Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 7, 1964 · Page 17
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 17

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1964
Page 17
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teased Wire Service of Associated Press ssnvice A sues eo. P.O. BOX 8066 4924 COLE AVE. DALLAS* TEXAS STATE EDITION BAUAS, TEXAS COMP. Lak£ Charles American Press 5 CENTS LAKE CHARLES, LA., TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1964 ifi PAGES HOT Partly cloudy and hot through Wednesday. Variable winds 5-15 m.p.h. Low tonight 74. High Wednesday 92. I ake: Heavy bacteria cotrat NUMBER 25.755 Welsh Accident Clai Fight Seen For •«*/ Gov. Wallace BATON ROUGE (AIM •- Kcp. i Iceman J. Mnrshall Brown, New Farcy Branton loday makes a i Orleans, a McKeithcn leader, last dilch fight, for House action '; said Louisiana didn't need a on I wo hills designed to provide j presidential priipavy and pre- Alahama Gov. George. Wallace ! dieted Branion \joiild he dcl'eal- .'-I presioVnlial primary. i cd ton bill up for i The Wehsler Parish Wallace, The first Bra 1 l"ad f T has lo pet, Hnn-.e action .House decision liH'otc. UK Se.nnlo adorned for i Sr-pl 10 dale i >r the congre.v j Ihe rla.v--or he wouldn't have . r.ional second primary this year, enough time lell l.his <;e,v-;ini!. j This would give Louisiana Dem-' The 00 clay session ends Tlnirs- j ncrals a chance to use that, date day and normally il lakes al j for a presidential primary, least, three days for a hill to Branion said, if they leave .(he, j move through one chamber. national Dcmoc atic convention National Democratic Commit- unhappy. Is Allocated For The second b the Democratic use of the Sept earlier bill. One pledged to the 11 would direct Slate Central Committee to put two elector slates on the hallol in a fall presidential prinary — making . „ , BOX 6225 III (OSWALD *Hf BOX 54751 > : . (RUBY'S) I I Dies in Texas Hospital Today | (See Jj-trhor blovy on I'-iye l(i) j WKl.SIl (Spl.)—A third rhil-! ,-: \Vc| i. i'l.lirr Chief iCh.irU^- K,))|iiM-|y dicil ;<i ;', l'> ,-. 'M icii.iy < , ;i t<-still ol' an j aul'imnlvili'-lrain culhsmn •Vi-'niav mm'ii)i:.;. "\vn children, Kva I .mi. 't, .m,i ^.mcy Kppcrly, 5, 1 Si'Ulhern J'acil'ic If) date in the slate would be national Demo- the other cratic nominee, be used for an independent such as Wallace. BOXES CLOSE — Only 12 feet separated the post office boxes of accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby, the convicted slayer of Oswald. The Dallas Times Herald revealed loday that Oswald rented Box 6225 on Nov. 1, 1963, and Ruby rented Box 5475 on Nov. 7. Dallas Asst. Dist. Aity. William F. Alexander said of the boxes' proximity, "I'm sure if was a coincidence and nothing more." (AP Wirephoio). The Democra Work on the proposed secon- Committee i in dnry runway for Ihe Lake ; m - (1 | lllim , (o Charles Municipal Airport was Heclon; oll , llc ic State Central May adopted n >nf 10 pledged . 