Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 8, 1964 · Page 40
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 40

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1964
Page 40
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1Q WED., JULY 8. 1964, Lokc Charles Amcricon Press Jurors Vote to End Dynalectron Subsidy During a meeting ranging in from GSA. which is handling dis-: granted to or for any person or topics from dogs to dollars Ihe position of Ihe. air base. i persons, associations or cor- Calcasieu Parish Police Jury The jury, in turn, rented these porations, public or private." voted 15-3 Tuesday to disconlin- same facilities to Dynalectron Salter added that to continue ue a $15.000 subsidy to the Dyn- Since Ihe jury was paying $15,-., the subsidy would be in oppo- alectron Corp, 000 more for the facilities than is j|j on ( 0 3 district court deci- The suhsidv was lo be renewed ^"^'l'™, 'hat difference ; sion in Ncw Cleans which dial- However Disl amnunle(J (o a subsidy. j | (>ngc d a inr,2 state law authoriz- Snlfcr told Ihe jury that (he; j ng suc h a su hsidy. original subsidy wa.s constitu ' in September. Ally. Frank Sailer .Jr. advised the jury that (he subsidy was unconstitutional. After taking Sailer's advice on the subsidy, the police jury voted in send a committee to the Gen- The court in New Orleans held ;=' 'rs "is ,s : >« » ™«« & ™s , . know who the original tenant would be. "You could same wifh only parish properly. .or how praiseworthy the piir- , ' nc i pose of Ihe 1%2 act'may be, the Deadline Set For Sulphur afion of Commerce, Sulphur Ro- j lary Club. LaFleur's Roller i Kink, Sulphur High School j hand. Royal Clippers of Sulphur i High and Boy Scout troops. .SULPHUR fvSpl.l -Today is the. deadline for registering entries in the Rodeo Parade to be held on opening day of the 15lh annual Louisiana High School Championship Rodeo here July 15-18. The deadline was set so that. Needs Cited For Vincent Elementary Contracts Okayed By School Board 3 I Henry /Red) Cummings was i low bidder for painting five Cal- icasieii Parish high schools and wa.s approved for the contract ; by the school board at, its meet' ing Tuesday. i Cummings' bid, by schools, 1 as follows; Bell City H i g h, $1,968; Iowa High, $1,968; Vincent .Settlement school, : LaGrange Junior High, $3,566: RETIRES — George Alcedc. a guard at Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Chemical Division, oral Services Administration in:|j mp " Caller said n :i |las. TPV. lo d'-xMiss a reduc-! Tn'continue the subsidy would , . , , -.. i%'.'- v ;: art is clearly unconstitutional,! [?r almost 17 years, has rebut onlv once or the the first; c.,\,» r ,... ir i tired, Alcede, a native of New ; odiiei sain, i ,. . ,.,.. .,,. ,,,. ,...,.. -j r Vork Clt v, N.V.. was em- Ihe district atlorney said for i'in in rent for (he electronics | violate Article -I, Section 12 of Hip police jury to lease its fa firm. i the. Louisiana Conslitution, Sail dear.ti-jer said. That article says; cilities to Dynalectron for a ! price under what it has to pay j "The funds, credits, properly to the government constitutes ployed at the local plant in I!M7, and worked in the industrial relations department. He, has been a resident of Lake Charles for SO years, and were S. J. Welsh and Riverside Elementary. Board