Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 7, 1964 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1964
Page 9
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British Open Golf W ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) —They crowned a new king today for the 1964 British Open Golf Championship at the birthplace of the game. He's a character known as the spectator. Off the printing presses rolled enough tickets to accommodate 30,000 people to watch the 104th Open title play which starts Wendesday and endures 72 holes over the most impolite 6,926 yards of trouble in existence. In 1873 Tom Kidd won the championship here from 25 competitors and a bibulous gallery Ot 50. As late as 1949, Reg Whitcombe beat Harry Bradshaw of Ireland at Sandwich in a playoff which attracted exactly 20 spectators. As the American challengers, led by Jack Nicklaus, Doug Sanders, Tony Lema and Doug Ford, and others arrived, the ° Id r f u Golf fans by the hun- a - d> Sport - nth f - > g their spectator tickets. I he spectator is the bulldozed at the second , the third and fourth tees, the flfth and 13th and at the 14th and 17th greens. Stands king have been erected at the first e rs nowadays, said George Simms, ] and third greens and at the 12th press officer for the Open. 13th and 14th. A mobile score fcumms, a golf writer in Brit- 1 board was built Royal and Ancient Club once They permitted the press to come to */o« e 7 *l? ..---. the tradesmen's entrance to seeiJS ih" 7 e , entl ! r ? ?«# °j something nested on the wall """' the las t snot is fired spectators of coif something posted on the wall. This currying the favor with the public has been adopted from the Americans. Consequently, this time t h e paying golf spectator is being given new paths to walk alongside the nine holes out and nine holes back which distinguish the Old Course. Parking lots have been created. A road was built to the turn so it is now possible to drive to the ninth green. Mounds were l- Pizzas Beafen In t —-.-»* u. ** *«•«** v* \* UO VIA O. Fast Pitch Action WORTSTCALENDAR day. By American standards that's not very much. But you can play the Old Course, without introduction since it is publicly owned by the town, for $1.40. And adjoining courses such as the ''New," the "Eden" and the Jubilee" are correspondingly cheaper to the point where a child is charged only 14 cents a round. The open prize is only $4,200. The top Americans who have lifted the open into the biggest prestige title abroad don't scorn it. TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1964, Lake Charles American Efcss 9 AFL Players Propose Game BOSTON (AP)-Okay, so the the purpose of solving anv American Football League -problems we may have as management, that is-can't 1 players " linebacker and president of the'n AFL Player AssSS '' PLAYER UNLIMBERS — Gary Player of South Africa amuses Jack Nicklaus, left, as he uses a golf club like a billard cue on a tee at Si. An- drews, Scotland, Monday during a practice round for the British Open which begins Wednesday. (AP Wire- photo). Things got back to normal in the LCRC Softball league as play got under way after a week's delay. In the Fast Pitch league Lady Queen of Heaven clipped Pizza House, 6-2, as Bobby Hohensee hurled a