The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK!) cotmiER' .--•I s ,, Social Calendar ! MONDAY'S EVENTS W,' M U./Fipt Baptist pl)iirch, nieetlng Bt church, 2:30 pin. Woman's Au\iliary. Pirst Piesby- tcrian church, meeting at chinch, 2:30 pm. < V.' \Y, A" Ft" 1 Baptist chinch, meeting at 1 30 p.m. Tho 9t, gtephsi) Episcopal Guild meeting at 2:30 o'clock v,ilh Mrs. J, p.'McDowell. ' , TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Harry Kirby having Tuesday .Bridge club Sunbeams meeting First Baptist chinch, J;30 pm. junjor G, A. meeting First Baptist church, 4 p m. Intoimediate^G. A. meeting First Baptist-church, 4 p m. '; WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, \y. H, Minyard having Wednesday Bridge club. Dclphmns meeting Hotel Noble, S;30 a.m. Executive board, of the Sudbury P.-T. A. meeting at the school, 3 o'clock. , THURSDAY'S EVENTS j.Mrs. O. P. Tucker having Town and Country club Cherry Pie Aids Appetite Barretts Adopt Hab). Mr. and .Mrs. w. T. BarnelL have adopted ft tv^ o-) ear-old girl, named Mario whose new name will be "Biliie Marie BarncU.' iTne little gill, iino Is a blonde and very pretty. \vas given ,a surprise show'er by women of the First Christian church 'and n few other friends of Mrs. Barnelt. * • * Executive Bo.ird Meets The.executive board of the Wp- map's Mhslonai7 Union of" tile Fust Baptist chuicli met with' Mrs. W. J. Hodgers and Mis John John Buclia«°!) at the Rodgers liomc Friday nfteinoon. Mrs, Walter Bishop used Jeie-' mlnh 18 for the dcvotioiml and there \vere sentence praycis, con- eluded with a prnyei by Mrs Les~lie Moore. ' Mi's Moore piesided in tlie business .'session. ' * The 13 present were served 'a salad plate, with coffee, duung tho social hour s chwch Sunday and r get strength to sustain you through th» worry apd confusion of these trying days. Announcement of evening Services will be made at the mprnliig hour. , Because'o( (he sirpss of events due to the flood we will not try to have a sei-vice on Wednesday evening. , Young People wllj liave their meeting at 0:30. AU : arc^irged-lo come. -v , Bits of News Mostly Personal MIES Velma Greeji, of Caruthcrs villci has;'been admitted to St Jo sepVs hospital, Memphis Jsnse James, of Stce]e, was takei to the Meinpitu Xlethcdtst hospital yesterday. Berl Slcwart, wl)o has been In ihr United Stales navy for Ihe pas eight years, has returned home anr Mill remain here for the prc5,eri with his mother, Mrs. Pearl SI art. HIS last trip -»as 1,0 China. Mrs T. E Tale and son, lorn my, went to Tylertown, Miss., to day for a visit with relatives Mrs. E W. Simmons lelt toda for Magnolia, >Uss., to visit rela tlvcs KIKST MliTHODIST CHURCH H. I.ynn Wade, Pastor Well, this is Friday when I must turn my announcements hi tp the paper. We had ft goo<( crowd '(it, church last Sunday morning.' y/e called olf thc',cvening eervlcps. Tlio Eiirfncc watcrvvas the trouble then. Conditions arc better about .-[|iq church and town. \ye are'nnnouljp- Ing Sunday /school at 0:45 n'niJ preaching at : 11 a.m. arid at ^7;30 P. M. .;Mu|iy lmye;beert shut in for days. Let's come out to Hie house of God' and worship and prnisj Him, and comfort one.- an 1 -, o!hcr; encourage ourselves In the Lord as Duvid of old: did, How "aboiit this. for a subject "Sunday morning, ''What to Do When Life Cftvss In!" And at the evening Ijom' we-suggest as a text or sublect: "Levees That Break and; One That .Always Holds chccflin songs nml Insplrationnl music, Let them that love the Lord s|>oak oftcp one to another:. we admire the courage and optimism of'the people \\'\\o live along the banks of Old Man ntver. FULL GOSI'EL CIIUKCII Lilly and yiiie Sis. . W. O. Singlcterry, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a.m. N. W. Trantham, siip't. Morning worship \\ a.m..P. Y. P. A. 6:30 p.m. All young people urged to be present at'this l:oiiiv :- .'" ' •'. Special evangelistic service at 7:45 p.m. Services on ^csdays and Fridays of each week/Mrs. Doss wants to meet the children at 9:45 Sunday morning. . •• FANNY By Sylvia 3BV'NU6t»vKc,INC.