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The Miami Newsi
Miami, Florida
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MIAMI DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1935 PAGE ELEVEN Tune in on WIOD CLEANER INSTALLS BCVICWQ NEW TYPE MACHINE muut 9 Food Orders Ure Awarded HOLLYWOOD DECADE Chamber of Commerce Hears Leslie J. Mathers, owner and operator of the Famous Cleaners, 3820 N. W. Seventh has installed a new type of cleaning unit at his recently-remodeled plant. It is designed to clean and deodorize clothing more efficiently than the usual type of machine, and em of City's Rise Two Homemakers Win in hi DAH.T NEWS BUREAU Fort Lauderdale.

Dec 6. Hollywood's rise from a man STOCK UP WITH I eeKiy iuli menu Contest ploys a high-test cleaning fluid as 1-4 grove swamp to a city in 10 years has been miraculous, a tribute to the genius and vision of Joseph W. A COMPLETE FOOD CENTER Mrs. William H. Byrd, 2983 N.

the cleaning agency instead of petroleum products. Mathers, a native of Miami, established the Famous Cleaners, and was formerly associated with his brother in the Diamond Furniture Co. Bay Miami Eeach won the $3 Young, the founder, and largely THESE OPENING SPECIALS grocery order and Mrs. Ernest HJ UULZ3 i wnn at? because of the persistence' and vi Mauldin, 2269 S. W.

Fourth st. received the $2 grocery order given sion leaders who have saved it from the fate of many other boom-born as prizes last week in the Miami developments, Thomas S. McNicol, Daily News radio food contest. Ritz in Madrid Contributes Fine former postmaster, yesterday told the chamber of commerce Similar are awarded each i I AJ LbLVZA 1 I McNicol, outlining Hollywood's Spanish Favorite history from the date of its found ing Nov. 25, 1925, was principal OX TAMIA3II TRAIL S.

W. 3TSI ST. AT 37TH AVE. WE DELIVER PHO.E EV. 1268 speaker at the meeting, held prin From the Ritz hotel in Madrid cipally to review the city progress over the decade.

He told of comes this typical Spanish recipe, published in the Congressional GROCERY DEPARTMENT cook book: 31 EAT DEPART3IEXT lb. 34c; Prints, lb. 39c BUTTER ARROZ A LA VALENCIA the rapid rise of Hollywood to a population of 2C.000 during the boom, the succession of disastrous depressions, storms an difficulties that has beset it since. Fre Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour with purchase of 91f Log Cabin Syrup fcuC lb. 14c lb.

19c POT ROAST, Wesiern Beef SMALL LAMB SHOULDERS 7 Present as invited guests to hear Bakrr'n 2 for 19: Cocoanul the review were Mayor A. W. Kell- Southern CORH for 25c SOUPS SmaK Lot can 5c PEAS 3 for 25c MILK00- Tall Can 6c PAELLA 2 tablespoons oil or lard 2 small onions, 2 tomatoes 1 large sweet red pepper (capsicum) 2 tablespoons such vegetables as green peas, carrots or artichokes Vt pound rice, 3 pieces garlic Parsley, ground pepper, cay Slyl ner. City Commissioner E. K.

De- Inquire About Cook Book Loach, City Manager Frank C. JEWEL COMPOUND Mb. Cartons 156 4-lb. Cartons 55d BROOKFIELD SAUSAGE Dickey and Mrs. Blanche Mann, city clerk.

McNiool pointed out week for menus submitted according to directions given during the weekly foot- broadcast every Friday at 5:30 p. m. over Station WIOD. Menus consist of foods advertised in the current Miami Daily News food section. Stores from which items are suggested are listed on the contest entries, These prize-winning holiday menus, submitted last week, will no doubt be helpful to other home-I makers who are doing their Christmas meal planning as well as shopping early.

MRS. BVRD'S MENU Apricot, Grape Juice Appetizer Stuffed Olives Celery Hearts Roast Turkey Oyster Dressing Cranberry Sauce Candied Sweet Potatoes Peas Asparagus Stuffed Tomatoes on Lettuce Rolls Butter Pumpkin Pie I Coffee Raisins Nuts SIRS. MAlXDrVS MEXU Tomato Juice Cocktail Snacks Celery Stuffed with Cream Cheese Queen Olives Turkey Sage Dressing Giblet Gravy Cranberry Sauce SALT, Regular 5c size 3c Apple Sauce, 3 cans 25c that many of the experts brought here by Joseph W. Young for de enne pepper, salt, saffron LEGO' LAMB. lb.

