Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 15, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1891
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" ON NEW GOODS. While everyone is blowing 1 , striking and trying- to push off old unsalable goods on their customers; John Gray has gona and filled up his store chuck full of new goods and is selling them lower thsto some of the old chesnuts that are being offered elsewhere as ] great bargains, reason why, ho has no old goods to lose on. Good Goods, good selections careful "buying 1 and close prices is what has given him the cleanest stock in the State. An Urgent Bills that Republicans want the Republican Congress to place in President, Harrison's hands this very month. 1. The Shipping bill. • 2. The International Copyright bill. 3. The Shipping bill. 4. The Owen Immigration bill. 5. The Shipping, bill. G. The Torrey Bankruptcy bill, 7. The Shipping-bill. P. S. The Shipping bill. —-New STork Pi-ess. FINE PERFUMES :-: AT Parvin's :-: Tariff Pictures. Never mind about such trifles as vegetable oils. Buy them abroad says the Iree trader. Not so fast, lor statistics show that the value of. domestic manufactures of vegetable oils has Increased Irom 82,272,731, the average ol live years from 1885 to 18SD. TALK ABOUT TALKING! Juist UMteu to "Bab" a* slic and Chatter*. to S~). 672,2-11 in 1890. or 150 per cent. Surely this Is an Important home industry, and one wort!) looking alter. —New York Press. A A'lnctuatiiis: Currency. Gold in the Argentine Republic is only 234. People in the United States have had experience with depreciated currency also, and it will make them cling- closer to the best financial system ever devised—that now existing- and planned by Republican statesmen.—Inter Ocean. £-: 12th-st Drug Store. :-: Daily Journal. Fnbltehed every day In the week (except Monday) by W. D. PIUTT. Price per Annum, Price per Month. • . . . . #6 OO .... 50 SUNDAY MOKSONO. FEB. 18. I A HERO DEAD. The hero of a hundred battles has been vanquished. William Tecumseh Sherman's death is to-day mourned by a Nation which has always been proud of him, by thousands of veterans who have always loved him. His •courage, sagacity and foresight in battle commanded admiration and respect, his cordial affection for his comrades won their strongest attachment. Probably no other American general had the complete sympathy, of his men as had Sherman in his famous march to the sea.. No officer, except Grant commanded like applause in the •• assemblages of the veterans since the J- rebellion. To the soldiers the death' ,_of an old leader has additional sadness. It emphasizes the flight of time and the rapid slaughter which time makes in the ranks.' Time is more p deadly than the rebel bullets now and |, the per cent, of dead each year grows * larger with alarming rapidity. The day 'la not.far distant when the veteran will ' •. ; y 'f be a picture of tottering age and only a lew hundred will live to tell to their , grandchildren the tale of bivouac and •^battle.,. The government of the United States has not paid its full obligation to the soldier. It has been deterred in M' s part-bythe old"'rebel cry and fear of 'the political strength of Northern sympathizers.- It has done what it conld consistent with its power. Even •"that has been met with charges of ex- I" travagance and of looting the treas- L ury. The passing away of General ^Sherman suggests • that that charge, not be much longer madel In a years no Treasury will be emptied I"'by just pensions for their payment o*- 1 -—-•"—'-- but little decrease in the funds. But why defer an of justice until it is inexpensive. .at is not a policy the United States can be proud of. Possibly the vet- himself knows. Perhaps he has I r telpea .'to oppose the party which loyalty in-the war and. which Stood:- for it since/ Perhaps his j^own vote has helped to create a public jh conld.be understood in ^ but one way. Sherman's party and |-Grant's party and : Lincoln's .party 'ought to be a. good enough one for. veteran from the ranks. Let there be renewed pledges of loyalty and pa- ptriotism and- Republicanism amid the tearsib'r'William Tecumseh Sherman. THE WOBLD'S FAIR. Plans of the Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. They Will Last Four Days and Be of Extraordinary Splendor—Other News of the Big Show. THE 1 Muncie Herald ''continues the gbitter attack on Grover Cleveland and jfflie Indianapolis Sentinel and there [Js. no Dernpcratie harmony in that Quarter. Hill and Watterson continue 4o denounce each other : while the free !