The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1938
Page 2
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BI,YTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1938 Keeping Tab On Millions Social Security Board Has B i g g e st Bookkeeping Job On Earth EDITOR'S NOTE: Tills Is (lie first of two rtorics Uklns 50" t» the s«nfe of the vast bookkfcp ing Job ll> whfch the fiovcrn- incrit ts kcpliif ware records on 37,000 social security client* BY. WILLIS HlOKNTON NBA Service Staff Corresponded •WASHINGTON, Pel). 1.—If you arc one of the 37,000,000 iicoplc who pajjfe for and event Willy hopes to receive social scctlt-lty benefits, you may nave had moments when you JjaVo wSndererl whether they were really keeping nil those records straight, so you could "retire" at 65. You may have wondered If they are really keeping a record of all your wage payments, and If they ate, whether tliey cnn ever find II among all those 37,000,000. I wondered, too. So I went lo find out. Well, I'm convinced, When 1 saw my own index record pulled out ol 37,000,000 others just like it In exactly 35 secdnds, my eyes popped out. •; .Three nilmilcs aftciwanl. whuh: an elevator had carried me to another floor of the building, the' ledger record of . the WHKCSJ paid me lost wore In my hand. II WBS correct, too. So f think the 37,000,000 people who have been glvelV Social 8s- curlty nuriibers niay. feel tlmt Hie Bovertirricfit, khows. what It is doing. When ybit become eligible for the old-age Insurance benefits. Hie records on which they will lie teed should be complete nncl accessible. ..' Take a Little Trip No! book'kecplng and filing job in the history of Ihc world ever ap- proaolicd this one. The records of 6,000,003 World War veterans kept by tlie Veterans' Bureau is child's ploy;' even the largest life insurance com'pttnics never tackled ; f>itch a task: Without I lie . most up-to-rtati iiiiicrjlnery, much of It speclallj have 1 been quite Impossible evci have ben equitc.'impossible cvci tckJay','tq keep a running rccflrc of tile..wages, psiii ,ko 31,000,000 pcoplb over a 'period ? of years. Suj-^lt li(being done today. Per- liaps,you'd like to go-.\vUh mo into Stcele-Cooter Society— Personal Mrtlmciisl Women Meet The county zone meeting of the Wcimm's Missionary noddy of the Melhodlst church was held at the •'''"•''h Mcndav to organic an association In this county. Mrs, P. p. McCutcheii was elecliyi chairman iind Mrs. N. C. Hawkins, of Caruth- crsvllle, secretory The meeting was opened with group .singing, followed by prayer by Ihe Rev. Mr. Webber, cf IJeorfng. There were Bongs by the nlnlh and tenth grade high •cliool girls, ii reading by Mrs. Mor- vln Walls, a song by Phillip Koury iiiul two readings by Mrs. Robert Hlcele. Jr. The next meeting will be held In Hnyll in March. dlst hospital where who underwent sin appendectomy. Mr. Lewis and )\cr mother, Mrs. Umile Duke, went down for her. Mrs. L. E. Cooper and Mrs. Marcus Llmbaugli spent Saturday in Memphis, . «',i:I. Mrs. D. C. Pafford ol Memphis, is spending the week lierc wllli Mr. Pafford and daughter. Imogene Taylor Is contlncd to her home this week with influenza, f she Improves she and her par- n(s, Mr. and Mrs. cluster Taylor. linn U) move to Memphis this week where Mr. Taylor has a position with the TVA plant. Able nftcr aisle of iudexM llkr lhl\ covering nlmoul mi acre cf lloor space, kri>|> litiaiElil Ihc records ci[ 37,000,000 I'ccleral lioclnl security clients. These dcrl;s, keeping the Index up to (lute, »rc long the -IdM) employes ol Ihc old age Insurance division. Announcement lins been made o the marriage of Miss Tonga Evan MncLnin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs .'nek MncLain, of Sleelc, to Bll