Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 28, 1952 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1952
Page 16
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14 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1952 CLASSIFIED PAliE Classified ads Must be in by 12:00 o'clock noon to Guarantee Publication the Same Day — Saturday up to 11:00 a. m. DOOI BOAAOBD — bathe* WUI ma for HM3 OB U TST Happy'* Pet Shop teik Mi aiefsrtow ml PBOB. »»M ef STOVES OIL HEATER fEHVICE—Carburetor* Ml eotifleallr ettmati tad teated ffarrea'. Bottl. Su 1S00 WaJtoorlll* mad Phone 1844 tf rOB •OTTLCB OAS. Mm taataJlatleae Ph*** 1114, • KloaMB hotM Bowl. Mt Vernoa Hi Oraia (a PUP) OAS. « HELP WANTED WANTED—D!«b»««hcr al Blue R OOM Cafe, Apply tn person. WANTED—Man to eerre M Inrfstigator In Mt. V.rnon for nationally known eon- «.rn of hlrh standing: P»« t"n« on f S^h«. kJowlrdsr or busies and WW; erly values. Address Box DH. Mt. Vernon Rrgisler-News WANTED—Switchboard operator. S P-m. to 11 p.m. Hotel Emmerson. See Mr. Watson WANTED—Middle *«• or ,. C m I.™ «odI habit* to live in (arm hom^ keep h »5 .e for elderly m»». Write Boi M c/o Register-News. J1 WANTED—Experienced white woman for housekeeping end cooking, Mw Hours 0:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Phone 44«0. WANTED- Man *«r porter work. Hotel Emmerion. See Mr. Phillip*. » WANTED—At One. Office Secretary Must lie accurate typist. Permanent position with good salary for rljflit portion. Write Box 405 Mt. Vernon Giving; Experience^ & Reference WANTED—Middle aged woman tn wort.In home of elderly couple, days. Write Box H .H.. c/o Reglsler-New*. " WANTED—ixperlencefl waltres*. Apply In parson. Ltd. Cafe. " MISCELLANEOUS SISHE8T Price* pnld for «.U kind"> Flot* * Cherry. City Feed Co. 10i0 ^ war. — DITCH DIGGING, by 'machine, Jeep-A- Trenoh; Phone 1778-J. .Tub. Anderson operator. TO* HOUSE raising, basement digging, call 2687 after « P.m. »OR ROCk WOOL blown In Insulation, tree estimates, call Jabe Ander.on, Phone 1T76-J. - " TREE TOPPING. Trimming, save removal, any type Ireei, Call 2887 after 4 p.m. 13-1 APARTMENTS for rent—All modern turn- lehed. Private bathe. FrigtdairM. Auto, matle heat. Ill N. 16th. 1177. 11-20 FOB BENT — Nice 4-rooro unfurnished apartment. 400 So. 18th St., $36 month. Phone 2268. tf FOB RENT—One, two and three-room apartment*. Phon* 084. tf ONE—2-room furnlehed apartment: One— 1-room furnlehed apartment, Electrlo refrigerators, etoker heat. Utllitle. paid. 310 South llth. Phone 1681. tf 3-ROOM furnlehed modern apartment. Heal and utllltlee furnlehed. Close to Square, Ground floor, garage, couple preferred. Call 1D02-B. ll- 2 » FOE BEWT—Modern furnlehed baecment apartment, etflker heat, utllltlee turn, lehed. couple. 2441-RJC or 3862-J2. 12-1 FOB BENT/—It-room unfurnlibed apartment, rood location. Newly decorated. Call 6«2-W after 6 p.m. tf FOR RENT—4-room nnfurnlehed apartment Modern except beat Call Walter dyde. 1269 evenings or Inquire South Bide Dru# Store. 001 So 10th *» FOR KENT—S-room furnlehed or unfurnished apartment, heat furnlehed Phone 4B43W. tf HOUSES RED STEER fertiliser 3-12-12. delivered In 6-ton lota for only J45 a ton, now until January 1, 10B3 One ton lot $80. Better dock up BOW and «ave SB a ton, Lelan Carr. Phone 38B7-J1. tf FOR DRINKING water. Phone 3822-W1 or 3021 P. R Bullock. 