The Miami News from Miami, Florida on January 22, 1957 · 28
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 28

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1957
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i SB MIAMI DAILY NEWS, r y LA"'' . -.Nar- 1 awxrawriawa TODAY'S HEARTBURN Aln Gal tlli f a elub meeting in th Bronx. Th chairman stood up. "All thot In favor", h laid, "lay l" No Contest Some day- ago a friend of this corner said he'd try to arrange fight between th snaket used in bistro dance acts by Ptrena and Zorlta (Ugh!) As of now, there'll be no contest between the snakes but after today there will be a hair-pulling contest between the snake-owners. It seems there's a bit of animosity between the two girls. The enmity runs something like this: ZORITA: "Petrona is no snake dancer and no entertainer, and if anything less than Incompetent she couldn't have been bitten so often." ' PERONA: "Zorita used baby snakes with a taped mouth and, besides, she's too eld to lift a snake of any size!" No Retirement "Sorry, I won't be in Miami this winter as I go to London at the end of February", writes Sophi Tucktr from Beverly Hills, Calif. ALSO, there's no retirement for Sophie, celebrating birthday No. 69, and 53 years in show business. "The big Stage Manager upstairs," she says, "will give me notice when to quit." . No Jokes A cabbie' checking a pair of newlyweds Into the Eden Roc swears he heard this: She: "Let's try to make people think we've been married a long time". He: "Okay, honey, you carry the bags." Milos Cilarda, who'll open in the "Havana Mardi Gras" show at the Lucerne this weekend, is a double for Cantinflas. Only he's faster. Got here from Havana in an hour! The Mighty Panther, up at the Malayan Lounge, is introducing a successor to his "Big Bamboo" calypso tune. It's called "The Biggest Bamboo!" (Page Superman!) Larry Storch, at the Empress Hotel's Regency Room, says his physician advised him to give up wine, women and song. So he's giving up song. , No Foolin' New disk jockey for WFEC: King Coleman, lately of WIOK, Tampa . . . Press agent says that at the Hollywood Home Show Saturday, a diving horse from Aquafair will cut the ribbon to open the show. (Must have sharp teeth.) . . . Note from Sylvia G. Halpert of 515 SW 65th Ave: "We were at the Olympia Theater on Wednesday night to see 'The Ten Commandments' and am wondering if you ever sat in those old seats with the springs almost coming through. How about asking the Olympia for some new seats?" . . , February Coronet has a feature about "America's Most Beautiful Models". None of 'em from Miami . . . Same month's American Home profiles Jan Fisher's Miami Beach home . . . Berni Mayerson's string trio at the Golden Strand hotel . . . Bing Crosby on the Phil Silvers TV show tonight. No Biz (Like Show Biz) Gay Hess, who last danced a solo in "Ziegfeld Follies" on Broadway twelve years ago, is soloing again in the Latin Vs "Ziegfeld Follies" . . . The Populaires, a musical quartet at the Americana Hotel, spent ten years working at the Greenbrier hotel, owned by the C & O Railroad, in White Sulphur Springs, West Va. They took part of their salaries in C & O stock and today they have what they laughingly call "major interests" in the railroad T . . LaRue, a newly-named Miami Beach strirpery, opens Friday with a "death at the guillotine" dance. When the Jungle Club heard about this they immediately planned to offer a "danc of the seven electric chairs." ROUND MIAMI BKTTT'S LOBO LOCTVGB feature Aggie Dawaon, Church Cinnamon, Frank! Hart, contlnuouj antartaln- CARRIAGE HOl'PE Featuring Frank Caslar, piano styling; Contlnuoua from 10 p.m. till a.m. CITY. CLt'ft Girl allow featuring Penny Parker, Jack! Lane, Dollla Ryan, Laura b&rnee, Jen MaHoney, Pi'iuita, PatU Lea, Paula Fox, Ronnie