The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1934
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Served by the United Prens VOL. XXXI—NO. 197 Blythevllle D»uy Ntwi niythevlllo Oturttr Mississippi VUley u»der Blythevllle IJ5 COURIER ?Avr.n ov NOK'nuUtfi' AKKANBAB ANMO"^" . <*J^^. Reports Admission of Vote Buying by Forme r Chairman Blackwood LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 3 (UP) — Reforms in thc stale highway commission were recommended by Ihe highway audll commission today in a report which included a statement .showing a saving of $393,029 for the state during the lime the auditorial hody operated. In the report wns an alleged admission by Dwight H. Blackwood, former highway commission chairman, that he helped to purchase 14,000 votes for Harvey Parnell and thus defeated Brooks Hays for governor In 1830. Thc report was expected to be delivered to Governor J. M. Ful- rell tonight by Chairman John R. "ordyce of the audit commission, Creation of a stale claims ccim- mission. revision of statutes to -prohibit a "quantum and meriut" recovery on unadvertised contracts, institution of service for highway commission employes, and exertion of every effort lo keep thc highway department out of politics, were among the recommendations. Urges Civil Service Since thc state has adopted (he policy of permitting the highway commission to be sued In the courts thc audit commission be lieves the legislature should create a .claims commission to handle "all such .cases against the 'State. Act .65 the 1929 legislature •"'nUllnVd'jlail highway contracts . let wlthdiit competitive bidding and settled them on the cost basis, which was expensive for this state, the recommendations'Infer- red in urging amendments for sections is and 21. Thc audit- commission doubted Ihe wisdom of an entirely new force of employes going Into the highway department with each new administration. It recom- , mended that "at least the technical and skilled employes of the highway department and perhaps of other departments of the state government, be placed under civil service laws." The report lauded Governor Futrell for retaining "key men" in the highway department and cited savings in construction as n result. Cites BIucbwDod Testimony ' In urging that thc highway department be kept out of politics the report said: •' "Your attention is Invited to thc testimony given under oath of many men connected with former highway commissions and especially to that of Dwight H. Blackwood, former chairman, who admits that large sunis of money were raised to retain the Parnell administration in power--money probably obtained by forced contributions of material dealers an> contractors. He also admits that, he was a party to, the outright purchase of at least 14,000 votes, which caused defeat of Brooks Hays for governor." The commission also urged an investigation of special attorneys ices on . the belief that some ol inesc fees "were evidently allowed for payment of polilical favors." Saving of $393,029 10 the stale was made In ,investigation of 312 claims amounting to $1,680,320 Operation of the audit commission for the year cost $11,171. Roosevelt's Xufd.Code i . ; Order Brings Protest DETROIT; NOV.