*t»ilver congressman are reading Grover • tsGleveland out of the party. On the Ibither side the success of the McKjnley and Elaine's wise statesmanship 'ave made Republicans enthusiastic, lit looks aa if the Democratic party had fallen into the pit dug for the enemy. SAI^T VALEXTINE is not honored by cuta designated by Ms name. The astom would doubtless fall into innocuous desuetude but for tie efforts of lealers and manufacturers to continue jit. ' The sentiment in it has almost JUis'appeared. PP.KPAKING FOK THE OIT5SING. CHICAGO, Feb. 14.—The committee on inaugural ceremonies of the World's Columbian Exposition will ask the directory to appropriate 8150,000 for their purposes. It estimates that it will realize $'230,000, The ceremonies will continue through four days, concluding with a grand ball, to which the recommendation is that the admissions shall- be limited to 1,000 and the price of tickets placed at $10. Military displays will form a prominent but not the principal feature of the ceremonies; the number of the military will be limited to 10,000, and none but crack organizations will be selected. Competitive drills at Jack- sos Park will be provided for. It is proposed to erect stands at convenient places along the line of march, to" which an admission will be charged. Chauncey M. Depew for orator is the preference of the committee, though no recommendation in this matter is made. The. President of the United States, the Governors of New York' and Illinois and' President Palmer will he invited to make addresses. The Proctor tower is practically located. The ways and means committee considered the matter again Friday and came to the conclusion that the Midway Plaisance, about half way between the Illinois Central tracks and Washington Park, was the place for it The Italian laborers employed by the contractors for grading Jackson Park for the world's fair have been driven out of the park by other workmen. Non-union carpenters were also compelled to leave the buildings being constructed for offices for the contractors. The world's congress auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition through, its president, Hon. C. C. Bonney, made its first report to the directory Friday night. The scope of the work proposed by the auxiliary is indicated by the list of comrnittees appointed on congresses, the programme of which is as follows: May—Music,' literature and art, including congresses of authors,- publishers, philologists, librarians, composers, singers, dnimatlsts, painters, sculpt.org. . . June—Science, philosophy,,invention and. education, includins congress of astronomers, archjEologtsts, botanists, • chemists, electricians,, ethnologists, geologists, geographers, mineralogists, metallurgists, zoologists. July—Religion, morals and temperance, including church congresses, missionary conventions,. Sunday-schools, social purity,, ethics, morals, temperance, suppresslon-of vice. : August—Government, law and medtoino, including municipal, general and international., law. administration of Justice, government of cities, expatriation, naturalization •and extradition, international privileges of citizenship, patents and copyrights, public health, private sanitation and governmental regulations, prison retorm, arbitration and peace. September—Labor congresses, social science associations, building associations, 'mutual benefit associations, co-operative organizations. October—Agriculture, commerce and science. Including agriqulturai colleges. State boards of agriculture; farmers'societies, including dairymen, norse, sheep and cattle raisers, horticulturists; boards-of trade, bankers' associations and other organizations relative to production, transportation, distribution and exchange. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14.—France has •formally accepted the invitation of the Government of the United. States to be represented at the world's fair to be held in Chicago. This is the first country to take official action. • ' Special Correspondence. NEW YOIUC, Feb. a. - 'I have been told thr-t they :wore called "nether limbs." It may be true For my own part I was taught to speak Saxon, and I call them legs. The way they impress themselves forcibly on my mind was because I saw Mi. Lawrence Barrett elocute a blank verse tragedy. Understand that by '•blank 1 ' I just mean blank, though it deserves to be called worse. LA WHENCE .BARRETT'S LEGS. While I've watched the various people being ' 'stabbed all over until they were dead." and saw the heroine pat "a cup of cold poison in her inside," I became fascinated by Mr. Barrett's legs. They are not handsome legs even '.vith the addition of calves, but they have a peculiarly