Roberta, femcea, othera. Cont. GAIETY Glrlla enow, Zorlta, Ada Diaz, Jill Evans, Tinta Ling, Jean-ale Chrlatlan, Mlahka, Joyce Sum-mere, Conma Lee, Carlen Xeiler, Rita Barry, Candy Car eon, Marl Rtowe. M. C. GIRI.ESK BAR Randy Scott, Oacel-la, Jan Starr, Atoma, Lor! Irla, Joy Davis, Dory 'Shay, Rita Russel, m.c. : contlnuoua. GIKMiRAMA Buries (how with Angel Lovell. baroa Lynn, Jerri, Ru-Ma-Tax, M. C added Lollta; contlnuoua. JINGLE CLrB Voedo Revue burlesque anew with Blendette, Mary-Ann, Lollta Peru, Cocoa Belli Bond, the Voodoo Ctiorue and ot here MZKri'R'aj MT MO BAR Contlnuoua musical entertainment with Etta Vogel Elsie Groea and Peggy Zvana, nlghtlv aongfeet. PREVIEW LOUMOE Feature Kaney Lee and Ann Colette, vocalists. Bally Wataon, erganlet; Music for dancing by Lou Gentile and Preview Orcheatra. BANCHFR LOUNGE Entertainment featuring Th Tun-Toppera plua Remarkable Rubin at the plan bar. Contlnuoua till I a-m. RAINBOW INN Girt enow with Nora Ford, Lorelei, Ann, Linda, Pat, Maria, Terry, othera; ConUnuou entertainment. VAGABOND CLrm The Vaa-bonda In person, plua Ronnie Eut-man, Conn Mann and The Rhy mettea; The Mccormick and Danny Roger in the lounge. MIAMI BEACH AMT.RICANA Bal Manque Hopper tlub) Featuring Marguerite Plana, singer; Jimmy Nelson with Dawn O'Day; Lo Barrangoa, mambo team; Jo Relchmaa and hi orch.; Dave Leiter and hi orcheatra. BAR OP MliKIO Bill Jordan and Gina Vnlente, Out Rennle. Harvey Bell, Clara Fieri, Vivian Lloyd, Norm Geller. CADILLAC Goldea Lounge) Weela Gall, i Coot, to J a.m. COTTON CLrB cab Calloway. Sal-He Blair. Lonnte Rattln, Norma Miller dancera; Th Ortolea, and 24 Be pi a Girls. TONIGHT s in th R00M Connoou muite, dancing . and mlimal enferfammenf CALYPSO EDDIE mi kis .Carle lilieseri w SERGE VALDEZ TRIO AMPLE PARKINS Na. Coy. Ni Mln. mums mviiztii& ( 1 union 1 Tudoy, Jonuory 22, 1957 HERB RAU TOWN DREAM LOUNGE Ted Forrest Quintet with Joan Harrison. Alio th Paragon. Cont. to S a.m. EDEN BOO (Cat Pompeii Mlltoa Berle, Betty George, Leonard Buea, Metropolitan Sextet, The DunhllH, Wnrtnn Troupe. EMPRES HOTEL (Regency Room) Larry storch, Lillian Hayea, Mandy Campo' orcheatra; 1 chows nltely. HARE.H Burleaque; Lenny Koaa, Robin, Theresa Garcia, Rio, Pat Carter, Nolo Appollo, Dyna, Denlae, Lydla. Mona Lake; contlnuoua to - five a.m. LATI$ QUARTER "Ziegfeld Follies" starring Dominique and caat of 60, George Mataon, Gay Heas, Simon McQueen, Tamarr Benamy, Alfons Berg. Bob Kennedy, Lynn Christie, Pamela Dennla, Vlng Merlin and hi violin beauties, Latin Quarter show girls; Dick Paul Orch. In Mademoiselle Room; Vlng Merlin, Pamela Dennis and Danny Lapln and hi string orchestra. FONTAINEBLEAU (La Rondo) The Rita Brothers: June Vain. aln cr; The Half Brothers; Sacaaa and his orchestra. LIFE BAR Strip Buries!; Marlen, Martha Gresham, Lynn Btarr, Geo. Caroliy, ghebe, Jo Jo Goatel, comedian; Nancy leant. Onyx Night, Mary Jane. LITTLE CLUB Burlesque with Pvra; Caiol Shannon, Motelle. Pat Matthews, Ginger Marsh, Terry Ford, Desiree, Chichi, Nell Cotton, m. r. MONTIS CARLO (RoolfHe Room) Morey Amsterdam; Sid Trucker and his orchestra. PLACE P1UAIXB Qlrll Revue starring Dixie Evans, "Marilyn Monro of Burlesque," comte B. B. Pully, and 24 girls In contlnuoua show till 5 a.m. HONEY PLAZA (Bamboo Room) Th Serge Valdei Trio; Juliette Rob-Ins, singer, at the keyboard: Calyp-eo Eddie and hi Carlo Islanders. SAXONY (Pagoda Room) Juan and Jose Cortes and their orcheatra, (Tropical Room) Th Beachcombers. BAN som (Bin Sails Room) Frankle Scott, comedian: Dick Hall, inger; Freddy Calo and his orch. CAST OS 24 i..i'i '. V wwm imsi 21522nd X M.B., Ph. JE 8-0055 ran i IV. - LA SAVONA is entertaining audiences nightly with her dances at Papa Douche's Hallandale night club. ERNIE BELL Little Club Maestro Q. Which of ttit Lennon Sisters on th Lawrene Walk Show is th youngest? And how old