Jones, of Ilcbcr Springs, Avk. Til ceremony was performed by Mngls i Irate T.' L. Cassldy In Blythevlll ,'> -"'V. Juniwry 27, before few friends. After n brief vlsil licro wllh tlv Braggadocio Ncw» The Y. W. A. met at Ihc home of Mrs. Joe Bob Coppcdge Monday January 31. Three new member: worn enrolled, Misses Viola Dcu- nctf. Bornlce Dye. and Marcine ^lillt. A discussion was held on the duties of the Y. W. A. in fl of the regular program, which was postponed because of the delay ii receiving study books. The next meeting will be held a the home of Miss Bennett. •' « t * Misses Mamie and Mable iramlcl. of Cooler, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet last week. Mr. and., Mrs. Marvin Klnsey. (if JIaytl. and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jlamlet spent, the week end in kcnnctt with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogers. Miss Loralnc Douglas spent the week end In Ulboiirnc with relatives. Miss Mildred uruce, of Carulhers- vlllc, and Miss Nina Huckalia spent the week end In Slkcston. will make Ihclr home. Have Klrdidiiy Dinner Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Haggard en- terlaiiicri a number of friends Saturday evening with a dinner In honor of their hauscgucst, Mrs. Emmctt W. Ycarsev, of Waynes^ boro, Tcnn. * * + : : W. M. II. Meets The reyulitr meeting of the Stccle W. M. U. was held In the home of the Rev. J. W. Cunningham Monday. Mrs George W. Cnokv Mrs. Sims Michic. and Mrs. Russell Frakcs presented tlic first three ' chapters of the book. "Fruits of 'tlv i Year." the remainder of which will ' , cf .,~ , ,,,,,,.,1, be even In the meeting to b« held V 01 ' losc * om ' ^™ ness - 6GG '1 W °'"' Friday al Ihe home of Mrs. Russeli; lircc or four Ulncs as mllcl1 " S a Cotton's growing period, from seed lo maturity, varies from 5'.i to 7 months, depending on thi! locallly of the crop. DANGEROUS It is dangerous to sell n SUBSTITUTE for Q6G just lo make three or four cents more. Customers arc your best assets; lose them and Frakcs. Mi-, and Mrs. Newbcrry Johnsor and Mrs. Sims Michie spent T«es- duy In Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ciillie Davis and chflilrcit have moved to Blrailngr ham. Ala. If. A. Spencc Is conlliicd to his home this week by Influenza. Mrs. Spcnce, who has been sick the paijl len weeks from influenza, is conj valoscing. Mr, and Mrs. John Frame am Skeplical Willis Thornton doubled they could ever nsh ills roclal so| i, Robert, and their house security record out of Ihc 37,000,000. He was miltkly convinced., s^^^rtd^'iit po'mlou as Here he is. pointing lo his Index record, which it look a clerk just j O f ^j rs n| a \varrt and family? 35 seconds to find. Incidentally, Rcporlcr Thornton counted 11 otlicv j Mrs. Tom Lewis returned ho,mf SUBSTITUTE. the place that Is Kcrpin'ji your nc count with the government. Ai;p3'7,coa,000 of us ; caii't go certainly.^or they couldn't get nn> work, .doiie.- Even the way II is they.-.lire ansiverinB between ilv and six thousand inmiiries a da. from people who want to knov about some phase of their socla insurance. No Flacc In Washington Down on tlic •Baltimore waterfront, looking out over the harbor. Is a huge, blank-looking building that used to be « sofUklnU warehouse. The Bureau of Old Age Insurance moved here from Washington a little more than a year ago. Space enough in a suitable building simply was not nvnilabld in Washington. Today, on eight floors of this vadt • rjuflduig', 4000 employes ot the Social Security Board keep ils records. Here arc Ihe master indexes that enable clerks to find Instantly the record of any one of 37,000,000 -persons. Not all the Social Security files are here. Public assistance, like that to the blind, is