Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 3, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1895
Page 2
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HOTHERS nnd those about to become mothers, should know 'that Dr. Pierce's Fa- vorit-c Prescription tubs -childbirth -of its torture, tensors and dangers to both mother ">md •child, b'- aiding N'.'ilure in preparinij the system for;v.rtiirition. Tltereby "labor" and nlso tin- period of confiueiixsnl are greatly sliitrti-iicd. It also promotes an abtiii(l;uit si-crc-tinn of iKMirishmeiit for the child. During pre^n'iucy, it prevents "morning siekiicvi" and those distressing in.-rvoiis symptoms from "which so malty ^sutier, Tmtki. Ci-tllr C<>., Tf.vas. Dk. K. V. .i-Ti.KCi., Hnffalo, N'. Y. : J)tar Sir —I took your " Rcvoriu: I'rc- scriplion " previous to eonfir.i-mciit and never did so well i" my liff. H is only two wtM-ks since my rriiifiiicni'.'iil ;nnl I am able to ilo my work.' 1 fi-t-1 stronger than [ ever did in six weeks before. Your:i truly, A MOTHER'S EXPERIENCE. .v.'///// lifini. iiiif.flfCo., n-'usit. DR. k. V. J'.'iiKCi-:. liui'Ailn, N. V.: Dear Sir—I !• "Mil l.-ikinj; you: " Kavor- jte I'rL-si'riptioii " llie first inoiUli of nancy, and' have t-un- tiiuicd tnldni,' it since confinement. I (.lid not experience the nausea or any of the aibiitnts due to pregnancy, after 'i began ukiiitf your "Prescription." I v/as only in labor a :.!uirt time, and the physician said I ;:ol aloncr 1111- usually well. Wo tUinl: il saved MI« « frrcrit dcnl of siifii.-rinif. preat deal with k-iK-orriu.-.-i also, <lor-t: 2. v.'urkl of f,";cil fo: inc. Yours truly, MRM. VV. C. JJAKliK. WHERE AARON BUttR FEASTED Thf, Old "Ked SI 111" Th»t Win iho Scum- of Stlrrinff KvcntH. Arcola, X. J. This is* sleepy little hamlet in the I'aramus valley, but it .was later the cause of reviving some very interesting historical recollections. An old frame building, known •for a century and a half as the "Red Mill," v/as torn down. This mill wa.s the scene of stirring incidents during th<: revolution, and recalls one of the lovi' upisodi-s of Ao.ron .Burr. The storj' of the mill and its historical association, as recently told in the local . papers, is about as follows Paramus valley was aa. important s.-eti.)ti during the revolution, bc-inff tin- sci'n." o:' many raids and encounters b.'tuven the Hessians, who weru .sent into this part of. New Jersey, and the i piitriols. It was.'scross this valley that ! ardent Aiiron Dii.-r frequently rode at midnight throtiirh the enemy's line to visit the chaniiinR- widow, Tht'odnsia i'r.'Vu'.l, whosi; strtU-ly mansion still •>'..•!.:!< i.s nrar llohuk-us. The records l-.-ll that Lii/uL Oil I!urr, v:ho was with tin; American :irray al While. 1'lains, w:is aided in tlicsi; enterprises J by half a. dfi/.i-n trusty men of his com- i maiul. Having procured a suitable •;c-ivf, jln- bolt-mi was covered with bi;m!;L't';:iri'l b:iiT:ili> robe.-;, (1:1 which t n/ i.'oloiii'l'-, hur;',i' u-as thrown and held until t,Iiu .Icrst-v shoro w:is LOOKING UP. New Bond Issue Improves the Business Outlook, Catarrh In Its Worst Form Life Almost a Burden A Glorious Change Due Solely to Hood's Sarsaparilla. 1 A BAD Uccum OD thu WKtUK. Olilo Hesitation in Trade Circles Cau:ed by Condition of Treasury -A Month of Low Averages. Nxw VOI:K, Feb. 2.—U. (!. Dun A. Co's. weekly review ol trade .says: '•Things ioon Letter :iear ;Se cio^u this week. bec-;iUM; .1 Is believed ia:it n ne»' loan will be nc::uti;.lu-]. Tbero was m.-eil for ie.i»jf. siiieu January closed witli Ll:o heavies: -.u.iuli-awals ot Kuld froro the treasury. j-KUCb.llW. tJU hope of a. now loan beiai; tho one tli;:i ; ; which hus lifted prices di'.r.iu- llie p-st few days. Montli <if l.mv Avi-i-iijU'S. ••January leaves behind it the lowest .v.-vr- iisc of jii-ices for lit! co.i.inoilitiirs ever 1,'.