is she? T.V. A. Janet Lennon just recently turned ten years old. Incidentally, the Lennon Sisters are an unusual phenomenon in show business they're really sisters. Q. Can you 111 m th heyjht and weight of Brenda Lee, th little hillbilly singer on television? T.F. A. Brenda, a veteran of "Ozark Jubliee," is ten years old, 4 feet tall, and a hefty 65 pounds in weight. Q. When Steve Allan does his "Man on the Street" interviews, is the character with th big smile, who always says, "Hi ho, Stevereno," played by Gene Rayburn? - W.S. A. The partis played by a very clever young comic,. Louis Nye. MURRAY WEINGER'S SALLIE 1 ' - . - , ;r I - . CI) f3l Viy CAST OF 50 ft ju Www "Si DAISY MAE Hstiomlly Knows Reesriini Jaiz Cjpup ONI WORD DESCRIBES THEM! SENSATIONAL! THE FLAMINGOS Start of Records, Stage, Screen, TV Dinner Show It 9:30. NO COVER 32nd at Perk, LOUNGE BISCAYNE BLVD. m - i saaaaana" PaaBBBaaaaBevsBXBBajclBv Th Fabulous TUNE-TOPPERS plus REMARKABLE RUBIN tnd His Trii it the Piini Bar Continuous Entertainment TlITIgll.gtf f TTT1 TV Drama Of Army NBC's 'Cutting Edge' A Refreshing Change By CHARLES MERCER Associated Press Radio-TV Kdltor New York, Jan. 22 With occasional exceptions, dramas about Americans in military service do not emerge successfully on the television screen. It is curious in a nation whose writers have produced many fine novels, stories and dramas about war and military service. Reflections on this situation are promoted by the presentation of Robert Dozier's "A Real Fine Cutting Edge" on Kaiser Aluminum Hour (NBC-TV). It was superior to run of the - television -mill dramas about Army life for a single- reason": it had a strong. courageous ending. Yet it was not quite as good as it might have been. Unpleasant Aspects I know nothing about Dozier personally, but I would gather he wrote his drama out of an tin pleasant personal Army experi ence. There are, unfortunately, few angry TV dramatists. Dozier chose to represent the facts of Army life in their sometimes unpleasant aspects' through a company, first sergeant who was a coward, liar and sadist, and through a company commander who detested his responsibility of leadership. Into the company (meaning the institution or organ ization) came a draftee who had been a "successful" civilian (meaning the individual). The witless sergeant tried to break his individuality and force his amalgamaiton with the institution. He failed, but through the draftee's assertion of his integrity the company commander became aware of his own responsibility. Elemental Story This is a pretty elemental story line, drawn heavily in blacks and whites. If television dramas about military life had achieved greater maturity it would not stand a chance of critical recognition. Yet so childishly is this theme customarily handled by TV dramatists EXTRA ADDED Exotic dancer Willin Warden, new in Voodoo Revue at Helene Polka's Jungle club. Sunny Winters, songstress, in the burlesk variety show at the Life Bar . . . Marlen Dorsey, blonde exotic from London holds over at Harem Club. BLAIR LONNIE SATTIN GEORGE KIRBY World's most beautiful Sepia girls Cab Calloway's Orchestra Direction Eddie larefield SHOW TIMES 9 and 123 SHOWS SAT. rVoeWiM Stage1 eoel tefKeieed by Sanity aVevlif Superviiio1 y Mnrv Nslt Dane Director, Clorew lebisse Mlcml Imh Open . All Night NO MINIMUM M.B. JE t-2294 ;.;;:: jungle club J0 N.W. )6th St., Miami V V f ALL STAR "YL GIRLIE that Dozier's drama was an resting, a refreshing change. Almost invariably television rep resents the organization as being ultimately right in its effort to amalgamate the individual. But Dozier said boldly it was wrone: the individual was right. ' LAST NITE! MARGUERITE PIAZZA OPENING TOMORROW - t.:.:---.:--!.-..--:-,... -.