The Miami News from Miami, Florida on September 9, 1954 · 32
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 32

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1954
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'I 1 2-B MIAMI DAILY NEWS, Thursday, Sept 9, 1954 COMPLETE RADIO and TV PROGRAMS-HIGHLIGHTS By LOUISE LEYDEN Miami Dally News Radio Editor Baseball (WKAT 1) Game between Yankees and Orioles. - Curt Massey (WGBS 5:45) "Thank You Tor Calling," "Gilly Gilly Ossen Fetter,' "Your Eyes Have Told Me So" and "Too High, Too Low. Too Wide" will be offered by Curt Massey and Martha' Tilton on to- day's program. ,The Choraliers (WGBS 7:30) All-male chorus conducted by Eugene Lowell. On Man's Family (WIOD 7:45) Another episode built around the activities of the Barbour family of San Francisco. Jerry Wichner (WINZ 8) U Wichner will be heard by remote control from J. D. Ball Motor Co. Official Defective (WKAT 8) A new type of chain letter comes to 'the attention of Det Lt. Britt (Craig McDonnell) as he's called to investigate "T h e Fly Paper Murder." Sheriff Ralph Smith of Spokane, Wash., will be honored for "outstanding detective work." Meet Millie .(WGBS 8) Situation comedy series with Elena Verdugo playing the role of Millie, a teen-ager. Roy Rogers (WIOD 8) Modern Western drama with Roy Rogers, "The King of the Cowboys" and his wife, Dale Evans, starring. Dr. Sixgun (WIOD 8:30) Drama of the Old West based on the adventures of Dr. Grey Mat-son, who brought medicine and law to the "Territory" before the 1870's. Crime Fighters (WKAT 8:30) The work of a "State's Attorney" in battling law breakers provides tonight's drama. The Scarlet Pimpernel (WIOD 9) Marius Goring, British actor, stars in another story of the French Revolution, I playing the role of the fictional ! Pimpernel the Robin Hood of ! those troubled times. Sammy Kaye (WQAM 9) Gladys Shelley, songwriter, will be guest on Kaye's Serenade Room tonight. Gene Peraizo (WQAM 10:30) Starlight serenade with Gene V A 1 P! BOB CONSIDINE ayback WTVJ 8:45 p.m. r ' ' : r GLADYS SHELLEY Sammy Kaye WQAM 3 p.m. Perazzo featuring classical, semi-classical and popular favorites on the organ. Tell Me Doctor " (WQAM 12:50 p.m. tomorrow) The series winds up the week with a talk on "Defining Chronic Illness" by Dr. David Burns. Television Highlights Bill Bayer News (WITV 7) The WITV news editor turns the camera's lens upon the South Florida scene. Industry On Parade (WFTL- TV 7) Candy, Bricks, Soap and Marsh Buggies discussed. Liberace (WTVJ 7) The noted TV personality presents the "Hawaiian War Chant" and the "Cornish Rhapsody" as to night's feature numbers. Files of Jeffrey Jones (WFTL-TV 8:30) "The End of the Line." Kraft Theater (WITV 8:30) Tom Helmore and Gene Lyons star in "Albert," story of how a group of Allied prisoners plotted to escape from a Nazi prison camp. Perry Como (WTVJ 8:30) Tonight Perry joins the chorus in "They Were Doing the Mam-bo" and "September Song." He solos "I Understand Just How You Feel." Big Playback (WTVJ 8:45) Columnist and radio personality Bob Considine will be guest of Bill Stern when a playback of the 1920 America's Cup yachting race, an event never to be repeated, will be shown. Famous Playhouse (WTVJ 9) Joanne Davis, Glenn Roberts and Herb Ellis strr in "The Eye Witness Who Wouldn't See." Evening Theater (WFTL-TV 9) Judith Allen stars in "Telephone Operators." Star Playhouse (WTVJ 10:30) Zachary Scott and Katy Ju-rado play the .lead roles in "Guitar in Guatemala," romantic drama set in Latin America. Sports Final (WITV 11) Clure Mosher-gives a roundup of latest sports news. :RAD!0 ABC 553 WIOD"', WGBS VMBMm Willi :v