Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina on November 13, 1931 · Page 1
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Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina · Page 1

Statesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1931
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laftel on your paper and don't let your subscription expire! VOL. 58. STATESVILLE, N. C., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13,1931. The date on the label is the date your paper will be stopped! No. 47 Winders to Remain In State Hospital Dr. Anderson Tells Salisbury Officers To Ignore His Letter Regarding Veteran's Sanity. Salisbury, Nov. 13.—Local officers --..-.,1 . •-(••• ,.-. ... . . . felt relieved yesterday upon receipt Governors of Carolinas, Virginiaand of a lette r from Dr. Albert Anderson, Georgia Attend Meeting m Char- of t h e state hospital, Raleigh, in lotte—Gardner and Blackwood Dis- (Which he stated that they could ignore —— as to Remedy. _ _ j his letter of recent date telling them ithat Scott Winders, local man -who killed Sheriff Lock McKenzie, had re- ' Charlotte, Nov. 12.—Governor 0. Max Gardner, of North Carolina, de- Scribed the plight of the south's agriculture as a national and international problem here today and asserted the burden.of solving the problem fell primarily on the federal government. * Addressing the four-state meeting attended by the governors of the two Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia, he said President Hoover should call a riational conference on agriculture and an international conference to deal with the cotton situation. *A divergent view was taken by Governor Ibra C. Blackwood, of South Carolina, who spoke after Governor Gardner. He pointed out that Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and other cotton producing states had taken steps to limit next year's cotton acreage by legislation. "Having committed ourselves to this program we must carry on," he said. "We can not afford to wait on South Africa, India and China." The North Carolina chief executive had asserted-that any cotton plan that did not take into consideration the cotton growers in foreign countries was fallacious. ' ' "We must hope that the south does not-cut its throat by reducing its cotton acreage while the rest of the world increases acreage," said Governor ttardenr. . When Governor Blackwood had set forth his views, Governor Gardner •suggested that the conference go into executive session. Sitting by Governor Gardner at the opening of the conference were Governors Blackwood, of South Carolina, •Russell, of Georgia and Pollard, of Virginia. Agricultural and marketing experts from the four states were also present. . Governor Gardner pointed out he could not pall the legislature of this state into special session with any restriction upon what it should consider an9 said he did not feel he should cajl a special session under the circumstances. "' Governor Blackwood said he could hot get the "same slant as the chief gained his sanity and was ready to be turned over to tfc^m for trial. For the present the matter will be dropped and Winders will be kept in the state institution to which Judge McElroy sent him after a Rowan jury had declared him insane in September. In justification of his decision to turn the prisoner over for trial, Dr. Anderson states that he has shown no signs of insanity since, being brought to Raleigh. His type of insanity is such that it may be years before he becomes affected again and Dr. Anderson thought in justice to the prisoner he should be given a Rearing and not kept in the hospital indefinitely on the original commitment. mm HELD >. LLOYD CUTTING LANDS Mott Describes Raising Fioiri the _ , ^mw ' •• **. Dead or Lazarus The services at Western Avenue Pipt-'«t?*chnrch are being well aM/nd- ed. The church was practically filled „.