The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 8
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EIGHT Veteran Sea Captain Has r for 55 Years C*pt»ln David Barnett, commander of the Pacific' Whaling company's fleet of sewn ihlps. Is.. threatening to "ete>l '.the show":'; from the 72-ton *riale which- Ills .company mill exhibit in Blythevllle Friday, Saturday and Sunday. _ • jr' Captain fiajnelt, a veteran of. W '£ars active service In the whale _Ji-l-erles, h«$ Uken a ] vacation from . Mils duties on the Pacific coast to "H>!n the party, Jh(.t is louring the. tountfy.Vlth'-tht : wha!p. : His UIVs" proved almost as great « ; card as the whale Itself. .1, Blythcville school children , ..1,-wc already WVr'd-Captain Bar- Vbelt tell of his experiences. He has 'ifrken at the Lange'/Sudbury arid iigh schools, and school authorl- t " " s who at first were hesitant about rmlttlhg 1 iis. 'Of the; str.ools for fjOiat l'*y wcr c afraid would be ;&ere ballyhoo for:the whale exhibition liave been so imiires'Wd by .tjie educational as well as the en-t .ti-rtalnment value of bis talks that they have'.tnvltea Aim bRcX to talX ,tX sroiios mat were unible to hear Wm at his first RODC"-'"-. .-While;--the »h»llnf, baustrjr U) Iftt much, of the robiutce trid »d» Venture that ctoacitrHed it tt tS» Ays oi.salllng;«hlpi; it M1H his t. ftrpriR »ojK3j ,tb triosc »'fio'tollosf; iff and 'Captain' Barnett 'sneaks : '" C*pt DarJd Barbell «fldent love and pride of the pro- - fkm .{o which he has deyotcd ;hrtv; v^v-X '>:.'".'••';. •.'"•'<' -Slartln? his career at ''the age of 14 is cabin boy on' an oM time sailing ship, be hris riser to'thj position of commander of a fleet of sewn rno Jerri vessels Tor the Pacific Whallnj comoany. Six of tlwso are" what nre . known as "killer ships." They are' small motor driven vessels which are sent out "from tb_ mother ship. Each is ccmlDoed with a harpoon gun. When a whale .is' located the "killer ship" .ip- jiroaches as clos; as iwsslblc and then the harpoon, to which a strong nvv h ntlached. I* flred Into the whale's 'body.. In: the hend of the n."rrx>on its. a- charge of '.uowrier *?tlrt_i exo!o3M » few-seconds' after tfs runwM. strikfX snre»din(t 'the harbcd points cf>'thc".iarrKx>ira.Kl thus plsnttn? It serurclv. If lh» ™v.r In - vital -nart- of the ; :tb9-exo!o!ibrr results in' Its i within i'^hort'tlme. but If It nq vital part a.Ion.? battle But oj Nt Mostly Personal I-. Bosenthal Is attcndlng-to biisl- fss In" St. Louis. , •' Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Johnson went to Memphis today. P. .;W. Seh»U ot Hel.ern.', U"«i- sidlnE to business here'-'todoy. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cooper, who have recently moved to Osccola, were In live city yesterday. Mrs, Cooper has been in St. Louis for several months while Mr. Cooper was In California. Mrs. Carson Alley Is ill at her liome, 528 North Sixth street. Horace T. Gulp, accompanied by. Prank Pattl and Carl Ruuscli, of St. Louis, attended to business In Caruthersvllle yesterday. Both Mr. Pattl and Mr. Rruisch are general freight agents for the.cotton Belt railroad, • ,. , Mrs. Otto Kochtltzky and Mrs. W. B. Tanner are in Memphis today. M*. and Mrs. Joe Blythe and daughters, Mary nnd Josepijine. of Detroit, and their hostess, Miss Lc- la Blythe, spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson, of Dexter, Mo., was here for a short time last night enroute home Irom - - whale to he ; -a week's stay in Memphis She ji" 1 « n * T l»on struck. I plans to return later for a longer W 1 -. In,«ip,hti.».»n!mal's stay. She was accompanied by her £'S!, """* '*«•«*- brother - ln - 1 » w . -"rnmie Thompson, ••? .