12-8 PUMKA DOfl CHOW Oalld* Condition— It'll a flqnare Heal, a «»vorlU. • real treet for any dot Briar Prodno* 115 to. llth FOR TOP SOIL or fill dirt. Phon* 8S22-W1 or 8021. 12-S $12.30 EXCHANGE bnye 4B-plat* 24 month battery, all tax paid Egrptian Battery, Bo Tenth. . 1147 SPECIAL—While they leal— Radio free with each raa ranre Several make* Gae hot water beatere $80.06 See our Dem- onetrator Oil Heater without a flue burn, inr Several need oil healers, Selgler. Quak. er. S20 up Coal atove* S10 np Deed Ben. dlx woaher 880.60: Hamilton dryer elee- trie $80.60 deed Perfection oil range*. New radio tubee 26% off Shallane Bottle Oae and Service Warren'* iottle Oa*. 1300 Waitoavllle Road Phone 18*4. tf USED RADIO — A few Mty ew«« lenwli meeleli and kakle - eMdeh, Prleew fw ejejlek »k«. Featrwntitii'a 1111 •rMdway tf f ACUTJM OLUalU are tm emir kwl neee Haw aad need Part*, eervtoe. any make We real eleanare Pkoa* tSU. aty Hall Bid* O a •aford « Permanent Antlfreeee, $2,60. per rallon, while It laete Ulan Carr, RedJdenoe on Waltonvlll* Boad. If WRINQKR ROLLS fa* amr waerta*. •rtitt In *M f«>Na few wrlwtev. r ««tlMr(t «ii'f Radl* Salee. 11 IS arearwa*. rraa »Uki(» end dellveey Rlmw Sit. t» FOB RENT—Furnlehed 4-room rnttnun. Ilitlita unit water turtilahed. Electric r«- fH(r»r»l«r. Alno eloepln* room at 3(10 So. lllh. Marin Lanny Lent. 11-211 FOR RKNT—2-rnom cottaee, % bath, flirnlaheil. 1.10 E. rerklne. Phone 1163. 11-20 FOB RENT — 4-room. all modem hoimc, Rlnhvlew Road. Phone 108 or IIB1W after 7 p.m. Fred J. Mppi. 11-20 LABOE Ilvlna- room, cabinet kitchen, ntll- Hy room, oil boat, two Iwilrtmina, Imllt-ln bath. Attached garaite. Key 801 Main. Harlow Service Station. 11-20 FOB RENT—Modern, roomy houao, bnee- mcnt at 008 Taylor, fine location. Now heatlnr eyeteni. Iteaeonable, Alao modern houee at 700 Jordan. Phone 704. 11-28 FOR RKNT—B bedroom, modern houeo, with full bRdcinoril ami rarare, on paved atrcot—(113 So, 21 at. Title home la not and wilt not be for aale, Rent only $68 per month to reliable family,' R. T^eBnn Clarrlaon. Phone 2420, tf FOR RENT'—6-room modern hnuae. Phone 1213 or 4344. 11-28 FOR RENT—3-room nicely furnlehed eot lave. Olaaaed In porch, electric kitchen Call 3032-W 11-20 2ROOM furnlehed collate, cloee In. Couple or worlclnr rlrla. 120 No. 0th. Phone 2472. 12-1 WANTED—Workln* rirl to live In my home, No rent. Sue Mre. Walker at Illuo Oooee Cale between B and 1 p.m. H--28 BATE YOUR house covered with white aebeetoe abinrlea. For free eatlmatea call 3087 after 4 p.m. WANTED—Repair work; roofa, tluea. porchc». Khat havo yon? I>houe 1B8II. 11-«8 WANTED—Cabinet work, cornice corner eablnoti, earlo-cablneta. Alao cablnete re- topped. •!. O. Meynor, H02 So, 22nd St.. Phone 2II00-W. 12-20 CLEAN CONCRETE, jrarnro floor* and filling etallona. Sand blaallntr. Steam cloan- lnr, and epray pntntlttF, trailer* and truck*. Free eatlmnle. W. ». Pur»ley, Phone 0278 B26 N. Broadway, Contralla, 111. 12-2 COY AND ED FLOTA—Palntlnr ln»ide and out, Wall Waahlng, l'npor Hanrlnr and eteamlnr off paper. Phone 4B82-W or 3030-W. FOR UPHOLSTERY and ftirnllure repairing Phono OBS-W. J. L. Wlntrce, 18-23 COMPLETE Water Treatment. Oulllran Soft Water Servlco. 823 Oaeey. Phone 2116. ia-io FOR POST HOLE dlgglnr, lOo par bolt and up. Phone 38B7-J1, I/elan Carr. 18-10 FOR TIN CAN and rubbleh removal. Aleo light baullnr. Call John Shore*. 8843-J2 or 168LW. KEY* made. locKe repaired HAND SAWS ratoothed and filed. A. S. Hodge, 811 •outb 18th Street. 