-..T.M.ntii/,s:Mr.ofr. —————— SATURDAY', JANliAilYi ,30, J93? ,'-1 • • r ~i~~~~—H J Services at Lepanto ''' '•> for William A. Pankey$ | Henry Smith, at H ollst o»- T CN has arrived ;for a visit with h! mother, Mrs. J. p. Smith, an family Mrs. David Barton of New Mad rid, Mo., is the guest of her pir cuts, Mr. and Mrs. W M Burn. Mrs. L.'W. Gosnell vvos taken t the Memphis Baptist hospital Jal jesterday in a Cobb ambulanc :wheh ; hcr .condition, became mor serious, she has been ill from in fluenza and complications for sev cral weeks Hci daughter, Mrs Sam Thomas, and the nurse, Mrs Jack Parker, accompanied her Mrs George Smith is 111 with influenza. Mrs. R. L. Shcrrick left to:la< for Greensboro, N. C , where she will join Mr. Sherrick anil accompany turn to points of Florida for several vv.eeks stay A. G LHlle is ye I confined . to his bed, having become ill while cm-mile home from Mexico City. Mrs Jim F. Harwell and son wiK go,to Decalur, ~A!a., tomorrow lo spend several weeks ullh relatives Mr. Harwell will motor-them to Memphis ',, Mits^ Frances Miller has gone (o St;. Louis'for 7 V-visit during the high' water, \^e.. ,„' Mrs_Meadie Bellon. of New Mad- rid,'has'arrived-for an c\lcnJ°ct slay wl'lx her., nieces, Mrs. H. G- Wickham and Miss Bess Hall Mrs. Herman Cross has gone to Unfon city, Tenn., for a visit with relatives Mrs Louise Stracke and daughter, MISS Anita, have gone to Springfield, Mo , until the high water goes down. They left Thursday Mrs E. B. Woodson and children have gone to Prescott Ark., - to visit relatives for several weeks Mrs. H. B. Campbsll and children went to Little Rock yesterday to remain for about two weeks Mrs Ear! Buckley and daughter, Winibelh, have gone to Memphis until after the high Water it past For (hawing out the lute January appetite—a brillianl slice of .cherry pie is flic best remedy known to the laslo of man. B> NtA Service When tho sky turns gra>, the pics hou'rt uc blight Chen-} led un- erstarids dark weather moods. Chcrrj-Pincipiilc Pie (0 inch pie) Two cups canned chenles drain d, 1 cup pineapple chunk's l-a cup .ignr, 3 tablespoons quick tapioca, -3 cup chorrj and pineapple jutcq lixcd, 1 tablespoon bultei Combine fruit, sugai, [aplora nt) fruit juices and let stand hllc pastry is being made When ic pic plnte Is lined with )>astiy, 111 v\llh fruit niKture and dot wltl) ileces of butter noil out (emaln- ng pir(, qf pislry (or the top With i thuip knlfo make several slits to «rm(t steam to escape Place up oer crust over the filling, picss dges together anil trim off smpUis asliy Bake In moderately hot 5VQii (315 degrees I) foi 45 niln- .itcs.'or untjl filling Is cooked > f jPIc Paslr) Tvvjl cups' sifted > nour 1-2 tcn- ipoon baking po\vder, 1-2 tcasnoon alt, 2 3 cup 1 shortening 1-3 cup old water (about) Sift (loin, baling powriei and salt together Cut In shortening until pieces arc about the size of small peas Add a small nipount of water it a time mixing with fork onV> "nou'h to make Hour hold togcth er Form lightly Into n ball and place on floured board Roll out \bovt 2 i of (he pastiy In 1-8 inch thiconcsi Line a Q-lnch hent re jistant glass pie plate Moisten ert- jes with cold water. You lemembei Birnums Black Cherry Tie .(9 [nch pic.) T\vo and one-half cups canned PILGRIM LUTIItUAN CHURCH Si\(h ;iiHl \Vilmit Street II, .1. Klelndfcnsf, Pastor Sunday scliopl,' a a.m. Morning worst)Ip, 10 a.m. Sermon theme The Ihlngs that Count Most In Life. The Lutheran Hour over 30 stations ufhllaled with Mutual p»t work. Try WL\V 12 noon and KLCN or.VVSM 3:30 p.m. A cordial vvalcome is extended to ill. Deeded bhck cherries drained 3-4 moils Clierry Colored Cat' It vv is Hot cofl'cc for lute,risers?ls wade possible liy the hisulaled chntmi< uni shell incising the pot of liluc. green Of 'vhllc. china, which liold< 4 cups Cqffec slajs bfeaming fot several hours. black just like the clicines iis^d In this iccipe But you won t be fooled this limei rap sugar, 3 tablespoons quick tap loc-n 2-3 cup che'ry juice Combine (.hernes siigni tapioen and che-rry juice Stand white jou make the