The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on May 15, 1967 · Page 19
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 19

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 19
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TV REVUE AND PREVUE Ogden Standard-Examiner, Monday, May 15, 1967 7B Poor's Odds, Ends A Great Collection (Editor's note: The Jack Parr ihow will be seen on a delayed basis in the Ogden area next Saturday night.) By CYNTHIA LOWR Y NEW YORK (AP) - J a c k Paar turned a curious jumble of jokes, gags, blow-ups and guest s t a r s--plus the casual atmosphere show, of his into a old late-evening highly diverting hour on NBC Sunday night. itrated the verses with chalk cm huge sheets of paper, sketching j the beasts in broad, funny | strokes in time with the music. It was as much fun for grownups as the kids. All three networks started Saturday's satellite coverage of the Pope's pilgrimage to Fatima too early, with the resuli that there was a lot of time-filling talk until the papal party got into camera range. After Only Paar, with his own indi-| tha ( the coverage went smooth vidual approach, could havejjy made it work so smoothly since there was almost no shape or form to the show. Titled'"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hollywood," Paar opened the show with a string of wisecracks -- TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS The Lucy Show. Ch. 5. 6:30 p.m. (color), (repeat). A typical Lucy affair with a frantic wind-! up..TV mogul Sheldon Leonard 1 ,. ..,,,,,.,_ appears as himself, hoping to "Hollywood, a drive-in Sodom j film a TV pilot at the bank Nat- and Gomorrah." "Even those lurally, Lucy recognizes Leon- palm trees are fakes - tele-M as a movie gangster and phone poles with wigs." "A fine thinks he's trying to rob her place to visit and a fine place to bank- ,, , _ _ _ ^ die-I've called Forest Lawn a j The Monkees. Ch. 2 7 p m . Disneyland for shut-ins." He brought on Bob Newhart, hardly a Hollywood fixture, for a repeat of his great sketch about the new night guard reporting in the night King Kong climbed the Empire State Build- (color). "Your Friendly Kidnaper." (repeat). A funny romp tuned in on the wave-length of the teen-agers, who get most out) victims of ing. There was no need for the .,. this , The Monkees an unscrupulous press agent who c o n c o c t s a wild kidnaping scheme in conjunction with a usual expensive dance numbers. Paar used film clips from 30- year-old movies instead. One of Busby Berkley's hideously elaborate production numbers of the 1930s was matched with recordings of "Down Town" and "Winchester Cathedral" and worked out nicely. GREAT SKETCH There was a batch of scenes from old movies showing James Cagney belting people around, a piece of salvaged fpm shot when the late W, C. Fields was surprised in mid-scene by a mild earthquake and then a faked interview with Paar asking questions that matched "answers" by Ronald Reagan, clipped from the former actor's very old movies. Judy Garland came out for a wandering conversation that sounded as if she and Paar were picking.up threads from a talk that started the previous night. It was funny stuff. The best was almost the last -- a series of "bloopers," saved from the cutting room floor. There was the dramatic scene spoiled with a cigarette lighter failed, another scene ruined with the door stuck and another when a workman walked across the "sky" behind a pilot in a plane worrying about his shortage of gasoline. It was just a lot of odds and ' ends pulled together, and it was just fine. Another delightful period Sunday was NBC's "CMdrens Theatre" special. The Boston Pops Orchestra played "Carnival of Animals" while Hugh Downs read Ogden Nash's amusing verses. But the star was artist Lisl Weil who illus- "boss" rock 'n roll logue is fast and hip i quartet of regulars are in all departments. Andy Griffith. Ch. 5. 