member Horace Crosby of Ward 3 asked to include Marion High and Arthur Gayle Jr., asked inclusion of Prien Lake School. Norton explained that legally the board can only participate in 50 per cent of the cost' ,bf blacktopping which abuts the property of the school board., In other action the board'^p- nuns » MIHII win .in «PIH in pui.n proved a request from Dr. Fran- enrv w h theocit onmXd'• gcl a fcw ncedc(1 additions - thc ; Four olher P ai """8 contrac- els Bulber of McNcese State Col- wlere he is to Shn SP > Calcasieu Parish school board | tors suhmilted bids with several lege for use of Forest K. White ', ' J " ' P'™'i decided at its meeting Tuesday.: not bidding on all five schools gymnasium for four nights to the parade will form a 4:.)0 ; Mrs _ w A K iSpaic Ward 4 nccding paim Unsuccessful bid- house young girls who will par- 'H.m'ti llcc " rnci ; n[ Lm coln and mrm ber from Sulphur, told Ihe dcrs were Tom's Painting Co., i ticipate in a band and twirling I Huntington htreels hen at. b hoard of the crowded facilities Mixon and Weaver, Wedna'y Me-!program at the college p.m. w.l proceed south on Hunt- j antl poinlpd nut thal , hcrn wrrc Cmi] and A Bear( , * H * ° & ington to Ash Street where it. l nn ..' . ,. nnm H-jimp* fm- thr n • < • • , . , ref J liest »om the Agriuil- ...:» -- ........ . . nn ICK < loom lacilihes tot the n, r ls f or r rp;nrmg several tural Conservation Dpartmenl schools were also opened, but for one-day use of a school au- onlv onr, by Hobira and Man- ditorium and lunchroom was .,.,. v^u,,,,,, „„:, ^,. a » mat, vmcent .Settlement school, : ^orange Junior High, ?3,ft66: the parade committee c o u d, wherc four , cachers , cacn six LaGrange Senior High, $1,690; make plans for lining up the; des in {our c!assrnomSi will • and West Lake High, $1,189. units. A map will be sent to each :", „ ,•„,„ nnnAnA ,,,i,i;ti™o t\, n !/„.... „.!,„_ „„;„,:..„ ,. gift of public funds and is! married to fhr former Myrtle vated Chenuault Air Force Base for lep.iir and overhaul of gov-!or things of value of theVts'te or „.__ ,. nnmnit aircraft. The police! any political corporation thereof.; prohibited by the "state consti- Chambers of Springhill. iury rallied Ihe base facilities > shall not he loaned, pledged or;tution. Three jurors voted to grant, the subsidy. They w ere Pete Manena, Gene Wittier and Ron- The hid was for $15,701. The local firm apparently also granted, though it was pointed out that no specific school was requested. Courthouse Bids To Be Advertised ;' nic Levine, all of Ward 3. Le! vine said: "I am for it. I might, i go to jail, but I am for it. Why 'give the corporation an ultima- Historical Cave To Be Dedicated WASHINGTON (AP) - Alabama Congressman Bob Jones says Russell Cave, "a historian's treasure box," soon will be ded- In an fi-7 lic-broaking vole the calc it as such and find some-' thal ° n '" y shoulders - dcasii'u Parish Police Jury turn to gel out. I don't want ™«'? ""*• *""" ""' " c u ™~ (hnl nn mv shnnlrW* " t Irat0fi '" Jackso ." Cmlnl - V - Ala The cave graphically portrays 1 I i. l 1 i ' IT r i ' ' '. r i \-*tllMllUl.:il, IJCIIIUA, i\ll &. 1 1CII I V Place else to hold court. He, Wilder said it. would be in-l'ifc of Alabamians from about; Hopkins home demonstration' fuesday to readvertise for: said the courtroom was a place (cresting to see who would bring [4,000 B.C. lo about LliOO A.D.. i clu ' hs . ' nnd Mrs F ,. nos j Cook ; . . tVMli it • >-i t j-i t Hr. t-nniti » n i ...l n,U^., „ 1. ! _ .1 I . . . . . . R » • t , V. IWH.1 , (U 1V1 IT 11 r>, 1-JI II ^ .