12-8 WANTED — Cabinet and light carpenter work, F. L. Ratlifl. 010 So. 24th 81. Pbona 8078-J. 1S-S DEAD STOCK WANTED—Call Dal* Bete*, •31 Mt. Vernon. Phone Count. tf MOST PLACES you may hare to wall two weak or longer for glaeeea We may make your rlajee* whlla Jrou wait Have your eye* examined once a year. Fifty different etylee to eelect from Dr. John W William*, Op tometrl.t. 110 North 10th Bt„ Mt. Vernon, m. ia-ao WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY—10—126 lb rllt*. Give price and deacriptlon. No while*. Henry Marlow, fl mile* north, Salem Road. 11-28 WANTED TO BUY—Good quality Pig*. B0 lb, elie. Cll» Cherry. Phone 3S83-J 12-10 WANTED—To buy Fnrrt Tractor outfit. State model and price. Harold Hyde, lion- nie. 111. 11-28 WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO BENT—About 1800 .quare feet ground floor waruhouae apace, with L B 6 block* ot 12th & Urnailway, Mt. Vernon Tire Service. Phone 2142. tf FOR RENT APARTMENTS FOR RKNT— 1 room* turntihrd apartment Modern except heat. Phone H272-W. 12-B FOR RENT—2-room modern apartment, 708 So. 84th, Phone 2U70-W. ia-2 FOR RENT—Four room*, nnfurnlehed Duplex apartment, nice. 70S Perklne. Phone 3208-VF, 11-20 FOR RENT—Combination living and bedroom furnished apartment, electric kitchen, oil heat, Wcat. Phono 2JU-W. tf FOR RENT—Modern furnished apartment, garage, furnace heat. Utilities paid. Adult* only. Phono 077-J, 2413 Perkins, tf FOR RENT—I Urge unfurnished rooms, reasonable rent. Phone 381-W, 12-2 FOB RENT—Nicely furnished 4-room all modern apartment, first floor, available Dec. 16th or before. Private bath and entrance, adults. Also large clean sleeping room, private bath, olose in. Phone 2344. 11-20 FOR RENT—Clean, all modem 3-room unfurnished apartment. Automatic heal, private entrance, good location. Paul Ncl- »on, 301 So. 22nd. Phone 3033-W. tf FOR RENT—3-room furnt»h«l apar'nient, private both. 712 So. 18th St. Phono 2884, 11-28 FURNISHED apartments near Wagnar Electric, Car Shops, Auto-Ute and Hospital. 1 to 4 rooms. Modern except heat. Also 4-room unfurnished apartment near aho* factory and garment factory, with private bath. Call 4104. 13-1 New 4 room modern bungalow, hard- mod floors, bulftln bath, garage, van*, tlon shade*, bulltln cabinets, SW cor. nar 25th and Jones. Lock It over and If Interested make us an offer, COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 8160 — 1009 Main FOR RENT— i -room houae, in , •uburb«, $30.00 month. Inquire Gingham Kitchen or call 400. tf FOR RENT — rurnl*h*d R-room modern house. 61S So. 80tb Phon* 1880-J tf ROOMS FOR RENT—Modern »Ioeping room, ladles, kitchen privilege*. 3 blooka from Square. Phono 1380-W, . 1 11-20 FOR BENT—Gentleman, modern sleeping room, good heat, private entrance adjoining bath. 214 No. 12th. Phone 738. tf NICE large sleeping room*, double or •ingle Stoker beat, good parking apace Phon* 4018. 