7 p.m. (color), (repeat). Fans may en- a novice along on the opening day of the fishing season. Mama's boy Howard Sprague joins Sheriff Andy and son Opie by inviting himself, and manages to irritate everyone with, his ignorance and fancy equipment. Family Affair. Ch. 5. 7:30 p.m. (color). The show bypasses the twins tonight and concentrates on teen-age Cissy. She has date problems involving a s c h o o l dance and considers going with a movie actor friend of Uncle Bill's. The teen-ager scenes are relatively painless, and star Brian Keith carries the episode by underplaying his role. The Rat Patrol. Ch. 4. 7:30 p.m. (color). "The Life Against Death Raid." (repeat). Beautifully mounted as usual, this entry keeps moving at a rapid clip. The he-men of the desert campaign in North Africa disguised as German medics, take a big risk when they drive into a German field hospital to get aid for, a wounded member of their)' group. Felony Squad. Ch. 4. 8 p.m (color). "Fear B e l o w ! " peat). Tense and suspenseful cops and robbers yarn. Detective Jim Briggs is shot pursuing a thief and is left to die in a deserted sewer complex. Though the thief is picked up, he isnt talking, and Jim's co-workers are fighting time trying to locate him. semor. "Dr. T E L E V I S I O N P R O G R A M S ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsibility of the stations. The following is printed exactly as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. CHANNEL B KUTV (NBC) CHANNEL Q KCPX (ABC) CHANNEL 0 KSL (CBS) EDUCATIONAL TV STATIONS 7 KUID, Silt laka; 9 KOIT, 0|4lK; 11 KITU, Prove; II KWH, Ojdtl ·Denotes Color MONDAY, MAY IS EVENING 6:00 0 TV2 News at 6* O Cheyenne (In Progress) § Mr. Terrific* Captain Nice* The Iron Korse*. @ The Lucy Show* 7:00 B Tne Monkees* 0 The Andy. Griffith Show* 7:30 B * Dream of Jeannie* Q Rat Patrol* @ Family Affair* 8:00 B The Road West* O Felony Squad* 0 Monday Night Theater, "The Iron Mistress" :30B 400 :45 Q 00 B with Alan Ladd, Virginia Mayo Peyton Place* Run for Your Life* The Big Valley* TV 2 News at 10 The Big News Channel 5 News" The 10:20 Movie, "The Gun That Won the West" with Dennis Morgan, Richard Denning Tonight Show* Las Vegas Show* Joey Bishop Show* The Late'Show, "Boomerang" with Dana Andrews, Jane Wyatt RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KLO-1430 S:JO i.m. » 1 a.m. daily Newi, spirts, music KSL-1160 24 hours dally, txctpt Sund«r mKn 1o A ·.m. Monday KCPX-1320 24 bovrs 4e!!y, Haws, sports, music INDEPENDENT RADIO STATIONS KANN-1090 i KBUH-800 | XVOG-1490 i KSVN-730 S-lJ«.m.-7:«p.m. 5:15 a.m..7:4S p.m. I 3:M to IJ M!nl»ht I J:U«.m.-7:45 p.m NIWI Sports, Music ' News, Mullc Niwl, Sports, Music ' Nfwi, Sportl, Music KBOC (FM) 101.9, 5 to 11 p.m., HI-Fldelity Mu«lc SIDE GLANCES t A ^.. "I '" ' *--- -- - · --We'd prefer, Hfggiiw, that when «ou«tomep««k« rfwat our loan rates you use some wwwer other than a slashing motion across the throat!" ANSWERS: Acro«--3. PAINT BRUSH, 5. POINTER, 7. TEACHER, 9. BOW, 11. BUCKET. Down-1. APRON, 2 PINE CONE, 4. HAMMER, 6. NECKTIE, 8 RIBBON, 10. WBIU ly BOB LUBBERS IT WAS TOUCH 8OFOKA SOMSTIMSS A vWNLJTE K5AU ETERNITY ( S S NOUINK /NO MORE. ( OOE.'1-AH I DONTHAFTA S NORMAL? .AUISHOME/AN' EV'KVTHING'S NORMAL. ??-rr's-mm BLACK OjOUDTHATBRlMQS BOBBYASRS MORSEA6REES I'LL EAT THEM EVER* TIME I'M IN A /MOOD FOR A NIGHTMARE.' VOL) MEAN VOUU- NEVER CAN'T EAT CUCUMBERS: AT NIGHT-THEY GIVE ME NIGHTMARES/ I WOULPHT SAV THAT, EAT CUCUMBERS AGAIM--NOT EVER? NOTEATIrJSVOUR CUCUMBER SALAW ITS HARP TO VISUALIZE A MEMBER OF ·SCARE" PATROL TAKING HIS PUPPY ALONG OK A FORAY. HERE COMES A 5HIFTY- LOOKIKS 6UV-QUARTER. SET HE'S OUR MAN! OKAY... HERE'S YOUR QUARTER AKESTAKEPOUT AT THE MUNICIPAL HOUSING PROJECT. YE^SUZ.WEVE HAP IT! WE'RE LICKEP. 