The Miami News from Miami, Florida on September 3, 1923 · 23
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 23

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1923
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KCNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1823 THE MIAMI NEWS-METROPOLIS PAGE SEVEN MISS NOOLAN IS TO REPRESENT CITYINtjORTH Protest of Chamber On Eligibility of Virginia Woman Unheeded Mia Katherine Xoolan of Totomae, Va., kown in Miami as Miss Katherine Klye, loft Miami Sunday morning for Atlantic City, to'represent this city as Miss Miami, despite the protest of the Miami Chamber of Commerce. The young woman was selected in a newspaper contest to represent the city in a beauty pageant at At'antie City next week. Certain charge were made concerning her etgibility to director of the Chamber of Commerce by prominent businessmen and club women of the city. Chamber officials at a special secret meetins Friday, voted to appropriate liH for the purpose of decorating her chair in the beach parade. Following further information filed with the Chamber Saturday morning, another investigation was made, and at another special meetinj. the directors' first action was rescinded and the directors voted to withdraw all support and endorsement of ber as representative ot Miami. The restitution passed Saturday pighr was as follows: "Owing to the fact thnt additional information has come to the directors of the Miami Chamber of Commerce today in regard to Miss Katherine Kyle's eligibility to represent Miami as Miss Miami, it is hereby moved to rescind the former motion to appropriate SNK1 for the decoration of the wheel chair for the Atlantic City parade, and to withdraw all enpnort and endorsement of her aa represen-, tative of this city." An investigation independent f the Chamber la now othr lines. It was reported Monday morning that an agent of the V. S. department of jusiee. aeenmmnled hy Constable Mrothman and Kepury Sheriff E. J, Starling, went to the railway station Sunday night fr the purpose of detaining "Mis Miami." Uefore they had done so. however, aeeordinsi to he version current Monday, the trouble, whatever it was. had been etetletl, and she was allowed to proeecJ on her way. It was tain1 the 'wuTrant originated in the court of Justice OkelL The latter was busy trying a case nonnay morning anil count nor . lie seen. . : . , . VACANCIES IN SIX OP DADE COUNTY SCHO Vacancies have occurred in six of the lfculr wmttv s:-'.iv! s, according I" V. M. Wnrrcn, assistant to C. M Fisher, superintendent of public instruction. These viicancici must be tilled before the opening nf school and those taking the nosfrtona must hold valid state eertitientes in order to be eligible for the position. Mr. Warren tuiva that there will be ninny teachers coming to town who will want places to board and persons wnuting teachers to board with them are requested to have their names at the aehool hoard office in the Central grammar school. PDSTOFHCEIS. SWAMPED WITH STAMPED PEARS Hundreds of avocados were mailed from Miami Saturday, according to Frank A. Keene, superintendent of mails, i'lacea to which the Miami post office had never sent mail sacks liefore. he saya, were included in the destinations to which fruit was addressed. Everything from full-sized crates to single pears were sent, and Mr. Keene says that a number, were addressed to far distant points suih as Seattle, Wash. Home people included avocados in their day's marketing sn that a number of lai!e county residents first seriously considered the county's 'great coming products as an established part of their diet,. for, as the originator of the day, Hamilton Michelsen, pointed out, few Miamiaps really understand the avocado yet. On hearing of the day's observances. lhariea Courley of Muart entered mi claim to being the original avocado shipper of South Florida, as he says he bought; three doxen pairs in 1MI7 from Mrs. Mathews of Lemon City and received S'iti.iiO for them from Lane & Son of New York. He