->5, VJ\*VJ l\ , .... , «• i t . 11'» i v,oi i \j\ji ti i ri v. i iii i\. n II.M MI* will turn wesl and disband at sdlnol wllich is k)cated in Ward the rodeo grounds on Willow , f St ' ee(t - She also pointed to the need afi;m Development Corp., was Pal Donovan will announce. : for the school's continuance in ••• • ' the parade at Hie intersection of! that section when one Ward ,\ U S 90 and Huntington. | member asked whv the, stu- wl ]i OP> t | n p rnntrart after furth- n>.,, c u n r, AHV group that needs space in dents didn't eo to Sulnhur 1,. tnrtl If th L?rf L e Spears ' Bel1 Clty mem ' which to build a float may have., schools ( ' ber " asked for a $4 ° ^Justment the use of the new Future'Farm-1 T he school <=er-'es a-- a rom Twn fpncp r ™ r * n ^™£ ^ rms I m a y ear ' s b " d get for a part- ers of America show building on ; mnnitv mark of "pridp M™ "^ a'™' 1 "^ as low bidders | time secretary, an d it w a s ti,_ trirA t u.. »__•:.._! J ll .« ilia'* ui jiuut., miji. f nr | llllT i r -, n p fpnpp wnrk at La-i granted. Ward 5 member Odes Poole u _ u> ^ tii ^ /iuij _ was authorized to employ Jo- chairman and A. L. (Dick)' iem'up'To'su'prH'^'NortonTo ' ! Uagan _Fence Co. was low on ! seph R. Johnson as a bus Ackel is parade marshal. Chair-: P j(her adverlise for bids or have tllc porl< ' ns school with a bid i driver. men are ' "" -- ' "' ' ' ' ' ' ~ r "'"'" -"-' " ' ^ ' — Dougherty Campbell, bands; Mrs. Harry j rest-rooms" the FFA farm by contacting | Seale^d'out': and'the faciu- Cr^^'m^^P^ James Boiirque. ! ties were ureentlv needed The 1 £^ r T 1 , Bruce Alexander is parade I SrJ^K lL^pS-i k ' n ' B1 T nlary n SCh ° 0l8> Leo Key and Clyde the 'school board maintenance " f $1W and Hercules Fence! The board also authorized the y. routing; C T., mcn make the addition of two ;£ V n ". was low for the LaGrange; superintendent to advertise for In renuvatp Ihe main court- where work was carried on and a S uil against llm jury if "it voted i -tone* said, fp'im in Ihe parish courthouse. : should he conducive to thai for granting the subsidy. "We're I Rid? will be advertised in 10 work. ^ ' d.r.s and will be opened at a J. W. (Billt Rosleel ••i« ! t ial iury meeting July 20 'president, broke the at •"< pm. vote. The vote fo readvertise for speaking of a recent, tour the Three h,3s been quite a has-: hlfjs bo(tl u '«vs was 7-7 before jury made of Dynalectron. :-!f over the renovation Some of i' 11 ^ vole Wilnipr Roberts of. thr uiror^ don't want, to alter' Warf ! 1 -- R°V Whatley of Ward 1 . •'-. w - .'Bill) Rosleel, presi '" IIMI tor graining me subsidy. "Were i — Kntrries received to dale are. talking about over 400 jobs and SpllCifP AhflllflnrK Henning Memorial Methodist, 'I. .jury 11 didn't, see. any automation out ^"^'v, r^wunuuiia ; C i )ur( , h) choupique Home Dem- rare tie there." Wittier said. He wasiQrjpi'fi Hnnqp Sill ' onstration Club, Leading Dairv, Opera House Bill BATON ROUGE House-passed bill (n allow publicity Premier's Wife's Kntrries received to dale are. i p, 11 n ( . i Problem Packinq .;md U. S. Steel Corp. Cyclone ! Sales. -eading Dairy, | NEW YORK /AP) - During Supt. H. A Norton was in- Sulphur Florist, Sulphur Home • a visit lo New York, Helle Virk- 'structed to contract the Calca- lAP) —- A ; Demonstration Club. Borden's,! nor Krag, wife of Danish PIT.