Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 8, 1964 · Page 31
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 31

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1964
Page 31
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TV Tim PREVIEWS television shows scree n*ngs, and ana- are BEST BETS 9-10 P.M. CBS. ON BROAD- way Tonight. A variation on the old "Talent Scouts" formula which means you will see occasional names doing a little and lots of unknowns taking up most of the hour to showcase their talents. The host is Rudy Vallee. To- night's guest star is Paul Anka. The youngsters, and for the most part they have professional backgrounds, are singer Ketty Lester, comic Rich Little, singer-comedienne Mitzi Welch (who also writes special material, comic Jackie Clark, singer Jerry Holmes and the dance team called the Albecs. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS «:30 - 7:30 P.M. CBS. "THE Great Conventions — The Republicans." A valuable guide to what to look for at next week's Republican Convention in San Francisco, Interpreting events of recent past conventions to help you understand what will be happening. Eric Scvereid handles the commentary intelligently and points out what otherwise might he some vital but obscure events. You'll be better armed for the hours of viewing ahead after seeing this hour. fi:SO-8 P.M. NBC. THE VIR- Rinian. "Smile of a Dragon." (Rerun). This long and sometimes cluttered western is greatly enhanced by the delightful presence of Miyoshi Umeki. Also on hand is Richard Carlson as a sheriff who has the sail lo accuse our Trampas (Dou« McCIuro) of not only being a stagecoach robber, but a Miss Harding is so good she makes the supporting players (including series star Ralph Bellamy) pale in comparison. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY • Presented as a public service : hy Uu: Lake Charles American 1'rcs.s winch is not responsible for iiiiiinmnncod changes by stations in similar program inaiTiiraiies.) Cluinnels - WBRZ-TV Baton Rouse 2, KATC-TV Lafayette, 3 KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB Alexandria 5, KFDM Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake CharUi 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. Tomorrow daytime programs are also included. WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—Sports, 2, 5 News, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 3 6:10-Weather, 10. 7, 2 6:15—Esso News, 2, 5 Weather, 6 Sports, 10, 7 News, 12, 7 TV 3 News, I ti: 20—News, 6. 7 6:25—Weather, 5. U, 4 6:30—The Virginian, 2, 4, 7 Ozzie & Harriet, 3, 13 "Tarzan and the Slave Girl", 10 Great Conventions, 6-10 7:00~Patty Duke Show, 3. 12 7:30—Farmer's Daughter, 3, 12 •Suspense, 6 8:00—Ben Casey, 2, 3, 12 Beverly Hillbillies, 10, 6 Espionage, 4, 7 8:30-Van Dyke Show, 6, 10 9:00—Eleventh Hour, 2, 4, 7 Untouchables, 3 77 Sunset Strip, 12 Danny Kaye, 6,10 9:00—77 Sunset Strip, 12 Untouchables, 3 Danny Kaye, 10, 6 The llth Hour, 2, 4, 7 10-00—Night Desk, 2 Weather, 7 News, 3, 12. 4, 6, 20 Date Line '63, 5 10:05—News, 7 10:10—Weather, 3, 12, 4, 6, 10 Sports, 7 lO.-15-News, 3, 4, 12 Sports, 10 "100 Men and a Girl," 6 10:20—Suspense, 10 "Two In a Crowd," 6 ]0:25-"Lisbon," 3 "The Third Man," 12 ]0:30—Tonight, 2, 4 "Sea of Lost Ships," 3 "Phoenix City Story," 12 10.50— "Jack and the Beanstalk," 10 12:00—News-Prayer, 2 THURSDAY DAYTIME fi 0(>— Happy Show, 10 6:15—Pass Partout, 10 6 55—Farm Report. 