "Cobweb" 1:16 4:45 7:20 :50 "Foxfire" 1:15 4:10 4 00 7:55 IS "Cat-10:55 4:37 BINCHE 4:61 7:05 CAPITOL ' a2B LIB CITY DRIVE-IN "Marty" 10:47 "Apache" :11 Mil "Km Ma Deadly" 1:20 10:01 "Son 01 Slnbad" 4:34 1:21 t:ll 4:14 12 CHILDREN UNDER 11 IN MRS FREE 17:05 SHOWTIME) 7:15 Ji 10:50 CINEMASCOPE- HINRY FONDA JAMES CAONSY "MR, ROBERTS" 40 ONLY Tn TECHNICOLOR ' JOIL McCRIA it MIROSLAVA "Stranger On Horseback" CHILDREN UNDER 11 IN CARS fill 7:10 AND 10:40 OlLUXE j,. COLOR W ROoEkl aHIHLtY -a. ROBERT RYAN V TAMA6UCHI V STACK "HOUSE Of BAMBOO" :W ONLY (EASTMAN COLOR) AMANDA BLAKI OEOR6I NADIR "MISS ROBINSON CRUSOE" Downtown Top Shows IIR CONOITIOMFB WIDE SCREEN oaei 11: u a m. 256 1 p.m. ia H E. 1st Al. WARNERCOLOR RANDOLPH A ' DOROTHY tCOTT MALON1 "TALL MAN RIDING" JOSIPH COTTCN JSAN PIT! US "BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER" (j i A ft a x- a & I Spain; a bear act from Germany; and an equestrienne from Italy. ' " . Ward, incidentally, worked with Burt Lancaster about twenty years ago in the Gorman Bros. Circus, and he's sort of a technical advisor on "Trapeze". He's also doubling for Lancaster on the difficult triple-somersault-catch stuff. MOST OF THE FOOTAGE is being shot right inside the fascinating Cirque d'Hiver (winter circus) in the heart o Paris. The building is 103 years old and has been the scene of exciting circus spectacles ever since the debut of the French acrobat Leotard who invented the flying trapeze in 1859. "Trapeze", a Hecht-Lancaster production directed by Sir Carol Reed, will carry on what in international circus life is known as "the Bouglione tradition" that there have always been four Bouglione Brothers in the circus world. Until now. One of the brothers, Alexandre, died last year. Anyway, the film will have a character (played by Thorn-, as Gomez) based on M. Joseph Bouglione, owner of the Cirque d'Hiver. Joseph is now head of the vast family which has branches in most of the well-known circuses all over the world. LAST NIGHT I J KAREN CHANDLER f KMKfclM VriHIMVLEtt 1 :;,'WJAY,JASOMVj I OPENING TUESDAY NIGHT i 4 HALF ANGEL ...HALF DEVIL! itoiwig JtofV'f Mwttf (nsofior)... . ANNA MARIA FERRERO HELD OYER miff!! IP m St m ...a.. a..L DOWNTOWN MIAMI t W"1 f 0MNIIN00N mmm JPIN J P.M. tm NOW EXTRA HAL MARCH "MX. '$44,000 9iMrioa' "-TV Pr4jrai . la lis flrsf lmrt4M mavlt rala. . SONSHINE ,N wt0 1 4B T i . 1 i r y It's Always Faik WlIArHEI ml., wr 9 Jj 4 jr to A 5 Three buddies celebrat Gen Kelly melU tha Dan Dailev cute looaet staia pnj in an up roarioui dance spluri Ivith high jinks on Third pavement m hi Time a ataid party in an up rtvenue a aenaauon: square anaia lean tyd Chariaae'a a aultry knockout in her Their torrid romance fcriza-fif hting song-and-dancel , ricocheU throuch the big city'a hottpotal Gene Kelly Dan Dailey CydCharisse- Dolores Gray Michael Kidd "THE SCARLET COAT MImI larlMl Of IN 1:44 PM , Carnal ' Mlckail Arm ClmmaSuae wti. miaiaaj praa.n gw III mmmmmm anaaaaKiaaHaaiiaaaaBnB V (1 L J ""Filled rTt11"-1 , , :.,i?x:rx-i terror ond susfenseiJ diffarear herrar picture r , - aver produced - , I 1',, feStely r .I,, i j rm wr Dm II rVironnu