The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 5
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TJIUKSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, .1932 JOT fl5 TEJ PLfilS Occidcnlal College Instructor Believes Players Should Run Team. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BY EBSK1NE JOIIN'SOX NBA Service Writer LOS ANGELES.- When Occidental College lootball squad meets the University of Arizona, Sept. 23 In Pasadena's famous Hose Bowl, its coach will be just another spectator. Adopting (he slogan, "football fo'r (lie players," officials of tlie southern California institution have un- dcrtaksn an unusual experiment. They have abandonee! tr.e position of football coach, and William - Anderson, who was named to the "y job last year before the plan was adopted, has been appointed as "instructor." :,,>,,-, "Instructor' 1 Anderson is teaching the boys the fundamentals of the great American game, developing the team play and selecting the men for each position. In no sense of the word, however, will he coach the team during the playing of games. Once the men take Ihe field, they will be Hie maslcrs of their own fate. They will map their own campaign, choose their own plays, Eel up their own defense, nnd wilt not be dependent upon Anderson in any manner. This work will fall upon a ''board of strategy." headed by Jimmy .Meeks, 1032 football captain, and t«-o other experienced players, with one other player named by Anderson for each game. Tile idea is Anderson's own. Though trained under the iron- hand of Bob Zuppke al Illinois, Anderson declares toa much stress has been placed upon the pcsltion of football coach. "I am a firm believer that the game should be returned to the players," jie says. "We have adopted this plan for the 1932 season, and if it Is a success will be u in following years." Tile Cubs will win the world series because they are an inspired bail team. They are traveling in tlie Earns high gear in which tlie Cardinals rushed along last year. The Cards were inspired by Pepper Martin and Burlcigh Grimes The Cubs are hopped up by Charles Grimm. I can still hear Coach Jimmy Burke's rumbling laugh when we discussed the scries the other day "What are you goin 1 to do about them base hits, my boy " was his comment. * * The Cold Fijnrw Jimmy Uurke has the edge there The Yanks are one of the mos powerful run-producing outfits ever pi.t together. Serious analysis show. tho team also to have fine pitchers in Huffing. Gomes and Allen. But they had the same kind o fence-wrecking ball club in 1926 and old Alex stopped them cole in the lough s]»ts. Okl Alex wa n nghl-handcd pilclier, too. Base hits arc important, but ther arc emotional factors that mean a great cieal in any game; and Jim ^iny Burke can laugh at that, too ~1 I can hear him say: "And d \ you believe in fairies?" But, pixie or no, the Cubs arc going along a a pretty high emolionnl pitch Th release of Hornsby and the ap Womtmcn; of Grimm did lhat -ii'.cre is no telling where a ''ke that will go. • » • Chemically, \ n r.J., he ., Y:ln;ce<;s arc a sreatsr bal ='ub, ,r you ,,;,, the two c|||bs a ""•"••leal tost tuhc and apply tr. ,,'„• rn <: Cubs are not a grja "' .'. " ot even an exceptional! hrcm-h?" 1 ' Uut Char:cy Grimm ha wcushi a p. llcl]cd .,, p Ollnt s( down - Instructor and Field Leader Malonc in throng from i now. GrtlSf SV"^ ub °" "PMsmi,, r-o^ve on OM °" C of th; named Dcmar-. Held Coach William Anderson . tsi » spectator. . he's Captain Jimmy Meeks tbe coaeh. he's 'Ian Drive for Funds to Light Local Football Field All five tome games of the Bly- leville high school Chickasaws will >e played at night if plans of a oup of alumni and business men equip Haley Held with flood- ghts are successful. At a meeting last night a drive i- funds lo provide ligMmg facili- es at the high school park was rganlzcd an<i will start today or Dmorrow. The movement to light Haley ield Is based on the belief of the umnl and business men's group hat hundreds of football fans of lythevllle and surrounding terri- >ry who are -unable to attend day- me games because of their busi- ess duties will welcome an oppor- untty to see night football. Night football has been played 1 many parts of the country for :e past two years and enthusiasts eclared has helped to bring many Ugh school and small college's ath- etic fund "out of the red." The first game for the Chicka- aws and the opening game of their season will be played here Frids.y. Sept. 30 and will be at night under loodliglii^ if the drive Is sucerss- ul as power company officials have Iready given assurance that the ield can be lighted by that time. Other games to be played here are lemphis Tech, Oct. 14; Jonesboro fov. 4; Newport, Nov. 18 and Mcm- his Humes high, Nov. 24. Actual cost of equipping Haley 'ield with proper lights will cost wtwecn 5500 and $600. A group of .bout a dozen business men have Iready loaned the athtelic committee $145 to start