WVCGra WMIE . WFEC .WKATWWPB THURSDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING AS s f09 45 Miami-Go-Roana! Backstage Wife Miami-Crckcr Stella Dallas Juk Bai Wianer Sruwa SenaU Cemmittee Woman Hoase News-Juke Box Plata BUI Juk Box Joses Julia Box WIOD Serena Juk Bea-Tkerm. Maws Record Jary 'Gospel Caravan 940 Club . Music Yoa Want Gospel Traia ' Record Jary Catpel Caravaa 949 Club Masic Tea Waat Gospel Traia Today's Top Fire Gospel Caravaa 940 Clab Masic Yoa Waat Gaspci Traia Today's ' Top Fiv Gospel-Scores 94B- Club Music Yoa Waat Gospel Train Eboay Express Eboay Express Eboay Express Eboay Express Art Greoa Art Grcea Art Greea Art Creea Miasai Baadstaad Miaari Baadstaad Miasai Baadstaad Netrs-Baadstaad Alec Gibsoa Alec Gibsoa Alec Gibsoa Alec Gibsoa 6 Nat'l-Int'l News Sports-Masic - Local News Facts Forum Parsoas-Sports WIOD Juke Box Musk - I Belief 3-Star Extra Today's Top Fin Dig-fin Discs 94S Club Rllia Houu Gspel Traia Top Fiv-Newe Dijem Discs 948 Club - Rollia' Hosa Gospel Traia BriKkter Sid Digfia Discs Bis; Fiv Evening New Cspel Traia Cart Massty Weatber-Discs Bit; Fir Diaacr Masic Gospel Traia Ebony Express Eboay Express Reauestt-News Rocky Requests Bobby Benson Bobby Beasoa Bobby Beasoa Bobby Beasoa Hillbilly Express I Hillbilly Express Hillbilly Express Weatber-News I News-Sports News-Discs Racing USA . Dinner Masic Gospel Traia Headlinars - Diggin Discs Melody Ballroom Sifa Off Gospel Traia Heirlooms Sifa Off Melody Ballroom Red Skeltoa Lowell Tkemas Melody Ballroom Red Skeltoa Rocky Requests Rocky Requests Sifa Off amOb News Digest Alex Dreier Teaaesse Ernie 1 J. VY. Vandercook Builders South FU. Tenaesse Eraie , 3(j Silver Eajle Morfaa Beatty Ckoraliers 4S EagU-News On Maa's Famny Edward R. Marrow Job Fric Joka Pric Bob Erans Dinner Music Unci Martin Unci Martin Unci Martin Friendly Far, on 9i Eddie Fitter Relaxing Tim Relaxing Tim Relaxiag Tim 1 60 Guest Star IS Bill Stera I JO Bosfoa Pops 4S Boston Pops Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Dr. Sic-Gun Dr. Six-Gun Meet Millie Meet Millie Tkat's Rick Teat's Rick Jerry Wickner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wickner Jerry Wickner 1 00 Sammy Kaye IS Kaye-News 130 Paul Whitemaa AS Paul Whiteman Scarlet Pimpernel On Stage Scarlet Pimpernel On Stage Hour Of Chaim Jack Carson Hour Of Charm Carson-News Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner 10 11 Boston Blacki Bostoa Blacki Gen Peraizo Gene Peraxzo news Parsons-Sports Night Owl Night Owl Fibber Molly Mantanni Pastors Study Mantovani Pastors tudy News-Courtney . News Alaa Courtney Jrry Wichner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner Siga Off News Analysis . Sports-Courtney Alan Courtney Alan Courtney Al Schochet Recommends Al Sckocket Al Schocket Midnight Owl to 2 Courtney ' To I Siga Off Orig. Cracker Jia Orig. Cracker Jia Orig. Decker Jia Orig. Cracker Jia Subscribe To WVCG'S "Good ; Music" ' Magazine . . . $1.00 Yearly Orig. Cracker Jia Orig. Cracker Jia Orig. Cracker Jia lOrig. Cracker Jia Auctioa Air Auctioa Air Radio Noticioas Radio Noticioas The Continental The Continental Th Coatiaeatal tTh Coatiaeatal Music Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Sign Off To help you find supplies there's a new Do It Yourself Section on the Classified pages Faltoa Lewis Zioaist Program Cabriel rleatter Power Squadron Friendly Parson Hillb.lly Express Hora Paa American Hera Pan American Official Detectnre Official Detective Crim Fighters Crim Fighters Harlem Express Harlem Express Harlem Express Harlem Express Henry-Orck. Newsreel Concert Tim Dad PBW Harlem F.xpress Harlem Express Harlem Express Harlem Express Harry Flaanery