Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 7, 1964 · Page 10
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 10

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1964
Page 10
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]Q TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1964, Lake Chorles American Press Louisiana Record Fish BARS, LAROEMOUTlf: BASS. SPOTTED: (Kentucky) CRAPP1K: (sacalnlt) AMBEimCK: BARRACUDA: BLUKFISH: BONITO: COP/IA: DOLPHIN: •FLOUNDER: JACK CJ7EVALT.K: MARLIN 7 , BLUE: MARTJN, WHITE: MACKEREL, K!\G: MACKKREL, SP-NMSH: POMPANO: REDFISH: RHKF-PSHFAD: KAILF1SH: SNAPPER: SPADEK1SH: TARPON 7 : TRIPLETATL: TROUT, SPECKLED: TL'VA. BLUEFIN: Tf\A. BLACKFIN: Fresh Water Fish 11-11, F.lwin Husser. Nov. 195R 11- P. Zoke Davis, March 11-0. Rnhrrt Berry. Marrh 10- 6. Rufiin Williams. Aug 1956 10- 4, Nat Smith, le.iR 10- 1, .T. E. Stewart, 1957 10- 0, Gcorce Bcrgov, .Tan. IDfiO 10- 0, George Wilson. March 1850 9-14, Henry H. Harris. March 19fi4 4- 3, Carroll Perkins 1-13, J. W. McFatter, April 19G4 2- R. Oranl I\1. Krlly. '2- I, Dee- Murphy, April I-J4. Fern in OrljMby. 1947 1- 9. W. K. Morley. July 1053 i- 8, Boh Scearca, Feb. 1954 4- 4, Wf?l:'ie Carroll. April 1050 3-14. Pat CiiJJpn. Marrh 1960 3-13'v. Nellie Keller. Feb. UW4 ?.-M. Leamler Frcy. April 1953 2-12. Mahlc Slnton. April 1964 Salr Water Fish HP,- 0. Gem-EC Tucker. .Inly 19"i!) f>?, 0. Don Lymnn. July 1958 H2- 0, Mrs. Edwin Loe. July 1958 53- 4. Albert Stecn, July 19(53 30-12, C. F Carter Jr.. July 1H59 36- B, Frank Heart!. July 195B 6- 0 Lennni-fl .7 Dazel, Aug. 19fil 5- 8, T. L. Gnrinly. Iflfil 4- 7. R. W. BlncknicH Jr., July 19BO 24- !). SlirliiiR Condi. July 1940 20- 0. Mrs. Lester Plaisanee, July 1.059 73- 0. 68- 0. fi. r >- 0, fi4- 4, 58- R. 55- 4. 54- 4, 52- 4. 50- 0, 4fi-12, Jack Dart. May 1954 Robert G. ITeh'ert, May 19fi4 Miss Pnt Morvant, July I9fi2 Watson Merrill. July 1956 Jimmy Tnups, July 1959 .Tames Prejean, July I960 Buddy Pons, July 195P Clvrle Martin, July 1957 Kelly Stewart, 19B3 Gcorce W. Harriee Jr., July 1963 50- 0, Harlev B. Howeott, Mav 1962 47- 8, Bob Bren/ealfl, July 19fiO 4.1- 0. Frank Donnison, AUG. 1959 40- 0. Davitl Sumiiiersirill. July 1962 39- R, William J, Scheffler. July 1959 3R- R. Willlnm J. Scheffler. Julv 195R 3R- 0. rimrles McVov. June 1957 33- 0, K. F. Stacy Jr., July 1.053 R-10. Paultnn Tfchert, Oct. I05R R- R. Gerald F.-'t/er, Oct. 1952 7- R. Genrne R>acldle 40- 0. Frh-in F. Slncv Jr. Julv IP.'3 34- 0. I,. F. M.-m^ov. .InK 1151 3''- R. II. n. Hecht, Way 1953 32- 8. S. D. JaMremFki. July 1959 4fi3- R, Jim Merivu-tlier. Julv 1958 419-12, DOUR Mimship, June 1963 37R- R, Jack Brown, July 1962 3fi3- 0, E. H. Wagner. AUK. 1963 354- 0, Joe Ramm, July 1961 30R- R, Robert Flanagan Jr.. July 1959 2fl:>- 0, Jim Corbet). June 1961 275- 0, Mrs. Georee T. Schneider, Oct. '50 2C.1- 0, W. ,1. Hupes Jr.. June 1959 95- ft. Air---. Marv Smith, Mav 1964 92- 0. Clyde liiiuk, July 1959 90- 0. Charles- Sehvln". July 1958 80- 0. Mrs. Edwin Loe. Aug. 1962 51- 0, Buddy Pons. July 1960 50- 8, Frank Petit, July 1960 48- 4, Larry Johnson, Aup. 19(53 fi- R. M Hoeke, Oe|. 1959 fi- (i. K. W. Montcotnery. 