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The Republic from Meyersdale, Pennsylvania • 10

The Republici
Meyersdale, Pennsylvania
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TEN MEYERSDALE REPUBLICAN Thursday, September 11, 1930. Store Opens 7:00 A. M. and Store Open Saturdays Until Closes 5:30 P.M. N.

E. Miller Son Meyersdale, Penn'a. 10:00 P. Big Store" THE STORE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE "The Big Store' ECONOMY PHONES: Office, Shoe and Men's Department 29W; Ladies' Furnishings 29R; Second Floor 29J I Swoop Our BARGAINS On one or both at 9 of these our store so that we may have wear, fine dress materials and Countless money-saving 9 Cent Sale. Our tables and counters useful, everyday household helps and low-only 9c.

Come early! There for this Sale! opportunities await you at this great are loaded with practical, needs, all priced unbelievably will be many who are eager Friday, Sept. 19th 9c Sale Begins Wednesday, Sept. Big Sale OF Chinaware Splendid assortment, light weight, your choice: 9-in Dinner Plates 6-7-in. Salad Plates Cups and Saucers 5-in. Utility Bowls Fruit Dishes 5-in.

Dessert Dishes Egg Cups 6-in. Fruit Dishes o'clock at his home, following a long illness. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Crissinger, both deceased, and was born in Germany.

He had been a resident of Meyersdale for a number of years. Surviving are six children: Mrs. Sanford Harding, of Somerset; Mrs. Isaiah Brown, of Meyersdale; Mrs. William Scott, of Akron, Philip Crissinger, of Oakland, John W.

Crissinger, of Sand Patch, and Henry Crissinger, of Meyersdale. He was a brother of Simon Crissinger, of New Baltimore; Mrs. Syivia Strauss, of Nevada, and Mrs. Priscilla Frazier, of Sand Patch. He also leaves 49 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

The body has been prepared burial Undertaker C. Price. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Hostetler Church. Interment will be in the church cemetery. MRS.

HERMAN HOSSELROTH. Mrs. Herman Kroushour Hosselroth died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. M.

Bittner, at, Glencoe, on Wednesday, September 3rd, 1930, at 88 years, 3 months and 16 days. She was born in Germany in 1842. She is survived by six childrenthree daughters and three sonsnamely, Mrs. W. A.

Smith, Meyersdale; Mrs. Charles Deist, Salisbury; Mrs. H. M. Bittner, Glencoe; Henry Kroushour, Glencoe; W.

A. Kroushour and E. 0. Kroushour, McKnightstown, by 33 grandchildren and 18 great the German Church at Funeral services, were conducted in Johnsburg by Rev. Ernst.

Interment was made in the Johnsburg cemetery, with Undertaker Johnson of Berlin in charge of the funeral arrangements. Many beautiful flowers were sent to show the high esteem and respect in which Mrs. Hoselroth was held. PUBLIC SALE! The undersigned will offer at Public Auction on her farm at Mt. Nebo, three miles south of Grantsville, on TUESDAY.

SEPTEMBER 30th, 1930, Beginning at 1:00 P. Sharp. Beginning at 1:00 P. Sharp, the following capacity 400, 150 and 130, respectively. LIVE STOCK- One Jersey cow.

8 years old, due to be fresh Nov. 16th: 1 Jersey cow, 5 years old, due to be fresh Nov. 16: 1 Jersey cow, 7 years old, due to be fresh May 14th; 1 Jersey cow. 14 years old, due to be fresh Jan. 30th: 2 bay horses, weight approximately lbs.

FARM IMPLEMENTS--One mower, 1 twohorse dump 1 Oliver walking plow. 1 harrow, 1 land roller, 1 road wagon, 1 bobsled, 1 surrey, 1 New Idea manure spreader, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 grindstone, 1 hay ladder, 1 sleigh, 1 buggy, 1 No. 10 DeLaval cream separator, churns, 2 scythes, 1 set work harness, 1 set buggy harness, 1 set carriage harness, 1 grain cradle, 1 500-capacity Buckeye coal brooder, 1 3 crosscut saw, 2 incubators, hand saws, 1 one-man saw. Buckeye capacity 400, 150 and 130, respectively. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Two beds, 2 tables, 8 chairs, 2 rockers, 1 heating stove, 1 cooking stove, 1 writing desk.