„_. last n.ght and those* present heard Commission as Superintendent a great message on,. "Lord, 'if Thou pf Construction of Prison Camps.hadsf. been here, bur brother had in Western Part of State. not died," taken frotn the eleventh TAKES A RECESS DEATH CLAIMS YOUNG WOMAN Mrs. Glenn M. Stikcleitthcr Passes ' Away Following Birth of a Daughter — Funeral for Mother and infant Wednesday Afternoon. Accepts Position With State Hiffh- tost n.ght and thosefpresent 'heard Civil Calendar Will Be Taken Up Mrs. Glenn M. Stikeleather died Tucs- wav rnmmi«!«.. .«, a..«..:^ n .j._» „ ~»««4. —„- «v« ««T^j «* m Next Monday—Raymond Reavis is day morning between five and six Found Not Guilty—Other Cases, j o'clock at t?\e Davis hospital. Mrs. ,,-„„».....„.., „» OIBIV. ..i,,, uicu, MIIVCII i»wi mo c»ev«in.iii „«,„„,„„ „. ,, .- „ ,. i Stikelcathor's death followed the •nr TI A ^ ^ i. .' of John. These were the Thuisday at 1:46 n v, m :» aft ',birtli of a daughter. The baby, born ' •*d^J*^*»!Z?k ,™-ds Martha and Mary both saiJ to ^criminal docket , f; the Novem- J^J^ ^f^- mother^denth, M ... . of of prison camps in the western part of the state. Mr. Cutting was offered this job with the died. •*** their brother Lazarus .&dK^,rKff^.£|'~«'*«& Some people contend that Mary, ' ce * s next Monday, November , Martha and lazarus were of the com- 18 «, at 10 ° c }? c * A ; M -», court tinn. .Mr. Cutting is now at work bu'ld- mg a prison'camp at Hazelwood, in Haywpod county, having 25 men under his personal supervision. -Mr. Cutting is ^iot working any prisoners on this job, only married men with, famjlie.s who are residents of Haywood county. It is expected that three or four months will be consumed in constructing the camp at Hazelwood, thus helping greatly with solving the unemployment situation in that locality this winter. Mr. Cutting has served most e'fi- ciently as service officer for Hurst Turner Post, American on the civil calendar. state highway commission some time mon c i ass o f people but Mr. Mott' wi11 resu , me its work ' taking up cases ogo, but was unable to make up his - • '• • • "" * Ui> "'"" "» 1 -"" > "~ mind as to acceptance until this week after he had gone over to Haywood county and looked over the situu- frave three proofs that they were not. I on "* i » , caicnflar They sent a messenger to Jesus say- 1 , rT . hc last 3«JV case wa « tak <»\ "P ing, "Lord, he whom thou lovest is Wednesday afternoon and completed sick." There were no names in the * ms morning. It was an appeal case message and Christ evidently knew from the county Recorder's court, in of whom the message spoke, because ' wh ";h Raymond Reavis was charged Mrs. StikeleatKcr, prior to l«er "marriage to Mr. Stikeleather, was Miss Ina Currin, of Raleigh. She had lived in Statesville for several years, jut was making hor home in Raloigh at the time of her marriage to Mr. Stikeleather, which took place in December, 1930. Mrs. Stikeleather was twenty years old the past May. He knew the messenger as a serv- w !* h with deadly weapon, to- ant in the home of MAry, Martha and J"*. an automobile, on Mrs. S. A. Lit- Lazarus, where He often visited. '"No tle - Jhis indictment grew out of a common class of people." said Mr . I wreck occurring more than a year Mott, "would haveThad servants. " a 8° on West Front street, between This- Mary was the same Mary who| Race a " d Oak atree . ta - , In Recorder's broke precious ointment on Jesus' court. Reavis was found guilty and feet anS wiped His fait with her hair. ! *»? *£ a JJ» «»• «"l, th « court Estimating this ointment in our costs. The defendant, through his at- money today i" would be valued at torneys Raymer and Raymer, gave about $51. No poor people would "J*>« of a PP eal 4 ? Superior court, have $51 worth of ointment at one This morning the jury came m with a time. The Pharisees, tld of