Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on December 16, 1960 · 20
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · 20

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1960
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suasiydasMaai 20 FriUy. Dtc is. 1KSPRINCFIELD (M J LEADER-PRESS pasas! Today's Market For complete stock market details, read The Dally News, regularly. 130 STOCKS ' New Yirk Tint Quotations by Reinholdt Gardaer 209 . Jefferson. Phone IN Allied Sra AIL 'l'ier Am " a Airlines Ar- t-an Motors Arr-V-an Standard A"1- "ran T T America Tobacco Ai ida Op. Re lij Aviauaa Beth. Steel Rurr-ounhs v ' Canadian Pacific Cfcesaieake Oh Chrysler CDm Service Cvnna-WrM Dee e Co. Dom Mines Chemical P Peait Eastern Air Eaan Kodak F.mmre D Electric Ford 45H 11 S ir SH 3'- S$l 40H 44 IS Hi. 54 ?4l 190H 23 US 13 S3H G( ! namici General Electric Oeaeral Motors Gen Tele. Gillette Gru hound Golf Oil Illinois Central Int. Harvester Johns-Manvtlle Kennecott Capper Laclede Gas Uat Mjtn Litv-Tulip Men Montgomery Ward Motorola National Biscuit NY Central Olio-Math leson Penney (JCI Pheipe Dodge Philco Philip Morns Phillips Pet. Ex- Dividends Livestock HOGS The ho( market opened stead) with Tnarta.v't avers ee A a top of (17.25 oo choice No. 1 hers. I jler sales (17.M aad down. 1S0-2M pounds l.'iO-ITB pounds . . . : pounds rro JflO pounds Sous. 350 nnands and down Mmvmt butM cows Staes Boars $16.75-17.25 ; ISOO-KK); IS (10-16 50 ! 15.60-15.50 1315-14 00 j 11.00-1; 00 J S.5O-10 50 ! 7.50- 9.50 CATTLE The cattle market dosed the week about ; 50 -enU ker on cows. Other classes xrtv ! Good to choice fed steen and yearlinits, K-34; mediam to food kinds. 10-25; standards. 16-20; utility steen and year-lines, 15-16: food to choic stocker aad kinds. 30-8: comma kinds, 15-Ui food feeder teers, S-2S; mediom to food to choic stock betfrr, 30-a; eonunoa kinds. 15-17. Good to choice bulls. ltJO-1750: extra choice heavy bails up to It; medium bulls. 14 5O-1S.50; eonunoa to liht bolia, Ji 50-14.30. I'ulky a) commercial cows, 14 00-15 00 writh extra choice kiads ap to 15 JO; cutter cows, u -50-11.50; eaaaer cows. 10-11; with heller caanor cows quoted lower; stock cows. 13-14. , . TEALS ' The veal market was SI to C lower with majority ol food and choice 24-28; prime vealers to 73 00-30 00; standard 19.00-23.60; boner calves 150-150 lb. 11.00-13 N; ilaanhter calvs M pounds and tlowa 100-1160; good to cboica 2So-40 pound slanxher cahres 20 00-22.00; medium to food gradoa H.OO-IIM; common kind 13 09-15 00; good to choice stock calve 23 00-25 Ml with extra choic kinds hifhar; snudRJsa to good grade. 100-22 0. The lamb market was about steady with a top of 13.SC artro wool lambs vewbiof from S to 105 pounds, with h'avier weiiht lamb ditrosBtcd; bulk ol food to choice lamb. 13 50-14.50; with utility and good Umbs. 12.00-U.OO; culls auotvd toweri sUiuhter ewes, 1-5 1 goati yt: itb choice Angora goat higher. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS Hogs .-Soo: fairly active; barrows and gilts strong to 25 higher; aow fully steady to strong: 1-1 Ia0-22d lb barrows and gilts 1I5-US; 1-1 sow 40 lb down 13.00 14.TS Cattle 1,000: calves 300: not enough ethers and beifert available to warrant mention: cows about steady utility and commercial cows -14 00-15.50; stocker and feeder steers 22 00-SO; vealers 1 00-100 lower; good and kigk choic vealers 25 00-31 no. Sheep 300: moderately active; generally steady; good aad prim lambs 14 50-17 on; cull to choke slaughter ewes 4.50-it. Poultry FAYrnTVlLLE ArUnsas poultry Estimated slaughter by Arkansas pro cessors and Saturday M7.000 head which was 3,000 less last Friday and Saturday and includes 21 percent for Saturday. Offerings continue short at some points and fully ample at others for lighter trauc needs Those over 154 cents small sizes. Undertone unsettled due to competition from other areas. Prices paid and volume distribution at farms. 24 hours to aooo today, buyers loading, broilers and frven, 2L4-3 pounds: 15-17J0 cents: C5 '. head, including 9,000 purchased of 'l.noo offered on Arkansas Poultry ET'hanfe today: 3 percent at IS cents, 2? oercent at 15J0 cents, 1 percent at 15 55 15. 7J onto, I peroral at 16-16-50 M-nU, 1 percent at 17 JO cents. 14 percent at undetermined prices, and 47 par-cent intra -company transfers. Fowl: Heavy type bens at (arm 1.200 bead at 204 cents, 1M0 bead at 21 cents, farm weighs loaded 1,000 bead at 22 cent, fob, plants 4.500 bead at 22 cents Light type with minimum weight cations 1.200 bead at II cents. farm weights loaded. KiwanUms to Man Christmas Kettles The Salvation Army's fund drive to provide Christmas cheer for needy families, is expected to get a boost today and Saturday when members of the three Springfield Kiwanis clubs m a n the Army's coin kettles. Kettles are to be located on the Public Square, St. Louis and Jefferson, the Plaza, and Boonville and Commercial. It was reported Thursday night that the "Tree of Lights" fund has passed the $3000 mark. The goal is $6000. U.S. WEATHER WEATHER DATA FOB SPRINGFIELD Temperatures: Highest yesterday Mi lowest yesterday 25; lowest this morning 20; biKBest this data la 71 years 72 in 1924; lowest tnis aat m 71 yeara 3 In 1932. . Precipitation: Raul or melted enow from 610 a.m. yesterday to t.X a.m. today trice; heaviest raw tola date in 71 years 1 50 la 1921. Sun: Rose this morning 7:21; sets tonight 4 57; length of daylight I hours. M minute. Data supplied by VT. 8. Department of Commerce weather Bureau; first column, hieheet temperature yesterday: second, lowest Issl night; third, preclpitatioa dur-ins past 24 hours ending 6 30 a.m. flattest Riga Law Pret. Albuquerque 41 J2 A marine 40 20 Birmingham 41 36 Botae 3 16 ftoetoa 36 34 Buffalo. N. Y 36 30 t'htcaio 37 16 olnmbla 17 19 lemer , M j) lies Moines 37.