The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1950
Page 3
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TUKSDAY, JULY 18, 1050 BLYTHEVTT.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS New Blood Test Nea rs 100 Per Cent Accuracy in Finding Human Cancer By ALTON U BIAKtSI.Ef, PARIS, July 18. (AP)—A new blood test has so far proved almost lut) per cent accurate in delecting cancer in humans, three Swiss physicians reported today. Jjhty told the fifth International* —— : :z^er research Congress Hie lest research based on a chemical that appears in the blood of persons with cancer. The chemical breaks down certain kind of sugar, pentose igar. The test Is made by adding blood serum from the person to a solution of the sugar. The method was described by Dr. George Menkes, Dr. p. Rentchnick »nd Dr. S. Steenmf, of Geneva. The test was tried, they said, on 200 persons with vnrious kinds of cancer, It was 95 per cent right. An improved version was employed on the second hundred. Dr. Menkes said It was almost 100 per cent accurate. On Fentos* Suear Blood from 42 of 44 healthy persons produced no reaction on the pentose sugar, while 88 per cent of 124 persons with diseases other than cancer also showed negative reactions to the test, the Swiss expert .said. Rats were given a cancer-causing chemical. The sugar-destroying chemical appeared In their blocxl fit the same time as the microscope showed cancerous changes In the rats' tissues. Hie sugar-destroy chemical seems tQ a constant and probably property of the blood .o fiier patients. Dr. Menkes concluded. Injection Technique The Congress also heard a description of a new injection technique in which hollow tubes, pushed through human , arteries, wine far as five feet through the body to deliver cannon shots drugs against cancer groivths. Dr. Michael B. Shimkin of San Francisco's National Cancer Insti lute said the tubes can carry large amounts of drugs to the site of the cancer. Twice as much of the drug is injected into the vein would be greatly diluted before tt reached the same site, he explained. Drugs were given In this way t 50 patients, all dying of cancers, In the past year, Dr. Shimkin said About half of them received tern porary help and a few obtained an extra three months of life, he add ed. The drugs used were nitrogen mustards, made from wartime poi •on gases. Tube Method Is Safe The tube method. Dr. Shimki »ald, had proven safe and may be come increasingly useful. The pa tient lies on a fhiroscopic table am doctors watch where the tube, o catheter, is going. The patient get a local anesthetic at- the point o the tube's entry and doesn't see! tj^ mind the process, the docto Two other reports at today's se? Blon described the use of viri: diseases to right cancer. Smalle than bacteria, the tiny viruses ha. lo enter the body cells to live an reproduce. If they get into cance cells, they may be able lo halt slow down Ihe cancerous growtl A report' from Dr. Shimkin an four other San Francisco experts- Dr. Howard A. Bierman, Dr. Wi liam M. D. Hammon, Dr. Bernic U. Eddie and Dr. Karl P. Meyer— ««Id such diseases had been give to 18 persons suffering from cance of the lymph glands or cancer of the blood, leukemia. Some/recovered temporarily, for a few weeks or months, the doctors said. Controlled Virus Bach virus administered was of a type that could be controlled or cut oft with such modem antibiotics »s aureomycin or chloromycetin. Diseases used Included & virus disease of cats, a venereal disease called lymphopathia vcnercum and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Dr. Alice E. Moore of the Sloan- Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, told of using another virus which causes Russian Encephalitis. This dangerous disease, given mice, destroyed some kinds of cancer. CHECK JUNIOR HERE—Buss Bunny—in e?rdbnard—welcom s mamas and their small-fry to a movie irt Hialeah, t.a. The theatia nursery, offering baby-sitting service complete with cribs, toy.', swings, blacks, books and Jitters, enables the moms lo'ta!:e a breather while enjoying the movie. Taking aw-y t!ie kiddies a' 3 makes for quieter movies—It's Miiel enough to hear the r nn c?' Parents Take Long Odds Risk On X-Ray to Save Child's Eyes MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 18. OP)— The parents of tiny blind Becky Haire are sweating out a long odrls gamble to save her life—and looks. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Haire decided yesterday they'd take the 35 per cent chance that X-ray and radium treatment will save the four-month-old baby's eyes. Seven eye specialists diagnosed Becky's blindness as cancer—but told. the parents that only an operation which would remove one eye could confirm the diagnosis. IT cancer was proved, specialists said, further treatment had a 60 per cent chance of saving her life. But, it meant certain disfiguration. An earlier diagnosis attributed Becky's trouble to a muscle behind the eyeball. In taking the long odds. Haire said: "It was a terrible decision to have to make. We thought harder about it than anything In the world. I3ut we can't help thinking that maybe It is a muscle and not a cancer. Becky had her first radium treatment yesterday. She'll undergo one a day for six weeks. If she begins to weaken in about four months, said Haire, "we'll •enow we made the wrong decision. 1 ' Salvation Army .oses Founder; Gen. Booth Dies HARTSDALE, N. Y., July 18. M'y —General Evangeline Booth, rctlr- d commander of the world-wide salvation Army, died yesterday at he age of Bt. She had been ill for more than <i ear and spent the lust few days efore her death in a coma. She was, boru In London on Christmas Day, 1865, the same year ler father, General William Booth, ounded the army. She grew up with he organization and her lifetime Imost exactly paralleled its growth. As a little child she followed her ather's footsteps as he preached in he Limehouse and Whilcchapcl lunis of London—and was preach- ng there herself when only in her eens. Later she carried the army's work nto Canada and the United Slates. As head of the army's Canadian division she led a mission to the Klondike gold rush camps In 1808 Later she became an American citizen and was leader of the army in the United States for 30 years In 1934 she was elected commander of the world organization, am retired in 1939. She was the army's first woman general. Magnolia A. & M. President Resigns MAGNOLIA, Ark., July 18. (/TV-Dr. Cburlie S. wilkins yesterday submitted his resignation as president of Magnolia A. & M. College. The board of trustees Is expected to name Tim Moore Stinnett as iiis successor. Pastor Gets Gift Members of the Lake Street Methodist Church presented the Rev. George L. McGchey, pastor of the church, with a birthday present, of a wrist watch at the close of the morning service Sunday. The watch was presented by Iverson Morris on behalf of the church membership. Montana Voters To Pick Nominees For All Offices HELENA, Monl., July 18. (>T|— Montana voters select nominees today for Congressional, state Rnd local offices. • : Except where there are "hoi" county contests, Indications point to a. Itghl turnout in the slulc'-s off- year primary election. There arc 250,374 voters eligible to trim the field of 29 Congressional-state candidates to lliose who will run in the general election Nov. 7. Then Montrmnns will elect two U. S. Representatives, two state Supreme Court justice.";, state treasurer, state railrond-public service commissioner. 90 state representatives, 28 state senators, county officials and one district judge. Neither Rep. Mnnsfleld (D-MonU nor Rep. D'Ewart (R-Mont) returned home to campaign for re- nomintition, though both hnve opposition. The Korean war kept both in Washington. D'Kwart, arter his fourth term as eastern district Congressman, has one Republican opponent, while six seek the Democratic nomination. Mansfield, out for his fifth term in the stale's western district, faces two other Democratic candidates. Two seek Republican nomination in the district. Returns from Clinic Mrs. Elmer Norman of Blythevillc, who suffered a fractured arm Friday night when she slipped and fell white square'dancing at the Shrine Club at the air base, has returned to her home from Campbell's CUnic in Memphis where she received treatment. NOTICE OF SA!.r HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF BLYTHKVHXK, ARKANSAS Sealed proposals will be received >y the HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLC ARKANSAS (hereinafter called the 'Local Authority") at ils office in the First National Bank BuUdmg, in the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas until 12:00 o'clock Noon (GST) on August 1, 1950, for the purchase of ts Temporary Loan Notes (First Sorie.s) in the aggregate principal nmouilt Of FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTH-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($577,000.00), Hi which time such proposals will be opened and canvassed. The notes will be dated August 29, 1950. and will be payable