-, 3 IUP> -"Labor's protest ; agaiiyt ('resident Roosevelt's continuation of the automotive code for an additional flO days was registered by the American Federation of labor here today. Siting fhc ''average yearly wage ol $800" for an auto worker In comparison with thc "net nront of $09,583,013" for the first six months of 1934 for General Mo'- ors, F. J. Dillon, genera) organizer for the federation, protested against the president's act and demanded a "thorough and complete Investigation of the Indus- PI FflCE VOTERS OF Ihree Coiislitutional Am- eiidmenls, Two Referred Acts on Ballot. lly United Press Arkansas \vlll' go to the polls 'iiesday to pass judgment on three proposed constitutional amendments and (Avo initialed acts, incidentally, a governor and a con- We Don't Know Yet How Dong and Mary Stand KANSAS crry, MO., NOV.' :i, (Ul>)~Mury Plekford told inter-' viewers last nlghl slie nnd Dqiii;-1 Ills Fnfrl)<u;i« sr are "reconciled ; happily reconciled," ] Miss I'jckford was aboard :i train bound for thc east. CHICAGO, Nov. 3 (UI')-Mary Fickford Is ••ucrfccll.v "Purchased" --- ._ _________ \ Insiill Tells Own Story the dav's • I'm Still Hauphnami's Attorney," Says James M. Fawcelt NEW YORK, .Nov. 3 (UP) _ James M. Fa WccU rerLscd t dismissed today as counsel for Richard Hauptmann still • Hauptmann's attor- Bruno ley." he said. Mr the i, wife of ----- o~-> . uLiiuui:," had a different story • Lindbergh kidnaper, . Hemington, N. J. Asked reason Mrs. Hauptmarin had change of co.nse,: hat * solve the connection that possibly it was line. T] friends." to dis- jiessman will come froi balloting. Greatest Interest w as In the proposed 21st or "grab" amendment, winch would give county and stale officers four-year terms. Weeks of bitter campaigning were behind the question'. Charges of n "trade" made between county leaders and Ihe stale administration belorc the August, primaries to insure passage of Ihe grab amendment In retur for support of the adminlstralio were heard. One report thai gain ed strength was that the amend mcnt. would bc "counted In" by ma chine-controlled election officials Gov. j. M. FulreU denied tl. irnde rumors and emphatically de dared he had no interest in th grab amendment. He turned hi support lo proposed amendments 1 and 20, designed to limit expend! •'Mres and appropriallons by th legislature, and to provide a ret erendum on bond issues " Spence and Deisch Active Although the governor clalme. indifference to the amendment, ad ministration friends and some slat officials were strongest campaign I'IP hTh s >*" lce 'secretary: ofxth} ate highway commission and with Douglas Fairbanks, her estranged husband, but had "absolutely nothing to say" regarding' a marital rcconcilllaliou when she arrived here today en route from j HollywoiHi to New York. Asked to confirm that she had talked in Kansas City of a reconciliation the actress's eyes/spurt- led and she said: .'.' j "I have nothing to discuss about | '"" affairs." the "best of ,H Bl £ ^ CU ' w ) 10 hns ^ciallz- 'ELT EIS r ln primar ' D , » pajsn for. the amend Peter. A. Deisch of Helena, forme state ^senator, led the drive for the ™™«tae9t •„ attorney for the or,' su l'P° r ""8 ii- His ac • rices Here Well Above 1932 But Still Far Below 1929 Levels 7^ M ^°f'H'ing, so far aucast. • iooa prices are concerned ha.s avnnced substantially since' the bottom of the depr^io,, t«- 0 yea^s -o*J. out, 15 5tin \vcll beli son of prices "quoted "in grocery advertisements i Courier News with and five years ago. back rk , (Pr ° dUCU ' '" gmernl ' ™ -- ,1 'i "PPi'oximatcly the 1929 • is Hi • ls "" p " rU011 wit " rc - Sh0w5 that f t ^ in'n'cly dou- hvo yeare "60 the 1929 level the In^is year's ccmber was 17.Q Babe Shot While Yet Unborn Will Recover GENEVA, Nov. 3 (UP) - The life of an unborn baby, shot through the arm, was saved by hospital surgeons, It was revealed today. The wile of a farmer, about to have a baby, was shot accidentally while her husband wns cleaning a rifle, she wns sent to a hospital and an operation was performed. The baby WHS delivered alive and w 'th its mother is in favorable condition. Father