Lazarus', verdict of not guilty, findingthat iit Citing the' fact that the estimated 1931 cotton crop and carryover will make the cotton supply:in this country 26,000,000 bates Governor Blackwood said, "it seems apparent there is too much cotton in the south." Akron Campbell Hit and Killed by , Tom M. Bailey Tom M. Bailey, colored, of Slates- ville, killed Aaron Campbell, colored, also of Statesvillc, while the two were working with a construction torce in Maryland, near Washington City, Wednesday, according to a tel- ctrram from M*. H. E. C. Bryant, of Washington City, to The Statesville Daily Thursday afternoon. ; The wire, dated 3:21 o'clock, P. M., Thursday, November 12, Washington D. O., states: "Tom M. Bailey, Statesv'lle nefro, is held by Maryland authorities near here for killing Aa- ibn Campbell, another Statesville ne- gro, with a road shovel yesterday.' No details were given. And relatives here Thursday night had recdv- *d no further notice of the killing: than that included in thewire to The ^Daily frdm Mr. Bryant, in Washuig- ton City. • _ * It is known here that both Tom Bailey and Aaron Campbell worked for the same construction Company. Campbell, 26 years of age. had been away from Statesville about twc years, it is understopd. He was born fir the county, but was reared in Statetville. He was B Eon of the late Andrew 'Campbell, colored, • • Tom Bailey is said to be between 20 and 25 years of age- His mother Jives on the Wilkeaboro road, about seven miles-north pf Statesville. He Lexington Woman Held In Connection With Mysterious Death of Daughters—She Is Denied Bond. Lexington, Nov. 13.—Mrs. Lola Pickett, widow of this city, was taken in custody yesterday by county officers and lodged in jail without bond pending further action in the investigation of the deaths of her two small daughters, Elizabeth and Virginia, believed to have been poisoned with arsenic. This action was taken at the behest of the coroner's jury which in an executive session Wednesday night directed that Mrs. Pickett be arrested and held without bond as a murder suspect. Mrs. Pickett made no comment, according to deputies who arrested her and took her to the county jail. Upon reaching the. .bastile, the middle aged woman, suspected; of poison-, ing her daughters, aged six and 10, by.,,,adininis»» J , ijl ar,senic, calmly, lighted a cigarette and made herself comfortable. She added nothing to her previous denial that she knew how either of the children came to have the poison in their stomachs. Coroner R. V. Yokeley conducted an open hearing Wednesday night of last week at which time Mrs. Pickett made a voluntary statement describing the illness of the children and declaring she knew nothing of any poison-being about the home except some rat poison put out for mice the day the younger of the two children became ill in September. Warrants Served On N. C. Patrolman Lieut. R. H.. Beck Is Charged With Cursing on Streets at Rutherfordton—Fight in City Hall. Rutherfordton, Nov. 13.-Three warrants were served by Sheriff McFarland today on Lieut. R. H. Beck, of Marion, commander of division E. state highway patrol, who has charge of .22 western North Carolina counties. . One charges him with cursing and using boisterous language on the streets here and was signed by C. several years. He is regarded as one of . the most outstanding American Legion service officers in the State of North Carolina. Commander Frank A. Anderson, of the Hurst Turner Post, having been advised by Mr. Cutting that he will be unable to CL«- t'nue his work as service officer for the local Post, stated that an executive meeting 1 would be held in the near future with a view to selecting a service officer to succeed Mr. Cutting. Sherrill Lumber Company Erecting Addition to Plant Legion, for £jVht TeparCe ;*** ^ "^ i «£ SM' was not responsible. The The Sherrill Lumber" Company is