elsewhere. Unemployment Insurance, largely a ilate matter, Is elsewhere. But the master records, and the federally administered old-age insurance system, center here. Here They Arc Here, nmitt - the' .clatter of C80 major-size accounting machines the records are kept. Here, in a vast room i\s long as a city block, are the cabinets ol "fleXoline" Indexes which are master key. They cover nrarl}' at acre of floor space. Here arc 12 separate but slmlla "accounting factories," cnch keep ing poited the wage records of th: work'ers of one of 12 "regions" in to which the country is divided. They occupy four acres of space. Here are machines that punch., tabulate, assort, post, check, lind' redistribute cards- with a moVc- ttian-hiiman accuracy and speed. Here 300 million separate caron and record sheets pass 'each year „ through the tireless machines. Here arc micro-filming departments photographing records on 16-mllllmet'er films which will soon compress the contents of 600 -filing cabinets into 10--a duplicate basic record which will tc filed in the Archives Building In Wash- Willis Thornton^ In the tile riglil next lo his own, from which his Monday from Ihe Memphis Mctlio record was rcdlltly sriccfrd by blrlli dale and other data. lob of posting up '10,000,000 sep- nr/ile records is colossal. Thouijh regular old-:i|!e anunl- Hes will not be paid until 11)42, :umi! fiH.OOU payoirs of lump-sum tfltlcmenls liave already been made lo those rciiciiiug (i.T hefort? Uic annuity elate. The average menf has been 527, ranging roin a few cplils tu $353 lop. Many felt the turn due thorn Tuc.iday In Osceola nttondlnj! the Worker's Council of Die Mississippi County Huptlst Association. The nci;t monthly meeting which will he held ll\c llret Tuesday In Mnrch is. lo bi- held in Wilson with the; Huptist Church ns hostess. Mr. and Mrs. s. Fl. Cross and son, Joe Karl, visited relnMcrs In Hernaudo, Miss., Sunday. Mrs, Eva Korlin hacl her Home Furnishings Moderately Priced *** KROEHLER LIVING ROOM SUITES Kroehley—Largest Man- iiiaetiirer of Living' Room Furniture in the World—HuiH for your I'rotcclion. 1'riced From $59.50,,, $195 Other Suites 2-t'iei'e Tapestry SUITE $39.75 Bvcrylhinjf for your enter tainmcnt arid tnmforl. Aihnissioii Mnlinre lOc & 2lir Ai1in!s.sinn Nicht Hie * Me: Weds. - Thurs, ; ncc company would do. NEXT: Tin' Sinh-.l Security files iire "strictly priv;ili ¥ ." jus too sihnll to bother lo collet (jursls Mon:lay, Mrs. D. W. Millcv t. The kurcan Is holding it for,and diiti|;liler. Mrs. Wells Dungan. hem. Just, us any privric Insiir- of Tnnnnnn. Mr. and Mr:;. Jake Counts and Mr. nnrt Mm. Ira navenirart spent Tuesday evening in \Vtlson vlail- iTip (he Sogei- iind l-'erguson families. The Rev. C. L. Randall of Little Reck. Baptist stale evangelist, preached at the Baptist church IV.TC Rinidny. C. \V. Ferguson, who has rrcenlly nceeplerl :i jJo.vlllOH la the Wilson Socicly — Personal WPA ollicc In Hlylhevllle. ini: hUi family there today. The Knplkl W. M. U. celebrated ils Golden Jubilee. litly ycnr.-, Ihc orgnni7alioi) of thr lirsl W. M. U.. with an all (lay mcel- ng :il Ihe church Monday. The nission study book "Tin; Fruits of ;hc Yours" was tnuglit by Mrs. 1). 3. Scgcr. A pot-luc(: Itinclicoii was sfrvcd at the- pm^eiiiige at li.(C loon-hour, Tliosc piesrnl. were; Vtrs. V. O. Mann, Mrs. K. II. Mann, \lrs. W. F. Wilson, Mrs. Jnlin Wll- innis. Mrs. N. B. Thompson. Mi:.. Soy Cox. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. O. D. Seger. Mrs, Ed Williams ol Arn\arrl wpir, icstess to the Tuesday Afternoon •riug"c Club an^ three guests. Mr.> Criirger jr.. Mrs. Vaneo ami Mm. Hall of Armorel. Hisli r.fovc as won by Mrs. Cass Bruntjon jr., and r.ccond' high by Mrs. Ctins. ricger. A templing salad course vns forvcti. Mr. and Mrs. I-'r;itik Wosson. who have .