three-hitter for the victory. A. J. LaRocca hit a solo homer for Pizza House. Additional Winners In Rodeo Listed Broadtnoor bombed Sowela Tech, 7-1, as pitcher Ed Bell Pitched two-hit ball for the victors. In another Fast Pitch game, Pan-American and St. Margaret battled to a 3-3 tie. In the Minor Slow Pitch league the Shelters won a double header. They outscored the Engineers, 20-10 on home runs by John Dennis, Jim Clark and Marvin Ingalls and hit the Vets 10-6 on the home run hitting of Ronnie Romsage and Marvin Tngalls. The Woodchoppers edged the TODAY LEGION BASEBALL: L. C. Stevedores at Sulphur Post 179, West Lake at Pepsi Cola, Jennings at Oakdale, all 7:30 p.m.; Mets at Donaldson, 2 p m TOMORROW _No events scheduled. Russian Trackmen Will Be Stronger b r lans between H COUld , bri "* °* lw » AJJ- t. closer together n a Addison has contacted Oriel! 1 playoff game or an all" la? end £ n r^ 0lfR ' (dC ' gamp ' th? " » ^''W bonefSttS end who is ML counter- j players participating in such a A i r ' S ame anf ' enlarge both our nen- Addison suggests a meeting ; .sion funds. P of both league's associations to i "end this senseless war" and : improve pro football in general and the players' lot in particular. Braase said in Baltimore he had received word from Addison but would not comment until he has discussed the matter with his association's membership. Addison says he seeks the meeting of the associations "for One of These Years They 7 // Olympic Trials Right the hang of if. j Say, the year 2020. S Right now. they haven't got ! the thing licked'. They tried again over the weekend. In" Oilers Cop .Win No. 14 In 15-4 Tiff To remain undefeated in Littlie League play is an accomplishment in itself. The Oilers liave done just that by winning 14 games Huts far this season. The Oilers bombed the Merchants, 15-4, in the Mid-City Major league Monday. David LeBnlo hit a three-run homer to dead center field for the Oilers. j in the Souliisidc Major Icnguo The Giants nipped the Braves, nf ... , • ( >. in the Soulhside National Of course, this is the sort of league. MOSCOW (AH- The Soviet Carbons 9-8, in an eight inning ! me "' s tr ack and field team that affair which saw George Lanette i °PP° ses the United States gelling two home runs for the I? 1 Los A "g ele s July 25-26 will P1 '~ -i "- «•• I be """• i gelling two home runs for the! at Los Angeles July 25-26 will Rodeo judges Joe Black and j Choppers and Ron Silvers get-! be stro "ger than the one that Marshal Smith today announced I lin R a round-tripper for the Car- l put u . p a stron S battle against the balance of individual win- bons. ! American trackmen here last ners in the Fourth of July rtrv j>' car - according to Russian ...„«! i n it . _ . . ** CITY PA^T DlTru n i_ /•* _ • !»-..• < . CITY FAST PITCH j year, according to Russian 3 j Coach Gavrill Korobkov. But Korobkov squelched the balance of individual win- bons. ners in the Fourth of July weekend Southwest Louisiana' Pon-American ..:.,..'006"2001-3 s Deep Sea and Inland Fishing Je" y0 To e !rr"ond"B*° vJ ^ 4 TJ j , f^ ^ i Di .,' i~'uit.i uiirj HOD van Gosson* i • - ,.. ^, ».i m noaeo at Cameron. , eiackio siondford and Percy Cormier', anticipated broad jump duel be- Due to several weighing stands • f 3 '"" wo,, 5e O oo 200-2 3 ' " " ' being used, it took better than 3L°. me ™...