The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER LOU ELEVEN, LIB Chicks' Chance For District Tide A( Slake; Teams Evenly Matched I))- ,). 1'. I'lllKNI) .A live football feud Hint has laid rtormanl for approximately twelve months tonight Is expected lo Hare ..up 1 will) all the rage nnil furor of recent years a-. the HVythcvlIle Chlebasaws ami the Golden Hurricane of Jonesboro high school take up : their Implements of gridiron waifaie and iidj another chapter to their annual pigskin history. The iero hour Is 8 p.m., ru Halsy Field. ^Although they have hung up live consecutive victories this season the Chicks will be the underdogs. For some unknown reason the Cralghcad elevens seem to have Ihe "Injun sign" on the Maroon and White During the last ten years the tribe , has been ,ib!e to record but Uo victories, n pair ending in ties, with Jonesboro copping the Jesi On several o:c,isioii$ the local team was doped. to win but Ltuly Luck turned n deuf ear, This year, despUe their Impressive record, Coach Carney I.aslie's 'crew ag.Un flr)d themselves looking tip. boro hoHs a narrow don? margin by I'rtur of their 26-1 :(cCeiit of Shawm m Joiner. The chicks ffire held: to 25-1 In their own Carry Ball IVir Hurricane Hurricanejii^nnujatl^atfle Tonight K^ee (^ Ma* Cardltere NovemberlZ (.'apt. Hf.inre, Pulll];ick Sutherland Still Pessimistic Over Pitt's Chances; Exnccts Havel Games Fight lo Remain Unbeaten The Chickasaws' need this victory for several reasons. They mist cop it lo'keeo their slate clean. Ta come cut ahead will strengthen their claim to the Northeastern Arkansas championship, having disposed of. all. their Iocs. The spell over which the Golden Hurricane 1ms exercised for four yeins should lie binkeii. Not since Pete Craig and his wrecking crew turned the trick In 1929 have the locals returned victors. List season, the tribe «as snowed under a 27-7 count. However, In split of the local «at_ and district title aspirations the Hurricane Is not going to fall over and play dead. They, also *lsh lo evlrarf their stirak. A win oier the locals would help their rather dismal season no little. So, it looks as if Hits gams Js n natural as the boys In the press would say 111 Good Shape Wllli ideal fooiball weather m?. vailing, the Chlckasaws took their tlnnl woikom imd3r the arcs lust night Ths siiuwl appears lo us in spenJId simp;, physically ami mentally aery one of the cripples lias about iccovercd from his nilmcm? Signal practice ahd niml ihstruc- t'ons as to .defense composed the major p-irl of the drill. Coach Carnay. Laslie was noL certain of his starting lineup, but in «!' n Probability, the team that 'has come throng,, all season wilfops,, the fray Dick Tipton and En-en" BlacUellwIll be at (he terminal pljnder Rasputin 1 : Rayder alld By _ on walker will hold .down the {Jrklts with Elmer Lihdsey and H">irj Limsford at the guard pmi- V - ""* VVi11 M «*» ' t he Invfr, H;iUb:irk Two of the backfleld aces that Jonesboro will seek to match ngoliiu ' are shown above, lloarne is In the line and back- Blythevllle's fancy bail carriers experienced player who hat seen service tath field. He pucks plenty of drive. Glover Is a defensive star and can also reel olr the yardage. They will be In nclJoi) against the uii- defeated Chlcliasaws at Haley Field tonight. lilythcvill The probable starling Klytlii-vllle ojoiiesboro .Line-Up line-ups, weights and respective iioslilons: . 1'layi-r HVfcM Dlackwell liayder ijinusey I'urth! Limsford Walker Tiplon Craiir Snllba Reserves— (Blylhevlllc) tilth. IIB; minis, QH. . Adams, C; Elder, QU; ptflcials— Merlwsther ; iiinplre: -Tin\e''of gome- ""•I'lnce— Haley Field, ID 5 1511 11)9 ISO no 158 HO 143 " ' llllXtl'l I'li.'ICInn IV I.T LO ito HE QH IIB IJB FU , C; Harris, Jon«-slioro ICO 1!)0 Wt) ITO 1QQ 170 155 100 155 150 180 T: Larkin. I'la vcr Selirocder Culdwcll [. _ Mclzlcr HCJlSOll Wilnberley liolton Abernaihy Glover Johnson lleariu '!': MITI>- Uonesboro) • Hennetl. -HH: Walker ITU- Trovle . PB. illendrlx) referee; -i) P.'