Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 7, 1964 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1964
Page 13
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TV TIME PREVIEWS u u j- Cities preview coming television shows iXinl iSnf r ?Hr tsa H'r W , atchin S screenings, and analyzing scripts m New York and Hollywood. These are their previews for today): BEST BETS 8-15 P.M. NBC. RICHARD Boone. "The Arena." (Rerun). Part II. Part I was a real cliff-hanger, so if you caught last week's episode this is a must. Even if you missed out on the beginning of this yarn about backroom politics vs. integrity you'll be sufficiently briefed to follow it to its conclusion. Lloyd Bochner's portrayal of the crusading D.A. confronted with unbearable political pressures continues to impress and tiie show generally is one of the best efforts of the series. <f:30-7:30 P.M. NBC, MR. NO- vak "The Boy Without a Country." (Rerun). This episode brings a new student to Jefferson high a brilliant, withdrawn boy from behind the iron curtain. Walter Koenig is sensitively sullen as the boy and there are good performances from guest Jeanne Cooper and regulars Dean Jagger and Jeanne Bal. 6:30-7:30 P.M. ABC. COM- bat. "The Eyes of The Hunter." (Rerun). The objective In this episode in to destroy an enemy outpost and there's a lot of suspense and excitement as Saunders* (Vic Morrow) patrol attempts to accomplish this. There's plenty of action and a lot of noise during this hour. 7-8 P.M. CBS. HIGH ADVEN- lure. (Rerun). Another wonderful Lowell Thomas travelogue which wanders all over Africa and brings unusual sights. Among the places the average tourist is unlikely to visit on his own are Timbuktu, the banks of the White Nile, and the island of Madagascar to catch the strange "Dance of the Dead" ceremonial rites. 7:30-8 P.M. NBC. MOMENT of Fear "Deed of Mercy." (Rerun). This was originally seen on G.B. Theater. It is notable for Carol Lyn- Icy's performance as a wilful teen wh» tries to exploit an automobile accident she's been in by claiming the car's famous driver, a scientist (played by Ronald Reagan) attempted to attack her causing the accident. 7:30-8 P.M. ABC. McHALE'S Navy. "Orange Blossoms for McHale." (Rerun). If nothing else, this repeat is timely. It's the one in which Capt. Binghamton (Joe Flynn) desperately tries to get McHale married off so that he can ">o. rotated home. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS The object of Binghamton's affections for McHale is amusingly played by Joyce Jameson. Just last week in real life McHale (Ernest Borgnine) married Ethel Merman. 8-9 P.M. ABC. THE GREAT- est Show on Earth. "The Glorious Days of the Used To Be." (Rerun). The gimmick tonight is t h e casting. Betty Hutton who starred in the feature film that gave rise lo this series, plays a musical comedy star asked to join the circus in this episode. Don Ameche, who hosts NBC's circus series, "International Showtime" plays a man trying to book the circus if it can acquire Miss Hutton's services. The conflict is an old relationship between Hutton and Ameche which doesn't seem possible of being rekindled. 8:30-9 P.M. CBS. JACK BEN- ny. (Rerun). Carol Burnett is tonight's guest and the show is extraordinarily funny. In one skit she and Benny do a take-off on the old Tarzan films that should have you slightly convulsed. In another she takes on the challenge of "The Stripper," doing a dance version that leaves her gasping and us laughing. 9-10 P.M. NBC. THE CHOS- en Child. (Rerun). One of the most touching programs ever attempted, with many heat - rending and heartbreaking scenes, packed with the emotions that only the plight of helpless children can bring. This is the story of adoption, focusing on the, situations incurred by one couple in their efforts to adopt a baby. There are many explanatory scenes and interviews showing the maze an adopting couple must go through. But the heart and soul of the show is the children, some wide- eyed and still so young that they don't reali/e how cruelly their lives aye beginning. TV TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service hy the Lake Charles Americn Press which is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels — WBRZ-TV Baton Houga 2. KATC-TV Lafayette, 3. KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4. KALB-TV Alexandria 5, KFDM- TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beauniont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. Tomorrow daytime programs are also included. TUESDAY EVENING 6:00—Sports, 2, t News, 4, 6. 