The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on June 22, 1962 · Page 3
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 3

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1962
Page 3
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Air HcOuct Alum Co Alleg Corp Allied CM Allied Sir AIMs Chul Alum Ltd Aruviada Ani Airlines Am Cuii Ani Cyanad Am Molors Am N Gus Afnpcx Cp Am Raif9S5 Am TAT Am Tobacco Anacon Cop AntKO 511 Armour Co Am Href far At) Rotin Aktilion Avco Arn Me! a I Babcock V. R«U Otiio Beth btcel Boelnfl Harden riranltf-Air Bucyfus Gr Bodd Hurl Indus Burrouohs CIT Flncmcl Canada Dry Colerpillr Celoocse Chaniol OH Ctics Ohio Chrvsler Cities 5vc Colo Fuel Colum Ordc Colum Gas Coi SOtE Com! Credit Comwl ta ColHns Ra J dio Coiitl Can Conil Oil Corn Prcd Cosden Pet Crown 2c| Cruclple S CurJii v;r Deore Co Diamond A Dow Chem Dresser D'jpont liastm Kod Eaton Mfff tl Pu5o NG Erner Radio Fed Dept S Fllntkore Ford Mof Preco) Sul Freuliouf Tr Go Pas Co Gen Dvnam G«n Elec Gen Mot Gen Pub (Jf Gen Tire R Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Gt Nor Rv WR Grace Grevhound OuH OH Gulf Sin Ut HolUbort OH Hercults III Centl RR lull Bus Men Inll Horv inll NlcKel Jofins Munv Janes Lau Kaiser Ai Kennccot! Kern C Land Kerr McGee Lohigli P Ce/n Lfthman Cr LJD MOJLib Lip Myers Lockheed Markets I Secret Army Defies Truce As Bombs Explode in Oran IIIW O'CLOCK QUOTATIONS The following New York Stock Morknl avototlons art furnished by the Amarlllo ptflces of Merrill Lynch, Fierce, l : enner A Smith: " Ulton tnd 81 Muck Truck 31 McDon Alrc 36" ( McKcsion R 34'/!i IV. 3? 53V; GL Mortln Muy Dept Merck Minn MM Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Moll BKtvt* I con Nat Cnh R Nat Dairy P Hat Dlitil! '[Nut Lead 'j Not Sicel New Ettg F| i H l a M Pow 1 Nv Centra) ' j Nor A"i Av (Nor M Cos 1 North rup I Nor Pat Rv "Ohio Ci[ Olin Mat)] Put Gti-i S E Pan Arn W A Parke Dav Penney Penn RR Peusl Cola Pfizer Chas Phclns Dod Pfi Morris Phillips Pet iPitnev B Pit P GlQS Polaroid 'Proc Comb PiKier S P?.L Pub Sv EG Pure 01 Radio CD Raylheon ReBub Aviat Repub Sleei Rexalj Druo Rc-vn Metal Revn Tab B Ryy Out Police Seek 4 Assailants Police are trying Io conned two Thursday night assault caws, involving four white men in their I . (. i . -M i iaKieunuiiu uy tumiuuiHK ui»i!iu--t'iy svitu UK; uuimuiu, cany iya. i loaay. MHOKO wioueu up 1J(J||S agains( "Algerian Europeans! flocks of Moslems took advant- Four men reportedly beat Glen ,,.,, f,,n,,,,,^i ii,,, i,i.,..i r ·»-.,,,,! a g a i, ]s t Moslems despite of-ago O f the uneasy truce in Al-Way Victor, 4111 Crockett, at the ficial guarantees and tlie agree- giers Thursday to return to their jC'oronudo Lounge at 50ti W. 10th merit." ij c ,| )s i,, European sections for the about U:3 ° Pm - 'raursday after ALGIERS, June 22 ( A P I ''ive explosions roared out -'cusod Hie French police of violal-ithorities said they Imd no indica in 1 ' 11 !! " ie agrBemelU Army-Moslem [I ion that the Moslems would com- hy continuing opera-!nly with Hie demand. fire followed the blasts, ap- ly set by diehard Secret terrorists. }j'"l There were no reports of in- jjurics in the western Algerian c Kriday. June £!. 19« AnuirUlo GlolM-Ttect Week-End Money Savers! /3 vi ieity. Imt two women who had tak- w'iii'ii refuge on a terrace had to freed from wreckage. 