.k .. - Length o Schwartz ^•ouarii'n— iValp.iri.soj. r | ]1 l.,SY|pt. ' ' '. '"' ev R , e nw. £ L °, cke ' Oneil B»«if , '" kcly wl " ^ l "= "«1. Basil Loc-:;e, hard driviixr halfback. will act as catain t °" ' an as alternate. Miss u-ttv Mccuuhen, recently che." , ,00 bal[ queen ot the high school, wij be 1-lai.s Temperance Course AUGUSTA, Me. (OP)-A tem- ed in all schools In Mnlne^lSf- ™!!l^ pMtord . Commissioner of Munition, announced that the course is to be compulsory niiri will teich temperance and moderation in M] things. Diiorccd After « Vears as Wife ST LOUIS (UP) - Fortv-fVur jears after marrying Edward n Joerdmg, Mrs. Amal , da Jocrdillg r S r and was Erantcd- a di- rce She sued on the grounds of «te r queen, of France, Grange Finds Coaches Shifting From Safe To Dangerous Style By RED GRANGE (Copyright, 1934, NBA Service) ClllCAGO-Thls Is a year of bril- mnt bncklleld performers, but that act alone can't account for the topheavy scores and upsets which continue lo be run up In games between elevens of supposedly equal caliber. Week after week you read or such fellows as Al Barabns of Columbia, BUZZ Berries of Navy Weinstock of Pitt, Melinkovlch of Notre Dame, Bobby Grayson of Stall- ford, and Stan Koslka of Minnesota running wild. The list of fine ball carriers, kickers, and passers could be extended Indefinitely, but even then you would not have the answer lo the free scoring this sea- The real answer, in my judgment, ies in the willingness or coaches to gamble tor a score from anv Point in the field. Toward this end they adopt tactics from which, even sw years ago, they would have recoiled in horror. Forward passes deep within the | teams own territory. laterals in which the ball changes hands two or three times behind lhe 'scrimmage hue. and inirlcate wide plays have bscome standard praclice A secondary dclense man cover "ig a forward pass receiver In his zone may nail his man, only to discover that Ihe latter has Hipped .a lateral to a trailing teammate «no is scODlIng merrily toward Ih: tiful °a'- C Sta ' e " ccute( ' a bea " Northwestern for' a ^elidwra" Pincura to Wcndt to Boucher Defensive ends and tackles n £ ™L r lh ,e interference 0" an « rl.ckery On attack still ImsMLs ore'il mzard.5. Tn'o factor's tend to level L off. :0ne Is. the danger of fum- ws. • under the/ old theory of foot- 'all, It wns 'considered thnt n fu m >le • was equivalent- to the 0 lo 80 yards. : '. ' — {-,•" j" nijivii v;tiii ball handling. TOO, a , "".* m.n-iu(_ II Hi ft \\IlQ Iocs not commit himself too' soon often can intercept a forward or < ateral pass nnd head for the "oil Ine. ° ' Dy lhe way, Ohio stale has a real lotball learn, n^spllc all that is 'ing written about the Minnesota JwcrlioiiSL--. the .' Gophers would r ey If the two mcf this'scUson™ 5 I have seen the Bucks in action w cc. in addition lo a sweet back- le d, they also have a fine line. Gilbert ITarre and Charley Ham- nck tackles; Captain Monahan at :uard, Homer Jones at center, and Merle Weiult at end all look espe- BV JOCK SII'rili:it(,ANI> Head Ciia'rli, University of Pittsburgh PmsBUHOH. Nov. 2,-The first Saturday in November will dish lip the greatest bill of fare In football so far this year. There are flv? Interscctlonal com- bals ihis week-end, i] )rcc O f (.hem bringing together six of the leading teams of the country. Noire Dame brings its Irish to our backyard here, an;| I am looking for a game equally us tough as that encounter with Minnesota After losing to Texas In the opener, Elmer Lay.den has brought, his team along at n steady pace. The Notre Dame .system is clickin" .vmoolhjy this year, and my scouts report that the Irish are using from 40 to 55 players in each game Layden «'i)l hnvc more and Ijlc- ger football players than Pitt, ' nn ,i just us much experience. I'm pick- Ing Notre Dame in a close one Fordham has n chance to make I'll for its loss lo St. Mary's by beating Tennessee. The Volunteers will be hard pressed, after two tough Saturdays against Alabama and Duke, lo muster enough power