>i .n: for cotton, iron and its yi-odutts, wool a..,, •-.!- ver. tlie lowest monthly avoi-.i^,: ever l,r.i. •• . nad for u lioat, a r;i:i..'i.- above tbe miniinuuj, bat yet declining rapidly unviinl that point. I.-idu.xlri.il oper.ttiou-. havo ujt lUil.-riUl.v di- inimsi:ed, ttioviirb. it to.is Dyon a ilL.saniointniK ino..lh bee.aiM.- Hie cononil revival expeete.t liais not i-iiiiie. , J:'ilijiru-liU Out look. j "The iar^'e receipt* on woolen ^;oods with- olru-v.-n f.-oin warehouse under neiv duties e.irly in Ihe ni.iuth. abo.it ia.i.'OJ u u. raised tae total -i i:U!>tiiiiiM receipts 10 *17.:Wl,ul I 10:' tut muiith. j and tac total receipts of all Uinds to f -T.SlM.^y, , two Kii j in-j in- j •I... ! Mrs. C. King Geneva, Ohio. Hultltuoro Jt Olilo Killing On* Miin. Pa., Feb. S.— The Baltimore A Ohio express from Cincinnati was wrecked at Woodell. 3 miles west of Washington. Ta., at 1U o'clock Saturday jnoruinff. and by a j miraculous escape mine of the passc-u- j g-ors were seriously injured. Kobitisou, a freig-hl brtikvinan. w:i stantly killed and Frank Kelly, other brakenian, was badly hurt.•"•The express was running :il a hiLrh ra;o of spc-cd a iid when near \\uui.i- ville iumpod t::e track uHil collided "v.-illi a freight thai was bUiiKlin^- on a siding. Ivibin^r.n and Kelly were in ihu eaboi'.-i 1 \>i the freight and the former was torribly mancrU'd :i!i<l instsinily kilk-d. Kelly was badly hurt, but will reenver. The bay^n^e car rolled n\vr the side ol :;n embaiikinviit :in>l ;he snioki'i' v.'i-r.t i over the other >id>:. None of ilu- nxii- ' pants were seriously hurt. The sk-i-p- ( ! urdid not U-avi- tao track. , KNOWLEDGE nir> i-oiiifiirt and nn] y, person,li i v nj' vinent 1, whon the aniiua! was taken :i:i:l i::irrie i its master on his i u:' !•>-.• •. An-1 il was in the im:ii.- ;. :• • vi.-i'i.-y ol i; -d Mills that Col. l''n- |i,:iy.'d a;: uclive part 171 events i. i:il- ZU.V.: iiiii) his lirst miliUtry .reputation. lu tho wiiili'r of ]77(J Col. lln.vr was in coiriniainl <jf aMiiall detachmt-ut of native troops, who dvseurated tbe old church bv usiny it :-_s a barrack and for' i- lioi-ses. Toward the etui ARTIFICIA'L AID TO THE MEMORY. Syatoni* iluv<« JIi'i'u In ; : ,'.\>Mt>'iH'»' SUHM* I In 1 !.::>* of Aliclrnt K~V|*t The art of .ri-nik-i'iti;,'- artllicial ;i.id to the memory by .asso'-ialinij in the mind thinyfs difiicult to remc.'inljer with those •which '.in.- easy of recollect iou is .said to have originated with the ICg-yntian.s. Tbo lirst person to reduce it. lo ;i .'-.ys- • tcni was, luvoi'diii;,' U> Cicero, the poet iSlmonidos, wlio lived .100 years U. C. Ilia plan is known as the topical <or locality phin, ami is outlined by the Philadelphia Times as follows: Choose it large house with a number of dill'er- •untly furnished apartments in it. Impress upon the niiud carefully all that is noticeable in the house, so that the mind can readily fro over nil its parts. Then plaee u series oj 1 idea:; in the house, the llrsl in the hull, the ue.xt in the .siU;n;r-room. and so on with the rest. Now, when one wishes to recall thc.se idea., in I heir proper succession, <:ommcm:o /I'o'm;;' through the house, and the idea placed in each department will be found to readily recur to the mind in eonntiction w:th it. It is related ttiat the mnemonic plan was first suggested to the poet by u traffic occurrence. Ihivinij been called from a banquet just before the roof of the house fell and crushed all thu rest of the company, he found on returninff that the bodies were so mutilated that no individual could be recognized, but by remcmberinj, r the places which they had severally occupied at the table, he was able to identify them. lie. was thus led to notice that the order of places may, by association, suggest the order of thing's. i EARTHQUAKE WAVES. 