erecting an addition to the plant on West Front street, at the Taylorsville railway'crossing. ' The new building, situated on the If Mary and Martha had gone to Christ with the msSae that brother was sick <£d founfso'm^^r defendant lives on the" Turner-sburg about five miles from town; the Ing him/ But, because they sent, ; Penment station prosecuting witness lives on the Tay; lorsville road near the Piedmont Ex- E. L. Henderson appeared in court God let Lazarus die and stay in the' «. ^ nenaerson appeared in court tn™h fnnr Hnva to shnw their faith (Thursday, . hav n* been brou-ht m tomb four days to show their faith People todaT'are^ng to Tend the by capias' issued Wednesday. message thai God nT^t for them to •» old case for coBta, in connection take. Jesus was «V Perea, about .with njury ,to a Hart girl near the twenty-five miles from Bethany, at Wayside school, on No. 10 highway. the time of Lazarus' death. After some time ago. Hend.rson's case was four'Says He started to Bethany and continued until next term of Superior had not died." She came to realize that man could not help, that sho r d Rood, and taken to the tomb of and asked tfit the atone be e not have *K cal colored man, charged with violating the prohibition laws, was contin- next term of court. represents you," said Mr. "standing between pome Mott, « ged with violat- death, souls are lost toaay Deciunu —= of church meinlberp standing inrthe. a™ •* •"•'«•««« Front street plant, is Lazarus was then called forth .„ came forth bound in grave structure, 35 | C ] 0 thes, and, in this act, God showed by 110 feet, and is to be used for of- His power -and "gave* Martha fall h " capi called sci fa The same judgment was Hart- fices,. storage and machine rooms. Up to. the present time the Sher- This same God is our Savior todav you are rft , call.edoutn cpurt. She is survived by her husband; by her mother, Mrs. Alma Currin, of Morrisville; a sister, Miss Nell Currin, of this city; and a brother, Mr. Joe Currin. The funeral service for Mrs. G. M. Stikeleathcr and her infant daughter, Barbara Anne Stikeleather, was held Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock~ffbm the home of Mr. Stikeleather's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Stikeleather, on North Center street. The service was conducted by Dr. J. H. Pressly, pastor of the First A. R. P. church, assisted by Rev. G. L. Kerr, of Salisbury. The grave in Oakwood cemetery was banked with beautiful flowers. Mrs. W. A. Sample had charge of the flowers at the funeral and assisting her were Misses Garnet Bowles. Nell and Etta Lou Patterson, Rachel Moore, Lois McCall, Clara Wise, Grace Kimmons, Tommy Nesbit, Helen Johnson, Sara G. Moore, Lily Belle Raimey, Barbara Byford. Mabel Poston, Katherine Pressly, Ruth Blackwell and Margaret Patterson; Mrs. Ralph Shuford, Mrs. W. E. Nattress, Mrs. J .E. Lippard, Mrs. Willis Chester, Mrs. John M. Sharpe, Mrs. J. Louis Evans, Mrs. R. A. White, Mra. N. C. Foster, Mrs. Coite L. Sherrill, Mrs. J. T. Davis, Mrs. V. E. Lackey, Mrs. 0. Setzer, Mrs. Charles Washington, Mra. Henry Douglas and Mrs. A.F.Kelly. . The pallbearers were Messrs. A. I«. Kelly, A. F. Sams, Jr.. V. E. Lackey, L K. Lazenby, R. A. White, and Frank Deaton. . • Attendance at the, funeral was unusually large, with numbers of friends present from this and other communities. Relatives hero to attend the service included Mrs. Stike. leather's mother, Mrs. Alma Currin, Superior, f Mormville, Wake county; her fhis is connection s be case to answer up to me present time tne j&ner-' nru i tj e w m save you when you are "•" .,-„=..».,«...,, ~«."~ ••• •—«"••• "i or morrmvme, »T«IVU «•""«"*« ,:., rill Lumber Company has had its w jiii n «r "Your sins may have you court Wednesday afternoon was that brother, Mr. Joe Currin, of West Vir• . j,_ i:_... • I *i_ .i« ._i_j wining. »»»*•«. D...O '.,... f , {_ iir1i!»li a narrvn r>nnvinf .TnVlTl • _. »f_ Oi :i.