The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1931
Page 7
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HI if)PI/rnp HNMttlfl PITV Piinr 0! bill IM HI Quint is 1 akrn for! STANDINGS la: I is!.cut thi' i-ai". Mr. Civ !'!•< I'l'.v:- ir.lj. hi-, i,.--l:i . : [i-'.f :he [u!il II- v.ii', a: FRIDAY. ;;AKCTI . ..._• <;:ty iii CM.'.;:,I". n bin., fsoru ai:y Ujiih. :i.'!il.. Tin:,; (."o.jip.iny ii:u'. n:ay i!i:,i b('c-i;:jii- .. . :hi' I)..-t paid C'.m.K-, a^:i of April, lull. M I'r.i C'j'l'l-y <; :::i in U:i. C:iy •>{ n:\-i n-.i'v. • ii lo lie The l-"li^co five U'cli in r-psy ;-'.y)l j - t;! Gas !Ioi|ru!s ii: I!:- !ir;t v i:iv. i'. I l-.i S. Tiie Qa-. H-)< i-. .-re I'll a I j','' 11 .^hriilosv nf the lf ; [-innial:!e :<-;-.;u ii? r j ^ ;1 -'' wen tl-,e f:-st ln:I race. ri;!y C' !'"'<! . 0-1:-.:I'- . - i Cf.-lili>.iliy M i7i ll) H!n:: Mil- ' AV. vliiH" nini'l'.- blo-.y <-i'i:ii'<l ' IIM 'Vlll 1(1 S:T;I:; with n vj. - v 1°'' ii'-; t :i::i. Ho v.b:M;: rr i Mil!; r. in;.-, UK- MI.'-HKII v.i'U'. uyi'r b'hiiul (Jruiv and Civlir.ini; iiinr:'r.-i- |i] lili;ii-|i|lc-l;rcl Vl ' il;1 - w '' - -'!i»'! ";i uiili. ••Conn- uu-,.-. !. !r ' s - ""'' ol lls !•• (•<"»'; to !):• «i- illml •" vd i r» l'..^ Mi-,i;i ( .-k->is r 3 p lin-m.. . ' 1 I-' \V.i:-i-;n-!i-.n ri tl:c lii.-t h:\'.t 'ii:L' | '^'i'i":ivlir.!H A. c: ,\]cj!n> '. Ccrhnuif tiimr:! •.viil: r, ^rji: team p!.iyini; «n t'.io Cm^ ^f[^:s.] li.-.'. i JI(lil 'y <"• Sn-upii .". t::..vr- .vnllcd ;i y.-j.ii; .-.I'lib. l.W;y i;:2i:t. Ti:e Ap?:- <-;i'..'. -J .1 uv). ! ] ' i;! :-'" : - <1 Wilon i ' :;!rmc:i o;i:^ m:i] iiu- Mirk paMc-il s;:rp:ho hy decisively iiMiiiiciiv: ll'.e ' - K;: ' li: -! : >tinr.:--ih:]i)':inl. j Kir.- . ii out of :!:!• io!. •['!;; inniy Inisi- sn'.dicrs of Company M. in lo 1 ' ii!»;lum 1. i!!.inki':^i]iji •>. c,nu> ,- • r> .-:• MLS cutli-d Tiic rcorc of ti>. ; - lii-Jackprs' nn- ••-'• Hl-Jnrhi'is. n ; i.v.!or 1. j T|.J S is imrcly 'on- Imprrsvlim nf qi:p;t nas 2i to lf>. Tl-.c Pixie I-'li- --- | CI.MHU- Mn-k, «!umli).. h 0 .. v mu i!i-,-- cis and M.-n bants r.-qnirrd an v:<- ! 1 inirlii C:i lm - I Iv Mr. ,M, IC ^ c:ln i^." ira n:M-!'.xi to ?r:::o I'iMr bAlt!;- willi ; n :(i '-' ''<"•'• '- : -' •'".- M I'!::M!['. CJ7> ; _, _________ the ^!^•!^h:lMt t ; li;',!::'!)!'.!!-,.'. 27 la 2?.. ^-'-i^ - 1 . 1 •' . !•' \Yj!. i ;:;:i. F. A :i': , IT *,.,,, ..... „ ----- .... _______ Tnrjr'r '.*. . --Ivy, wr ^" J ANO O.*_in. «_£$_,( the Mo: The Frl=co fi'.-e feiir.n the m:rr- paiu^ed Gas Hound L'niibhv.ti ••jn .er-sy piry. ,\; t'le OMV.'I ;':•:.' but. nt the half tii« v.r-n- in front. 0 to 4. Tl-.e rrkrr> piicno flii'f.crt co«s!<!