7, 10. 12, 5 6:10~Weather, 2, 7. 10 6:15~Sport8, 7 Weather, 6 Sports, 10 News, 12. 5, 2 6:20—Report, 7 News. 6 6:2S-\Veather, 5, 12 Weather, 4 fi:30—Mr. Novak, 4, 7. 2 Combat, 3, 12 The Rifleman, 10 Deputy, 6 7:00-High Adventure, 6, 10 7:30-Moment of Fear, 4, 7 Naked City, 2 McHale's Navy, 3, 12 8:00—Richard Boone, 4, 7 Petticoat Junction, 6, 10 Greatest Show on Earth, 3, 12, 2 8:30—Jack Benny, fi, 10 The Saint, 10 Knco Report, 2, 4, 7 Telephone Hour, 2, 4, 7 Star Parade, 10, 6 The Fugitive, 3, 12 9.-30—The Deputy, 3 10:00—Night Desk, 2 News, 4, •, 10, 12, 3 Dateline '64, 5 Weather. 7 10: OS-News, 7 10:10-Weather, 4, 6, 12, 3 10:15—Movie. 5 Alfred Hitchcock, 6 Sports, 10 Tonight, 7 News, 4, 3 10:20—Candid Camera, 10 10:30-Tonight Show, 2, 4 "Dillinger," 12 "The Red Sheik," 3 10:50-"Dam Busters," 10 ]2:00—News-Prayer. 2 WEDNESDAY DAYTIME 6 00—Happy Show, 10 6.15—Passe Partout, 10 6 55—Farm Report, 7 7 00-Today. 2. 4. 5, 7 Outlook, 10 7:20—Funtime Playhouse, 10 7:25—Local Weather, 7 1-30-Uncle Wiihe's Club. C Adeline's Show, 4 8.00—Kangaroo, «, 10 9:00—Three Stooges, 2 .lack LaLanne, 12 Make Room for Daddy, 2, 4, 7 News, 6, 10 8:23-NBC News. 4, 7 9:30—Play Your Hunch, 5 The Price Is Right, 3, 12 Word For Word, 2, 4, 7 1 Love Lucy, 6. 10 10:00—Concentration 2, 4, 7 Get the Message, 3, 12 Tlie. McCoys, 6, 10 10:30—Jeopardy, 2, 4, 7 Pete and Gladys, 6, 10 , Missing Links, 3, 12 11:00—Love Of Life, 6, 10 Father Knows Best, 3, 12 Say When, 2, 4, 7 ll:30-Ernie Ford, 3, 12 Search for Tomorrow, 6, 10 Truth or Consequences, 247 11:55—NBC News. 2. 4, 7 12:00-Midday In La., 1 Best of Groucho, 5 Romper Room, 7 Midday Report, 3 Famous Play House, 6 Meet Vow Neighbor, 10 "The Abductors," 12 TV Bingo, 4 12:30-Life Line, 5 The World Turns, 6, 10 Let's Make A Deal, 2, 4, 7 Ann LeJeune Show, 3 12:55—News, 12 1:00—Password, H, 10 Bingo, 3 Loretta Young, 2, 4, 7 I:25-Nf\vs, 2, 4, 5, 7 1:30—TJw Doctors, !', 4, 5, 7 Housepariy, 6, 1(1 Day in I'ourt, 3, Jli l:55~Ne\V3, 12 2:00-To Tel) the Truth, B. !0 Another World, 2, 4, 7 General Hospital, 3, 12 2:25-Ne\vs, 6, 10 2:30-Edge of Night, 6, 10 You Don't Say, 2, 5, 7, 4 Queen for a Day, 3, 12 3:00—The Match Game, 2, 4, 5, 7 Secret Storm, 6. 10 Trailmaster, 3, 12 3:2S-News, 2, 4, 7 3:30—Amos & Andy, 10 TV Bingo, 4 "Paratrooper." 6 Bayou Fair, 7 4.: 00—Movie, 2 Circle 4 flub. 4 Family Theatre, 10 Happy Hour, 12 Highway Patrol, 5 The Big Show, 3 Kdrtoon Kiiiws, 7 4 30—Po;>eye Tiieater. . r > Action Theater, 12 5.00—Super fr^r, 7 Lea'.e It v, ix-au-r. 6 Ycmi Bear. 4 5 :jO—H'Mlev Brmkltv, 2 4. 5. 7 D 15-ABC Rerjur'. ''. WHEN YOU MY D-CO0 TO MI0VUIE LAST WEEK DID HEf? RISHT TO THE PINES?, SIR f DONDI V/HO'DVQUGIYE HERTQ. MY 6RANPPA OA AV DADf.' SUEBNIEOFF. KE/R?^ABLy^T 1 " 1 ~" /HAN6INS AROUND , ' OUR auB HOUSE WAITING FOR >OU TO CQV« HOME. Boy? you COULD STAMP A TRIM, COOKIE / I SUESS | IT IS I SETTlMe A A LITTLE LONG BEETLE BAILEY I HATE TO DISAPPOINT YOU... fp YOU 00 nor ,,. THIS WHae WN<51 WANT «*• TO KNOW HOW VOL! DI FT IN CASE J HAVE TO KNOW SOMETIME/ ... BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE/ J WOULD HAVE LEFT ALLEN IP HE HADN'T COME TO SET MB,' REMEMBER HOW Wlf> J WAS IN SCHOOL? I NEEDED SOMEONE LIKE ALLEN ON STAGE ... HE'S A flCW/V LEADER. VDU KNOW. IM THE COMMUNOY HE'S RESPKTEC ACWMRKJ PROBABLY EVEN A PROFESSOR SAUCER AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY WISHES TO TALK TO MOON MAID. DICK TRACY HELLO. VE5. ASTRONOMY CLASS? LIFE 04 THE MOON? A LECTURE? BUT t CANNOT PROMISED* AT THIS TIME. I HAVE MANY,,,PLANS— LOOK, IM HER FIANCE. I'LL ANSWER ANV QUESTIONS JUST WHAT IS SOUR PROBLEM? > HH . .