The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1944
Page 4
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fLTTOVILLB :(MUIJ,'. C001IB1 MW| THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1944 ilHBBLYTHEVJLLE COURIER NBWB I „_ THK CODBIER N«W8 GO „ ~,>- v H. W HAINBB, PublUlier • SAMUEL P. KORRIB, Editor . JAMES A. QATKN8, Advertlllnj tiiBMM .-, Sole Nation*! Advertising RtprewnUUve*: W»U»c*, Wiuner Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, AtUuU MempbU ' PuDUsbed Every Afternoon Eicept Sunday -T ; ~~: • Entered u second class matter «t the post- OSux . ui Blyiueville, Arkansas, under act oJ Congress, October 8, 1917. * Served by the Called Pc&t ~SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythevllle, 20o per week, or 65c per month. ! By mall, within a rndius of 40 mllet, M.OO per jear, 12.00 for clx months, $1.00 for three montlis; by mall outside' 50 mile zone 110.00 per yeiu payable In advance. Philanthropy With a Flourish _ 1 Harry McLean, (ho unconventional "philanthropist, got back into Hie news the other day by throwing ?5000 in jhills and silver oul-of a-hotel window 1 t to the jsmjuised and delighted citizens of'Wiivdsor, Out. Not so long- ago he :~\vas'passing out money and good eheov tio hospitalised soldiei-> "I like to see people happy," is Ihn jToronlo .contractor's excuse.' J Mr.. McLean must get con.'-idcrabla .pleasuie out ot the disli ibulion, toj, '.\\hich is piobnblv a good thing. For ceitaml) he is> a misunderstood man. 'That was nppaient when he presented 'the desk sergeant at the Windsor police station \i'^h <i $5000 check "for your •burial fund." ' The ; sergeant took the check to the 'chief, with the comment that he thought •the guv was Uii7S The chief was about >to agiee \\hen he s,i\\ and recognized -the signatuic on the check. Hut it was •Mr. McLean's solvency and not the sin- ceuh of his gcneious impulse that' Irriiidc .the chief reverse the insanity .verdict ' Now," it's a sad commentary upon loin civilisation \\hcn we class a man ;hke Hjii iv McLe.ui \\ith siich x.anics as '.flagpole sitleis howlirg dervishes,-and •men who stand on their heads nl the iMetropolitan Opera House. All that Mr. \MiLean is doing ib being philanthropic with 11 swashbuckling flourish, instead of following the staid, accepted path. i Considei the Case of the late John ;D. Rockefeller", for instance. To get 'one of his shun new dimes, you bad •to^hsten to six bits' \\oith of precepts iabout tin if t Oi consulei the many gen* •eioiis gitinlh, tiusts and foundations t which, though they ITUIV do incalculable good, seldom kindle a spaik in the public imagination. But Mr. McLean's gcherousity, like Mi Shakespe.ue's quality of mercy, 'falleth a^the gentle lain from heaven. 1 And Mr. McLean never bothers fo ask • who gets wet < 111 1 : McLran is <i i ith man, and .he rmist^paj Gi'tud.i a \\liopping big lax. •But ^hal doebii t put him in a pcnny- .pinchingVmood His open handcdncKS is icfieshiiig in Ibis d,<\ of high taxes, 'high "cost of h\mg and complaints [theieof He k'io\\h that he is still more ,f01 lunate thiin most J Ye<^, it'.s a bhanie that we consider a 'man etcentuc when he is only trying to follow the scriptural directions for a 'rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Here's hoping he makes it. higher than during the same month last year. Travel is increasing, too, in spite of continued gasoline and lire rationing. This year's January travel figure shows a 17 per cent increase over that of 1043. But the January death rate was still 9 per cent higher than the travel rate. The obvious assumption is that speed and carelessness are also on the increase. So it is not loo soon for drivers to make some safety resolutions now, and keep them after the war. The traffic toll, despite its recent increase, is still far below that of pre-war lO'll. Alertness, sobriety and moderate speed can help to stop the present rise. How Come? The chief reason for wartime censorship is to keep information, aid and comfort from the enemy. Yet