Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 24, 1952 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1952
Page 13
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f MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 13 REDS DISCLOSE NOEL AND HERMAN FIELDARRESTED American Brothers, and Wife and Daughter of One, Long Missing. •' By Associated Prut VIENNA, Austria—An Austrian Communist newspaper admitted today that the Reds arrested the missing American Field brothers, Noel and Hermann, who disappeared behind the Iron Curtain three years ago. Since Noel Field, former State Department employe, vanished in Prague in May, 1949, and his brother Hermann, a Cleveland, O., architect, disappeared in Warsaw in August, 1949, one thing has never been clear: Were they kidnaped, along with Noel's German-born wife, Herta, and his adopted daughter, or did they flee the West of 'their own free will? The Communists, in their various "show" trials including the § resent accusation of Rudolph lansky and others in Prague, always have contended the Fields worked for the wartime U. S. Office of Strategic Services and were American spies. In the West, however, there have been many suggestions that the brothers were double agents and that Noel, especially, worked for the Soviet Union. It was over this doubtful point that the Vienna Red newspaper Volksstimme today disclosed their arrest. It was wrong, said the newspaper, to call the Fields "American Communists." ' "In reality, neither regarded themselves as Communists," the paper explained. "After their arrest, the American State Department voluntarily said they had a special mission." This was the first time any Communist organ had spoken of the Fields' "arrest." . The State Department frequently Mas sought information . from Czechoslovakia and Poland about the missing pair but never received a satisfactory reply. Noel Field disappeared after checking out of a Prague hotel, ostensibly to go to Budapest. Hermann Field boarded a plane for Prague in Warsaw but never arrived. Noel's wife, Herta, vanished at the Prague airport while awaiting her brother-in-law's arrival. Noel's adopted daughter, Mrs. Robert Wallach, vanished among the ruins of Berlin in 1950 after arriving from Paris, presumably on a hunt for her foster parents. In the current Prague trial, the prosecution has alleged that Slansky, former Czech Foreign Mjpis- ter Vlado Clementis' and others were hired as "imperialist agents" by the Fields, some of them as long ago as 1939. SISTER LIVES IN URBANA In Urbana, 111., Dr. Elsie H. Field, a sister said the Volks- stimmie story confirmed what the state department has known for sometime—that my brothers were arrested, or kidnapped." Dr, Field said the story should settle in the public mind the question of whether they fled the west voluntarily or against their will. "The family," she said, "knew perfectly well they didn't go over voluntarily." The sister expressed regret that the newspaper did not identify what country had arrested them and that it did not say whether or not it was speaking as an official organ of a communist government. Dr. Field is the wife of Prof. Joseph L. Doob, a mathematician at the University. of Illinois. Reds Have 491 Divisions Lined Up on Borders By Associated Press WASHINGTON — The State Department estimates total Communist Army strength at 491 divisions, mostly located along borders facing the non-Communist world, Russia was s-id to have 181 divisions and other Soviet-controlled countries 310 divisions, including 250 belonging to Red China. An average Communist division is estimated at 10,000 men. In its booklet entitled "Let Freedom Ring," issued Sunday, the department gave no total figure for non-Communist strength but told of plans for a 75 : division army under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. PAST40 Afflicted With BWcto Treat*. Getting Up Nighu, Paint fas' Back, Hips, Legs, Tlrednea*. If you are a victim of the** sytnp- toms then your troubles may b« traced to glandular inflamation. Neglect of such troubles often leads ta permanent Injury. Glandular Inflamation is a constitutional disease and it is futile for sufferers to try to treat themselves at home. Medicines that give temporary relief will not remove the cause of your trouble. The Excelsior Institute, an institution devoted exclusively to the treatment of Diseases of older men by Non-Snrgicsl Methods has a reveal" i»g FREE Book that, tells how many basic troubles may be corrected with proven methods of treatment During the past few months man from over 500 Communities haws been successfully treated at the Ex-, celsior Institute. They found' sooth* Ing relief and a new zest in lift. This new, Free,'Illustrated Book deals with Diseases peculiar to Men. Gives factual knowledge that could G rove of utmost important* to your fe. There Is no obligation. Address Excelsior Institute Dept. 3711, Excelsior Springs, Missouri. ATTACKERS— Halfback Frank Brady, left, is one of the big guns Navy will uncoil against Army in Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium, Nov. 29. Quarterback. Jimmy Lear, center, whose passing snapped Maryland's streak, again will pitch for Mississippi against Mississippi