1 baby carriage, 6 smoothing irons. TERMS: All sums under $10.00. cash. On sums of $10 and over six months' credit will be given, purchaser to furnish bankable note. discount for cash on credit sums.

MARY CUSTER. OHLEN H. YODER, Auctioneer, Grantsville, Md. 69-2t. "HOW I REMOVED MY Minister's Wife Tells Experience In Letter Received Locally.

Mrs. F. H. Baker, Titusville, has written to L. R.

Collins, telling how she removed a stubborn case of goitre. Her heart, one of eyes and nerves were in a critical condition. Mrs. invited Baker to call has and nothing read to the sell. Everyone R.

is at 4:30 Collins. 69-1t. WE ANNOUNCE Fall Opening September 26th and 27th days we hope to have our many friends and acquaintances visit the pleasure of showing the new season's offerings in ready-tohome furnishings. All Kinds of Kitchen Utensils Vegetable Mashers Kitchen Forks Vegetable Dippers Spoons of all kinds Cookie Cutters Kitchen Forks Stove Lifters Meat Saws Cake Turners Soap Savers 9c each Grey Enameled Ware Sauce pans, pudding pans, utility pans, wash basins at 9c each. Tin cake pans, pie pans, large funnels, star cake pans, vegetable graters, quart tins, serving trays and flour seives, all 9c each Great Values Wash cloths in all colors, dish cloths, pot holders, Turkish towels, and chamois, 9c Funeral services were held Monday afternoon.

Rev. Dr. George W. Nicely, pastor of the First Lutheran Church, of which Mr. McClune was a member, officiating, with interment in the family plot in Grandview Cemetery.

D. P. Weimer, Given Rose, Walter E. Rose, B. E.

Longwell and Charles E. Briney, of Johnstown, and Dr. W. T. Rowe, Dallas J.

Fike, and William C. Price, of Meyersdale, were honorary pallbearers. HENRY TAYMAN. Henry Tayman, a brief mention of whose death and funeral was made in The Republican of Sept. 4th, was born in Berlin, Jan.

17, 1854. He died in Akron, Sept. 2, 1930, aged 76 years, 7 months and 15 days. He was a son of August and Charlotte (Muhlenberg) Tayman. On April 6, 1878, he was married to Delilah Brown of Greenville Township, who survives.

After their marriage they located on a farm in Alleghany Township, this county, later moving from there to what is now known as the Lottig farm in Larimer Township, and from there to Meyersdale about thirty years ago. Mr. Tayman was expert carpenat the carpenter 1910 he ter and gave up farming, to work moved to Akron, Ohio, on account of carpenter work being more plentiful there, and worked in building construction for the Firestone Company until he retired several years ago. Mr. Tayman's retirement was hastened by a lame leg and dropsy.

He was an honest, industrious, sociable man who loved his friends and old associations. After locating in Akron, he paid frequent visits to his native county and was always very happy to visit with his old friends. He made his last visit to his native heath only a few months ago, when he called at The Republican office to renew his subscription to the old home paper of which he been a constant reader since its first issue thirty years ago. Although afflicted with dropsy the last few years, he was able to be up and around until the day before his death. On Labor Day, Sept.

1st, he sat in his porch swing in the evening several hours before retiring. The next morning he complained of not feeling well and remained in bed, and at 11:20 A. M. expired. In accordance with his wish, his body was brought to Meyersdale for burial.

Funeral services were held in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at 4 o'clock P. September 4th, Rev. S. D. Sigler of Salisbury officiating, instead of Rev.

J. Luther Frantz, the pastor, who was absent on vacation. pall-bearers were six nephews, Harry Tayman, of Hyndman; Clarence Tayman, of Rockwood; Walter Tayman of Akron, George Lane, of Berlin; Bruce Lane, of Glencoe, and James Walters, of Somerset. Undertaker J. L.