3P>jl*AtlonM f I tir, u \ovy Ilftto of Some of our readers may remember, says Youth's Campanion, that the pulsations of the -jreat earthquake in Greece lar.t April were perceived iu ' Eng-land, I'.nd, i: was believed, at the Cape of CiooA Ilopo, by means of very delicate iu.-.!rir.;i.-nts contrived for tho purpose of iv;ri:it.Tin<r any slig-ht shaking- of the earth's crust, lu like manner the shiK'k of the Constantinople . earthquake of .Inly last was perceived at various ru'teoroloffiea! observatories in Austria, Kussi;i, llcrmany, Holland, France nnd MnfrUind. ]'>y a comparison of times, Combined with the di:.:t.a:i'.'i'; from Constantinople ' of t~hv platvs wiiere pulstitions were observed, a fairly r.ccurate 'estimate of the velocity with which the earthquake waves travv-lod was obtained. The aver::;? 1 ' speed WHS about two miles per :• voiui. This is almost cx- - nctly the s M-.IO velocity :is that which was calculated for the puls-Tlions of 'tho Greek I'artliouuki.! in April. At this rate, if it WIMV continued without '-diminution, the wave would pass completely roir.vl the earth, alonjr a great circle, in about three hours and a half. One of the English instruments which registered t!u\se pulsations is at the "bottom of n deep mine near Xewcustle- on-Tyne, n:ul its delicacy may be judged from tbe fact that it has recorded the beating of the waves oa the seacoast ten miles away. To Vloiuft IMni. A great many stories arc told of the. jcalo'.isy anil iU-feelinj: a:uoii£ the mu- • sieians, but r.ot always arc the tales so fnil of o, ffoiid-humored appreciation of the state of things ns is the following, • told by the Arrronaut: Rossini, wall:- injr oiic i 1 .. y on the. boulevard with „ the musiei. ;i Crajra, was greeted by " Meyerbeer, who anxiously inquired after the health of his dear Rossini. "Bad, very bad," answered the latter; "a headache, a sidenehe and a leg 1 can scarcely move." After a few moments' conversation. Meyerbeer passed on, and ISr^ira asked the p-eat composer how it was he had suddenly become so unwell. Smilingly Rossini reassured his friend. "Oh, I couldn't be better: I only wanted to please Meyerbeer. He'would be «o triad to see me pmash up!" of Docomliv-r iu- lc:n mid that llie enemy iiad been I'orapfin;,' nlonjf the oii.stern boundary ol' tin- valley and were encamped nc'iir lied .Mills. .Malting- a nipiil mare!) in t lie nifjh!., lie personally i-ei'onnoiti'iv.'l tho Uriti.sii camp, and li-d his moil I,i the most e.vpos-.-d point l.>y n dolour into "tliL' .sprouts," and dispatching the seiitiuel u-itli :t shot from his own pistol gained a victory wit.iioui lo.sinjf a man. .Nearly ail llio stolen slock was reluriit-.l to tin; owu- ers, who manifested their patrioliii appreciation by i-nl'.'rtairiinf,' CoL Hurr and his men .at a Christinas feast in the Ked .Mill, tbe only buildinj? lar<fe eiiou^-h to Hccommodale so numerous u. company. This feasl, trauilion says, was graced by tbe beautiful widow and all the farmers' wives and daug-h- U'rs for miles arnund, the victory of the colonel H'ivin;r them respite from thu ijarassiny fears that constantly assailed them throu<rh tho forays of plundering- bands. Some of tho old Dutch families in the valley are said to still possess dishes and cooking 1 utensils used in that Christmas dinner to Col. Burr's forces. There- is also a tradition that prior to this period a young- warrior of tho Hacking-siiaclcy Indians, who were on •friendly terms with the whiles, was arrested for murdering- a trader, and was confined in tho Ked Mil! awaiting removal to the jail at Hackensack. Ho escaped during- tho nig-ht by removing- a loose board in the Uoor, and was supposed to have got safely away, but whon the miller turned on the water in the morning and the wheel began to rn'ove a terrible shriek was heard above the creaking- machinery. It was soon discovered that the Indian had secreted himself on a cross piece in the big- water wheel, and his life was crushed out at the first revolution. So far as the public records show, the mill was in operation in 17")3, when it was sold to John Uoremus by Stephen Hauldwm, the description "in- eluding the mill, mill nghts,ancl water privileges.'' It was then,and for mauy years after, a grist mill. It was subsequently owned by "Kiug" Zabriskie, then by the Olds family, and next by John and H.