The Miami News from Miami, Florida on June 29, 1959 · 12
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 12

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1959
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I ! i ,A THE MIAMI MiVkS, Monday, June 29. 1959 r mtnr in a ri t tut J t issiin 11 The News AROUND THE GLOBE Reds Peer At A-Subs Off Japan Win tol at Tma Miami H'sws The Soviet government has been using fleet of small hip ' In the Pacific Ocean to watch the movements of United State ' nuclear-powered submarines, the Kyodo news agency reported ' today. The Japanese agency said this was the consensus of Japanese government officials on the basis of more than year's study . of the mysterious movements of Soviet ships off the Japanese coast, ' The Soviets are seriously disturbed by the fact that the Untied Slates already has five nuclear powered U-boats Nautilus, Sea Wolf, Skate. Swordllih and Saugo with three more en the way. The Japanese sources believed this was the reason why an extraordinarily large number of Soviet ships have been sighted off Japanese shores during the past year and more. They range from large freighters to ocean-going tugs and smaller vessels. Refugees Plan Hunger Strike Palestinian refugees in Lebanon will go on hunger strike this week during the Middle East visit of U. N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold. The hunger strike will protest Hammar-skjold's recent statement that It would take a good deal of time before refugees could return to their homes in what is now Israel. Take Off, It's Too Ruddy Hot Britain's nudist camp business is booming as a result of hot weather. Dr. Douglas Gibson, head of the British Sunbathing Association, said he expanded his retreat from S to SO acres because of increased business. Charles McCaskie, 74, dean of British nudist camp leaders, said the number of sunbathers has doubled at his Hertfordshire camp. At 81, Rhee Is Choice Again South Korea's ruling Liberal Party today unanimously approved 84-year-old President Syngman Rhee's bid for a fourth presidential term in 1960. Informed of the nomination by the party's annual national convention, Rhee immediately accepted. Ink Strike May Bottle Up Papers The possibility of an Ink shortage loomed for 11 of Britain's biggest newspapers today as an indirect result of the 10-day-old printing dispute. Until now, the dispute has not Involved the country's big national dailies but has closed down 100 smaller papers and 4,000 printing houses. The dispute touched off a weekend walkout by workers at two printing ink manufacturing firms, which supply the 11 London papers. There was no Immediate threat to publication. Dutch Ships Douse Freighter Fire Two Dutch salvage vessels put out fire in the holds of the 28-ton British freighter Staniel on a tourist-filled breach yesterday at Lowestoft, England. The Dutch ships pumped thousands of tons of water into the burning cargo of hay the Staniel was carrying to the channel islands. The Staniel's skipper breached the freighter to prevent the flames from reaching the fuel tanks. SINGS TO THRONG Anti-War Britons Roar For Robeson H. T. News - Miami Nws Srrrtra LONDON, June 29 Ten thousand Britons marched through London streets to Trafalgar Square yesterday chanting, with American singer Paul Robeson as their leader, against the H-bomb. The demonstration, organized by the British Peace Committee, was part of a current campaign to urge the Socialist Party and the government to give up Britain's stocks of nuclear weapons. Beneath the statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, Britain's greatest sailor, Robeson sang three songs to the huge crowd In the square. They were an anti-nuclear version of "Down By The Riverside," "Water Boy" and "Ole Man River." The first song was re-wrltten to Include the line: "We ain't gnnna think about more war." Robeson drew lusty cheers after each song. Before singing, Robeson made a 10-minute speech in which he thanked "the British people for helping me to travel again." The singer said that after his recent visit to Russia and Communist Czechoslovakia he was sure those countries did not want war. He said all nuclear bombs should be destroyed "for the sake of our children." Waving his fist, Robeson shouted through the microphones: "We colored people are opposed to nuclear war because we do not want to be denied the future in which we can make our full contribution to i i PAUL ROBESON By Nelson's Statue the culture world." and life of the At the meeting speakers were cheered when they described American forces in Britain as "the army of occupation" and demanded their withdrawal. PLASTIC 00 WALL TILE " ' 11 Cllirt Tlill IsasH rtM ANDERSON .'