^~ ordinarily. h»ve j Of MemphU, and Thomas Miller. "Wle qiiic.Mv faiiKl to Mr*. Allan Walton is in Mem:in«. -ensulnu Mnurele i phis'Ova vlilt with her daughter, came n ^ a r »,. ,.r., u to. tile cref,.of.the ln . fn disaster . . • ho Siinrt»v thelr .Htabtlh-. rs. -aeorgc _,... e euests Sunday of . iter. Mrs. -Clayton Rarts- 1 and family. Mas Beatrice Hoggard -was'', the W«t Sunday, of her sister. Mrs Lonnie Palmer of Pecan Grove Mss Marjorle earner xas the BV*st Sundsv of Mrs. Vera Locke Mr and Mrs. B. L. Teadford «ere the guests Sunday of the. latter s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C stone. - The Rev. J. E. CaMwell of Ar- rnorel filled his appointment here Saturday night and Sunday He »as a gvesl in the D. E Erase home over the week end ' Mrs. iBerry B. Brooks Jr., and Mr. Brooks. She .was guest of honor for n bridge luncheon given by Kfrs. Brooks yesterday at her apartment on Parkway. , •Guy Butler of Little Rock,.state revenue officer. Is attending to business here for a few days. Mrs. H. Hurt of Memphis will spend the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hatcher. Mrs. E: W. Bxum. Mrs. W. J. Baldrklge and M-Willle Noland of Memphis, irere guests -of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thomas and family yes-' terday. Blcj-les Return to Faror ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (UP)_ Ttie depression is taking people away from the automobile ond placing tlwm hack on the bicycle wat M. H. Tisne, president ot the Cycle Trades of America told orates attending the annual convention of the organization. Joy Slrwt Leads to CemdCTy NANTOCKCT, Mass. (UP.-vis- Itors here note with wry smiles thai Joy Street leads to a cemetery. Read Courier News Want Ads. Hayh Society—Personal Mr, mid Mrs. J. j,. Wrlglit motored to MomiihU; Sunday to visit their dmi.hter Miss inei! Sumlny. Mrs. Vctti O'Coiinar and Hill- drcn und father, J. If. O'Connor visited Mrs. Edgar Barber of Chaf- fcc Sunday. Mrs. J. M. A.go Is (lie guest of Mrs. Ben Thomas of near Caruth- trMllle (his week. MlM Olga Hastings lias been the uucst of ^^lbR Mildred Poplm the past few days. Miss Adullnc Stnnni entertained a mmilj.r of friends with a hlithclnv imrty at her home Frl- dav evening. Mrs. Clyde While shopped In Kennett Monday. Mr. ami Mrs. H, M. l.imtar at- tendnd to business In Foilfelt Saturday. Joe Jaff/?e of Memphis arrived Tucsilny for a visit wllti his wife and son. D. Mason and Chnrlcs Mnlt ol Siki'Slon visited friends here H:it- urdny. Misses Agnes Or^dv nnd Raralc Rtnlllnus and John D. Fields visited friends In Slcele Tuesday cveninu. •' Charles Trnijior and Utiv r.lm- baugli visited friends In Blythc- viHc Sundav afternoon, C. P. ncriimnnn f-nent the weekend In Cnpc Oirurdcau. Yrirbro News Mr. and Mrs.'W. O. Honsj.'spent §nnrlnv nlternoon with Mr. nnd Mrs. N. .). Nelll . -'Miss Sarah • Robertson spent Sunday U'lth Mrs. John Thornton. Williamson, Virginia Rlch- ardson. Mrs, J. B. Jones nml yrt House arc umont; thore sick this week, Clyde Onlnes jr., spcnl Satur- av night with Ralph Walker of Blvtlievlllc. Miss Louise Murphy spent Snt- urdtn- with Miss Almi House. Hnley. Webb has returned from Tennessee where she visited relatives. .Mr. and Mrs. Fay Thornton ipcnt -Saturday night with Mrs, Thornton's mother, Mrs. Allison, n Blythevllte. Peach Seeds Proda.* Frnlt 'CEDAR RAPIDS, la. tUP>— Six years ngo C. H. Graham threw n landfill of peach seeds from a window Into his garden—more to cst •Id of them than anything else. His crop tills year consisted of two waclies, both more than 11 Inches n circumference. U. S. Ten Cent BIU RANGER, Tex. (UP)-A 10-cciit bill, issued by the United States [overnmenl In 187*, according to nscrlptions on Us faded sides, Is n the possession of Edwin George, Jr., cashier of the Commercial State Bank, here. Th. bill measures 2 by 3Vi inches. Owners of teams partlcipati!!- n the world series declare Ui?y cully do not make nn awful lot ot noney out of tlie gomes? SflU in the rrwrvcd Meltons of the grandstand during, thr worW series : ars sold only hi blocks of three, nlu'ch means a 'an has to part wllii either $16^3 or $19.80? , . ; . ' • • • . Watson, My Watfh! -< The shift In football Is'illegal unless the players come to a 'top for at least one second befor; :he center releases the ball, a:ul a pause of o.ily S-lp'of. a.wcoal supposed t odraw penalty? ; ; - ; Swe«t Cream Butter 25c Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk lOc Qt. Delivered Phone 74 Bulgarian Buttermilk 15c Qt. Go to Church Sunday STOVES - RANGES We bought 2 car loads of A lien's Stoves and Ranges A bankrupt stock, these stoves and ranges were bought) .at. one-half price and as long as they last we will sell at HALF THE REGULAR PRICE We tried to buy another car but they had sold out/If you need a stove orange this year don't wait until we sell out. Come in and buy now. Six Eye Range as Lou; as $17.95 HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 THE LONG AM) SHORT OF it ":;: GERMANY WANTS TO EOOAUtE THIS WAY rr WOULO A LOT SAFER. FOR. Au. IF "tVEQUALIZED THIS WAY/ AM ARkW BaUAJ. TO THAT OF FRANCE- Tlic White Sox actually defeated Lefty Gomez? . -..