-11 Ietrolt 36 26 liuluih 32 2 f ort Worth . , 46 76 Ksnua my 36 19 Little Rots 4S 27 l.oa Aneelea . . 61 46 Memphis . . . 44 25 VI -ml Resell 75 55 MI'ineapolla 17 S New Orleans, 49 43 New York 40 37 Oklahoma CHy 42 22 Omaha 36 11 I'hnenlx 62 34 Pittsburgh 30 Ral" Lake City 34 17 Seattle 51 31 fit. Lowu 40 20 .05 .01 .01 .07 .25 .04 .01 SPRINGFIELD 26 20 T Tulw 46 22 V a hlng1o ... 34 31 We Plains 19 29 ' Wichita 17 22 MISSOURI - Generally fair this afternoon, tmistit and Saturday; no Important temerature change; low tonight 19. 20 northeast to 20-ts central and sooth-w st and la mid 20 boothseli high Sat-rdav 26-15. ' 'KANSAS Fair this sfUrnoen. tonight and Saturday! low tonight la ih 2t: slightly wsrmer Saturday with high to neraturea 4V fta. KANSAS Generally fair this after. . ajoga, toeigM and fcaiurday i wanner this aiternooa ana in eeet an sonui lament; warmer west aad eouth central fiaturdayi low lonlfht 15 northwest to 21 south-northeast eai: high Saturday aear tu t - and 50 southwest. 'KlJWIOMA Generally fair this aft-e through fiaturdayi net so cold n iwei this afternoon and most sec I: tonight: lew tonight 20-10. high S ' Aay 3446 , rtVUDAY FORECASTS: MISSOU"!-Tcwperstares will average 1 to de- frr-e below sessonal normal Saturday hrwugh Wednesday! normal high 27-44 1 s-ormal low 19-14: north went. 17-21 east and south; Utile tf any precipitation in- Radio Corp Republic Steel Royal McRee Reynolds Too Safeway Stores St. L-Sa Fran Scars Roebuck Socony-Mobile Kd.-tM H J Std. Oil Cal. Sterhng .Drug Swift Co. Studeoaker Texaco loth Century Fox Union Carbide I nurd Aircraft I'nited Air Lines lotted Biscuit l'p)ohn U. S. Rubber V. S Steel Western Union Westing house Worthington 54 l 53H 15H 98 174 151 5S' J7H in 4.V MH 7i 7 Si's 431 124 37 S3 as 77i 41 52H 48H 2' 76 7m 15H ?s 17i ! 7 , S3 Produce Heavy Hens Light Hens Roosters and Stan Heavt Sonne Lhora Sprinc EOG Grade A Larxe Grade A Medium No Grade r'e mn Grade B Large .11 .10 0 .t 01 .41 .3 23 2 J3 CHICAGO - Lhe poultry-UJOO lbs. No LSD A price quotations today. Cteese -Single daisies 43-444; Loug-horns 44i-4;,: processed loaf 41-43W; Swisv Grade A 50-53. Grade B 4-Sl. Grade C j-I . Butter Steadier. 809.000 Tbs. M score C9; tl score 0Vs: w score 5xi t9 score Sl4. carlota 90 score 60; S3 score MH. Fs Firm. 13 J00 cases. White large extras 444; mixed large extras 44; me diums 37V4; standards 41V. dirties 33 ana coecu . KA.NSAS CITY Wholesale eggs: extras, 70 percent A 41; mediums 35; standards 39,.t: others unchanged Consumer eggs: large A 3S-42: mostly m ; otoers uncnangea. Poultry and butter unchanged. ST. LOUIS Eggs, consumer grades. A. tore and A extra large 44-47, A targe 40-43 ; wholesale grades, large ex tras tO-7 percent A 42-44. 40-59 percent A 41-42, medium extras 34-36, standards (0 percent B 37-19, andassified country run JJb. Uve poultry, hens, heavy 20. Hrht ov er 5 lbs 14-15. commercial broilers and fryers 2t-iH lbs 16, young turkey bens Cash Grain asyrtagftoto Market BARLEY Ho. 2- B. test -per bu. S M COEJ4 No. 2 shelled per bu. $1.00 OAT No. 2 36 lb. lest $ .70 WHEAT Red . ... per b 21.70 nara no. l per Da si. 70 MILO Per 100 wt $1.55 CWT no CBowe er prtm sold. Town CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 sewage in rivers are being forced to provide disposal plants. Three major wars have provided population booms here, Jones said. After the Civil War, he noted, many men who had been stationed or passed through here returned to live because they liked the town. The same was true after World War I and World War n. Dr. C. Benton Manley, administrative assistant in the Springfield Public Schools, believed schools, beginning with pioneer days, have contributed .much . to the city's growth. He traced educational development from the time Joseph Rountree nearly 130 years ago taught the first school here to the present when the city has five colleges. Albert Rountree, a grandson of the pioneer teacher, was, a member of the audience. Mrs. Lucile M. Upton, newspaperwoman, pointed out contributions made by Springfield churches to city development. She also mentioned several promoters of city beginning with John Polk Campbell, founder. " w w w Dr. H. Lee Hoover, president of the society, introduced the panel and the topic of discussion. LeRoy Fox, librarian at the Springfield Public Library, reported the book sale held by the historical society this week brought $250. This will be spent on purchases for the historical collection of the organization which is housed in the library. Dr. Hoover appointed a committee to consider further projects, It included Fox as chairt man, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lemb-cke, Ed Corrigan, John Ferguson and Fred DeArmond. Several guests were present, including Mrs. Bertha Wooley New-hard of Santa Monica, Calif., a cousin of panel-member Anthony. In introducing her he noted that Mrs. Newhard's father, George A. C. Wooley, laid out Maple Park Cemetery and planted the fine maple trees which each autumn give an unsurpassed color display there. CP Patients to Have Yule Party Tomorrow The annual Christmas party for cerebral palsied children and adults will be held In the Fountain Plaza Room of Burge-Protestant Hospital starting at 3 p.m. Saturday. Santa Claus will present each child with a toy, made by members of area extension clubs, and mere win De special musical entertainment. All cerebral palsied children, young adults, and their families are Invited. Refreshments will be served by members of the women' division of United Cerebral Palsy of South, west Missouri. .i. , PARCEL POST windows at the main Springfield post office and all classified stations in the city will remain open from 9 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. Saturday, according to Postmaster C. Arch Bay. Bay urged all patrons who have not imailed their Christmas cards and parcels. Jwth local and out-of-town, to do so immediately. 