The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1937 BLYWtfiViLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS USE THE WANT-AD MARKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for consecutive insertions: One time per line ,,..,,.., Two times per line per day ,. 08c Three times per line per day ,. Ofie Bl)i limes per line per (lay ,. 0§o Month rat? per line ..,.,.,,. OOP "Srds of Thanks .,,. 50c & 75o Minimum charge BOo Ads ordered for three or etaics and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the Ed appeared and adjustment of oil! made. All Classified Advertising copy Bubmltteri by persons residing out- ildo of 'the city must bo accomr panicd (jy cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one lime rate, No responsibility will be taker) for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. "MY OOAl/ IS BLACK, BUT I TKKAT YOU WHITE'' I also Fay Best Prices' fop Hicks & Metals JOHN 197 qpop 01 other COAL, WOOI), KBiPUNG J'roirjp^ Berv!» ,-.-. C»U fl KIM'S CQAl< CO, want , We Have !tl Lump cw\, $a,5p ton Economy Corf ' 221 W. Cherry phone fig Poultry & Eggs . We pay highest marjiej prices for ull kfi]xls poultry, pisher ' '^ pajnes fit GaiijM grocery £(. 'Market, 1(8 W, Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction Ally I.alc Mcdci R. & Cl. I^onc Back Guaranteed Used Car (At A Glance) 1031 CHIAROIEF Clein ^ i. 1'jn. Low Mileage It i G. Monej (Jack Guarantee $!•'* lose Fonn court" \viii sui at i Barpun Irarte Terms low FHMHCC 1'laii S« 1031 UOBGI- SFIHN Iij !""• t'cct Condilinn. Money liaik Guarantee ?3i 19U5 FOKI) I' TON II!UCR Heady To Go $385 1934 FORI> V f TUDOR Ei ccntional Value. R. & G, MOIICJ liick Ginranlec J29 Cull Barber, 810, 811 for Further Information Interviews, Demonstration.'!, Plans, Without Obligation Phillips Motor Co, Thones 810 - 811 otli & Walnut Business Directory BABY CHICKS ALL MAHILYH HATCHERY ttwy « tforth, Blytheville Real Estate /For Rent fpj- dri|| lnes5 In down town 'ljt. Ca|) 736. 60 |ttf or TJiree Furnished 'Room's, . $|f Heanj furnished BTEAMHEJAT^D J3EDROQM, bath, 560. 3-ck-2-2 Modern 4 . Bopm FURNISHED Apartment, Fliojte ?80. 6c-ktf ?pp. Rj;piT-V!) f9<m> lipuBc will) pat|>, u)]furrt(sl)pd, double garage, ?r(one 327. , '. '{Trpk-gi 4 room bungalow, • ball), Franklin and Rose, Lenjtennie Fowler. k(f Y»« pan eel •cpmfWbWe upstairs rQoins Mid !w l !)j - witi» board WHjow Wood Jfj.ii,.. 1)5 piylsloii. •',,:,.' 29p k2 WJL.LJE FREEMAN VSd Ills Q1TY SHOE SHOP Ip 212 W. Ma'", •* doors cast of J. C, "penpey store.' AUTO LOANS NO KEll TAPE Borrow »wiioy on your car to pay for your licenses' ami other bills. Cur need not be pcld for. U. W. B1UMJNS Bed Budbury Bids. PJione 495 MEN! lets l 1 VIGOJl AT ONCE! New Ostrcx Tonic Tab- lU ray oysler invlgora- apd other stlmularits. One lieps up. organs, glands, if ngt de|lgh,lcd, infiker refunds feu cents paid. Call, write Ktrby Bros. pru? ' Nice ? !)CdrQO.n); clpse in, ^ojeri 310 Yf Walnut 3 room modern Furnl6hc<i Apartment downstairs 700 W Wai nut Possession Feb 1 29cklf r FOft &AJ.E GO Acre farrn j)e*|y decorated 4 rpoj)) ll.puse, we}) > sprjijg. On )r) fpothllls Mrs Scientists contend tha^ v,oino|i are supeuor to men In those mental