pa^trj Line 9 Inch pic plate Midi pastry rolled to 1-8 inch thickness Moisten edges with cold venter nil shell ,\ith cherrj mlx- luie Cover \vilh top crust Bike ti) moderately hot oven <3lD d"frces D for 45 minutes Sideling- Bad Bui Play Good ane Declares Makes Gatne >tcrdary, Ainc'rican Kitdgr. Lcag|ic Back in wiiist days they used 'o have a maxim, "king ever, mecn never." It was supposed to uidc a player In the proper hand- 'ng of tliese honor cards when inly once guarded. The rule has no application to bridge, although one hears It •motel frequently at the bridge table. However, the principle un- ieilylng i(, | s still sound, and a declarer should know why lie Mrs. John C, frcm influenza McHancy is 111 *QJ102 YKG *QJ8 ' * A 10 4 3 AA983 V103S *AK9 ! South 1N.T. Rubber — Nor.: Wtsl Pass Pass Nor(!i 3N.T. Pass ' Opening lead— V 3. East Pass * v 30 Mrs. George Ropp and son, of Memphis, are guests of Mrs. nopp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Oakes. - Mrs. Charles. Perry is 111 with influenza ' * Dixie Crawford is ill with Influenza. ' J, " ' P°" .Etfiards, who has been 111 wuh tanttfnza several days, expects to be out by Monday. ,- 'Mrs Dave'Martin of Milan has ; returned to Campbell's Clinic in •hould go up with a singly guard- Ed king, If he needs a trick in (hat suit to fulfill his contract. Today's hand Is an illustration of bad bidding. North and Soulh should have reached a game contract In spades, not no trump, and at that contract 11 tricks can be von as the cards lie. South should have opened with either a club a diamond, if he did not want Tptlfiy's Contract Problem Soulh's conlract is n snull slam in diamonds. His onlv worry, aside from nn unfavor- •bl» trump break, rats in ih, club jliuation. ShoulJ he lake 11)9 finesse in that suit? 4AQ2 V A 10 S 2 (FJliml) (Blind) All vu), Opon«r-A J (a a-rt luue, 30 FIKST IJAI'TIST CHURCH . Walnut & Eighth Alfrtd Carpenter, I'aslor , Sunday School service, 0:30,,j).m. ..Worship, service, 10:35 a.m. Piutor's Sermon Topic: :'A Safe lefugo." Special inusie by the men's uartct Baptist, Irilnuig Union 6 30 pm .Meeting of Board of Deacons at 1:30 p.m. Worship service, 1-M p.m. pas- 'or's sermon topic When the Sun Shines Through Special music bj liss Wyncttc Shepherd. Wednesday: Class meetings of'all liindnj School 01 gained classes' it he nep-vrtmcnt meeting hour, 7 riri. ni ; jvlonthlv biisines.'; meeting of lil\c ihurch i W p m ' " ;• Choir rehearsal, 8 p.m. FIRST CIIUKCH"OF NA2AKKNE Euphi I) Beislej pistor Sunday school o 45 a m E L. Evans, supt Morning worship, n a.m. siib'ect: "Atonement.' N. Y. P. S., 8:30 j.m Church 7 30 p,m bubject 'Tile Bovver of the Gospel LAKt S1REFT MFTIIOlH&i Roland Hunt'? Last Letter Never Finished The letter printed below is one started by the: late.Roland Hunt, popular' high school student, who died, recently. The letter was dic- tated'to )ils mother on/December 21. He beaine much worse during the penning of the letter and it was never completed. At the request of- his father, the lettei Is given Dear Teachers School Friends and other Fronds r am In the Baptist hospital but I am trying to have mother wnU jou foi me You all know ho\v I long 'to be back at school but jt seems lint I can t But all is well and I am pressing on YOU all have done so much for me You hive «cnt flowers other gifts jou have given your blood and many oilier: things. God will 'take care of ;th ieit But remember hojs if T have to cross that'.river leaving Mother and Daddy on this side I hope I leave i spark of kindness m soni" boys heoit to ->b!df> Then I !l Vnmv though i be buried deep beneath 1 the sluggish clod that my nwu u ill be cued for till she takes he" lac" wifh God 'IdllTvv jnttonimc Ikm liter the quintuple Now well have lo J change Cccilesnainc to Cecil iud l-milie to Lnul But wliaUl we call 5 Vvonnc?' cated.'does so at his own risk, am cantributps to any'Injury; that-may arise. OLDS IM RUSSIA to bid a spade, and in this'way i\ contract of four spades would have been reached. West opened the three of hearts. When'the'dummy went down, dc