42 76 41W 17 1 89 J 11 It - Ot, 59 S4t. MRS. SARAH CUNNINGHAM Kirs. Sarah Ann Cunningham, Si, Walnut Grove, died at 6 p.m. Hiursday at the home of her sister. Mrs. Luther Mills, Walnut Grove. Mrs. Cunningham was a lifelong resident of Bois D'Arc until the death of her husband. Ed Cunningham, who died in 1950. She was a member of the Tatum Chapel Baptist Church. Besides her sister she is surviv-ed bv two brothers, Will d Bob jllendrii, both of Bois D'Arc.-J Arrangements are under direo lion of Brim-Daniel -of Walnut I Grove. ' ' " V MRS. VADA C. HOLLAND Mrs. Vada Caroline Holland. 82, a resident of Monett since 1898, died Wednesday after a two-month illness. She was a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, where she was active in the Altar Society. She is survived by four daughters. Mrs. Charlas Daugherty, Mrs. Lloyd Shepherd and Mrs. E. M. Jerome, all of Monett. and Mrs. G. H. Boudreau of Dallas; four sons. Paul. James, Robert and John Holland, all of Monett; 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Rosary services will be at 8 o'clock tonight in the Mercer chapel, with funeral Mass at 9 j a.m. Saturday in St. Lawrence Church. Father Aloys Stevens will officiate. Burial will be in Mount Calvary cemetery under Mercer direction. MRS. CHARLIE HALE Funeral services for Mrs. Susan Jane (Suda Hale, 75, were to be at 2 p.m. today at the Hale Church, near Oak Grove, Ark., with burial in the church cemetery under direction of the Nelson Funeral Home of Berryville. Mrs. Hale, who was born in Carrol County, Arkansas, died Monday in St. John's Hospital in Springfield. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Survivors Tticlude hertusband, Charlie, of the home near Oak Grove; two daughters, Mrs. Thel-ma Penland and Mrs. Pauline Lackman, both of Springfield; a son. BerlfRoute 4, Green Forest, Ark.; and Mack, both of Blue Eye, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. FLETCHER HENDERSON Fletcher Henderson, 64, of 14321 North Prospect, died at Handley Hospital Monday, There are no known survivors. Furveral arrangements are under direction of Herbert V. Smith. HERBERGER INFANT The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Herberger, 2200 West High, died at birth at 9 a.m. today in St. John's Hospital. Besides the parents, the infant is survived by two brothers, Adrian Lee and David Neal; the maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Schell, Adlrich; the paternal grandmother, Mrs. Men-zo Nesmith, 441 South Prince Lane; and the paternal grandfather, Leo Herberger, Virata, 0k-la. Herman Lohmeyer is in charge of funeral arrangements. TINDLE INFANT David Ray Tindle, one-day-old son of -Mr.-and Mrs. Ray Tindle, 2907 West Grand, died at 2:40 a.m. today at Burge-Protestant Hospital. Survivors, besides the parents, are a brother, Charles Lee; two sisters. Connie Sue and Deborah Ann. all of the home; the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tindle, 2645 West Lombard; and the maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riggs, Route 6. Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday in Greenlawn Cemetery with Klingner in charge. Roomer Is Fined $15 For Disturbing Peace Charles B. Stratton, 55, 423Vi South Campbell, entered a guilty plea to charges of peace disturb ance and was assessed a $15 fine in municipal court today. A charge of careless use of smoking material against him was dismissed by the court. Stratton was arrested Wednes day night on the complaint of his landlord, Burnice Burk, who told officers Stratton was intoxicated. creating a disturbance and was smoking in bed. Officers said they found a hole burned in bed clothing and the blanket smouldering. The accused was committed to the county Jail when he could not pay the fine. CITY MANAGER Tom Chcno-weth, Public Works Director W E. Hedges.- and Don Jenkins. State Highway Department divi sion engineer, will meet with City utilities representatives at CU offices this atternoon, to discuss responsibility for maintenance of traffic and street lights to be discussed, so that the ctiy ways. Ambiguities in the contract with the highway department am to be dlscused. so that the city will know to what extent It is re- sponsible for traffic and lighting installations on the throughways, after they are Installed by the state. KENNY THOMLINSON, 2132 North Grant: an attendant at th Davidson DX Service Station, 1437 Cherry, complained to police today that an assortment of motor on had been stolen from a rack at the rear of the station. A customer told Thomlinson that shortly before the theft was discovered he had seen a young man near the oil rack and saw the youth run from (he scene. Value of the stolen merchandise was $7.60. - U - . . . ; MRS. SELMA TETH Word has been received by Mrs. Jay Temple, 1000 East Walnut, of the death of her niece, Mrs. Sel-ma t Edward P.) Wyeth, 66, Fram-ingham Centre, Mass. Mrs, Wyeth was born in Springfield, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hayes, and graduated from Central High School. Other survivors are two sisters, Mrs