21c STEAKS, AH Cuis, lb. 25c WHOLE OF HALF PEANUT HAMS 28c H(H Kl.KSS PICNIC lb. 21c BACON Kin Jb. 37s (Kamplri Served) velopment of the city had taken leadership in later years. Water as needed For the above specified quanti Mb.

Bags 32c Smoked 16c PHILLIPS' DELICIOUS, NO. ZVi CANS Pork Beans, 3 for 25c Mb. Boxes 33c Samples Served LIVE ties of vegetables and seasonings, SUGAR Br. 5 lbs. 26e PCKE GEORGIA CANE NK1V CROP SYRUP, .12 gal.

can 29c one-half chicken, if not too small, JRKEYS The commission received and approved a communication from Pal Robinson, Hollywood theater manager, recommending the city refuse to welcome carnivals and street will be sufficient; or one-half rabbit, 1 pound mutton or other meat. Karat Gold, QA. 2Va Car Q( Peaches Dressed While Ti Wait Many Other Specials Not listed Fry the garlic (this may be omit ted if not liked), onions and toma and tent shows. The communication, together with the disapproval of the organization of such shows, toes; add seasoning and vegetables FREE ALE SATURDAY, CHOCOLATE MILK, MADE WITH Alt ATI OX 3IILK (peas preferred), stirring well to avoid burning. Clean chicken or other meat or fish, prepared be- forehand; now place it in the ves sel adding the necessary salt and water, hot or cold.

Let the whole boil until tender. When sufficiently Buttered Asparagus or Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows tender measure the sauce to Insure LIQUOR DEPART3IEXT Free Miniature Bottle With Each Purchase of Liquor or Wine We carry a Complete Line of All Popular Brands at Minimum Prices, including: Hiram Walkers, Old Mr. Boston; Segram's, Scheneley, National Distillers, Continental Distillers, Penn, Maryland, Frankfort, Glen mo re, Imported Rums, Scotches, Champagne, Wines and various other items. Green Beans or Parsley Potatoes that it quadruples the volume of Hot Rolls Pumpkin or Mincemeat Pie was forwarded to the city commission. Dr.

R. M. Pell and Roe Fulker-son, leaders in the movement to stage a welcome week for tourists beginning Dec. 15, reported it had been named the Fiesta Tropical and told of progress. Clyde B.

Elliott, secretary, said Hollywood Hotel and Apartment House Owners' association had so enthusiastically approved the plan for placing an East Coast of Florida exhibit in the Postal building, Miami, that a special committee had been named by the organization to solicit its membership for support of a Hollywood booth in the exhibit. rice to be used; for cup of rice there should be four cups of liquid. Should there not be enough liquid add more water. Put in the rice and sweet red peppers in layers Mrs. James C.

Martin, 24 N. E. a 47th st, in her contest entry, made the following excellent suggestions allowing them to boil exactly one half hour with the casserole un about the most efficient way of RUG DEPARTMENT preparing festive dinners: Produce Dept. it- "1 prepare as much as possible of our dinner a day or even two covered from the time the rice starts to boil. Stir evenly to avoid burning; add small quantities of water as required taking care that FANCI IE1XOW 3 days ahead so as not to be all tired out when the holiday dinner Onions 3 lbs.

10c it does not leave the rice too liquid OATMEAL MUFFINS I time comes around. The evening when finished. To be well cooked, before the holiday you will find the grains should remain perfectly GOLDE.V RIPE in my refrigerator a can or two separated. of fruit salad, a bowl of tasty 1 5c Bayer's Aspirin I Ic Bottle 100 McKesson Aspirin 37c 1.00 Citrocarbonale 74c at 1.00 25c Dr. West 18c 25c Listerine Tooth Paste 19c 25c Black Draught 19c Iftft Pa MICROMATTC RAZOR AQ iUU uern and 5 blades lye Guaranteed Alarm Clocks 98c 1.00 Kol Water 59c Three-quarters cup scalded milk, quarter cup sugar, yeast cake dissolved in quarter cup lukewarm milk, one cup cold cooked oatmeal, two and half cups flour.