3 hallo) for ... , , ; , . , i •-•'••• »n ( i M.. 1-J » , (I Mil 11* H: I I'l all hut assured today with an al- ,]„, national non i n ,, c c . PI -| a j n ((1 ; lotion of $110.000 by the i)e p rPMC | ( , nt J 0 | ms(m n ; ,|so Louisiana Depailrnenl ol Pub- p , l( annlhcr sla e oti Ihe, hallo! ! •d group carry- j lie Works. Director Leon Gary said the. allocation will match federal for an nnpleclg The commit! funds for the airport improve- 1 Sept. •>, lo name rnenls here. , payers' suit wi The airport authority had pre- July 24 in whie viousiv applied lor federal assistance in its expan- j siori program. E. R. Kaufman, ; president, said today he was f "vury pleased" with the announcement. ; Gary made I lie announcement this morning in Baton Rouge to Sens. Jesse Knowles and A. C. Ck-ninns Jr. and Calcasieu Parish It. o . Mike H'igan, Harry Holhn--, and A. J (Tuhhy) Lyons. In a "letter to the. legislators. C.aiy .--aid, "I am ;;liid to be alile In ni'iporalo with you and (hi an port auiliorily on lliis VjOV R r" • 8 i in I : ""' s - ' \w$'*r /"SPY"* t*\/"\\ / I** ""v i § r T<T\ ML "-v /** Is Tl "' n ""' r lwo ''''I'l"'''^ <' 1 " 1 iv!%*fe'i ! 0111 riF^N/ i /^ n s i r i r ir-ir sc •^^ ^-^ ^ •''»»»"' '•»".- •; *t i V*S I I 11 I w Y BCIiiO I w LJO^Ix ,, ro „, „„, W( ,| Sh linsilj(M , .„„, S( ;rg£j$ ^ * Patrick l!i»;pilai in l.ak-> fe^lf',^; died in t.ho il;0r» a.m. ;u:ctd<-i.|. nt. depot liqre Monday. I .lancd Leo. 7, died a! Si.! Klixaljcth Hospital in Mfau-1 inont, Tex., this mornim;. i She and her mother, M'u. Mary Lou Kpperly, wore nir.lird to Ihc Hcni'mont: hospital Monday morning after first, hoiiii 1 ,' scnl to the Wolsh General llns-i pilal. | Rdlh wore listed in very cri- '• lical condition all during Ihc day ' Monday and early this morning! by St. kh/.ahelh Hospital author-! itirs. .• -Oij a Vffi®$ •'''« ;c meets again < Scranton on Rights Policy .,,,,,„„ ,,, electors. A tax- SAN FRANCISCO (API — | would mean thai Rep. Melvin the coiislilulion^.hly issue in Ih'- si ralegisl, told reporters he ex- 1 la! 'said'. Charles, re'.peelivclv. %'i^.JS?, .limmy I.on was repotted hy p ; ' ^I-/^^ J SI. Patrick lo he in satisfactory'. p|i|||i § condition with a broken lei; I'Yank was in fair condition, anlhortties at. Ihe Welsh Imspi- I'KUt'Y L MONCKAUX District * u Laird is understood to have be un hand'l.o aliempt tu pack I Polk Street. ley ayams! ' the galleries to root for Gold-! The engineer 1 get a hearing , Michigan Gov. George RomneyjH. Laird, R-Wis., chairman ot • pialform. "I'd welcome ilia!, peels an emotional convention ! The accidenl occurred as Mrs of two eloet.r^lP, lv )n fnv i n lled }° 1 . inc ,, up 1?,^ wi , l » i lhc P 1 ?'