Thompson has as his the Right Rev. John B. ti „.' Disll °' ) of Lit "« Rock, and >ne Right Rev. Albert Fletcher, VI- p arn General, the very Hcv. James 1 nnd Rcv ' len enrolltc lo differences when he' travelled with Harve ImtiatVd Act No. 78 drew .;di- lonal flre throughout th e state I moposed abolishment ol th-> slate Board of education and the commissioner of education, Sli bstit,7t- a board appointed by thc gbv- <m? T , mi ? an clective state super- Act ° f PUbl ' C school! ' relief measure f0r pro^rtj'owners" niei strong Opposition from school ??™ IS -.,J t '™"<l .P™H Property ° n f ° Ur on!vM, '»« Wt o ]j three percent interest penaU ad the right to redeem fmir >'™ rs n it within sale lor taxes. No Republican Threat ' Only two Democratic nominees \i"T r ° ffiCeS TCrc "PP^I- Oov. • Futrell was opposed by G C Ledbeltcr ll'^™^'^' Rc ' Jlibli . ca "- clalist. I,, th c third "congr'cssiona'i ilrict. Congressman Claude A fuller ran against- Pat M,, rpny o , Rogers, Republican. 'tailing in past, election^ nnn,^^ futrell received 200,012 -JcmocraHc votes and J. o Livesiv '"" Republican candidate, I 9 "i 3 JSociahst party ran third wilh votes for clay paulfcs presidential ballot varied with ' 189.585 Democratic R "» ib "- •an votes. Strongcst Republican counties in he 1932 presidential election were her for the first Sugar. 10 Butter, """<•". m. cjv, 5si r -.«,"».'.'.: % '929 1932 1034 50c 19,. ,n- brd, Ib Sliced bacon Sorghum, gal. Potatoes, ib. Cheese, Ib " K\ic Bc • 30c .. • SI 50c 3!ic 27c . Crackers. 2 I Conned milk, 3 large 45c 31c 'ic I", ••• 24c 22c igc hn h- he third congressional district 'Here Murphy is seeking to oust Fuller. The ballots in those coun- ies were: &!adlson-2.803 Democrats. 2117 Republicans. Ncwlon-941 Democrats. 540 Republicans. Searcy— 947 Democrat.'! 840 Republicans. Best estimates for the state ba!- loi today were that more than 200 000 votes would be cast. Explains Failure to Inclule New York Senator-"\n Enrollment of Lejirnan "YDE lo see U. s. ScnaToT'Royar""^ Copcland, New York Democrat 're-' elected, it was learned today at the Slimmer White House Air. Tiooscvclt. who •returned-to vole • t0 person!U1 >' cast - h's forth his view" on'copclamfiir';! {?""»! statement, as he did for Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, but nevertheless it was made pig that lie *'ns for the'-.wmitor. jfe r r The pmsWcnl'intended no '[n- erence in his Lchninn statement iSS,. h L"V Iot . rw c oP<='«»d. Y Nov" • 3 Roosevelt want's grimly for cxonemllcoi, Samuel Ins,,!! scorned rest from his n, Hng ordca. on the witness, sland during a recess in his that jr the pr< - u n , bcyontl Lchm «» »' espousing the Democratic cause c would have to personally „" me I Democratic candidates The am)D11 ] for Ulf , mlf ?i T mor Lchma " cnmc »>• » dcd press conference! at Wash- ngloii yesterday at "' ch th» . U would be amazing, he d ? clar- Li • *' hou " oftcn "= "ad oted for Republicans His attitude was regarded as s ig- niicant in empire crashed: kw Company Plans to Put Local Plan I in First Class Condition The plant and distribution sys- fin of the Blytheville Waler ompany,. t | lc ,, cw co , lccrn wn! n esterday took over the Dlythe- waler system from the re- Associated Utilities •v., ,., wng thoroughly checked d will be put in first class con- nh , £ wns sl!ited tot! «' b> T ''cert K. Johnston, head of thc cw company. Mr. Johnston said It was the :^L°L !! is «> m r>any (o give Hearing on Proposed New Dislrict Set Ahead Un- lil November 13 A petition by, certain property owners requesting authority to or- sanizc a paving district to pave two blocks, Cemetery Road east on Hearn to Thirteenth street and south on Thirteenth to Chickasawba avenue, will be considered •: by the city council at 7 o'clock Tuesday night. November 13, preceding the regular monthly session of thc council at 7:30 o'clock. The matter was not gone inlo by the council last night, the schedule'! I session lasting only a few uiin- ntes. That opposition to Ihe proposal i ahead wns definitely indicated last ni 2 iu by A G H!)I , , oca| audkor. who rcsldcr. !n thc are.! that would be Included in th" propose district. Mr. Hall, one of tl:e signers :f me pelilion, ?'