Add sugar Bananas, 3 lbs. 15c homemade consomme to be re- LAUDERDALE FIRES heated the next day and served with toasted breadsticks, a 10 CAUSE $10 DAMAGE MAINE COBBLERS pound cleaned and dressed turkey all ready for baking, a can of cran mi Ml Potatoes, 10 ib, 2 Ic DAILY NEWS BUREAU and salt to scalded milk. When lukewarm, add dissolved yeast cake, work oatmeal into flour with tips of fingers and add to first mix Fort Lauderdale, Dec Fire loss during the month of LARGE SIZE November was only $10, according i berry sauce, lettuce washed and wrapped in a towel, and one can of pineapple for the salad. My pumpkin pie will be all ready, too, and will go for just a few minutes Lettuce, 2 head, 19c Regular 10c Cashmere Bouquet SOAP 3 for 25c Free Reer Sabana and Rlue Ribbon on Draught Two Registered Pharmacists in Charge We Meet All Advertised Prices Phone Ev. 9193 in the oven the next day to give ture.

Beat thoroughly, cover and let rise over night. In morning fill buttered iron gem pans two-thirds full, let rise in a warm place, that pan may gradually heat and mixture rise to fill pan. Bake in moderate oven 25 to 30. minutes. GELATINE SALAD HARD BEAD it that fresh baked taste and then I will top it with whipped cream i and chopped pecans.

I stuff my turkey with about five cups bread AM.Mk VMAlttf Mal M.JtVl Willie A Cabbage lb. 3c FANCY WTNESAPS Apples 5 lbs. 29c to the monthly report of Fire Chief John L. Cody to the city manager. The department answered 28 calls, five to house fires, four, to automobiles, two to exploding or burning oil heaters, one to an electrical short, three to trash fires and 13 to grass fires.

One hundred and sixty-four gallons of gasoline and 12 quarts df oil were consumed. The entire fire alarm system, disrupted during the Nov. 4 storm, was repaired together with damage to colored lights along New River and in Stranahan park. Repairs were made to the Seventh ave. bridge by the which I add salt, pepper, one large Work.

in I SPECIAL vary kind of bokinq 5 lbs. the am SNOWDRIFT 3 lbs. 51c WESSON pint can 21c nonriro Imported Cuban type Rum Free from Duty Use on your Fruit Cake 5ths $1.95 4-5 Pts. $1.05 Vz Pts. 65 PAPER SHELL Diuun iirsi sauicu Mi uue-uau cup of butter after being chopped fine, two tablespoons chopped parsley, about one cup finely chopped celery, 7 two Before utting turkey lb.

19c 29c PANCAKE FLOUR, 2 pkR into roast I rub it generously with 1 package lemon gelatin 1 pint boiling water 1 tablespoon vinegar i cup finely shredded cabbage 1 cup finely chopped celery Vt cup diced sweet pickles Dissolve jello in boiling water and add vinegar and salt, Chill. Add rest of ingredients and pour in individual molds. Chill until tirm. Unmold on crisp lettuce leaves and garnish with butter, sprinkle it with salt, pepper, flour, and then bake it about three and a half hours basting frequent- ly with hot water and drippings in SOAP SPECIALS SALE DREFTift In Santa's Christmas Question Box, who teaches dancing, and 3 for 13C P. G.

SOAP what is the tuition? Cash prizes Free one Royal Chocolate Pudding with purchase of 3 pkgs. Royal IQa Gelatin Dessert lb. 25c for answers; see Classified pages. 3 Specials I pan. For giblet gravy make a paste of two tablespoons flour and water, add to drippings in pan after first removing surplus grease, add stock in which heart, gizzard, liver have been cooked, stir well, let come to boil, add chopped heart, gizzard, liver and serve.

Garnish turkey with sprigs of parsley and celery A 15c PACKAGE FORI? when you buy A DREFT 23c "Pay a Few Cents More and Get the Best" Skinner's Durum Macaroni Products, "71 i I '2G Raisin Bran Deli- 9 1 ft ciously Different, pkg. IfcC OXYDOL, OQa Large size aCww IVORY FLAKES AE. Large fcOw Free one 10c size CLEAN QUICK SOAP -I ft-CHIPS, 2i2-lb. pkg. lilW CAL0 DOG FOOD His Master's Choice 3 cans 25c FORT PIERCE MAIL GAINS IMELBA NO.