says he also sent a number of free shipment progress alongT'1? introduce the fruit but received inn unii vnirnj xruiu ew xorii aim New Orleans. Chirac on BIG BUILDING PLANS FOR VINTER SEASON Iffl SHOT BY COP . DIES IN A HOSPITAL Will Murrison. negro shot by Patrolman Crews Saturday night while it is claimed. Morrison was resisting arrest, died in the city hospital Sunday afternoon. Crews and l'atrolman lunn attempted to arrest the negro, who was wanted on several charges. A ' uumlier of shots were fired, but it was not knowa at first that any of them had taken effect Justice Geo. M. Okell, coroner ex-officio. will hold an inquest at 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. On The Waterfront P What the Weather Man Says Today L'. 8. Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau Forecast for Miami and vicinity: Partly clond ytonigbt and Tuesday and probably showers; light to gentle easterly winds. Local Weather Report Sept. 3, 1923 .Barometer, sea level Temperature .............. Jielative humidity, per cent. Wind direction Wind velocity State of weather S a. m. . . .30.12 ...N.-5 ...7 ...East ...5 ...Clear Highest temperature yesterday; .4 Ixiwest temperature yesterday .7!) Precipitation, 24 hours ending 8 " m 0 Total precipitation since Sept. 1, inches Excess since Sept. 1, inches. . . . , Ienciency since Jan. 1, inches.. Accumulated deficiency in temperature since Sept. 1. deg..., Accumulated deficiency in temperature since Jan. 1, deg...., 102 0.W. 10 3 Almanac Run seta today 6 :.1! p. m. Sub rises tomorrow.... .... :02 a. in. Moon rise ........ .12:07 a. m., 4th Tides for Cape Florida " r HIGH LOW A. M. P. sr. A. M. P. M. . l:3i 3;ll 8:12 . 2:4:! 4M-2 !):.W :1S 3:4! 5:37 10:5tt 10:22 Tides in Eiscsvnc Rr iirp one to three hours later thant at'Cape Florida, depnding upon location in bay. Mon. . . Tties. . Wed. . Note.- The Tanker Fuel-Oil from Tampieo arrived late Sunday with about i:j,- 000 barrels of fuel oil for the Belcher Asphalt Paving Co. The British chnCner. Xassanvian. is at the municipal docks and is expected to sail for Nassau Tuesday with passengers, mail and general freight. The Baliymena. British'steanier, is at the municipal docks and will probably leave Tuesday for Nassau with few passenger and a general cargo. The big 6,000-ton Norwegian freight I steamship, liasselu which arrived at the municipal decks last week with 2.000 tons of cement from Itrevik. Norm-ay. via Tampa, is unloading its corgi ami is expected to leave Wednesday. ' Operations to Be Poshed With the Return of J. W. Young From Extended Trip Through North HOLLYWOOD BY - THE - SEA, Sept. 3. J. W. Young, president of th Hollywood Land & Wafer Co., returned to Miami and Hollywood-By- The-Sca last Monday after an absence of several months spent in travel. During that time he loured from New York to California and back, also up in the North. y here he went people - were talking about Miami, and that it was really urprisins(how well and favorably the city ' known, special!? among business man. He said that wherever people gathered, in hotel lobbies, on trains, and in places of business, as soon as Florida was mentioned someone was sure to ask about Miami, and in both New York and Chicago he learned from various business men that our Miami merchant were looked noon as live and progressive men. and Miami as the coming metropolis of the far Smith. In 'all his travels. Mr. Young said, he did not. hear one word detrimental to Miami, but always praise or a desire to see it. When asked about the coding season he replied, that , every indication north, east, antl wet points to a banner season for Miami, and he would nut be surprised to see all record for visitor broken this year. With the return of Mr. Young, Hollywood Ry-The-Sea is starting; on what is said to be one of the bicgest building and develoninir program ever put on at ons time by any organization. Bids are now hems asked and contracts let for -building the new Holly-.wnod depot, which will be the most imposing railroad structure