°' . Hca .^n -™ oox-^ 7 a day to compile the results and announce the winners ! In the boat prize competition, | ncK'" 0 House: A - J - LaR °« a first place went to Jerry Ash- soweia ley's Thelma. Second went to Broadmoor ..."";.•.•."::•• m°-j 2 ° George McNess' Mary Mac; »-" ™- L 2^ r y_.S nd s°m Breoux; Ed and third was tied between H! holder Igor Ter-Ovanesyan and U.S. ace Ralph Boston'' by disclosing that Tet yan will not make the trip. supply careful directions. , „, , uuisei l(lls w t J" ^ v rs,r"„«;;?; STJS, st ^« 5-1 hS .«.., *. ^^ •h.«-»,*„.••,&-* „.* bi *%*s sr ? MS ^™:ts"; ™ s ^ i SST«-° >- *« w^ •"'•" h"W m the stadium Ihnf! a ride in a vehicle passing ovei A , "''" I Mid-City Minor league. " ^the^hffoH n,,t -r tCS ', hcmsdws ' I" the Tri-Parish Church liumn. !! 0l . n ! Cflrollt U. )l really _ wasn't; League the Cardinals bombed . , , . v, . l .. L , «v..ii vnuj ixi ell I I VI! IS 10 Mllvll ll'O lllYlrtcf nvfin * i were he d in the stadium that a ride in a vehicle passing over ' * , ! Mid-Git nesyan and was hm 't for the 19,'!fi effort.! the island on (hn brid"e nsl- the ' athletes themselves; i n (| on Monday S'nve then, the stadium has jtistj driver to slow down amfiumn' P ° ln ! C(1 Ollt ' il m '" y wasn>l ' league rer-Ovanes- llp cn sitting around eating up As a result of all'this disuse' milc " of a " 01 .V m l )ic trials, any-l Kirkim the trip. .taxes t , )c wh , „].„.„ ;, ' Km^way. | Boston topped the Russian's j nlrmt' ioko' nrlri mart nf 97 fnnt if. i.,,.u ''"l" 11 • |OKO - H is the original white cle the whole musty. lan Street 22-. r ) >i i:. me original winte cle-1 musty. • i''ir example, the winners onrrs ... ....,' '"7? T.U??' i, „ r,, • I Uniil rcconll >'' f!lc broad ' 1Pr !-S^V 111 ' 0 sp)l "^^ llie stadium has the following j jump pit was the only one left '" lllc !ok y° Barnes. Well, al-KV^ord Bryun Squ " lajor drawbacks: 1. It. is inn'in Amoi-i r >i <..;IK _.,...',i..... MM. •most, sum t-Mnnt world mark of 27 feet 3't inches with a wind-aided leap of '„.!!?. S 'f "T 1 as ", e J°"? win 8 i J um P PH was life only one left '" lhc ' !W 27-5'/ 2 last Friday at. the U S i ^ r draw j? ( * s: L II >* too; in America with sawdust. The.' ninst su ™Olympic Trials. ' ' '' „ ?" or a b| fr»me stadium. 2. wags said the high jump stand- They can still he left home if it is too small ior a drive-in ards only went to six feet. they aren't in lop form at. the MID-CITY MAJOR 421 404—15 12 ? .-. L .040 000— 447 nnifl De'jOUIer; lire's (4), and , ,,.*ni ., Monk. HR—Oilm: Dcwli! l.cnolo, 4lh, 2 on. avcn. O HPnry Says, A. J. LaRocca n) nnri V R" nHook; Bobb y nohcns« ond ' Shelters Ralph Liles' Contraband II and Charles Quirk's Mr. Seacecue Named Outstanding Inland Angler was Larry Parker. In the ladies inland event ! shelters Mrs. A. G. Slacey was first " Mrs. Todd Perkins, second, and MINOR SLOW PITCH Engineers ; vets 509 060 0— JO !8 7 0800200-1013 1 tweon T?,i«i a """ J ""M """' " j Korobkov told the official So- "H-Vlcr. 3. You can't get there. twecn Russian world record vief. news agency, Tass, that jTer-Ovancsyan was sick. He missed the Znamensky Brothers Memorial Meet in Moscow last weekend. That i't Inn-, hut. n IP . , , Mrs. Sherman Fontenot, third. Mike Lanza was top