Frances Lawrence, Springfield, Mass., and Mrs. Harriet Sullivan, New London, Conn.; and an uncle. H. W. Recbenberg. Dallas, Tex- r ; ERNEST M. CHR1SMAN Ernest M. (Jack) Chrisman, 78, 506 South Warren, died at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at St. John's Hospital. Mr. Chrisman, a retired , livestock dealer, was a resident of Springfield for 56 years. He is survived by his wife, Ef-fie M.; one son, John T.; 1311 South National; one daughter, Mrs. Lena Nelson. Reno, Nev.; one grandchild, and five greatgrandchildren. Arrangements are under direction of Ralph Thieme. Funeral services are to be at 3 p. m. Saturday In the Thieme Chapel with the Revs. W. E. Dow-ell and Robert Baker officiating. Burial is to be in Hazelwood Cemetery. - MRS. JOHN CLARK Services for Mrs. Bessie Davis Clark, 82, Stockton, who died Wednesday at Burge-Protestant Hospital, will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Liberty Freewill Baptist Church in Laclede Coupty with the Rev. Henry Long officiating. Burial will be in Lonesome Hill Cemetery under direction of Rainey. MRS. CLARA L. ROWE Funeral services for Mrs. Clara Lee Rowe, 87, of 614 Cozy, who died Thursday morning in Curge-Protestant Hospital, will be at 11 a.m. Saturday ur the Gorman-Scharpf Chapel with the Rev. C. E. Atlcins officiating. Burial will be in Maple Park Cemetery. MRS. BERTTES. ROBLEE Mrs. Bertie Short Roblee, 84, of 1351 North Summit, died at 12:30 a.m. today in her home after a long illness. Mrs. Roblee was a native of Springfield and lived her entire life here. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John A. Short. Her father for many years was in the postal service in the South Side Station. Mrs. Roblee was the widow of Edwin T. Roblee, longtime traveling salesman for the Brown Shoe Company of St. Louis and widely known in the Ozarks. He died in July, 1946. , Mrs. Roblee wes graduated from Central High School in 1895. She was member of First Congregational Church and of Chapter BG of PEO. Survivors are a daughter, Miss Mildred Roblee, librarian in charge of information and technical services at Springfield Public Library, who lives in the home; a son, John E. Roblee, consulting and application engineer with Westinghouse Corporation, Pittsburg, Pa.; a brother, Charles B. Short, Corona Del Mar, Calif.; a sister. Mrs. Roy E. (Noma Short) Brown, Columbia, and one grandchild. . - . Funeral arrangements are under direction of Klingner. MRS. EDGAR WARNER Mrs. Opal McGregor Warner, 52.erwyn, 111;, died early today m Burge-Protestant Hospital after a brief illness. Mrs. Warner became ill here Sunday while enroute from her borne to Altus, Okla., on a Christ mas vacation. Survivors are her husband, Ed gar A.; and her mother, Mrs. Lulu DeLuca, Altus. The body will be sent to Altus for funeral services by Gorman- Scharpf. MRS. EDGAR E. ENNIS Funeral services for Mrs. Laura Rebecca Ennis, 86. of 1205 North Jefferson, will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Ralph Thieme Chapel. Officiating will be Dr. Clarence P. Folkins. Dr. Vests' C. Clark and Dr. J. Charles Gil- breath. Burial will be in Hazel- wood Cemetery. The family has sueeested that memorial contributions can be made to the Laura Ennis Memor- ial Fund of the Grace Methodist Church. MRS. MILLIE J. STEPHENS Mrs. Millie Jane Stephens. 93, died today in Burge-Protestant Hospital after a lingering illness. A native of Pocahantas, Ark., she had made her home for the last several years with a daughter, Mrs. Ouida Warner, 310 East Central. She was a member of the Clearview Methodist Church at Pochantas. Other survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Amanda Collier, Denver, Mrs. Mae Townsend, Abilene, Tex., and Mrs. Llnna Earlcy, 01-ney Springs Colo.; three sons, Josh Stephens and John Harvester, both of Pocahantas, and Lehman Stephens, 1110 Prospect; 19 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchil. dren and two great-great-grandchildren. Rainey Is in charge of arrangements. EDDIE McCO Y BROWN Funeral services for Eddie McCoy Brown, 6-month-oId . son of Mr; and Mrs. James Brown, 938 East McDaniel, will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Herbert V, Smith chapel, the Rev. J, D. Edward officiating. Burial will be in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. The finant died Sunday afternoon in Burge-Protestant Ho-pita). . RILEY L. MAPLES Riley L. Maples, 73, lifelong farmer of the Hlhlandville area, died Thursday at his home. Mr. Maples was a member of the Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Rose;" two daughters. Mrs. Opal Thomas. Aurora, and Mrs. Ruth Riott, Ontario, Calif.; five sons, Albert, Jack, and Roy, all of Highlandville, Junior, Kansas City, and Frank, state of California; three sisters, Mrs. Clona Peeples,! Springfield, Mrs. Lucy Eagen, Detroit, and Mrs. Mollie Kiethley, Flint, Mich:; one broth er, Thomas, state of California; 32 grandchildren, and 12 greatgrandchildren. Arrangements are under direction of Harris of Nixa. MR. AND MRS. BENJAMIN JOHNSON Benjamin F. Johnson, 80, Cass-ville, retired prominent stock buyer, died Tuesday afternoon at his home, and his wife, Mrs. Florence Johnson, 80, Cassville, died Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at her home. Mrs. Johnson had been an invalid for the past 13 years. They are survived by three daughters, Mrs, Flossie Morgan, and Miss Helen Mary Johnson, both of Cassville. and Mrs. Ray Sisco, Ulyesses. Kan.; one son, Paul, Ulysses, Kan.; two grandchildren, and two great-grandchil dren. Services for Mr. Johnson, originally scheduled for today, were postponed and double services will be held Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Culver Chapel in Cassville , with the Rev. C. F. Siler officiating. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery. MRS. SARAH THOMPSON Mrs. Sarah Eliza Thompson, 80, formerly of Springfield, died Thursday evening in a Nevada hospital following a long illness. She is survived by two daughters, MtsFontella L. Malley, and Mrs. Deloris L. Drous, both of Tucson, Ariz.; one sister, Mrs. Mary Matthes, 1629 Lyon, and a brother. . Arrangements are under direction of Gorman-Scharpf. MRS. NELLIE A. CONNELY Mrs. Nellie A. Connely, 87, Harrisonville, died at 5 p.m. Thursday at the Connelly Rest Home where she had been a patient for nine .months. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. J. L. Brown, house mother at Wallace Hall at Drury College, Mrs. Herbert Phinkett, Mexico, Mo., and Mrs. H. J. Moody, Harrisonville; five grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the Atkinson-Dickey Funeral Home at Harrisonville where the body was sent by Gorman-Scharpf. Burial will be in Orient Cemetery at Harrisonville. JAMES LOUIS CARSTEN James Louis Carsten, 36, lifelong farmer of the Spokane Community, died at 11:45 a.m. Thursday at Springfield Baptist Hospital 30 minutes after he was admitted. He had suffered a heart attack earlier. He is survived by his wife, Roberta: one daughter, Phyllis Jean, of the home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carson, Spokane, and three brothers, Jack, Spokane, Joe, Marionville, and Al-mos, Highlandville. , Arrangements are under .direction of Harris of Nixa. MORGAN RAMSEY Morgan Ramsey, 70, Success, died Tuesday at a veterans home in Fort Leavenworth, Kan. He is survived by three sisters, Isabel McCoy, Success, Mrs. Mary Lynch, Springfield, and Mrs. Deborah Adline Connor, Henryetta, Okla., and one brother, George, Tulsa. Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Evans Chapel in Houston with the Rev. Layton Romines officiating. Burial will be in Oakland Cemetery with military rites. MRS. ESTLER M. HIGIIFILL Graveside services for Mrs. Margaret R. Highfill, 79, who died in Denver Monday, will be held at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in Green-lawn Cemetery. The Rev. Earl French will officiate. Burial will be under direction of Klingner. MRS. E. B. GORDON . Funeral services for Mrs. Caroline Daisy Gordon, 72, arc to be in Burns Chapel, Willow Springs, at 2 p.m. Saturday with the Rev. Floyd Gentry officiating. Burial is to be in the Willow Springs Cemetery. Mrs. Gordon, a resident of Willow Springs for 20 years, died Wednesday at St. Francis Hospi-tal in Mountain View. She was born in Keokuk, Iowa, June 24, 1888. Survivors include her husband, E.B.; a son John of Independence Mo.; a sister Mr. Lulu B. Hie key of Keokuk and two grandchildren. CLYDE MAPLES ' Word was received here by relatives Thursday of the death of Clyde Maples, 51, Redondo Beach, Calif., former resident 6f the Republic community, who died there Thursday-morning. -"t - Mr. Maples had worked at Douglas Aircraft for 18 years. He is survived by his wife, Luetic; two daughters, Jo Ann and Sandra and one son, Steve, all of Redondo Beach, Calif.; two sisters. Edith Pratt. Los Ancclcs. and Mrs. Eiila Arrlngton, Republic, and one brother, Clair, Aurora. Services will be Saturday morrv ing in Redondo JBeach. H W U V- 3 i, Jl, rfcl r 1 3T B r r tl Tl T 7 n t SPRINGFIELD. POR ALAAOST 100,000 -At-rrriiDP.: CLIMATE. FINE BIRTHS TO Mr. and Mrs. W. t. Cunningham. 1007 West Lecuat, a glrL 1:44 a.m. Thursday, St. John's. To Mr. aad Mr. B. E. Rhyne. 2147 North Kansas, a bay, 1:49 p.m. Thursday, St John's To Mr. and Mr. B. E. Johns, Rout 1. Oxark. girl,. i:ll pjn. Thursday, St. John's. Tb Mr and Mrs. R. It. Fret-king, 1411 East McDaniel. a boy, 10:24 pjn. Thursday, St. John's. To Mr. -'and Mrs. Carroll Payne, Rog-ersvU. a (irl, 0:1 a.m. Thursday. Burge-Protestant. To Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wiles. Fair Grove, a boy, 10:29 a.m. Thursday, Burge-Protestant. To Mr and Mrs. Robert Beckett. Bolivar, a bo), 11:31 a.m. Thursday, Burge-Proteatanl. " 7 To Mr. and Mr. Jack Westfau. 1211 West Chase, a boy. 5:12 p.m. Thursday, Burge-Protestant, To Mr and Mrs. Jerry Patrick, Seymour, a boy. 6:36 a.m. Friday, Burge-Protestant. To Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weaver, 1152 North Jefferson, a girl 7:39 a.m. Friday, Burge-Protestant. , To Mr. and Mr. Billy Ghan, Green-tield. a girl- 4-11 a.m. Friday, Burge-Protestant. To Mi. and Mrs. Cecil Swyers, 2621 West Page, a boy, 9:45 p.m. Thursday, Springfield Baptist. , To Mr and Mrs. Claude Pyle. 1342 East Belmont, a girl, 7:24 a.m. Friday, Springfield Baptist. CIRCUIT COURT ' CIVIL CASES Henry L. Harris agauuit Nehi-Roya! Crown Bottling Company; damage suit! dismissed by stipulation at cost of defendant. Article of Incorporation for School of Religion of Druty College amended to make existence perpetual. Articles Recovered Plumber's threading machine found In street Thursday by Mrs. Mamie Drum-mood. 900 West Scott, was returned to Mrs. Elsie Brown, 502 North Weaver, who reported its Ions from her husband's truck. MrriHr' Licenses APPLICATIONS Estel B. Noyes, 38, 1027 Davies. and Vera L. Ollie. 39, 1334 North West. Archie K. Glidewell, 41, Republic, and Florence M. Brown, 42, 1047 South Crutcher. Floyd Max Rentier, 25, Rolla, and Carolyn Ann Gieseke, 19, 1103 West Lin-wood. Billy D. Smith, 26, 1942 Cinderella, and Carolyn Joel, 22. 726 South Hampton. Magistrate Court CRIMINAL CASES Fined 117 each for no PSC authority were Donald Lee Witt. 30. 