^ 1 ". ™mmitlcc, would : kinc , { j hr - , it . ni . , ;i id h( , :i ntici,,ate.s that, NH-'.Eppcrly with her live d.ildrcnix-vl I- ot two elect. Males by any , Pennsylvania Gov. William W. 1 control the time and designate' y l ' K ' ,i,-i. : ,l Young Republicans will' were crossing the SP tracks: atff inPfl/ri t unuti auaeK. Scranton for a stop - Goldwater the speakers on both sides lor | Laird is understood '" !>"•-•"'' ' ••' <- •-••- • • i. , o^n, «»..„„« v«^iwv>i in i I GOP platform declaration that convention debate on any pro-'.argin-'d with Romnev I the new civil rights law is eon-; puberl a >v ^n'i.ments to his com- j . stilutiona). : mittee's platform rocommenda-' In an advance text of his re- lions. j«.»,„,«„„., _,,««„„,,. ,„,- K»»-) sifJ( . tl . . ! ernor s omission ol any menlioii marks lurmshed the convention Lairi: | is oppos ,.,. to am- plat- of it in his prepared slatemenl Keel Coiirlncv of New Ortt™d 1 v^S™ 10 r,m a - [OTm dcdaralion ataul the e»n-..w S .s taken as a!, nvi'c.uo,, thai, ,,, . l ' .l^ 1 '•>..' ^. W ... n^A ±*l dn Z'±n: ?^»»"?!«y of *e civil rights; f hart ahandonod ,,,e pro.iect. conservalive group backing :lle said he anticipates that, Na-' EppcM'ly with her live children^, he SI' tracks: alf of the (rain said pperly , the cro; ported. I" u v argued with Homney again:;! the galleries to root for Gold-i I lie engineer ol llie Irani sau! . j i IX/*""' C ' J ["1 proposing ai-uoii on ihc COL-MI- ^alcr. He -said there will lie i Mrs. Epperly sccmccl lo liesi HpprfC K( C ' nda >iiom,litv question. The gov-, . s ! jmt ; "I 1 " 1 ' 01 ' »" (l ><' other lnl«- at the crowing, iMva,, n- I I *-^v.O * ^,? i • . ' . .. ". .^iflc Inn norten In District •ans, head ol an extremely I j /ill^f JlK?l flf ncv did n<it mention the eonsti- ?""'''"""* ™ ""; U V" " K1 "^ H.. (.nnij'revive \l' h,','v ,-v 7 Iw j;""™ 1 '™ . « ro ."'' h ;» 1 h'n«| UUUl I UfUCr . hill. Goldwatcr, who has more ; H " ( -' ltn<l ll UVl - n, novuu i, i<y (.oldwater, said demonstrators' rrlbSsly'S ETas """ «-«" *«c«a.c-vo,es to ^parltng ._ In,,,, . his ,,x, or woulri MEXICO CITY (AIM a vehicle for a convention floor fight they believe might torpedo The Sen. B.-irry Gokhvalcr's ap win the nomination unless thcv slip away, voted against the 'I'lesliuns. Ihe he on hand <o greet i f^ l\ "I I il up in response to Scranloii when he appears be- i 9 IVI Uaill'AaflC lore H.e. pl.ftiirm V,mmiUee:Ull KdillUdUj Thin ,/l;n. I!;I 1111(1: I I I 'IMilI'MJiy VP1I 1.1 I I .^ .. . ..