«l«r>fVinv'a clatAtv Mrfl. manufacturing interests divided, part of the plant having been operated on East Broad street, near the First Baptist church. The additional building will make it possible to consolidate and thus cut down expense of as S clothes had *n wll - ch a ne <? ro convict, John gj na ; Mr. Stikeleather's sister, Mrs. to save Blackburn, alias Jack O'Diomonds, p ran k Milholland, and Mr. Milhol- who will was charged with secret assault on i and of Salisbury. Mr. Stikeleather s who will, ., «,, —-'-«-- [^ n0 % rother8i M J. Horace Stikelcath- S FOR MR. I. E. BOYD Conducted Tuesday Afternoon from First A. R. P. Church—Interment at New Stirling. •....; The funeral service for Mr. J. C. Boyd was held Tuesday afternoon nt 2:30 o'clock from tho First Associate Reformed Presbyterian church, and n.terment was in the cemetery nt Now Stirling A. R. P. church^ in the county. The service was conducted by Dr. J. Hi Pressly and Dr. C. E. Raynal. The Masons were in charge of the burial service. Tho active pallbearers- were Messrs. Don Cochran, O. W. Elam, S. L. Gushing, N. D. Tomlln, W. L. GUbert and C. D. Stevenson. The honorary pallbearers were Messrs. G. E. French, Herman Wallace, Carl Axley, L. Ash, H. E. Lewis, D. L. : Raymer, R. M. Gray, J. B. Glovor, Jr., Dr. James L. Pressly; Mr. J. C. Hamilton, of North Wilkesboro; Mr. E. J. Roseman, of Cleveland; Secretary, of State Hartness; also the following group, from the State depart-' mont of revenue: Messrs. J. C. .Reid, E. G. Claywell, W. W,. AshbUrn, O.' B. Carpenter, R. R. McLaughlin, W/ D. Siler, and J - R. Rousseau. The flowers were in charge of Urs. John Fraley and Mrs. Frank L. ohnson, who were assisted by < tfisscs Anna French, Martha Braw- ey, Katherine Parker, Sarah White, ",dith Sherrill, Mary Sherrill, Eliza- oth Pressly, Margaret Steele, Clyde Holds, Louise .Walker and Lois- herrill; Mrs. R. M. Gray, Mrs. H. I. Lewis, Mrs. J. N. Mills, Mrs. John, I, Sharnc, Mrs. R. L. Jenkins, Mrs., 0. W. Warn, Mrs. Carl Axley, Mrs. B. Roach, Mrs. Mary Sims, Mrs.. B. Walker, Mrs. B. M. Garrison, Mrs J. G. Lewis, and Mrs. Paul Har- •ia, of Salisbury.. A large number of friends were ere to attend the funeral. In addi- ion to those already named were the^ ollowing: Mr. Hammond, of Ashe-' oro; Mr. W. D. Giles, of Glen Aline; Messrs. D. E. Turner, E. C. 1 )caton and Judge A. L. Starr, of Aooresville; Mr. W. L. Sherrill, of : Tatawba, and a number of others. Relatives here to attend the funeral ncluded Mr. Boyd's sister, Mrs. W. Bruce, of Atlanta; Mr. and Mru. ?. J. Boyi the former a son of Mr. toydj from Winaton-Salem; Mr. and Mrs. John F. Watts, Mi*. W. C. McAuley, Masses Edna and Martha Mc- Auioy and Mrs. Frank Brown, of luntersvillc; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh VIcAuley, of Charlotte. has. a wife, jied. Campbell was not mar- Methodists Vote 298 to 4 in Favor Judicial Council daring she knew nothing of any v Opera tj 0 n. By the first of the year, poison-being about the home except / acco rding to Mr. J. L. Sherrill, it is . ,_._._..«. -.,* * „„ *!,«, expected that the business on East Broad, street will be consolidated with the plant on West Front street. Red Cross Window In Local Store Lee Biggerstaff, while warrants signed by two other George R. Horth Carolina iWethodjst Bpii ,w~Th Western conference of the iar , church today ' f - of judicial voted 298 to council amendment. H The last general conference submitted a proposal to the various conferences for the formation of such a ,'«ouncil which, if adopted, wopW re- iieve the college of W shops of de- ilsion in controversial questions. 'This would be put in t^he hands of a ^«"ial judicial group. . The upper, SoUth Carolina confer- recentty rejec|tW the amend- t,onferenae< admitted for cr'al minlat«r3 from the Statesville !