fisherman in the junior inland division. Second and third place is tied between Michael Bares and Rick Murdock. Awards will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the United Gas Corp. auditorium, 1919 Kirkman street. . MJZ'2 12 <| NLandUmps Reach Accord NEW YORK (AP) - The National League's Executive ( Council, meeting with represent- j atives of the league's umpires I association, has reached a ver- i In the 1963 meet in Moscow, American men defeated the Russians 119-114. A,.t,,.,n., n,"" r",'•""" """"' i """• ""*" ' '""'• '»"• me ''"al trials in Los Angeles Actually, the stadium is on an; standards that held the ropes September <mcl in the hast. River, and' around (.be pit were slamned on Tim n,-vt r;,^ „ crcfore is probably reachable > the base: ''\VoiS\pK T" !" C -'— swimmers-from e i-j Tlinl dales most everything, • K» T t g* a^"^ ! a" »ough (be locks on the doors'team there. in 50UTHSIDE MAJOR " 11 ' .................. noi 73- t, .1 l nnnln ............ 104 5<-IO J 1 vin HR fnia h |ls. CrS: R ° nn ' e R ° msaae ' Mar Woodchoppers Carbons 071 000 01— P U 3 .020 1 20—8 10 3 .. — j- ....... ..... u*uogi iy— 0 lu J Lloyd Savoy and Wilson Golrcaux; John Newcomer ond Ernie Granger . on an increase | in the umpires' pension fund. The agreement, which came after three hours of closed door meetings Monday, must be approved by the league at the _ Cavaliers Nip Mossville 9-7 summer meeting, tentatively scheduled Aug. 10 in Chicago. , Cogle, Sfephens Annex Guidrv TODS Bobe Ruth io °P Confesfs I i, /"' • ' -I! -•"•• v.iv* t i».jbtuiiuii.-) nuuw vuiy In Putt-Putt :*™»-~ ^ s ^\^^:-^ "'1-7**'••*-'•'• ! '"8 f th'-ec-hjltcr for Cagle in ; or Cull" Oxygon on ft,.- flnve-Iiil Collins Guidry posted the low !' b '11 tl1 ' lum P h ovp ' - Seven Up in j Imrling of Sieve (Jriffin " B= ™" 18 and 36 hole scores in the i, Babc Rulh M:i i ur ' e a g tie ! r^..n vt. i, m t , i nmvt Mr\>,rl.n. .,:~UA DABE RLITII MA mi •",'•• >un 3X — JU } OltK Holmes, Hohby Thnmm (.1) Hod In Inylnr (4) onrt BUI Olmon; M«fk Ooodr: mid nitid Vlnt.rnl. SOUTHSIDE NATIONAL ;? rrlv , ( ^ oo.i 021--A i 3 < - jl '" lls 020 212—? 2 I Bruce Oerouen, Roy Nol'.on (4), Chris Rnmrro (4) ond Ralph Romero. Guy "They're doing the best, they Ro w- r .&m&. an L d -R B «£,, eGrMr can," said hammer thrower MIO-CITY MINOR Harold Connolly, "holding the g|}i« ... . c ! T . r .. M .! N03 ? 8 "But don't you suppose the] Russians and the Europeans and the Australians know very K ffaud.?te lmR S!gS. 11 Joy Kuril. W-r ••-Chnrnpatinr. L—Cloudnl. HR— Eayla: Kan Gulllory, Kt, 2 on ifi i TRLPARISM CHURCH Klrkmnn SI OflO iOO— 5 4 ( Cordmnl* 084820-7221 l Kenm.'th Doucel and Rusty Broimord; Oorryl Mutes ond Oarrcll ' *v wiiu uu 11UJV? OL.U1 Co J(t I/IU f , Putt-Putt Church league here ; hci '° Monday night Monday night. MOSSV1LLE ball game here , ... e ., v . Curtis Chambers and Joseph Broncs Capture 7-3 Iowa Victory i V/UIH.T v^iiamueis aim uosepn IOWA (Spl.) — The Broncs! Chambers hit back-to-back home scored a 7-3 triumph over the """" " Tiiu " " " Cubs in the Iowa Little League here Monday night. The Broncs scored four runs In the first inning and Were never behind in the game. . IOWA LITTLE LEAGUE Broncs 400012—7 3 4 Cu >« 120000—3 S 4 Fronkte Foreman and Kansey Bertrand; Greg Corbello Sidney