- J THE WORLD'S MOST !bal SUFFER CL'UI TONY 11 mm Columbia Recording Star accompanist) by (KUCK lYATKc on Guitar jf? !JBaai aaaTl UV'UVi Wfwvii . ivrn jtf0 V ' ' rZi m f UC 1 I HjrJ Km. Miami ) . . f X X, DINNER VAIaWaS mtigm timM h,tvtt t fftr " Nv .uoilinrCT&X I howvlumAmr(ea...thr, 'W " J S I pffl f"rt INCLUDta I" I bholdinibctlierow(a." f: 1 L ) Oil FULL I P.. 15 II COURSE DINNER 1 mademoiselle A V I Ziegfeld Fofe I ' nfffi '" I 1 .. nrlT&IL IN I Mi. ay VINO MIRLtH - u . , . .---ii'-a-.-T- t I 1 PLUS tUt"'" K ,B, .j, violia BjUm ITOf S ' - TONIGHT Regency Rawn at- LILLIAN HAYES Mandy CAMPO A HI Orchestra 2 Shows Every Nightl Rtrvt!oni: Mr. JE 8-6800 .ms.. Cocktail How P.M. Em VOGEL NTINijpuS BURLESK! .9RM.o5AM. li?prT.n "IT'S COOL-ON 7th ST. CAUSEWAY S 1 4 SCOTT 1 kFW Rita Russell, M.C. I T Plua f 1 ATOMA A IORI IRIS f . J DAVIS JNt STARR r DORY SHAV V 1 I tieslla Zwiildi ff Miyfcell Talk Is Slated On Doria Crash "Lessons from the Andrea Doria Collision", will be the subject of a free public lecture at the Miami Library at 8 p.m. Fri day by Joseph Kadens, professor of admiralty law. Kadens, who is connected with the Michigan Institute of Advanced Law Study, believes that the recommendations of the House Committee on Merchant masoue 7 Dinner Show 8:45 Supper Shew 11:30 NEVER A COVE. Silver l.F u f l CT Inif1 Nightly M.C. sir Jl. ir EUIE GROSS PEGGY EVANS Csnttausul lurlcskl I r.M. ti - S .M. ftatvrlng ANGEL LOVELL FLASH O'FARRELL 2724 N.W. 36th St. Ph. NE 4-9398 AIR CONDITIONED WSSLMSSJZESM I , BEAUTIFUL SHOW I IN AMERICA'S MOST I BEAUTIFUL CABARET f V 4. leca Bea. Miami H.rsld- f "lfyomlstWsltr'LlH r n, Ourtf tHion. you'r eff yew I J rocker . . . bsftw than ever . . . f ' V lYnililll . 1 !h Brtliesl sl...hae I f I "vrrnfffr lu hs.n,in ii have aaan J JW. ? f a " "lUC Ilka th!.? I-- CoreSert.e,llldHraM- i ; J O JLVDES TAX I - " " "" l""tt4 ft ' H JC,0t'S StPug I tmA Bmun. Miami Beaea Sun I ? I U. Hf ZltCtr, M "It I wr permitted to M b : I i;, ; !... rUS f select K Uw Walttrt' rwgNt , i i - s sW "HB ..""41 flu 7 1 luk Kaleeil. M am HaraM fossil a fS IVYLiT 11 "Dincini Wittn" I -t III Eitrs si KM I I II rt f Dynmiti A I i A Isvy if SfiulHul f COV.-MIN. I Ul f NOR FORD V f resenti Best Shew ' LORELEI SI f DOLORES DE CARLO , If ANN a LINDA a PAT ALL-STAR TRINIDAD CALYPSO Revue From 10 fa 2 A.M. MALAYAN LOUNGE 1I10 79th IT. CAUSEWAY Marine Law may greatly reduce the dangers of ocean disasters. Miami is one ot many cius - h i inc and Dance at the South9 most beautiful Supper Club LOU GENTILE And Hn Prevnw Society Orchestra VOCALISTS Nincy Lei and Ann Colette SALLY WATSON it ttii Hammond Orjin Doncing Nightly from JO P.M. to 3 A.M. Open 5 P.M. to 5 A M. (Closed Mondays) FRIME 5IRLOIN STEAKS FILET MIGNON DOUBLE RIB LAMB CHOPS CHICKEN (Broilrd or Fried) Served Until 1 A.M. Member Diners Club oreatatt saa-thow packed with danger, unxoefd. 1 jfjf Zttl Exhibit, world's ; ;VIr "m000rS- ifO- 750 ft. ylA1 liZL- rJ-y Seeding channel vV." ft -St teeming with lk. WtV , mort-eatersl Th HkV1 3 I V voracious fish. Weird sea monsters I. J' Minnri Open 9 AM-5.-30PM Belly' worn Presents: AGGIE DAWSON "Belli of ffie Gay WV Plus Your Lobi Ltungt Favarltas JO GIERA ir FRANKIE HART -k CHURCH CINNAMON Continuous Entertainment NO. COV. NO. MIN. Free Porkinf 1440 BISCAYNE Ronnie Eastman Conn and Mann where he will speak during his national lecture tour dealing with the Andrea Doria sinking. NOWHERE But Nowhere IN AMERICA WILL YOU SPEND SO LITTLE FOR SUCH A , GLORIOUS EVENING! f 'a. h ... ! i - 3622 CORAL WAY Reservations HI 3 2038 New Shark Kir It ivMrN'i largest a 730 ft. ' feeding channel teeming with man-eaters! The cui aarth. action drama, and the Danna divert detv rsivkuvi . RICKENBACKEIt CAUSEWAY j Spcocuor Feeding Shows Deitf j 0 BLVD. The Rhyrhmetrej In Th Th Danny LOUNGE McCORMICKS ROGERS n'Mniiu; w h - rM.4i . . ma . . m I

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