-rnard livers (probably the Kyerson of to-day). In IS'.'O the Kyers j sold the mill to Albert A. Westervelt, who was very wealthy, purchasing adjoining tracts, that on whiuh the mill stood being 1 known as "the meadowland." This Albert A. 'Westcrvclt was tho grandfather of Peter Doremus, the grocer of 1'atcrson, and of ex-Assctn- ' blyinan .lacob W. Doremus, of Ucd Mills. The mother of the latter, Mrs. Margaret Ooremus, is still living- at Taterson at the age of 'J3 years. Albert sold one-half his interest in the mill property to his son-in-law, Edward K Force, who was a noted Rechabite. Mrs. Force was a woman of superior intellectual attainments, attending 1 to all her husband's business correspondence and contributing- largely to the success which attended him. For mauy years carding machinery had been in use in the mill, wiicre the raw wool was carded and dyed for the farmers, whose wives and daughters spun the tlax and made their own clothes. Force enlarged the plant, running it as a woolen mill, and making-wool yarn for the 11 iggins'carpet factory in New York. He also enlarged the dyeing 1 facilities. After the death of Force his estate- was divided by commissioners inis:,.|.. when George Grah;un bought the old mill, and under his ownership it became the scene o€ unusxial activity. Graham took a subcontract, from Kobert Beatty, of Little Falls, near Vator- son, who ha d a large contract for mat- in jr army blankets. During the rebellion both men made a great deal of money out of this business.—St. Louis Globe Democrat, ul Ko.d in tlie p;ist OUO.W.M. und the c.\;)iirtsja.i,an,-WI :or the month, :i'jd tiie moiilli L-IUM.-.-, with the fold Pf»e.rvo ruJuoed i-e nbout • •l.,i.0u.(nu, wniL-h is siiKiller tliaii.nt ;uiy t.iui; >ii'.i.-e -u.e.s lor I'es-.nnption lii'Kau in thu suinmi.'r of Iri".".' The liujiy thu: i, p oid bonus cuuln t.u. iuHiHfri/.cd vvi.w c-u.ieU b. iii'tioil In llif stnalo. Hill at thu c.'lo.v ihei'i w:is i!u.eh i-uiilli!eiu:i! Hi ,t ci.'hi bund.-: vioulu bi )aii;i- - Jy uiUcn ubroiul, ihiis o.-tL-rini; bettu ]>roLnlie for a ne^-.' is>ue. Still \\ iiiLintr. ••'me cuutlnuhii; drift of uviney to New Yorl shu\vs hL-iuity coiiiiti(.-rL':al tlumaiu'l in the I.T tL-i'ior, and .no improvement i.])pe;ii'H hero it coimm;njl.il lo.ins. in Miorl. on.--i:iess nu wattin;;. and litHt^ roii.soa lor lii-sLation 1:1 eomlitiou ul the treasury. U'lli'.lt, torn mid C'UUUli. "!Sj)ei:ul..Uoii has not favored jjroduc AVnuat I.s hall 1 a eeiit lower. Corn Is two cents lower, vvitii receipts abOJt one-half ;.nd exports net oiiL'-elcnih of la.-.t your, tottou declined i»ue-tii.\teenth. ami Is eloso on Lo tho loueMt point, over touehed. Iron and stcul looli lij.s>, oneoLiruKin^ n-C Llie oast, and tho demanc! ;, dusappolntm^. ul'.Iioii^'li prices aro not weaker. Considerable contracts lor C-.sc plpo Jiarti been uiuun or aro jiuudi:^,'. but In the yreh'ttte Lho now business since January 1 not aujs.i'ered e-xpectat.on-s. J^ootn liijd bilious. "Slii;iiaonts o' boots and ^hoes for tho nioath ?j'om Ho.ston have been J^8,0-ltj eases, .au^lv" two year.s a^o. out tho .situation is still UJs.ourai,'!!]^'. as oi-'.lef.i received at advaucei j;rloo.-i aro so ulanty thu; ni.my shops uro c.-c- pueuM to shut do.vn. "To.