to bearer on December 1, 1950, The proceeds of said notes will be used to pay incurred or lo be incurred in the development of housing project, or to refund, renew or extend outstanding notes isned in connection therewith, and for which the Public Housing Ad- mmLslration has agreed lo make Joan to assist in the development thereof. For the prompt payment of the principal ol and interest on saiti notes the full faith mid credit- of the Local Authority will be pledged and .said notes will further be .secured by a requisition a^reemeal between ilie Local Authority nm the Public Housing AdminbtraUoi under the terms of which agreement the Public Housing Administration agreas Lo purchase an advance Joan note, of the Local Authority prior to the maturity such temporary loan notes and in an amount sufficient to pay the principal and interest of alt sal( temporary loan notes and agrees t< cause so much of the proceeds o such advance loan note as shaii be sufficient to pay the principal o and interest upon any of said tcm porary loan notes to lie deposited a the respective bank at which saJc temporary loan notes are payabl lor the benefit of the holder o holders thereof. Said notes will bear interest a the rate or rates per annum fixei in the proposal or proposals accept ed for the purchase of such note* will be issued in .such denomination. 1 and both principal and intercs thereof will tie payable at .Mich \n corporated Bank having trust |>ow ers or incorporated Trust Com pan as the purchaser designates hi hi proposal; such Bank or Trust Com pany be a member of the Fed firal Reserve System and must hav an unimpaired capital and surplu. of not than the aggregate prin cipal amount of the notes desig imted in the proposal or proposal .submitted by the purchaser, pro vtded. however, that such unim paired capital and .surplus need no Erxceed One Million Dollars. Th notes will provide that they not valid until after .such Bank Trust Company has signed .th agreement, appearing on each noti lo act as paying agent. The note will be transmitted to such Bank o Trust Company for delivery to Lh purchaser upon receipt and' dis bursement by such Bank or Trus Company of the purchase pric thereof in accordance with Itistrnc tion.s from the Local Authority PAGE THREE Britain Halts Red Oil Shipments jJ^LONDON, July 18. (/TV- A for- rlgn office spokesman announced today Britain has stopped all oil shipments to Red China. British services operating in the far east decided to take over all stocks of oil there for their own uses. Their needs have increased due to operations undertaken in carrying out the United Nations Security Council resolution for bringing back peace to Korea, the .spokesman said. Britain earlier this month turned down an American suggestion that oil shipments to Red China be limited. The foreign office spokesman at lhal time said only oil tor civilian consumption was going to Red China. N T OTTCE OF COMMISSIONER'S ] SALE j NOTICE is hereby given that the ' undersigned commissioner, in com- j pliance with the terms of a decree ' rendered by the Chancery Court tor i the Chicka.sawba District of Missis- | sippi County, Arkansas, on the 6th | day of July, 1950, wherein Alice J Crockett Fletcher was Plaintiff, and ; Leonard E. Crockett, et al, were DC- j fendants. No. 11,232, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the south door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blythe- vlile, Arkansas, on the 5th day of August, 1950, the following real estate, to-wit: of Lot Eleven (U). all in Block Two (2) of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Second Addition to th$ City of Blytheville, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale wi 1 be required to execute bond wit> appi ovcd security, to secure th payment of the purchase mone 1 ^ and a lien will be retained upo! said property as aditional securlL. for the payment 01 sucn purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the ?ea of said Court, on this the 10th d?.j of July, 1950. Harvey Morris, Commissioner in Chancer.x 7J11-18 The Devotion of the Rosary ^ .said lo have been instituted by at Dominic. We're Proud of Our Work Machine work Manufacturing Woodwork Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Speedometer Repair All Makes & Models — Care and Truck* On« Day Service — Factory Warranty T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 or minning Wat&r is One of the Oldest Sources of Energy-' b'jiH hundreds of years ago art still in use-and today, about OHt-tkrd of All U.S. llectricityis qeiieraied from falling water,' 100-proof whiskey is SO7° WATER.' If you pay $5 a quart, it cosls 'you $4,800 per ton, or $2,400 for the water alone.' ( \Ve supply you with water for less than 10$ a ton. The water in whiskey costs you 24.000 times that much.' WATER Is Your Cheapest Coioodity ... USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. fter t«Kiiii! delivery or the nole-s i« purchaser shall obtain the si^- ature of such Bank or Trust Coin- any upon the not** a.s aforesaid. H fees or charges, If any, of such ank or Trust Company shall be aid by »aid purchaser. Complete certified transcript. 