The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1944
Page 2
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TWO •LTTHBVJLL1 (AKKJ COUBUM KIWI THURSDAY, APRIL 0, 1U-M- ' Jl * ' t Dinrier Pdrty Compliments Bonnie Garvctt Is Bride Recently MaVtied Coliple ( 0f Pfc. Lois E. Shatley Mr. .and Mrs.. ;Mear! Jontz en- tertaUied with an Informal dinner paity-lasl nlghk tn Joeclal compll- raent to ,lfittr boq .and s daughter- ln-laj, Mr. and MrJ Robert M JontV,»ho were recently married Mrs -Jontz Is the former Miss BeU£.C9lem!in, T0"of the most, Intimate friends of th» coupla were invited to attend Iho aftilf, given at Ihc Jontz horpe" on Chlckasaviba Avenue Dinner was served buffet stjle Irom*a- table featured with on ftr 1 raraerrient of pink And lavendar sneeTpe'as In a uystfll cowl, fl&nk- ed.wltli slender pink tapere ,n cn-stal' candelabra, Following dlni*r, contests evening „-—. &hd duilne nit Announcement was made today Wednesday Bridge Club Entertained Yesierday „ . . Lilacs arranged In two antique Ml- of the marriage ol Miss Bonnie vcr vases decorated the luncheon dairelt, daughter ot Mrs; Bessie table yesterday, \vhcii Mrs. W. H. darrett, to Pfc. LolS E. ,6hat1ey.. Mlnyard. entertained members of the The ceremony \vaS , Eoleintiizert Wedtosjiay Bridge Club and one Thursday night at, the jioiiie of ihe guest, Mrs, Marvin nolilrison, for officiating minister, the Rev. M. R.| luncheon and an afternoon bridge OrlffUv of Dell, •, , game. . ...... The bride wore a dress dr.&rLse] High score prize was won by Mrs. crepe, tiliiirned. with aqua, while Robinson, and second high by Mrs. Her accessories were In black. Immediately following the cere*, moivy Hie couplo left for a brief R n Ylr,/» KeUdlng'trlp [a j>6livts lii SoiiUicTri" L " 1(J )S t Arkansas. Mrs. Shallcy attended Blythevllle Charles Rose. High School and hns been employed, nl the Ben Franklin Stofe. Private ShiUley, the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. shall?) 1 of Parn- Pnlf>vlnin»vl tnlertatnea Mri, aeol-ge Pollock Jr.. Cards' with members of the 'hiw'ri and Country Club when member. 1 ) if that prgartizatiori were entertained y'e«tehifly. nfttrnoph by Mrs. a. *i. u. diui.iij ui mn\- i^ „ •.,•!_'•* . i .1 • , ••'•• i'.i" i i^, , Bould, hns served 32 mbiitlM • in 1 ™ Ruthtrtord al her Mburban AlBsJa nna Die Aleutians, return-, llo , n ; c " ,-.„; . , , ng to the United Slate's Ihst Week. 11 X"^ ,°C »'ncs and. Klanl yellow VM i s tcVwlri. RJo>in5on,. ana Mrs l li Mcuerme/tt/oMKlll, were guests or Mrs, A- O'Hall,yesterday when stfe entertained memb*r? of Hie \v!cdh«sclaj contract Club Jt ! liome on Heorn Street Tulips andj lilacs decorated I hostesses living room where bridge wjs plajed' High Ecorfe club prlic won awarded to Mrs James Y Oatea and sec- orM high to 1 Mrs Paul Prjor Mrb Rqblnson received gue*t prize ffhe Easier motif was carded out iii'the dessert course sencd He ifi now stationed nt Camp She)- jonquils..from^tliie-liasjess' (jardeu Mlss.j where Ihey plnn lo iiidke |decprate,d ;the entertaining' rooms .heir hoine. Mrs. ;Ppllock .received'high score •••",. . brlzc . and >,M«." o: 0... Lnngston Club Members Entevtaihed.