\tlie n'.iinui'aeturers cannot scoro Iin- yi'oveujent, for ll:o utek. .for tlioui'li priul cloths have advanced a sliado, the demand ror oiber cotton «oods is only moderate, aud prices art; unusually irreKUl^:'. Tho . ulluru Kei:i>rU. ••Failures durluk 1 the month of Juuunry bavo been mueii loss luipoi'ianc Hun were apprehended. and" Litftfro^Jto liabilities for tu'enty- four tltiys have been tlO.u'&.OlM. as^mst iii>,- SU.dJOhist yt'ur; only $t',-i70,lnu beins of miia- ufucturiii^ concerns. ai,'..:u.st .ji>.l.M,5(K lust your, unit i8.lfl.iMU beint' tradhiK concerni, iinaiust ijiM.TM.iGI iiist year. Tiie vory heavy docreaso. partk-ulany lu mauuIicturiiK,' iall- uros. will attract uttiiDllon i'-uhures lor the past, wuoli have been ilM in the Unitod States, iiKiilr.nt .')7U lu.-itycar. nad D-Iln Canada, tn.'11'innt .'>- last year. HrudNtreet'H View. Uradstreet's says: ••Siiocia! tolowrunis to }3rad«;reot's from juany ot me more important points o( disti'l- bution turoujjuout the country uuUo It plain that the uncertainty as l.o tno outcome ot Use r.iKiDci a institution bused on the rapid withdrawals of gold from tho treasury h .s im.l ' n depres- IntreiTect on general trade. At nearly all larger ousteru cities rate-i for nionoy have advanced. and at Boston supplies of commercial paper nave increased. Mereaatile collodions at tue best tire characterize! 1 ; as lairiy satlsfaetory but In most insCanjos .ire slower tiian usual at this so.isoii. Amont; twom.y stap.o products, four have remained steady In price, wool, lumber, hides and lenthor, a.thou^a in wcs-urn centers some grades of tho lust named have boon iiold a: ar. advance, and at London Miles of \vool sold up .slij-rutly. Tho greatest encouragement us to advances in prices comes fruin the iron and steel industries. Jxiw temporat jro west hits pin. up prices of cgtis and potatoes and quotations for eollee and sii^'ar arc hi^iior. •-AL the west ihe onty city reporting :i larger volume oC neuoral business or intlueuccs for peueral improveciont is St. Louis, wi'-h a satisfactory tra.ie. p.irticularly In inUlmery, dry Roods anil iron ami steel. At most otcer cities in tno central west, western and northwestern states business is only fair or quiet, except in a feu- staple lines. At Uuluth favorable woathcr has helped business. At Chi- caco pricesot and duinau.i lor doming, shoes and rubber ^oods aro stimulated by lower temperature. Kansas City reports a fair demand for forward delivery. I>JL at Portland, Ore., n-helesalc liiie-i j'l'o nmro or les; ile- Catarrh Ls a constitution:!] disease, and ther* forp It can only bo cim?<I liy a constitutumaj remeily HUo Hood's Sarsaparilki. Hc-uil wtint II did for Mrs. King, concisely uxprcssti la tier own Tolunuiry words: » "C. I. rimiil & Co., Lowe!!, Mass.: "Gentlemen: — From a grateful lieai't I wrtto wti.it your tr:md ineillolin,'. Hood's Sarsajianlla, Las d<j:io for me. Five bottl'ja cnruil mo of catarrh In Its worst form. 1 tlilnl; It was oalj- t mattur ol time, whon It would h:ive ended In Bronchial Consumption. I ciin sc:u(x'ly realize wherein :i few months ago lift* w,is :tlni(ist a hiirilen, sick and discouraged, now I ura XVcH nnd llztppv, g:ilnlri|; delta a uuw belli". And alL owlni; 10 nood'iSar- POLICE: .CAPTAIN SHOT. Holynk,' plu".) OJIK-IT Commit-- Mur.ier, Tli.-n Suii-nl.-!.. lloi.YOKK. Mass., Fe!i. X'. — l'i eer Patrick .1. Devereun.v si Matiriev 1). l-'enum fatally a lice station Saturday imirn:n;r. ereaux the?) killed uinive'.f. O])|ni,i.ii in Hi,. Loan- LONDON, Feb. :.'.--The Standard that a L'uiK'd Slates currency will not be luken by tin.- public aud ou^-lit not t,o he taken. loan here : will never bo without IL Yours Mus. CI_\JCK KLN'G, Geneva, Olilo. Hood's Pills cure liver Ills, Jaundice, biliousness, slek Leiuhiclio and coiistlputlou. 