Star Spotlight Concert Tim Concert Tim Harlem Express Harlem Express Harlem Express Harlem Express John Pric Wathr-Evaas Dane Orchestra Dane Orchestra Sam Gysoa Sam Cysaa Sam Gysoa Sam Gysoa Sleept Ta 3:30 Cyson-Mary Loa ALL DAY FRIDAY 60 30 45 700 is 30 4S Prayer-Hymns Kirby Brooks Brooks-Weather Brooks-Florida Sign On-News Jack Berry Don Butler Don Butler Don Butler Beyond Today Sign On Gospel Ceraran Gospel Cararau Gospel Caravan Guest Star Rise Skin Ris t Shin Rise at Shin Newt Kirby Brooks News-Brooks Kirby Brooks Day's Strength Gospel Traia Gospel Traia Gospel Traia Cospel Traia Siga Oa Wok Up Wake Up Wake Up Mini Ncws-Rodda Miami Walt Rodda Miami Weatker-Rodda Miami Walt Rodda News-Berry Weather-Berry News-Salty Raoible-News News-Butler Doa Butler News-Butler Butler-News Cospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Caravan Caravaa Caravan Caravan Bob Leaders Bob l.aadert W eather-Landers Bob Landers News-Weather V Burnt Toast Burnt Toast Burnt Toast Mary Loa Mary Loa Norrit-Weather Johnny Morris Gospel Traia Cospel Traia Ward Of God Word Of God Wak Up Wak Up Wak Up Wak Up Miami News-Rodda Miami Pat Sullivan Miami Weatker-Rodda Miami Walt Rodda Jokeny Norris Joknny Norris Weather-Bandstand News-Bands taod 8;i m J 30 45 News Brooks-News Kirby Brooks Kirby Brooks World News Hour Of Stars Hour Of Start Hour Of Start News Roundup Jan Recommends Newt-Butler Don Butler Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Caravan Caravaa Caravaa Caravan Bob Landert Bob 'Landert Bob Landert Bob Landers Burnt Toast Gospel Qaartet Wak Up Miami Joha Price Burnt Toast Dr. Micaeltoa Wak Up Miam. Morning Thought News-Burnt Toast Newt Wak Up Miami Field Hobs Burnt Toast Cospel Quartet Wake Up Miami Field House Miami Bandstind Miami Bandstand Miami Bandstand News-Bandstand Breakfast Club Hour Of Stars Party Line Newt-Cok Horn Harmoaies News-Burnt Toast Breakfast Club Billie & Jack Party Lin Ed Cook Horn Harmonies Burnt Toast Breakfast Huh Billie & Jeck Party Lin Ed Cook Horn Harmonies Dr. Crane Breakfast Club Billie at Jack Party Line Ed Cook Home Harmonies Concert-Newt S. Dade Roundup S. Dad Roaadup S. Dad Roundup S. Dad Roundup Wake Up Miami Field House Miami Bandstand Wak Up Miami Field House Miami Bandstand Wak Up Miami Thr Th Yeer Miami Bandstand Wak Up Miami North Short Newt Newt-Bandstand 10 n 12 2 3 4 5 True Story Story-Streets Whispering Sreett Girl Marries Bob Smith Bob Smith Bob Smith Break Bank Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Artknr Godfrey Newt-Cook Ed Cook Ed Cook Ed Cook Horn Harmonica Horn Harmonies Horn Harmonies Homo Harmonies Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall News-RFD RFD 1140 RFD 1140 RFD 1140 Fat Daddy Fat Daddy Fat Daddy Fat Daddy Cecil Brown Wife Saver News-Rhythm Latin Rhythm Miami Bandstand Miami Bandstand Miami Bandstand News-Bandstand Modern Romances Ever Since Eve' Kirby Brooks Kirby Brooks Strike It Rick Strike It Rick Fkrase That Pays Second Chance Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Musical Album Musical Album Ed Cook Ed Cook Ed Cook Ruby Valentin Horn Harmonies Horn Harmonies Homa Harmonies Horn Harmonies Bulletin Board Theater 107 Theater 107 News Auctioa Air Fat Daddy Florida Calling Miami Bandstand Auction Air Fat Daddy Florida Calling Miami Bandstand O. 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Plain Bill Lorenzo Jones WIOD Serened News Top Five Top Five-News Brighter Side Curt Massey Diggin Discs Diggin Discs Diggin Discs Weather-Discs 6: 4 7S 940 Club Rollin' Horn Gospel Train Ebony Express Magic Carpet Hillbilly Express 940 Club Rollin' Home Gospel Traia Ebony Express Serenade In Blue Hillbilly Express Big Five Evening tews Gospel Traia Requests-News Bobby Benson Hillbilly Express FT Dinner Mnsic Cospel Train Rocky Requests Benson-Brown Weather-News t00 Nat'l-Int'l.