1954 5-12, Harold Staples Jr.. July 1903 5- li. Joe Teinento, July 1962 5- iV mil Duffy. Jan. 1964 5- 9, H. H. McCain, Dec. 1953 5- 0, Tony Sebastian, Jan. 1955 5li- R, O. L. Cornish, Sept. 1963 45-12, Joseph Vetrano, Oct. 1957 43- 0, Sylvia Therlot, July 1959 42- 0, John Fischtzier, July 1959 40- R, Pale Messina, July 1959 39- 4, Dr. Henry LaRocei, July 1957 34- 0. R. W. Meadows, AUK. 1953 3:i-12. Kduard Romero. Oct. 1953 11- R. Mrs Aubrey Bit res. l«i.">5 11- R. Sieve Troesch, Dec. 1956 96- 0, John L.'iuncella 77- (J. Mrs. C'nmille OuadesMis, Sept, '55 70- 4, Harry Sniiilj. July 195.9 62- 0, Mrs. Edwin Loe, Oct. 1959 74- 0. Jim Mcriwcther, Oct. 1963 R- 3, Charles Kebaslian. Auq. 1963 6- 2, Lawrence Chouesi. July 1961 6- 0, Richard GKnn. July 1962 5-10. Henry Cook. July 1959 198- R, Ov.\.-i!d Frev. Sent. 19"il 183- 0, Mark Brown. July inais 161- 0, Ned McGehee. July 1953 156- R, Robert Phillips. July 1954 154- 4, Mr*. Richard Carrere, July 1950 153- 4, Sianlev '] inney, Julv 1951 144- 8, John Fischlj-ier. July 1954 144- 8, John Lauricella. July 1959 140- 4. Robert L. Waterbury, Aug. 1948 140- 0. Augustus Elmer HI, June 1954 39- R. Mrs. Jimmy Toups, July 1959 33- 0, Bob Moran. June 1953 L, C. Man's Fish Listed Among Slate Records A one-pound, 13 ounce .Spotted (Kentucky) bass, caught by Lake Charles angler Jimmy McFatter last April, has been added to the listing of Louisiana record fish. A revised list of the fish records, maintained by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, was released last, week by Jim Falkner, LOWA president. McFatter's Kentucky checked in the No. 2 spot, behind a 4-3 fish caught by Carrel! Perkins some years ago. Here are the records as announced by Falkner: Kouiax Vs Farrell Set In Houston HOUSTON (SpM - A pilch- ing duel between the Dodgers' ! Sandy Koufax and Houston'? "Turk" Farrell will highlight :the Houston Colt .45s' three- i game series with the World ! Champion Los Angeles Dodgers that opens Thursday night, July [ 9, at Colt Stadium. Game time i is 7:30 p.m. The Koufax-Farrell mound ! battle is scheduled for Friday i night, July in. Houston's Ken Johnson is slated to face Dodger rookie lefthander Larry .Miller . Thursday night and big Don , Drysdale will go against. Bob 'Bruce Saturday afternoon at 4:30 ! p.m. , AI Dark's San Francisco ; Giants, led by the wonderful '. Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, rookie J i m ; Hart, and Juan Marichal, will : follow the Dodgers into Colt Stadium with night games Sun: day, July 12 and Monday. July ; 13. ' ' Sunday night, July 12, will be ; "Family Night" with all chil- : dren, in or under, admitted free ; to the general admission section | or receiving a $1.50 reduction j on box or reserved seals when ! accompanied by a parent. 1 The Dodgers, who are off to . a slow start this season, feature one of the most colorful lineups in baseball. In addition to Koufax and Drysdale, the Dodgers have such exciting perform' ers as Frank Howard. Maury 1 Wills. Willie Davis. Tommy Davis, Ron Pcrranoski and Junior Gilliam. Following the Dodgers and i Giants series the Coll ,45s will be on the road for 27 of the next 30 games. The only home games from July 13 to August 14 will he a weekend series with the Chicago Cubs on July 24-26. 12- 6, Leon Mattes. May 1950 9- 2. Jack Hnrniston, Aue 1956 R-10, T. K. Fortson. July 1957 8- 2. Mr«. A. ,1. Hii"hes. \<n 1956 8- 0, Lloyd J. Amedce. June 1954 7-10. Gibson Collins. July 1957 7- 9, M. J. Farac. July 1961 7- 8, Mrs. Paul Delery, April 1955 7- 4. Charles Anderson. April 1954 440- 0. Jim Meriwclher. Ma\ 1963 l r >- 0, Robert Levcrt Jr. Aus! 19i'-3 Tl'VV VKLLOWFIN: 1HM- 0 Clv,i>.