J RobertMITCHUMi iSheiievWinters CHARLES LAUGHTON. KilMMd thru UNITED ARTISTS LILLIAN I J.iM..Mir.Ti L toll "THAT EMBRACE , . . KISSING SCINI . . . THAT IS, ABOUT THI HOTTIJT THING SINCE GRETA GARIO KISSED JOHN GILBERT" a "HCOCK'S flSUV tOnkmaScoPE" AMERICA'S MOST EXCITING SUPPER CLUB SONNY HOWARD I the songman ..,0.Y.ct,, SAC AS AS i A I m C C I .im. ilomafoas latin AmtricoR . . , I . ' p toatliieirrol soiisatioa '. ortnasir ,, LITTLE BUCK m. dam.. I mmwmmrmmi"i"r"""""" ,,. I THI3Cl) "0 COVII tm . 4 lasarwnaas: f COLLINS AVENUE AT 44th ST., MIAMI IEACH Miami Inca aMMIIMIMMIIM.IIIKira liaill HUairr invrl . aiaaii muur oi n 1:41 r.M, HwiMu aiuMAU'uuui sniM.r.uiu.u sum mm lUUUlt SPECIAL IOW PRICES ObUBLI FEATURE FILM FESTIVAL III Wiik. Sn.-Mliai link- OPEN 2:00 UURENCI OLIVIER JENNIFER JONES IPDII ALBERT "CARRIE" Sinner or tinned againit? nut JUN HAftEN YOUN POLLY BERGEN ARENA tout The rugged rodeo brought to life. I I CEKIATH k I i THE SEA 1 1 i iaw irr CHILDREM ILL DAY lit its i.i. rim if. eaie anai- eriN u nooh ELIZABETH TAYLOR QANA ANDREWS "ELEPHANT WALK" Technicolor Stt moddened tltphoMlt itivodt plaiiratioii mansloii! ) Plus FRED ASTAIRE GINGER ROGERS "FOLLOW THE FLEET" Dancing! Songil Gals! Gogil . ANNA MARIA FERRI I I II Not To Bo Shown I fzZiLZn I ill A"T 0,h,r Theotre liyw i y 1 " I i l 1" Greoter Miami' ' 1 nf a ms8sa flUHIIIIPrJini 1 ,4 ".'tins p. r h r fr) ' I ADULTS ONLY I farf t Vl Uj y hurry ycj f&i vir : ;;tLTiT auMiw. k f ! fiiMit 'r!fijR 1 and Slump (orlez Party yj K IEHIIY JYY IMPERIAL Myf"" U"'' V I 0 fi tU1 fi i O t'UTifot 1 7 jfyrZA S2.00 cliildrea under 12 I ' t't'X Si X iWM ifc IAMBOO ROOM Gelo Prises ' ' ,XJ' i UJllyW ' STEVE AND ROSALIA J ISc. o OP I I jpS'raiJL. " j Ml, z2 ' f tJrrir F I aiinaaw uukm i jOti 1 I WIDMARk IACAU. T57v:i I I rniBir anvn einsn epimur I i W imiik.v H w "'n wiinaanma 1 "THE COBWEB" In Vrttrr MnamS4?op eiD HO. AT 77rll AVINUS NEW TIME 7:11 III 11 JT ccnoa 07 AMANDA SIAK( IN COtOft "MISS ROBIN CRUSOE" SOUTH OW MIAMI ON U.S. HWY. I NEW TIME PfAGEMT i-3 "MARTY ERNEST BOBGNINE I M ONLY IAEA HAWKINS "THE CRUEL SEA" lllllllllltllillllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItt mmmmmmmz ml IINEIT - BORGNINE IIT5Y BLAIR i ii a n-rv" lVM IV I I (hown el T:l A W 4T Flut - IUST UNCASTEI tn "ABirUC" rakiiL (At tm nillllllllHlllliiiiiiiiiiniiillliilllllliii W.flrr.TlW (D J - a. C.L..I fir 11. a m II I A iCOLIIN unni 3D i . t T . . t. l " - mtm . I ILfcAliUIi' UMAX . : JJJM1-la- itTrjJJlM'SvM BOB Biro awa ass iijiaiunm DADDY LONG LEGS" usut euoN rSCS ASTAIAt "THIS ISUND EARTH" HUN SOMCMUI ..etLCfim" AiD At t ii ma io ie ryjjiJV McCRIA "STRANGER HORSEBACK iNcoioe At I 30 ONLY SHULIT WINTIRS "MAMBO" Ymt a4 InlTteaMW liH MIKE PEYTON tuck Ai . rtmt , OANCI TO MUSK OF MIUIOOI NATAlE FIELDS TRIO la PARISIAN 10UNCE M aKNnta) rim rafrtnlMltt BUDDI SATAN It SATAN'S SANCTUM SIMETI ROBERT M - OLIVIA MITCHUM V BeHAVILANO flANK IINATSA - SltSIA SIAMAM - "NOT AS A STRANGER" Ad. Prices 15 50e 1 ZEE IKaXBURLESKII 14 - I TUlHl ATOMIC ATOM! f I05TY HOTpJ ia chii woaut tint IAH I INCH MINCINI HMONA SHUTS. M.S. 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