-News 1& Local News "30 Parsont-Sporti d5 Qny Lombardo 100 16 30 45 Sports-Music WIOD Juk Box WIOD Juk Box 3-Star Extra News-Sports Headliners Heirlooms Lowell Th Diggin Discs Diggin Discs Siga Off . Racing USA Melody Ballroom Melody Ballroom ' Melody Billr Dinner Music Dinner Masic Siga Off News Digest J. W. Vandercook Lone Ranger Lone Ranger Alex Dreier Editors Report Morgan Beatty One Man's Family Tennessee Ernie Tennessee Ernie Ckoraliers" - Edward R. morrow Eddie Fisher Relaxing Tim Relaxing Tim Relaxing Time 8 Occupations Ltd. Bill Stern WQAM Music Hall WQAM Music Hall Treasury Stars Frank Sinatra America Swingin' America Swingin' Mr. Keen Mr. Keen Godfrey Digest Godfrey Digest Jerry Wickner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner Jerry Wichner 9 00 Sammy Kaye America Swingin Godfrey Digest Jerry Wichner Kaye-News Sheriff Kslly Godfrey Digest Jerry Wichner World Live In Rep. Sam Rayhurn Jack Carson Jerry Wichner 45 World Live In Rep. Sam Rayburn Carson-Newt Jerry Wichner 1 II is Boston Blackie Boxing Bout Ralph Flanagan Jerry Wichner I LI in Boston Blackie Boxing Bout Ralpk Flanagan Jerry Wichner Capitol Concert Here's To Vets News-Courtney , .' Jrrry Wichner 4' Capitol Concert Newt Alan Courtney ' ' Jerry Wichner n00. News Siga Off Newt Analysis Al Skocket 1 I Parsons-Sports Sportt-Courtney Recommendt Night Owl Alan Courtney , Al Shocket Night Owl Alan Courtney Al Shocket Midnight Owl T 2 Courtney T 1 Sign Off Gospel Traia Gospel Traia Red Skeltoa Red Skeltoa Rocky Requests Rocky Requests Sign Off Driving Home You'll Enjoy "Rollin' Home" . . . 5 to 5:30 Every Week-Day Afternoon Over WVCG . . . 1070 On ' Your Dial. Drig. Cracker Jim Orig. Cracker Jim frig. Cracker Jim Drig. Cracker Jim lOrig. Cracker Jin rh-ig. Cracker Jin prig. Cracker Jin prig. Cracker Jin John Price John Price Bob Erant Dinner Music Unci Martin Uncle Martin Uncle Martin Friendly Parson Auction Air Auction Air Radio Noticiat Radio Noticiat Dr. Ed Wall rhe Continental rhe Contintental rhe Contintental Vlusic Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Vlusic Till Midnight flusic Till Midnight iign Off Fulton Lewis Dinner Date Gabriel Heatter In The Mood Does luck or talent get a Hollywood break? See This Week Magazine with Sunday's News. Counterspy Counterspy Take A Number Take A Number Friendly Parson Hillbilly Express Horn Pan American Hora Pan American Harlem Exprett Harlem Express Harlem Exprest Harlem Exprest Henry-Orchestra Newsreel Concert Tim Concert Time Harlem Exprest Harlem Exprest Harlem Exprest Harlem Exprest Newt M'hattan X-roads Fall Out Fall Out Harlem Express Harlem Exprest Harlem Exprett Harlem Exprest John Price Weather-Evans Havana Holiday Havana Holiday Sam Gysoa Sam Gyton Sam Gysoa Sam Gysoa Sleepy T 3:30 Gysoa-Mary Loa ADVERTISEMENT THE MIAMI DALLY NEWS CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOB LAST MINUTE CHANGES IN PROGRAMS INDICATES NETWORK PROGRAM, WTVJ Ch. 4 WITV ,! TELEVISION WFTL CH. 23 THURSDAY Encore Theater Eacar Theater Uad Daa Unci Daa Pinky Lee Pinky Lee Howdy Doody Howdy Doody IN 4S Glenn Jc Mickey Unci Daa iky a,mg Uad Daa Sky King Gail Comptea Shopper's Guide Gail Comptoa Western Feature Western Feature Western Feature Western Feature S00 16 WJ0 45 Annoaaccd-Weatk. Sports Pared Jack Of All Sports Joka Daly Doug Edwards Barrett-Sunset Beaick Reporting Sunset Ranch C. Rabbitt-Weatker Spotlighting" Sports News-Artistry J. C. Swayxe 6 Liherac Newt-Bayer Liberace Cold Ceatt Theater Oxxi A Harriet