-~ DM,•),,•,,, on \l!i>onl 15"- 0. Ki)i)'-'!c'- Boon i .hint ' SHOO 7f'- '<. H-iri. v H I|M'.' rut! .1, . T'I- o. Che.- Sli.i! i.! M \ ' II4-1-. \V ( Sln>p|jiTi-':!i .l'.il\ ! iii) 12. \hjv C' J3<Jii.(.,n !:<:..•; Brown lo Try Pro Footba C.RKKN BAY. Wis. (API- Former Maryland halfback and first baseman Tom Brown, who struck out in professional base-1 ball, is going to try his hand in i the National Football League with the Green Bay Packers. The Packers, who finished second in the Western Conference as they bid for a third straight league title last year, said Monday night the 23-year- i old Brown had signed. Bonner Miller Wins Twice In Knoxville Meet DUEL IN BIG ONE—Righthand- ers Kyle Carlin, left, of Sulphur Post 179 and Delman McNabb of Lake Charles Stevedores will be the mound opponents tonight when the two teams Kramer SeeJcin chsh at 7:30 p.m. at Frasch Park. In other night games. West Lake will be at Pepsi Cola and Jennings at Oakdale. PARIS (APi — Jack Kramer, ; once the boss of the touring pro'] fessional tennis players but now i content with what, he calls an ambassador's role, said today ; that he has been scouting five prospects to arid to the pro ; troupe. Kramer was at Wimbledon as ; a radio commentator and was ready to talk to any outstanding ' players who might help draw crowds to the pro tournaments. "Unfortunately, the people we are most interested in didn't do i so well at Wimbledon," he 1 said. "Now we'll have to wait for the American championships at Forest Hills before we make any serious moves." i Kramer mentioned the three J most likely prospects. I "From the standpoint of an American - Australian competi- I tion, Americans Dennis Ralston I and Chuck McKinley seem to . be Ihe best. From a European ! viewpoint, Manuel SanUina of j Spain is the most interesting." i He did not mention Roy Em! erson. (he Wimbledon champi- ! on, and Fred Stollc. the runner- up. Both are Australians and the professionals have in the past shied away from signing any more Australians because BASEBALL STANDINGS i Pliilodelphlo San Francisco Cincinnati Los Angeles ., It. I oii : r Milwr.uke* NATIONAL LEAGUE i Won Lost Pet. Behind I •17 41 York 28 .11 JS .19 -10 40 •8 41 .627 .60.1 .545 NO MONDAY S RfcSULTS , tui V/ 27 f Bnttimorf : Oianpo H<-v. York .. Mmnrsofa AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. Behind .:» :•,; (,-.' _.. 44 m 45 .; i t I ns Angeles .. I iPvrljMd Krirv a>. Citv .... i! Vvn',! inntort '17 .SIS 7 !',:: 1(1' •H .481 II'. •14 IS/ i )' 44/ 14 y>i IB 86 1» t v TODAY'S CAMEi A'nrucnn L' v oOur /*MiitOf'. ((,•:(:,« r U-nncler., 5-5) v,. National I All-Slors (Diyartale, Ins Ann,-l,-s II /) ol New Ynik " " ' WEDNESDAY'S GAMES Cincinnati nt Pittsburgh, nriht St. I ouls of Philadelphia, niqht San Maruisco at Chiccigo, 2 Only games scheduled Derouen MONDAY'S RESULTS Nn ncinr s s- hf du! p :-d TODAY S GAMES NDfi'Vicr !.('U(;u.; Afi'.h 1 ' 1 (D vvrJ-'iN' La<, AliCic PS. \l n ; A';ipr. ( (i.i I coiiui- All liars iChmn,-, Loi Ang.