3s"!the eastern seaport of Bone dur- The broadcast said Secret Annylfirst time. There was a nearly|a" argument about a shuffleboardj lommandos have "received in-illK) per cent return to work iii'vital me - structions to light all provocationskily services. with gunfire." The broadcast made no mention| r ,o^d t 'bur!'he'R 1 rop^'part A few stores and restaurants j The victim reported the inci-i dent to police and gave officers! concerning Tyler at Eighth Phone DR4-3711 A score of «Pto»tons_«cked $TM^"*^!TMtoj?* TM ««__^% ^"'"'"L. 1 " e "'P ly ' Another'incident occurred short- Moslems to begin implementing Thousands of Europeans again be- , a , ter midni g ht at lne vic.Mon sieged airline offices for transpor- j,i 0 t or Hotel, when two men. Mike tlie Algerian provisional executive. cy office. Another heavily dam- a low-rent housing office night. |near police headquarters, injuring 17-year-old Euroiwan youth. On Tuesday night Susini gave the Moslems 48 hours to begin , Terrorists also hurled a score fuimiini; Moslcfai's vague prom- ioi.jpf hand grenades into a largely i so to integrate Europeans into r .. J ^ they were walking in the parking 1 a s t| 'p[ le pi-ench high commissioner [lot a car carrying fovir men meanwhile lifted all press censor-jcruised past and one of the per- '.·JjSI Reo Paper ^ Schenlev * Scherins IK Saoboard Air L ?l'.l I command Roeti ^'^ 5iR Tlie Secret Army command in Hi'i western Algeria also reiterated its 3'is'refusal to recognize the cease- H'/alfire agreement, but declared in a "'Mpirale vattio broadcast from Oran] 77-·11 \r .1 ft?'jThursday that some other kind! IvJllS J. OlltJ], M ;'?!of dealings were in the works.! i^ilt did not elaborate. The Oran :t up by to vole Algeria independent. Strict jumped out ive. An- cellsors i,ip h ilc i been imposed on "' cn i- Truck 1.5 , D1CKSON CITY, Pa. (API--A demandingininaway tractor-trailer true] ship in Algeria to facilitate freedom of expression in the campaign before the July 1 self-de- all newspapers published or distributed in Algeria for nearly two sons in the car made profane remarks to the women. Sweet and Daniels charged the iermination referendum expected car and the four occupants One of Hie assailants ran for the car, jumped in, and yelled that vcars | was going to run over the In France, a parliamentary com-1 two men on the ground, mittee summoned former Premier!, Huwever, two other men came Georges Bidault to appear nextl'o lhe a" 1 of Sweel and Daniels, er charges of J a m e s I ' awa S'»e Daniels. U07| IfSrv.i head Kosemont, and Cecil Galbcaith.l fliijstamrSi OG 3i'''\ttu! establishment of aulonomousisimcit several buildings Thursday of Sa is 'lileii TMr ·]!,:« 1 European enclaves in western Al-jnight. One person was killed and r °P e - «'i:s!nc 01" ji'-iigeria. isevcn others injured. i^ l e 5J?: 1 : Life in Algiers was returning! Police said the driver of the!" 10 "° JVvrapicIly to normal, but the Secret [ruck, Edward Goodman, 24, of| (lault JjSArmy command there also spoke'Palmyra, N.Y., sounded his hornl n TMt a -. - , ,,,,. v Kiim v.-.i'of fighting again -- this time withes the truck ran wild down theibrouglil '» t r j al on charges lhatj (our m = n js "'···jFrench gendarmes. : Dundaff street hill in this eastcrnjcould bring the death penalty. j| ) y " o n e ct "Sterns" 3-H.P., 4-Cyele POWER MOWER ONLY High powered Brigqs ond Stratton ^engine. Cuts a biq 22" cut. Trouble- free I m p u starter, with handy finqer-tip heighth adjustment. rSV:oily Oil i Smith Klini *;Socony 20J'^Sou Pac Co l/ti;' So V.' Pub S Ei : a)S»errv Ron 31 Isitl Brands 19 ;sk! Oil Ca) 'j istd Oi! Intl a JSld Oi! NJ T6'.piS!onQ B. WebD 75'/ a ;S!ud Pock 31 i Sun Oil !0i'Su. clandestine broadcast, Wilson Sets r |ano(Jier car and left the scene, j l\ Ilie first vehicle, which was !e!ti Lit the scene, was impounded by! Jorder