Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 28, 1952 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1952
Page 7
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1952 TH6 REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS u—f.i,vi_uLaU-»u^., J uM 14 WOMEN AND CHILDREN DIE IN ASYLUM BLAZE Mental Patients Perish in Building Fire Marshal • Criticized. 1 By Associated Press HUNTINGTON, W. Va. — City and state officials kept probing today among the charred interior of a mental hospital building where 14 women and children lost their lives to a deadly combination of smoke and flames. But so far they haven't learned how the fire started. The fire broke out .in a three- story building housing 275 patients Wednesday about 7:10 p. m. Five girls under 16 and nine women were burned to, death or suffocated. State Fire Marshal'C. A. Draper- said the building's fireproofing was declared "inadequate" at last year's inspection. In another report made last Aug. 13, nine corrective measures regarding fireproofing were recommended. Flames sprang from the basement of the 56-year-old building shortly after 7 p. m. and spread rapidly through the first and second floors. Firemen had to burn through thick wire mesh over the windows with acetylene torches to fight the blaze and rescue the near-helpless victims. » The dead ranged from 89-year- old Ada Carger who was burned to death, to little Lena Wentz; 11, one of the five girls under 16 who smothered on the third floor. All those who died were from West Virginia. Smoking In Basement The only hint to a cause for the blaze came from a staff doctor when refused to be identified. He said some patients, against strict orders, sometimes slipped down to the basement and smoked. Associated Press reporters' on the scene said the nearly 300 patients in the three-story building didn't seem to know what, was happening. Elderly women were on. the ground floor, many unable to get around. Psychotic women were on the second floor. The young ones were on the top floor. There were three exits. But the regular front entrance became a raging iriferno that defied approach. A back exit was an iron circular stairway so tight that stretchers couldn't be used. The third was the fire escape— a sliding pole similar to those in fire stations. But apparently few of the inmates knew how to use it. Carry Children Out After firemen managed to get to the third floor where the children were trapped, they wraoped them in blankets and packed them down the circular stairway on their backs. . All the patients were taken to a hastily devised receiving station in a building nearby. Some were weeping. , Others were sick from smoke. The rest just sat, staring. Many had little pn, except blankets thrown around them. The hospital has had two other m Surprises Are Fun But don't let her furnish all of them. If you liked that delicious pumpkin pie she made yesterday, tell her so. We mean really tell her, as with flowers for Instance. Have Easton deliver them today for she likes surprises, too. Phone 616 Grandma Robs Another Bank By Associated Prtss LOS ANGELES—Grandma has struck for the third time, pulled pnother bank holdup and made a clean getaway. Los Angeles' gray-haired, cap pistol-totin 1 bandit shoved a note into a teller's.cage Wednesday. It read: "I have a gun and I'm hot afraid to use it. Put 10s, 20s and 100s in this sack." And Grandma added, orally: "Put in more 100s; I'm not afraid to use this gun.." Teller Josephine Rubin complied. Grandma escaped to a waiting taxi and disappeared. The driver, Burman Bodel, said he drove her five blocks and she got out, gave him $5 but waited patiently for her change. She got $267 in the holdup. , An hour later police found a cap pistol which-they believe she used. They, say she's the woman who robber a bank of $1,212 Oct. 17 and another of $6,600 Nov. 12. Three Women Die As Autos Collide By Associated Prtss TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Mrs. Burl Bowden, of. Carbondale, 111., was killed Wednesday night in the head-on collision of two automo biles oh U. S. Route 40 east of Terre Haute. One woman in