south of Jacksonville. It is to be of Spanish design, with exterioe of white stucco and red tile roof. The entire structure including concourse will be 425 feet in length. - Bids and contracts are also beine asked and et on the new school house, the J200.000 club bouse to be erected on the golf eonrse. the casino and bath house to be erected on the ocean front at a cost of 2."s),Ono. a 12-tory apartment building and "0 private homes. Mr. Younc said that any Miami contractor or builder wishing to bid on any of this work e.1n secure full informatiop together with plans and specifications by addressing F. C. Van leren, Hollywood By-Tlie-Sea, Fla. Owing to the rapid growth of Hollywood By-The-Sea with new business and industries as well as families moving in, and the placing; a! lights along the ocean beach, it has been necessary to increase the capacity of the Hollywood Light & Power plant. I For this purpose, a new unit of 300 I'.l. n 1 .aa n ....1, -...I ..!! -Ql . j '. II 11 UITH Jill' ' .III " ... .1 . I 1 .1 . milea of wire and cable. Over $10,-000 worth of water pipe hns been p-irchased for the extension of the water system. Hollywood bench will now be one of the most active spots in the city. Work is to be rushed, to finish the remainier of the 30-foot cement broad walk along the ocean beach. as soon as possible, iwo hundred light stands, ten carrying five iiglits to a post, bate been purchased and will be placed the entire length of the broad walk. Plans are being made for the erection of an open air dancing pavilion on the broad walk. One of the leading features will be a glass floor with a myriad of colored lights underneath, which will keep changing colors as the dancers glide over the floor, making it unique as well as -ne of the most attractive and beautiful dancing floors in this country, - The Hollywood M.iriaiba band, which will be remembered for th excellent music furnished at the Hollywood hotel last season, will return in October and will give daily concerts on the ocean beach. A temporary bath bouse for the Press Agents! Say FAIRFAX Hun Hampton. Xita Nahli, Lew Cody and Conrad Nagcl are featured in the Paramount picture, '"lawful Larceny," which opened' wit a fine success at th Fairfax Sunday night.; Samuel Hhipman wrote the' stage play of which this production is a highly creditable picturization. . Allan iJwan was the director. The story ia the domestic drama magnificently presented, with a cast that spells perfection. It deals with the straggle of a young wife to free bet husband from the wiles of a designing woman who ha swindled him out 'of a consider-tile sum of money in her gambling rooms an dho holds hi I. O. I". As a result ber position is jeopardized. The wife determines to anve her husband and mnkeg her plans accordingly. Her quick wif saves the day for all concerned and brings the picture to ft plasing finish. Russell t'riffin, ITvonne Hughes, Dolores Costello, Cilda. Gray, Fb ercctrd and will be ready for use in the next .10 days. Work is going forward on the tent city, located on the ocean beach. When finished it will be sufficient to aecnmmodate 1,400 people. i T. C. Flynn, manager of the new Peninsular hotel, the leading, most magnificent, and also the most expensive hotel at Sea-Bright. New Jersey, will bj manager of the Hollywood hotel when it opens for the season. Indications point to a big season, home reservations have al. ready been made, and every day nse of bathers, until the permanent j brings enquiries for Information, bath house i finished, i being rates, etc ' rence Q'Denishawn and Alice Maison appear' in support of the featured members of the cast. The big scones include an Egyptian prologue which is a revelation in tlie art of modern screen photography and lighting, for which ercdit is due Hal Iiosson, who turned the crank on "Lawful Larceny," PARAMOUNT A ghost sequence In ''Wildcat' Jordan," Richard Tal-madge'i latest thrilling comedy drama at the Paramount, was a costly affair for the producer, in that an entire studio wgs