Brendan .Biaeketi' British minister of information, has announced that the text of leaflets dropped over Germany, written for and read by enemy soldiers'"and civilians, will not be released for publication. Is Allied propaganda so full of whoppers that the public can't be trusted to read it? You figure it out. of r*B itlrm b. tbta eulumm * utMrtkfc MiTtim-TnTf* bat b u tarart IB th. New Outlook for Arkansas , Arkansas has yot nol fur from n half-billion dollars of war money in contracts for supplies, construction nnd eraul-of-aic! for various needs made more uryciit by military conditions, accord- Ing to a rciiorl from Washington, 'I'lils lingc sum doesn't, Include payments o[ $50,000 or less for foods or fooil processing. And (mother big Item which presumably isn't figured In Ine pay rolls of military forces. . Furthermore, the cnrniiiBs or Arkansas people have been booster! by the higher.prices for everything they produce nnd by Ihe labor dcnuind which tins opened jobs for thousnnds of. women and young folks not. drawing \vnges before. Small wonder Ihot the stale is prospering as never in Its past, in .spile of taxes which rnke the citizens fore, aft mid crosswise like a skilfully driven harrow. ... , But Just as tills .prosperity came with Ihe war. it can disappear with pence. Whether It,toll or not depends to n great, extent on the eflorts of Arkansas folks themselves. We cannot really .prosper after the' war, of course, unices the rest of the nation enjoys good times. Vet a study by the stale university, ills- cussed !n Sunday's Democrat, brings out Hie fad thai regions wlilcli nrcriucc necessities, notably processed foods, and then oilier cvcry-day wanls, suffer much less from depression ;iian do regions which dcpcnl mainly on selling rnw materials. That's where Arkansas' economy has been weak. We've been mainly a supplier of wants'for Ills Industries of olhcr slalci. retlicr than producing necessities for ourselves and neighboring ir.nrkct.s. No. region over nctiinlly prospered from M'u'h a sysleni. • Now we have a bright chance lo throw off thill handicap. We've sot a start in diversified farming nnd food processing. The war has expanded our Industry, given us Ivnlnecl labor and savings lo develop our farms nnd manufaclures. This period need nol become n regrclfiil memory of n last boom: H can mark a turning point In our economic history—the beginning of a soundly-based prosperity for Our people—If we make the most of the nc\v situation it has brought about. ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. . Let's Start Now »•'-.••-•. , J The ttaffic death rate has been J climbing sine? last October, after n 20- ( month decline. Juiiuary cicalh.s' were 28 • per cent above the January, I9'I3 figure. In February they were 1C per cent 3U THEY SAY The grentest danger of an inflationary boom will be after the fighting stops. Tlierc will tlicn be a tendency on the pan of Hie average citizen to buy the tilings he couldn't get before nnd a violent rise In prices mny result.—Wtllttun I. Myers, New Yolk Slate College of Agriculture (Iran. MM. 1M4 BY HEA SERVICE. tNC 1. M- "EQ, U-'S P * T . OFF. 'V-t Elmer Cunningham VULCANIZING Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Itell U.K. * B. Hwj. 'a (Formerly vliti Eufler A*. Pit.) Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Acrou from High School I Mrs. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A., M.S.M. ORGANIST and TEACHER PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE Former New York Organist & Teacliet ! For Appointment iVrlte Mrt. Fowlston 1101 Culckaaawba or Phone MM Us Help SAVE YOUR EYES I * W. M»in St PhflnH 2M1? suppose il's unpalriolU' to complain, lull with you reclassified in 1-A. I'll jusl have to fi'ml a woman!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD *' **»* SUPPLY 6>V.r. APPRECIABLY IN /o. ooo YfAes ...IN SPITE OF CONSTANT USAGE AND SHIFTING ABOUT THROUGH A MA2E OF CHEMICAL FORMATIONS. FOK SAI,K CONCRETE STORM SEWER AM, SIZES Cheaper Than I!rlili;r Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 631 Osceola, Ark. 