7 7 00—Today. ?. 4. 5, 7 Outlook!. 1C Dateline '63, 5 7 2l>—Local Weather, 7 7:30—Popeye, 10 Uncle Willie's Club, 6 Today. 7 8 00— Kangaroo, 6, 1C 8:25—Coffee With Ann, 5 Adeline's Show, 4 Local News. 7 8 30—Today Show, 5, 4, 7 8 50—News, 12 8 55—Devotions, 12 9 00—Jack LaLanne, 12 Three Stooges, 2 Make Room for Daddy, 2, 4, 7 News, 6, 10 3 30—Play Your Hunch, 5 Word for Word, 2, 4, 7 I Love Lucy, 6, 10 Price Is Right. 3. 12 '.) 25-NBC News. 4. 7 lti-00—Get the Message, 3, 12 Conceniraiion, 7. 5. 4 The McCoys, 6, 10 10 30—Jeopardy," 2, 4, 7 Pete and Gladys, 6, lu Missing Links, 3, 12 First Impression, 2, 4, 5, 7 lliOO-Father Knows Best, 3, 12 Say When, 2. 4, 7 Love of Life, 6, 10 Il:25-News, 10 11:30—Consequences, 2, 4, 7, 5 Ernie Ford, 3, 12 Search, 10, 6 Ernie Ford, 3, 12 ll:45-Guiding Light, 6, 10 ll:55-N-JWs, 2. 4, 7 12:00-TV Bingo, 4 Romper Room, 7 Midday In La., 2 Midday Report, 3 "Father Was a Fullback," 12 Famous Play House, 6 Meet Your Neighbor, 10 "Cloudburst," 12 12:30—Life t,ine, B Let's Make a Deal, 2, 4, 7 The World Turtw, 10. 6 Ann LeJeune Show, 3 1:00—Bingo, 3 Loretta Young, 2, 4, 7 Password, 10, 6 1.-25-NBC News. 4. 7. 2 l:30-House Party, 10, 6 The Doctors, 2, 4, 5, 7 Day in Court, 3, 12 1:55—News, 4, 2, 12 2:00-Another World, 2, 4, 7 To .Tell the Truth, 10, B General Hospital, 3, 12 2:3ft-You Don't Say, 2, 4, 5, 7 Edge of Night, 10, B Queen for a Day, 3, 12 3:QO~Mateh Game, 2, 4, 5, 7 Secret Storm, 10, 6 Trail Master, 3, 12 3:25-NBC News, 7, 4. 3:30—Bayou Fair, 7 Amos & Andy, 10 TV Bingo, 4 "Paula," 6 Ethma Odum Show, 5 3:55—News, 4, 7 News, 12 4:00—Circle 4 Club, 4 Theatre, 2 Kartoon Kapers, 7 Jim Backus, 5 Big Show, 3 Col. Candy Cane, 12 Candy Cane, I'i Family Theater, 10 4:30—Popeye Theatre, f 5:0*—Huckleberry Hound, 4 Adventure Movie, 12 Sports, 5 Leave It to Beaver, 6 5:30—Trails West, 3 Cronkite News, 6 Huntley Brinkley, 7, 4, 2 Super Car, 7 murder, with himself as his own victim. 8:30-9 P.M. CBS. THE DICK Van Dyke Show, (Rerun). For once Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) turns out a hero, although he takes a lot of ribbing, as possibly the only one who can identify a man-woman team of jewelry thieves, Rob recognizes no one in the police line-up. Can it bo that both thieves were men, with one masquerading as a woman? 9-10 P.M. NBC. THE ELEV- enth Hour. "Fear Begins at 40." (Rerun). Ann Harding plays a woman, | 73, contending with approach- j ing senility. Robert Lansing and Jacqueline Scott, play her son and daughter-in-law who have decided remorsefully that she should be committed to a home for the X CAW IT) HAPPEN TO/. KABlJETOVBKdME^W^nml GO BACK TO) A6HOST JWASSHllT eOUttBI^TOWN..., / DOWN IN SEE?* THAT'S THE FIRST TIME 1 EVER-SAWA BUNCH OF KIDS INJ THAT SWIMMING POOL; . ^ j DAYffNOfKE*. £i JOE PALOOKA THE ONlV ~n\e cites aw "ZOO-60W6"/ OUKfUUif 60IM5T0 £200 TOWtf. WRITS A REPORT, ANPI NEVER GOT MINE DONE... A 6000 TIME,. ONLYOME MAN KIM\ '-&UT,AH-SQ0.'-HA!N'T GOT TH' ff TWA^OMLVOMESIWO^'IVlffi^i^SI^ THATSHMOO SUPPOSE ITS REQUEST ME TO MAKEASARTIN 'irS AWFUL GRANT ANV REQUEST.':'' LIL' ABNER YOU GET OFF SOME WANTA REAL COMICAL REMARKS ATTHATAl-TITIIPE THEV'LU PICK .YOU <IP ....... _ .ON RADAR FROM CAME TO TH'FAIR \ t-A 6UARPIA AIR- T'BB'DISCOVEREP'/ Av PORT I YOU SAY 4UCH CUTE V THINGS J'AA GONNA / SIVE YOU A BEEA* AN' LET YOU HOLD MY IT Took IS * --If- TI-IA, . CUITE. A WHILE TMt PLUEAL TOC-fcTToTIIE --MEANING POINT. PipN POUBI.E WHILE5T J WASH I pi N07WIN>UCH,CHA1KIE WHATt NEW ANDY CAPP :,..;;i,^.