-.pent tin; ra:4 numlti n Bermudji. rrtiirncd to Their lomc Sunday. O. A. McMurra)- of Wanvn. Ark., was a \vr.ek cud'n in J. T. Ct!.; home, i^ Jc-anctta Philli]):; r,i>rnt Ihr week end in Wrel Memphis, u'losl It costs tslwcch £.100.00(1 and S13C.OOO lu Inilld n railroad loco- i i Agi'in Amrrlca is on (I'r in Paraniount's Ko.-iring K'tmanep of tbc Winning of Hie West. The niigliliest adventure Urminlicn ever Tilmcil. With JOEL McCREA, BOB tUHNS, FRANCES HUE. U.OVD rfOI.AN. Ifonry O'Nrill, Toiler Hall, Uolierl Cummings, K:il|lh Morgan. Sl.-irj Nash ami .Mm Mnck Brown. Alsi) IMrainmint News A Alllilissioii Matinee Iflc * 2fic Aihnissinii Night Ilk- ,1 3«e IngToh lust in case of unforeseen destruction 'Of the Baltimore building, Here is a humming 'bee-hive wording day and night shifts to get caught up with a tidal wave cf data which Is hearing Us trest Unless the law Is changed to ad mil groups LIOW hot Included it Social Security, the top Is expect ed to be reached soon nt about 40, 000,000. By next June life record Is ex pccted to be about up to date That is, the bureau *lll h« nbl in give any client at a glance his talaricc and status at the end of UIH ; prctteiis quarter. That is n« close to current as the file Is apt, to get ai tBi^lo'yei? have a Month's leeway in filing reports, and the of Mrs. Mildred Falls. Rev. and Mrs. 1). D. Scyer, ccinpanicd by Mrs, W. F. Wilson and Mrs. John Williams kpciit DUTY mmm . ONLY $195.00 Chevrolet I 1 A Tun CC DW Tlic )ic:;i buy itj, lown. ['assed stale inspection. Only 370.00 iknni & SI 5.00 per moiiD). PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 51 h & I'hono 810 C'nlnlng Soon; IIOLLV\VOOU I10TEI, E-TAfiK BOOK ,\ I10LIDAV Buy Furniiurc Now - Pay This Fail We arc again ready to do business on Kail Terms, One-half down, balance Oct. 1, 1938. tills applies oil anything; in cur stock provided (be bill amounts to as nmrli as ?IO. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. ni>-therlUe, Ark. NOTICE All persons having personal properly slioulcl assess it at once. I will be in rny office or have proper Deputy at Blylheville every clay and each Saturday at Manila and Lcach- villc. Lvevy store or Inisincss will he called on personalty. Remember, everyone must he assessed (or a poll tax. Assess today. It will'only lake a few minutes and yon can make sure ol your value. 1L (Billy) Gaines Mississippi County Assessor. ROXY Admission Always Iflo Si '"'o Show every nlfht. Matinees »'ri- day, Saturday fc Sunday . Only. Friday >t Sunday Matinees star! 2:15 p.m. Saturday Cn>itluuoua shoivlny frnni 1 lo JIMO p.m. Night shows start K:15 All Mohair SUITE $39.75 SPECIAL PRICES ON BEDROOM FURNITURE 20 Different suites from which to select, all priced at SA VINGS of 20 i)cr cent to 33 per cent. USE A VAILAHU! CASH and SAVE on your FURNI* TURK Requirements; hut— IF YOU WANT TERMS COME'IN. CAREFUL CONSIDERATION WILL BE GIVEN TO YOUR-NEEDS; • c»' , \\wio ' Tue.-Wed.-Thur, PAL RIGHTS! 2arliills iirliuitlnlfiir (lie.price or 1 2 rhilrlron nilmiltcil for pi ice of 1 With this Genuine "REAL SLEEP" INNER SPRING MATTRESS Afll 3 for Only S1A75 No woman can fall to appredafe the extraordinary character of this amazing offerl The figure wa quote is dollars under the regular prico for the "Rea! Sleep" Mat- iress alone, with its heavy, durable art ticking; its scores of perfectly tempered inner springs; its handles and sir vents. But now, we also include at no extra charge to you, this attractive patchwork quilt and iKo mattress protector. Hurryl Quantities limited. with Wayne Gibson iuid Si-otf a It on EVERY DAY A SALES DAY

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