fascinating way of their own that is touching. And in more senses than one, too; for one knee touches another in such a pronounced way that a frivolous woman would pronounce the learned tragedian knock-kneed! When this result is reached at the knees, the'right foot has a decided tendency te turn in, and I defy any human being, especially any woman being, to look at those legs and believe that the man attached to them is a passionate Italian lover. To be slangy, it won't go. An Italian lover must have "nether limbs" of the shapeliest, and clothe them in silk of the glossiest, so that the eyes and the heart of the lady of his love are both gratified. MASCULINE LEGS OX THE STAGE. Apropos of legs, very few actors have good ones; their brains and the upper portions of their bodies may be built for tragedy, but their legs, are intended for comedy, or indeed for farce. Mr. Irving's legs have peculiar and- many-sided curves; these are brought out to the best effect when a long cloak enshrouds him. Mr. James Owen O'Connor has undoubtedly the most interesting histrionic legs; but they ivould lose their charm if they were, not the active powers in making a walk that is a combination of a hop, skip and a jump. The only man lean think of on the stage who has really handsome legs is Dixey, and all New PORTER'S FUNERAL. The .Late Admiral to Be Burled with High Honors at Washington on Tuesday. WASHINGTON; Feb.. 14.—The funeral of. the late Admiral 'Porter will take p",ace Tuesday at 2 p. m. The .Navy Department will be closed, the flag will be displayed at half-mast at all navy yards and stations and on board all ships in commission, and seventeen minute guns will be fired at noon from each navy yard. The. department will be draped in black and all officers of the navy and marine corps will wear the badge of mourning for thirty days. The honorary pall-bearers w'ill be: Vice-President, Morton, General Schofield, Senators "Henderson,: MePherson and Uawley, Representative Boutelle, Bear Admirals'Rogers, Almy, Howells, Crosby and' Stevens, and Governor Pattison, of Pennsylvania. York got to know them when he dressed so that be looked like a bit of Dresden, and Bang that pretty little song, • 'I'm such a susceptible statuette." Now, I can't understand why men shouldn't have handsome legs! They walk more than women do, they are greater devotees at the Russian bath and consequently they are oftene'r rubbed down, "and so they ought to be in good order, not stringy nor muscular looking, but well shaped and firm. The old men of the stage can very much better afford to wear knee- breeches than can the young ones, while the average swell looks as if his legs were a pair of lead-pencils in a divided skirt. HOPE • JOB ODK 1'OUXG MEN. Simplicity is earnestly endeavoring to make itself'felt in-New York. Pretty debutantes no longer appear at teas in elaborate ball gowns, but instead high-necked and long-sleeved cashmere frocks of soft gray, pale blue, or deep scarlet areeounted-smartest. The result will undoubtedly ( be a boom in the matrimonial market, for the average young man will begin to think that he can, by making a great effort, dress a woman, whereas before, when nothing was seen but tulle and chiffon, he doubted whether he would be able to robe an angel. In some other ways, too, simplicity is coming up; you ask •for a cup of tea and wilh it you get a bit of hot cake not cut, but broken by the pretty fingers of the hostess herself, and she is happiest when she can tell you that she has made»it herself. This cake is usually a very plain one, with currants and citron in it, that abominable stuff known as angel cake having been relegated to the mansions.from which it came long ago. A BB.IEF ESSAY ON ALLIGATOKS. Did you ever have an alligator, and did you like-him? 'One came to me the other day—at least he started to come, but when he heard some one on board ship say what . his destination' and who his future parent was to be, he stretched himself out in despair and died. I don't know. just, what he thought, but he 'was probably wise enough to know that canary birds, dogs and alligators would hardly form a happy family. ..He was buried at sea with high honors; .he . was wrapped up in a bit of sail," put on a shingle and thrown down into the blue waters from whence he had come. That sounds very romantic,-doesn't it? In fact when we heard it,, the dog and the canary bird and I each got up : a tear, and we pictured .the funeral, but I may as well, tell you that there wasn't any funeral at all. That it was like the story Joseph told h is •' wife. The alligator who was to, have been my very own was, brought'home