the drive and "nake flrst payment on the lighting ystem. The drive opening today or omorroH- will be for direct small ontributions. The remainder of the und will be raised; it is hoped, from ate receipts above the school's ac- ual expanses and other methods of ecnring funds formulated by the athletic committee which may in- llldn a pniiT\!f> r\t f^r, r ii__ii WALLOPED-, NATS cannot attend during the daytime and to wipe out debts of the school's athletic fund that the lighting project has been advanced. Tire ath- lelic committee sponsoring the movement has no direct connection with the public schools but is composed simply of alumni and business men. If night football gets off to a good start here It Is possible that the high school may arrange to pliy ther games on its schedule here instead of away from home. It is believed that the second game of the season with PIggott may be transferred here If desired and the same may apply to games scheduled at Wilson and Shawnee. ludc games. a couple of pro football The school faces a 4400 deficit in ts athletic funds from past years and must pay out about SOW to "-'ting teams and incidental expenses during ihe present reason. T t is with the hope of providing ootball for the average fan who IOHI-TRIP $Q.60 */ Sandy Ridge In Win Over Gosnell, 16 to 4 Sandy Ridge defeated GosneU 16 to 4 in a Mississippi county league game vesterday. The game wns played o[f after postponement from a previous date, according to reports. Sandy Ridge forged far ahead early in the game and Marcus Gnines, Sandy Ridge hurler, had an easy time the rest of the way. National Leatne W. L. Pet. Chicago 89 63 .686 Pittsburgh 83 66 .557 Brooklyn 79 71 .527 Philadelphia 77 73 .513 Boston 76 Cubs and Yanks Lose But Nobody Cares With Flags Clinched. Tlie Yankees and Cubs, dreaming of world series meetings, had their minds off their business yesterday and lost to the Alhlctlcs and Pirates, respectively. The Athletics beat tlie Yankees 8 to 4 at Philadelphia with Jimmy Foxx's 54th homer featuring the game. Others hitting for the circuit were Simmons and'McNair. All together the Macks touched Ruffing tor 10 hits. "Suga" Cain, Athletic hurler recently brought back from Baltimore, hrld the Yanks to seven hits. Ruth returned to tho Yankee llnc-up after an enforced absence, and got otie lilt. Tt:c Washington Senators gained on the Macks despite their win by beating tlie Boston Red Sox twice at Boston. Tlie scores were 1 to 0 and 3 to 2. CorTman was the winner over Rhodes in the flrst hurl ing duel 'and Marbcrry beat Well- nnd In the second. Dale Alexander, Boston candidate for batting hqnr ors, got four hits out of eight times at bat. Tlie St. Louis Browns tripped up UK Cleveland Indians 4 to 3 at Cleveland. Walter Stewart, Brown southpaw, held the Indians well In check after they started off with two runs In the first inning. Mel Harder was the losing pitcher. The " 'feat cost the Indians their last ance to overtake the third place •nators. The Chicago WlUte Sox beat the «troit Tigers twice at Detroit. The ores were 11 to 5 and 3 to 1. Gasn and Gregory were the winning urlers. Kress and English hit for ur bases. Tlie White Sox collect- d 16 hits in the flrst game and in the second game. The makeshift Cub team lost to he Pirates at Chicago. The score as 9 to 6. Spencer, who relieved wifl, was the winning pitcher for ittsburgh. The Pirates scored four mis in the eighth inning to cinch dory.. Hermann was Ihe losing urler. Dizzy Dean, (he eccentric ace of he Cardinals, chalked up a win by owing the Cincinnati Reds to. five its and blanking them, 2 'to 0. he Cords got but five blows oft* "Senton and Rixcy but made Ihe in wuit for runs. Both runs were oared iri the second Inning. The New York Giants beat the Soston Braves in 10 innings ^al York. The score was 2 lo' 1 Tom Zachary after holding the Giants in hand for nine : innings The New Football Rules EDITOR'S NOTE: TW» to (kf sfcund of a writs of «U arlkki espUininc thiaft* In the U32 fwlk.ll niki. TIM tUrin in it- vised (o make It ea&r (or specU- lots la imdenitRBd the fame. » • • BY CHESTER U SMITH N'KA Smite KiwtUI Wrikr One of (lie Important changes In the football rules la .Hint conipcll- iiiK five men of .the side receiving ihe klckott lo remain within nvc ynrds of their reslrnlnliig line im- tll tho ball Is kicked. Tlie •'restraining line" for the receiving side U tlie 60-yard line, hence in plain laiiijiinsc (lie rule now menus that flvc men mast slny bclwccii their « nn<l 50-yard lines ""111 tlie bull Is kicked. Tlie Inleiit of the rulo, ol course « to prevent the (ormntlon of the "Hying wcilue" metlioU of relum- ing tlie klckoir. in which the players rush tack and form u "V," \vlih Tlie most effective m«»ns of bretk- Ing up such for one or 11* hnii ,.„«.!/• I u »<••«!