- ! sieu Parish Police Jury relative, a Sulphur FFA. Moss Lake Home ! mier Jems Otto Krag, disclosed to possible blacktopping of the Senior High work with a bid of j bids for milk and dairy prod-* 2 -;™' 1 - , .,, „ , ^ ; ucts, bread, pest control and 01 her bidders wore C and D ' sa l e of school bonds from School Knlerprises; River Hurricane District No. 23 for August S. Fence Co., Sulphur Fence Co..) — • •• • -•-"••• •" ""•-• c , _ .•• , . - „ , „, . ., , • [state building in New Orleans Demonstration Club, 7-Up Rot- ; she had a problem common to roads in front of several th* inside dome of the court- fi and Ronnie Levine of Ward 3 dent ot the jury, said an audit 1 to bp conver t e( j =•-• ••• - « • •- — • into an opera ; fling Co., Beta Sigma Phi soror- many American tourists. schools on a 50-50 basis, as has . _;, •' "'" •• '"' , ,!,,_(_,:, J t r, ,., ( n f tt, 0 ,,,,.,,V K^^l-^ ... ,,11 .« ; '..<JIIT.II.C-J iniii an t-|jci i lllllf4 V.U., ncirt Ol^IUd r III SLUl'l - llian.V rtlliei n:rt11 UJU11MS. : ; (.IIUO!;-> on M au-OlJ 03S1S, hou.e. Thev want the room re-.^samed Lawrence Robideaux ; of he .^s books would ie-i housCi dcfeated on !ts (irst try. S ity/Calcasieu Cowbelles, Cal-l "My husband always savs T been the hoard's policy, modeled ^ it IP. ^ \\ard R and Johnnie Miler ; jeal a subsdyjvas paid. If it abandoned in the Senate? Cam Tractor. Community Pride take too many things on Irips," Schools mentioned for u ^ to S?fhe t£s,!S:: ^ ^ wa^ef ^ **" mendiS^ SS-icTatS: i ^^ „_ ^.^inic,,. West ™^^^™.*J***_ __|_ ^^ W o^g_work,,r, Helps You Overcome ' FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or feel lll-at- ease because ot loose, wobbly fal£6 teeth. FASTEETH. an improved alkaline (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on ' your plates holds them nrmer BO they riossi i leel more corntortable. Avoid embar- 1 i rassmen t caused by loose plates. Get Streets' FASTEETB at any drug counter. so that lishting and arous- nrs in the room will be greatly improved. A majontv of fhr inrors, at v . , . ... !"t guess they could bring us l ,^ lm sil' cc t& ne ?™* s :!;: I «' 1 j te ^ « «"-•-; land and Derrel Koonce, all of j Ward 4. Johnny Caldarera, Roy Louis P. (Neg) Beghs of Ward ^ Mbre at Stars' If-n-' w^/'t?'^ 11 w£h ed nl a0 n lH ^ and Tom Watson - a11 " f 4 saif) llp understood the indi- i wo,Id ff lie .C-.m TI n Ward 3 ' Jon i3onrl nf Wnrd 7. : vidual jurors would he liable'' She*n^^^^ tl)(1 -«""' ™- V ? f 00 " ( ' f ' f wa f P- d - ! on bnlh plans, the "old" and ! ces " ful V ° lc ' I "We may have fo pay out. of our .ho "modmr as they havc| Voting against the motion ^ , pockct ' and [ can ' 1 afford ' come to he called by the jurors.; wore O ffie Deroucn of Ward 2., Louis P. (Neg) Bcglis of; Charley ?:iliott, Walter Goos.! Roe Spencer of Ward 3 said Ward 4 said those jurors who 1 Pete Mnnena, Gene Wittier and $15,000 would not make or break want the courtroom to continue ; Roe Spencer, all of Ward :!, and : a corporation like Dynalectron. .is a museum piece should dedi- Lawrence Fabacher of Ward 4. He said he wants Ihe corpora: tion lo slay here, but didn't so? : going against Sailer's recommendation. Ways Sears Builds Two Teachers Granted Release From Cant rods Into Every Can of Paint Manena amended the motion i to send a committee to see GSA. l U. S. Rep. T. Ashton Thompson !of the Seventh District will be ,e q «* (W r, ,„« rf; „„„„„*„, M- ,„„ , each . i S«« f JSJJ t^gj. were denied and two ers had signed contracts to amendment, were affirmed at the Calcasieu j teach and were asking to be j ,.