-!ii!y in ti..' ibi-.Vi Quarter and when !he r,ir..ri:-r c::.l- cd the foo:-c V.-.T; 15 to C. Ti-.e r,:r, cK'feiue. -.vhir-'-i h::ri L~' 1 :i ueak all Oi.? vvnv, cr.-.riii 1 :! (•_••> . pletely in !he final nu:tv;;i-, Fsa.-. S8 to 3. Northern was the liv.dnvr Mrp:: 1 of the iin!!H' syi'.h H nVin:s v iii!:- Brcfiisn cc-aiileil six. '<"»•; fjiii^l 1 '!-.-. brctlirrs aecoi.'nte:i for all of ::i.' Houcds' scoriim. Aprs Trcuurr ^Hlitla Hie Ap^s ce^tirincd to u;> : Pt !'-: dope which «o:iM pl^ec them r.lonc in lapl pLiee ty drRsshig Co:i'.;>iin ?.t lio'.yu on lhe:r level v,> f.v3 other fea!);s alsj hit (lie tattom The Ape'j won in convinciii-; fashion froie. the felrtiFis. 10 to 1. The monkeys jot off to a lea:! in the first quarter and held it all the way. At the In'.f they v.or:- in front, 5. JioatrL'lil v.'ith oijhi and \Vcs:broak witii ,-eve:i r-'r: led (lie SL..r:-i.?. The -Ilnljbarrt-Hi-Jae'.cers gsi:i» e-cpecte-.l to prove tliu fealnrr bailie of Ihe niyht ani! it v.-is ;. . battl.-! all the way. The fli-Ja;k- ers scored the first goal and with that siart never rclinqulslieci t'r.rii 1 !eac!. At. the end of the fusi qnsr- "•'"• ^ili'i'" on tl-.f li'irh icr the Hi-Jackcrs led. 5 to 1. Wi-.en ' : '" anim^inrt CMnvn>;i'io:i ivith' the half whistle sounded they wcr.'! iliro " 'acting f rom ihe Wolf Itivliuv la frcnt 11 ta 7. T;c in-ilv.-are boy; T - il! "r- Aid ,vwiali;m un d lelliiv;; cio.wfi ui) the qnp sli-.-hiii- in the | !l|1R: !ln " ha would lik" in' tnlln-rlv Xn(rs of a tn«i'lull Travrlfr Mr. nohrrt Mo- onr 10 lake JUSTICE OP THE PEACE C^OUilT FOR THK CHICKA- SAWI1A TOWMSIIIl- OP M1S- SliJSIPi=I COUNTY. AI(!<ANK-\; HLVOItB O.SCAR AIJCXAIIfWK A JUSTICE 01-' Tiil-; PKACli Jinniile Ilnyil. I'i.imiiir. vs. Willi'im \!:i(tlioy,-s. n?ir! U h, : ,; The cl,'(ei:;!:.nt. William ilati!'- i Is wanu-d to ani»ai- in t!v? .'uMiee of Ui- t'eare Cuiirt. of Os• Alexiiiuirr within tliirly 1:101 i'tlsys and ansver I hi- cinnii'uiiu cf .ihf platimtr, .liimnl,: lioyd. j \Vllncis my !:ii!nl a v Mich JllMl-v kf '.lie r-i'.Tje. cm this l^iii dav nf M.urh. !0il ''fl-27-3 10 ! OSCAK AI.EXASnrai." | Jii.= !ic,' <it ciie Peace. j NOT1CK j Nolice IB htroby pivm tint Hie rir-' H'tli-ly. Fo- Uint iva';nn MI-. Ma.-k is cmv.bnlly waichlnu him. j . slii'sk Mr. MIIV:-; v.-a'i watehin;; him.! f"r Mr Marl: r:i;i pn-.n for n pic- , ':::v v-ih ihi- ( ; :r.unb-:is ul lln'j Tiear Onlrli CnininciTlal Chili :ind ! at I!'.? ?am- lime n;r,l;e a mental j nor« thp.i a rU'ht-fjpi,] ronkle !s I linldiiv: his month wren- when f Koin.: :;f!cr a fly hi! t-i Iii.s irft. I One rfny 1 at Fort Mvers Mr. Mici:: RITZ THEATER Fnday and vSalurday Marion Da vies In Hoi- l.alcsl Picture J's A Wise Child' tliirc! perieil \vhieli cnric-.l 15 to 12 out In front in the \zr.: w\-.