-</, TH' KIDS DIDN'T T HEARD MEAN NO HARM I SHUCKS f * ^^ KIDS QOTTA UNWIND f 7HATS K/HV WE BRUNQ 'EMTOTH'COUNTW. WHERE THERE'S ROOMl TIJ n 11 —' *" * * BEFORE; RECKON VOUR UTTLE T -, MOW - JU9T C3WUP. GIVEN HALF AN I 'LMINLTTE. NOW, COULD TURN-TH' GMRDENO'EDEN INTO A PIGPEN! THPTT SORT H u inm 0' GUFR FROM 8 ft °NC-AI?MED Cltf NOBODY! fl THflT rf " — " " YUM.' tJb.o ORPHAN ANNIE ALL RIGHT, MELl5SA...Vuu ' TELL ME THAT I'M IM LOVE WITH A CERTAIN WOMAN .WHOM I INTEND TO MARRY/NOW TELL M6 WKOTHflT WOMAN 1S/ REX MORGAN, M.D. I HAVE IT DONT YOU REALIZE THAT IT'S NOT A SECRET? ICANT6LLYDUONETHING,\ REX MORGAN/ 1 NEVER MCT KATE STANDLY...BUT YOU CAN l B£ SURE 5HE WON'T MAKE ;/ HALF THE WIFE THAT .- ! ' JUNE GALE WOULD/ i TUXEK, JAM MISS KWN FROM THE UNIVERSITY. I WISH MX AFUOSIES. HONOREP LA17X MO ONE AW/ -—•••..* rvM<!iu\u.; nv^uiKlnur AOQI TWO OP MY^niPENTe? WHO AtAY HA' WANPERH? OUT HERE.,. TERRY TO? THE RUMORS YOU MENTIONED YOU'LL K COMWr, j <~ ,~)/)OO OUT Of A THEATER, ( U ° Q SEE?.. AND GIRLS ^ 7 ° ' <— I HAD THESE SHIRT5 NJUL -..^^ u,^.., MADF UP SPfCJAL, SXINNX \ WE'VE HIRED WIIL .. FOR YOUR PERSONAL- / MOB YOU/.. LIKE APPEARANCES/ SHOW ,^S-, - THIS/ HIM HOW IT WORKS, KERRY DRAKE 'SKfAKAWAY S«KT'3, SMNNY/^ ^~- 5IIKHED TO TEAR fcA'iY.'.. I'LL KAYt C.OME COATS MAPC UP TOR YOU ' /,, ..THE 5AMH WAY/ JOt. UST&- TO US VESA5 LODE'S SMILIN' JACK JOt.STO!> ACTir;(3 ij^ If ^-^ ~;> , ,.,... A JEALOUS PUW,' .f^,^:,:, K. ', TA-:/ AND LliTFN/ • : &o:jo : iT A ;c-~''i TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1964, Loke Chorfes American Press 13 ON SICK CALL Si Louis Police Rioted Against ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP)-About 500 cursing, screaming Negroes pelted police officers and police cars with bricks and bottles Monday night after two officers answered a sick call. Nine officers were injured, two believed seriously. H was the second riot in the area since Friday when crowds estimated at 400 demonstrated in the streets of Kinloch, a predominantly Negro suburb. Three buildings were set on fire during that disturbance which started over a fight between two Ne- Police fired four tear gas grenades to break up Monday night's incident just west of [lowntown St. Louis. At least eight persons were arrested in t.he hour-long riot. About 50 youths later marched on the nearby 9th District police station, tossing pieces of brick through windows before officers dispersed them. However, a number of Negroes stayed to picket. The incident began when patrolman Gilbert Tissot answered call on a heart case in the Negro neighborhood. He found a woman reported sick. Her two teen-age sons were fighting. Tissot went downstairs to call for aid and "before you knew it, people were coming from two and three blocks away, gathering in front of the house, screaming and cursing," he said. Patrolman James Ramsey was first to arrive. He said the two sons attacked Tissot and him. About 40 policemen, including members of the Canine Corps and their dogs then arrived at the scene. The crowd bognn a steady bombardment on the officers with bricks, rocks, bottles and cans. Two sergeants, Roy Bottoms and William Brown, were seriously injured when hit by debris. Seven oilier officers suffered minor injuries. Police cars were badly damaged. Naomi Murphy, the woman for whom aid originally was summoned, was booked on suspicion of peace disturbance and disorderly conduct. Seven teenagers were hooked on suspicion of peace disturbance and destruction of city property. Governor Vetoes Co-Op Proposal BATON ROUGE (AP) - Gov. John McKeithen vetoed a bill Monday previously passed by the Legislature which would have plaocd rural electrical cooperatives under Jurisdiction of thp State Public Servico Commission. His veto was upheled by the House 8-14, with Reps. Lantz Womack, Franklin, and Robert Munson, Rapldes, voting to sustain the veto. Womack and Munsoit originally had introduced the bill in tlm House, backed by private utilities. A storm of legislative debate had been touched off in original house