-,„ Parish School Board meeting i released when no replacements I Inompson is running for re- Tuesday. ' i were available '• elpc , tlon and ne 1! 8°- Manena granted were: i The assistant said that there! ^J Tom Watson of Ward 3 I were 38 leaching nnd eight I sal ? - G A A . dlc!n l llke pressure p,- —~a 4 Faints nts and development ard Dftrfwted fhr irinning hichff qtiaUty control M*=tfir-?>fef^ Pairtfc arc- constantly proved a.T-J f'--s»«l in fhc field and laboratory arc- procured from thft rhoirejt raw materials on the market Master-Mixed Pain** are manufactured regionally to meet specific locaj climatic conditions Mrs. Dexter L Bush, second'" V .'J "" "">"'"* ""u t-i K iu i ^ ,. GSA • ,, , - , { grade tpm-hor at Oak Park, who ? UK « ncp va ,<™™-' at "^ time ' *™ UbA 1S " l Up f °' reelec - l .aid ^ho had nol consulted her m th n™nsh, husband before signing her con- Releases denied were Lawrence Robideaux of Ward tract. " Mar-Ilia L. Bass, Westwood 8 Hns'-'iiiK'd on the vote. Ros- Mr- nn^nvirv Oiiinn Smith ' K^mentary. librarian. She said lprl difl not vn ' e •«n mh n r.rS %l O k ^ «' a " lpd '« ^^ « P^'' Tlie dogs got inl ° (he P idlire P- I unmi ,g o said snr wilh lto ^'^ P; »' lsh Library, i "hen Roy Whatley oi Ward fi i ,u h mmoi Mign, wno sdia MIC u. ivnoc acoit( .' ( i said he has received comp aints u.'.hrfl to move lo Princeton.; ^ I T. I d>nes assistant b t , h ,, „ » s N .1 . will, her amilv ' J .h H! MH, o, High School., f . of South ; vesf Louisiang , ws s,x .enu-sts lor release of ^. h ^^J»^ lp ^ been checking dogs. "They have larv. Havnes said'he wanted o hee " g01 ' lg !n '° ( P po !f ^ back j ^B^.^^^.^^.^^^^^, El™,arf a BeaC "' Ma " 0n : J™ agreed to make a study j ^, . ', . . fi tl'p ordinance which sets up i Virginia Ann Roberts, Henning ra bies control and to look furth- Llementary in Sulphur. j er lnto (ne matter. i ; Judy Klwell. LaGrange Senior! ! High. Miss Klwell indicated she i •wanted to accept a job in the _ _ -^^ m ... district attorney's office. BARGAIN ..™^^ were denied. < 'lii\t Hmyni", assistant su- Nine Unions Here Still On Strike New Development! . . . Self-priming DRIES IN 30 MINUTES Aerylic* Latex House Paint SAVE $1.23 Regular $6.89 Gallon NIIF unions member-- of Ihe Buildup and Trades ('minl which a r e Lake Charles ("'nnstrurti o n lemam^d on strike Tuesday acainst ci'Mijaftins tinn.v The strike becan July 1 alter work contracts between the tin ion and contiac'ois expired. The ^trike has halted all con- =fruction and inamtenanrp work I'f'i formed bv innlrwlm^ IT 'ongme to the Associated Gen- er.-j| (.'oniractnr.-.. 'tin: ACiC i> ;i : po!ted la eu' pi' iv 9"> jier Ci'nt ot thp (iin- -•tiiif'ion workers employed MI tlic area. length of contract, working conditions and wages are reported (M be the major items which have led to the strike It was reported the AGC was secki/iy a five year work contract with a three year wa^e opener. Over 500 construction workers are reported idled by the strike. Wake up rarin' to OR BAIT without nagging backache SIGNATURE LOANS $25 to $2000 AKKA.VGED BV PHONE Arrange joui loaij b> phone. Pi<-k up the ca-sh at your con- temeufe. No c»-bJ«cers. Same day service. 