the other car was killed. Mrs. Bowden was riding in a car with Anita Early, 21, of Dayton, Q„ and George Ziegelmuel- ler, 22, of Indianapolis, who was driving. Miss Early also died Both of Ziegelmueller's legs were fractured. Say It With Rowers "I can give you TRIPLE PROTECTION with STATE lUM insurance AUTO . Lift . fiRl See or Call JACK WILLIAMSON S06 N. 7th St — Phone SOW Republicans Have 221 Congressmen By Associated Prtss WASHINGTON — Republicans could chalk up another election victory today—more than three weeks after the voters went to the polls. A final official count Wednesday in California's 13th District put incumbent Republican Ernest K. Bramblett ahead by 2,980 votes. The GOP now. has 221 members in the House, the Democrats 212 and one independent, and one seat is vacant due to the death of Rep. Adolph Sabath (MIL). fires within the past 18 months . The flames Wednesday night did not reach the top floor children's ward. The thick, choking smoke killed five up there. ywv ^AWrwwvwirvyvv, NEAL BROTHERS ROOFING COMPANY Genuine Ru-Ber-Old Roofing, Siding * Kockwool Insulation Office i Mt. Vernon, 111. i»< > v»AAeVM»»VSeVM^»VWV»A»V>e>A' CHARGES NAVY HOAX ON PUSHBUTTON WAR Kelly Soys Obsolete Plane, Not Guided Missile Was Used. By Associated Prtss WASHINGTON — President Arthur F. Kelly of the Air Force Association charged today the Navy pulled off the "publicity stunt of the year" last September in reporting the combat use of guided missies. Lriting in Air Force Magazine an unofficial publication, Kelly cited news stories he said described as "the first take-off of a guided missile in actual combat" the bombing of North Korean targets by unmanned, electronically controlled fighter-planes. Kelly called this a "cruel hoax to play on the American family" and said it raised false hopes that the age of pushbutton warfare had arrived; He said the Air Force used un- piloted radio-controlled bombers against German targets during World War II and flew them twice as far as the Navy did in its launching Sept. 5 from the U. S. carrier Boxer. Kelly said the Navy censored from the original news report, delayed until Sept. 17, the designation of the aircraft used, art outmoded Grumman Hellcat, and substituted the term 'guided missile". Doubt Carriers' Effectiveness Air Force Magazine's Managing Editor John F. Loosbrook, writing in the same issue, said "Exercise Mainbrace" last September cast grave doubts on the efectiveness of aircraft carriers. Loosbrook said of the maneuver off Scandinavia by ships of the North Atlantic Treaty nations: "Mainbrace exposed serious flaws in our whole philosophy of naval warfare, flaws which will be very difficult tc explain away." The operation, Loosbropk wrote, demonstrated carriers, vulnerability to mechanical failures, submarine and air attack and bad weather. Other drawbacks, he said, were excessive cost, the need for frequent refueling and questionable ability to perform effectively in "the windswept, shallow and enclosed North Sea." As if in reply, the official "Naval Widow to Sell Jolson Estate By Assoclattd Prtss LOS ANGELES — Al Jolson's widow has obtained court approval to sell the late singer's Encino estate to buy a $242,000 apartment house. Mrs. Erie Jolson Krasna. present wife of producer Norman Krasna, told the court the upkeep of the $97,500 estate is too costly and (•produces no income for Asa, Jolson's 4-year-pld adopted son. The singer left million dollar trust funds for his widow and foster son when h- died in 1950. Cars Collide at 8th and Jordan No one was injured in the collision of two cars at Jordan and Eighth streets at 4:05 p. m. yesterday. Cars involved were driven by Bobby Hamlin, Ninth and Warren, and Mitzi Harrison, 1128 south Tenth. Fire Damages Car on S. Ninth At 12:45 a. m, Thursday Mt. Vernon firemen were called to the 100 block of south Ninth street, where a car owned by Brown" Porter was slightly damaged by fire. Damage was to wiring and the carburetor. For Christmas Gifts of Quality Be sure to seo the WOODEN INDIAN | In Mt. Vernon ( CANDY, CIGARS, BILLFOLDS, TOBACCO, PIPES, PLUS MANY SMOKERS' ITEMS. * I7 • SATURDAY'S SPECIAL! Stuffed Pork Tenderloins With Sweet Potatoes Did you know, we serve » "quickie" lunch for 65c? L &N CAFE FINANCE YOUR HOME Through \n EQUITABLE ASSURED HOME OWNERSHIP PLAN which provides— (1) .Life Insurance to cancel mortgage If owner die*.