?.., {IM . hls si »iat"re was ob- "lisrcpresentatlon to i:e atlf 1 elver for Radio Receiving Set Worn in Cop's Hat Cal. (UP)-Mtrchant Ralph Barlow has no keeping conndcntlal po- bulletins "under his hat" arlow-s hat is equipped with miniature radio receiving set, including antenna, crystal and an Carphone, with the set, Barlow receives all bulletins broadcast •", Tl " arc Police short wave vadio. ty ">e best lllat an y possible ellri local personnel ho announced No changes in re contemplated » Schlndlcr, of "_ bcci1 manager oFt'liis and! projx>rties I i, will be thc ••„,- .- lllss , "««' Hardin win rc- '"'•nslon 6 ° ° f ' hc ° ffce ' Mr ' ns to siiend 0 a°' r iai-ic er ''pa S rl b o l r his time here. company will be operated y as a Mr. Johnston tained under Permanent Maintenance, Necessary to Control Malaria Says Engineer An adcciuate program of maintenance for drainage ditches throughout, Mississippi county Is the prlmo essential to effective control of malaria In this county A. Le Prince, senior sanitary Health UllUc<1 Service, declared , are following an inspection Frlda-y o malaria control wort done In this vicinity with PEIIA labor. Mr. Le Prince, accompanied by Howard Hasting, assistant director of malaria control for Arkansas viewed ditch cleaning projects the "civ BlythcvlJle storm sewer, and olhcr malaria control itnderlak lugs. He Is engaged In a tour of Artfnnsns, Tciuiciu'cc and 'Mlssis- •"PPl to examine! the type of worl- touc In Hie antl-mnli\rla pro-rani nd to appraise thc results In terms of effective malaria control Mr. Lc Prince expressed no dis- •*llsraclion with the work More Families Will; Find Homes at Colony . i-At ,., 'B '"'""""ml ^nllhs Kill 1,1 mo, i'|I « the farm colons In MKsh nist ™, w. a. mm jtnu TCRA Director, announced rildnv Names •'f upDllcnnts nil bohu, appioud P HWI .. « t. 11. Whltiiku unal ichablll |it on director: Mis not Kcmmn • ntc social scnlci dlucloi and . A, Rooksbcij United stites ikanstis. Mrs. Son Ice dlicUoi fo. , um \ mss Loll|) Ouim,. regional social service director .for. the ri u,\ win InspeU ie colony toda\ «ltli Mi Djeta and Malcolm 'I Miiiei rtglonal Held rcprcsi'iilutlvc.s for the FKRA. T •iffy Extra Veniremcit Summoned for Possible Jury Service DC n uly slier I ITs were lo go Into be northwestern scillon of Mississippi county' today to Illl a panel of 50 vcnlrcnicii. for the trial of Frank, Archie and Bill llunies, who will faco a Jury in-criminal court here Monday on first dee roc murder charges. The special panel was to be summoned In anticipation Ihnl the regular panel will be quickly c.v- uui.itcd when selection ol 12-men o decide the Ia(c of Ihe. alleged slayers of C. A>Martin; vouthful axl driver, Is actually begun."