2324 Ml. Ver. non; Clifton Lawrence B levins. 46, 1855 nortn Broadway; joe Neal Minor, 29, each were James E. Lock wood, 28. St. Louis: Ira Lonas Morean. 48. Kt. Inii. aud Henry Edward Modglin. 40, Granite City, 111. Eugene William Box, 15. Buffalo, fined J' tor careless and reckless driving. For overweights on axle, license or gross, Marvin Earl- Knight, 27. 1713 St. Charles, fined 117; George Edward Rag-an. 45, Caseyville. III., fined $24; Roscoe Oscar Boatwriaht. 52. Hrookline. fined 17, EweU Edward Dunsworth, 32, In- oepenaence, nan., lined 155,50; John Eden ond Walter Scott, 55. 427 West Minota, fined $19.20; Lewis Walter Freed. 44. Joplin. fined $17; Reamon L. Schreeder, Florissant, case dismissed; Clarence Raymond Estes, Jr., 34, St. Louis, fined $19; James Monroe Pierson. 57. si fined $28.50; William Watson Emenhei- son, 49. fcurexa. fined $247; Joe Davis. 44. Sullivan, fined $93; Jess Paul Hedgecorth, 46, Bridgeton, fined $37; George Armond Sutherland, 41, Centralis, 111., fined $34.50. Loren Earl Hanson. 27, 2848 West Chestnut. lined $17 for no Missouri operator's license, and E. W. F.nsl.nrf in. Rogersville, fined $22 for having no license on person. Trellis Ann Lee. 21, 1133 Hovey, fined i' ior stolen or Borrowed plates. For no chauffeur's licenses Admin Blain Breeden, 38, 2141 Albertha, fined $17; Everett Ray Edltrom, 25, Joplin. fined $13: Leon J. Cater, 33, Durant, Okla., fined $17; James Everett Rigg. 23, S34 West Poplar, fined $17. civa cases County personal tax suits have been filed against the following: Sam E. Stone. $7.10; Elmer L. Stork, $16.66; Moody Smith, $27.48; Floyd Salkil, $41.22; Alvin H. Sturgeon, $13.50; Fred B. Savage, $4.70. Roger Seward, $470; Walter Saunders, $1.71; J. O. Swisher, $2.68; R. S. Smith. $6.01; Fred Smith. $7.44; Mrs. W. H. Stewart, $21.16; Neal Saunders. $15.24; Fred Scarbaugh, $28.72. Gordon Bennett and Hugh Harris again James Roger Garrison; replevin suit; dismissed without prejudice at cost of plaintiff. Account suits filed by Mr. and Mrs. Con L. Jennings against Bill Morton for $21.32. and W. D. Rutledge for $18: casrs set Dec. 29. James M. Fulbright against Cleo Carter; landlord's suit for $45 rent, $200 damage and possession of property at 1001 West Phelps. . Lonnie Compton against Elliott E. and Dorothy F. Knox; suit on note; default Judgment for $743.01. County tax suit against W. L. Good-ridge dismissed when tax and costs paid. Only 61-Vote Margin For Dick in Hawaii ' HONOLULU (APi-Vice Presi-dent Richard M. Nixon's popular vote margin over President-elect John F. Kennedy in Hawaii was reduced to fil . Thursday - A recount of 34 of Hawaii's 240 precincts shaved the edge from 141, the figure which gave Hawaii to Nixon a month ago when the vote was certified. Hawaii has three electoral college votes. Democrats here are expected to try for a total recount, although the electoral college meets Monday. Nixon's total is now 92,403, Kennedy's 92,342. Hearing Set Dec: 29 In Check Case Here Preliminary hearing for Edgar Essary, 36, Kansas City, on charges of Dassine ro account checks, was set ihis morning for uec. Z9 arter Essary pleaded innocent before Magistrate E. A. Barbour. ' Essary, accused of giving a $20 no account check to Evans Drug Company on April 13, was jailed in lieu of $2000 bond. Essary was arrested earlier this week in Kansas City on a Greene County warrant and re- turned to Springfield yesterday oy ucpuiy &neruts Jim Hutchinson and Jack Hickey. MRS. LOLA WALKER, 1640 West Lombard, said yesterday the address of Artie Thomas, given ain Wednesday's Leader and Press as 1640 West Lombard, was Incorrect. Thomas, who received a 30-day suspended sentenca for non-support, gave his address as 417 tast Commercial and as Marshfield. , . , SOL M0SHER, 1929 East Page, former member of the Chnmhr-r of Commerce staff, will go to Washington as secretary to Dr Durward G. Hall, congressman elect.. Mosher was camnaicn man ager for Dr. Hall, who plans to leave Springfield for Washington Dec. 30. for Stock Mmkin InlormnUim Call, Writ or Com to ) RIINHOLDT & GARDNER fHONI UN llsti 20t StMith JtrfftrttM POLICE CALLS Otto D. Smith. 45. Tyttol Hotel, was arrested lor being drunk at 5:1$ p.m. Thursday when officers found him stag gering oa the street kt Uw 209 block Hayden. , Ike Millar, 421 East Pacific, reported he bad estored a car in a bant back of a service station and learned shortly after 5:10 p.m . Thursday a radio and aerial had been stolen. Several boy seen near the car were suspected. A woman and her son reported the father was Intoxicated and cursing them la their home h- the 1600 brock West Hovey at 5:45. p.m, Thursday. The man agreed to bu quiet and no further anion was token. Police were called to Consumer's Market, 1500 College, at 7 p.m. in regard to two women shoppers having token some hosiery. Manager told officer the women had thrown (. hosiery on anather shelf before leaving and there was no complaint. However, Uw two women suspects wished to sign a complaint against the manager for "shaming" tham by asking to look into one's purse. Both were advised to contact their attorney if they wished to take action. Woman living in the 19M block College reported at 9:25 p.m. Thursday her husband cam horn Intoxicated and she wa afraid to stay with him. The husband agreed to leave to avoid further trouble. Police were called luck to the location a' lu:20 p.m. when the husband reportedly caused further trouble. The won tar. left ior the night. A fight reported at the Landers' Theater. 