-lrs. 55) ; al Nc-w \ork WEDNESDAY'S GAMES No ijanu-.s SLh-an.rti Powers 210 Line, 548 Set HONOR ROLL Men ?IS I IWI/S' Bob lumuoid ':'!, Y.'rlir SpflH" .VI. BUOPI. Jfll-iriMt .'I? Allan McCloud 1U. Cliutll Mi Cloud 2to «00 SERIES: NOIM- Women 185 LINES: Dcusir. Di'ioimi : nn 192. llyn Smith 207. I ou ROM> IW t Dutrene 207, Betiv Chapman 19i) bie Roberts \S f >. Gerry,' Dovlc 1 •500 SERIES: Dm sit Dr-'ourn 548. lyn Smith 540 Lou K:,',c- ->?5 G Doyle 532, Bctlv Chuprnan 30J Darsie Derouen kcuged a fine distaff line and series in (hi' Mot ui tilr National A Ail Women's Meet To Open on Thursday HANFOHD. Calif. CAP) ..... lour .hundred girls from fiv<> nalu.n.s , compete in this central California city Thursday, Friday and (Saturday in the '.National" AAU j Women's track and field me.-! | America's two top performers i in each event win places ( >n the il'iiiled States team \vhi< h will 'meet the Russians in Los Angles. July 25-26. In addition tn alhleies imin the United Stales. iht-:v ba . .• been entries from .Jamairj, Mexieo. Canada and Fcnim-.i .Nuet director Herb -Sioikman explained that the c.nniu'inu :i has been divided into x'''l>' and women's .sections with n eveni> in each l.iidies Cl.issic 'I'riu Icu.yuc here Monday niyht. She hnd a 2in line and n 54B series. Bob Landlord of the Three Man Scratch league [Misled a 232 line. There were no GOO series RECREATION BANTAMS N "5' 1 \ 0 '-' a "'' c E'ffs' Prune, Tram ",'.< n s Sei iey (-"runo 331 U'omen'i Gome: D^n'O inn Hn-dv I.':'. Bugs <••} * V.w.en'* V-MCS Hardy. < t •T" Ccir.e Toci'i rrur. jftC RECREATION -IR-SR I..CIM,: K.-n.-jjii fot,- Tcoi S "i7 Stic 484 i. .,, ..ii ,OS«U:i' 5 om Strips l.oi:.s Blusicms, 1444. THREE MAN SCRATCH ''['* C>ama: Bob Lo-igford. J. C. Pen- ivs Series: Landlord. 598 :ni Giinu: Sam ,,, 5) 6 -am S<rlcs- Som's. 1675 MONDAY NITE LOAFERS '•ill Game. Willie Sper.ce Spjnct- :-Ton r?!. -i s Sera's: yvrne Spi-nc*. 5i« urn C-uir.v Spcntc-BtvKC'-on SW urn ;,. i ivs; B j c r, f r t VVoaitt r. , ct'-Bn o(ron. (l,f) IfloJ. LADIES CLASSIC TRIO -ir.-i- i CiT.i; Dor':? Diro.,en Icon- Olympic Torch To Be Relaed Romary " res Ihp Ironpe already is loaded with them. "Sometimes it's hard to get good men," Kramer said, "they use our offer to gel a better deal from their federations. We offered Rafael Osnna of Mexico $50,000 but lie turned it down.'' Kramer attended a ceremony offering a cup to the French Tennis Federation for use in if * * open lournaments. Kramer said ''1 don't call! them open tournaments. I think; it's better to say honest com-! petition. The professional play- 1 ers will do anything they can i to help with tiie organization/! It's hound (o come and if the international federation won't approve the idea, some of the i people mk;hl , r ;et mad enough! lo do il on their own." BROOKL1NE, Mass. (AfM- Australia's Ken Ro.sewfill comes by his top-seeding naturally for the U.S. Professional Tennis Torre Jokes Over Braves' MILWAUKEE (APi - Joe Torre, the Milwaukee Hrnvcs National League All-Star catcher, has pasted an "A" over the white "M" on his uniform cap. "A" is for Atlanta. "You can see I'm ready for Poachtree Street right now," cracked Torre Monday before heading for New York and today'.s All-Star game. He and other Brave-; had been asked to comment mi re- poris that the Braves v,ill he m Atlanta in 1%.). And while the Braves' management ''.as not said flatly that the National League team will be in Milwaukee next season none of the players would go out on a limn. One of the players, wiio didn't want his name used, said, "Everything I own is tied up in Milwaukee, but I can't blame the management for wanting me lo move.. We have to draw 1.2(10.000 persons to actually ri' ; :iki' it a million paid because ol the * pedal ticket programs otli-u'd to !