lo beat lhe Rams. r m picking Crowley's eleven. Army travels out west to Illinois This is likely to go cither way Illinois almost won last fall, and ought to \K better, while Army possibly not as strong. The Illini. however, have Dad a couple of tough ones, and might "not be back In form. Army, hesitatingly. In other games, Navy should b" too tough for w. & L.. the same learn that Princeton was lucky to heal, and Detroit should overpower' Oklahoma A. & M. In the iniddlcwcst, Chicago and Minnesota should; stay ,,t the top of he race for. Big Ten honors by liealhig Purdue and Michigan ' . loiva Mid, Indiana will | )K engai- '8 in-' it 'snide-fight, but the Hoo« icrs will b<!>. loo. much for lh»-(,!ir dllnculty .living 'up to .thtlr"'-oi r 1y season' promise'. .'.. . ;.': •; Northwestern and Wisconsin meet in a — game that have little The 982 Wrong Club Into (In! Gridiron G.rjie of Guessing Wiiinors Kcntirrky Army- IllliiDls Duke- " Aithnrj] Cdlifoinla- Raniii dura Chicapo- I'urdnc Ccrnell- Co]mnl:lu l-Jarliuoulh- Yale Fcrdham- Tenjiessee Vanderbill- Gcoige Washington Harvard- I'rlncelon Imva- Incliana Kansas- Iowa Slat; Michigan Elale- MniqueUe Minnesota- Michigan MiKSOIIll- Oklahomn Navy- W. & L. N'orlhwcslcrn- wisconsin Pltlsburgh- NolK Dame , Washington- '• Oregon State fin. Methodist- Texas Stanford- U. C. L. A. ItAlWV (iltAV.SON J'HIKS Kentucky 7-1) Illinois 13-1 Dnlic H-H iianta Cl:ini 14-7 Colinnliln 21-0 Ynl.' 13-C Tennessee 13-0 Vnndci'bllL 20-0 I'rJncflon H-7 I own H-0 rowa state H-C Michigan Stat M-0 ivliniiKxiln 20-u Oklahoma 14-0 W. As L. 13-7 Nni'thwesKtrn 7-0 Plttsbnrt'li H-7 Washington 14-7 So. Methwlisl 14-7 Stanford 11-0 JOOK . PICKS Alnbaiiin •29-0 Army 1-fJ Unk; lli-0 13-7 Columbia 20-7 DllllMIOlltll 18-0 Fordhjnu 13-0 Vandorbllt IJ-0 P/illCClOll 2U-0 Incitana 7-0 __ losva State 2IJ-G Mlcliiian Stale 14-0 Minnesota 27-0 Okbhonia ' 20-li Navy 2(1-7 \Viseoiisin (i-0 Notre Dame 14-7 Washington n-o Te.vas Kl-0 Stanford 19-0 SPORTS i-:i»iri)ii PICKS •• 1. Alabama .•:; W-0 Al'Jlly 7-0 Dili;M-l) (.'iillliilllhl 14-1) .f'urtliie 14-lj Coliniilii:! II!-0 Vaio 7-1! Tcnnrsscc 14-13 Vunderhllt 12-0 Princeton 12-0 Ir.dianu 7-C Iowa Slate 111-0 Michigan state lti-o Minnesota 21-0 Oklahoma 18-fi Nnvy 12-n Wisconsin 7-0 Notre 'Dame 7-G Washington - 13-G Kn. Methodist lil-B Stanford 18-0 VOII PICK meet. Tho Saints arc lough, but Calllornln is about due to win a really decisive victory, nnd may elect to make it this week-end. Washington likely will give Oregon Stale a trimming, anil Stanford will keep pace with Washington by handing U. c. I,. A. another defeat. Iowa Stale,' lhe same eleven mat shell-shocked Iowa, is liable to do the same thing to Kansas, although' in this cose it will .not he any sinY '-"'•-. Oklahoma'will keep up wltU t . Cyclones in- the Big Six by -whipping Missouri. The sole important game in the southwest is a rea| hcadliner, bringing together Texas and South- ''-•' Methodist. Southern Methodist , ed, "but it is an expensive hick charm.'! •) . .{ - Sometime.;, Sebastian . on ' the title race, .and if ''will be g3ttln 3 over the effects of wins, it wlff'b? "\vt£ either ~tcatn cousin. The tw'o :brg games in the east will see Dartmouth and Princeton land football, history, by defeating ig Harvard. Columbia will rnell, find and Carnegie Tech Y. U. verv dim- There Is little particularly tnig lo Walch for south nl lason-Dixon line.. Alabama find Kentucky should Auburn bill has nothing to rear ieorge Washington. One clasc battle looms on lhe Pa- . trip and Pordham. m j hard game with t nc WARNINO OIIDKR IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Odcssic Johnson, Plaintiir, . NO. 5809 vs. Nelson Johnson, Defendant. Thc defendant. Nelson Johnson, is warned 10 appear within thirty days in ihc court named in t:ie caption hereof and answer (he complaint of lhe plaiiHiff, Odessie Daled this 2Sln day of October 1034. Quarterback Lost Gold ' COMMISSIONER-IS i Mr^Trr'i^ .