-.p. ij-iujj v.firni, T1 . IVX i.i *M Ilf-iiitl 11 til 11' •••>• -....,,. , . . . j , , . pioiec!. .ir.d hope that federal (i;i , rllu l'' ak ^. "f rot ; kcd Mexi ' P^ent gtip on the Republican ^, , i, ., . ' ,'" ''""'''r"' '" irll "" s lir( ' ;tl " '"<•'"'"" and New v.,.i Gn fund; can he obtained so that 'J. 0 s fac ' llK ', ' n;islal i;lalc "' Fesideutial nomination. , > ' '" 'i!7" Srl) !! "- !l Sl - 1 ""- |: '''•'-. '""' "' Rod-.'l.-|tcr wh, r.,,r-:tmc«inn can get underway f '«'errero look 1 lives, the gov-; S cranton's hackers also were ' md " ""'* mt ' Mu ' .'"- l»''"'-'l' ; 'l ^'^^ '""'I'' " u, „-(.' Mw<l Scr .., i., ,!„..,» ernment savs. but no damage _..,.. - ,-.... r ., . n"n<ii. ..t..-..- ili.m ..%•.,...•! i.. ,....,, ,i i,, ,.i . ' i .. . , : ( . or casualties says, but no damage: ^ ^1 in line for another set: CI :?-'; tl P odcd , Jn hack in a ruling hy Rep. Kath- that this would enable the air- ; Reports reaching the tederal port authorities to provide a B° vt ' rnme » ( from Guerrero much neee sev : State sald i tm /j.-n ii i tu i.ii i t^MKiii\.i,-t ,, . , • IJiiV.IS. ILL <1 I U 111 111 UV IXCll. I\fll ti- • ., iduev Vincent said today that j 'he crowded resort of Acapulco., crjnc s , Gcorce R-N Y the I/'T'''.'^ 1 .'"""'W' I)(:nis "' p planned improvements,!. Hie quake early Monday was; C()nven , jon parliamentarian '''-'^''.f^ ' )m ' "'i 11 hc ' : • : -'- include a modern 4,100 . felt *>oth «n Awjpulco and in this: lhal ru]cs of (h ' ( , H()Use ()f R ' HKht U «lorls are ma''" •- -, lack top runway, 100 feet ca l" tal ^ \<* miles l " thti resentatives will govern conven- and lighted to meet all northeast. Bui dmg.s swayed in, tion adjons The p , ut[o ,. m cnn> M . • al Aeronautics Adminis- i: rvle .'! ]co \T l!y /' ut dama Ke was mittce adoplcd similar rules M ||^f r>TC (ration requirements, have been ! K,,^:.^-' °" c man wa ' s Monday night. I VIM I B I O w v . v ...^^. — f^r/^ in the planning a long time, and, M '5! 1 .,l. inj !! r . U ,', ,.,-., . The parliamentarian's ruling w I WO LC/S No Chonge Re P Orted Jctiled Inmafes In Weather 'J (Snl i Percy L. MoMCoaiix has been appointed Knu'.hfs nt Colnnilin-; di--lnct dcpnfy in Mi-Jrici :n by wd- ham .1. Gii.-,le Jr.. :,|:i(e KC rlcp- iv. Nelson A I n.ff jfl Fftfrft I'i'irict :il eoti-;isls of four KC threw his LVII III I VIVV ••Miinetl:-, Oherlm. Oakdale, , when he Kinder ;md DeKidder. All offi- . ,,,,-, „ .. . ( ' 1( ' ar lll( '. v '^l"' 1 ' 1 '" ( ' :|1IV H '" ab.iad-mcd Ins own efforts to! FORT WORTH (APi l-'ed- cers of the councils will he m- ln Uashington, Goldwater s the conveiilmu ll'.nr in ;idd lu v - m | il( no mii,ati(m, whcduled ' t'i'a! Judge Leo Hrcw-ler si.-d^d tin-: month. ison (he emotional aliou.