Gold Coast Theater Oxxi at Harriet Gold Coast Theater Industry On Parad Fishing Roundup Factt Forum . Facta Forum That's My Boy Gold Coast Theater Counterpoint That's My Boy Gold Coast Theater Counterpoint Perry Cease Kraft Theater Jeffrey Jones Big Play Back Kraft Theater Jeffrey Jones Famoat Playhouse Kraft Theater Famous riayhoas Kraft Theater Dragnet City Detectiva Dragnet City Detective Evening Theater Evening Theater Evening Theater Evening Theater 700 is 30 if 4S q,s 4S What's Th Story? Rmtadup Tim What's Th Story? Roundup Tim Star Theater Roaadup Tim Star Theater Roaadup Tim Evening Theater Evening Theater Siga Off 10 News-Weather Sports Final Dollar A Second Siga Off Dollar A Second Wrestling 11 Wrestling To 1 Midnight FRIDAY 6 Garroway Today Garroway Today Garroway Today Today-Weather Words ft Musie 7 Ding Dong School Ding Dong School On Your Account 0u Your Account Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club 8 Garry Moore Garry Moore Garry Moore Garry Moore Siga fJff 9 Del Russo Del Russo Strike It Rich Strike It Rich 10 Meua Magic Menu Magic Tomor'w't Search Guiding Light 11 00 is! 13 45 Noon Edition Love Of Life Welcome Traveler! Welcome Travelers Branch With Judy Branch With Judy Houta Party Hons Party 45 100 16 30 45 Big Payoff Big Payoff Billboard Cobb's Corner Words Music On Han't Family Cobb's Corner Words It Music Kaleidoscope Jackie's Hons Encore Theater Hawkins Falls Jackie's Hons Encore Theater Hi Neighbor Valiant Lady Encore Theater Hi Neisrhbor Secret Stornt Height Fashion Open Hons Alec Gibson Height Fashion Pinky Lee Alec Gibsoa Height Fashion Pinky Lee - Alec Gibson Unci Daa Howdy Doody Alec Gibson , Uncle Dan Howdy Doody Glenn 4 Mickey Uncle Dan Western Feature Superman Uncle Dan Western reatur Superman Gail Comptoa Westera Feature Shopper's Guide Ceil Comptoa Western Feature TIES-Weather ' Sports Pared C. Rabbitt-Weataer Jack Of All Sports Joha Daly Spotlighting Sportt Doug Edwards Barrett-Ranch Newt Renick Reporting Snntet Ranch John C. Swayie ' Mama Newt-Beyer Don't Stand Still Mama WITV Camera Fishinr Roundup I'v Got A Secret WITV Camera Life Of Riley I've Got A Secret Your FBI Life Of Riley Playhouse Of Start Your FBI Big Story Playhoute Of Start Tune-Girl Friday Big Story Johnny Viaggio Chance Lifetime Evening Theater Home Workshopt Chance Lifetime Evening Theater ' Famout Playhont Amot 'N' Andy Evening Theater Famous Playhouse Amot 'N' Andy Evening Theater Left Go Fishing Boxing Evening Theater Playhouse 15 Boxing Evening Theeter Tester. Newsreel Boxing Evening Theater To Be Announced Boxing Eveninr Theater 4-Star Playhousa Factt Forum Sign Oft 4-Star Playhoute Fectt Forum News-Weather Sports Final Topper Sign Off Topper Sign Off 2 3 4 Midnight INDICATES CABLE PROGRAM HOPE FOR FUTURE New Fall TV Shows Unexciting So Far By C. E. BUTTERFIELD Aisoclatrd Press Radio-TV Editor New York, Sept. 9 So far fall television has been largely a procession of old shows returning after summer vacation. The 30 or so new ones are due later. There were obvious efforts at improvement, but the changes were not particularly exciting. Certainly no one would want to shout because the song quiz now on CBS-TV, Thursday nights, Name That Tune, has a new emcee in Bill Cullen. He is quick with the quips, but so was his predecessor, Red Benson. ' Jack Webb's Dragnet, one of NBC-TV's show? tonight, has resumed with new material after a summer of repeats. This is its third TV season, which could be the best yet if the opening pace is maintained. Webb, however, seems to be everywhere. He's producer-director, star actor and even commercial announcer. : THE HALL OF FAME on NBC-TV is continuing with