Tressler had charge of the burial arrangements. Interment was made in Union Cemetery. Besides his wife, Mr. Tayman is survived three daughters, 'namely: Charles" W. Tayman, Chicago; Harvey Callery, Robert Tiffin, Steward and Homer Akron, Mrs.

Irvin E. Fair, Mrs. W. E. Humphrey and Mrs.

George Romier, Akron, 0. He also left ten grandchildren. ELIAS CRISSINGER. Elias Crissinger, aged 82, Meyersdale's oldest residents, away Wednesday afternoon Glassware Glass Berry Bowls, rose napkins to Shakers--salt and pepper, green glass, Sherbets, green foot, Iced Teas, crystal, Water Glasses, crystal with flower Vases, clear glass, Juice Extractors, crystal. Measuring Cups, crystal, with measurements Stamped Art Pieces 9c Pillow Tops, Center Pieces, Table Scarfs- an instruction sheet with each piece.

Novelty Pin Cushions Incense Burners and Cork Table Mats. How they love you on the farm! Noisy little raindrop, Rushing down the drain, I hear you in my bed, Thumping, bumping on the shed. Silly little raindrop, Playing in the rain, How you make me fret, and fret, 'Cause I know you're getting wet. Z. E.

Subscribe for The Republican. 1909 SECOND NATIONAL BANK OTHE A OFFICERS N. E. MILLER President W. H.





MILLER E. N. WALKER BRUCE LICHTY, M. D. Capital $65,000.00 Shareholders' Liability $65,000.00 Surplus and Profits $225,000.00 THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK MEYERSDALE, PA.

EQUIPPED FOR PERSONAL SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL SYSTEM RESERVE VI Articles from this List are Needed in Every Home Match Boxes, Comb Cases, Tumbler Holders, Soap Dishes, Towel Bars, Strainers, Large and Small Mail Boxes, Clothes Lines, Clothes. Pins, Dust Pans, Bottle Brushes, Dish Mops, Sponges, Rolling Pins, Potato Mashers, Hammers and Bread Boards. 9c ODE TO A RAINDROP. Funny little raindrop, Upon the window pane, You make the queerest pictures, Of the most unusual creatures. Merry little raindrop, Out on the lawn, Dancing, prancing as you go, Makes the grass just want to grow.

Precious little raindrop, Shiny as a pearl, You surely have a subtle charm; Pennsylvania Thresherman Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. 311 Mechanics Trust Building, HARRISBURG, PENN'A. Our policies furnish Compensation Protection as required by Compensation Act. We protect the EMPLOYER 24 hours in the day, regardless of when and where an accident occurs. Our dividend to 1929 policy holders is We write a standard AUTOMOBILE POLICY covering PUBLIC LIABILITY and PROPERTY DAMAGE Insurance.

We can you save money on this Insurance. We write at substantial discount from Manual rates. Write or call for detailed information. Local Agent, W. B.

COOK SON, MEYERSDALE, PA. glass, and rose -9c Specials! 9c 9e 9e Save on These! Two-color combination Rubber Sponge 9c Rubber Soap- Trays, rose, green and Wax Paper, 50 feet in box. Paper Napkins, 15-in. Plain White Paper Plates, 6 Divided Paper Plates, 6 5 Plates and 5 Napkins with colored 9c OBITUARY Alderman Samuel J. McClune, former resident of Meyersdale, died suddenly at his home in Johnstown at 1:20 o'clock last Saturday afternoon, in his 63rd year.

Although he had not been in the best of health for a number of years, he remained active until almost the moment of his death. On Friday he appeared on the witness stand in court at Ebensburg and, upon his return of Johnstown, spent the evening with members of his family. Saturday morning he presided over Police Court and later spent some time in conversation with Chief of Police Charles E. Briney. Leaving police headquarters shortly after 11 o'clock Saturday morning, he joined Mrs.