^tr'f'' "^' """" All members of the Inltbil Club 1 • • • • were when ed that group'at her home. Mixed Spring flowers were nr- Bits of News / Costly Mrs. Joe Orr fetiihied to h6r liome lii ColleBe Slalion, Texas, /esterday nrteC a visit here .with U.T purenU. Mr. antt KirS. fi. I. ilaley niid oilier r'eiatlvti. Dl-s. Cnf-J arid Edna biles left iodny for Memphis where they will ;p<!nd several days, going down ^specially 16 attend the Nelson Eddy copcert 16 be given lohlghl hi, tlie Auiittor(ufti. •Miii feelle. Wiijslll of Jqhe4bor6 li spehtlb'ig tne week (i.ere .Mi g' ofjief skUr, SUsi : Allif:c. WliUsUl Corpi.' and Mfs; t*ori;Sbheref .^i! {;lurn < to, '. Tfiti ... ..Tt'olte'h :. Pielcl .'Jusiiiiig.irf. Y.,- tonight-.niler-'iiaV- liijt Wen called' thc;deat! last '., week. ••' bf.^Corporfil t Bchere'r's fniji?r, ^phri. M.''8cjiet;er.' ,.' ••••••'•' •'Bbli obo'drioli ^ retumeU' Tuescja'y riight, toj ParlSi^Te'riji'.;; afjer/spind' Seeks Recruits Play Tournament Will Be Held At Yarbro Friday The ninth 4-H Anmml One-Act Jornlgnii, Blnlc 4-JI club lender, will tilnys. here to help Judge Local P. E. 0. Members Attend Conway Meeting . — - : -- , -:•- —i Mrs. li, A. Lynch, Mrs. R. P, Piny Touriiiimcnt will be held at, ndshncr, Mrs. Farmer England, Yaibro on Friday, Apt!) 1. The (.Mrs. w . [,. Hohier nnd Mrs. ller- 4-H Clubs in North Mlsslsslj>pl jnoii Curllon left this nidrnliig for Cminly will compete for first, suc-lconway Ark., to uUcnd n two-ilay bud ami third bronze plaques. ' ' " " ~ ! — ' loving cup will be given to club which puts on the best In- bctv,'Mn stunl ami this given In tween plays. An individual en to the best nclor nnd ihc best actress. . A welcoitie address will »JB i.tiide by Jerry UolllnRSwortti, president of the 4-il Coimly Coiuicll. Mr, ,; Her pwii enilHislnsm U.'.S. Marine Corps Wpmeii's' Reserve inny ' be . one of.,tiie reasons why Strgt. MnrUyri Btrock Is pile most .successful recruiters of;his mother".";Mrs. E.' A,' Good- ^y : .[?l<-i. Sergeant ricK/tinii fami.i);. ....... »,,....B ..„„,.,„ „„,(; „,-,;, 7. :T -;-. t ----- ^ : . -j t ranged throughout the entertaining ?" members of the A.D.O. . Club ' ' >> -' ' Mrs. going -tnir yesterday,:afternb6n at her , home; day.^She Bunco prize wns awarded Mrs. wlien : s.Mrs. Tha'd Nlcol also noii rt (he JioGpl Novell, high score prize went * U< ?L .,.•_•,,.•,..; .. , .,;•.. I , W. ,W. to,Mrs. FrM Doyett and low to Mrt Herman May. A sniidwich plate with Iced drinks was «crvefl. THE DIXIE PIXIE SAYS: Km Margarine's the spread That makes your points seem bigger Add$ taste delight to any bread And gives you vim and vigor the tables were:art. Mrs. Toby iang reqclved i A.,Rqusn, f ,wh6..1s unjler- ;nl -at._'Bly.lSeVlrtc rtiutli iniproyed to- propably .femiilp. lii 'Buddy".Wiilsoh.rJr.', ,6f --- 11"=-.-— OsceoifV- left 'UiL» morning for = te . >'«?;.l two >H6gera- Fle^l, OHa,! (i, be wfth ,hU lor "ridge.• l/^'n, Tech. Befgt. WJnford: Watsofij pcpwpn nlffh '..;. .•. . '-. -— . ., : ;- t.; i^ high icore prte ;and , : MTS.:-Elbert' HUff- fiiah:secohd'hlgh. A salad coufs«:wB3 served. Ctidir Meiiibefs : of tiie FiSt Methotlisl . 6t the: Army 'Air Corps. whd-is-U _.nij - ••^i-.< .-,..,>.-• . « Virginia :^eedham, employed as . ^riaiiag who htti employed as . ^riaiiagtri of Ihc Weslerii Union, office' In .Pbcnon- (as, Aflc., has, been traiVifeliTed to Mcna, Ark.; where, she hovv Is serv- l»g a.s manager.-. slie Is The dailgh- Church choir and several guests.who tcr of Kir. and !virs.-Martin Need- are asslsUiii; chbjr mehibcrs in t|ie. ( ham of iilyUie'ville.