><v)st i>a«'iia!| as well as atti'iidance." Championship July 9-12 at Longwood. The little right-hander has won three of seven tournaments on the current lour and 17 of 20 matches. The draw was held Monday, and Rosewall was given a first round bye. Pancho Gonxales, 36, in his comeback bid, was seeded second. Then come rookie pro Rod Laver and Spain's Andres Cimeno. Oon/ales has won two tournaments lo date while Laver and (limcno have won one each. The $10,000 tournament, sponsored by a local bank, opens with four matches contested by the unseeded pros, as follows: Mike Davies, Wales, vs. Lew Hoad, Australia; Luis Ayala, Chile, vs. Butch Buchholz'. St. l.inii.s; Alex Olmedo, Peru, vs. Sammy (iiammalva, Houston; PHucho Si.>;.'uri, Los Angeles, vs. Barry MacKay. Santa Monica, Calif. Havltcek Will Go Under Knife BOSTON (API-John Havlicek of the Boston Celtics was scheduled to undergo surgery for torn ciii.ilage in his right knee at Massachusetts Memorial Hospital today. Havlicek suffered the injury in a State Department sponsored (dm of Africa from which lie returned. KNOXVILLE, Term. (AP)-, Bonner Miller of Jennings breez-1 ' during Monday play in the i 'Southern Appalachian and Southern Girls Closed tennis ; tournament. Miss Miller dumped D a n a j Manley of Knoxville fi-2, 6-4, in ; 18-under play anc 1 . advanced with i a default in 16-under action. | In boys 16-under play, Dusty I Miller of Jennings was ousted ' by Dick Beetle of Knoxville 6-2, j 6-3. I Included among the boys results were victories by Upton Giles of New Orleans and Bill Borders of Shrcveport. KNOXVILLE, T«nn. (AP)-Resulfs Of Monday play In the Southern Appalach- Ion and Southern plrls closed tennis tournaments Included: SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN Boys 18-undcr Upton Giles, New Orleans, beat Ed Dismuke, Oak Rldac, default. Bayi U-unt(«r i Dick BeiMic, Knoxville, beat Dusty . Miller, Jennings, La., b-1, 6-3. ', Boyi 14-under Bill Borders, Shreveporf, Lo., beof David Ditk, Chattanooga, 6-0, A-1. SOUTHERN GIRLS CLOSED 18-under F.mliv Averefte, Shrevcporl, La., heat Ann Wallace, Knoxville, 6-0, 6-0. Bonner MIMer, Jennings, lo, peol Dana '• Manley, Knoxville, 6-2, 6-4. ]<-i/nder Alice rlr Rochement, Shreveport, La., beol Tuppy Douoherty, Bnton Rouge, Lo., 6-1, 9-7. Miller beat Cheryl Ornrs, San Juan/ default. Kay Walls, New Orleans, beat Lynn Mciijcy, Knoxville, 6-0. 6-0. Undo Tuero, New Orleans, beat Ellle Jones, Atlanta, 6-0, 6-1. 14-under De Rochcment beat Suvm Taylor, Mtiryvllle, 6-0, 6-0 Ann Borders, Shreveport, beat Betty Jane Prltchelt, Alcoa, 6-0, 6-0. 12-under Borders bcal Laura Bonne, New Or* Irani, y-5, i. 3. Laura Duffy, Chattanoona, beat Karen Colter, Shrcvoport, 6-2, 62. Helen Hickman, Shreveport, beat Commie Smith, Knoxville, 6-0, 6-1. ! ) ] CASH LOANS i i'Jini I -'LH'U Use extra cash right now? Old bills, medical expenses—whenever exfra cash would help, come in and see us about a convenient Commercial Credit Plan* loan. You'll find a warm welcome here, so stop by today . . . and let's talk it over! COMMERCIAL CREDIT PLAN *A service offered by Commercial Credit Plan, Incorporated Ciedit Lite and Disability Insurant* Available to Eligible Sorrower* HOW MUCH CAN YOU USE? Cash Monthly Payments For | You Get 36 Mfli 2 4 Mo. 18 Mo. j ,So50 - $17.'J8 S'-iL'.SM 5oo - :.'5.t'.r> :;j..'