wrecked during the filming of the scenes. Talmadge is being initiated into an exclusive club, as the story goes, and i invirgled into going to a haunted bouse, there to be confronted by wierd figures dragging clanking chains and who disappear at touch. Talmadge manages to pin one of the ghosts down and discovers he is a real human being. The fight is on, and a more thrilling fight never has been filmed. snnality. i one of the pleasing end outstanding hits of the show.1 1 Lillian Meek, the musical .Mullens. Kewpid Chandler anf other members of the company will a'so be featured Monday ninlit in the new bill. FOTOSO---Dorothy Dnlton scored an emphatic bit in ber new Paramount star picture, "Tlie Low of the Lawless," at Ibe Fntosho Sunday. Charlea de Roche, a famnu: French screen star, makra h' dehut in an American picture in thia offering, while Theodore Kosloff and Tuliy Marshall, well known Paramount players, are featured. The , scenes are laid among the Tartar and fipsy tribes of Rou- mania and are most dramatic The photoplay is one of the best seen here this season and is f.uite entertaining. THEATRES Airdrome Art Candler's Broadway Fullioa. MOVIES. Fairfavw"Lawful Larceny," ' Paramoiint-!-Riihard Talmadge iu "Wildcat Jordan.". Fotosho Dorothy Dalton in The Law of the Lawless." Snappy nfluic. song and dance will feature the new bill tonight at the Airdome. where Att Candier's "Broadway. Follies" will l-resent trie "Folly Uevue." .This peice will not depend upon any plot to carry it along, but rather will le bits from famous musical shows with plenty of original fun by '"Skinny" Candler himself, assisted by other members of the company. Mis Iner. .Marvin, ft young woman who has raced her way into popularity with ft violin and an unusually different sort of "blues" voice, has been surprising the regulars lately with her ability to change from a deep baritone to high soprano. This has made her more popular than ever, and ber Jara violin and voice, together with her very satisfactory per- A Beautiful Highly Finished Oak Flooring MADE ON TUB LATEST TYPE DISC MACHINES BY EXPERIENCED OPERATORS. j THE ONLY REAL GOOD FLOORING SOLO'ATA' REASONABLE PRIC H - Handlrd by all good dealers and distributed by BAKER & HOLMES COMPANY JACKSONVILLE. TLA. MIAMI, FLA. H " " t .7 STATION RANSACKED County officers and railroad officials are investigating the ransacking of the Florida East Coast railway station at Larking Saturday night. Entrance was effected by chopping a bole through the door with an axe. Upon reaching the inside of the building, the robbers broKe into the cash drawer, but found all the money had previously been removed by the agent. Nothing else was bothered. 8 w High Quality .-t Low ITices it is one thing to quote low or sensational prices, but it is quite another to quote such prices on -of high quality. We are sure that if you put this test to anything in our siock, you will have tlie superiority of .our value impressed upon yon in a most convincing manner. MS-'tfJ'Vl DEATHS GhoosG ft'om alltho v'ev newest designs JAMES AUGUSTUS MORRIS James Augustus Morris, 73, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. 11. A. McConn. near Little River, Sunday morning. Mr. Morri was born in New York City Sent. 28. 1X50. He is survived by bis widow, Mrs. Hut-, ti f J. Mirris ; bis daughter. Mrs. H. A. McConn. and two sons, James j Augustus Morris, jr.. Jacksonville, ' and John G. Morris, Hernando, Fla. j Fnneral .arrangements will be an-j noiinced later by the W. H. Comb j Undertaking Co. JAMES H. RICE , Funeral services for James n. Rice, 78, 1014 N. W. Fifth sv, who died Sunday night following a brief illness, will be held Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. from the King chapel with interment in Woodlnwn Park cemetery. He leave bis widow here in Miami. Mr. Rice cme to Miami six years ago from Charleston, S. C. He was born in Watertown, Canada and when be was 19 years old he moved to irand Rapids, Mich., where he lived until he was 67 years old. For the last several months he has been engneed in the grocery business on N". W. Fifth av. He was ft member of the Methodist Episcopal church. South. & 1 .wr t al ti f Str'jy. 