The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1956
Page 7
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:»lAtg«>AT.'IAMUA»Y T WW BLYTTIEVILIJ! (ARK.) COURIES HEWf PAGE SEVEK HOUSI - wt* Majot HtMl* . . OUT OF HIS WAY TO SHAKE HANPS WITH Me — THAT'S NEVER FATHER OF FReCXLES MS. GOOSEY ,fM6H SCQMMat STAR IN LASTNKbUrS BASKETBALL SAME/ (TS ABOUT TJMf MY TR TO THE OOMMUM- ITC WAS MAKIM6 ITSBtF FiLT "Says she's got a cowgirl outfit, i sp«« suit jnd • ooonottisi cap*—and now she wants to «•«** Me* • little girl'." T.l.viiion — Ttmight, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel 3. ft WHBQ Channtl -13 _ WREC — Channel 3 WMCT ChMKl I t.turdw JHfht, J»n. I 0:00 It '• » Great Lit* 0:30 Big Surprise 7:00 PenyjComo, «:00 *«opl« Are Funny 8:30 Jimmy Durante »:00 Oebrge Qobel »:» Tour Bit Farad* 10:00 The Millionaire .... lO-.JO Tta vlai •-'•. '-*1(:00 Myatery Theatrt ;.!„!• 11:30 Drama ThMtrs 15:00 Sign. Off " 9-M Newi and' V ^ ' '•''-': Uidltatloo 9:15 USA tfnllmlt.4 0-45 Industry :en..Par«*~ .10:00 Big Mcturt " • .-..y .10:30 Mr. WH»rt'_ " ' 11:00 Th«'Chll«toplw;.'«.. 11:30 Thl» » in«.-. 1 W', n ^ ? 12:00 American JWnlm- • *•'12:30 Catholic Hour 1:00 TBA 1:30 Touth w«n««^»B ........ 2:00 KaleldOMOpe 2:15 Blackwood BrottoaM ' 2:30 Zoo Parade . > J:00 MaurtcijTattl— .; ; VTTH? Cwn * . ; Ore«" • 4:30 Captain Gallant 5:00 Long 'John 8u>»f 5:30 Roy Roi«i «:oo Wdj Arnold ;.. : «:30 Frbnltor ~ 7:00 ComtdT »our ,-,-' , 8:00 Today 8:35 News— Mid -South Area 8:30 Today 8:55 "News ic Weather- Mid -South A 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Storyland 9:45 The Cathr Show 10:00 Home Show Jl ;00 Ten£<pse Ernie : Ford 11:30 Feather Tour Heat 12:00 News 12:13 F»rm News 12:30 TV Movie Matinee •" 1:30 Hqmemafceri Prbrram 1 ;45 Kaleidoscope 2:00 Matinee Theatre— coW I -00 Channel FiTfl Theatre 3:30 Qiieen for » D*r 4:00 Pinky Lee • 4;30 Howdy Doody— color 5:00 Aftemon Morie St23 WreBtllng Intervie* 5i30 InterestlDg Person iV 3;4d cartoons 3:35 Weather 9<00 Ctptain Z-Ro , 6:30 -producer's 8howcM« -; *v -•'pe.Jer .Pan"— color ' " ^TioltoDeTt' MontgomerT '9:30' Science fiction Theatre l6:00 TOMT Bsso 10:15 WrwtUn* 10:45,Wwther. ' 10:30 Mystery .Theatre II :I5 Tonight \ ' • Plafhoim -:.,- ..... ~:: f:00 Douglas *mlrbi,n*« 9:30 Highway Patrol -. • 10-00 Loretta . Toun* . lo:JB Justice 11 :OJ> Bollywood MOT!* JIM Wan Oft ' Moafer; '•».,» i:» Medltatlbn " ' ' ' ?:•» * WHBQ ChMiMl II 'ftatiirtar Nlfht, J«. T > 6:30 OMfk Juollee T^OOrwid Ole Opry 8 -00 'Lawrence W«lk 9:00 'MUHlon Dollar Movie Irfe Paul and Mary 'Ford \i*«ic Theatre, Snndar, J***- 8 -•2:M Tomorrow's careen . 3:30 -Big Matinee 3:35 Professor Pet 4:00 Super Circus 3:00 Judge Bean 5:30 Bin Tin Tin 0:00 Kit canon 6:30 Famous Film Festival 8:00 Chance .of A , Lifetime 8:30 Ted Mack 8:30 Hollywood Sliver ' Screen . "" . 11:00 Les Paul and Mary Ford .- ""' Monday, Jan. 9 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Boom 10:00 This is,Hollywood 11:30 titu -Irwift . ,' 12:OO i Weather . 12:05 News . '•. 12:15 Lunchtlme Theatre 1:00 Miss Amerlcft Matlnet J:00 Early Show 3:30 Bozo's Friend* 4:00 Axitry-Rogent 3:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6 -00 Little RMcala 8:25 Do You Know Why 8:30 Topper . ' . 7-00 TV Reader's Digest 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8-00 Dotty Mack Show. , 8:30'Medical .Horlfon*. 9-00 Mobil Theatre 9:30 The Pendulum. 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Les Paul and Mary \rord 10:15 Late Show 11:45 Weather WfcEC;'Channel S Sunday, Jan. 8 11-00 Let's Take A Trip 11:30 Wild Bill.Hlckok 12:00 Range Eider 12'30 Caribbean Cruise 1:00 News' Roundup 1-15 Christian Science Film l;30 Adventure • 2:00 Face the Nation J:30 Sunday With Serareld 3;00 Front Row Center .4:00 Omnibus 5:30 You. Are There «:00 lAMle fi-30 Jack Benny 7:00 ; Ed Sullivan Show 8:00 General Electric v Theatre 8:30 AMred-Bltchcock Presents fi:00'Apoolntment With 'Adventure ' »':30 What',<s«My Line 10:WV Big Town 10'30 «hlan ol Scotland Yard 11-00 -Slen OH Mond»v. Jan. 9 «:55 Test Pattern K Program News 7-00 The Mornins Show 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Garry Moore V30 Arthur Godfrey Time - 10:30 swke It Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love of Life 11:30. R*.arch For . Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Lteht 12:00 Jack Pnar Show 12:30 Love Story 1:00 Robert O. Lewlfi -. 1:30 Houneparty • J:00 Ble Payolf 2:30 Bob Crosbv Show 3:00 The BrlThter, I5ay 3-13 Secret storm 3:3n On Tour Account 4-00 ^arly Show with Kitty Kelly 5:30 Sheena or the • • Jungle 6-00 News <fc Wenther ' 6:15 bouelas Edwards 6-30 Adventures of Robin Hood 7:00 Burns and Allen 7:30 Arthur Godfrey's Talent scouts 8-00 T Love Lucy 8:30 December Bride 9:00 studio One 10-00 Star and the Story 10:30't Weather 10:45 Late Show 12:15 Sign Olf 0««n*«ty WALTEM. ':oWa. ML- Quality e.n nuke up for t luck ki quanU- ty — evco in t whMr raid. , .Sheriff Bill Dyer netted only 45 lugs d whisky when he trapped a bootlegger on « dead-end road. •But the. sheriff said the quality of the liquor was much better than the Usual "red label" seized. The British Stone of Scone occupies- a place under the coronation chair and, by its position there, symbolizes the union of the English and Scottish crowns in the nth century. TH» STOHVl Wll» »«eer« u< •e« «l<tnutl>l •> kl» ""an" two w«r. klllrf ta <»«!» •"' «Meo«K«er with • whnte; Capt. J«rc4 Nllik n< >k« wkaln Okta prttpoflM t» lake out • wkale boat hlauelf <kc acxl tlaie a poa b al|tk»<. He «lecl« anotker •recakora, <k« laaaaaiaa »IKe- •iarit M»ito«. «. kU k«r»»»aer, aaa trala* klat. xin IT was south of the Equator, on a glassy, seaweed-splotched lea just slightly riffled by the UtM airs oC the southeast trades that-the next pod was sighted. The calls came simultaneously from all three mast-heads. •Breaks and white wa-aters! Right, to the number "bout eight." Naish had been dozing In Ms cabin. The calls penetrated so keenly that before his eyes were fully open he was upright, had his slippers on his feet, his hat on his head and his long-glass in bis hands. But Mr. rinnie was before him on the companion Udder,.and.Mr, Wilson w» already at the main mast-head. Naish stood beside Mr. Wilson •t the mast-head, "four males, a couple, cows, the rest, youi* 1 reckon you flgger to lower." - ' T do." BY ROBERT CARSB _ddly soft, flute-like voice, 'They're a-comin'. w Naish saw Morrow lift his harpoon from the crutch. He saw hat the harpoons in the other joats were poised. Then the remor was a violent, vast tubu- ence that make the boat rock gunwale-down. He thought no more of the other boats. A whale was breaking the surface with- n an oar's length of his craft. 'Stern all!" he shouted. "Lay to, rou.'and row. Bend on!" It was a male, the back scored, pitted and foul with lay*rs of larnacles and snails and wiggling crabs. The left fin beat the water into a coruscant umbrella o£ spray. "Now, Morrow, give it!" Naish shouted. Morrow threw and threw again. The curved carcass took tit harpoons to the splices. Morrow flung his warp lines in the water and sprang aft, and with a frightful tightening of his stomach muscles, Naish knew that he must go forward. He leaped with his hands stretched to the rowers' shoulders, and somewhere in lis consciousness he was awan that, they still rowed aa he hae told them .and that^they hadnt lone batchy. ' He and Morrow grazed bodies half way along the boat "She'i he said. "Just you cu *.