>|cii' W. H, B«nfieW^ and C. C, aaham, • ,; » Hodge, charge the lieutenant with parking within three feet of a fire plug in Kutherfordton Wednesday and of assault on affiant while acting as a special policeman. The trouble started Wednesday night when Beck parked his car near the fire plug and Hodge asked him to move it. It is reported that Beck cursed Hodge/followed him on the street and later struck him. Thursday morning after the warrants were' served Beck told the chief of police here, S. E; Waldrop, that he j'would whip the whole d - fire department." At noon Thursday Lieutenant Beck, accompanied by Patrolman Allison and one other patrolman whose name could not be learned .went to the city hall and talked with C. Lee Biggerstaff, fire chief and secretary- treasurer of the town of Rutherfordton. Beck did the talking and cursed Biggerstaff, it is said. A fight' followed in the city hall. One patrolman, seeing Postmaster John William^ approaching, slammed the door and kept Williams out. Chief Waldrop, Charles McFarland and Williams hurriedly rushed into the city hall through another door and parted Biggerstaff aiid Beck. .> 3>l-."U V< fyi*J. iiVn". « k « im l '«*<W Effectively Portrays the Service of the American Red Cross to Suffering Humanity. The service of the American Red Cross to suffering humanity is af actively portrayed in the Red Cross window in the Ramsey - Bowles store Wednesday being th opning day of the Red Cross roll call. In the window the kneeling figure of a woman is represented, her back to *}.€ street, her face raised in supplication to the standard of the American Red Cross. The worn shoes, the shawl draped over the head, the cane gripped in upraised hands — the whole attitude of the pathetic figure symbolizes the appeal that the crippled, the suffering and the needy make to the Red Cross — an appeal to which the Red Cross has been responding: for fifty yean. In the background is the American flag, and there are also 50th anniversary posters of vhe American Red Cross in the window, The window was arranged by Miss Annie B. Wingo, Mrs. Frederick Burger and Mi's. Lonnie Mills. Pridmore Denied New Trial Columbia, S.'C., Nov. 12,-tfhe state Supreme court today declined to give A. Frank Pridmore, Greenville county supervisor, a new trial on his appeal from a three year sentence for manslaughter and upheld Governor Blackwood in his order removing Pridmore from office. The qpinion brings to an end the long fight of Pridmore to escape a prison sentence for killing Nick Sanders, road 'supervisor, on July 9, •1980, and to evade the governor's order removing him from office for "misconduct and persistent neglect of duty," R^'i S&VG to "tn6 utmosti «*n.v miu »«*»»• .. '- , , T^ « •»•• Kaiiavl nn Wim " ' another negro convict, Frank Mor- oeneveon mm. ^ ^ ^ o'clock'gan. The. state's evidence showed e is a great serv- that Blackburn struck Frank Mor- W About two Hundred young pftO-,&an on the side of the head with a pie'were'present last jnight, and ot.h-,' stick of wood, 18 inches long, knockers are invited. Aside from the con- ?ng him down, and inflicting a sen- Kregational singing, under efficient ous bruise on the side of his head, leadership, the chorus is aiding in a The defendant, a jet-black, un- H - - • adulterated descendent of the African race, appeared in court without a lawyer. He went on the witness stand on his own behalf and testified that Morgan hit him first, and the alleged assault was the outcome of the previous attack. But the jury discounted his evidence, returned a I verdict of guilty, as charged in the . ' bill of indictment, and Judge Mc- Mrs. W. B. Ramsay. Miss Mamie Elroy sentenced Jack O'Diamonds to McElwee and Mr. J. H. McCormick, tne g^g prison, at hard labor, for of Mitchell College, were in Chapel no t i e88 than three years and not Hill attending the inauguration of more tnan flve yearB , Tne