-.pliere iin-1,/. | r ,i lm , l!iy tnday. ilatold K. has lell in force a temporary District Deputy Moticcaiix has .. . Vnnsylvaiua Slate Chairman si;i>-,.n.' perennial candidate ' restraining order issued against, been in the KCs )or I) years it eilorts are made to pnl Craig Truax, .'inolher Scranlon ; ,|s 0 v,,r, on il.e list ol wil': 1 '"' brotherhood of Railmad and is a pasl grand knight ol the ! Trainmen al the lime ol their Ohcrhn coitiieil. He is married strike, without warning, against ;md tin.- father of five children. • six railroads Juco Hi. He r a iMrrner. He did so Monday after oh- Hi- will he installed Juiy 11 in laming a promise from the un- New Oileans 1 . inn lhal. il would not sit ike !. S. Studies mo t of the 31 vie_ tims were crushed under col- : lapsing buildings in mountain villages. Aca|)iilco radio station XKBB said il had confirmed 18 deaths in C'.iyiica dp ( ii'iiih of the n cd (lie villag In OH Policy 'atalan, 100 miles sort, and report- 1 had heeti de- /s Forecast CHKKNWOOn, Miss. (AI'i-A , Itla fiena cil\ [.on--e ,,,•. ,-, i>,,,r civil rights organix.ation said lo- rant Irom \V c b s t e i ('nunl'.- day the FBI had determined!charging bun with a iralti'- vm lhal one (it its workers was inflation last mnnH! |-id at Wallhall. scat of Web- Tin-shei ili'>-niiu, ..,, M ,I I'.iuwn •lei ('minis', in north Mississip- was then rciea . i| d. a wd, i, i Escape [H-nding settlement of a similar case now pending, in the federal district court lor the ()'•;• Iricl of ('olKinb'a A dcci inp m that ca'-.c )•. c> pedi-il laic Do , innnlh. The at linn ',\a . ti i lieannt; <m tin '< mpin ,n -, n '-'I ainiiK 1 , nrder nbi,nn( d b\ ll'< ni^, Dpiprfc ^V«lw i%i/jUl»li l n * ff| l?!!fh /..*ji U V«i31U inmates who Another rep nl snid four per By I'HF, ASSOCJATKO PIIKSS K were kilhil in Ciudad Alla- WASHINGTON (AP)-I'.S. of- fieials studied eudcncc today mirano and th the buddings at HO per cent ol there were de- ickcd with lour- in i ( m rec ' a '"' ''" -^' fs '-"'"' 1 I'-i'it 1 '. (T sJliool' hen- , Tll( ' ) ' '^v-r. Will..-,... M * \l,,i,i!,iv howell, (.(Id llie (unit Mniidii'. ISf ,in.,n Superioirndent Warren (01- lh( ' l(l vv;i ' •"" l|1 ' ;:i! ''•'' ' |c "' •' i (-,, niii-.|-- s nlfiie ,,nd ill" <••-<" H...I "-Irtkc and that Ihe bniiliMl I I'. •-. iii j . IMIII,!-; Student Non-Violent Coorchnat- 'I'*' seat ni |n-,iicc im WebJ.i n., /M | ,,,„) Hoi weather still squats over ing Cuimnitlc-c had expre.-sed Countv M"in!,i>. tui.-iana loday uilh no change concern because his group had: Michael Sa>cr a ••[ M^'hl. iii.l been able to determine the for Ihc Student Xnn\! . ..... j. i, i •., '-a--.' night's lows ranged from whcn-ahouls ot James Hruwn. a ordinatiti" r^ininiUe'-. .nd h ., that Ihe Soviel Union may be iviVu "i - T' f W 'i t hi '• 7| ;Jl Alcxynf!na ") 8 " at Burr- ^ Negro, alter he was organi/alnni had hiMlun •• • in-;.,' ' • award a! the nahnnal ievi l .,n:.,'-,,,',|.