to New York, and is, now going through a process ot embalming, in view of j , making him a paper weight for me, but the - woman who brought him thought it would be nicer to tell about the funeral first It really 'did add piquancy to the occasion. I AM AN ADMIRER OF ALLIGATORS, But; after making a close acquaintance with one that was to 'come and live in artistic quarters, I scarcely think I should care to be wedded to one. They have a clammy feeling that would down all love, and when their mouths are open' ed that, are so expressive of a yawning gulf that you just as soon think of kissing a coal-hole as the gentle bird. Then, too, he has an unpleasant fashion of singing, all night. It maybe that he is a follower of AVagner—I don't know, I am not well up in music, but it is .an awful sound, someplace between a croak and a bark—that causes you to shudder under your blankets and give a fervent thanksgiving that you and the alligator are not in the same box. THE COLLEGE-BKED WOMAN. Have' you been overcome lately by the young woman who has had a college education? She is, without any exception, the most absolutely cocksure woman in the world. Under no circumstances do you know anything. She won't even credit you with having a tolerably good knowledge of slang, and she talks about "what we did at college" and "what we did at college," until you wish you could take her to a - college of physicians and surgeons and have some sort of punishment administered' to her that would be painful, but not dangerous. You can't even make her believe that you know the multiplication table—I don't after, five, so that she has always got me there—but she has a sniftly sort of scorn of the woman who has picked up her education, and she makes you feel that she was especially created, her own college specially arranged for her, and that.her fame as its graduate is world wide. K •WOMAN'S BEST SCHOOL OF LEAKNING. . I haven't a word to say against women learning all they want, but even after matriculation there is a school for every human being to go to, and that is the famous one of experience. These girls come out of college with a "know-it-all" idea, and they suddenly discover that neither Greek nor Euclid will dp so very much toward making them earn their own livings, nor will a full and complete history of the lost tribes of Israel teach them how to make an old frock look like new or to do that very delicate art known as washing the baby. '"Oh, ho!" says somebody, "Bab's off on her same old fad." Well, yes, I am. I do believe in giving a girl the very best education possible, but I can not be brought to see that that is the education gained in the college. There have been brilliant women, women who have made great successes in life, women who are charming- socially, who are college bred, • but these are exceptions. These are the two and three out of three and four hundred. Somebody argues, "Do I make the bread any worse for knowing the laws of chemistry?" Probably not but do you make it any better? Then somebody says, "Shall I become nothing but a cook and a drudge?" Just as you fancy. A good cook, is usually queen of her dominion and not a drudge by any manner of means, and a good wife, such'as you want your son and mine" to get, is the woman who, when he is sick, knows how to make little dainties, to help'cure him, knows how to measure bis medicines j propnrly, and isn't exploiting her Chemistry on the doctor while the man whose name she bears is waiting for his next dose of medicine. "But." says the objector, "can you cook?" To be quite honest, I can only do two or three things well. I CAN BKOIL A BEEFSTEAK, and that's more than half .the restaurants' in the various big cities know how to- do, .and I can boil a potato and know when it is done, and no establishment is going to starve where they can get these two things well cooked. In a sick-room I can mind the doctor's orders,^ and when you get a professional nurse to do that you have got a jewel. I hope I will not make the college-bred women throughout the country envious of my accomplishments, but when the yell, "Let us have more culture,"! feel like making the welkin ring (by-the-by, what'isthe Welkin?) by answering them with "Let us have more broiled Highest of all in Leavening Power.—'ST. S. Gov't Report,'Aug. 17, 1889, ABSOLUTELY PURE text, the average young woman is advised to cultivate a cool head and a warm heart. Her heart may be hit now and then, but it won't be broken.- Hearts are curiously elastic things. They can. be pulled here and there, rent with anguish so to say. , and then something delightful will come that will prove an absolute ointment, and behold they are in better condition than ever before. Give me red roses and heart girls! 