defend- President Frank P. Graham, which ant » B te ;. m on tne roa( j B will be out tiok place Wednesday at the Umver- j n a f ew d ay8> an( j ne ^u then be great way in the services. Several Attend the Inauguration of Dr. F. P. Graham High High !Point, Laugh Nov. 12,— The next time E. S. Green, who lives on East > sity of North Carolina. Mrs. Ramsay,' transferred to the state prison, ac- as president of Mitchell College, was cording to court orders. W VYU W* V *•••*-• "ff — - - - - - » — , er, of Oklahoma City, Ok'-a., and Mr. Lee Stikeleather, of Arcadia, Fla., were unable to attend. Among others attending vhe funeral were Mrs. C. E. Entemann, of Newark, N. J., Rev. G. L. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ruth and son, Mrs. J. C. Milholland, Mrs. M. L. Rufty, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stout, all of Salisbury; Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson, of Raleigh; Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Moss, Mra. C. F. Myric, Miss Frances Myric, and Mrs. Ruth W. Thomas, of Durham; Mr. W. E. Green, of Clarksville; Mr, Joe Hobgood, Mrs. Annie Lee Gordon and Mr. Henry Gordon, of Buffalo Springs; Mr. and Mrs. James F. Tomlinson, of Harmony; Rev. and Mrs J. L.. Hood, of Troutman; and Mrs. S A. Padgett and daughters, of Turnersburg. Mr. T. A. White Dies at His Home Near Mt. Mdurne that institution at the. KODOH; sceeie ana James isicno Mass McElwee, cna rgcd with robbery, tendered plei inauguration, and dean of students, and Mr. McConr.lcK, of no t . of the chemistry department, accom-j them guilty. panied her. Mr. Carroll B. Spencer, of this city, who was a member of President Gra- j ham's class at the University—the but the /jury found Each defendant drew a term of three to five years in the prison, at hard labor. Nol pros in the count and larceny 'leave was taken housebreaking Mrs. Frazier't Will Filed For Probate The will of the late Mrs, Caroline James Nichols and Blair Moose, changed with transporting and possessing liquor, entered a plea of guilty. He was fined f 26 and taxed with the costs, Nol pros with leave was taken in the caue against Floyd Holbrooks, charged with larceny. H. C. Williams, alias H. L. Hasty, F. Frazier has been filed with the charged with operating a car with clerk of the Superior court for pro- 8mo ke screen and transporting and bate. The will was made January possessing liquor, was called and Death Comes To Mr. H. G. Harwell Mr. H. Gaither Harwell, of Catawba county, died at Long's Sanatorium at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, his death resulting from kidney trouble The funeral service was hek Thursday morning at 11 o'clock from Hopewell church in Catawbu county and interment was in the church cemetery. Pallbearers were members of the Junior Order. Mr. Harwell was 55 years old. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Anna E. Harwell, and four sons: Mr. Clarence E, Harwell, of Charlotte; Mi- Hazel Harwell, of Catawbo station; and Messrs. Boyce and Gaither D Harwell, who live at the home, Catawba, Route 2. 28, 1929, and her husband, Mr. Geore The judgment was nisi aci D. L. Loftis Is Killed When Struck By Auto. Marion. Nov. 12.T-Struck by an automobile, Dock L. Loftis, 25, died • a broken neck on state high- enters the west- --,----, --,-- ——, . K .miicu. iiiu juu£iitciii< wn» mal avi L. Frazier, was named executor. Aft- fa and Cap i a8 . The same judgment er making to relatives bequests of waa recorde d in the cases against paintings, jewelry and certain pieces| Keniieth Bait Howard Jackson of furniture etc., the residue of furni^ and Qdell Harris, all charged with ture, personal and real property was |tra ti and pOB8e88lng Uquor left to Mr. Prazier. Vinrno nn Wnlniit ntrfipt home on Walnut street. . j p . erioi . ftn( , brought in .port late Wednesday afternoon. The report, bearing the signature of L. 