The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1932 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 9
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\ _ THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 22, 1932 I.YTHEVILLE. r FDR HOT BUTTLE Friends and Foes of $2.000,000,000 Pronosal Are Organized. WASHINGTON.—A hot and bitter battle will be.fought here this winter over the demand for cosh- Ing of the soldiers' bonus certificates. On the one side will be the veterans, their organizations now solidly behind the proposal, worked up to a new pitch of cjrlni determination to ect that two- billion-and-more dollars. On the other side will be the most formidable opirasltton ever encountered by a piece of veterans' legislation. In between will be Congress, ordinarily spineless in the face of veteran demands. Nn one can tell what conditions will 'be like next winter or how effectively the pro- bonus and anti-lxmus forces will organize in the meantime, but it is a good guess that the veteran 1 ; will not be able to achieve their demand by persuading both houses to pass the measure over a presidential vote. The cash bonus bill passed the House at the last session and failed In the Senate, so It didn't even reach the White House, where President Hoover stood ready to veto It . Then Ihe bill didn't hnve the support of the American Legion, which has now voted overwhelmingly for it. Nor was th e distress' of unemployed veterans as acute as it may be this winter. That distress has been the main factor behind the increasing pressure to cash certlfiral"s which are not payable until 1S45. On the other hand, this Con- OKfs In its second session will not be facing a season of primary and election campaigns. It will "be a lame rtuck session, full of defeated members who will have, for the time being at least, little to lose by voting their convictions and perhaps something to Rain by falling in line behind President , Hoover in his opposition. It-is not unlikely that this time , the anti-bonus group will be able to exert political pressure of its , own. Furthermore, In view of unemployment distress many members will object more vigorously (han ever to voting relist for the veterans at the expense of the L ^.iest,,af ,th.e population. .,_. .Political interest recently . hjis centered on whether Governor Roosevelt would take any public position on the bonus before election. In advance of any statement bv Roosevelt, the best guesses were that he preferred to ignore the issue, although - it was believed that he would surely veto such a bill . If he were president. * ' *• * . The. National Economy League meanwhile, is getting an increasing amount of publicity and support and it' seerris likely to be the spearhead of the anti-bonus movement. Founded originally by Archibald Roosevelt and .Greenville Clark, two veterans, it has grown rapidly and Is established In nearly all states with the aim of obtaining reduction of governmsnt expenses. It announced as its first objective "the elimination of the great annual expenditures, now amounting to more than M50,000,000 annually, for those veterans of the Spanish-American and World Wars who suffered no disability in war service." The league is making the most of the facts and figures of veteran legislation, pointing out that the country has alr.'dy spent som? $6.WO.OOO.OOp for World War veterans and ' nt the present rate, which is likely to be stepped UD, will have spent more than 21 billions by 1945. A joint congressional committee has been named to study the whole structure of veteran legislation and will report at the next session. It will be getting busy soon after election. Ancient Coin Found In Man's Tulip Bed FT. WAYNE, ino. (UP)—An ancient 50-cent piece was unearthed b y William 0. Schnicker while spading in his tulip bed here. Tile coin Js 115 years old and Is dated 1817. The numbers end letterin? stand ou perfectly. Inscribed on one side were the words: "Fifty ^"ts or Half a Dollar." and a star. The other side bears th? pic- 'urc of an eagle and the Latin Ph«se "E. Hllri ^ s c „ ni ^ .