300 East Walnut, wa over when SJlice arrived at 10:2O p.m. Thursday, (fleers were told the scuffle involved five boys, two of whom were contacted nearby. The V o blamed the other three youths who were not found. A reoo't of someone Inside an electric shop in the 400 block South Scenic at 10:45 p.m Thursday, revealed the owner nad returned to do some won. A prowler call at the Foster Nursing Home. 1623 Irving, was Investigated at 1:55 am. Friday. Officers were told a man had been seen looking in a skit door. No one was found. James Tharp. 21, 429 East Calhoun, war eiteJ for careless and reckles driving, drinking involved, and failure to display r city. license after a lengthy police chase which began at Mt. Vernon and Broadwav and ended in a driveway at a home In the 600 block South Douglas Thursday night. An open door at the Medical Village. Cherry and Genstone. was found at 5 a.m. Friday Nothing had been disturbed and the door was locked. Don Lee Cramer. 25. of 1915 North National, cited for disobeying traffic officer's signal. 5:15 p.m. Thursday. Of ficer Robert Davidson reported Cramer was stopped on ruouc square after ignoring signal to stop and several loots on whistle at Boonville and Olive. Police received call from Hoffman-Tail Company official Thursdav informing them the company had extra funds for helping needy families at Christmas and would like to assist any other families the police found in need of help. Johnnie Edmond Bybee. 14, 922 West Jean, Daniel Kenneth Roberts. 21, Cen- trana. and Floyd Harrison Huiett, 24, Centralis cited for vagrancy, 11:10 a.m. Thursday, after detectives questioned tnem. police said the men were staying at address on Jean while unemployed and had been hanging around bars. George Bond, owner of Laundromat, 1920 North National, reported at 10:25 a.m. Thursday someone tried to pry open i oin changer Wednesday night. James Willoughby. attendant at service station, 1158 Trafficway, reported at 9 a m. Thursday he loaned gas can to motorist Dec 14 and it hadn't been re-turned. Manager of National Shirt Shop at Cot lege and Public Square reported at 10:43 a.m. Thursday a man was acting strangely at store. Officer found the man trying to sell merchandise to customers and talking loudly. He explained he was only trying to help out the employes. Police turned him over to a relative after being informed the man was mentally disturbed. Police found key in lock of .soft drink machine at Com-o-matic Laundry, 1432 St. Louis, 10 a.m. Thursday. The money had not been taken. LOSSES REPORTED Mrs. Thomas Perry. 1651 Cairo, reported loss of purse containing billfold, $7, and change from car at Weller and Cairo Thursday morning. "WmTF. COURT The will of Mrs. Mary Ellen Baugh-man 75, 907 Woodlawn, who died Oct. 22, left the bulk of the estate to her husband, Marland M. Baughman with provision that real estate be sold upon his death and divided between fiv children. DIVORCE CASES PETITIONS Marie Nicholson against James Nicholson; married May 13, 1933; separated Oct. 31. 1960: charges, he drank intoxicating liquor to excess and has failed to support hers asks alimony. Bernard H. Zlmmick against Ocean Ray Zimmick; defendant files cross-bill alleging he did not furnish her with money lor supporting their home; became cold, indifferent, quarrelsome and abusive; asks alimony. Betty Jean Carter against Robert Lewis Carter: married Aug. 17, 1949; separated Mav 15, 1960; charges be was quarrelsome ind abusive; had a violent temper and has struck her; threatened her life; has been subjected to habitual drunkenness for more than one year and has failed to contribute anything to support of her and their minor children for the past year: asks custody minor children; child support and alimony. GRANTED Betty Jane Holland. 2ft, secretary, from Donald Ray Holland, 30, cheese blender. Viola L. Line, 45. clerk, from George E. Line, weMer; awarded restoration of former name, Smith. Delilah May Weidmann, 24, cashier, from Richard E. Weidmann, 24, salesman; awatded $50 weekly alimony, property settlement filed. Beulah r. Jones, 48. supervisor, from Herbert O. Jones, 51. farmer. Lloyd Lovelace. 24. cabinet maker, from Idabeth Lovelace, 21. bookkeeper. Ray B. Miller, 39, Journey iron work-er. from Wava Maxine Miller. 40, housewife. Alaine Killingsworth, 55, housewife, from William Killingsworth, 55, farmer. Mildred H. Reeves. 38, machine operator, from E. I) Reeves, 36, salesman; awarded custody minor children, $200 monthly child support and $150 monthly alimony. David P. Harris. 24. salesman, from Jaquett R. Harris, 21. singer; plaintiff awarded custody minor children. Frances Marrella Hutchinson, 20, house wife, from Richard Leroy Hutchinson. 28, packing plant worker; awarded custody minor child and $12.50 weekly child support. Ednalee Ellen Lane, 19, housewife, from James Kenneth Lane, 23, unemployed; awarded custody minor child and $10 weekly child support. Doris E i rave, SI, housewife, from Wlllard J Cave, 33, aaleaman; awarded custody minor children i $150 monthly child support I property settlement filed. Recorder's Office Federal tax Hens have been filed against the following: Horace J. and Faustina Haggard, 1741 South Oak Grove, $704,981 Joe M. Tate, Bois D'Arc, $203.57. l&MAQA, SPEC IAL OF THE WEEK S3j00 MISTLETOE 25' bunch FLOWERS 1,121 W. Walnut CITY UTILITIES NEW CUSTOMERS C. E. Brown, 2121 N. Newtoa. Geors W. Haley, 1117 Cherry. James H. LaMaater, Summit Road. Le Robtnsoa, 1121 Prospect. Betty Ryan, 617 W. Tampa. Leslie A. Wilson, 1571 St. Charles. Neal Barn hart, 1064 S. Weaver. F. E. Dedd. 1832 N. Campbell. Tommy LaRue, 1041 E. Seminole. NEW RESIDENTS Jerry Cossins. 