lasts requhc thinking snj5r a^teptloi) to details Qregory, 7[7 Cli|ckasa»ba JD pk 6 FOE SALE o Room House, bath, larse l Across from hlgl( and grade schools Cheapest taxes In town Could be made into apartrncnt. Cheap fof pa«h. 809 Chlckasavba " " dh tl Bus, Opportunities Learr} Beauty Cultiue Good Pay— Pleasant Work New class opening— state supervised Batteries FOR BETTER Battery Service CALI, j. B, CI-IJNE Jackson Service SlatiBrHrPhone 8 Weekly Specials!! A DIFFERENT BARGAIN /EVERY WEEK £ ••" i , III 'Our- East Window •""- : -. Watch For ChanBesI Shpuse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. snouse J. Wilson Ilenry QUALITY SHOE SHOP Best shop to get your money's worth. No amateurs, expert shoemakers. Only fine materials used. All soles sewed & guaranteed. Lowest prices in town. Soles 50c up rubber heels 25c up. 3 free shines Tvith half soles. L:jccs, dyeing, pci- ishes. Phone 120, Free del. H. B Campbell, mgr. NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. All Work Strictly Guaranteed 4 Photos FREE with Each Orde for Half Sole Job Sporting Goods of all hinds Uniforms & equipment for base ball, handball, Softball, soccer ball tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co Wanted To Buy We Buy Old Gold PAT O'BRYANT, JEWELER TUITION Mrs.~. ! WmV'Berrynian Elaine Beauty Bhon AVFUCATfON VOll PERMITS FOR •' BUILDINGS, AI.TKRA TK>NS AND BKl'AIHS,.SIGNS FOR STRUCTURES IN Till! CITY'OF BL¥THEVILI,E, AKK. Permit fjo. 3, pate Jan. 10, 1937, Street Number 211 Lilly, Lot 5, Block 4, Ruddle Heights addition; Number pf stories, 1; value of work, i75.(K>; Bulldjng of jn'!c}c or frame, lajne, yaterial for roof eomposl .Jon jijaterial exterior walls wood ijafer|al of foundatioi)6 poucieto 3ulld)(lg on (1)0 front pr rear front ; 31starjce tq proper),) line on Hue Distance to nearest building on cadi sk)e, 30 feet, Building to be occupied as stoic, J certify that tl)e above stale eut^ are correct to tljc best of mj knowledge ind belief Permit received bj RUTH BLYTHE Citj Clerk ;i6-)9-23-26-3p-2-0—9 lorla- iioore, I/conanl Matthews, I.cona Wlllliuns, Gcrllno Hill, Bildl Hill, Vmw Matlhevvs, Elmo Matthew. Mni(rlce Miillhaws, Vcrnon Matthews, imojcnc Matthews ami Kida Matllicws, 1)3- femlniUs. The defendants. Ms'rllc Hiilcy, Gcitnido Rcacli. Vcrda Garonvllle. Monic Haley, ^rary liay, Victoria Moore, Cicrllne Hill, Vane M:\t- u's, Elmo MalthC'ft's, Maurice Matthews. Vcrnon Matthews, Iino- genc Mfiihcws and Zuda Matthews are warned (o appear wllli- in thirty day. 1 ; In tlie court name.l In the <iiptton hereof and answer the.- complaint of the iilnlmllf, ton Matthews. Dated this 23rd day oi Jami- ary, 1937. H. M. CRAIG, Clerk, Uy A. P. Smith, D. o, Neill Heed. Attorney, Robt. A. West, Ally. Ail Lltein. Wanted WANTED—Boy->'ith -bicycle. A|) ply at. \\yesUrn •• Union Sumla between B and 19 A M or 4 an 6 p M Western Union lelcgrapl Company. WARNING OHI)i:it WARNING OKDDK Lillian Tidw Chlchasmvba Dlslrlst of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (tay.s and answer a complaint filed aenitisl. her In s:\ld comi by J. Walter Tidwcll In Cause No: 03S5. Dated this 15tli day of January. By A. P. Smith, u. c. )i:u ned to ap- )nrl for llic lapsed. Three days Inter she developed a severe headache ai}d was nimble to Sleep. 