« UnIted S(at< * ° f America" £ v , , co ™Plete the marking. Schntcker said the dirt recently »as excavated from a basement. Sun PODS Pop-Corn Whilejtill in Fields DOVER, Ark. (UP)-Bccause ofi » drought and unusTalH h h»vZ *"??,'" thls SMtl " n •« having , hard time with their P :n- oorn-the «» l s popping lt lnPtr . e Albert Williams, farmer believes he has the problem solved'. Mll7 M i, th " lklnR Ot "«Prt H!VM* an " mcUccl »"" the field" and then Suckln sale. . ,-, _ Milions Await Their Child The Aga Klian and his French wife .in their most tfttnl posca porlrall. Aga Khar? and Pretty French Wife Are Expecting An Heir BY MILTON BRONNER NEA :Strvke Writer LONDON.—Throughout the Moslem worid has passed the joyous word that the beautiful French Catholic wife of the Aga Khan is expecting a child In December. And 10,000,000 Mohammedans over whom he exercises religious and spiritual authority are hoping it will be a boy. Already glfls are bel'jj gathered together for the great occasion. There will be costly sables from Mongolia, ivory from Africa, silks from China, gems from Burmah, ingots of gold,- priceless fabrics, blooded' horses, even elephants as part of. their, great tribute. Boy or girl, the child will be at birth one of the richest persons in the world. The Aga Khan himself docs not know the extent of his own wealth, except that it is fabulous. Many of his treasures are beyond appralsa.l. As a lineal descendant of All, who was a nephew of Mohammed, founder of the Moslem faith, the Aga is spiritual head of the Khojar .sect of ' Moslems. These number millions in India, Persia and East "Africa, and it Is their, duty to keep their leader in luxury. .. In. addition 'to the steady stream .. ^± —««.v*vn w tuc oKauy &ueum rca-umics Dy Ine Lrrar] of. gifts that comelo the Aga Khjyi, the Mosque of Paris ' H*fcIs the tr«dlttonal -ceremony; -His bride wore g da at tne end of each Mohammedan solar year, paying ' weight in gold. At that time comes a'committee of elders from India who solemnly weigh him—and li; tips the scales at about 200 immds —llien measure out the exact equivalent in gold. He is thanked for accepting- It, and begged In return to bestow upon them some of the water in wh'lch he has bathed. • • * His Bath Wattr Is Countr>men's Substitute for Doctors All of ths Aga Khan's bath water Is saved, for It Is considered holy. His followers buy tiny bottles of It as much-prized charms agninsi disease and evil spirits. Almcn every week he shins a barrel or tiro into some remote province. His wife, who Is his second. Is the daughter of a French restaurant keeper. She became a Paris dressmaker and for years Imd known the powerful and wealthy Indian widower. But when lie Mrs! proposed to Mademoiselle Andree Josephine Marie Leonie Carron, she flatly turned nun down. But the Aga Khan has a bit of iron In his makeup and never takes "No" for an answer. The result was that they eventually were married with due Moslem ceremony at Ai<les-B»ins by .the Grand Imam of ' '' -._ _ Jazzllng 'gown 1 of emerald and chocolate, which the Aga's racing colors. In NEWS -•I*"-" her chestnut h»lr, she wore (a priceless diamond tiara which h»d once been part of the crown Jewels "' t)» Slialis of Persia. A lulf- mllllon-dollar dlamojid was a wedding present; her 'trousseau cost $40,000. As a memento of the occasion, s.