State at Oxford. Halfback Jim Sears will continue going, both ways for Southern California at Notre Dame. (NEA) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Time flies, doesn't it, Lucile? Hardly seems possible that we have a son old enough to be using the car!" Mr. V. Sailor Is Back From Korea SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Thomas L. Ray, seaman, USN. husband of Helen M. Ray of 508 south 18th, Mt. Vernon, 111., has arrived here aboard the landing ship USS LST 898, which was completing her second tour of the Korean combat zone. A unit of the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force, the 898 did her part in the relocations of thousands of communist prisoners of war from Koje island to the Korean mainland and new island locations. The ship also» operates under United States Blockading and Es­ corting Forces off the coast of Korea in anti-invasion boat patrols and participated in amphibious training exercises around Okinawa and Japan. For Christmas Gifts of Quality Be sure to see the WOODEN INDIAN In Mt. Vernon CANDY, CIGARS, BILLFOLDS. TOBACCO, PIPES, PLUS MANY SMOKERS' ITEMS. | BEN E. SMITH i Tel. 1744 — 315 S. 10th St. 6 Room house—modern except heat; corner lot, garage, 1500 down. $45 per month. S Room house on South 18th street; $300 down, easy payments on the balance—$2000. 4 Room bouse In Bonnie—new. 9 Room house, clou In; modern except heat—$200 down, balance like rent. 4 Room house, 2 lota, 1 block from Benton Road—small down payment, balance like rent. 4 Room houae, 5 acres on west highway; $800 down, $15 par month —$2750. , 5 Room house on North nth, 4 lots; $201 down, IIS per month. 40 Acres vacant land, 4 miles west of Woodlawn on all weather roadt good well, electricity—will sell on easy payments. Table Below Illustrates What Monthly Checks Total in 10,15,20 Years, at 6% The following table published recently by the Union Title Insurance and Trust Company of San Diego and the Realty Escrow Review, Los Angeles, illustrates what monthly rent checks total in 10, 15, and 20 years, with interest compounded at 6 per cent per annum; Monthly- Rent $ 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 80 90 100 10 Years $ 3,163.36 3,954.20 4,754.04 5,535.88 6,326.72 7,117.56 7,908.40 9,490.08 •11,071.76 12,653.44 14,235.12 15,816.80 15 Years $ 5,586.19 6,982.74 8,379.29 9,775.84 11,172.33 .12,568.93 13,963.48 16,758.58 19,551.68 22,344.76 25,137.86 1 27,930.96 SO Years $ 8,838.51 11,035.64 13,242.77 15,499.90 17,657.02 19,864.15 22,971.28 26,485.54 30,899.80 35,314.04 i 39,728.30 44,142.56 Buy in Confidence It Pays to Deal With a Realtor MT. VERNON BOARD OF REALTORS New Congress May Rewrite Taft-Hartley Ey Atioclattd Preti WASHINGTON —Signs on Capitol Hill pointed today to a major rewriting of the nation's labor law by the new Republican 83vd Congress — possibly even junking the Taft-Hartley Act. ^ Rep. McConnell (R-Pa.) who steps up to the chairmanship of the House Labor Committee in the GOP-controlled Congress told a reporter: "We are certainly going to have changes in the laboi'-manngement relations law. I certainly anticipate them, but how they will be made I can't yet say." Sen. Taft (R-Ohio) wants to keep the law that bears his name, but revamp it through a series of amendments. Strong feeling is reported to ex PERSONAL LOANS $5 TO $500 See Us For Loans on Your Signature or Personal Property Crown Finance Corp. 1110% Main St. Phone 1526 JOE HERBST. Mgr. Probe Beating Of St. Louisan By Pr.ii ST. LOUIS. — A Circuit Court grand jury may hear today from John Randazzo, whose beating has set off an ever-growing number of Inquiries into the activities of St. Louis police and underworld characters. Assistant Circuit Attorney John J. Kelly Jr., said Randazzo's appearance would depend on his physical condition. The 391year- old tnfbk firm operator has been hospitalized with a. fractured jaw and chin since the beating Nov. 12. Randazzo has named police Detective-Sergeant John A. Doheity as his assailant. Doherty has denied the charge and stated certain persons are trying to "frame" him. Kelly asked Attorney General J. E. Taylor whether the life of the grand jury could be extended past its expiration date, set for Friday. There also was a move by city and state liquor control authorities for an inquiry to determine whether there were any irregularities in the issuance of the licenses held by the restaurant-bar in front of which the beating occurred. ist among some GOP lawmakers for completely rewriting basic labor-management legislation — and in so-doing, bury for good the controversial association of Taft- Hartley with the Republican party. Speculation has also been reported among some labor union officials on the prospect of an entirely new law emerging frorn the House Labor Committee under McConnell. Short Warns Against Letdown After Truce By Anoolat.d Pr.ii WASHINGTON. — Rop. Dewey Short (R-Mo), chairman-designate of the House Armed Services Committee, cautioned today against "Letting down our guard" if a truce is agreed upon in Korea. The 54-year-old former, college professor will head the Important House committee after Republicans organize the now Congress Jan. 3. He is rounding out 20 years of service in the House. 