action. Supporters of the bill said the jurisdiction was necessary because of the territory disputes between the co-ops and private power companies, especially for industrial power customers. In his veto message, Gov. McKethen said, "Having been a member of the Louisiana Public Service Commission for approximately 10 years, I am thoroughly familiar with the problems of both the eledrfral cooperatives and the other utility companies, and the conflicts which develop between them from time to time. "Based upon his knowledge," Hie governor said, "I feel that this bill goes too far and lh;it it would be unwlsfl to place M (he activities of cooperatives under the Louisiana Public- Service Commission, some portion* of (heir activities undoubtedly should be regulated and, if at some future legislative ses-! sinn a less comprehensive bill 1 is passed, I will be happy to sign It." I After the House voted to sustain the veto, Rep. Ford Sttn- son, Bossier, who had sought without success to offer amend- Orleans D.A. Seeks Probe Of House Bill BATON ROUGE (AP) - Tho Orleans Parish Grand Jury may ba asked to look into circumstances involved in legislation which New Orleans DLst. Ally. James Garrison said would benefit ball bondsmen. The State-Times quoted Garrison Monday, in a long distance interview, as saying the would investigate House Bill 984, which extends from 60 days to six months the time in which fore- felture of a bond can be set aside. , The newspaper quoted Garrison as saying he had asked Gov. John McKeithen, tlirough Carlos Spaht, the governor's legal aide, to veto the bill "because there are real indications of j attempts to collect funds for ! bribery of the Legislature."' School's Stray Dog Is'Lucky' KOCK ISLAM), ill (API Lurkv is one of the luckiest dog j in this tov.n. He won a reprieve from an apparent deafn sentence and found 'd llO/Ilf. A stray dog showed up on tin- Horace Mann School plav ; ground. He was perhaps too rough in his playing. Some '•ailed him wild. He was apprr- lii'iided and confined at the city pound. But the sixth grade or gaiu/ed a "Save the Dug" cam ; paiK". Tht- $y payment to l Lucky was made; then a ser 1 of iiMH-r hornet were fuu;>d. nienls favored by the co-ops for limited jurisdiction in territorial disputes, said lie was happy the governor vetoed the bill, "I hope that we can get together with the public utilities in the future on the territory designation dispute," Stinson said. "That has been the main difference." He said there should be some regulation on territory conflicts, Lodge Claims Nomination is Not Locked Up WICHITA, Kan. (AP)-Henry Cabot Lodge declared Monday that it is "just wishful thinking" to say that the Republican presidential nomination is all locked up for Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwatcr. Opening a two-day campaign m Kansas and Missouri in support of Gov. William W. Scranton of Pennsylvania, Lodfie conceded that Scranton is the underdog but he said some people were going to be surprised at Urn San Francisco convention IxxJgc made his remarks at a new* conference before conferring privately with Kansas delegates. He said he hoped fo convince them that Scnmlon is »>o rifilit man (o uplioW (lie principles lo thft Republican party. He indicated he also hoped to reach the absent Kansas dele- pJles through their const!- tuenls. Asked whether he thought Goldwater could be elected If nominated, Lodge replied- n J,i? n ' t iS elteve ihe AnwfcM peopte will endorse the Idea that the federal government has no business In Ihe field of civil fights." Lodge welcomed Ihe selection "f Dr. Milton Eisenhower the former president's brother to nominate Scranton at San Francisco. "ft couldn't he better" j ln .said. Ashed whether he expected Dwigfit J). Eisenhower t,, n i;<k<> a strong arid positive statement before tlu> convention, Lod.'o a;n<i he was sure the former president would say .something SPORT SHIRTS Values to 10.95 Buy Ona At Reg. Price Get Second FOR ONLY ifopplnj Ccnlw M > riMte^ tuipnur CentW

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