-, n shilling its policy lowanf the a ,' •,,| > ' T" " d "" h;t)l wood. tunu.d over to a Webster County iuily t.» d'.-i--imim- l',n>wn - Tin \ were- identiiied as Alvin L'mon Alloni-v \Villum l-'on- Su'id ,-, d•'-«t United'' Nations Tl . 1° •' • M • r-' (J " i( ' : " '" ws included a 78 at deputy shorilt bv the I.ellore wlH-reaboui-; Albei I Malihew,, 20. and Joseph ville replied ilwi the - t/iKc w-:e M"':-::- : . <.>< Peep" interest has been ....!. ,i,. a ". > ?/le lU ,. l ! X!C ? .. y Laiayelte, 77 in Baton Rouge, County shenil's of)ice in Green- Telephma- calls to V.'ebMcr 11. llayden, aO. Hoth are white not. called on the 1,,-),^ nl t.hc ).,! ' ,.11't llie pall I.. . ig wHb a crew in a wa:i "M ;) d" hi < .HI ,< m ;.u bd 1 . i, i'(|a and U-.f'-d , , , _ . was the capit; anmsed here by fokso reports a i957 earthq hat the Soviet government is ]]V(JS Hui!d , n "' ^ cr ^ «>» ° a P CI '- cracked and manent U.X. military force. rushed into il I's shar|)est since 7 !s ^ Lake Charles. Moisarit,' C'nuniv Shi-nfl l;illv \ii-!-'jiitie-, said thev ran iiom national award "'I inn i.- no i-.'d-. jake that took fili New Orle;,ns arid Shreveport and Mrs. Billy Joe Bowf-n. wife of al his horn'' ami otim-. at Eu- the < i'-w at about 1:4< Mon- "eeasn.n lor ; ^s swayed, walls a 73 j n Monroe. rightencd touri-ts Tbe hign .Monday was a 98 re- her hu-hand was "out on a call" -strc-et.s in their p,,ruci i.>\ Loth Sbrt\c-pori an-,1 and she did not kmnv whetii, r the \Vei.-ster County sheriff, said pora and VVallh-a!! v,eii( uii;-.n cs-t. Th. reported proposal. ,aid to niRhtL . io , h ,, M . nave been made ill a note lo > n i' , . . j .M.n.oi ti;,- Janan,,,. Forei'jn Office q e 'l'- ai:nc(! a B rade ot N( ' v -' Orl-.-.ns n ;«,rled a he th. heRinnint; nl a \\nr\A 01- |j,.|-,-, . ;i | f j. jar ft oiu 6 i,n the Men the Mexico The Ili.V/ qua ah scale of 12 at Buion Kou;'e a O'j. Ak-.xaiidi KJ 'ity Observatory. 94 L--iia\etl.e a !j:s and 91s at ,e regi-.ler.-d K Lake Charles and P.orrwood. I',' arresudla^t iirowii was u prisoner in the rhri-.tian l.e:i(i..-i (,i,., n.,,1.-!,-; ; cotiii", jail. v.i.iker icmpoiai :1. .-• r '•• t 1; , 'Ihe l,c!!ore Counlv .she/Jit'.-; a SMV pn,||.ci at [ii,-, i;,-na, said BK.WD. iiom Ilia was di r. iO.-. 1 i, ! - < ,,• : ;i In i l-:.-.-,.i Tl.-- :-.c;.i« Ii /s tjcint rn ' d u, I)"- ijiui,! iii;j1u vicim!\- ol p r i> g r f: . nn by Takin; 1 part, in-.-ide:-, called. i ! lioin ih - .-cbnol, an; Tbe o!i,'-r ra'lro-nl 11 ooi in.- ' 'a'ca I.-M far-'are Southern i',n ii" i-M I)' t'ai Hiieni and Ivinsas-'l > \ i I'o;! , and Tex.ivY Degrees io Intensify Tests in Alabama I ^ i- . niplnvmr- n' <>l i'(,.' I, .•;.! \ B\ v. as dt \cl- da\ ASSl'KIATKU PKl-.s i it if:- He- "-aid In-, "i Km;: •• gi'i'ip. thf K>", !v.iitl;< m I hri-lian i.( aden-bip At,f i nailis. made a ' '*"'''-'•' f'n;ii(.