.•_' .'.! ,;, lie 1 .;- TO j ; !•'.. r.;.i| (H t r!i, (lei. It). 3303 RYAN STREET Phone: 477-6414 Legislature OKs Reorganization Of Athletic Group BATON ROUGE (AP) - The Legislature voted final approval today of a bill to reorganize the Louisiana Athletic Commission. The Senate vote on the measure was 38-0. The House had voted approval. Sen. Garland B o n i n, Lafayette, said the bill would keep on the athletic commission Pete Herman, famed former boxing champion of New Orleans. Under Hie proposal, ready to he sent to Gov. John McKeithen, Bonin said a five-man commission would be set up. One would be named by the governor from each of Louisiana's three public service commission districts. Another would be named at large, and the fifth would be Herman. 44 TRY KING EDWARD 9 * America's Largest Selling Pay TOM SESTAK •n'>A AUBURN LAKE CHARLES, LA. ELECTED ALL PRO TACKLE WITH THE BUFFALO BILLS PRO FOOTBALL TEAM Congratulates V'OiHB WIDE HEALTH STUDIO ON ITS 1st ANNIVERSARY "WORLD W/DE, THROUGH ITS PROfESSIONAL STAFF AND ITS QUALITY EQUIPMENT, HAS KEPT ME IN TOP PHYSICAL CONDITION DURING MY OFF SEASON PLAY." PHONE 477-2937 FOR FREE TREATMENT LOSE OR GAIN WEIGHT THE PROFESSIONAL WAY AT WORLD WIDE HEALTH STUDIO 4343 COMMON 477-2937 Terms were not disclosed, but Brown reported signed for a salary of about $20,000 and a bonus of $6,000—the same terms offered when he was drafted by the Packers in 1962. Brown, a football star and baseball All-America at the University of Maryland, was a 1963 spring sensation for the Washington Senators, who paid him a bonus of "about $20,000," He opened the season at first base after hitting .312 in the exhibitions. ; But after hitting only .167 in 61 American League games, he was farmed out to York, Pa., in the Class AA Eastern League, where, he hit .228 in 77 games. He was back at York this year, and his average dipped below .200 before he told Manager Jim Lemon he would play his last, professional baseball game Sunday night. The Packers consider Brown a top prospect for either flanker back or defensive back. He is 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds. Boyer Leads Joycee Goli Field on 69 LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) - D. J. Boyer carried a two-stroke lead into today's opening round of the Louisiana Jaycee Junior Golf Tourney. The Denham Springs youngster fired a two-under par 69 Monday to take a two-stroke lead over Tommy Thomas o£ Lafayette. Corey Hoffpauir of Baton Round shot a 72 to take the third spot. Rusty Casey and Ronnie Wilkins, both of Alexandria, tied for fourth with 73s. Alexandria and Lafayette tied for the team lead with a four- man total of 305. The 54-hole tourney, which ends Wednesday, is being played on the 36-35—71 par 6,219- yard Municipal Golf course. Bob Rodgers of Lafayette, defending champion, was not eligible because of age. Players must be 17 or under. THE LEADERS D. J. Boyer, Denham Springs 37-32—«» Tommy Thomas, Lafayetto 35-3A—71 Corey Hoffpauir, Baton Rouge 34-3«—72 Rusfy Casey, Alexandria 36-37—73 Ronnie Wilklns, Alexandria 36-37—73 GeorflO Warren, Basfroo 38-34—74 Wayne Peddy, West Monroe 37-38— 75 Tom Miller, Homer 37-38—75 Milton Burke, Shreveport 38-37—75 Johnny Foreman, Lafayette 3S-37—75 Don McMath, Lafayette 39-37—76 Roy Mulhearn, West Monroe 38-38—76

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