McClune in a trip to the bank. Soon after luncheon Saturday he complained of fatigue and retired to his room. He told his wife that he had a pain in the chest and when she suggested sending for a physician, he replied by saying that he would be all right in a short second or so later he collapsed passed timend away. Samuel John McClune was born November farm near Wehrum, Indiana' County. Many years ago he was employed by the Cambria Company and later went to Lorain, to become the manager of the Lorain Gas Company.

A few years later he returned to Johnstown to accept the managership of the Johnstown Wall Paper Company. He resigned that place to accept the Republican nomination for the office of Treasurer of Cambria County, to which he subsequently was elected. After completing his term as County Treasurer, Mr. McClune was appointed General Manager of the Savage Fire Brick Company, and, for a number of years, divided his time between Johnstown and Meyersdale, where his company had one of its principal manufacturing plants. While a resident of Meyersdale he made friends here and took an active interest in the town's social and business life.

His genial disposition and kindness to everybody made him very popular. He was a charter member of the Meyersdale Rotary Club. Several years ago, Mr. McClune returned to Johnstown and was obliged to go into retirement until his health improved, when he was appointed by Gov. John S.

Fisher to serve an unexpired term as Alderman of the Second Ward. Last fall he was reelected to a full term in the office to which he had been appointed. Shortly after the inauguration of Mayor O. W. Saylor, Alderman McClune was appointed to the position of Police Magistrate, the first time in the city's history that such an office had existed.

He derived keen enjoyment from the daily sessions of Police Court, which enabled him to keep posted on conditions in the city and assist many an inadvertent violator of the city's ordinances to pursue a more virtuous path. April 9, 1896, Mr. McClune married Miss June Rose, only daughter of the late Hon. Horace Rose. Mrs.

Rose survives her husband with a daughter, Mrs. William Suppes, of Westmont, together with two grandchildren. SAMUEL J. McCLUNE. SPECIAL, ALWAYS! $5.00 Work Shoes for $3.00 At Angelo Vitale's Shoe Footwear is now very reasonable in Storeie can supply any member of the family with high grade footwear at a price within reach of a poor man's pocketbook.

Only solid leather shoes are sold in this store. Also motthostery and shoe repairing. Our give service and please the public. ANGELO VITALE'S SHOE STORE 324 Main Next to Main Theatre PHONE 214 MEYERSDALE, PA. Donges Markets Specials for Sept.

19 to 24th LAMB! LAMB! LAMB! Legs, 25c lb. Shoulders, 22c lb. Stew, 10c lb. LETTUCE- 10cl CHERRIESFancy Head Royal Ann, can 35c 1 doz. cans, $4.00.

MILK3 large cans- FRESH SIDE25c Dozen cans for 95c Home-dressed, lb. 23c BEEF Plate or BOIL- Brisket, 15c KRAUT- large 25c COFFEE- SAUSAGEMaxwell House, Home-made, 43c 29c COFFEE- SHOULDERS Economy, or half 23c 22c VEAL STEW- PUDDING2 Pounds Home-made, 25c 19c CHIEF MALT- BREADIt's Large loaf 49c 10c CHEESE- Pabstett, 2 pkgs. 35c. PEANUT BUTTER- 22c CALA Good quality, HAMS- 1b. TOILET Garden, 6 SOAP- 25c 10-1b.

SUGAR- 53c PEAS- Good quality, can 12c 25-lb. bag, $1.25 FLYTOXOLEO- 25c 75c bottle for. 63c Kernel Nut, lb. Valley Maid, 20c 5 lbs. 95c SOAP Ivory, 2 FLAKES- 15c Best BROOMS- 39c HADDOCKFillets, lb 25c Sugar BACON- cured, lb.

28c RED BASSSquares, 19c Per 15c Regular Side, 25c OYSTERSTOILET PAPER- 25c Standards, qt. 75c; 40c Mity-Nice, 4 Selects, qt. 85c; pt. 45c FLY Best quality, RIBBONS- 23c 2 cans KLENZER- 10c SKINNED whole, 25c PEACHES Armour's, lg. can 21c Per doz.

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