~ v.-hieh er.c!e;l 21 la 15. Rooster Warrh-.jtan ^.vr,.s !-.i:! ' scorer cf the jjine '.vi-:i ;:vr- points, all scored in (he firsi hr.U A. Kinnlcslism, icajiie h:"h seo'v-' played part cf the 'rronw "for niib- hard nlih an injare:! e.;r. but .1i.l not remain in the lineup for the ecaiplete gp.rae. rlay Krfra Pcrieil The last s.uua r,f t h: cv c ';i'.n- proyc-d to lie tiie i:;osl hot!-,- ciin- tcstert of the fer.r. Th? Dixb I-'li- ers anil Mc-rehants ended Ihe rc'- ular period in a lie and y.-eii: thvre exl^a minutr^ befc-;c the M,*- v -;ru's v.-on. ^7 to 22. The same «as ei-=e al! the v.-iy wsfh the Mer,-;v:i:r. prov:r.~ pooll Ilecl. is'oil.'lhe nit-rs'hnm'-hit'-.'-'-- \ v.xnt Into (he ',t-a:i in !!ie ^-^\i.\ ^ "'•~' -— K Kill. hen: ho\v iiave Ihrm cnll en him if lliry | It ran :i voar on '-v r :,h.-it!r! visif lMiilai!eip]:ia. \ t- n ,,, n ||, .! t>plirr,l:c Snnrk-: Oiu- : "I 'Mills till Hit' Tt liiipwiieil thai Lefty Grm-e was jiilciiiiu; to the batters (hat : <)av. Mr. M.ic-k rtiii 11.1! st'e-m to he ! ixiyln/ niiieh atleii'.ion to what liis : yrn-- n:s'.u:i K \IX-M Comrv Hied ohtt-k for iv.o Hun-ireil ml-; 'illy Dolhii.-; i.i'!"/).W), |:ayahle t" !.eTi<e.'airrrof .\!:ssi^i|j]ji C-iun ! y CilVCll Illl:! [ my l;i.n(l n'i Cl.'ir •f .said Cuurl ;!li:; liir: nth dlv c' liareh. I Ml. n-aO-^V MHS. .lOHN I.ONCJ, i;oinuy Cler!:. < ().M.Missi(».i;i;'s SAM; NOTICK i.; !i:':o!j.v HUTU mat th: Hiili'isi^iicil r.:J:.KI::-. lone r, in cnlli- !il!:i!H'i> v,itli ill.- ic inn cf n dc- Court fnv-ilu- Chi.- Ch-inciT, ^MI., was IHainiilf. No. -iB'i? ' i::il O. J. nwi';cr... d p.i., were Do- 'cjKtiinls. v.ill ::<-ll at iinblic anc- tinn to Die li;::heit an:l Ijest b!d- (lir, on a ue;i!l of ilirtiy nionthe Uic iiont tlocr of tile Conn iiou.w. lietwern tin- linnr.s inc.scub- cil by law, In tiie City of Blvthr- villi 1 . Arkcn-a.s. on the mh" rlav' of April. 193!, tin- folln.vins; T, al' cMate, to-ivi:: | I,ot l',vi> <2j. lllock tiveiHy-riyt ! C5) Plyliie Sei-iiiHl Aridiubn to Blyiheyille. Arkansas. SAID sale v.iil be h-nl (o 5,iti>fv "aid decree in the sinsi of S1.7(i!.!."i.| with '10 prr ce:t'. inlrust from N.'-i TliE psneliasei- at said sale uiii: ? required to execute l;r ; nti n --:i,: apimived sn-mity, ',o f.eeuie i!:-.-. yiiieiit or tin- jnncliaw iiitnc:. anci a lien will b.; lelained tiiv.n saici nropeiiy as adtlitiiinal sccnr-j ily for ihi 1 payiiieii! of such pt:i-. •tiase niuney. j WITKKSS my hand and the soji! of said Court, mi this, the I!)!:: . day o! Miircll. 1931. ! H. L. OA1NES, ! Ccnin:i!.s:uiier in Chdnceiv. 