The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1956 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1956
Page 8
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fAOBKGHT BLTTHBYILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY T.' MM 2 5 0 Are Arrested in Move to Halt Strike in Chile B>" CARLOS BARRY i SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — At least 250 persons were under arrest today as the government pushed a stiff campaign to avert a threatened nationwide work stoppage. government spokesman there were signs ot "international communism" that •ought to' incite the nation. Those arrested included union 11 a d e r s, opposition politicians, newspapermen and some former «s»6ciates of President Carlos KHWt.'TiM arrests were made in many cities over the country. The government asserted that many of those taken into custody were Communist or pro-Communist. Action was taken under a state dfemitely. Casanova issued his statement from a secret hideout. The president of the union, Clotarlo Best, and other union officials were among those arrested. Interior Minister Benjamin Videla said in a radio broadcast to the nation that the general strike call constituted "an attempt against public order and trie nation's security." He charged there were signs of "international communism" in the CUT that sought By Ibanez. Chile's big Central Labor Union (CUT) called a nationwide strike for Monday .in opposition to a gov ernment proposal to freeze wages, prices- and pensions in an effort to curtail inflation. The government amid such a plan was necessary to save the nation's economy but union leaders and opposition political groups said' it would cause hunger throughout the country. Baudillo Casanova, secretary general of ; the CUT, declared last night the strike would begin a? scheduled and would continue in- 24 Marriage Licenses In Pemiscot CAROTHERSVILLE — Twenty- lour couples were issued marriage licenses by James T. Ahern, Pemi- acot County recorder of deeds, during December. They were issued to the following: Fred Lynn Young, Earline John- con, Steele; Joe": "Willie White, Shirley Mae Morrisr Steele; Edward Wafford, F&ye McCoy, Wardell; Wilbur Williams, Ludora Downs, Wardell; Sherman Arwood, Cottonwood Point, Lola Malin, Caruthersvffle; Johnny Eubert Lernons, Guise R. Steele, Hermondale; James Spencer, Loeta Ramsey, Hayti;Floyd Taylor, Luella Bodgers, Pascola; David McGee, Steele, Sue Bink- fcy, Holland; Joe Kobinson,Porter, Hayti, Mary Margaret White, Pascola; . Lyman L. Dillard, Wardell, Ruth Mary Stanfield, • Cape Girardeau; Tommy U. Crowe, Braggadocio, Ltvada Ann Dunavant, Caruthers- •YHIe:'--•'/•;;. -, ' . /Adam Leon Foster, Hayti, Teresa •eiutiori Vernon, Gobler; 'Harold B. Mims, Barbara Ann • bates, New Madrid; Don Jones,. Margaret Boyd; Caruthersville;. : Wayne Brantley, Portageville, Button Clark, Caruthersville; ..James Ervin, Stone Park, 111., Mary Ellen McCullough, Mel Rose Park, 111.; •• Pinlc Burgess Acuff Jr., Edyth M. Waffler, Caruthersville; Clarence H. Sexton,. Hayti, Lois Tomlin, Caruthersville; Tommie Z. Heard, Rosie Mae Williams, Portageville; Eddie Brovm, Nazxee Landsey, .Hayti; Edgar Ellis Chambers, Maggie .Lorine Tinnon, Cooter; : Harold Edward Jones, Mary Alice Jordan, Caruthersville; -Cecil Paul WatkinS, Ellen Rettig, Braggadocio. Ibanex directed congress to reconvene Jan.'11 when he will seek final approval of his freeze program. Persons taken into custody by flying squads of police included Jorge Prat, secretary of the treasury in 1954, who is publisher of a newspaper occasionally critical of the government. Eight persons, including several union leaders, were arrested at Valparaiso and six union officials were arrested ht Antofagasta. Mario Ciudad, secretary general of the presidency, said the newspapermen picked up by police were not arrested for their journalistic activities but because of their "political complexion." Four regiments of army troops and 500 navy men were brought to Santiago from the provinces, in- Cerasing the capital's military strength to 30,000. Four tanks stood guard at the government place. Santiago's streets were patrolled by police squads throughout the night. Strikes and soaring inflation have plagued Chile for 15 years and Ibanez has been confronted with frequent demands for wage increases. The state of. siege—a modified form of martial law—puts a .ban on public meetings and censorship