of police. Tlie getaway car used by the similar to one owned; _. ,..j UMC L. the persons in the! ac-iPennsylvania community. Good-] The summons was sent to ci-|fj,. S j. f racas _ fhis fact coupledi --;man was seriously injured. Hisjdault's Paris address. He is be-| w j th (he ^ that folu . youn g| ',brakes apparently failed, policeilieved operating out of France, b\)t,j men were j nvo ] ve{ j j n eac i, f raca |i : said. |he can send a proxy to appear be-ji eads O ffj cers to believe the as-j 32 | Swiff s PL The truck, loaded with frozenjfore the committee. i foods, hit two parked cars,) I sheared off a pole, sliced off aj two-story porch several persons] Tennessee J AUSTIN, Tex. (DPI)- Ally.!had been sitting on, and ripped; Pecos Hearing : sailants may have been the same, i Escorts Sought 'been subpoenaed or will !e sub-; ipoenaed for the Pecos court al 3::W a. m. Oilier courts have been; :lield in AnKirillo, Plainview. Dal-j :las, Pecos antl Lubbock. The Dal-; .liis and Pccos courts previously! .had two sessions each. : Under the proposal, the studentjball July 15. use of a new, white! i would skip his senior year in highjconverlible, and all expenses paid.! i school and possibly receive a high! The lucky 100 will be carefully j 'school diploma at the end of hisiscreened by a Miss Universe of-! i freshman year in college, jficial. They must be between 20' CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)--Johni f' 10 ^ea is to encourage gifted and 30 and good dancers. "We are going into his (Es(es'! ; F!ories Otto, ' 19. arrested f or jstudents to advance rapidly. _No_.rnarrjcd_mei!jieed appjy._ structure." Wilson said,'speeding on two consecutive days.: Traffic Tickets Becoming a Habit AMERICAN CUR8 Ind;, 1 ''I ccntl 5£P AVERAGES QUOTE: 12:00 1ND RAISL Ul ' ind into further development of-w^as convicted in Recorder's Court!| J-:;;evidence on the various parls of on both counts Thursday. ' 2 j i - l h e antitrust ease concerning Ihe! He was fined a total of $2.5 and|| ^J'anhydi-ous ammonia and Hie grain court costs, and his driver's li-', ;.«'j'storage." ; cense was revoked for six months.;' "'· Patrolman 1). L. Njvens fol-; t'KI.KBH.vno.X SKT lowed Olto from the courtroom. BRVAi\ 'UPI 1 -- Tile double: Nivens said Olio got into his;, Lx 'ij ccHtennial ot the founding of Bry- car and started Io dvive is jVi an and Hood's Texas Brigade in Niveus arrested him for driving] | ; t h e Civil War will begin Saturday! n f l e r llis license had been sus-; ; i n Biyan with tlie crowning ot a landed. Otto posted bond ot S100J centennial qucon. on that charge. i STERNS 5 BLADE REEL TYPE POWER MOWER JUST 99 95 Two ond half horse power, Briggs and Stratton engine. I m p u l s e starter. 21" cut. Cuts easily around hard to reach places. Easy to operate! $10 TRADE-IN ON YOUR OLD POWER MOWER. NO MATTER THE CONDITION! Fedway Lower Floor Williams-Boyce I N S U R A N C E A G E N C Y All Kinds of Insurance and Bonds OR«i» 3-«i · 2IS E«J| 6ft . AHARILLO, T£XAS New Sunbeam W DRILLMASTER NOW JUST 12 GRAIN QUOTATIONS Cloiliw (r ; urn ished by Uhlmoriti Groin Co,! Cliicooo Futures WHEAT: :,,\y "M? 1 -* DOWH 1 v c,,.,t ....... ?iSi, OOV.'H I 1 * Of.- ' . . 220V3 DO'.VM 5 i/.fjVff, ............... 2:?U DOSVN '* COF:?;- J y j y ........ ...... 110':» DO'wM "l u - · - · · · . . . . . KANSAS CITY FUTURES WHEAT: ulu .................. ?U-'i DOWN Ks K A N S A S CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY (APl-CaWc 5CU; caK-cs r;onc; steady; t.liolre stcerf, 75.5,0; (jntt.-l and choke 2.190-25.00; «ootl heifers 23.7i; ulilitv cows I?.CX)-]6.LX). Hogs 'WOO; weak to 2S tower; top 17,75- 18.M Stiecn 100; no test. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO UPI-U5DA -- l-lvcstoc'r;: · CoUl* tod- calves none; iiordly caauih Io lest nrfr.cs; tv/o loii'Js choice 1,175 Hi 'trtiioliler steers 26.?5; load m'yc-a ((ocd nnd choicc. 9S !!· Heifers 73..W; 'jtonrinn! ond wood vcolor* "0.00-25.03; utnitv 16,00-19.00. Hoo-f 6'WQ; nclivr. bu^-hci's sleody Io ?5 liin'ifi; ^ws stccirjy; 1-2 grhfa 1W- ?"0 Ib birtchcrs 1B.75-19.25; mixed )-3 fjrndo 1SO-?.)0 ILis, 18.00-18.75; mixed 1-.? grade 32S-SOO Io. sows t-1.50-15.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) -- nutter unchanged. FIgn* imchonoed tu Vi lower; whiles 37'/;; mixed ?7; mediums 23V';; standards 25. Drinking on Job Gels Official Nod PKTHOIT (UPH -- There's an iile:il .summer clause in Ihc In- U'vn;iiioi\al llrewwy Workers of Union's cont.rncl. II says "Free l)ccr shall be furnished Io iill employes 21 years of age or over (hiving the working diiy every two hours . . . ( a n d ) spoiled beer or wann beer slinll not be served Io employes." » '" 9 »"""· ·"· 0"~« Terri's Tips Dear Tcrri: My mollicr uses a fiat.- bomb for cockroaches, and claims it's good. Js she right? Doubtful Dottle Uciir Dollic: Yes, mother's right! Fizz bombs do kill roaches -- but, only those you can see. It takes brush on Johnson's No-Bonch to kill those thai nro In hirt'.ng, ami the noxious ycl-to-be-born baby roaches. Tcrri · · · No-Roach If nn »«* *l: ,', FUKR FOOD We are sorry that the Ibss of working time caused By adverse weather conditions has forced us to switch the filming of two scenes in "Hud Bannon" from Claude to Paramount Studio in Hollywood. In each of these scenes we intended using several hundred residents of Amarillo and Claude, and it is these people in particular to whom we wish to convey our sincere regrets. We trust you realize the enormous daily cost of maintaining a motion picture company such as ours on location and the necessity, therefore, of staying within the limits of our original shooting schedule. As fhe time comes to leave this area we want to express our deep appreciation of the heartwarming hospitality and cooperation extended us by everyone. Although "Hud Bannon" is the first motion picture to be filmed here in many years, we are confident that others will follow if you are willing. soon We hope that you will be proud of "Hud Bannon." You have all, in a way, contributed to it. Certainly, lacking your help, we would not have been able to get the fine results with which we return to Hollywood. MARTIN RITT, PAUL NEWMAN, IRVING RAVETCH and the entire "Hud Bannon" company. Drills metal, or wood, and to drive other labor-saving attachments. Does all your home repairs easier, faster. Runs cooler, and is easy to handle! Runs on 1 10v AC- DC. dwajf Lower Flo Gym-Dandy T W f R L E Reg. 9.8S Fits any gym or swing "A" frame with a 2 to Z'/i-inch too bar and 6'/2-fr. to S-ft. length legs. It spins like a top. Lower Floor Sturdy Gym-Dandy SWING SET JUST 13' Adulted fesfed for safety ond durability. 2" tubularsteelframe. Set includes: 2 swings, trapeeze bar, rings and skyscooter. Fcdway Lower Floor BOYS' SLEEPING BAG Compare at .98 Full size, water repellent- youth baq, with rubberized cotton bottom. Scenic cotton lining. 2'/z Ib. filling. Adult Sleeping Bag, Compare at 14.99 10.88 Folding Boat or Stadium Seat Aluminum Camp Stool , With n*ty-cl««n S « r * n I Cover. Fold i compactly wh«n in u« Covtrtd in lonq - wtortno !· Ptcntic, Folds compactly itm in UM. Sliqhtlr ,--"-· ^

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