-.o dropped $10,000 In tin- town |xx>r box, At Anllljes, on tile French Riviera, she-lias a bis house which her husband hns named Villa An- urce after- her first name. Now slie Is going into retirement In their wig uhfiteaii war At.x-les-Uulns to awult the birth of tlielr baby, Tile Aga ako lias a couple of bous« In England, and one of ihe finest palaces In Bombay. Knthrunrd at 10—and Quickly i "wani,, Britain's. Frfi-nd He wus born ln->i.S75 In UJU , m> and nt the age of-10 succeeded to Jnc hereditary power exercised by his father. He « as .educated at the In England's difficult job of ruling India, he.soon showed himself n friend of the British HnJ, although >e never -failed lo criticize when lie thought U \vlss and necessary. He showed his metile when the World War broke out and when Ihe Germans were not only successful In bringing Tllr key Into ihe <xm- lllct on (heir side, but were seck- ng to stir up a r.oly war of Moslems mjainst. (he Allies. He issued a statement urging Moslems tbe norld over lo put themselves, body, purse and Influence at the disposal of the Allies. He offered his own sword, being willing io BO even as a private soldier. But the British government thought he could render more signal serviee by his .stwcha. So he- went to Egypt at considerable risk to his life and did miicji lo counteract German Influence time. The Allied governments have slwwer- ed honors and decorations upon him. Aside from his religious and political Interests, Aga Khan Is one of the greatest sportsmen In the world. His stables of thoroughbreds are reported north nearly $10,000,000, and he wins more prize money than any other owner. He loves boxing and tennis. Is a plunging gambler, nnd Is a lamlliar figure^ at most ol the conlhieiitnl ca.- WUl Introduce Child Early To the Moslem F»lth The Aga Khan's first wife was a beautiful Italian woman, slgnorln:i Therese Magliano whom he married in North Africa In 1908. Shi-died after an operation in Paris ln'192C' They had one living child, a ssn Aly Khan, who lives mostly hf London and Ireland, is studying law but shares lits father's interests in racing and motoring. X It .would be expected that the new-born child of so wealthy and powerful a man as Aga Kh.iii would be .welcomed into the world and into the Moslem frith"" <vl*> great ceremony. Such will not rx Louisiana Girl Swaps Steers for Education PAGE NINE : ' ; ! •^•^^^"^•^-^l. ••••••• ,';&££;;, ^-K-^-? ^;»^ •:*'. - • :.,.- A,'-;* ^<l,,..~. I . W-..^-:?>'V". : ^ ;:----i/:.^-.-;C':w rt ;,.^.;.,::;>: ,:::--}J ^i'-;--.-u ".';."• "• •.- • ••••-• It 9 \e r A* *-••-#«* *Gt e *" 1 1>. V 6 L N e *" "Amazing Comfort 4/,. i/i >4 *»e 99 fialan and ce 55 «ftei» a Gas 0 U» e fkafc le , mue a s e THESE are Ju« a few of the many com- mtnto about ihe New Ford Eight. You'll be even more enlhueiqetic when yon drive it. Words can't begin to detcribe the thrill of its performance. Fasti Smooth! Marvtlomly ncpon- •ivel Yon can go places — quhtly, comfortably, economically—In tbe New Ford Eight. Drive the New Ford V-8 today aad let it tefl its own itory. FOURTEEN BODY TYPES <F. 0. B. Dttroit, plw freigto o,l •tUttrf, Bumprn cmi if*re lire norm. Eccntomitat time payment! *n*t), Ihf Atulwrite* Fort Ft- HIBC* Plmnt of Ittt Vnit»ri*l Creiii Co.) THE NEW FORD EIGHT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone S1I - Sin - 777 Ihe case, however. Tl:c imam of ll'.e Mobile nt Woklng. Eiiglniul, siild. to your correspondent: "Tberc are n u S | CT h| ceremonies connected with ilic birlli of a child In a Moslem family, ing thru we Moslems mil nke It n point to recite slowly the call lolany prnycr Into (hr oars of t'.ij lu'v.'ly barn. This, as you can readily so?, Is lo create an everbslng c-ITcrl on Hie di'llciitti iiiraibr.incs of the dillil. lo (he elfcci Unit Cicd Is great. We do not formally receive into the Mosbm faith, for we beliovL- Hut, according to the fliiylni; of the Holy I'roji!;.?!, every child Is l»rn a Moslem. R Is hk parents lliat afterwords mak? of him n Cr.ilslliin, Jew ;>L- Mercwtcbrtmed Minaiw '. Wisest Fair FORDYCE, Ark. (UPf-There'a : nrt In fishing, and If you don't think so, ask Dr. A. H. Hunt, The doctc! went fishing with a friend here. And w!:lle in; latter