-„ i r n..» n r "J r -I N , OTIOE Is hereby sjiven that the Uimng Und bame undersigned commissioner In com - MARSHALL, Mo. (UP)— Gene Sebastian, Missouri Valley College , some member of the Uockhurst Coilge team at , quarterback, hopes piiance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for thc Chickasawba District of Mississippi County Arkansas on the 24th day of September, 1934, wherein E. D. Fer- . who wax dethroned by Jacl- Dempscy, will appear here Monay night, Nov. 12, In the role of referee on a wrestling card, it was announced today by Earl E P>ir- kcr, chairman of the wrc.stlin" and boxing committee of the Dud Cason i»st, American Legion. Parker announced that lhe ser•ices of Willard had been secured through his matchmaker when, the local promoters had outbidded Jackson, Tenn. promoters for his services on Nov. 12. Willard turned wrestling referee several months ago, laking his cue from Dempscy, who has taken up offlclallng on mat cards. Both Dempsey and Willard have proved big drawing cards in the mat same and probably the largest crowd to ever atlciid 11 wrestling show here is expected to turn out for the card when Willard will appear in lhe ring with the grunt and groan performers. The night will the occasion of celebration of the opening of the American Legion hut and the Armistice Dny celebration and wrestling promoters are expecting a packed house at the armory. Wrestlers to appear on the oard with Willard will -je announced later. Efforts are underway to secure a pair of feature matches for the occasion. Next Monday night, November 5 Tiger Moore and Speedy Schaffer will meet in lhe main match, Kansas City finds his gold tooth Sebastian, who has lost the orig- 2 1I50 ». ct al.. was Plaintiff, No. inn) goid tooth and four replace- - ' aml Ira Crawford, et al., niiMits, finds the upkeep heavy ' \ wcrc Defendants, will sell at plih- "It means good luck for the team , n " cl1 ™ to the -highest' and - - best bidder, for cash, on n credit of three months, at th(\ front door of the Court.:. House, be- when I lose it," Sebastian explain" .. , - OUIIH;UIIIL-.->, aeuasuan says he ' Avecl1 l ' le hours prescribed by finds 'the tooth. In any event his' ' '" lhe ci ' 5 ' of U'S'tlieville, Ar"""'"' "" " ..... ' ...... " "' . s team either gets a tie or a victory afler the molar pops out of his mouth on a hard tackle. Tile last loss ..was .in the Rockhurst same. Sebastian intercepted a pass and was tackled hr-rd. "It's gone, fellows, rve lost that loath again," he shouted as lie got to his. feet. "Now let's get going." A lie game resulted. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OI CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Henry jetton, plaintiff. Bessie Jetton, • Defendant. Thc defendant Bessie Jetton is warned to appear within thirty days In lhe, court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Ilenrv let- II. L- GAIN15.-5. Clerk-. Ion. Uy Ellloll Hartain. 1). C. Dated this 25 day of Oct., 1934 R U-OAINES, c'leik. P. C. Douglas, Ally. 25-1-8-15 Harnll- knnsns. on the 10th day of' November, 1931, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Ten (10), Block Two (2), Chickasawba Gardens Addition to Blythcville, Arkansas. Said Sale will had to satisfy raid decree In the sum of $1,800.00, with ten per cent interest from August 8th, 1930. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for thc payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the s,eal of said Court, on Miis, the 18th day of October, 1934. cially jjoort. Says D'w/y Will Start Slipping In Another Ycai NASHVILLE. Tenn. (UP)-Jc- rom c Dean, dizzier of the St. louis Cardinals' star pilchtng brothers, is s!nled for the toboggan next season if predictions were advanced materialize which here by Charley ------ thc half hr- "»svc a brings down the ball carrier, the owal may be shoved to another ru " n "- who continues the advance. A study of last Saturday's C on- tels revels Hut game after game was won by deceptive attack. A no- able exception was Stanford's victory over southern California bv straight football. J The current