- •,. * • .. f .. , . . Pitchers 's'till persist .In^'posiiin^ Babe Ruth only to face LoiTOeh- vig? - ' :;f;, \- v . .-<> Poker players who raise" »•' pot on two pairs inevitably run into seme.guy with pat three? .-•• • •. * * • '• T«k* That! Colo».l! •••' •Manager Al Mhmaux ,«ron i pc-nnant as maneger.'of the: Newark Bears, when Colonel Jack Ruppert wanted another man for the Job last. spring? ,<he- pennant was .cinched, vn- '- jol back (o-New York f.arinr a nllroad " Diliy; Dean complains that he can't; get enough work? ' Brooklyn funs were afraid that Dazzy Vance, the year's bust as ti. TJitcher,: would be a holdout last spring? • ' • -Trjosc same Flatbush- fans nov nrr »frald he won't be a holdout neTt-'jpring. . : '.*'..''• • . » Th" Nabw Atqin. Pltase? : PhUIp Jackclski, who is no less than A., A. U. champion in the 50,000-meter walk, drives a taxicab 'tot a living? '.•''• • • • •. '• ' ,K»jr«-Don, lh_ Britiih speed') •re, tiirit vi n anything !• (he »»y »f trciihits on his lut visit, ' did marry am . Anerkaa - before Eolns lnm»T "'- - ' ,*l rt £ ln ' , •. r ,'fi. t '5*. ndei *r Cub pitchers, f? u?,, C ^ e3 "-e.tnat/every- dy; will be' wearing Bisters in t«».Noi« MB Harrtr ;Lou' Little, coach' ! of"Columbia says i he <fejirs Princeton?, t ,' ••••..' . ' • • '' The •Perdue" .when fv«y coach in the .Ten las rcry loti reuoa, 7J in .his .boots at men- Mon of the Boitttma&Hs? .Some of tite boys »r e picking He Traynor as manager of the Reds next yefir? , . . . / * • <» ' Wes 'Ferreil said he no longer cared to pitch for Pecklnpaugh after tiia manager had suspended b|m, and (hafhe has pitched some of the best• ball of his' career since getting; back' to the -team? Johnny.. Gp^dmMi;',<TeJeet*d- by Hu WalkeryCiip commlttet, "walked up. down;' across* arid-'over every Walker Cup player he met In the National Amateur? COOLEST SPOT IN TOWtf RITZ THEAIMj Thon-Uj and Friday // Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25c Night—10 and 30c /; See • '•• HOME THEATRE Last Time .Today—"Strictlv 1 Pishpnor.ibl(." with Sidney" Fox and Paul Lukas. Friday and Saturdar Adm.— Matinee and Night— .•ee. 'By Whife with Ben Lybn."•;>.':'/.; Serial—"Hero of the'Flames" And Cartoon ','.•. .ir Theatre^lrogram Every Day at-12;15 Over K-L-C-N. SAVEMONEY On This Bed Room Suite and Many Other Items In This beautiful fotii'-piec.o bctlroom suite can be bought either with Ihe triple mirror vanitv or with the dresser. All pieces are of high quality walnut veneer in a rich cpJitrnstiiitr effect. The poster type bed is smart in its graceful appearance. Price of the suite with vanitv is $QQ.50 89 \VITFl DRESSRR IN PLACE OF VANITY .. ?97.50 Other Bed Room Suites Priced from $29.50 Up GILLEN FURNITURE CO. WOMAN Tracy Shannon W1LLAM BOYD IRVING ; PICHEL JOHN BLYSTONE TOX Cartoon. Cemedy—"THg .Line's Busy? 5 Btty«;* ; j|f(t iif Of Value Here this rail Never h s avc:We' : been>abl ?< .t(,. i0 ffer.merchandise such <| as Nunn-Bush Ankle' Fa'shi&ried 'Oxfords and'' Dobbs « and Stetson Hata for a five-dollar bill . . the quality is the same .high standard you haye known for years an'd years. • •"<• •;'• ' •' • . .;'•-.> - .. ^ ^ ? Offered for the First Time ^ ' J Other Nunn-I.ush v' 1 ' Oxfot'ds ' • -'.'I : " $7 and, 9. ,. ' Again we score a big hit by offering for the first time , : Dobbs or Stetson Hats .•,'lt's a real treat for our. ; ;"patrons to be able to .' select a flat from these two famous lines for a .mere And another biff hit is Keller,* Heuman, Thompson Suits •. at the low price of R. D.HUGHES & CO CompJtle Outfitters for Men and Boys t **"ri*

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