11 the average young man will put that on the banner which he bears he will get a wife who will love him and whom he will honor and obey without ever knowing he does it. THE LATEST IS THE OLD. What is there new? Nothing, The Idiotic dude still imbibes nourishment from his cane, and looks from over the top o r his collar as if- he had a white wall about him. The so-called swell young womai still displays her anatomy to th world at large, doesn't get married and wonders that Tom, Dick anc Harrydon't want to see more of her .The'match making mamma guardi her little chickens very carefully s< that no ineligibles will come nea them, and the result is that as th< years go by they are seeking whom they may devour and find none.'. The average business woman is wondering how the financial affairs o. the world went on before she was born. The newspaper writer is suprisec that more people don't recognize him or her when seen on the street. And the babies, God bless-them! are the things nearest to angels let to us Though, by-the-by, if the stork hasn'; brought a baby down your chimney £ fox-terrier isn't such a bad thing to possess—at least, that is the expei-l ence of BAB. jSnrned to fteat-h. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Feb. 14.—A special to the Journal from Warren, Mian., says the three-story building occupied by A. P. Zenevolds as a drugstore burned ' to the ground. His 7- year-old daughter was burned to death. Mrs. Zenevolds and the hired girl were badly burned in making their escape. The fire started from an overheated stove. ' - One Ballot Taken. SPIUXGFIEM), 111., Feb. -14. —Six Senators and fourteen Representatives were present at the joint session. One b'allot was cast and resulted: Lindley, 3; Palmer, 11; Stelle, 1. , Five members were paired and did not vote. After the result was announced, on motion of Mr. Caldwell, the joint session adjourned until Monday. : Sued for 81OO,OOO. NEW YOBK, Feb. 14.—Stephen A. Eyan, a dry-goods merchant of Atlanta, Ga., has instructed Ms counsel to begin suit against Schloss & Co., wholesale dry-goods dealers of this city, for 3100,000, because of the action of Schloss & .Co. in attaching,-some -of his property for a debt that he alleges was not due. jRudini's Policy. BOJIE, Feb. 14.—The new Italian Pre T mier, Marquis di .Rttdini, outlined the policy of the Government in a speech, before the Chamber of Deputies. The existing alliances-of the Kingdom will : be maintained 'and the expenditures of the Government cut down. : Flames on a Raco-Track. . MAYSTILLE, Ivy., Feb. li—The amphitheater of the Maysville race course and fair grounds was totally destroyed, by fire Friday night: Loss, 320,000; insurance, $9,000. It is thought that tramps set fire to the structure. The Failure Uecord. ' NEW YOBK, Feb. 14.—The business failures occurring- during- the last seven days throug-hout the country number. 297, as compared with 806 last week. For the. corresponding week of last year the figures were 303. beefsteaks and boiled potatoes." WHAT MEN WANT IN A WIFE. Culture is very well for the well-fed man who can go to sleep Over it, but a hungry man does not want Browning and Euclid, the Latin Grammar, and the Greek Testament, he wants beef and potatoes. Heresy? Of the rankest; but since we .have beaten the Force Bill, I feel that I can express myself., with truth and distinctness. It's true that I do believe that "woman with the heart" gets far away the better of "man with the head," and using Mr. Tennyson's quotations as a Delicious Hinc@ Pie in 20 Minutes BITS OF INFORMATION. Prom present indications navigation tn the JJi-ssissippi will open unpreee- iently early this year. Superintendent of the Census Porter kas made affidavit that the population of Streator, 111., is ll,41i , John II. 51 eCabe, an actor and stage manager, who went to California in 1849, died at .San Francisco Friday. Judge AV. R. McCorinick, a, '49-er, ivell known on the Pacific coast, committed suicide Friday at Gliftori, A. T. Mrs. Laird, wife of 'William Hayes Laird, of Winona, Minn., committed suicide Friday hy taking 1 hydrate of chloral. TViMun Lenx., of Eau Claire, Wik, was sentenced to one year in. State's prison for abandoning his wife and . three children. Friday 54,900 stolen from the Ogden (Utah) post-office by. a clerk was recovered at Arkansas City, Kan., through the thief's confession. President Harrison has signed the act for the construction of a tunnel under the waters of the bay of New York be- tween^taten Island and Long Island, CURES PERMANENTLY SCIATICA. N. Ogden, Mich., , liny 17,1890. "My brother—Kev. Samuel Porter, was- cured by St. Jacobs Oil of excruciating sciatic pains in bis thigh." J. M. L. PoKTEit. LUMBAGO. 