42B Na. »U>, tf TO GENTLEMAN—Coufortabl* modern bed room, eloae la oa aula! atraat. Ph 13S-J. tf MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALS)—100 fb flour bagr*. CO* each or $2 pat doien Hawkins Bakery. tf FIRE GXTINOUIsnKRo—Ail types and •lzee ot Randolph Fir* BxtlnruUbar* at Oenoiat Bros Hardware. tf GOOD USaUJ appHaeoM' aWfMfaralot*. Oas Btoraa, Elaetrle ItovM. Karnaan* Btavat. faadlo* Talavtataa Seta From 16.00 Boy on laay Taraa Goody*at Barrio* Store Pbona* tlOl or 1001 tf ifOU 8ALB—Complau raataoraat tutor** Phon* 40S. W FOB SALE—Tired ot Ironing wttk row beery weigh I (roof iYad* It In today on new Steam Featherweight Iron at F*»th eratun'a Moat all brand* on dieplay tf AUTOMOTIVES FOR SALE—Chevrolet Delivery truck, good condition, bargain. Terms. Earl Garrison, 281.1 College. Phono 3540-.T. 12-2 FOR SALK—'40 Ford B-paasonger coupe, good condition. Phono 2142-W. • 11-20 FOR SALE—1040 Chevrolet, good condl. lion, good tiros and hoator, reasonable^ Call ,'!008-I after 4 p.m. 11-20 FOR SALE—lOBOFord Custom Tudor. Ov. nrdrlvo, hoator, white sldewall tlrea, 3 now, One owner. Phone Bluford 3038. 11-28 FOR SALE—'48 Dodge Coupe, good condl tlon, well equipped. Day 408 8o, 20th, Phone B60; Night 2306 Herbert, Phone 102H-W. . 12-2 FOR SALE—Ponllac 8 Silver Streak, 4 door, really clean, Phone 700. 11-20 FOR SALE—1061 G.M.C. Pickup Truck, Deluxe Cab, excellent condition, B uow tires. Phono 3213-J alter 4:00 p.m., 1102 So, 23rd St, 11-20 FOR SALE—3-plece child'* enow *ult ale* 1, Ilka now, Now pair child'* shoos size, 4, snmo Junior dresse* and slack*, slue 0. Call 240B-W. 11-28 CLEAN USED ear* boiiffBt and aold. Trad*, Term* Moore Motor*, Waltonvllla Road at 12th Ph 30S8-W U CHICKS SWIFT'S Strain Tested Chick*. Hatching each Tuesday. Swift'* Hatchery, 600 Coaey. Phone 662. tf COAL WASHED Stoker $0.26; 8x7 lump coal $8.60. Clarunc* Phillips. Call 3627. tf BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT-—Space for small budnea* or office, neat and light* furnished, reasonable, Phon* 1702. tf FLOOR SANDERS and Polishsr* at Welga't, North *lde Square. tf FOR RENT—Office «pac*. north aid* of Squar*. Call 004. tf FLOOR IANDINO.. floor Ul*. plaaU* wall til*. Fro* Mtimat* Satisfaction guar, anteed. Phon* Raymond Ddmlaoa. 4fl68>IX or Roy II ays. 1B17-J tf CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE II «m ^!WxWW^IWSW «l(Kst», CHRISTMAS Suggestions at Herbert's! Watches, Diamonds, Pearls, Rhinestones, Billfolds, Ruxors, Dresser Sets. Identa, Watchbands, Pens, Pencils, Lighter*, etc. Tliat'e at Herbert the Jewolor. 313 Soifth 10th alreet, 12-24 28 Aorea, va«itnt, Salem Road, '/j mineral FlRhts, $4000. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone SI SO — 1000 Main FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS COLDS? You should not have them tl\l» winter if you start now on your COLD SHOT TABLETS, 0 weeks supply $1.17, Douglaa Drug Co. 12-4 KINDLING—Bundle kindling. Browning Coal Co. 421 So. 12th. Phone 1031. 11-20 FOR SALE—Boys brown lopcoat. »t*n 14; wool shirt, site 10. Cornel. Call 141B. 12-B FOR SALE—Groceries, A general assortment at less than wholesale. Value $1,000.00. In wnall lota or large. Earl G»>. rlson, 2811 College, Phono 364D-J. 12-2 FOR SALE—0x12 Wool Rug; bed springs and matlress, 327 So. 18Ui. 11-20 TWINKLE LITTLE Christmas star, see our rugs how clean they are, Fina Foam. Benolst Bros, 12-3 FOR SALE—Baby beefs, butchered on order, halves, wholes or quarter*, 4B and BOc. Cyril Barton, K mile North of Wal- lonvllle. 12-2 MACHINE permanent* $4.50. Machlnelese $8.00. Cold Wave $6.00. 98.60, 17.50, $8.60 and $10. Phone 1414. 13" 8 rooms, lights and water, new roof, House In good state of repair, Wostcott street, $2650. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 3150 — 1008 Main FURNITURE FOR SALE—Dining room suite, 0' pieces, bargain, $00.00. China cabinet, buffet, table and 0 chairs. Can be seen anytime, Phono 2420. It RADIO & RADIO SERVICE RADIO If RVICB - CALL 111 — FREE PICKUP A NO OtLIVCRY W* raaak •nd nrraas *w» eadla fallat* tst «s»«r««iw with m*d»r* *aaln**rlita arlMla***. Th* malt i* a aaaraataad •*tt*f «*a *ry tab. Art FaatHarataa. Hit Braadway. TtJba* «a***d fra* of atiaraja. M FOB EXPERT radio repair, eafl Warraa'* Bottl* Oa* Pbona 1644 tf ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RBFBIQEBATOB BBftTIOB oa aD ajaba* refrigerator* aad air eondiuoa equipment rr*d Bkaara Phoa* 1487 tf MARKETS •y A**a*fat*d Prma ^WALL STREET By Aissel*t*d Pr«»« NEW YORK. — Another new high for the year was established today by the stock market with a strong advance. Railroads and steels led the rise with pretty fair support from the remainder of the list. There were, however, some soft spots in scat-, tered areas. Volume expanded on the rise to an estimated 2,100,000 shares. That compared with 1,920,000 shares traded Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. Today's action came on top of the 1952 high mark established by the market Wednesday. Higher stocks included Seaboard Railroad, New York Central, Texas Co., U. S. Steel, Studlebaker, American Cyanamid, and United Aircraft. Lower were Anaconda Copper, Union Carbide, and Amerada. U. S. government securities were steady in the over-the-counter market. Thanksgiving Day Bird is a Stork By Associated Pr«» BERLIN, N. H. — The third Thanksgiving Day baby—a boy- was born yesterday to Mrs. Wilfred McCready. The McCready's two other children also were born on Thanksgiving Day, Louise in 1943 and Richard in 1949. WASHERS FOR SALE—Automatic Apex Waaher, new, Leas than half price. Earl Garrison, 2S11 College. Phone 3540-J. . 12-2 BBNDII automatic washer repair *errtoo Alio part* Warren'* Bottl* Oa* Phone 1844. tf CHICAGO PRODUCE By A**oel*t«d Preis CHICAGO — Butter firm; receipts 348,609; wholesale buying prices unchanged to % cent a pound higher; 93 score AA 68.5; 92 A 68; 90 B 67; 89 C 65; cars: 90 B 67.25; 89 C 65.75. Eggs unsettled; receipts 7,619; U. S. large whites 52; U. S. large mixed 51; U. S. mediums 46; U. S. standards 45-48; current receipts 40; dirties 36; checks 33. HOUSE TRAILERS MOBILE HOMES With pinln* Space Bit enough for * New arrangement* of Interior* give small house room. Trailer* up to 40 ft lengtb available. Choose the model or size you wont from th* biggest dealer In thla area. Terms, trade- in*. Open tvenlng* and Sunday. SALES and SERVICE ROGERS TRAILER RANCH Ranteul, llllneis REAL ESTATE HOUSES FOR SALE OR TRADE—Equity in home In Salem for small homo or farm or merchandise. Earl Garrison, 2811 College Phono 3540-J. 12-2 FOR SALE or rent, 6-room house In Dlx, 111. Write or see Alice Dobb», Dlx. 12-1 FOR SALE OR TRADE—New brick 3-bcd. room house with large attached garage Carpeted living room. Ceramlo tiled bath and kitchen. Oil heat, near city park. Price Is right. Call 1480-JX. 11-28 FOR SALE—1-room house with full base. ment and bath on So. 16th St. 8-ROOM3 on Jones St., near 12th. Can uae •mall truck on this on easy terms. J. R. Winn, 800 So. 17th. 11-20 FOR SALE—By owner, B-room house with basemsnt at 820 So. 18th. 12-16 GROCERY and Meat Market, with 4-room modern apartment attached. Furnace heat, doing excellent business. Priced to soil. Inquire Box W M. Mt. Vernon Reg tstor-News, tf SPARTAN and LlnU-craft Trailer Borne*. 