^:r'"^A 'i LWE-VE. GOT • i A GOOD I BLUF.PLATE v - SPECIAL TODAY WHY PO YuU CALL IT TUP "BLUEPUATG SPECIAL" WHEN YOU SERVF IT ON A WHITE PLATE"' Tv^iiTfv '/--_ '/ /• i, 6Sl.ll -fclp ~ j tSM TF 1 —•cbL.OR" ' ->. V HA:i tJOTi-HNr, ) r -\ G po _wmi f- Incorporation Sought By Oil Workers The Refinery Employes Build- ;ing Corp. has filed articles of ; incorporation with the Calcasieu ! Parish clerk of court. The purpose of the corporation is to hold, own and arj- minister property for the benefit of the members of the corporation. Membership in the corpora- ation is extended to all employes of Continental Oil refinery and all other employes of allied industries who are eligible for union representation. 0 f f i c e r s of the corporation were listed as Frank A. Crosby. 2129 Walker Drive; Ben- jarnm" E. Bas : . 1032 Bee Tree St. and Murphy A Gaspard. Rt. 2, Box 215i", ail ui West Lake. SHHH--VONDER COMES VORE MAN SNUFF/- 1'LLTELLVESOME OTHER TIME WHY DON'T VE STAY x AN'HAUETEft WIFUS, ELVINEV?TH'PARSON AN 1 HIS WIFE ARE DUE ENNV SECONT- AS VE wuz SAVIN; ELVINEy- HOW ON A1RTH DID 20NEV MAE GIT HER EVE ALL SWOLE UP? SNUFFY SMITH OUR AGENTS REPORT THIS IS WHERE THE GOLD 15 STORE P.' HERE IN MANCHANG.' xxi RE A MA-; ft K WED., JULY 8, 1964, Lake Charles American ins* A Junior Editors Quit About FLYERS QUESTION: Who first Jim around Ihr world? • • * ANSWER: On April 16, I'm, < U.S. Army Doug!** blplann look off from Sealtle, \V'a,<htn R ton, to »itempt iht Hut globe-cUcllng flight, a feat which many people thought to he Impoulble. With the help of the Navy, pontoons *ere tlRRtit on the planes while flying over oceans, while wheels werf used whrn overland. ThU trip w a» not contlnuouj; )t was a .,e( of n ifparate Illghij. the longMt hnp twins 830 mild. While living over Alaska, thr "Seattle; flagship of Major Fred L Martin, flight rommamler.smathnl Into « mountain. While the Major and his nieiliium: were iinlmit, ihe (light wa» ovtr lor thfin, and Lieutenant Lowell ]l. Smith, In the "Chicago", became the new flight roramamler. The 3 planes safely reached Japan nml flew over Asia »nd Europe, hut In flyln K toward Iceland, one of them bnd to he abandoned became of a faulty air pump. Finally, after flying ^6,345 miles, the two surviving planes reached Seattle September 28, 1924, hftvlng circled the earth in lew than 6 monthi. When the planes started, there were * major, two lergeants and fire lieutenants In the expedition. Six lieutenants returned. Can you out how this was possible? • • * VOR YOU TO DO: Check your answer lo mir question with e.»ff facia: The major and one of the scrgeanU dropped out became of the crash. That left five lieutenant* and one sergeant, a mechanic. 'Iwo other mechanics were llciitcnants. which seemed unfair lo uie lergcant; so ihe commander wired Washington, anil Sergeant OgHert was promoted to lieutenant while the planrs were on (he way, • * ' '7-0 (|"lm Kullrr of Newlon, Kansas, wins lodny't rnmhlned prl*« ! i:.)itipion'x Illustrated Sclen.-r Dictionary plus'$10 r,i,h, lor |)>I< qufMii.n. M.,il vtmr , rm „ ,„,«,, lm | ,„ | uill , lr ]; ( i|(,, r , !t , ,., 1rr ,,f this iii-w«piip,T, and you m«v win the wefUy prl/r nf Ompton • Plcturtil Km \<l..