T clai'er saw that his-only chance was to go right up with the : king In dummy, hoping that West, had led from the ace. When the king held; Soulh could count three diamond', tricks and the two i total of six p vmncrs. To fulfill .his contract he would have to take three more and he had a choice of ' Memphis ytstcrday for another operation. Her hip was brovven In October. .Ed Berry, whose right foot was fractured when a piece of iron Ml on it while making boats at a local machine shop yesterday, | s at the Blythevlllc hospital. tricki. taking (he finesse, in' cither clubs or spades. The club suit would not guarantee' three additional tricks, even If the finesse should win, so declarer finessed at once for 'the king of spades. When (hat- strategy won, his nine tricks were assured, and his very :good play redeemed a very bad contract! M N Johnston pistor Sunday school 9 45 im Church, 10:40 "a.m. Church, 1 p.m. Young people meeting, 6:15 pm Regular board meeting of church Tuesday night, 7:30 o'clock We are in hope that tile rains •lave ceiled and the flood scare 15 abated ta p-oi>le will be able to fill (heir regulai pliccs m ill church services. Come, let us worship the Lord nnd praise Him for his imivy be foils. All stnngeis In the cilj have a hearty welcome at our church CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES 70S W Mim "Love is the subject of the Lesson Sermon which will be read n all Churches of Christ, Scient- st. on Sunday, January 31st. The Golden Text is "the'Lord hv God in the midst of thce is iiighty; lie will save, he will rejoice over tlicc with joy; he wil rest in his love, he will joy ovei 'lice with singing." Zephaniali 3i17. ' Among the citations \yhich com- nrisc the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "And we know that all things work to- TClhcr for good to them lhat lovi God, to them who are the callec rcording lo his purpose." Roman 8:28. The Lesson-Sermon also include the following passages from th Christian Science textbook, "Sci encc and Health with Key to th Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddv "Each successive stage of cxpcri ence unfolds new views of divin goodness and love." Page 66. •' The Reading Room is open cv pry Tuesday and Friday from to 5 P. M., 708 W. Main. TEMPLE ISRAEL Maurice Lyons, rabhi There will be no services m t Temple Israel tomorrow b^caus^ the high ,7ater. ITKST PRCSBVTEKIAX CHUIICI Stuart II. Salmon, Pastor Although I am ill, I plan to con duct both morning and night ser vices tomorrow at 11 o'clock in 7:30 p.m. Sunday school, 0:45 am s E Vail, stint. All are cordially Invited. L. P. Webb, Manila, Dies at Jonesboro Hospital MANILA— L P Webb owner of he Manila New, stand died at t Bernards ho pi til Jonesboro ^l m?ht after )wm» been ill foi evcral weeks He was taken to nn-sbc- jesterday when his con ition b«came critical He wn s 60 cars old iimeml arrangements have not e°n announced p-ndmg word from elatives He is survived, by a son iussell of Timpa, Pla two dauuh el " ; ,,y r s ^uis" Meade, of Jack anvile ria and Mrs Virginia Cairuthers of Memphis ind a sis er Mrs Alice Barcroft of Manila Several File Divorce Suits in Court Here Sevcial dnoice LOSCS have been lied In clnncery comt here ~ntlj Mrs Myitle Pope K seeking divorce from Hammic Pope alle K - '•t indignities J H p ar kei is asKing i ('.voice fiom Hattie P Parkei and is also alleging m dignities Chude p cooper is at einev for the phmtiffs Mrs Tois Smith charges desei ion in her action against Paul orne 8il ° lCene ls ller Leonard A Wcrlich is seekin divoice from Etta D Wench on he ground of indignities P c n (t orncy Joi the p|aln _ Read Courier News Want. Ads 3C Refugees at Armorel There arc 30 refugees quart-red n the scl-ool building at Armorel and pf this number,about 12'are ll from influenza, Dr.