IV4 I 171c I Mr.LBA NO. IV4 I 21c I SLICED NO. tV 19c I Best Wishes For Continued Success TO THE WILDCAT GROCERY Sunrise Distributors, Inc. 18 X. W.Tth St.

MIAMI, FLA. Phone 2-2153 SMial to Miami Dairy Newi) BELL BAKERS Prize-Winning HONEY KRUSHED GOLDEN MILK FORT PIERCE, Dec. 6. October and November postal revenue showed a gain of 10 Vi per cent over the same months of 1934, while the 3-lb. Pail 54c 11 months of the current calendar year show a gain of 13V4 per cent, according to Postmaster C.

W. 'Peters. NO. Vt Fresh Prunes 15c ASSORTED CAKES NO. Vt 110 im 21c 2 for 29c M.

J. B. ALADDIN COFFEE lb. 27c prove it without risking a penny Mrs. Gross Hoodies a Pkgs.

ag MIRACLE WHIP qt. 37c PIIILA. CREAM CHEESE 2 pkgs. 17c KRAFT'S FRENCH DRESSING 8-oz. 16c draslcoi's can 32 Peaches, Taiicans Pears, 1QlA DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK If you do not agree that Northern Tissue and Gauze an 2 for 23c 4 lb.

32c 1 are the finest bathroom papers you have ever used! TAI.I. CAN COCKTAIL. 2 for 29c SLICED NO. 1 CAN Pineapple 17c TALL CAN Fruit 1 7c BLUE nOOfi BEVERAGES 2 5 0 ize Dottles 3 for 25c Family TALL CAS Pine Juice, Tomato Juice. for 25c WHITE LILY FLOUR Plain or Self-Rising 5 lbs.

10 lbs. 650 ROYAL ARMS COFFEE lb. 26c NO. CAN Sugar Peas. 17c in The All-American Spread Hi" ASK your dealer for Northern Tissue, or Gauze.

(Northern Tissue is pure white. Gauze is designed for those who prefer a cream-colored paper at a slightly lower price.) Put the tissues in your bathroom. Test them thoroughly. If you do not agree that Northern Tissue, or Gauze, is the finest bathroom paper you have ever used, return the unused portion of your purchase to the Northern Paper Mills, Green Bay, Wisconsin, along with a note telling the name of your dealer and the amount you paid. You will recrlredonhlef he amount you paid for the rolla plus postage! 1 This applies to a trial purchase of any quantity up to and including 4 rolls of either Northern Tissue, or Gauze.

Offer expirr Janaary 1, 193 FOR PAP'Bi OCTAGON COUPONS Do Yqu Gal Volvobl Gift FREE with tha loop product you now vs? If not chonga to OCTAGON iO. CAN Midget Peas 21c FANCY NO. CAN Corn 2 for 25c FANCY NO. SV4 CAN Spinach 2 for 29c FANCY NO. Vt CAN Tomatoes 17c MAM.

Nb. 1 Can Tips 2 for 29c EARLY GARDEN Na. Caa 21c TA1X CAN Red Salmon 23c large bottle 10c Hellmann's MAYONNAISE. U.158 27c 00 CLOROX Liquid Bleach and Disinfectant UseiLnunfeheD Quart 250 Bathroom I lOOOVoluoble Gifts Fftl with OCTAGON Coupons BEWARE OF SPLINTERS! always get Northern Tissue, or Gauze. Both are guaranteed 100 free from splinters.

Every roll is tissue-wrapped for cleanliness every sheet is "Linen-ized" for added softness. And, most important tests in thelaboratoriesof John Arthur Wilson, revealed that 1014 brands of toilet fcaues, out of 1 138 tested, contained splinters tiny particles of ground-up wood. totect vour family 1 Make certain that you SUPER SUDS 2 Pkgs. 19c Palmolive Soap, 3 for 14c OCTAGON SOAP OR POW-DER -J Small size for I BALLARD'S OBELISK FLOUR 5 lbs 29c 10 (Plain or Self-Rising) can 15c THERE ARE NO SPLINTERS IN NORTHERN TISSUE OR GAUZEI FANCY Tuna 17c i 4 1.

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