1 GO SET THEIR WEAPONS, BOYS. 1 ty DICK IROOKS THE JACKSON TWINS COMPLETELY UNPAYABLE ! WE SIMPLY SAY THAT MAN'S BOXED IN BY/*NCIEm" CLOTHING CUSTOMS, SIR LIKE^OU ;/YOU KNOW; ACCHCfT-^v I'M BE5IN- 50 WHY NOT) NINGTD THE TWINS HBOOGHTA COUPLE OF CHAB6CTEES HOME WHO /JBEPUSHINS ACAU9E DIVINELYOUT OF IT, JILL? WHAT WE WANT »y LANK HOWARD MICKEY FINN UNCLE PHIL! "DING DOUG* IS HERE! HE SAYS HE'S GOTTOTALKTOYOU! ' EXCITED! WELL, YOU KNOW "DING DONG*.' HE INSISTED HE WAS OKAY SO-- MAYBE YOU SHOIJLD'VE TAKEN HIM TO A DOCTOR, PHIL.' YEAH--FROM THE TOP ROW OF THE BLEACHERS.' HE 4 WASTRVIN'TO CATCH A FOUL BALL «CKEY SAID YOU MET XNG DONG" DELL AT THE TTLE LEAGUE GAME--A HAT THEOLP FELLOW HAD A BAD FALL' JOE PALOOKA THAT'S THE OH£, \ JOE/ FOLLOW IT } UP...HMLHIM.'! ·I KNOW, KNOBBY/ THE CHRMPION COMES OUT SWINGING FURIOUBLY... TMGTOGETINTHffTBIS PUNCH! WD THIS MAY ME...THIS IS IT! YOU'VE GCTTPi KNOCK HIMOUT, TO Wit/.'.' FOURTEENTH fOUNPHASMST /PEP.I.ANP HWDKIGHTOIOSS THffTKOCKS BWEEMINUTES IWYFROMLOSMS HISHEAVYWffSHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE... . UNLESS... BUGS BUNNY GOOD THING IT'S STILL RUNMIN 1 1 TH' GUARANTEE DON'T COVER ^ t ACCIDENTS L DOM'TMOVE.FUODSYi ' OUST GIVE ME YER ARM! YEf? WATCH IS ALL FIXED -AN' IT'S GUARAMTE.ED PER A C THANKS/ 3L.D (=VJIEND1 I THINK I SP WAI NED AN'KLEl LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE qi ANSWERS AT BOTTOM OF PAGt THE WORRY CLINIC Contesting's Fun, But Follow Rules By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE|chance if. your letter is longer Luella D., aged 20, is a college!than that. ' Double check your entry at the finish and have your friends proofread it, for many trivial errors slip in during that last- Crane," she began, "I am majoring in English. And I want to become a writer. "But recently my roommate ! minute TM1» to postmark your and I began entering prize con-| entr y Tbeforethe . de .3 dlin ^ , t itests where a brief letter is re-1 ^ If vmi are miim the last j quired. I line of a limerick or suggesting And we have won 3 prizes thus far! They weren't of much ' · ' - i n mind. a name for a dog or pony, keep the attitude of the contest judges 'value, for the largest was only I $50, but we are all excited about (3) Invert sentence structure this unexpected ary hobby. "My psychology typeTof liter- 1 to catch the weary told me that you and Mrs. Crane | with your opening word. Con- prof es s o r! trast: She ran ' screamin 8 : · Screaming, she ran ... The second example shows used to be contest fans, so what| how to catch ^ eye with a can you give me?" Imatic opening word. PRIZE CONTESTS i (*) Use tne merchandise SO you have practical experience with it before you write a letter ! about it. For further advice, send for my booklet "How to Write-Sal- Prize contesting used to be a very stimulating hobby. Contesting encourages people! |to look forward to tomorrow,' instead of living among the tombstones of yesteryears! j FOLLOW RULES |20c. It has Here are a few salient point- j Contesting. ers for contestants: (1) Follow the rules faithfully. If a 25-word letter is the max- mum, then you haven't a a lone 3 a section on-Prize (Alwiyt writt to Dr. Cram In care «f this newspiptr, enclosing a long stimpe0, addresed envelope and 20c to cover typing and printing costs whn you Sf«i for »n« «f Mi MAY SPECIAL BARRACUDA 4 speed 383 engine Formula S package. loaded- Weekend Special From PeterseiVs $ 3058 40 PETERSEN Motor Company 3116 Washington Blvd. Phone 394-8833

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