23*. Tbuntierstorttirt Sot -Eqnatorliil. Some have an idea that the thunderstorm is a native of the equatorial regions, but stioh is not tho case. In France there is an average of one thunderstorm for every day m tho year aud in Germany the .uiii'jal number is 8ST>, \vhile in Sumatra and Ceylon 12 .is the averag-c, and in Peru there have only been two during-a century. Valuulilt- IN'ronU .''icturuod. Kt.X'.'i.sTox. X. Y.. Feb. -. —County (.'lerk l.leor^e S. Sloi<fhS, °f b'ister O'.iunty. has reeeived a packilg-e by express -\vhieh wa.s found to contain twei.ity-se.veu old Duteli record books of thii eoiuity dating- from lOflii to 10S5, ivhcn the first Knjrlisli records oX the count}' lieg-an. Thesa books are of great value and have lonjr boon searched for in vain. U'l I'romoU'iJ. N 1 , Feb. 2. —The postmaster g-eueral has promoted William liol- zapfel, chiei clerk railway mail service, Toledo, to tlie position of superintendent of th,e fifth division railway mail, service, with headquarters ar Cincinnati, vice D. J'. Davis, resig-ned. JNephews o£ J.ra i'. i-'arrlngton nave failed in an attempt to break the "will of the lattei', whicli bequeathed 5-1,000,000 to public institutions and left only a fe«r thousands to relatives. SHORT SPECIALS. The assets of the wrecked bank. :it Xo^th l!r:inch,-M inn., are found to bo §•-'.000 and the liabilities -5lt),()00. .Mexico lias not, yet declared war ;i£rainst (Juateinalu. but troops are be- in^- rapidly mussed-upon the frontier. Col. N'nthiiiiiel O. 11. R. Dnwhon, United States enmmissionor of education for many yours, is dead in .Selina, Aln. . The yi-ind jury a-l .Sun Kmnoi.sco is irivestiyalin^- the theft from the eonn- ty clerk's ullice of the will of .htines (J. Fair. It is stnted semi-ollicially that. Secretary Cariisle. \vill be appointed l.o the supreme bench to hiiceced .lustiee. Jacktion. Champion Cnrbett discussed spni'i'inq: matches before a committee of the Minnesota legislature, defending- his profession. Steamship Kingdom, forty days out from Shields, for Charleston, S. C., is thought to be lost with her crew of thirty-five. The Spreckels sug-ar relinery at Philadelphia will resume operations on full time next week. Tt employs ,1,000 hands. The steamer Luding-ton, which ujtule a search for the wreck of the Chicora, :ias reached St. Joseph, Mich., after a fruitless trip. The discovery of {fold at the mouth of Little Cottonwood, IS miles south of Salt Lake City, U. T., is causing 1 considerable excitement. A young 1 woman on tho railroad truck" at Dal ton was picked up by a locomotive pilot, carried 5 miles to Bethany, J11., thrown oft' and picked up in a critical condition. I'.urtfllirs O»!t Lots ol' Ji>\vplry. DK.VVEI:, Col., Feb. 2.—While an entertainment was g-oiny on downstairs burglars g'ot in at the upper story of the Keeley institute here Friday nig-ht and cleaned out, the rooms of every in- mute, {retting- jewelry cnoujrh to stock a shop. The losses reported run into the thousands. The robbery was not discovered until early Saturday rcorn- 'JJli-J .MA Kl.oun-- \Vas dull and u i.\v. cntx, 5 . . .'.0 j? .'. T.'i : sirii.'^lits.' .-i-'J.:! t-1 iO ll h.i. ,Sprin_- — lMtc.it>. Jt-M 3 .VJ: !,'.rai.-,'lil>. >i'-H t'-»). D-ili'.-iN 1 . Ji.'.'O. (.•:;.. !..« (tniilils. .. l.T."i,4l.S.i: Kod Do.;. A|.i .'> .:.!.. ".'>. Mie, SJ.liU i-'.fiu. \\HKAT-Dull ami lower, N'u. •-' cn-!i. -m i:") :")l!.;o. .lanuarv, •I'.'i'i'j;"*! )j .•: M iy. .')0 'a-!'" r ' : > V- CouN— Onii't and I-.I.-N.V. Xo. ~ Mid No. ^' ^ cl- low, 4u > (ii0 1 i>:: No :i. :!•.'!•. unit Nn. :'. Veilow, :» -c.: Miy. •Ks'jii-i:) •{,.:•: .luly. 4:t'u Kl'.vC. OATS— l-'air trailiii-,' ami e.isier. Cash N'u. 'i'O; N'o. :i \\llilu. N'o. :; White. ;>1 ,1 supply ralr. No. 'J. L"J M:-i.(a:c; Xo. i, U-ijiS' SI !~c. ]{VK— Dcuiiiiiil a little lo.sx. but prices remaiu sle.-uly. No. ~ in store, 5U,-. Sample lots .'»! o Til -c: May delivery. ft.V, liAliLi.v— Kirm. t^iTcriiiKs Miijill. Common to uooii N'o- •'• -iSjis-Je: AO 3, . r >-ji;(..-'.'<i', and Xo. i. . r )."t(iC,5Jc. MKS.-> Poitiv— Tradini; was moderately active. Trices higher. Qnot uions :-ani;<-d at S'.i.Ti.g ti.STvi for cash regular: -.'