Jones. Guidry had a ten under par T , „ 26 18 hole tally and a fine 59 3(5- Jonn Reynolds, attorney for. hole total. (he umpires' proun, said he would present the agreement to " ere aro " 10 ((>ani le.'iders ai«i the low scores of Hie week: Marksmen Vie For U.S. Team BABB RUTH MAJOR f'"' 1 " ,, on mi o-« i o Seven Up 4000000-4 ') ; ..r/ 0 '?. GWtorrau, Km I t'BI™ Ml ami Dnv?dson a ' d; BU ' fl1 ' or " 1lv " r " ( frfri W—Gulibcau. """ aliers in the fifth inning. The Cvaliers travel to Fort Polk for a three game series Tuesday. Cavaliers ..003 023 100—7 10 3 .. l Lewis and Curtis Chambers; John Keller and Harold Spuclte ~ Cav " er: urtls Chambers, 5th, ««« .w-.«,.^,j. v, U | l(a ^numoers, am, none on; Joseph Chambers, Sth, none on. "* PUTTPUTT CHURCH LEAGUE (Mo|or First Place Tenni: Saort';, 3-2; Score: Guidry, 39. '" (National League) First Place Team: MC'5, 50. Low 18-hole Score: Ronald Gales, Bobby Jones, 34. Low 36-hole Scorei Gates, 73. The umpires, who on May 26 | _„„ threatened a strike unless the i Low pension plan was improved, currently receive $200 per year for each year of service upon retirement at age 55. They rejected a league offer boosting: 3 . 0 ., the figure to $250 in May, and i Low ia-hoie score: Tom demanded $300. i ,» ua ™-.M; Details of Monday's agreement were not announced. (Continental League) Low 35-hole Score: Aday, n. (American League) First Place Team: BSU, 4-0 Low 18-hole Score: Jesse Parr, 32 Low 34-hole Score: Charles Mirm, 71. i"' 1 . ni'A'NiNi;. <;,•). IAP> - Tli- l;";l finir br-rili-, on ||»> U.S. lli-m;in Olympic rille and pi.slol Flrsl Me;im will be Jilled during the 26 - 1 next, eight days of competition m Ft. Benning. Capt. William McMillan of Turtle C:reck, Pa., vStaff Sgt. Edwin Teague of Chandler, Am., 2nd Lt. Gary Anderson of Axtell, Neb., and Sgt. Martin I. (-•unnarsson of Sedalia, Colo., won spots on the team Monday. Two others were, named earlier. Onlhn I r ir-iin- Mr-pi 1 ' o ID oon n nno " f r^ n BOXING By Tha Atuclaled Preu LOS AimELES-Masahlko (Hyhlinrj) Hnrado, I20' 4 , Japan, oulfiolnlerf l)f:y Asli, I20'.4, Manila, 10; lsma-1 1 nnuna 1M, Ponnma, knackfd oul Kid Angtiuat, 132, Mexico City, 8. ^^^^^^^^^^•"•"•••••••••^•••i Like Money From Heaven . . . Get Gash For • KKI INAVCINf} OAK NOTKS • VACATIONS • MUDK'AK IUI.I.S I'ay All Your Bills With Onr Friendly Loan. Sec f'exle J>upuy or tieorgc Hudson. PORT FINANCE CO. 1106 Ryan 6-7271 Randy The perfect_ makes a perfect M2[tiniGin Gin-and-Tonic From beginning to end... follow the GOP convention in this newspaper. Will Golduater or Scranton be the Republican choice'.' Or. uill the GOP elephant get behind a dark hri.^? For the complete and "exciting s tor, ol w\c-r)thing that happens in the San Franci^x) Cuv, Palace, you'll want to read these pages—e\ery day! This newspaper is a member of The Associated Press, which means that a great team of AP reporters and photographers will cover the GOP convention for you. AP wires from San Francisco wall carry the political drama as it unfolds-wiUj vivid dispatches and pictures. AP newsmen have been n tial nominating con\en'ions i> pericncc bas umsht them v.h.. mutters nn^i So, for all ; ii t i the convention, follow it on ti the faru day, My I3ih, to ihc

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