(2) Interest at only 4%. ( . (3) A Cash Fund for emergencies. Call: A. PAUL FELLINGER I 420-21 Rogers Bldg. 'Phones: Off. 231; Res. 1020 jiiiiiiiHiiiiiirmiiiHHnaiiimiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiinmHinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinii I Enjoy Life—Eat Out More Often [ Aviation News" declared the aircraft carrier is essential to control of the sea, although both land and carrier based planes are needed to wage war successfully. The Navy magazine said carriers can concentrate more planes over any naval targets than can be mustered from, scattered shore bases. T. B. RUSSELL AUCTIONEER Land, Furniture. Farm. Phone Mt. V. 127. 170 Hoyleton Satisfaction guaranteed. All •ales broadcast over VVMIX. PAT AND JOAN SAY, "EAT AT DADDY'S' He has served the finest food In southern Illinois for 19 years and knows what folks like. . He serves; choice steaks, sea foods, 'and chicken. ....... MIXED DRINKS Bernard Stain at th« Organ Sat. and Sun. Nights § Travelers Cafe U. S. 51, DuBois RHJNUUIIIIUUIU You will find a large •election of Gifts for the Smoker at THE WOODEN INDIAN PUBLIC SALE All of the Furniture and Household Goods of Laura Newby, Dcc'd., will be sold to highest bidder. Including Duo Therm oil heater, table radio, heating stove, tables, chairs, divan, antique rocker, dishes, kitchen utensils, bed, dressers, book case, books. At 1008 Welkins St. Mt. Vernon, III. November 29, 1952 1:80 P. M. ROY TAYLOR, Auctioneer ROGER E. WEBB, Adm. WE , Havejt/ Slmi|j[jeM / SNORKEL' Point never "dunked" —always dean! Just arrivsdl The moil amazing invention since fountain ptns wers introduced. Th» "SNORKEL" filling tub* reaches, out and drinks ths ink with siphon action—point nsvsr nseds wiping! Com* in, »•* it, try it. B« ths first to own or give ens! BUY NOW FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS F Turn M (tu LITTLES Supplies Ethel Fitch Hotel Emmerson Bldg. Trapped 4 Days Under Dresser By Associnted Press NEW YORK — A man calling to take his aunt out to Thanks- Riving dinner found her pinned under a five-drawer dresser, where she apparently had been trapped for four days. Miss Emma Benson, 55, a semi- invalid who has lived alone for 10 years suffered multiple frac- turees of the spine. Hospital officials said she was in critical condition* Her nephew, John A. Benson, called police to help him break down the door to her apartment when there was no answer to his knock Thursday. Neighbors hadn't seen Jier since Sunday. Astor Leaves Jewels and Half of Estate to Wife By Associated Press LONDON. — The late Viscount Astor bequeathed virtually all his 974,700 pounds (52.729,160) British estate to his eldest son and his Virginia-bom wife, Lady Nancy Astor. The government, however, will take more than half—509,183 pounds ($1,425,712) in death duties. The Now York-born British publisher and racehorse owner, who died Sept. 30, left many millions more in an American eslale, the size of which has not been announced. The income from this was bequeathed to his four sons and one daughter in a will filed for probate in New York, Oct. 27. The Viscount's British will was filed here yesterday. It ordered administrators of the estate to pay Lady Astor, the first woman to sit in Parliament, as much as they considered necessary to meet her "adequate requirements." She also received the 53 \<t carat Sancy Diamond — a gem with a long history as a royal treasure— and other family jewels in trust for life, as well as three homes in England. Except: for several smaller be­ quests to his four younger children and several other persons', the remainder of the British estate goes to Lord Aster's eldest son, the third Viscount. For the Holidays The largest variety of candy in town— wholesale and retail. Cooie ** to the home of WOODEN INDIAN In Mt. Vernon, HI.

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