on newspapers and radio stations and permits search of homes and arrests . without warrants. , FUN AFTER FLOODS-Even in the face of tragedy, this little girl finds time for play. Trying on a pair of high-heeled shoes at the Marysville, Calif., Red Cross headquarters is Shonnie • Lee Butler. The two-year-old evacuee Jrom flood - stricken Yuba City added a cheerful note to the scene, where clothing 'was being distributed to flood victims. ^There's Mirth! TI»er«/$ Merriment! / There's Meet Marty! He's a real average guy v'<i!i a lot of character. And a lot of characters are with him, too—li!:e Yancey, his best pal, end the boisterous E. G. Boomer, Mbrty's boss. They're part of the gong you'ii meet every day in the hilarious new comic strip MORTY MEEKLE. Take time out for a refreshing laugh with Marty and the gang. Starting Jan. 9 in the Courier News « CAN'T STOP THE QUEEN MART WITH A CLOTHESLINE..o^,*,.**.^ WM hMp • Mnode from MtNng ymr horn. lM you co* •Mr iMuranc* - *• right kind, in Itn right ontovnt. W«'!t b* «M »•*•*. NOBLE GILL AGENCY «JHCOf ILDG. 3-6W IT"? THE "AERODYNE"—The Office of Naval Research has released some of the details ot the "Aerodyne.' 1 revolutionary aircraft sketched above. It will be able to rise and descend .verti- •"* rtciuvij"*, &VTV1-H -»,, ._. ^ :„ u«-:-««tnl Ainh* nneitinn TlMfcmtt* cally without use ot propellers and with the craft remaining in horizontal flight position. Designer it Dr. Alexander Lippiich of Cedar Rapid*, Iowa. SETTLING DOWN TO EAT—This is the nation's sfirst "fly-in" restaurant, located on the edge of a small airport in Augusta, Ga. It is a conventional drive-in on one side and a "fly-in" on tbe other. "Sky-hop" is shown serving her first customer. IKE (Continued from Page 1) Washington Dec. 28. The new report from Snyder was in response to a request by newsmen that he say how Eisenhower's convalescence if progressing. Hagrty said he put the request to Snyder and that the doctor said Hagerty had been accurate in reporting yesterday that he feels the Florida sunshine has done Eisenhower a world of good. Snyder also, said, Hagerty ported, that the amount and kind of outdoor exercise Eisenmower has been getting here has been about "as anticipated." Reporting further on his conversation with Snyder, Hagertr said of the President: "He has slept very well and ha's relaxed easily throughout the day He has been averaging more than eight hours asleep at night." Snyder relayed word yesterday that 10 days in the Florida sunshine had done the president a lot of good. And to the newsmen covering his activities he looked good a bit later when he turned up at the ball park and laughingly shouted "robber' at the umpire. That came during a Softtal playing p.gents who guard the President. Met With Benson Eisenhower, basking in a ho sun, watched about half of the five inning game from the bleachers along the third base line. A short time before, he and Sec game the newsmen were against Secret Service retary oi Agriculture Benson had' just about, completed work on the special 5,000-word farm message the President will send to Congress Monday. The message will follow up his call for "immediate and drastic attention" to the problems of declining farm income and what to do about huge crop surpluses. It also will mark the start of a time of real testing whether Eisenhower's heart is up to the all-out grind of the presidency. His physicians said in December it would be mid-February before they could tell how the heart was standing- up under a full work load. If he hasn't done so already, the President almost certainly \ decide about that time whether to run again. He walked to the ball park with White House staff members and a group of visiting friends—about three quarters of a mile each way His doctor heartily approves that .kind of exercise, but has recommended the President pass up deep sea fishing during his Florida stay. The doctors feel that would be too much exertion at this stage of the President's - convalescence. Forced Guzzle KNOWATA, OMa. Wl — Robert -Bruce Hill, 42, who was bound over for District Court trial yesterday by County Judge .Leslie J. Coffman on a charge of drunk driving—his second offense—had a novel story He explained in court his wrecked car had pinned him to the ground and that a helpful stranger came by and "poured whisky down, my throat" to alleviate the suffering. Nome Change? TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N. M. W! — Mayor