pulled one fish from ihe water, Dr! Hiitit who 'was In the same boat caiujhl 15.. When iisked hy his friend how he did It, tha doctor explained; • "Well, sir, I calch minnows for bait, •paint tlicm with nwrcuto-- chrome, nha the fish-: think 'they arc goldfish: Why, .tjven 1 the largi. est nnd wiiest llsh arc fooled Into striking !U ,^hcm." . • • ;• ' . The frWC-'a lit skcptlcauW-- rowed thii'.'mercurochronie dauber from Hunt, swabbed his minnow • "lo )ook lik« n goldfish", and (h?n , threw his" line in. ' :". "Now," ho said, "it's hard to b> llcvc but 'It wasn't halt a second- before I ]jnd one on llic line— a grandpa too." Cliff Climber Gtts Stuck •• NEHALEM, Ore. (Ul 1 ) _ Darr»1' Ncwhousc, 20, climbed halfway up a clltt which overhangs the Vx- clflc at Short Sand beach, then got stuck on n ledge, unable cither to climb further or descend. Tin; coast guard rescued him with n rop;.T Blytheville Is Going Electrical Aiul why shouldn't ihey when they can gel suc!i values as we are offering this week. SPECIAL SELLING OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Closes Saturday Night ,, . Quantities Are Very: Limited On Most Ite ms ELECTRIC MIXERS . ' ' ^ p; -'' Priced Very Low" Only 3 Left Donneycr Mixer Portable typo, been used as demonstrator, , a good mixer that will serve you well .... Hamilton Beach Mixer Portable with standard, one of the best lishl mixers on the market Hamilton Beach Set Porlnble mixer with standard, 2 mixing bowls and orange squeezer Washing Machines , ; ;;;, ! Federal Washing Machines arc considered ns one. of the leading mokes on the American market today. These machines.are in perfect mechanical comllllr.n and the woman who xels m ,{. O f t licsa can consider herself most fortunate In securing n real barcaln. Easy credit terms payable a small • amount monthly. Priced up from i-<- Illi. $45 Wcstinghoiisc Ranges $5 $9 There are just 4 of these Westinehouse ranges that we repossessed, but they do not show they have . ever been used. Some housewife would be mighty proud to have one of these to cook her rtoilv meals on. We'll pladly let yon" have nnn of these, full installed, with easy monthly payments,- for is' 10\V (15 $60 Vacuum Cleaners $14 Everv n'omnn who (.-reps house needs a Vacuum Cleaner and here !s (he opportunity to pet a good one nt a mighty low price. Premiere Duole.x or Federal, both excellent ^weepers, n\o select from, nil look like new, have been used for rtemonstrn- Itous. Will plve satisfactory service for years. Priced up from $10 3 Alladin Lamps Westinglionse Toasters There Is nothing like a gocd Electric Toaster for crisp, golden broivn toast nnd truly Weslingliousc Toasters are good. We have six embracing several r.lyles, they're new. but we've hnj them ton long... $2.50 « u . »u num. ju,, , 0 n ave one In your hdme .*•> nr ami enjoy it and you can get it mighty cheap, ' 3>.).OJ 25 Boudoir Lamps 25 Boudoir Lamps.. ..far loo many for us to have .Vein I bns<vs In Ivor}' and other colors with decorated shades. Priced up from $1.00 Practically every home can use an extra Floor Lninn, especially when you can pet one for almost nothing. These Alladin Lamps ore very attractive hill they hnve been In our sho"-' room for scmn time end we're llrfd nf lookino i<t them, hut vr>ifll nrob.ibly (ret n lot more enjoyment from them than we can. Priced up from 4 Coffee Percolators Four Wcstlnfrhousc Percolators In several different sizes and stvles. A few of these have been used as demonstrators but most of them just have a few rcrntchcs. Any one of them will dvc you good, service for venrs to rrmc Onl- four, so if vru desire one don't wait too lent; as they afe'iprlced up from only ...'.. ". $2.50 $1 Armstrong Table Stoves Curling Irons, Eacli Leonard Ice Boxes , 812.50 up Light Fixtures - -' -'. - . - '$2 up Arkansas-Missouri tower Co.

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