410 Kearney St., . San Francisco, Cal. April 28,1890. My.wife and I both have been afflicted with lame-back and sore throat, and have fmnd permanent cure by nse of St. Jacobs Oil. £.' J. IMHXUS. IT IS THE BEST. BEECH AM'S PILLS A.CT JLEECE3 3VTA.G-IC ON A WEAK STOMACH. 25 Cents a Box. OF ALL DRUGGISTS. €ondensed R. R, Time-Tables, Pittslur!?, CiiicInnatVCMcag'oJi; St. toais Rj, (.GBKTBAL Too.) AKKI7K Braanird IMvision. UIAVB a:36ain*.....JEasi*iErprees...... 1:00 JIB* 1:16 pm».. ....... Jf«itLlne.. ....... 155 pm« 120 pmj ..... Accommodation ...... 8:0(1 a mt 9:45 a mf.MarlonAccommodatioii. 4-30 p ait Richmond Division. 3:00 inn*... .Night Express........ Ifl5am' I 1 :10 a jut ..... Accommodation,-..,, 5 5 1 a mt 1:30 p m* ____ Day Express........ 155pm* Jl^Opmt ..... Accommodation...,^. Saw p my Indianapolis Division. •J-20a m«....NlglitEiCpre«8. ...... 12:65 am' ISO p m*. ...DayExpresa. ...-..., 1-.25 pin* Chicago Division, 12:40 a m*...;Nlglit Express ..... .... MOam" 1:('5 p m* ....... .FastLlne ......... l:25p m« 1:41 p JB«..... ....... Fast Line ......... „. 1:47 p m* ll;SOa m-fr.... -Accommodation. ..... iiSOpnyii 7M6 prat.. ...Accommodation ...... 6U5amt . State JUine Division. 1:80 p mt....llall and Express..... 8:30 a mt 7:45amf, ,, ...... Express......... 7£5p nrf. II 06 a mt. ...... Local Freight; _____ IlflOanH 1 Trains marked * run dally. • -. Trains marked t run dally except Soadai. . . Vundtilia Ixtiie. SOOTH BOt-HD. ' _.. .......... ___ Terre Haute Express......'. ............... „, V:',5 a n> Mall Train ........................... . --------- SrfG p m . . NORTH BOUSD. Local Fivlght... — . ............. ----------- 5:00 am Hall Train ............... _, ............... — 1U.15 a m South Bend Express ......... „.- ___ ........ 8:45 p m Through Freight ....... _ ........ ...... ------- SSipm Close connections for Indlanapotts Yta OolTsz mw nrxte >w all our passenger - trains.— J. C, Edgwortli, agent.- Railroad. New York Bxpres, dully ....... , — Ft Wayne(Pas.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a m Kan City & Toledo Ex.,except Sunday HJ5 a m Atlantic Express, dally- ................. 4:06 pw Accommodation Frt, exceptSunday. 8:26 pm Pacific Express, dally ............ _ ......... 7.52am Accommodation Frt., except Sunday J2a5 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday ___ .... ...... SVt5 p to. Lafayette (Pas) Accm., except Sunday 6:03 p IB St. Louis Ex., dally ....... „...,.. ...... 1052 p m Eel Kiver DIv., IiOganwport, West Side Between logiuisport and CUIH . JSAST Boron>. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave,. 10:00 a m Accommodation, ex. Sunday; Leave.. 4:40 p ro WEST BOKO>. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, 1 ArriTe. 8J.O a m Accommodation, ex. Sunday.. Arrive. 410 p m WANTED. each place to do Enclose lOc. for 400 page ook wltb particulars to J. H., Woodljury, Station ', New York Cl'y. ' ocffldly XT'ANTED a few persons In 'V writing at borne. ANTT THEE OF THE TEAK. HEW ENGLAND MINCE MEAT. In paper boxes; enough rortwo larBo;ples. 'Always ready; easily prepared. CLEAN, WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. f r ', , \ » ntlfTO \tflUTCriHTiutoMTTiUMoHrt »rcc KtH I a W AH I tu./u.ci: sue,. SAMP*.; FREE. opportunity. Goo. JL Scott* b42 liro»<*w«j, profits. W ANTED—An active, reliable man-salary S7O to 880 monthly, with Increase, to represent In als OWB section a responsible New York House. References. .Manufacturer. XocK Box 1685, New York. A Chartered Countctlciit Life Insurance Co.. wants a Gemleman lf.mag<-r for this localltj". A good man can make personally.fS.fiOA per year, and clear Sl.OO". from'j.ls subs. Address. MaDa ger, Box 67, Waterbury, Conn, Iet>5d6t <t>7Ctn tO^H A MOWTH can be made i{) i'\J IU <ttij<J\J working for us. Persons preferred wbo can htrnlsh aliorse andglvethelr whole time to the business., Spore moments may' be profitably employed alsa. A few vacancies In towns and cities: B..F. JOHNSON t . CO., 2600 n , ,. marldly W ANTED—AnActl-se Man for each section salary #75-to *i.OO, to locally represent a successful N. Y. Company, lucorated. -,to supply Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes,-Jewelry; etc'.;' to con; snmers at co&t. Also a lady of tact, Salary *4O,-to enroll members (8o.0tt0'-now enrolled; Hioo.ooo paid in), Belerenee*- exchatrged Empire Co-operatue Association t(credlt ' vw , d)IockBex610,'K. Y. - •

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