T; B. Williams says residents will get a chance Jan. 16 to express their opinions or this town's five-year-old name. They can vote then either to keep all six syllables or to revert to the old name of Hot Springs. The town was named'-after the radio show iri.1950. •••- ' ' Long Docket Is Heard In Pern/scot Court CARUTHERSVILIJS—J. D. Fisher was given a stay of execution on a $30 fine upon payment of costs after pleading guilty to passing a bad check in Pemiscot County Magistrate Court .Thursday. He allegedly gave a check for 135 drawn on the First State Bank of Caruthersville to Ed Chilton, but sufficient funds were .not on deposit. Aton Simmons entered a guilty plea to petit larceny and was fined 1100 and was sentenced to one year in the county jail. Simmons was accused of stealing 11 pairs of ladies' hose, having a total value of $6.49, from the Sterling Store at Hay ti Dec. 39. Raymond Evans was bound over to Circuit Court with bond set at $1,000 after preliminary hearing on a forgery charge. Hearing for Elmo . aturdevant, New Madrid Negror~ctrargi manslaughter in connection with a traffic death, was passed until such time as a court reporter can be present. J. T. Cummings was found guilty of disturbing the peace after pleading not guilty. A 'jail sentence of 30 days was suspended upon payment of costs. Five persons pleaded guilty and onfc entered a not guilty plea to careless and reckless driving Charges. James Tilmon was found guilty after pleading not guilty. He was fined $25, plus. costs, but his six- months jail sentence was suspended. Russell J. Morgan was fined $25, plus costs, and given suspension of a 60-days sentence. Israel Levie was fined $10 and costs and suspended from a 60-days sentence. William Lewis Roberts was given a stay of execution on $45 of a $50 fine upon payment of the remaining $5 and costs. Henry R. Acom and Robert C. Edge were both fined $5 and costs. Clarence English entered a guilty plea to driving without an operator's license. Although he fined $25 arid costs, a stay of execution was granted on $20 of the fine. . Roy Lee Dinwiddie was fined $10 and costs and sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to driving a car'with detective brakes! One Ordinance Passed '" CARUTHERSVILLE—City -Council passed only one ordinance at this week's meeting, which lasted only one hour. , . ^Iu answer to a petition filed by adjacent property owners, a one- block alley running north from Route U to 10th Street in the Long Addition of this city will be vacated, .Council members decided. . Next regular meeting of the Council is set for Feb. 6. , Muted Muffler LOUISVILLE, Ky. W) — Jimmie D. Seymour, 20, used the visual method of explanation yesterday when called into police court on a charge of violating an anti-noise ordinance. He plunked his motorcy- cye muffler on Judge Peter Muir's bench and said it was a new, standard muffler. The judge agreed and filed away the charge. Health Board to Meet CARUTHERSVILLE — Pemiscot County Health Center Board of Trustees' regular .monthly meeting will be a dinner meeting at 7 Monday night at the Top Hat Cafe here, it was announced. The DONUT SHOP 2008 W. Main Phone 3-9645 G'azed and Cake Donurs . Fresh Three Times Daily -Hot Fried Pies- You Can Own Y our Own Home HOMES FOR SALE Two, Three And Four Bedrooms Complete with All fixtures Bathroom, Kitchen Sinks, Hot Water Heater and Space Heaters Completely Remodeled (like new) Inside and Out If You Own Your Own Lot - No Down Payment Is Necessary All You Pay Is Moving and. Closing Costs. Delta Home Investment Co. OPEN WEEKDAYS AND SUNDAY 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Blyrheville, Arkansas (Formerly Vtrerans Housing Quarters) Phone 3-3369 SPRAY-ON DRESSING — A transparent, plastic bandage » sprayed on a wound after surgery in a Cincinnati, Ohio, hospital. The spray-on dressing allows a surgeon to study surgical wounds during recovery without removing the bandage. The bandage sticks to the skin, drying in about 30 seconds, but H won't stick to the raw wound itself. S&E SUPER MARKET Highway 61 ISorth We Deliver—Phone 3-9663 • Modern Self Service Facilities • Choice Meats • Finest Produce • Quality Groceries • Frozen Foods Enjoy Modern, Self-Service Shopping with no parking problem at any time. Shop S&E for Quality. • Phone For Free Estimates R. C. 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