- : , of, Hie Eaciiid caulatit, | Mrs. '6. G lahgston'Knd dtivigu- 9 world; and Blylhcvllle ' .of serving the . in tliis colorful arid ,lntcre'6llh(? branch arnieii forces.. fjhe has established a. ternr>b'rary 6t/lce on the second floor of the .City Hall where she Interviews , jiical women, between 9 anil 5 6'ciock dally. Womm between 20 aiid 35 nre especlalli' needed to 1 Handle non-combat Jobs so.• tliefc , will be more mbh available, for the flghtllig line. DIXIE Demand Ul AlH MARGARINE ,. VITAMIN FORTIFIED/. . . idn sa/e'Vt your grocers^ • BINGO April 6th, 8 P. M. LlGSOHHUf Admission 35c .FARM PRODUCTS FOR PRIZES Sponsored by unior Chamber of Commerce At the Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted— Mrs. lx)la Bnnis, Ahnorel. N. L. Hawkllis, city. Mrs. E. L.-.t,angley, city. hUrch entcrtahiW. ,, ,..„. fttlehd the'Neko'h Kddy, concert al The affnlr, felveh .In Uic,;-ccrea 7 Hils AudltofHiiii lorilght.,- .'. Ion room of the church; followed ! Ml s: Gifcii. Spmyberry . left yes• rehearsnl of the cahiatn , I lcrA ^ for Fort Behnlng. ' G:v, Circle mbhibers served - refresh- wj,^ s i, e .will; j6hv her iiusbiiiid, m . . .,'. . Sergeahl SpraylicrTyV who ; is slti- ,,.. ,T~ ^T~ 77 . .; tldiicd lii ere. -They plan to rhake Q1lal . c ,?l n « made In :lheUriHtd thc |r hoirie at Fpft, Behhihg. , / ^"^l>^ n » l ^ n Ai ? ^°!l 1 "J!f. §S v,^I^ TccU, Sorgl. Eriiest H. Wilson, is jiisl feiuriied 'from tlld :o • New Orleans. : fro1 "' Bbston ' M O 1:8 E,B ' S PfflEND, hh L-xfiulsltcly prc- ixlfcd eiholllont, la llsefiil in all contll-; . , tioniwhcfb5 Wand, ihlltl nhodyhd'miv!- eaRc nimum Irt akin lubHS-.tln:: Id dS- Blrcd. 0[ib condition In whlcli women for mqrg tban 70 ycivra have i)E£d It is an ftppllctvlion lor rnti(wa'Rlh^ the body during iircgtiindy.:.It-MclpS icep the Bkla tott rind 'pliable.. .thua Avoiding un— ----- Ir --bmfort Bile t.p.dryiic83 hnrt Alcutlnn Islands, tq j spend ix'23- tihy furlpitgli/with..^!); parenls,.Mr. nnd Mrs. : Erp'est-.-Wilson^pf Rt. 2; has gone tb^Sniyriia, Teiih.., to spcrid the .weekend' wlili lils.broi er, Lieut, fi. , V. .Wilioii;. He was accoiriptinled .to. femjniii by' t other brother, : feel! • .WiLsoh. . Atrs. jaines Lee ijrooks has returned here to nialtc her •_ iiomi with her parents, Mr; nnd Mrs.. A C. Hall, while flier husbiiiid.: Lleu- lennnt on :foreign'dtlly •Iileiite'hriht' and Mrs. Brooks have been making their home tit Riverside, CalhV tIMilllcw.. It refriaHW iind ftnes the EXtn. An.Idehl nias^agB application lor tbo nuoilj. , tinglbig or burning Sensations pi lne,Bklu ; . . for thri tired bacic muscles or cromp-lll* tiklnS IK the \(«i, Quicily nbsorliedl Delightful lo uie. Mother's Friend rBnvny.tocoM nn ,drojrfelflt ror MoUitr'i t Try ,t ibfllijS T/?e;Most Expressive—Least Coming Events .• FBIDAT . .-:;,'/ Mrs. Paul Byriim' entertaining -C B. C. Club. ;. - ,.. '•..,. , : 1. • .Dorcas .'ClftsS, . First . .Babtis ChUrcK, having' iuricritqri at church 12:30 p.m. ; : ' - , ' Ciiaptir "K 11 bf P/R Q. hblxl rniiclirig wilH.,Mrs: Hafry W Hnlnes, 4 p. ' ., . . Juhlof Cllrls' Auxiliary, of- Bapus Ch'iipei having EAatef.ejg' niirtl ~ home of Mrs. John T^ronei 2 i>; la Bryeansi city. •thrvllle Hospital dmiltcc)^ Lliji Mae Wilson, Liixoi'd. Tommy Wright, New UlSevty. MUs Virginia Warrlhgtbiii city. Mi-"!. Norvel Stover. Sleelc, Mo. ilsmisscd— Mis. Daisy .Pe.lcreplii city. -Mrs. nussell Cnrter niid bnbyi ity. .ivirs. Robe'rl Wilks null lihby, V.vuthersville, Mo. '"Memphis Methadl'rt Hospiful Miss Mnry Lee Fnmks, Os:cola. Women Who Suffer from SIMPLE Here's One Of the Best Home Ways .; To Help BuiEd