- w. M Owen said tiriay. He is Jookiijg after these patients with .the assistance of'"a Red " mn> be diciiloi of Hus but o soft spoken gentle gi ly ntued rrnn of bttis its picsi den(,= theoretically the highest. of- Ice ip Hie hnd Flu man |b M|ch,ael Ivanpulch Hilimn pcas- ir|t-poin Conimuni t of lonf standing' Tnd a pioncei in the BoH>hev k i evolution From the beginning of the Corn- rnunist revolt, .Kalinin fought for Ihe liberty of the peasants ofltus- He vvos throun into prison He suffered exile, and whjl? hjs cqmiades conlmuLd to bolstei Iheir forces, he oi-oamzed'.ihe first group of 'revolutionaries in'Rcval. Poorly pducalcd, still a .peasant at heart. Kalinin has '"'remained president of Russia since 1921. To him' come the people bC.Russii. LEPANTO, Ark—Funeral scrvlci* es were held here Thursday for WUwi Itam A. Pankey, 45, of Lepanto, vvlia. succumber to pneumonia at tfiM Dlckson Memorial hospital in Par-' agould. Services were conducted here and burial was a't Garden , i i Point Cemetery, northeast of Lc-'' •' panto. • Mr. pankey, a native of Southeast Missouri, was a World War veteran and for trie last year and half had been a CCC enrolee, op-,;t crating a gasoline station at th<v Walcott CCC camp near ParagouW.,., He is fiiryived by his widow, Mrs..;Bertlia Pankey; four daughters, ;; , Misses Frances, cluiUlnc, Irene"nnd' Betty Jean Pankey; two brothers,. ,• | Dcwey Pankey of Nashville, Tenn.,, ,. and A. W. Pankey of Lepanto. -,. Schopl at Blackwater Will Reopen Monday : MANILA, Ark!. It vas annouhced''' at Manila' that school will not open/" londay, as was first planned. The•'•• chool at Blackvvalcr, however, "will'".'"' esiime activities Monday. '•'', Announcement will he made later \ .s to vrfien the Manila students hould report for studies. . !•/ ROXY Adm.—Always - 10 * 25c—lo Tax.' Show Every Night ' '' Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday : | Friday &• Sunday nfalmecs—i;.l5 Saturday Matinee — Continuous; Showing— 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M .. | QII/ Everything For Your Entertainment: and Comfort Saturday Only Spar)kj McFarLinJ in "General Spanky' With Phillip Holmes, Ralp MQrgan, JrMiig Pnhel ah Rosina Lawrence The last Time Today- with all Ihcir troubles, and of him they demand fuinilmcnt of the p "mises the new government has made to thorn, On his^Olh birlliday* cenlly, . issued a stamp bearing Kqli- nin's latest portrait (Copyright, 1937. NK.V. Service, Inc.) Personality.. Kid lakes h and \ou for a romp back In.-the niiictecnth century. Also Cartoon and Serial — Ace Drumnioijrl ' — Continuous Shoeing — . Brother Is Brolher's-vKeepcf COQUILLE, .Ore. (UP)—Ruling every man to be his brothers keeper, Jidge James T Bland also ruled that a man who enters his brothers automobile for a ilde knowing his brother to be mto\i-' Sunday - Monday James Melton and Patricia Ellis in "Sing Me A Love Song" With Hugh Herbert, /asi Pills, Allen Knkms and Nut Pendleton I.yrics on their lii)s! Laughs up their sleeves! Love in (heir hearts A good cast and a good show! Also PARAMOUNT NEWS SPECIAL— SCLNtS OI IHE J.LOOI)' The Paramount'News Sunduy api Mciiday'vyill be devoted entirely to the'scenes of the flood—Come anc see itf -.- —Ccnlmuous Showing Sunday— TUESDAY, FEB 2— ; §100.00 BANK NIGHT! Also Cartcon and Serial—" Fighting ^lurines" '"|" Continuous ' Shovrlng Saturday <• Also Pot Movietone I\'cws" '. Comedy ''! FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Carroll Cloyd, Pastor Bible school, S:4.X'W. 6. Gueriii supt. ' ' ' Morning worship, 10:50. Sermon. "Why Da Men SuIIc'V?" Come to RAIG'S DAIRY Cliildrcu like our ' pure, rfch milk bcs), pile) its gooil for them because Us] hcalthrurand nourishing. ;GUAnE A RAW MILK Quart ....; ....... .... lOc I'int ........ ...;.'....' Gf BuUcrmllk, Qt. ........ Gc RITZ THEAT • jSATURDAY.:, Special Midnight Show 11: Benefit or Flood Every $$DbilarS$ Taken In Turned Over To Our ixicul Hctl Cross Ann Dvorak and Smith BeHew in "RACING t ABY" ' Alijo Comedy : and Ciirtqoii Shorts Lei's- EVERYBODY COME and Make Our Donation To ' '...'•••:• Our Red Cross Fund IT'S 'A GOOD SHOW AND A GOOD CAUSE! Theatres All Over Flood Area Are Giving Uenclil Shows - - 'So; Let's Make Our Town "A Uccord Sniaslicr" ' Admission^— 30c To Everybody m

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