Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on September 4, 1976 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1976
Page 5
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Erma Bombeck's AT WIT'S END Weekend Chef ANN LANDERS Burned by Bike Bummer About ten years ago, a couple of boys were looking for a "snap course." They infiltrated a home ec. class. It became so popular throughout the country special classes were formed and named "Bachelor Survival." In the past three years, the male enrollment has not only doubled, but in some high schools the males outnumber the females at the stoves. What impact has this new breed had on our life styles? I'll tell you what impact it's had. This country is producing (at an astronomical rate) what women who live in the kitchen refer to as "Domestic Jocks." They're the Super Stars of the souffles. . . the dazzlers of the micro waves ... the weekend headliners at the outdoor grills. But they're stars. They don't do pans, spots, stains or ovens. They don't touch charcoal, dripping beaters, dirty blenders or skillets that have to be soaked. When they cook, it's first calss all the way — fresh garlic, fresh lemons, fresh parsley and fresh mushrooms. My husband never cooks out that I don't feel like I am assisting a surgeon at a double valve by-pass. "Tongs! Quick! The tongs!" he commands. (I slap them professionally in his hands.) "Good Lord,, woman. I'm not plucking a baby bottle out of the water. I need tongs for steaks." Next, "The pepper mill. Wipe." I press a dishtowel to his forehead. "Not the perspiration, you turkey — the sauce from my cute apron. After hours of intense concentration, the Domestic Jock speaks. "Are the plates and forks for the salad chilled? Good. The potatoes done? The vegetables cooked just to the peak of flavor? Good You sprayed for bugs? Fine. Because we are ready to eat NOW!" No warning. No time to socialize. No second drink. Just like that. When he says the steaks are done, we are expected to have our forks poised for the .first bite. The other night he wandered into the kitchen, peeled off his asbestos mittens and threw them into the clothes hamper. "Well, I pulled another one through," he said. I looked at the kitchen sink, piled high with dirty pots, pans and dishes, the countertop with melted butter, dirty utensils, lefover rolls and wilted salad. The grill was corroded with barbecue sauce. "Next weekend I think I'll do my kabob number on the grill." I gave him a fetal ovation. with the COUER GIRL Night Call Nurses« siKi:i;r GIRLS PRE-IABOR NIGHT MARATHON ONE NIGHT ONLY SUN.-SEPT. 5th Mr. and Mrs. Jack Conine will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary Sunday with an open house at their home north' of Kalvesta, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Giving the event for their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jacky Conine, Belton, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. James Cline, Beeler, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Conine, Dighton, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Slagle, Alamota, and Mr. and Mrs. Ron Conine, Jetmore. Friends are invited to attend the open house, and the couple requests no gifts. State's First Lady to Attend GOP Women's Luncheon Olivia Bennett, wife of Kansas Gov. Robert Bennett, will be a special guest of the Finney County Women's Republican Club luncheon and fashion show here September 13. The luncheon begins at 12:45 p.m. in Wheatlands Convention Center. Reservations, at $5 per ticket, may be obtained by contacting ticket chairman Mrs. Charles Lansdon at 276-2934, and are due by September 8. Also scheduled is the showing of the latest fall fashions by Garden City merchants. Narrator will be Mrs. George Tale. In addition to Mrs. Bennett, other guests will include area and local politicians. Calendar of Social Events TUESDAY LINCOLN GOODWILL EHU - 1:30 p.m., Bea Wilson. 610 W. Olive. ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR 6:45 p.m.. covered dish supper. 8 p.m. meeting. Honor past matrons and patrons; bring table service. Masonic Temple. HAPPY HOMEMAKERS EHU - 1:30 p.m.. Mrs. Charles Olomon Jr.. Rt. 1. Guest Day. ELKS COUPLES BRIDGE — 8 p.m.. Elks Club. WEDNESDAY MARIS STELLA CLUB - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. George Deslongchamp, 615 N. 12th, GARDEN CLUB — 9 a.m., Southwest District meeting, Warren Hotel. To insure publication of SociaLite ems (club reports I please submit no ler than three days following the club lecling. Contents of reports will be used I the discretion of Ihc Women's Page Mitiir. und none will lw accepted over he telephone. Printed forms arc vailahlc at The Telegram, and may be nailed or deposited through the drop lot at I he front door of The Telegram Questions should be referred to the Womens' Page Editor between the hours if a a.m. and 3 p.m. STEAMATIC* Carpet Cleaning Furniture Cleaning FREE ESTIMATES 276-7138 Lee Scott, Mrg. Duplicate Bridge Winners Named Thirty six duplicate bridge fans met at the Civic Center Monday night for Mitchel play. First place went to the teams of Sue Unger and Florence Burris, Tom Johnson and Bill Crotinger. In second place were the teams of Irene Bryant and Dorothy Rutter, Evelyn Wasson and Gordon Lee. Third place went to Mert and Tony Rome, Jesse and Lucille Whitson. Points also will be issued to fourth-place winners. The local bridge club's regular unit game is scheduled Sunday with bonus points to be given by ACBL. Play begins at 2 p.m., and all area players are invited to participate. Monthly Swiss Team play is slated Monday. Persons needing to fill out a team of four players are asked to contact club director Vern Holmes at 276-2840. New residents especially are invited to participate, Holmes said. DEAR ANN