-- 1 " Whether picas' of guilty or' not guilty are entered a Jury will hear ividcncc and nsscss punishment. Special precautions .arc certain o be •taken by :ShcrlfT Clarence Wilson lo see that the courl pro ceedlngs arc not Interrupted h any manner. Feeling was so Incuse at the ti:;ic of Ihe slaying n July, that the defendants were emoved from Jail here and held n an unrevealcd. jail elsewhere. Trial of "Dock" Hlckman and '. W. Lyons occupied court here •VWny afternoon and the state rad only completed Its case when mni, was adjourned until Mon- !ny. Unless some disposition is nscic of the cases In the mean- Ime trial will be finished before lie Barnes cases are called. Rival Unions Battle at Pennsylvania Mine NANTICOKB, Pa., Nov 3 (UP) -Twelve men were injured today ) u new pitched battle between umbers of Ihe United Mine \orkcrs of America and the UnH- AnlJirndle Miners of Petmsyl- ARE DEFENDANTS ' ' Ciiticism of Detision 'by Juclge Keck Basis fdr Action a I Osccola —- p Oi,ChOI,A Aik No\ 3—The Munphh Commcidiil Appeal, Inc] two membtis ' of Its uportorliil start lliu local dlslilbutlng agcul foi tin pupu and R I) snow-? dui Ji piomlnent cilttcndeu , planter were In' 'a trhulnal complaint filed in ciicii t coint here this afternoon by Dtm- ici Dudlej district prosecuting uUoinc\ Citations foi conumui ire nsktd 1! •-**-<* complaint wrttf (he outgrowth of artlchi appearing In the Com- nciclal Appeal following a hearing before Circuit Judge. O E Keck of Illythevllle here on oet lt> on a iietltlou foi a wilt'of nniulimus Sponsors of a Gill"Helen countv Initialed act M\l- ni>< i measme sought to compel county otllclals to plnte the act on Ihe Lallot foi the general elec- lon. Judge 'Keck held thufWe, writ was, not propprlj •.ought, service not, having been secured ,on he defendants named and thit he had no Jurisdiction of the unller while holding court in Osccola dlslrlct of Mississippi county. Seeks Acceptance of Sen Ice The_ complaint asks that the clerk be dircclcd to issue cita- ions for contempt of courl, at-, tachments, wamuils and whatever oilier process Is necessary to .mire the presence of Die defendants In court here on December-15 to answer the charges 'While nominal process Is asked for,'Mrs Stanley Carpenter, local correspondent for the Commercial Appeal, and D A allcr, clrcula- :loh or dlslilbullng agent,here, It s 1 generally understood that the iror'ccilnig -Is directed principally i'4Blnst.. the publishing company,* Charles Phillips, staff correspondent, and Mr Snowden T Prosecutor Dudley uas speeding toward Memphis this afternooli to request publishing company officials voluntarily to accept service of process. If the icquest Is refused 1 ether menus of bringing the cori porn lion Into court will bc used it is understood, although no piob- nblc course of action has bcei outlined. Service on the individuals will encounter little . difficulty. It Is believed. , " The complaint and request-for citations alleges contempt occurring oulslde the presence of., "tje court as shown In three aitides published m the Commercial Ap-« peal on Wednesday Oct 17, jJlon-, day; Oct 22 and Wednesday, OcV ' M. Clippings from Issues of the paper allegedly conlalning , the contemptuous inattei, are on file with the- complaint ranee o, 7. rl it , \ . ""• III|«TO •viu.siacuon W1U1 the Work nrcniii ow U i T'" °"' Cr l' r °P c rtv|ptishcd In thiscounty b',1 emph" h ;,," 1° " rCn V ' m " rt »«lve-.l.sii:e<l that, it would be of Lit r " "I'-KC form t! ' -.. , ou e formanon of the dU-|rea. value in comball , g I said he would written prates'. I-J h: ---...... •» i ivitiLi [jisjir^i, |-j L'L; p-v-vcmcd to (he council at tlie next regular scsston. with olhcr 'peal improvement districts In dc- unlcss provision was made permanent maintenance of drainage system. for the t 0} ---•. ^..,^..v ,,!3i,b IMS HI iic-1 —o *" *" ** a *»kviiiitaa &? r it£l tlSv 11 ^ 'In ^ Pr «f««or Unfounded lime is certainly not an ions one for the imposition si; arfditloiwl ta\ burden HI- clwrged today thix certain active i tponsi re of the COLUMBIA. Mo.. Nov. -Charge* a University or (UP) yi«"iw i» OL me proiwicd district! !