1 "We must guard against the mistake we have made in the past —disarming too soon," he said in an interview. "While our ultimate goal should be world dis­ armament, we must keep strong as long as times remain as $hey now are." Short, who describes himself as neither an isolationist nor a militarist, said he believes there can be substantial savings made in next yearls and subesquent military budgets. But he emphasized that he doesn't favor budget-cutting at the expense of preparedness. "I believe we can sharply reduce the military budget," he said, "without reducing the strength of I You will find a large selection of Gifts for the Smoker at THE WOODEN INDIAN EXCAVATING Bulldo^r—Trucks Ditch Diamine] Land clearing, pond \n4 basement. All kinds of dirt work. FREE ESTIMATES Phones: 1644 - 2310 3484-W - 2913-W Don't Fool With A CHEST COLD Tkls PROVEN Wsi Relieves Distress - Brtiki Up Lees I Cosfsitlsa! 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I believe that these 2390 citizens and many more now want to see this new type of city government have a fair chance to prove its worth in Mt. Vernon. I am determined to see that city management is given a fair chance to succeed in Mt. Vernon. This is the only motive back of this announcement— that I am a candidate for Mayor of Mt. Vernon. My salary will be $1.00 per year. I challenge labor, the Jaycees, business and industry to bring out the best $1.00 a year non political candidates they have for the four Council offices and to join with me in an honest sincere endeavor to give the people of Mt. Vernon the finest and best city government that is humanly possible. There are almost 1200 cities in the U. S. that are now managed by an experienced City Manager. Some of these have the ability Sind by training and experience are qualified to be Mr. Vernon's first City Manager. It will be the duty of the new Mayor and City Council to bring to Mt. Vernon the best City Manager available, whose salary will be determined by his qualifications for the job and what we can afford to pay. If you are interested in.better city government for Mt. Vernon, we will need your cooperation. Our users are writing this portion of our ad this week. From Sterling, Mrs. H. P. says, "Thank you kindly for sending the above items to me." From Monmouth, Mrs. J. R. writes, ^"Thanks a million, it works like a new job. Don't want a new one yet I am sure." The following is from P. S. in Pinckneyville, "My memory is that you did us a good job once before and we hope you will put the old machine in good order at no excessive cost. Your bill will be paid promptly on receipt." Although it is not needed, this is more positive proof that vacuum cleaner users from far and near want the best. This is why they always come to us. They have learned to know that if we don't have it, they don't need it. b WHY? Vacuum Cleaners ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS OR. BII FORD Buy a fine large suburban lot and build your own home! CITY WATER, ELECTRICITY, NEAR SCHOOL ON ALL WEATHER ROAD. CLOSE IN. REASONABLE. CALL 1712 JULIA E. RUTHERFORD JOHN R. WOOLSEY REALTORS 1011 Main St Phon. 400 or 48 1100 Cash, $30 per month buys 8 room house, southwest part, modern except heat. Near new Field school. 1500 Cash, only $40 per month buys a 5 room house; west part, forage—full lot. $350 Cash—balance Ilka rent buys si new 4 room bungalow In west parti corner lot, garage—Immediate possession. $100 Cash, $38 per month buys a 4 room house In west part—partly modern. Price $3000, Now vacant. S rooms, all modern, basement and furnace, garage, large lot— Fairfield Road; vacant—on terms, targe 4 room, hardwood floors, all built-in features, has picture) frame window. Small down payment, balance on OI loan. North part. 5 Rooms, all modern, garage, full lot—620 south 22nd street. '• 5 Rooms, modern except heat, now vent. Only $3500—404 Perkins Avenue, ' S Room modern efficiency, ranch'type, attached garage—WaltonvUks Road. 4 Room bungalow, garage, vacant—1804 Wescott—only $3700. 5 Room bungalow, modern except heat—620 south 19th street. > Acres, 4 room house, t large chicken houses, on Tolle Road—only $3750—on terms. 8 Room bungalow, with targe business building on back of lot, close In on eaat hard road. For Rent—2 room modern apartment, partly furnished; heat and water furnished—801 south 24th street. T. HENSON 309 So. 10»h — Phone 3622 Res. Phone 2970-W* HAROLD CHAMBLISS. Salesman 1 W D. WltKBY. Salesman LA YARD O, FERGUSON, Salesman TJ. /H, .... ^-.,\t* CITY HOMES * T rfiWi!- f ARMS fiStS^^^ LEASES £>o Oe -VUzK TJJUJI " TENTH & HARRISON — Phone 4380 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" Beautiful 3 bedroom ranch type brick home, finest location northr- double garage, hardwood floors, tiled bath, large living room with: fireplace, dining room. 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Owner wants to sell. 80 acres, 8 room house, barn, chloken house, electricity, 20 acres M of wheat, limed and one-half phosphated. Phone 4380 Consult a Reel Estate Specialist who knows and who has had over twenty years or Successful experience. Wp will make yot) a CASH OFFER tar your home or tarn*.

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