'I Jr.-"-! 11 A 50-lb, Felt Mattresses $11.95 ZFJ5VF ft MRS. BLANCH VIENNA BELL Pythian Sisters will be in charge of the funeral services of Mrs. Blanch Bell at 3:30 p. m. Tuesday, which will be conducted from the Philbrick Funeral home. Interment will be in Woodlawn Park cemetery. All Pythian Sisters have been requested by the officers of the lodg to meet at 0 :30 a. m. Tuesday at 31 W. Flagler at. ; - ' Genuine all-layer felt mattresses in full size, best woven tickings. - Ivory Vanity Dresseri $58.50 Si ill Full length mirrors, Tudor design, in OK Ivory enamel. A big value at the price. Genuine Walnut Buffet $47.50 Queen Anne Bnffeta in Genu-. ine Walnut. We hve ny of the other pieces to match if you desire. 3-Door Refrigerators $29.50 01 X -sauj White enaireled interiors, built entirely of hardwood, 73 lb. Ice capacity. ' Genuine Walnut 9 piece Dining Boom Suites $179.59 LB uy Guaranteed TIRES i III PT I sTTl ni 10.000 Mile Guarantee S'le Tire Tulie 50xS4 . ...10.fi0 $1.80 S2x3',i .... 16.25 2.00 SIX .... 17.8.1 S2xl .... 19.65 S4x4 .... -OHO i2x4Vt .... 2:5.00 SSxtVi .... 2S-50 lx4Hi 24.00 53x3 .... 81.00 S5x5 . 1.80 30x3 's Fabric $8.20 Gray Tune 1.80 TIRE SERVICE DEPARTMENT IN" REAR DRIVE I N PLENTY OF ROOM. Norwalk Cord Tires 2.70 3.00 3.S0 3.95 4.00 10,000 MILES Red I Size lord Tube j 30x34 .... f 13.30 S2.65 i.tixl!4 .... 2M0 3.10 ilx .... 18.55 3.80 I $2x4 .... 2540 4.00 j Mxl .... 6.20 4.10 j Mxt .... 26.90 4.25 ' Mxl'j .... 32.90 5.30 ' 33x4 ' .... 33.65 5.65 i 34x4 '4 .... 34.47 S.70 I 33x5 . . . 40.95 6.70 j 35x5 43.0O 6.85 Compare these n r i e m with any standard guaranteed make of Tire and remember we guarantee the quality and mile- " S FREE SERVHE MIAMI TIRE COMPANY 13 N. E. FIRST STREET PHONE 6559 Suite includea Oblong Table, Buffet with Mirror. China Cabinet ana six tapestry covered chairs. Queen Anne period in Genuine Walnut. x Genuine "Kaltex" 3 piece, New Design $87.50 Just received a solid car-load of "Kaltex" lirenkfast and Living room suites The one pictured above is in the new Blue-Brown enamel. Simmons Bed Outfits' $24.50 Odd Ivory Rockers $14.75 ; Old Ivory Dressers, $24.50 White Enameled Bassinets $8.75 kmn , , ittttt'tt: -tTT y "iHift fi 'i fi ni?rrHrfrnT'r. r: f f " " "" i lit DIAMOND FURNITURE N. Miami Ave. at lQth St. 'The ' -ouse That Sells For Less" CO. Phone 6970 TH AIRFA;! TODAY SPECIAL LABOR DAY PROGRAM V Stem J Also Today Charles Murray in "Busy Body" Pathe News HOPE HAMPTON NITA NALDI LEW CODY CONRAD NAGEL traduction The storjr of a wife who loses her husband to a modern Cleopatra and tv ins him back .in startling fashion. See the striking scenes at Cleopatra's Court; Gilda Cray and her South Sea dancers; gambling scenes at a New York Jlonte Carlo. , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saiurday QCcsmapdiltu yrcaucitoa. Direct from a long run ia N. Y. City at $2.00 Frices Today BIO LABOR DAY PROGRAM Today I Richard Talmadge The Incomparable Dare-Devil Star of the Screen in WILDCA T JORDAN Yon'O ret the thrill of four life in seeing; TaZmadce leap, jump, swing, hang, dive and planee through 5 reels of side-splitting comedy drama. HaHroom Boys in "Dumb Waiter" , Tuesday and Wednesday, Marion Davies in "When Knighthood Was in Flower." 1 snL. if COOLEST SPOT'lN TOWN Special 6 o'clock Show Labor Day ATT CANDLER'S BROADWAY FOLLIES in "FOLLIES REVUE" COMPLETE CHANGS OF PROGRAM 37 New 6ongs, Dances and Comedy " 7 7TA Special Added Attraction MISS INEZ MARVIN and Her Jazz Violin In a Singing and Dancing Specialty u "t J j III ec 1 'lt)IoHtonp-LDn M ) THe i a, J N 1 OfWrfVV . III 'imlMyiKtM TODAY S a i I iniUUIV IWHOTf Charles deBocht, luiiy nursnau Nothing so colorful has ever been screened- as this picture of pypsy and Tartar life in the far-off regions beyond the Roumanian Danube. ALSO HAROLD LLOYD COMEDY a I Jf B'

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