Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 26, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1952
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26,1952 MT VERNON REGISTER NEWS (CAILT EXCEPT SON DAT) MT reason NEWS ESTABUSHBD 1*71 MT VEBNOK UEQISTEK ESTABLISHED 1S8S COM SOLID ATED gBFTEMBEH 88 1910 EDWIN RACK/WAT — 0. J THOMPSON OR I AN METCAU* O L SHEHOHN Editor .... Bndn«« Man inter „ Hnmt Bdlww Plua! 8ap«rlriten<leni MEMBEB OV ME ASSOCIATED PUESS— Thi AMOd»tec Pnsw l» «xeJrj*f»ei7 •» UUeO lo the nv tot ihe trabllr»,ttoo ot ill newe credited to » « oot otlienrl»e credit ed t» thi» paper and tlto tha locaJ mti pubUehed therein Enured an Second 01aa» matter 'or (runt portatlon thronr)) Ibe mull" »t In* Po«t Office »t Mount Vemon. ttUnote. under the ectot March 8, 1870. SUBSOUIPTIOM »ATE8 SubfKTlpUone mutt be paid In adTanea— Br malt Ittttrtrm caonly nod to- lotntni countlee oat rear 0 mo« S3 78 8 mot 153.28, ] mo, B7 mall outride JefJereon mi ad- lolnlni rountle. within 280 mileei rest SS 00 0 mot SB 00- 8 mot. $3.2fi- per ilniln month Outeld. 280 mile* rear (0,00' f mot lift: 8 mot S3.76' one month _ .. Delivered b> carrier In tmr week »a.oo 1.00 1.26 1J60 .25 A Thought For Today Bat ivJth/il prepare mn also a lodarlne: for I trust that throuirh ; your prnvcm I shall he elven unto von—Philemon I :ZZ. Every Pravlne Christian will find that there Is no Gethsemane without its ancol.—Blnnev. .< , • EDITORIAL BE THANKFUL TODAY FOR YOUR AMERICAN RIGHT TO CHOOSE I N THIS VEAR OF 1952, wo perhaps ought to he most thankful that we have boon able once again to enjoy a renewal of the processes of our life which keep us free. We have just lately come through one of the most strident polHW'fil campaigns in our nation's history. Reflecting on Its tone and content, all Americans must feci a tinge of regret that their politics always seems to be rougher and more bitter than it ought. And yet we must still be tremendously grateful that we can indulge in this sort of thing at all. Bad as It Is, the unbridled nature ot our struggle for high office Is one great measure of the extent of our freedom. » • * W E IN AMERICA are continuing to be free to choose the men we want as leaders, In spite of all trials, In spite of all pressures. So long as we hold that privilege, we shall never be delivered into tyranny. So long as we have the right to keep, or reject, as we choose, wa are safe from the encroachments of the dictator. , Nowhere else on earth Is there a land of such diversity and size— both In area and population—which can boast of practicing democracy »B we do. Other smaller countries may show the world more perfect examples of Individual liberty, more perfect Instruments of government. But they do not encompass desert, mountain, greeti plains, a do?en different climates, countless varieties of the human species. ; * » » W HAT THIS NATION DOBS every four years Is for the aspirants to office and the voters alike more an ordeal than an event, Wo seem unable.ieven with the most high-minded of candidates, to make our choice wilhout resort to the height* of exaggeration -and the depths of abuso and slander. But we havo not lost the right to choose. No distortions of campaign method can obscure that. And isn't that a great deal to be thankful fort Calendar HORIZONTAL 60 Female saints (ab.) 61 Back ot neck VERTICAL Answer to Previous Puzzle taraH •dp GH30 BOO 1 Seventh month S Month of weddings 8 Fifth month of the year 12 Region 13 Soon 14 December 24, Christmas 15 Jesting 17 Summer — days 18 Frozen rain 19 Seething 21 Secure 23 Varnish Ingredient 24 Exclamation of satisfaction 87 Seed vessels 20 Walt 82 Noisier 34 More leve! 36 Eighth month 87 Roman emperor 38 Persia 38 Teller of ths future ,41 Obscrvo 42 Some calendars mark, holidays in ——. 44 Clip 46 Alarms 49 Run away to .:: marry 93 Stir 84 Mementos 56 Vegetable 97 Brings forth * young 58 Angers 59 Superlative suffix 1 Pokes 2 Soviet river 3 Unaspirated 4 Former Illinois governor 5 Jolt 6 Joined 7 Not any 8 German author • 9 Curative drugs « u i N *\ p 7" u N * m T i X B T A r T a • T i IM * P o * '& A N a 'ft C A «. • B N * S» o u A N T * A I • V t N ft • V K K at N T A rk r» • O s» • M r • 4? * N K e p A i W * A o • # "X • U M isjfc 689 P m N P> « (• A 19 m N V B * a C a V m u N • I T a rasa naoi E3QQ ana aaa 22 Strongholds 40 Hebrew 24 Russian ascetic mountains 43 Embankments 25 Time measure 45 Unadorned 26 Pill covering 46 Adhesive strip 28 Number of 47 Poems days In week 48 Tidy 10 English river 30 Low snnd hill 50 Vegetable U Criminal 31 Gaelic 51 Peer (slang) 33 Seashore 52 Being 16 Storehouse! mounds 55 Postscripts 20 Girl's nnme 35 Change* (ab.) 1 I r 1 V » i 6 <> 10 II it 11 IS . lb 17 IB ' # & ' 21 12. I IT' W US 2b _L_ P » i 30 31 it • W< ill 34 I » m 10 i 11 n n 9t ft • 50 S3 in 5k H 58 a to kl 'PURE APPLE CIDER and JONATHAN APPLES ..Get Yours for Thanksgiving ' Hill's Fruit Stand 8: Miles North on Salem Bond Embassy Club A PREMIUM BEER Only $3.19 a Case In Onus — At The Wooden Indian PARKMORE GRILL WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY THURSDAY THANKSGIVING DAY They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo « UL POP'S CHRISTMAS A>p Bj^TUpA/ 4 rviseoon IUE rack UMyypRrJ. ME STICKS TO MIS OLP RELI/ABLES P BUT -LET JUHlOR LATCH OM ~VO ONE OF W1LP OMESMMD IT'S HOT UMvV4NTED AHY MORE/ m CLARION The World Today Eisenhower Wise to Pick Top Assistant * * * RY JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP). — Gen Elsenhower did himself a favor when he picked Gov. Sherman Adfims of New Hampshire to be nsslstnnf lo him as president. It may (inn out. to have been his smartest move so far. * • * NOT BECAUSE HE PICKED AIMMN. But because ho acted so fast in recognizing he'll need a lot of help when ho takes over the presidency in January, both in advice and running the govern' merit. Eisenhower ought lo live longer with an assistant beside him to shoulder some of the work. One man couldnit do the job alone. It would kill him ir ho tried. Presidents Roosevelt and Tru man both had White House trouble shooters. Roosevelt had Harry Hopkins. Truman for a while had Clark Clifford. And John Steel man now has the job. * * • BUT NEITHER OF THOSE PRESIDENTS apparently had In mind (ho same kind of chain-of command which Eisenhower seems to be setting up through Adams. Adams said his duties, as de scribed to him by Elsenhower, require him to bo an over-all co-ordinutor of the' various execu tlve agencies, serving as liaison man between. the White House and the agencies with Congress. Judging from Adams' own description of.his job, it will be up to him to straighten out all the problems which can be po'ssibly solved without bothering Elsenhower with them. * * » AT THE SAME TIME he'll have to put out the fires in the Republican administration—If he can — before they become a big blaze, while rounding up the best advice for any problem which Elsenhower has lo settle himself. For example: Adams will have to handle the cat-and-dog fights that spring up among government officials and agencies: he'll have to unravel White House-Congressional relations that snarl. MIMICAL INSTRUMENTS RADIO & TELEVISION C'AJK'ifr oioncf no ir> burSm wmm\ Guaranteed Sa(« 4 Service 1220 Salem Roeo _ Prion. 1321 WINTERIZE PERMANENT ANTI-FREEZE $2.50 Gal. Tire chains, auto heaters:, thermostats, heater hose (or all ear* Southern III. Equipment Co. GI .UNN COLE — Phone 105S Ml. Vernon GLENN SIIKIIOKN — Phone S80 MeLca, III. WiUhmville Kimd—Mt. Vernon, III. 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Some infection seems the likely cause, though the blood pressure was high also, and this Is not ordinarily related to infection alone. • » » Q—Is a ganglion serious and should it be removed? — H. E. A—A ganglion is a kind of tumor, hollow in the inside and often attached to a tendon. It is non­ cancerous and therefore not serious in that respect, but it can be annoying. A sharp blow will usually collapse it, but it fills up and enlarges agaim and the only way to rid of it permanently is to have It dissected out entirely by surgery. • * * Q—Is it true that after an emotional Injury or shock one may sometimes have trouble with the thyroid gland? — Reader. A—This does happen sometimes, though it Is likely that the thyroid gland trouble was there before the shock and merely became active afterwards. • » * Q—What does the doctor find T. B. RUSSELL AUCTIONEER Land, Furniture. Farm. Plionr 1 Mt V. 121. 170 Hoyleton Kat, Isfactlon gi»rantr -Fd All sales I broadcast over WMIX. 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If you are having trouble with your vision, however, it is not safe to jump to the conclusion that this is the cause, unless it can be proved. Note on Questions Dr. Jordan is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However, once a week, in this "Q A A" column he will answer the most interesting and the most frequently asked questions received during the week. Embassy Club A PREMIUM BEER Only $3.19 a Case In Cans — At The Wooden Indian New SIU Term Opens Monday By Attacleted Pr«» CAKBONDALE, 111.— Southern Illinois University today announced its winter classes would begin Monday, the first day of the quarter under a new pre-registration sys'tem. 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RUSSELL, Auctioneer Sale to be held on premises. Listen to WMIX Friday at 11:50 for further details. Granada -ENDS TODAY- Stewart Granger - Deborah Kerr "PRISONER OF ZENDA" "in Technicolor STARTS THANKSGIVING DAY! tABjAMS ^ Savage furs f NO fNO TO THE LAUGHS! LEO HONrz GoaCfcY • HAIL BOW0RV Bow -Plaza- -ENDS TODAY— Glenn Ford in "THE GREEN GLOVE" plus Robt. Preston In "THE BIG NIGHT" STARTS THANKSGIVING DAY! HwSkjsolfor I AMCHE WAR filbert ROUND Wim P lymouth A dventure IS THE SCREENS BIGGEST ADVENTURE! M-G-M presents a great human story. t . a great romantto story, a great tea stor%..« the stirring story of men and women who took a supreme gamble with Fate... ^ and wont Inspired t by the sensational best-sellesJ £mmr eotot ir .SPENCER til GEIJE U erney •sr VAN J ohnson --LEO STARTS TOMORROW (THANKSGIVING DAY) Added: Color Cartoon - Late News - WITH DAWN ADDAMS LLOYD BRIDGES Ends Today: Joan Crawford in "Sudden Fear" with Jack Palance.

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