.i.TU j(.'.i.s i for 1-Vbru- nry. :md .O.OO^IO.O: 1 ,-; for M.iy. LiAHU— Kathcr active and towc:-. Quotation -i ran^d at >i3.-lO,£ll.-l' for e^sji: $0 •}() .0 -1.'!^ for J-'CDrnary, and s>G..i5iij0.f)7|.3 for M.iy. LIVII.I J OULTHV'— 1'i-r pound: Turkeys, 5SiJo; Chicltons. II V4 e/e; Duei;s. rt^o; Oee.se, per, do?... .AOJ^OOO. BUITBK— Creamery, Ii3^3e; Dairy, Sybils: Packing StocU, 8.<.Pc, Ou.s-Heid)iKliL. 1T5 tost, S'-l-c: Ciasollnp, S7 dcj,''s, lOc: 7-1 dear's. He: Naphtha. G^J do^'>. 7c LJQUOHS— Wills :y quoted steady at M.S2 pur yallou for hi^hwines. OI -:N id TO Our n-w I'lu-iM id ]i!iin|i)iitt.« on spi'cu'ntlon » d invr-.Mni-i-is »• d sin: osiul Wall Sireet opi niiuin nni'icil 'iei> on j-jipii, ntn n "IK Mscrelloiiary ^|H-cnliiiion }U-I(1 cur cu«- Toin rs -ariio inotiltil> |iiolh* i< m^n'.sjiti , ri-c«*iv^ > a nuirpt-Mif ;> tu . r j p. ce .t. ff-H" Mr iwi ItIC IIAiCl»« JO \s all Siivt-i. l .iitfnilon. Casli or on lit. ConiiinSMt.n 1-0 p« v r New York City. ilHMf«IUIHIIIHHi» Nl:w YORK, 1-VD. i Fi.omi—Statu iiad western.ijulot. easy, U'Hii.vr—Xo ~ rod udvaneoi) Sic un tlnmir c.'ibics uiiil :oc:il covorinu. fell H (,?Je v.-itn llio west iind foreign selling, sti!:nl.v, inodeniiniy uctlve: M:irch. 57.V5i,fi7S-lBi;: M:i\, Wljjjjii'^t: J\ilv. !iS?ji ti-'iy li-lCe: August r>8vji^S7;c. COHN—No. ^. luict, cu-.ii 1 !*: M.iiy. ^"^'^^"J^o: July. •ITi.jU-l'iio: Xo.-,-IJ?1-i-ISyc. • OATS—No. i dtil), wcalicr: May, X!4o: Xo. '•} white, Murcli, Mo; state, :i7.f-l.'c; wcstum, SS,i) tl^C: BEBF—Dull. Poitic—Quiet, stoudy. LAHU—Quiet.. ste:idy. JSU'iTKU — Q-.iiet: funcy cr<:.i:ncry steady: rent jroiilt. Western dni.-y, luJJISi;: do. eru^m- ery, "l-l'5--fc: do. factory, S&Hc; lO'.uins. W — itnitiitiori creamery. ]0a,18e; ,li;ne do., lljiSic. CHKBSB—Dull. easy. State l:ir;re. ii;ili.'4i part sUirns, 3Ji'J^; full sl;im's, 1 •/, ijiMi'c. . EciiS—Quiet, stciL'livr. State and Pennsylvania, ^.^L-TWc: Western, 'JO/iC. A\'ill ZS'ot Invite ItnIEun Trouliles. WASHINGTON', Fob. 2.—The president to-day seal a veto messng-e which is of g-eneral application to all grants of rights of way to railroads through Indian reservations. Tbe reason g-iveii for the veto is that these tribes have heretofore caused trouble, and to put a road through their lauds without their consent may occasion new outbreaks. Olmrll" Kuss TsiUoii to England. Xicw YORK, Feb. 2.—Charlie Ross, who was arrested in St. Louis December 20 on the charge of having- ein- bezzJedSl,77'J from the London Gaslight &, Coke company, was sent back to Ecg-land in charge of Detective Ser- g-eant Fa then, o: Scotland Yard, on board the Etruria Saturday. Kochefort Returns to Jt'raiicc. LONDON, Feb. 2.—Henri Kochefort, who receives t)ie benefit of the amnesty bill just passed by the French parliament, concluded his term of exile by crossing the English channel to France Saturdav afternoon. Ttiousanfls Suffer nctolil miseries Irom a sense of delicacy v cannot overcome. BRADFIELD'S Female Reoulator, ACT5 AS ft. SPECIFIC It causes health to bloom, and joy to throug^houi the frame. . . IT NEVER FAILS TO CURE. 41 313- wife lia.* bwn imder treatment ol letding pby- slclaAS thirr T,-x-.<, without b^neflt. After Tuing three Iwttlexni 1 r.-tAnnELD-s FEilALK RIBGCIJ.TOII iht c*a do herowa eoafcinp. mUfclnir and wju*hlnp." ' ' N. S. BBTJCf , Henderaon, AI*. • BRiDFIEIJ) BI!«miTOR CO., Atlanta, 6«. Sola iy Jmffiiti »t M.OO vn totfl* \YAS(!l\G'rox, Feb. '-. —A treasury statement shows that the receipts from all sources during- tbe month of January were S27.SO 1,300 and the es- -Dendiuires .-?34,S23,447, -A deficit for the month o£ S8,7.U',0-1S and for the fiscal year of S24.-'ti'J,070. To .ilakc IViir on the Thistle. * ST. PAUI,, Minn., Feb. 2.—Gov.Cloaffh .lias called a meeting of commissioners of Minnesota. Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas and Nebraska at the eapitol in this city February H'to consider means for the extermination of the Kussian thistle. Cashes Out His Faby's Bt-!ilns- WiiKESBAKP.3, 1'a., Feb. 2.—Because Live Stoclc. CrucARo. Fob 2 Hoes—Market moderately active and feel- Inn easy. Prices T* lower, halos I'antnil at ^ G:>ii:;.!>) for Pij;s: ^,'i.G.-i J. 1-05 for :i.'JO for lou-^'h iiacliiii^: ^l.sit ^1.1.") for nilxed. and $:U*j'3.-l o(J for heavy p: lots. CATTI.I:— r.[arl-:et rather . was llrm im.l prii'i_'>, ".-•• Quotations nuiKu.l ui '•> " extru .sliljipli:^ Si.:;.•:-.. •: choice do.: .:;.-•• i t « ; .1- 3.DO for coa.-r • i :.. -.- : for Buti'll.. 1 :--' .- • /Ml- bi;,'!ier. f<ir cliojci; lo •>j :'or u'ood to .-(>.) t: -"i.'.y ,i : r ;i Hi) .a i'0 .,.- Stool;er IJulJ.s; :...•>!) for Veal C.V.I--. his 2-year-old son would not stop cry- take a Tiiepro'pectof relief from dras'lc cattKu-tlcs for persons troubled with ci-nsilpatlon Is pcxir li-rleed Tiuotlicyact upon tli» bowels,but tnls tlit->- do with valence, and their oppration tetnl.- to weaken the Intestines, uml is prejudicial to the stomach. Hostett-r'n Stom-ch Blue s Is an ?flTtu;il laxailv*. b tit !)>-lth-r i.'rijie-' ,ior «•»- teeb!e>. Furthemiore, It promotes olgettl nand a rt'tjuiar wctlon or tne live- and kidneys. It is an efficient oarrlrr acalnst a"d remedy for malarial curap al Wantl rfleuiuiiilMD, and ISO'grcjt txri eilt lo tne wo^k. n^rv us an i as'xl. x^ u medial nal •tliiiularji. It cannol tie suryitsswL Pbysh-latis cordially recuiuiuciitl it, and Ita (jroldssioniil in doiseuifiiit Is lu:lj borue out by popular cxp*- rir-nce. Apo-tlt-and sleep ^re both Im^rortd by luts agreeable Invl^orajit and aJtrratlve. For Otvr Flfif Te.r« Mrs. Wio-iow's Suotniu^ S>rup has been used for over fl.'tj jeuro by millions of motberb for their colicrer. wbile teothicp, with perfect success Ii oootht-s tbechUd. softens tne !^uiu.-. nllaif all pain, cures wild colic. »od U the bi-*t remedy for dlarrhoci. It «i 1 relieve the poor little i-uffcrer im media'ely. Sold by druy£i#u- in evcr> p»rt of tbe w»rld T*eniy-flve cenir a bottle Be sure acd s-.ek for • Mr* Wioelow's Sootbice Syrup " and t*ke_ DO other tind. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cantoria. For that tired feeline with headache. ierer has not vet been arresMd. •••-•• •' doses of Ei ne . barl ' s ? ld b y B: P. Keystone dru K store.. PAP CALEHPAR For t/t * & A Desk Calendar is n necessity— most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest ot all — full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFG. CO., cnlioa thli paptr. Hartford, Conn. i 11111111 III I H 1111111 Why Ci.ililrcn Frit. Tno cnu^'.- of ;retfulnel-^ in children is largely owlii:.' "> toe i-^loienct) of st riu.cti ivnriii-. Tlien; pes-lb (if child- bon ri tr lUiu- ih- nriir?^ of th^ ttomucb, which 1i-fuiinwcii iiy •••vc-rtf. flut-bed ch?i.ki- am' rt::ab'i; nervous condition, which "dun-: loit-i- t-tiri In syRi-m?. The t-af«-s!.. i-un i-i'«L-d|b-ri. rcmi-dy to- removetbi' «i)'-ir^ is HinfrbartV Worttt i.oscenge-. Solrt f n B F K Kevstomi crut* -in.---. Babv was ricic. we c» «« DOT Cafflorlfc. ut a. Cbllo. sne cnoa ror Casuiri^ oecamn Ma.^^. Ktjo cruo^ to OaisuiH&. Wneu ii&o zu»a Cmidrtfn, uio ^nv Ciuse of rh»i. Tlrt-il Kffling. The warm rummer OBJ& develop tbe latent gtrmp of oirtH^e. caused by torpid and inactive liver—j-irkneeS- sooner or later will follow, unlets the. liver is rendered active, and tbe hest ki;o«n '" firoducu uctivliy of urgan is, K-i >-ti»n'ij Liver Pills. Act promptly hnc;. tfT^cslvely. Sold by B. F. K'ic-^in a :n;r. K'-\MOne drugstore. Children Cry for P::,cher's Castoria. If your child ij freiful. give Elne- bart'ri Worm Uzett't'-- A coire or two will ifemove the cauie. wbicb is- owing to worm- Sola by 8. F. Eeee- litg and Ke>e:oce aug ;tore Children Cryfot Pitcher's *-* r^ V .'ii

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