1 ) videnclng the lawful organization f the l/5cal Authority and the Hlidlty of the notes and the re- uisition agreement will be furn- shed the attorneys designated by le purchaser to approve the val- dlty of saici notes and said requi- Itlon agreement, at least, five (5) ays prior to the dule of said notes, 'he fec.s or charges of such ut- orneys shall be paid by the pur- haser. AH proposals for the of aid notes shall be submitted in a orm approved by the Local Au- hoilty. Copies of such form or pro- xxsals may be obtained from the ".ocal Authority nt the address In- [catori sbove or from the Geneinl Jouiksel, Public Housing Admlnls- ralion, Washington 25, D. C., or rom the Field Office Director, 'tlbllc Housing Administration, In he cities of New York City, New York; Chicngo, Illinois; Atlanta, leorgia; Port Worth. Texas; San Francisco. California; Philadelphia, 'ennsylvallta; Richmond, Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; Las Angeles, Californn; Seattle, Washington; ind Boston. Alassrichuselts. Projiosals nifty be for nil or any larf of said notes and .separate pro- >a*iuis will be required for each part of said notes for which a separate mtcrcst rale is bid. Said notes will be awarded at the lowest net Interest cost to the I/)cal Authority under such bid or bids, and in computing such interest cost the Ixj^al Authority will take into consideration any premium which any bidder offers to pay. No bid for less than $50,000 principal amount of said notes or for less Hum pur nnd iiccrucd interest (which interest ,hall be computed on a 300-day • basis) will be entertained and l.hc Local Authority reserves Ihe right lo award to any bidder all or nny part of the notus which such bid- der offers lo purchase In na proposal, upon Ihe basts of such proposal, If only a part of the notes hid for in a profliosal are awarded by the Local Authority, the premium. If any, offered In such proposal shall he pro-rated, and >:al<l notes, will be Issued in dcnoiulna- lious in the order of the lowest denominations specified In such proposal: provided, lhat one note may be issued hi a smaller denomination Hum Is otherwise specifibd.! The further right Is reserved to re- f jcct any and all bids. j In the event that prior to the de-1 livery of any of the notes to the! successful bidder therefor the In- ' I'omo received by private holders from obltKathm.s of Ihe same type and character shall be taxable by the terms of any Federal Income tax law hereafter enacted, the successful bidder may, at Ills election, be relieved of his obligations under th» contract to purchase said note*. HOUSING AUTHORITY OP TUB CUT OP BLVTHBVILLE. ARKANSAS By J. Mell Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer Women's Alterations Hours 9-11:30 a.m. 2-5 p.m. Mrs. CA Van Dine 1011 W. Main Phone .1282 Financial Agency Available A National Investment firm is seeking (he services 'of a resident Representative for this area. Age preferred between 30 and <i(). Must be a successful busi- iniiii with imagination, leadership, initiative, good health and financial responsibility I'ornicr sales or sales truiniuj; experience with Invesl- inenls, Insurance, Ueal Estate or Merchandising desirable, but not necessary. We will carefully train the man selected; he will be fully prepared lo represent us creditably. THIS OI'I'O'UTUNITY OF A I.IKKT1ME PROVIDES I.IHKHAI, COMMISSIONS. Present associates making §7500 to 25,000 a year. Are You The Man? H so, ivriic us fully in confidence today. . .staling availability, MKL-, education, and (|iialificiiUons. Personal interview assured. WADDELL & REED, INC. .IOH A. CHANT, I)isi. M K r. 210 Harris l!ld«. Phone 207 Cape Uirarricau, Mo. Now at DREIFUS WHEREVER YOU GO — Seashore, Lake or Mountains-ADD TO YOUR FUN-with an 'Emerson SUPER PORTABLE! Only 95 Less Batteries EXTRA v;i!ue nl an amazing low price! 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