>01 .' rl I" of eraor met his once uiiv- not paid improvement dis- i " lis } ' rar Ivlli!c intoxicated "were (r '9t l>'*cs already assessed Bcnlnsj.i wuh0 " 1 r< "'"dalion in facl." nnl- Ihoir properly for several year: • vcrs!t5 ' offici;ll -' i said today. "•' •"•• seeking aimjhcr load fort- Thc a ''"'orilJc.5 said tliev had ! investigated the charges, made by — ! MlM Louise Uickcy. graduate of Japanese Hail Dead S« °»- M«S' uni?"T r , , :!0 ° '»en engaged lighting in front- of (he cn- of Sus<|iiehanna colliery United Mine Workers, 1000 strong, routed 30(1 anthracite inlno pickets who had a'ttcmptcd to close the mine. thOie v.ho do p;y, as a Blylhcville concern. , » ," lst °" «al". All purchases «II bc made here, so far as possible, and bills will be paid locally. Thc company, he said, will hnve an acllvc Interest in thc development of the city and will give all prissiblc cooperation, P.ufcr and Babe Ruth Autritics . --^ ,--^,.. .4^, ^, ltA1 1( 1 | le sharp point plunged into his head He co lapsed, was taken to a hospital in serious condition. Historic Ohio Inn Closes Doors After 114 Years —..^, nn, miv Ejii]|jvi"ur fticiji nnci 1 •"••*' i ***»\.ciio -,^T^. l rS£! ( ^Hi^^«r^'°^-''"™»»'."^in-.^<»r.u ;>?'««,„„ „, ,«,J!r?;£,!;i,siS£;Ss=!V« ; ,s rulers anniversary the Japanese ate of Charles (Pretty Boy) Rovd IBM ™' ,T °u' Cl ™ S bullt i:1 w^ss^ffi xsrs iKW'.^ttr S 1 ", s • * ttS «-" B - KhirrplajT^ri^^l^SCr^ ^""Sure 1 * "^ in Tnki-n «o^i,, r , „ , ;.._!...!.." .". ' m ?- 1 Llsb °«. O., to re- In prc-Civll War days, It was ssatlon "Anno Mundi" ' on the "underground railway" system, Boy Seriously Hurt in Ice-Pick Throwing Game CLEVELAND. (UP)_A knife- throwing trick, done with an Ice pick, was rcsixmsible for Anthony I'irro, e, being seriously wounded fn Ihe head. • • He. Donixld Worrell. 8, and Harry Fcdclc. 12. were playing together. Harry had an Ice plcK which he was throwing at a telephone pole 18 feet away, tryln- fo make it stick In the \vooi* " of his throws were slow, fhony, according to the oth boasted he could run in i . The complaint alleges judge pick >"-*' ally: That an article, written -by Phflr ips, appearing in the Commercial Appeal of , Oct. 17 , .(the day after thc. mandamus hearing)-,was contemptuous In that . motives'"''oi' he court and presiding vcrc <iucsttoned. > Charges Gimpaign of Criticism That an article, written by Philr Ips,' appearing in thc Conniicrr cial Apiical of Oct 22 quoted, comment of Snowdcn on the judi- •lal decision of the conn and jn- inualcd that the decision was based on financial dealings wltll certain litigants, In effect charg"-,- ng that-the court's decision was made .without regard to merits of he litigation. • • - -...-', That- an article, written ' by' 'hilli|y>, appearing in the Con'i- nercial Appeal of Oct. 24, again/; luotcd .connnent of Snowden fur- 1 , her showing a persistent ' and tiidicd "campaign" of criticism 'hi which it was stated that the nc- ion of the Arkansas supreme An-j court In refusing jurisdiction of 00 Vs-)a matter growing out of said de- :lt ciicision (Judge Keek's circuit court The decision)' ivas "arbitrary," mean-" ing that it was withuot regard to Ka ^ s Citvto iwar before a federal grand Jury. to law. WEATHER Arkansas —Cloudy, showers In northeast portion, cooler tonight," Sunday cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Thunderstorms this afternoon followed by fair and colder tonl"'it and Sunday, -:-vv ', The maximum temperature, hero yesterday was 65, minimum 30, cloudy with .45 of an inch rainfall last nlghl, according to* Sam-' id P. Norris, official weSlher.ob- '

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