8 body style*, priced from $2,000 to 18.000. Central Pontlao Co., Centralla, Dl. tf SE corner of llth and Perkins, 50 by 75 feet lot, a good business location, $1750. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone S1SO — 1009 Main MOVING NEW and USED furniture. We boy, eell and trad* West Bid* Furniture. 1818 Perkln* Phone 4441. tf , WALTER HUGHES—Local and stale-wide I moving, experienced and equipped. 114 No. 0th Street^—Phone 2680. 12-18 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ICE COLD cider, fancy packed apple*, tree ripened oranges, pure country aorghum, all kinds of nuta, nice eweot potatoes and squash for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Wtlk- orson's. 1600 So. 10th. . 11-28 APPLES—Red Delicious, Jonathan*, several oilier varieties. By bushel or truck load. Formerly Tommlo's Market, 811 So, 10th. 11-28 FOIl SALE—Apples. Red and Golden Delicious, Jonathans and Wln*«ap*. 1. O. Riley. 1310 So. 12th St. 11-88 5 rooms, modern, full basement, garage, north, $6800. COX & BOYLE REAI T TORS Phone 3150 1009 Main LIVESTOCK FOU SALE—2 good milk goat*, $20 each, Happy's Pel Shop. 11-20 FOR SALE—8 heavy sows, 60 pigs, 8 weeks old. Henry Marlow, 0 mile* north, Salem Road. 11-28 FOR SALE—a fat hogs. James Housewnrth 1021 Gilbert St., Mt. Vemon, IU, 11-28 FOR SALE OR TRADE—Weaning pigs. Lennio McDonald. Waltonvlll* Road. Ph. 3011-W3. 11-20 FOR SALE—Guernsey cow, sound, freshen soon. Also small baby bed. Phoue 3042- 1V1. Alfred Moger, Bonnie, 11-20 UPHOLSTERING .and Slipovers. Aleo custom made furniture, Fro* estimates. Free pick up and delivery within 70 mile radius. Office hours 0:00 a, m.—6:00 p. m.. Monday through Friday. Saturday 0:00 a. m. 12:30 p, m. "Satisfaction Guaranteed." Artlatle UphoUterlng, 1701 So. 10th. Phone 1702. u FOR SALE—fl'xfl' braided rug, good con- dltlon, $16. 3220 W. Broadway. tf TRY BEAMONS French Dressing at all leading grocery stores. Try It, buy It. you'll Uke It. 12-18 I.H.0. baler twin*. $13.80 per bale unlil D*c. 31, 1053. Buy now. Sav* $3.76 a bale. Lelan Carr. Phon* 3857-J1. U WATCH your hiaJUt A clean body gel* rid of cold*. Be safe. Be *ur* with O'DANGIS. Douglaa—Drug*—Kreb*. tf 4 r*oms, modern, I furnaces, large utility room, hardwood floors, bulltln bjth and *abln*ts, plttur* window, (a. Zznd street. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phono I1S0 — 1009 Main FOR SALE — Duroca, IS weaning pig*, 10 boors, $16 to $80. Clarence Stroud. Toll* Road. Phon* S008-W3 after 4:30 p. m. tf MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CHOICE selections of *r*ry typ* of Mn*4- cal Instrument*. Term* Rental* L**«ons, accessories. Vaxel's. 816 So. 17th. 13-1 PETS FOR SALE—Pekingese Puppies. 1405 Jone* St. 11-20 FOR SALE—Collie puppies, registered, sable and white, 8 weeks old aud out of champion stock. Runners Reel Kennels, J. L. Smellier, Flora, 111. 11-20 PUPPIES — Bostons, Scolties, Pekingese Dachshund, Cockers. Fox and Rat Terriers, Collies, Spit* and German Shepherds. Schafalo, 71M E. Main, Marion, 111. Phone 016-W. 11-30 DOGS BOARDED In heated kennel. Individual run*. Toy Peking*** at stud Phon* BOB-J Ma* Calendar. tf I acre, 5 room home, modern except I urnace, east hard road, S6650. pipe furnace, built in cabLteta, COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 8150 — 1009 Main MISCELLANEOUS 1 WILL not be responsible lor any debts or chocks made by anyone but myself. Billy Jack Foust. 