producer Albert McCleery's arena Btyle in which scenery is made incidental to acting. This close-up method permits the viewer to concentrate on the action without distraction. Its hostess, Sarah Churchill, has returned to England, but she may return in January. The program has reduced air time by doing mostly half-hour dramas. Many of the scripts will continue to be based on biographies of rioted personalities. Other regulars back include Ethel and Albert on NBC-TV, still working out in comedy the problems of married life; Mama and her family on CBS-TV, all one year older, and Loretta Young's filmed dramas on NBC-TV, in which she appears in a different play each week." Among returning shows was a rerun of Mr. Peepers wedding of last spring. Some one must have done some editing, for the commercial that blared in right after the ceremony in the original had been carefully transplanted. ON THE TV SCENE: Fred Allen, whose TV career has varied considerably, will appear in Circle Theater on NBC-TV Oct. 12. He will do both narration and acting for a set of three sketches. Fred's quiz series last winter was replaced by Truth or Consequences. Looks like there will be plenty of TV basketball this year. Besides the college games for ABC-TV, a pro series has been scheduled for NBC-TV to begin Oct 130. PRODUCTION OF COLOR sets has only made a ripple in TV so far. Figures for the first six months since the public introduction showed 8,426 were manufactured compared to 3,-152,132 for all types of receivers. Oklahoma City's TV station KWTV boasts of having the "world's tallest transmitting tower." It is 1,572 feet high and weighs more than 660 tons. NBC-TV liked the reaction it got from Out on the Farm, summer experimental series in which agricultural subjects were shown both live and on film. It is bringing the program back for a winter series in October for a half-hour Sunday afternoons. WISHING WELL GETTING ALONG WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS' Sharing A Fence Landed Them In Court ". . . Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Hark 12:31 By HAINES COLBERT Miami Dally News Staff Writer Entangling alliances are the cause of much neighborly bloodshed. That is, you and I may get along peaceably enough, but we go to war over our relatives. Two couples in Coral Gables were on such friendly terms that they enclosed both their backyards in one big fence. They were saved the cost of a fence to divide the properties; the kids had more running room and no one could accuse the wives of gossiping over a back fence. One couple had a two-year-old boy, and the other family's heir was about six months older. The younger boy took to sinking his teeth in his senior. The victim stayed as pitted as a Miami street in the rainy season. The parents of the chewed up boy, who had taught him not to bite his little playmates, reversed their field and tried to get him to snap back.. Junior wouldn't do it. The mothers, between a horn a certain chilliness had developed, talked things over to no avail. The mother of the biter thought he had found a rather harmless pasttime. Besides, it developed his jaws. All of this continued for sometime, until one day the mothers were seated in their separate yards and there was a mighty yowl of pain. Old Fang had struck again. The mother of the victim, an attractive, normally "civilized woman, came out of her chair She Came Out Like A Tigress like a tigress. And, like a tigress, she sank her teeth in the arm of the little biter. The fence between the two back yards should be completed soon. Judge Ben Willard in Criminal Court will have to decide another case which developed from