|f-n(f- v.'nuld eniHt'iiti ate pr-yl tc.r nonvifileiK-i- ''' '-'. "'-:!,. e'lun. in Alabama Hu,, sum ma,- r,n i tin,' He '•ri^ ,i|. ci..iiiic a Nt;'f. ') I • \ : n d h> the V,e !r;:i niappud plai it-.:''!i a deearj-,- ago to ;:et camp; d -[H' s '-,it.i t.rnon s u-.c b^ri.a \e-.i! :n tru.- S-.U!.:v Cuun- The Hev N 1 -^raiy/c cictivn 'here ; , !i< r SCj.'' v.'.nid -iipport h Seln,a .p.e,!-.. :''•;- .. Mceliim with K!!,;•'., group to '^'^'-' ''» ' t>( tflt feci'-ia! lav. 1:1 •• . •;-, ,-,.,. 0,, . ,i. -ri-evaiuaie suiumer plant in < J M- " vv «- 4 will not be part of any \, ijn-i,,!!.;-!!^: " ! ' light ...! wha' hu.% happened in violent campaign." . JufJ ,^ ,1^,,.,,,, . , . ,. rc.-rj..inse to the civil rights bill" Earlier. 55 Negrot-.-, and 6 -,. ( j'..,,•,•[ ,,. fl i- aiuu Luinei King ,,_.,,-,_. n , L ., nberb O j ,b e 'Congrt^ v.hit- MMD were jailed wb.-n ,",'„ ,•-,":,;-,'-,'.- DKV CLJ: \NtNG's r .-U."E 3 ^ forS] • -.-'-' i ' :' •"•• - "• if .' .,,,/'•.• I ' •••.•-.---•.• l.i 1 Ll~"i!)l.jiJ.-i o bt_:n a^- S(..-, ! o\ ic ' 'iiCJl.-bvrj V.'jUid go and Si-l/rid Ala . ssing ihtf ii'uation inci Hrar ' T\'[ Kl' sT AT T :-;•> - ;r ; ---• -^ dent Non-Violtnt Coodinaling At Selma one ol Ihe leader. ^ Mancuso's Tarnales Oo 1 :-!rd Ave. NOV. HK-OPKNED ''• -'i ."-' ''r'. . ...%"-, -:':'•"' C ''' I'M* AK 4:.o oii'r. K-w \ uit-r 1't.gjjtraUoii cir^c.. The Negiots v.L-re am-ittd b\ she; iii Jim Cla/k when the> NOTICE UOMK FURNITURE CO. U;!l h,; ftoswj AH tMy U I'fi/ii , f !,,'.- i::i.if^JV^.' ; -''"- -,iia!!i.r ; .- at 'i ,- ' •-.- --. - -AV. r^.'-i-. !a,'. -,\ -..,..: JOHN' H KiVi l-.K OlliCI- f..! >'.. ('. 1 * ii,. 1 ,, 1 ."" ,!."-.." '• r 'i' ' ; 'I'i'i 'AllilOll! 't> ;'ii.i , \\, i, |i,i ,., ,| f ,. ( , f ll'Hn on.- i .d ;,•_. ,• i.,;,; ,,,, . • '•.. .1 -. m.i |.-.i ny ut '" <>( aia i'ii' mil .--I ,r. a !•• ic'i' i add h<.!"| up '-'(In ( • ; ; d -s .-;!;a, Hie/)) -a>-. Two drug -,,da loin;! ,; .•,10 c.ii'j.i. with me doM-d ifi Hope'.!,-;j. \,-j . .,..',; hotel iliut. down m Jack.-.o .:-''-^i;.:!-: d> Mi^.s . rather than cornj/iv wi :ii Fort Smith, the law. ' ': > * Memphis, i hi.' .second time \>\ a white ii '•• I'-.:!:! ( ity and !.')i;r,-iii' G'.UKT in A'.'ai.ta a. 1- \-t and McMillan cif, -ei-unty .-swuiirnin^ JJIA.IS Brun-iWiek. Gu . were eli.-rd . n .'-V S.:b- M-.sid e, i, j;j ,d to i • i! 'o ,' i i.-nft lence , l • ' :;-n-i ..(id i .!'..;.••,.! d b. ihe ,',' ill!!. M:. ,- .-; l.,.i -,,.. Ihe -''.'.•I;. :ai;. c c.'iiu.atiee • (i ll!-l iii.'u --vj[ ot a Sen.-:•>:• "! '-- -4U-C, bill • ' '••• 's ; S,ii]:ud S. r'i< VNC'IS T. t.AKK. I) U :•>. c \i-;i;!i ;i Hi,5uu Bl'U 'OM .\!:v CONDITIONER $269.95:.'^ u *o 'DiO vquuM '.-:•-•] •vi;vp Co^i. t,u ! MORENO'S

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