(«, iwrmmnuj tncir mates to »«_oi»ll cnn-lcr In the open ml. filler through and make the tackle. Tho above sketch shouj UK fl;- Inr write u explained by Chester I* Smith In Ita >cc»»lMM>>tot u- UcUj on new foo(b>ll r»Jw. two players lo throw themselves nt tlio front, or pointed end, of the their mates lo In answer to anxious fans' questions, Mr._ George Herman Ruth has recovered from his recent illness, and is all £et for the scries. Tlie Babe has been • staging solo raiting practice In Yankee Stadium since his near ntlack of appemll- :itls. and from the looks of those JfUlcrcd stadium fences, his bnl- •i"g eye Is none tlie worse. Tills Jho'.or shows him selecting a blud- jeou for his game of solitaire. • St. Louis 69 New York 69 Cincinnati 59 76 .500 80 .463 80 .463 92 .391 American League W. L. Pet New York -....104 46 .693 Philadelphia 93 51 .620 Washington 90 60 .600 Cleveland 8i 64 .57: Detroit 12 74 .49: St. Umis 62 87 .411 chi fago • 48'lOfl .32' Boston 42 108 .281 For real travel savings, go by Grey. lound—anywhere in America. Low iares good every day, with roor.d- trip returns good TWO MONTHS. Luxurious coaches—frequent, con- venicntly-timd daijjr trips. Low Round-Trip Fares MEMPHIS $ 3.30 JACKSOX, Miss. 10.89 NEW ORLEANS 16.88 BIRMINGHAM 12.30 CHATTANOOGA 13.80 CHICAGO 15.UO UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash Streets. Phone 600 GREY/HOUND One member, \ experts to Mr Cubs this y;ar, At intervals was picked by : 20 games for taring ihe ' e»l times during the «Mon ^n" the going was toughest. EXCURSION TO ST. LOUIS AND RETURN Children Half Fare Sept. 24lk GO— Leave Blythcvltle 10 pm September 24th RETURN— Leave SI. Louis 10 pm September 25lh Double-Hcadcr Ball Game Pittsburgh vs. Cardinals For Additional Information ASK THE FRISCO AGENT Bljtheville, Ark. TODAY'S GAMES National I.tatur Brooklyn at New York. Pittsburgh at Chicago. Cinchiimll dt St. Louis. Only games. American League Chicago at Detroit. Washington at Boston. New York at .Philadelphia. Only games. Farmer Claims Record LYMAN, Neb. (UP) — Farmer Louis Chalupa claims the grain- producing record of Nebraska this year. His 11-acre.field of oal.5 averaged 133.45 bushels per acre. Sugar beets were grown ou the land last, year. Thla cwtora retunefl In may ** rioua Injuries and wu the cause of the <k»th of 'cadet Sherman of Wut Point In the Yale time lut year. . •.' . , ' .;, Tb« coinmHtte hopes the changf will result In more blocking new raw-field by the; player* who »r» compelled to remain there. It It tiair this effect, few player* oi tb» kicking team will fet down Vat Meld tad at the same time the n- celvers will not have sufflclenJ forces to muster a wedje. Thua play will be more open and tbe chance* greater of tlte tackle being made- by one man or, at niost, two. * * -* Wlicn nrst proposed, the rule allowed tlie klckoff to b« made by a placement kick (the-ball held oo the ground), dropklclc or punt, fy much objection was made to the last method, however, that It wu changed to either a placemehfT which was tlie prescribed method before, or a drop-kick. ' Tlie same rule applies to a freb kick following a safety, In thii case, the 30-yard line is the .restraining boundary for the receiving team, i The oldest known manuscript-of the Bible is in the Vatican at Rome. • passed Mel OU in the tenth with the bases full to force in the winning run. Hubbell was the winning iiurler. ACTUALLY MUCH SHARPER 0 When we say the Gillette BLUE BLADE is much sharper we mean that ex- actly. This is not a generality. We have a remarkable machine that proves the fact beyond doubt. Learn this for yourself. Try the GiDette Blue Blade tomorrow morning. 80 ACRE FARM, ON GOOD ROAD Near School and Church, good improvements, sand loam soil, well drained. • 830.00 per acre, small cash payment, balance terms. This is good, if you want to own a farm. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. VOTERS ATTENTION Don't Fail to Hear SEN. ROBINSON at the Court House Friday, September 23 of 8P.M. BED ROOM SUITES At Lowest Prices This beautiful 3-piece Suite consisting of Vanity Dresser, Bed and Chest of Drawers just as shown for This is a very fine piece of workmanship . and is dust proof ... the finish is Satin Maple. We consider this a real bargain. . . each drawer-is made of hardwood Walnut and the overlay is liirdseye 3-Piece Bedroom Suites, walnut finish, with full size Poster Bed - - - - .75 50 Ib. Cotton Mattress - - - $2.95 Kitchen Cabinets $19.75 RANGES AT BANKRUPT PRICES We are rapidly closing out our stock of Allen Princess § Ranges and Cabinet Heaters that we bought from the Bankrupt Court at about 50c on the dollar. We wired for 2 car loads more and our answer was STf)CK EXHAUSTED therefore you will have to hurry to get these prices. Allen Princess Range, $24.75 Allen, all porcelain, green and ivory range $32.50 Allen Special Small Range $1755 Allen Cabinet Heaters from $17.95 up These prices are half what you will have to pay when these are gone. „ \ j • We Deliver Free HUBBARD FURNITURE CO, BlytKeville, "Ark. '• "*

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