- .n*. •.. , boat erewi used short paddles when they left the ship. The pod was deep .below, might remain »o lor another M miO- utes or an boor. Where it would «urt*ce cbuldht be knowti, and no sound that might frilhten « «-oiild,.be.m«dt, Mr Wilson in the -lead, ->M|,,»ta|;UA Jfl '««' boat diik Mr- 'n "T™^* 2* ^MaiA- IIM •>•••• Fiaaial lt|tk«a! a* Bli-tlMp«v''.,i.j.r The tremor fame from ' . get you, our., sir warp whined on the bow sheave small blue tendrils of smoke rose from the strands "Slock all," he thought, that's the commaiid you must live. "Slack all," hefcilled 'We're off (or t ride, sir." "All slack, sir," Morrow said • • • < HfS breathing became, normal the ..ache left hi* hand, aid the "' ~" He ilourJisd agalaet the ^aTpoon crutch!;the whalf* ,*q pi--'«. » . . . men nan turned lorwaw »n<J their faces gleamed with delight They wouldn't be afraid again, le thought They, like him, had become whalers. Slack was in the line; a bight could be gathered at the bow. Haul," he told them aft. "Bring t in, you bucks. We'll have It was without end, this line. They stared at it unbelieving as t came inboard to them. But hen the whale broke surface, ilunt head to the sky, jaws open, ins slamming a rapid flurry of waves. ."Haul, on," Naish said. Take me to him." He gave >the lance Just as the boat grazed past half the length. Thrust it, thrust it, ttirust it. Cut he heart out of him. Take his life before he takes yours. The first lance he left in the flesh and grasped another. A scar- et stream came from the gashes ie made. The fin beat the water wside him and the air over his lead. He 6nly looked up .when he ward Morrow's warning shout a a a THE whale had backed writhing. It wheeled to lunge head-on at the boat Naish saw the small, flesh-hooded eye disappear. The frontal expanse was before him, and the head reared, the under- slung mouth showed wide open. . He gazed at the lower mandible, the rows of teeth and the enormous, rosy gullet Simon Purdy pressed the stock of the bomb-gun into hie hand. 'Here, sir," Purdy sadi. ""Thank you," he said, coming back from death, "Stern all now, lads. Give me a few feet." He could feel the oan whip the water. There was tremendous reassurance in the old-fashioned gun that carried the crude bomb He fired It, then subsided to his knees.. . ,. The bomb had exploded ag»inst the rose toftnesn of the fullet The:whale's laws snapped The entire length of the animal cleared the water; the fluke*, the AM slatbet, the betly sboek with ItrixjHe'-"iWittai SIM! Bally •Hopped. Neisb put down the tun H» sU^ered nfl The 'A _,. U« a*k«d the bow for a raise last week! This must bs th« answer—an sconomy iMmoJ 1 * HC3NEST, IWASWT FISHW TC>e k'COMPUWBMT. ITS JUST THXT MTS SUCH A NICE (SUVANO- CLINT.VOU SHOJtO MAVEBCEN ! DONTI^CWW»J).Om 1 .BOSEB5, HAONTKEN CALLED ^W TO ASSIST SB •usncr VCUOWUE MAP EVEN WE'VE GOT IT! Over ANOTHER 0000 TV PROGRAM. RUINED/.' THERE'S GOT TO BE A CAMERAMAN.. AND A SOUND TECHNICIAN AND, DON'T FEEL BADJ HE ISN'T REALLY ALONE! ALONE.' ALONE ON A DESERT ISLAND. 1 different items in stock! HUBBARD HARDW'ARE A LBATHSBNfCK BUPE FULite SOME snziw&s <«M> SOT /WE THIS "fLff. JACKET' \V.C* OP STEgL PLATES^ IT SAVSP f> LOT OF UV*& »J I03R6A. LI99V. VOU fOOB KIP, I KNOW-WHM.WUTMOUfl: «S SMABT AS/KIPS IN iaWt SCHOOL THEV COWE.7 KWOV ThWt CRI/WE POB5NY Paint Closeoul- Many Types And'Color* Price Hubbard Hardware niWJK* FORTHB-LIFT T Wf DOWT DM* tffSn WELL NORTH TH6 EWP OF. THE DETOUR I • • YOU TWO OTJPOFF WTH 3ni(-rv •s-iw-w* >™ -o^ p ' ••—»"• ••.'!; IK1COMV6WIENCRSIMCE ITSNES WS . THE LOWS WWI6 NORTH Kirby Drug Store §750 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schick, Sunbeam, Ronson or- Norelco EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR ,,u^> YOUCE D£AD> i3 V£HERE'SA SET ON LEAVING US, /OKAXA KJTTVEOF HERE'S ^COUPUE } m.V*?.2*>F T BUCKS TO TIDE ALONG TILL 6URE! IT \ RENJ-V S MIGHT COME ) GOCD FOR IN HANCV LW5UMPIN SOMETIME. Hubbard Hardware Fhont 2-201!! RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored HOWEVER, MVASllE BRAIN HAS lAIN'TPAVIN'YAT' DEVISED A METHOD OF PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS.' STAND HERE AN'GAS. . VOU ACE A HEACTLE5S TASKMASTER; AIL WORK GUARANTEED RADIATOR WORKS HIARINO ' MRS. H. U HARP gi*W.Waiut

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