style of advanced Dressen. Cincinnati manager nnd former pilot of the Nashville club. '•Dizzy has an easy motion and throws his arm around just like It was on a rope, but he's bound to crack." Dressen commented. "Jus look at Hubbel this year. "Dean look part in 59 games during the season and you havo no idea how many times he was In the bull p»n (vanning up to relieve. Its worked almost every other day. then stepped in to pilch three world scries games. Noiv he's on a barnstorming trip. "The cards will be the club to beat in the National league, though. They'll have virtually the same lineup as last year with maybe a. few youngsters coming up from their farms. "I don't see how they can afford to sell either of the Deans and expect to retain a followltiu In St. Lou's." Read Conner News w»nt iVKWS TO DOOTSY! HAW.' I'VE WAITED A LOM& \OH,SO THAT^THE TIME TGET EVEN VVITII THAT / 1D5A. IS IT7WELL BIG MONtCEY-PACEP I KNOW WHAT I'M . X.IH& GUZ AM'OOP RUM ME OUTA MOO-AM' I'M GONNA DEAL •EM PLENTY OF MISERY FOR THAT/ MAVBE YOU KNOW (VHAf YOU ABE DOING, BUT i CAN'T see. HOW YOUR CAPTURING- ME WILL HURT . DOOTSY 6OBO, ALLEY OOP- AN' NOW I'VE GOT HIS GIRL/ HAH OU'RE BACKING UP THE VVf?ONG TREE/ EITHER OF THEM: up MISSING/THAT'S WHA? ?SW»-/™ THINK HE'LL HAVE TH 1 WHOLE PUCE OUT FOR YA - ALLEY OOP IS GOING TO MARRY KING GUZZLES PAUGHTER, PRINCESS . WOOTIETOOT, > TOMORROW/ BUT i-ET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given Ilia lhe undersigned commissioner, in compliance with lhe lerms of" a ripcree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas on ttie 24th day of September. 1934, wherein E. D. Ferguson, et al.. was Plaintiff, No. 5739, and E. R. Webster, were Defendants, will sell al public anc- jjon lo ilic highest and test bidder, for cash, on a credil of llirce month.?, al- the front door of Ihe Court' House, between . the hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blythevlllc, Arkansas, on the 10th Phone 777 Al Mjhl—Sunday—Anytime For Qalck and Oependahle Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Giant Heavyweighl Wlio 1'ell Before Dempscy's Fists To Officiate Jess Willard, former world's heavyweight boxing two hour lime limit, two wit of three falls.' In the preliminary, Ed Kanthe Oerman strong mr.n, will take on Bad Mike Chacoma, the hi" bad Indian, from Pawlniska, Oklahoma. The match will be for one hour or lea, two out of three falls. i UotanLsls haye, figured that a btishel of wheat conlalns ; 553060 grams, a bushel-of rye 888.000, and a bushel of clover 18,400,001). For RKAIj Protection - • Phone 191 CLARK-WILSON AGENCY '. General Insurende 'We Pay All Losses With B Smile" James B. Clark - Baker Wilson day Of November, 1934, the following real .estate, to-wit: Lot Seventeen (17), Block B, Barron and Lilly Addition to Biytheville, Arkansas. Said Sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum of SS2R.47, with len per cent Interest from January till, 1933. TTIE purchaser at said sale will R. L. OAINES, - ™ E purchaser at said sale will Commissioner in chancery 1)e re( l uire d to execute bond with 19-2G-2-!) a »P™ v€[3 security, lo secure (\\c linijmpnt r\f tlin. >, ...n\. „ payment of the" purchase money, a lien will be retained upon Mid property as additional security for (he payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and I lie .wal of saitl Court, on this, the iBth day of October, 1934. R. L. GA1NES, Commissioner in Chancery. 19-26-2-9 Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Dentist Announces (he open- o[ an office for denial practice in fhe Lynch building on South Broadway. Now Located at Southeast Corner Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor nnki-s ,.r rebuilt Typewriters, M,lln R Machines and CatculitoM Repairing— Parts—RILbons Phoni "1 GUERNSEY CATTLE and HAMPSHIRE HOGS All indications point toward higher markets for Hogs and Dniry Cattle. Buy now. Write for information and prices. GAYOSO FARMS Horn Lake, Miss.

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