3t—20-2T-; Bargains For Saturday and Monday ^S^y^LfV^Frrw^armm T •!•••_•_• i j> i !•!<••.. n , * * Pure Pork !.&%* Black Hawk Stoiii-villo Xo. 1 ]>!;uitim: sot'd inch ;t".il sixd'cr-lh us out. w,-ll ; •ii-o ^oO.dn )u tun. I.pss !!i:>.n Inn ^:!.(l per luiTiihvil in- \vi!l r> clian.'ri' inn* fur t\vo fnv ; j Also Cometly and Fables Rlsitini't-—10 and ;-!Oc. Nifrlil— ID. and 3ac. Sunday and Monday 'As lier brsr.—he tries to dictate! •' 'r . !:ivc Irrir.s! 13;it Hij.; ( !n;vlii:i- ST-I'MiT ; reiai-y brings her IMSS t,i her U'iins!! [ W HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Hill Koyd 'The Painted Desert' The Wondei-ful Piclun: <if the \Voniliirdil West! Also Comedy and "Ii>ili;nis are Cnniing", No. n. A;l:n.—Mulincf & XiglU— 10 and 25c. Sunday am] Monday fe\ "^^l^\. |['ancy Rome Heituty or StiiyiiKin Wincsiip. CABBAGE New Texas Green I'liuml 2 i«r» 2C nixie Cream 2I-F.1). Sack C'nni|Hiiinil - I'ail Wisconsin Daisies «- j Ih 17r ^ ""™ 4 Sliced Sliced. 1 "- A«W Choice Cut Thick Rib, K C Beef 5 Ib. 6c Stew Me Thick Rib and Club K C Baby Beef § ' ^ n£ Sweet Juicy %* Florida, Ib. CARROTS Bunch 5c BEETS Bunch Sc C alpnr Fanc V CfalL Q P SfiO| Bleached vlam 9t Cauliflower Fancy Snowball. Lb. J3c lamnne ^arge Size 360 Oft* RADISH ES'-Iiunch 5t m | J.H.Sinari;,Sr. J: n ^.r n i 1 Vitn v 1 v u 11 u COLBERT FREDRiC MfiRCH Important Changes In Time of Trains A chitnjrc in schedule of certain [ 'risen tr.;nis will \- v ^ . SUNDAY MfiRCH 20, 1331 For detailed information inquire of (he '!'!;•!; ft A^e U\ S. r.lcrchanl, r.isirnser Iraflir M.inasrr, Ssinl I..,i,i., '<$*w ^ MILK - I'ol or Carnation •i or (i Small BEANS Miss !,ou \\ Cans BANANAS Fancv .litmlii). {,'«!( Kniil. I'nunil POTATOES No. 1 RIM! 1'ouiul lN;o .' 2 ' /2 1 ' ib " Crushed. Can >:.fc ^'i^a ^\, J iP *%<&&&.. r-rr..,ir g«Mvr " JiV -r -i"!. &$$;!$$$ ! Joiin IX'nyno Virginia C.\u-r •':'.. Marguerite (irun-i'-vii' Collcriair ('<inif--'\' •PKACHES i\'f). 21-2 Courier 2 ctms'SSc HGWNY No. 2 Folk's Beat 2 cans 15c A special 5-String CLKANSER Light House 3 cans .IOc Corn Flakes CRACKERS C. C. 27,6s. 25c CORN No. 2 Standard. Can We, Qt. Sonr ^1 ffl or Dill <&&£ MUSTARD Marco. Quart Ik *«?- Tail 'S jv. LUNCH TONGUE Libhy's. Can 2Sc '•'i? DIKES In Tomato Sauce. Can IOc Old Ruse- or Iloii-nvc -IS-l.h. S::cl; .^l "n The Crc;ini Slim M-Lb. l';iil laghetfi No. 2 Tiny Tad 1'iiil I'ois 2 Cans , Cc'aMIV — (11 i "I.\SIMKA!!0.\ Franco American, can RICK Fancy Blue Rose. Lb. 5c M 1.1 poisnd j g ^ BoxWyles M Oz. .M:::llia Ann UollK- fiS 1?° 9 !5 */f* 3> ^ff ^. f Baking Powder I I'nncy Kvaiiorafrrt 2 I'unntls TOMATOES No. 2 Sl;'.:nl:;nl R

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