LANDERS: I lent my bicycle to a friend (I'll call her Amy). She agreed to pay me 50 cents for every day she kept it. Two days later Amy called and said she didn't think it was worth 50 cents a day but she'd give me a dollar ,the next ;time she saw me. I asked her when she was bringing the bike back. She said, "Tomorrow." Well, the next morning Amy left my bike in the driveway. .My mom, who isn't the greatest driver in the world to begin with, ran over it. Now I have a piece of junk instead of a bike. Also, it scared the daylights out of Mom. She thought she had hit a person. When I ^old Amy what had happened she said she was sorry. I am burned over this because in the past when our dog attacked Amy's dog my folks paid the vet's bill. Also when. our dog chewed up Amy's sleeping bag (it had candy in it) my mom bought her a new sleeping bag. Please tellime what you think should be done now because I am — Bikeless Dear Bikeless: When a person borrows something he is obligated to return it in the /same .condition as when borrowed. Amy should not have left the bike in the driveway. In my opinion, a fair compromise would be for Amy to pitch in for half the price of a new bike. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Two families in our apartment building, each with a boy and a girl, made plans to rent a four-bedroom villa in Acapulco for a week. The daughter of one of the families couldn't go at the last minute and our daughter was invited in her place. The understanding was that she would share the other girl's bedroom and be a companion. Both girls are 16. We were expected to pay our daughter's plane fare and I insisted that Mr. X keep track of the money spent on her meals so I could reimburse him; (I might acid that I would never allow my children's guests to reimburse US for meals.) When they returned I asked Mr. X how much we owed. He said, "You owe $450. Onef eighth of the villa came to $300 and the cost of seven dinners and six lunches was $150." My husband wrote out a check for $450 without hesitation but we are plenty • shocked by the arithmetic. been put down was visibly uncomfortable and did not respond. Later I mentioned this incident to my husband. He saw nothing wrong with it. I insist it was rude. What do you think? — Second-Guessed Dear Sec: The only thing wrong with the remark is that it was heard by others Criticism privately. PageS Garden City Telegram Saturday, September 4,1976 best offered Did you know that hundreds of people choke to death every year because they eat too rapidly and chunks of food become lodged in the throat? A reminder can be an act of kindness — but it should be done discreetly. Bridal Sellout air an 1514 Taylor Plaza Rock Bottom Prices on the following: FORMALS Size 5 7 Size 6 7-8 w-vei!9-10 w-vcil 10 11-12 1-w-vcil 12 13-14 2-w-veil 14 Head pieces with or without veils ONE WEEK ONLY Acid PH Heatwaves $17.50 Facials— Vz Pria (Reg. 7.00) CALL NOW FOR APPOINTMENT 275-6733 The Telegram - 275-7105 The Garden City Telegram Moil-In Classified Order The quick and inexpensive way to do business. INSTRUCTIONS: Insert one word per square and total the number of words. Put the number of days ad is to be run in the box below. Then figure your cost from the chart below. Example-14 words for four days is $6.16 10 words for three days is S3.60. What is your opinion'.' — Skunked Dear Skunked: You should have sat down with Mr. X at the outset and asked exactly how much the trip was going to cost. Open-end financial arrangements with friends are always risky. Invariabl) somebody ends up feeling skinked. In this case it was you. Consider it tuition in The School of Experience. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Recently I attended a birthday luncheon for a retired businessman. The woman seated at my left criticized the gentleman at my right for eating so rapidly. Several guests heard the remark and were terribly embarrassed as I was. The person who had NAME . ADDRESS CITY STATE clip and mail to; THE GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM, P.O. BOX 958. GARDEN CITY. M'MBEROF DAYS AD IS TO RUN KANSAS 67846 II No. of words 1 time 1.30 1.43 1.56 1.69 1.82 1.95 2 times 2.60 2.86 3.12 3.38 3.64 3.90 3 limes 3.90 3.96 4.32 4.68 5.04 5.40 4 limes 5 5.20 5.20 5.28 5.72 6.16 6.60 times 6.50 6.50 6.60 7.15 7.70 8.25 6 times V7.80 7.80 7.80 7.80 8.40 9.00 10 percent cash discount if paid in advance. Minimum charge per day $1.30 'Mi ti SI F60» HOUTKOOO' * ** GARDEN CITY * * Heat Your Home With The Sun This Winter. ^ ^ * \ ,' He-member the healing "problems last winter? There's still time to install a Solar-Aire auxiliary solar furnace in time for So'farAirc'can supply up to BO percent of the heat needed by the average three-bedroom home here In Garden City. That's a yearly fuel savings of 80 percent without the worry of if you can get it or not. SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION Find out how easy It Is to install a Solar-Aire solar furnace In your present home. It plugs In to the existing furnace so no costly structural modifications are needed. Call us today. SOUTH WEST SUN 508 Stoeckly Phone 275-5367 Garden Cltv. Kansas 2 Shows Nightly 7:35-9:30 TODAY By the time the world's greatest detectives figure oat could die laughing! "CANNONBALL" SOHOtf' SCORE with The "LOVE DOLLS" (See separate ad this page) "ME CAI DE LA NUBE" "ENTRE MONJ AS ANDA EL DIABLO" (See Separate ad this page) OPEN 8:15 ONE STEALS. ONE KILLS. ONE DIES. Starts TUESDAY START 8:45 ^..*2S5-J«==^ *B- NHI.SIM4INS , J MurderbyDecfh KHJXN MKNWN • TWMUN VNMK • UIMHi UIU) • HOW tMX • AU1! UllWNISS • KIM UAMMCiTt* IMHU MVKN • mVX NHJiJtS • MMiUK JiMTTH • MM^ WLKtW • R>mLK WINVWIOU j "THE MISSOURI >! MfXKT iPGlrMflnM. amAllg SUBIESTtiil

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