|,r,|u.j VOUR HEALTH Treatment For Poison Ivy Told | By Dr. Theodore R. Van Delicti I f Copyright 1964: By The Chicago j Tribune) i Poison ivy Is a perennial problem and is best handled by learning to recognize and avoid j "the leaflets three." On the oth- j BOOKWORMS AND VISION Mrs. C. writes: Both my children are nearsighted. Both are bookworms. Will too much reading worsen this condition? Reply No. Noarsightedncsa tends lo er hand, we are fortunate in (progress spontaneously but liavinjj an excellent remedy for those who develop the eruption. Corticosteroid tablets may be taken daily and continued for five days after the blisters disappear. Poison ivy is contact dermatitis and occurs when the oily fraction of the plant touches the skin. It has been said thai nobody is born .sensitive lo \M- son ivy. They get this way ail r:r firsl contact with the plant Some are immune but 65 per cent of our population is csli mated to be susceptible. Some people are more sensi live than others but nobody is so sensitive that he develops the typical eruption on looking at or walking by the plant. Those who say this usually were poisoned indirectly by j touching a pet or clothing of a • member of the family who ! rubbed up against the ivy. The fluid in the blister does ! not harbor the irritant; conse- jquently, the individual is not contagious after the eruption appears. Dermatitis can be ! warded off by washing the oily I substanci! from the skin with I soap and wat< j r within one or two hours after exposure. More , harm than good is done when the skin is washed after the rash occurs. Is llu-re something a sensitive ; person van take to increase resistance lo poison ivy? Yes, but the effect is temporary. It is not practical for most of us. An injectable extract of the plant, ! for example, will make many people less sensitive Oral ex- I tracts also are available but j an? less efficient. But there is ' n<jt harm in trying the extracts when you are likely to come into contact, with poison ivy. Cold compresses soaked in aluminum acetate will prove soothing as will drying lotions containing a small amount of phenol. Antihistamine tabl eta often relieva itching. Dr. Van DelJen will answer questions on medical topics if a stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. TOMORROW: Monday Fever. LIVER INFECTION •: Mrs. C. writes: I had hepatitis a year ago. At my most recent checkup, a few months ago, the doctor pronounced me in good health. Is it safe for me to take birth control pills' 1 Reply Thi.i qm-.-.tion lias .lenu'j.s cun- nuiations and should be an- swtTC-d bv \iuir physician He • knows whether \our liver (unc- lioii tests have retui'iu-d 1" normal. reading for hours and hours is not the cause. Nearsighted children prefer nearsighted projects. Today's Health Hint— Bring up your children in an atmosphere of calm. Address inquiries to Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Tower Chicago, 111. * DISCOVER how MID SOUTH INSURANCE can SAVE YOU MONEY... homeowner and automobile policies PROVEN to PROVIDE satls factory Wt? wriUlrl RESULTS. LOVF **^^ * *•* I <i discuss your INSURANCE needs and ihow how is to GUARANTEE your PROTECTION * Complete Insurance Service Frai* 0. Prvjitt Ma no am MID-SOUTH INSURANCE 101 Weber Bid*. 4334307

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