.??:., MI1MI NH M. tf. PL 1-IS4I FT. UUDCHDUt SMI I. fit Hl. It Milt SCIENCE DISCOVERS WAY TO "WIPE OUT" ATHLETE'S FOOT Naw larurslsj pods wipe athlete's few? fvna I aut a crocks hetweea tees with Brescripfie type, quick aVyiaf latiaa. lar effectively efiecks ra-iafactJM New Tor (N. T.) (Mediral Spo eial). Now you ran actually wipe at tha fungi that cause itchinf pealing- athlftVi foot with a nw kind of thiow-away pads. Tha pads ara aaturatad with preemption type lotion that kills Athletes Foot funri on contact. Th active imrrdlnta In tha lotion ar a eombi nation of thoia prescribed b doctora, hut until now tnt available in ana formula. Ne maiy rem, hit or rmsa pow. ara and burnmf huuida. Just ona wipe between erarVad peelfnff toaa and tha cause of itohina, pl inf. and discomfort it litarally wiped out. Then yon throw tha pad away. Painful stubborn, cases beirin to heal lmtantly. Your feet feel cool. comfortable clean. When used regularly after healing, re-infection ia affectively blocked. Thia naw way to wipe out Athlete'a Foot and keep it away ia called Athlet. New Athlei foot pada ara now available at all drug countera without prescription. A rms Deal Splitting Israel l : a L ...... , i ' Littlest Star For The Koiacs The week-old baby of singing comedienne Edie Adams and comedian Ernie Kovacs gets her picture taken for the first time as she and tier theatrical parents left Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood. She is Mia Susan Kovacs, named after a friend of the mother's. Kovacs has two daughters, ages 10 and 11, by a previous marriage. Queen Will Relax At Races, Drama The Asioelated Preta TORONTO, June 29 Queen Elizabeth II breaks her arduous routine of formal ceremonies and receiving lines this week for two of her favorite diversions, horse racing and the theater. Canada's top racing event, the Queen's Plate, will be run In Toronto tomorrow with the monarch and Prince Philip watching. At nearby Stratford the Shake a command performance of "As You Like It" for the royal couple Thursday. Elizabeth and her husband arrived In Toronto today after a three-day cruise up the St. Lawrence River aboard the royal yacht Britannia. The couple went ashore for two hours yesterday at Kingston and attended church services. After the service the queen and her husband drove through cheering crowds jamming the Kingston streets to visit Ft Henry, a pivot of defense in the War of 1812. Then they drove to the Royal Military College. After brief formalities, they watched part of a cadet cricket match. The prince was invited to play but grinned and declined. 2 Latvians Jump Ship, Win Asylum The Associated Press TORONTO, June 29 Two young Latvian crewmen who stayed behind when their Soviet trawler left Newfoundland last night told a nationwide TV audience they had been granted political asylum in Canada. The 21-year-old pair, Berthold Vilnis and Adolph Olonis, turned up in Toronto last night alter the skipper of the1 trawler Neman claimed that the Canadian mounted police had prevented the men from returning to their ship. Their backs to the TV cameras, they said through an interpreter they had jumped ship June 20 because they wanted to live in a free country. Canadian officials did not confirm the men's claim that they had been granted asylum. spearean Festival Company gives Food Fit For A Queen - Only The Associated Preai TORONTO, June 29 The best British beef is served at Queen Elizabeth's table on the yacht Britannia, but the scraps have to be burned carefully. The reason: Canadian officials don't want an outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease. England is not free of the cattle