'Alter a further AH hour formerly v twelfth of the time bcU set and sunrise, and^'or 1937. Reid & Uvrnrd, Attys. for Pltf. Jssso Tiiyi'jr, Ally, nit Utom. 11, M. CRAICl, Clork IK-23-30-0 Disease Ages Woman Of 26, Death Ensues LONDON <U1'>—A strnngc and rare disease. that aged a woman years In a few days has been Investigated by British doctors. Her condition became .Gradually worse. She lost weight aiid her hair began lo fall out. After some; months she was discharged from Ihc hospital. Then she had a sudden rclaiise. Two days Inter she was found In led with her Jaw set aud her hands lightly clenched. In five hours she died. Tile dlsense, according. to the UiUlsh medical Journal, "Lancet," was originally described by Slm- monds In 1014. Although several cases have occurred oh the Conli- nem, It Is very rare in England. of llic lime between*funrlss and sunset; hence, it v,ss of different lengths in different seasons. )[:i\i,iihins Turn Clock lt:ick HONOLULU (UP)— Stops are being taken to pprpelimle Ihc old orialual Hawaiian life before 11 U .r^n as al,n= d,, ^.P'^lL^K^ * M" IN THE CHANCERY COURT Of old. Her case ousc, and the youni? woman who contracted it died of old nee In a few months. ' She was innrrlcd unrt 28 years CHICKASAWBA D I S TU1CT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ueltn Garner, plalntlir, vs. No. 0355 Glenn Garner, Defendant. The defendant Glenn Garner Is warned lo appear vvllliln Ihlrly days in the court named In the caplion hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintill Delta Garner. Dated this 2nd day of January, 1937. II.'M. CBAIG, Clerk D.v A. P. Smith, D. C. J. T. Coston, Attorney. 2-9-10-23 IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHIOKA6AWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. 1 ARKANSAS. ton'Matthews, Plaintiff. vs; No. -037? Myrt|e Haley, Gertrude'. Roach Verda Garanvllle, Monie Hnlcj Mary Ray Willie Unlthcwi, vie taken lo the .... had :ivcn birth lo twins. After the birth of the second child she col- Ol'TOMETKISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MARK 'UHI BF.K" Phone 540 olanl noulcvnrd Is being erected a complete Hawaiian village modeled alter those of 200 years ago. Grass houses wlH !)c occupied by native working at tliclr native ELECTHIC Ss ACETTI,f:NE WELDING AT BEST PRICE3 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Ml g. Co, Open All Night ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICE; • Phone 63S Tom Little Chevrolet Co handicrafts. Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Centrr Flnmci-.IIT - 810 24 Hour Wrecker Service Host I'riccs Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage WANT TO BUY CORN SOYBEANS CRAWFORD & COPPBDGE GIN^CO. nljhwaj 18 - Phone' 331 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling PHONE 76 ,\ All Nuw Located at 101 . North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FI)WAKDS, I'roprlclor < m.ikfs of Rebuilt Typcnritcn, Adding Macblnn aa4> Calculator*— HeiralrinE— Parts— Itibbonj WE BUY Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap Iron "Blytbeyille .Iron & Metal Co, ;herry~& r R.: R...., . Phone WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Huliliard 2nd Hand Furniturp Store Phone 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main We Pay Highest Prices FOR SPRAP IRON; METALS, PECANS, HIDES & FURS AKIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 HIGHEST PRICES PAID FQR POUM'RT HAPPY HOUR GROCERY 109 W. .Main For Sale Coal & Wood COAL COAL New Bargains! We have some especially good bar- jains in cars, trucks and pick-ups Sec Qur's Before You Buyi '.93G International •% Ton Pick-Up 193* Chevrolet ',4 Ton Pick-Up 1933 Chevrolet li Ton Pick-Up 1035 Ford lit Ton Truck 1920 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster .1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc, Limited number of Singer treadle 1 1 niachines traded in on new mod- bargains. Also 3 408 W. Main HABRY BAILEY Expensive raxoplione. Will sell cheap. Z. A.'McCuUlon. Call 334. 4-clc-tt \VE HAVE THE BE§T Alabama, Iliinpis & Kentucky At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest y/clshts I'hoiic 27S & n. H. ^ CALL E. P. PRY at Wonder City Coa5 Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevalio - TENTS \VE HAVE MADE UP t?EADY , 'FOR DELIVERY " : ;" 2—9 x 12 Tents Waterproof Tops $15 each 1^13x18 Tent $32 Complete with poles ' CARNEY AWNING CO. Phone 643 Blythcvllle, Ark. Practically new Automatic Delco Light Plant. With radio, fan and iron. Will sell for halt price Delta Implements, Incorporated. lo ktf Several rc-posscssed Frigldalres look like new, new box guarantee. To be sold for balance due finance company. Perfect mechanical condition. Sizes 4 to 0 cu. ft. Easy terms. E. B. Gee Sales C 0 ' Inc. GREEN INN—cafe & dance hall at AND OTHER HIGH GRADECuAbj Stecle. Good business. Sell' ! sellable. Apply at Inn. PHONE 417 HIS, WARPATH! T HAS BEEN l-ANP;ALLEY-DO YOU \HE HAS, 6H'HUH ' I EVERAL DAVg/1 kMOW WHAT HE5 DOK1EA HED BUMPED OL' 7UMK OFF JOW.SlKICEMy V NO WHE5GOME-rO 7 HI& THRflNE AN TOOk BROTHER, WUP^MOO TO MAKF ./ OVEETH LEMIAM ABMV, AMD HIS ABMVfJFS. WR OK) US/ \JUT, IKIEVER DREAMED HE'D .1 HAVE TH' WERVE TJUMP i OS) MOO.' SAY, WITH THAT i WILD-EYED MOBEUWNIKT ! LOOSE, WE'D BETTER BE ' BACK YWHEGE we LEFT YOU B'PA- ' YOU DOW'T THINK THEY'D BE APT TO CAUSE <X MO-MOT FATHES AKiy TROUBLE,/ UNLESS THEY -AMD BYTH'LOOkS THIWGSJHEy FQU^O F TOLJGH FIMDHIM-AUD THAT SWELL BUNCH OF HIDES GOT.' OKI MY LITTLE KIW&DOM- .. v /'v •*.*ry/<-»j • •OY HE* 6tH|CE,!WO.T. BOOTS AND HBL BUDDIES TM TO Bt ttfVPVY HAKI) GUY! WASH TUBES VJELL' WELL 1 \ SO YOU.WANTA ( FIGHT.THE TISEK J \\tLi-, M'UOY, \ N4W,SIR, FOLKS \l \OJ CERTAINLY ' KERE^OUT ARE : LCOk 016 SKEERED TO F16HT'. ENOUGH. EVER ME. AH'M A KILLER 1 . TOU6H,TPO.'AJO30Dy KIN KNOCK. OUT. WHY, I CAM'T EVEN DO IT ' MYSELF. -^ OVERRULED! BESIDES, I THOUGWT I ISSUED AW IWJUWC- TIOM AGAIMST SEEIWG AW/ KORE TMAM TWICE WEEK-' HOW COME YOU'RE IG IT FRECKLES AND If IS FRIENDS I'M WOT IGhJORiMG IT, POP . BUT I APPEALED TO A HIGHER- i. IT'S A BAD YOU'RE A BIG CMAMCE OF CATCH I IMS' COLD.' I'M THE VVKO PAYS I THOUGWT ID TAkET A'RUU To SEE_-TCyi! "SHE DOESM'T GIVE ME MAM/ DATES THESE-DAYS' COURT, AND t/WM SAID i COULD GO our.'.' ! DOCTOR BILLS AROUtJD

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