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcaulxlng — Tire ivurt Tuft* R*Iia1rlni[ Tractor Tires Our SprrJali) All Work Ouarantecd WADE COAL CO. Alabama Ked Ash Coal N. Hwy. 61 Ph. Mill We Still Hove A Few Bags ot PEDIGREED COTTONSEED MIXED FERTILIZER CERTIFIED ROYAL SOYBEANS Order AMMONIAM NITRATE Now. J. L TERRELL JJT S. Broadway Phone 2631 '- \ ''. COPR. 1»" BY .'IE* SEflVICC, INC. "' ' '. T, M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ATTENTION SERVICE MEN: Please bring proper identification papers from your cominiindirig officer when buying badges, ri'>- bons aiul medals. We have complete stocks. For KHAKI and TROPICAL shirts and trousers, see us. — For a Letter stand! — —For quicker germination! — — For healthier plants! — — -For more $ per acre! — HAVE YOUR OfflM PITTING SEED GRADED, DE-LiHTED fl.HD TREflTED AT Russell Barham's •1 R on inn>_ "49" ^SBfc.. W'v jtf^i H ^. I ED TOP GIN &• Hs^ H ^&& u ^^& E B ^ Phone 2742 For Complete Details! We have -A limited supply ot first yenr from pedigreed' Stonevllle t-K, 4-B and Dl'L H cotton seed. All graded, dcllntcd and .treated. In 100 Ib. bass. Will trade for yoor seed. DRS. NIES & NIES x OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main ' . "HlylhcviHe, Ark.' " "Phone 2921 our ; MORTON, CLEVELAND PITCHER, MADE HIS 816 LEA&UE DEBUT BY HJUDSOtl Cleaner — Tailor — Clbtliier ANSWER: -New York, and was --founded, by Joseph Smith. NEXT: \VhaHhc Milky Way' mciihsMb some people. r PETROLEUM JELLYTHISWAY 3 Moculino between tlimnt nnil.fincer. Sprcnil slowly apart 1/otiE iibrr3 prove Mnrolit\c't lilgh minlity. Tor minor cut.% burns, oruhes, 5c, (ril'lcai ic, lOc 66 TABiETl SALVL N05£ BROW THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL CO. M:islcr Exlermiiv.itprs Allen Ilirtcllc, Manager L'rec Inspection & Estimates CiifT Hotel I'lioiie SO Spring and Summer T U N E - U P Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Wetter 1'erformanccl T 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler Dernier Parts * Service 12! W. A»Vi Fh<m» Z1Z2 Evnry type hctil is. rn]i:iii'Cfl or nttacliecl here— the work is <lotn- licrfeclly. reasonably - and. if] yoil wish, .while you wnlt. Complete Shoe Repnir Service here. Electrical Repairs & Maintenance HOUSES EXPEUTLT WIRED J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup rlionc Z093 or 2538 )ur \\iih tlouplc Out Our Way By J. R. Williams W \MPE\SONT MIND s'ou VE^fKO.PiTs'VOUR B&R6ING N M"3OR BUT I it-SVlTA-TiOM IB HER ANOTHER f, VJITH US. ACCEPTED GRAT£ ^i>4' sues /N TRIPLE- L FUULV — I'LL THREW -SCOWL' —- &J -SOPTEKi Ti ( TMr o-JiH TtwEre^ER \ / CREATURE ^nr- ,SA\-o HER. SMILE WAS I A Few CHOICE X SPRMMED I FLP ^-tfi. List Your PROPERTY with us For S«/e Ilkr our *i;rvli -r Tom Little Rcoity Co GEE! DR, ER--CAPTAIN JONES ARE YOU GOING- INTWE ARIV\Y? VES T(JMf\AV- LOTS OF DOCTORS ARE NEEDED- SO VOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP WELL AND STRONG AND NOT HVWE ANY TUMMV ACHES WHILE I'M AWAV- YES SIR- 1 KNOW WE MUST KEEP WELL- TO SAVE THE DOCTOR'S TIME SO HE CAN TAKE CARE OF SERIOUS CASES- I KNOW •HOW TO KEEP FIT- / ^OU DOM1 — \/ KMOCKEDOUT \ /HAVE O OF A CCX:ONUT I - 1HEM-1HEVRE TREE? WELL. 7 FULUOF'RiCE SHCXJUDM'T VOU \ \ A^M 1 n'LU COME PUT A MARKER \ -\~, UP WHEM TO SHOW l^- \ IT RMMS. 1 FOREST FiR.5 -«~THW OLD : 1 Sf^V- HftS A TONGUE TW« \«JtLU CUR.U LIKE A POTWO PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE (f you WAnl n •— • - Rr.U. t'S Ul» n i. >< YOU AKF. N'OI I'M-*'- '•• Also litirral Ira.U >" •" •• old rnirnltutf . AI> iirv Alvin Hardi !•>..,. SOI F. Main CLOCKS REP \1REP " ' • - ENRICHED with VITAMIN B-l >\. B. . F 0 R D !' A; .r«t O'Hrjanl'i Jru-clrj -GET LOTS OF FRESH AIR PLENTV OF GREEN VEGETABLES AND EAT LOTS OF This Weekend's Specials 1 A \J T* P^ ^^ A I f P" (T^ S LAYER CAKES! Iced and Decorated In Special Easter Colors Small F* f ' Large Siie Hart's lilylliovllle Onncil—IJnplojini; lilvlhcvlllc People

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