one member of a family taking up arms for another. The two battlers stood recently before Peace Justice Edwin Lee Mason in a preliminary hearing. They were husky men. One had his right hand in a cast and an intricate little device of wire and rubber band kept one of bis fingers in traction. The pair had collided on a construction job where the man with the broken finger was employed. "Judge," said the least damaged of the pair, "I was walking along looking at this job and this guy (the one with the damaged finger) came running at me with a three- foot piece of two-by-four in his hands. "He kept swinging at me, and I kept backing off until we got out into the street. Then he knocked me down. I don't-know what was the matter with him." The man with the finger chuckled and grimaced in the way people have in a courtroom when they want the judge to share with them the knowledge that a horrible lie has been told. "I didn't have any two-by-four, judge," he said. "I just had a little old piece of lumber with some nails in it, and I didn't hit him with it." It all started, the finger man said, when his wife telephoned the other battler to inquire about the man's brother. "My wife told me this guy cursed her," the finger man said. "I didn't do anything about that, but when I saw him on the job, I asked him about it. He said my wife was a liar. "That was too- much. WTien he called my wife a liar I had to hit him." There was a woman in the courtroom who also had a bandaged finger, but she was involved in another dispute and she'd probably hurt her finger with a paring knife. , The woman had had her neighbor arrested for walking across her lawn. She said she and a friend were seated at a dining room table and saw the trespass. "On which side of you -was your friend sitting," the judge asked, "right or left?" "Judge," said the woman, "I don't know which is right." "It's the side where you have the bandage," said Judge Mason. POSTOFFICE SMELLS BETTER 3 2 6 7 4 8 5 3 7 6 S 4 5 ECPAHA AXCRS IB 4 5 7 2 6 3 8 ' 7 4 & 5 2 G I ARATPSHOG AY j 7368475826734 HRETN SSLDRPA I S i ? 4 8. Z 6 7 8 i 2 7 8" C L. R C E P B I S I E N S 3 4 6 5 7 8 2 8 3" 1 4 6 8 j R H E O G R N E E B E S C 4 6 2 J "i 7 4 6 8 3" 5 T 4 O'SEOMOPIRIOWP i T 4 3 6 5 4 8-2 7 6 3 4 7 I A A tJ N P M D S R G M E D I Court Throws Out Noxious Evidence Here Is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzz'e designed to spell out your -fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than S, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read message letters under the checked figures. Miami's downtown post office building smells a lot better than it did. Second-story employes are breathing deeply again. It ad been a long time since they smelled fresh air. " The great smell dated from late spring, when preparations were made to try a damage suit resulting from a collision between an auto and a milk, truck. The suit, unfortunately, was settled in an out-of-court compromise which failed ' to take into consideration bulky evidence which had been deposited on the doorstep of Earle F. Sprigg, chief deputy clerk of the federal court. The evidence: Two huge tires which bore marks from the. collision. Placed in a small storeroom across the hall from Sprigg's office, the tires gave off at first the seasoned odor of well-worn sweatshirts. As weather became warmer, the odor became stronger and more permeating. When the suit was settled, Sprigg called the attorneys for the milk truck owners and asked them to have the tires removed. They said they would, but didn't say when. Weeks passed. Sprigg tried again, but with no luck. Finally he reached the end of his patience