1440 E. 24th St. from Independence, Mo. Robert E. Burris. 910 Market, from Webb CHy Bert Burt in, 1220 Howard, from Eldorado. Kaa. . Laurence J. Essary, 721 E. Locust, from Strafford. Lake Galloway, Galloway Rd , Irom Jtog-wsville. Max Mitchell, W. Highway- 66, from Kansas City. M. C Vogt. N. Highway 11. from BrihU"'CHANGE IN LOCATION Charles R. Baird, 206 W. WMUside from 1908 Patricia. J. D. Barnes, Grace Road Irom 1920 Cinderella. Delhert Blakey. 1815 W. Calhoun irom Ray c!yde. 1156 Hovey Irom 1030 N. Forrest Walter H. Gott. 1625 N National from E. Division Road. Clarence King, 411 E. Brewer from 116 W. Brower. Ray D. Melton, 34 W. MtnoU Irom 1064 S. Weaver. Wanda Morris, SOtt W. Semtnoie Irom 420 S. Fort. L. B. Murphy, 639 Hovey Irom 1142 S. Florence. , Jimmle Walker, 1137 N. Park Irom 2626 W. Madison. G. W Wallis. Jr., 1711 Plaza Irom 2432 Wallis Smith. - - -- -- Benny Watson, 3001 Lincoln from 2235 C Jewell T. Wright, 1111 Howard from 1442 . Livingston. . . Ethel Campbell, 1443 N. Forest, from 500 W. theuiiit. : Ralph Campbell. 1232 E. Division, from 1335 N. Clifton. , N. E Davison. 2225 S. National, from 2223 S. National. Chloella Durham, 2941 E. University, from 1502 Orland. , James Roy Powell. 1936 E. Division, from 621 Prospect. ., . - . Dr. B. Prater, 3000 Carlisle Circle, from 45 S. Weller. Marvin Russell, 1603 Sherman, 1127 E. Central. . . Charie I . Wisner, 1301 S. Sceaic, Irom 1033 N. National. POLICE COURT Fined $5 each for dog violation were: T. H. Blanton. 727 West State; Gene Tidwell. 729 West State; Mrs. Harry Estes, 900 Evergreen. Drunk fines were paid by Charie Leit-weln, city. $16, and Buck C. Riley, 1936 West Loren. $13. Lucia A. Lindsay, 2239 North Lyon, paid $25 for peace distrubance. Donald Craves, 1890 Boonville, forfeited a $0 bond on common assault charges, the offense occurring Nov. 11. Dale ""i. Decker, Turner, forfeited a $25 bond on a d-unk charge, the offense occurring Dec. 2. Floyd Huiett, 924 West Jean, was committed to jail in lieu of paying a $15 fine lor vagrancy, and $25 for affray. Earnest Speaks. 827 North Fanklln, committed to. jail in lieu of paying a $25 fine on drunk charges. James Lee Blackwell, 1400 East Com-mecrlral, sentenced to 4$ days In )s II on drunk driving charge, and committed to Jail on drunk charges in lieu of paying a $15 fine. Ferdinand Shultx, Billings, committed to jail for a total of 55 day in lieu of paying a $55 fin on two drunk charges. A peace disturbance charge against him was dismissed when Die complaining witness failed to appear. AUTO ACCIDENTS Cars driven by Fred Walker, 60. Route 1, Republic, and Mrs. Lois Keiser, 61. 1313 Concord, collided In the 200 block North Campbell at 2 p.m. Thursday. Cars driven by Loran J. Ploof. 40, 1138 East Cherokee, and Mis Dulcie J. Campbell, 35, Route 2. Republic, collided at Campbell and Chestnut at 4:30 p.m. Thursday Mlsr Campbell wa cited for failure to yield the right of way. A car driven by Ernest R. Mueller, 38, 1447 South Barnes, and a truck driven ny Loren H. Wbb, 57, 706 North Rogers, collided in the 1400 block South Glen-stone at 7:10 p.m. Thursday. Webb was cited for following too closely. Car driven by M. D. Hancock, 102 Soutn Plata, and truck driven by R. C. Tucker. 2400 Nichoi. collided at Kansas and Chestnut Throughway, 10:20 a.m. Thursdav. Car driven by C. E. McCnrry. 2231 Ramsey, and truck driven by Richard Small. 1309 East Division, collided at Jefferson and Division, 12:25 p.m. Thursday. Summons issued to McCurry for failure to yield risht-of-way. Cars driven by Julia' Crum, 2326 North Rogers, and Patricia Giber son, 1600 South Fort, collided at Madison and Douglas, 9:10 a.m. Thursday. Summons issued to Mrs. Crum for failure to yield right-of-way. Car driven by Donald Lemons, 2448 North Campbell, slid on ice and struck utility pole in 2000 block North Douglas, 8:20 a.m. Thursday. Motorbike ridden by Roger Dorstad, Baptist Bible College, collided with car driven by L. E. Crowder, Route 4, at Boonville and Lynn, 12:40 p.m. Thursday. Summons issued to Crowder for failure to yield right-of-way. BUILDING PERMITS Jack Storkstill, six-room house, 25)2 Boonville. $8000. Phoebe Seller, enclose porch, 1320 North Rogers. 275. Zora Harmon, repairs, 1161 Pennsylvania, $300. Geraldine M. Smith, porch, 1025 East Kearney. $13. Lois Counts, roofing, 1164 South Crutcher, $30f. Mrs. M. C. Mills, repairs, 2106 West .Thoman, $1 5. Jessie Mae Merrttt, roofing, 1335 State, $225. Ted Potter, two six-room houses, 933 and 943 North Oak Grove, $11,500 each. J. W. Wlllhlt. five-room house, 3043 College, $5000. 1 John Morris Equipment Cemonny, remodeling. 503 College, $1000. ' Preston Grantham, carport, 519 West Silsby. $200. Richard Sanders, siding, roofing, 2447 Cherry. $825. Leo Forbsteln, loading dock, 425 West Walnut, $225. City of Springfield, roofing, fire station in 200 block Commercial, $420. traffkTcourt The following paid fine for Improper parking- Darlene Young, 1814 Cairo, $3; William Moore, 610 North Jefferson. $4; E. L. Dill, 4333 Belcrest. $4; Robert Jnenbameyer, 1916 Virginia, $.1. Lilburn Brlckey, 1601 North Hayes, and Anthony L. Thompson, Route 1, each paid $5 for excessive motor noise. Ten dollar fine for following too closely are paid by Albert N. Fansler, Route 1. Carthage, and Wtnfred W. Thorn axon, S24 East Seminole. John W. Cox. 1702 East Seminole, paid $5 for failure to yield the right ol Way. Roy Highfill. 1411 West Talmadge. paid $15 for obstructing traffic. CHRISTMAS WREATHS HOLLY SPRUClt CONES RUSCUS Value CASH AND CARRY English Holly 75' bunch Phone UN 2-G829 t.

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