24 Month Pion 30 Month Plan ton Gtl Mo Pm!. You Gel. Mn Pmt 5 SO 00 — < 500 SlfiJc 00 — <-.»> 00 S'JS.U — S2000 5!33?,00 — iel.OO '•1443 — n5.00 SUJp.OO — 57400 SVH *2 — SM.OO 51561.00 — SS900 *£iove po,menti include ALL chntgti DIAL FINANCE CO. Now! You can get (he faM relief you BccJ iiora nagging backache, headache ami niUMCUljr aches and paiiii thai often tjiise ic.-.[lesi uiijhls and miieuble t.'-'cd-eut feclingb. \\hen these discom- lods i.oujc on mth o\er-f.\cilion or sue:; ^nd iUain — \ou want icUci — vjn! M fan! Another diitciban^c may be jnilij Widdcr utu^uoa iol!oi.uig »:ocjj food and d : ink — often icttic^ op a reitJeis uncornfortiMe. feelujg. DOM'S Piih wwk fast us 3 sepaiiie T>a\s: 1. by speedy paia-rchcv ing icuoa 10 cjse torment c/ WKjUns bactjLbt, htidiLOei, ip.!j.-. t u!j! ijchcb and pams. - b> soothing client on bhdder !nna- iioii .'. t-y u>i!d •Ji'.ii-.n, ji_!.u.>n tending >'-> m.-Icast uLlpLit ol Ihe 1? miles ol ijd!H-\ tubc> Irnjoy a good niil'.l's slcrp and ihf bjmc happy teljci million!, hjve loj f • v e r t<> years. For couicmcuLC, ink iur the liirge 615 iT lodayl Doan's A 'bargain" is a reduction in ( i pnrp for a service or merchan- ! I 'Bait" is for fishing wbeth- j er !' if Ui>ed tci lure a potential (ustoiner either fnr business or r<jtin>; Whenever you m a business, Is new in a community it pays to examine very carefully any offer that looks "loo good to be uuo." Kxira care is warranted before dealing with an unknown. Better tiu.-iiiess Bureaus are maintained tor your protection by ethical bubiues:-. oi the community \Ve ha.e rtpoits on th'.'us-diidi oj firms arid organi- sations both local and national, rherk fii>t — before you do busi- m :-:- ... nh any one not kiioun to you If \ou do M,ii knou the bu.'-i!!i i », XJHM me biisinets- man I'l S VoL'R MONEY. Adv. • Needs no priming on sound painted surfaces • 30-minute drying, too fast to trap dust, bugs Wonderful later! So easy to apply it saves energy and time. Paint in damp weather or after a heavy ram! Resists mildew discoloration, blistering, peeling and stays clean without ugly pigment washdown on surfaces below. Clean took with soap, tap water. Apply with brush or rotter. MASTER-MJXH0 MASTER u^^a* „. Ml^° Satin Finish For Walls, Trim liltr-.ij hird finish for bath, kiuhen or den. Dries faM, w onderfulJy washable. Appiy with a brufih or roller. Shop at Sears arid Save Sali>fa<-tion (.uaranle^d or VtHtr otie-cow Acmu LAT0 interioi flat * I^itex Interior Flat GUARANTEE '. : If LitMr £.-.!': \\ Llili Vn CO', t-r "-'" '.- 4--o»!r-.! r,\ e ran> ci'lor : " Regular S6-59 — _ directed, v>il! iurmsli Ire to 93c! One coat covers ;£ coverage, or", it -.our option. :;? !e?s! Velvety finish 1C 3 f refund your complete pur- -'-^ colors . . . smooth OB With ^; chase price. -^ rol!ei or brush Tools clean : ^^ <v ^^^v,v•.•.^^^v.v/.^•.^^ :i V•.^•A^^ : ,•..• l ^;* :1 in just soap, water. CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charge Telephone Sears When You Can't Shop In Person . . . HE^ 3-7311

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