and got out a formal court order signed by Judge George W. Whitehurst "authorizing" removal of the tires. The milk truck owners finally sent for their noxious evidence. Age Of Discretion? Knoxville, Tenn. UB The state highway patrol office here was notified that a woman driver was involved in her fifth accident since 1949. The notification, required by law, gave her age as 70. Invitation Accepted At 'Profit' Of $180 Lebanon, N.H. W A sign reading "Open House" on Bob Rousseau's gas station apparently was taken too literally. An employe coming to open the station found a window open and $180 missing from the cash register. The sign, put up to advertise a special offer, was taken down immediately. 50,o$2,50 TV SERVICI I CALLS It Ttar Ha) tEllVINt ILL Mil Ml IHCLUDINQ MIAMI IEACB l:U A.M. l:3t P.M. PHONE U 900 $ j IT'S THE LAW IN FLORIDA This series id presented in cooperation with the Bade County Bar Association. Readers are invited to submit questions of a general nature. Specific legal matters should be taken up with your attorney. Question: Your car strikes an animal on the highway and Is damaged. Can you recover? Any motorist with night driving experience out on the open highway knows that there are brief periods of time w hen the approaching car's lights affect his clear, unmistakable vision of the highway, ' It was during such a momentary period that Ira felt his car strike a heavy object. In a split-second he recognized the object a burly coal-black bull. Ira was driving under 45 miles an hour, under the state maximum for night driving, and fortunate for him he was observing the law. At a higher rate of speed, he might have been killed in the accident. As it was his car was damaged to the extent of $350. He sued the owner of the bull to recover damages. THE DECISION: The Florida law specifies that the owner of live stock is responsible for fencing them, .n this instance the big black bull was possessed of probably mGre than ordinary jumping ability, and even for normal cattle, it was proved that the fence was not sufficiently adequate to restrain the livestock if an animal was motivated or inspired to leap and seek refuge beyond his fenced in area. The owner was adjudged guilty of negligence in not adequately complying with the law and had to pay the damage to Ira's automobile. Street Paving Bids Called For The State Road Department called for ' bids on paving of a one and one-half mile stretch of NW 7th Street between 27th and 42nd Avenues in,Mi- ami. j Work on the street will be an extension of a paving and four-Ianing job being done on NW 7th Street east of 27th Avenue. The Road Department also asked bids for paving 'of 1.05 miles on Wilton Drive and 1.5 miles of roads at, the mental hospital near Hollywood in Broward county, and on two jobs in Monroe county. The Monroe work will include sandblasting and painting the Seven-Mile bridge on Overseas Highway and construction of a 300-foot concrete deck girder bridge and paving of thq bridge and approaches on State Road 5. The South Florida jobs were among 32 for which the Road Department said bids would be opened in Tallahassee Sept. 21. I Advertisement EffiE!ZS!:::j Plant these and forget watering i i Ulnar J. Owrst febt, DEPENDABLE TV-RADIO TV Service Colli $3 TV Rental $4 Wkty. up PH. 48-0780 2632 W. Flagler Street an sizes If you're in need of sometfiing to beautify your garden and lawn that won't shrivel up through a hot. dry summer,' plant succulents. They come in amazing variety ot snapev and colors . . . easy to grow, tough and hardy, and even the hot winds of a desert canyon won't phase them. 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