disease, Ttte Associated Press JERUSALEM, June S-Israel's coalition cabinet decides today whether to accept sn arms deal with West Germany unanimously or the resignation of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Bcn-Gurion told leaders of his socialist labor party the Mapai he would resign if left-wing "opposition from within" his cabinet failed to approve the sale of en estimated 230,000 gernade throwers to West Germany. A special cabinet meeting was called today to vote on the sale, but it was expected opponents of dealing with Germany the Achduth Avodah and Mapam parties would not reverse themselves. The premier snid he would try to form a new government without members of the two parties. Without them his government would control only 50 of the 120 seats In parliament, or less than a majority. The Mapal itself has only 40 seats. But if a premier resigns, Israeli law permits the president to ask him to remain in oftice as head of a caretaker government until the next election. That will come In November. Last Friday the cabinet approved, apparently by a split vote, the sale of the grenade throwers to the Bonn government. Most of the machines reportedly have been delivered. The Tel Aviv newspaper Maariv quoted Bcn-Gurion as saying the sale was necessary for Israel's defense. But the report did not indicate whether Israel would receive arms in exchange or whether the currency realized would be used for arms purchases elsewhere. Ben-Gurion said Egypt, leader of Arab opposition to Israel, would soon receive Soviet MIG-19 bombers, superior to Israel's bombers. Opposition to the arms sale was generally based on the question of whether Israel should do business with Germany less than two decades after the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews. Close To Home Tnlted Press International GULFPORT, Miss., June 2!) -Police today sought the intruders who broke into police headquar ters over the weekend. si?""'r FLY NATIONAL airlin of At J tort $ 29 4 "'eSXN I UU 7' M NEW LOW FARE Havana DAiinr. Tmn 7Z7A Special 29-hour excursion far good any day I Fer reservations sat your Travel ent or phone Nfwton I-J311 COOL, MAN, COOL! 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BF.T HOI.n NET RFAD PMOOT CAP HOl.K MP RKT SHOPS OK AD KUAVD NOTICE RIP SHOTS lK lKfXA.ND .NOTION SATIX MIOl T IH JKT NOVICE Sr. A SHOWS IIP KIP OID SrK SOIL HI F.I, LATIN OLD SFT SOI L, DLL'S LL AD FFN SIP SIM 1)1 LT l.LT PKT SHADE TIP OAMIT LIP IMP SIIAhK TONIC tiL'T LOTION POND SHAPE TOPIC HAND MATIN PONE SHAKE VASE II AMI MOB PONV SHA K MET HEAD MOTION TOP SHOES YOLTH HIP MOITH POTION Women Asking More Privaey Young Dishwasher Dies As Shols Rip Into Back A 19-year-old Puerto dishwasher was shot to death early today In a downtown tenement house. Two bullets ripped through his bark. Dead was Salvador Collszo, 1540 NE Miami Ct. Tolire held Confesor Colon, 24, of the same lie Can't Get A Nap For The Train st raltra Press Intarnatlnnal SPARTA. Wis., June 29 -Arthur Shatter's curiosity brought him a couple of head cuts, but he's not complaining. Shaffer told police he had a couple of beers and somehow wound up asleep between the rails of the Chicago and North Western Railway. A freight train came along, and 20 cars rolled over Shaffer. He crautted out with only head cuts. "I'd have been all right," he explained, "but I looked up to see what was happening." Rican address, for Investigation of mur der. Homicide detective Charles Shepherd said Colon admitted shooting Collazo twice in the back with a .38 caliber revolver. Shepherd said reasons for the shooting were clouded but that apparently an argument had developed over Collaio's attention to Colon's wife, Ana Parito Maria, 20. She was In the room at the time of the shooting and was held as a witness. Colon's occupation was listed as that of a "writer." TsiSpO Prsas Intntart-nal LONDON. June 29 - T!e West Suffolk Federation of Women's Institutes Is asking the government to provide National Health Service doctors with soundproof walls. The institute says that at present the doctor's comments os-ually can be heard by everyone in the wailing Mom. 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