12-2 NOTICE—Allan'* Honi* Mad* Ice Cream at 100S Jordan 1* again open dally from 8:30 a.m. unUl » p.m., except Monday; 13-10 DR. JOHN W. WILLIAMS, Optometrist. 118 Norta 10th II.. ML V*rnon, ni ••16-83 NEW HEARING Aid* a* low a* 176.00 Batter!.. William* Jewelry. 110 No 10th. Mt. Yernoo. 1-10-68 It OTIC*—Complete well drilling aad wales *y*ten ujatallaUoa and *errlea* Bays*. * BcheU. A a 1. Sett Dl Phon* 1106 V airfield. tf MARION LODGB No 11, I.O.OF. meet* •very Tueeday. 7:30 p m- 111 Me. 10th Visiting brother* welcome. tf LOST LOSI?—Between Emmerson City and Sesser light brown tarpaulin. Finder please no Illy Montgomery Ward, Mt, Vernon, Re ward. 11-28 LOST'—Lady's rod leather billfold, containing identification and money. Reward 721 So. 23rd. Phone 1183. 11-28 LOST—Brown and white Pointer bird dog One mile eaat of Ina. Terrlll Thompson, B08 So. 21at. Phone 3B24-W. 11-28 IN MEMORIAM In memory of Johney Bilderbeck. Wo loved him, yes. we loved him, But Jesus loved him more: And ao ho gently called hint, To yonder shining shore. Sadly missed by: FATHER. |HULJi_MJHtL Many a checkered cartwr has ended In o striped suit. •*«*. UNUSUAL VALUES 1 rooms, completely modern, d*> ilrahle west location, hardwood floors, full basement, extra slse electric water heater, built In kitchen and bath, built on gar* age, choice lot,- landscaped COX & BOYLE •Phone 9180 LIVESTOCK By Associated Press NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (USDA). Hogs 12,000; 190-230 lbs. $17.15-$17.25; some $17.35 early; later top $17.25; 230-270 lbs. $16.75-$17.15; liberal number 230250 lbs. $16.85-$17.0O; 280-350 -lbs. $15.75-$16.50; sows 400 lbs. down $15.25-$15.75; heavier sows $13.75$14.75; few heavies $13.25; stags $10.50-$13.50. Cattle 1,100, calves 300; commercial and good steers $22.00$27.00; few good and choice $28.00$29.00; utility and commercial cows $13.50-$16.00; canners and cutters $10.50-$13.50; utility and commercial bulls $15.50-$18.00; cutter bulls $13.00-$15.00; good to prime vealers $24.00-533.00; utility and - commercial $15.00-$23.00; culls $12.00-$13.00. Sheep 1,100; choice and prime lambs $22.50-$23.50; top $23.50; mixed good to prime $21.00-$22.00 part deck choice to prime 117 lbs. $22.00; load good and choice light' weight yearlings wool pelts $19.50: utility and good wooled lambs $15.00-$20.00, few culls $10.00 $12.00; cull to good ewes $4.00 $5.50. CHICAGO POULTRY By Associated Press CHICAGO — (USDA) — Live poultry steady; receipts 124 coops; f. o. b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 24-27; light" hens 19; roasters 32-35; fryers or broilers 38.5-40; old roosters 18-20; ducklings 30; turkeys and geese not quoted. ST. LOUIS PRODUCE By Associated Pre** ST. LOUIS — Produce and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, unclassified Iowa 41-43; consumer grades A large 49-51. Butter, 90 score 66-66%, 89 score 64% -65%. Fowl, commercial fryers and broilers, reds 33-34; roasters over 4'lbs. whites 30, reds 28. Others unchanged. Brick business building; in Opdyke, HI., facing Route 460, 91500. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 8160 — 1009 Main Fir* iniurinee, written end peyable en e "centinueui", er perpetual annuel betit like life insurance, instead of the usual 3 year term, cuts your immediate cash outlay by TWO-THIROS! Without obligation we will gladly explain our rates and payment plan and show how you may SAVE MONEY with our new, standard, broad form, non-assessable, fire insurance policy that provides many new features of coverage at no extra cost. W. R.TRAVELSTEAD 1504 Broadway, Mt. Vernon, III. Phone 4200 INSURANCE EXCHANGE ^fesaw*^ Buy Now on GOODYEAR'S XMAS LAY-A-WAY PLAN BE FIRST AND SAVE KEYSTONE AMERICA'S FINEST ALUMINUM STORM-SCREEN WINDOWS AND DOORS FULL-LENGTH PIANO *\ j HINGE I CASH GRAIN By Associated Press CHICAGO — Cash wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.66; No. 2 1.64%-66; No. 3 1.61%-66%; sample grade 1.51%-65%. Oats: No. 1 white 91%. Barley nominal: malting 1.3581; feed 1.28-32. Field* seed per»| hundredweight nominal: sweet 38.00-39.00; alsike 30.50-31,50; timothy 13,50-14.00; red clover 30.00-31.00. Soybeans: none. Vacant, S rooms, modern, hardwood floors, bulltln bath, full basement, pipe furnace. This Is a Cape Cod style home. Cherry street. West. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 3150 — 1009 Main lbs MtMtwfcKtvrer of ( LN^ AlumMwm Storm-Screon Windows brings you feature* not found bt\ any other moke. "S/i'm-t/nVj baauty thai crcotnfs (tie design of yow home ... engineered a specially for your comfort . . . faff Jengm door hinges for iitent iwofection. Chswkr STONI Pea' tvreis - - Get tfte) KITSfONI rOr |**OTllliBj the KEY- Tractor Tire TROUBLE? Phone 1101-1003 PLATS FIXED rigfit on the spot. CUTS an'd BRUISES repaired. LIQUID FILLING drained and replaced. TUBE VALVES replaced. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE O. B. (DUTCH) REED, Mgr. 328 S. 10th St. — Phone .1101 ROLL TICKETS 2,000 In Roll Double or Single Numbered i Double Roll $3.00' Single Roll $1.75 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS CO. TEMPERATURES Rockford 25 10 Moline 25 10 Quincy 28 9 Peoria 28 10 Rantoul 29 15 Springfield 29 12 Vandalia 31 15 Scott Field — 33 19 Mt. Vernon , 34 21 11 acres, ail tillable, new hog tots, 6 rooms, garage, hog houses, east, all weather road. This Is a clean place and worth the money. $4250. COX & BOYLE REALTORS Phone 8150 — 1009 Main OfM USED FURNITURE CLEARANCE 2 PC. LIVING ROOM SUITE Blue velour—Good condition 3 PC. SECTIONAL SUITE Beautiful slip covers. Like new. $4995 2 PC LIVING ROOM SUITE Wine. Channel Back $4995 STUDIO COUCH Good spring construction $2450 2 PC LIVING ROOM SUITE Choice of two .Only $995 PLASTIC OCCASIONAL CHAIR $095 Choice of green or yellow O PRACTICE PIANOS Many to choose from Priced from $4995 FULL SIZE BEDS Metal or wood Choice $995 FULL SIZE BEDSPRINGS Good selection ODD VANITY Plank top. Good condition $1250 SMALL DRESSING TABLE Triple mirror. This is a dandy $14 95 MATCHING BED AND VANITY Walnut finish. Large round mirror ..... 30 IN, R0LLAWAY BED Has innerspring mattress .. $995 $895 KITCHEN SAFE 2 glass doors. Lots of storage 5 PC. WOODEN BREAKFAST SETS Dropleaf table. Choice of two 5 Pc. Porcelain Top BREAKFAST SET $0 J .95 Refectoryjeaf. Chrome chairs : £ST WASHING MACHINE Needs some repair ..... SJ250 SPEED QUEEN WASHER Looks and runs like new $4995 ELECTRIC RANGES Good selection. Priced f„rom $1495 GLASS SHOWCASE 8V2 ft. You haul it.. $500 KELVINAT0R REFRIGERATOR A bargain at this price $3250 MAGIC CHEF GAS STOVE A real value. See this stove .., COAL HEATERS Good selection ... Priced from HOMETOWN OUTLET 921 So. IOHi — Cor., 10fh * Conger

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