Up Red Bloodl Yoii glrlB who sutler fiom simple on- tmtn or who -^osi: so much during monthly periods that you feel tired, weak; "dragged out"— due to low blood iroii — , start today — t ry Lyd !a Pi nkr liara's TABLETS — one ol the greatest tolbod-lton tonics you can huy to help tniild.upred blood to get more strength und-eneruy— in Buch cases. frakc'n as directed --I'lnkhatn's Tablets is one of the very best home waya to get precious tron into the blood, Jiist.lry them rot- 30 dhys— then sec If you, loo.'doh't rernarhnbly benefit. Follow label directions. U'orfJi tjyinyl Lydta Pinkham's TABiers FLOWER Nothing in the world even remotely approaches the perfection of natural beauty—the curve of a rose petal, the graceful sweep of a lily blossom—what could better express your feelings on Easter? Make flowers your Easter gifts ... for mother, the girl friend, for relatives . . . send a gift of beauty on Easter day. You 'can choose from a wide variety of cut flowers and plants now. Corsages Our Specialty! Trie Red Cfbsi asfced Chicicasawba District resident* to contribute $36,000 to the 1944 War Fund. The Red CrOiJ diked Mo to be chairman. I asked solicitors. All trie people were to this cause. They gave 536,246.56, tjreat many people to assist as to giro gertcroUi/y We Wire Flowers Anywhere &tenco* Hotel Bldg. phone 491— Hires 2747 Ttic people vtetc willing And anxious to Support the Red Cross. We went over the t6i> 16 subscribe the. largest hrholint thb district was ever called upon to give to the Red Cross. Tliefes people ire flric folks. I waul 16 llvnhk everyone who contributed trom Ihe MHo»l child's penny lo the business nun's f200. 1 am grateful (o everyone and know the service men will (jet 1&4 ctnls on thi dollar for every dollar you gave. Especially do I want to lliahk tht Courier News, Mississippi County Sentinel, Leachvlllo Star and KLCN for tlicif generous support. James Hill, Jr. CHAIRMAN 184* Rti Cross War Farid^ChlckMawbs District.' Energy-full "Vitamin Value" BACON stnte meeting of the P.E.O. Slster- ., the orjiaiilznllon. nnd Mrs. Cnrlton Is ntlcndlng the 'meeting ns.n del- cgnte from locnl chapter "D", Mrs. liorncr as delegate from chapter "N". They will return Saturday nliihl. Honoring Company M Home From Alaska . . . ANCE Company R Armory, S. 2nd Si. Thiirisddy Night, April 6th SF.VEN I'ECF, A)It KASF. ORCHESTRA MUSIC Admission $t.i(l Per Couple Cabaret Style With Easter FASHION IH Black Mdrdcdin with perforated quarter 95 In Brown Calf. 95 Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 'LISTEN TO KLCN •:00 k.rtti 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m Thursday and VJ1HIII -ElkSti-llIt The Family Shoe Store Fnramount News Selected Short Subject ROXY Matinees Sat. & Sun. Only Opeiu esch night 6:30; Starts 6:45 Opens Snnday 1:00; Slarts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sal. »nd Snn. Rarjaln Night Every Night Except Saturday. Kb passe* hnnoicd on Scn6»y si the Boxy. REPARATION Thrjradav and Friday V-T contains Vilsmln Bi tor yout rdvei. complex lor yout digestion, Iron tor NEW IMPROVED red blood, Calcium for stiong ooncs, tosidft Manganese, Co Extiaci V-T PREPARATION is a tailing Ionic lor every roerlObor 61 Iho lumly Don't doliy-gel a bollle todsy A VITAMIN Bi TONIC Lictuid Vitamin B Complex IroiA-GalciunvManganese-Copper knd MsH Extract BORUM'S DRUGS Selected short subjects.

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