'N. Brown, foreman, stated that all , be.en examined and passed upon and __ „ . , that the body, by committee, had There were 15,438 bales of cotton'visited the offices in the court house, Iredell from thft -*••• • * i . . Ginned in Iredell ^"••^^^^ ^" ^""^* Mr. Eugene Morrison, Jr., Undergoes Serious Operation. Mr. Eugene Morrison, Jr., under went a serious operation Wednesday at Long's Sanatorium. His friends will be gratified to know that his con dition today is considered favorable. Master Scarr Morrison, Jr., young son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Morrison underwent an operation for append! citis, Wednesday, at Long's Sanato riutn. He is doing well. Mrs. J. R. Cashion Is Critically I in Charlotte. Mr. Robert Cashion was called t Charlotte Monday on account of the illness of Cashion. his mother, Mrs..J. R Mrs. Robert Caahion wen . On April 4, 1980, Mr. Green took Norman Conley, local youth who WB Maltese cit, bag and baggagM drove the death car, Is being detained I***** MI^:^.% ^^rs^saF^f^ "W» !_,, B^rjff'a O fleers sajd. °*|thq county home, the Tobacco Average $9.93 'P« Hundred Twenty-two acres of well prepared , ' Pounds. V£- i g^nd had just been sown in wheat, 1 « t f K, , f I ,H>rw ' -.*. it«*'new"Residence"^»'«wne'd»y wpl* 01 "*' fajjr 1 , today and ^ha'diV* been swn since. * >> , • • to*'^.p^ b »^y -!»:- W«dj»Md«y jt «»me to r th« &m ' Raleigh, Nov. Ann S^iwart Sykes. Bom to M^ and Mrs, W. <?. Sykes, - v -*•' Long r f Sanatorium, Tuesday, .!«• ~*i.« Qi-AxtrAW- QnlrAg | pf 125,-'The superintendent reported that ho : phnncrA^ firatherQc} from the farm 1050 bush* .-,. — - . - - i«----=L.l f VlUk**K"M , M V*\A t 1 % - '' m f t' m " f »-WW*VJf U V(4VO| U * t| **HV*V O\fi hands on the North CarlUnm markets els of corn, 100 bushels of Irish po- and Mra . -Wesley Jones, fell ...5*.. . x— XL. ^toeg, 80. bushels of sweet potatoes, 8 tepladder at his home Tues Wesley Jones, Jr., Falls Off Step ladder And Breaks .Arm. Jones, Jr., little son of Mr in 1 October at an avera hundred pounds which hundred pounds 10»3 tl 198Qi'-tbe federal state survey announced today $9.93 per M'»» 'Pu^sdEy' aft 1 , to i^^ f ¥, y A" 4 a11 ^ rnB wdvo •ernoon7aWrolke Ws*Wt arm in two Mr. Thomas Alexander died Monday night at his White home, He was in the Conand lost an arm at about two miles from Mount Mourne. lie had been seriously ill for some time and his death was not unexpected. Mr. White, who was 89 years old, was born and reared at the old White home, near Mount Mourne, where he died, federate army, the battle of Seven Pines. Mr. White was a brother of the late M. A. White, of this city, and known to many Statesville people. Ho is survived by three sons, Mr., Tom White, who lived with his father at the old home; and Messrs. Walter and John White, of Laramie, Wyoming:. Mr. Walter White came home about two weeks ago, on account of his father's condition, and was with his father when he died. Tho funeral service was held at Fairview church, Mount Mourne, Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, and interment was in the church cemetery. P. T. A. Meets at Monticello An interesting Armistice Day program, in which the teachers and pupils of the Monticello school took part, featured the regular meeting of the Monticello Parent-Teacher Association, held at the school Tuesday evening. t After the program Mr. Claude G. Crouch led an open forum, and a number of questions of interest to school patrons were brought up for discussion. The Association decided to hold the meetings hereafter at 7:30, instead of 7 o'clock. Mr. Tom Little Suffers Painful Injury Mr. Tom Little, 503 South Center street, suffered a painful injury to his right foot Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Little was at his work at the Statesville Flour Mills, when a pair -of scales fell off one of the small trucks which is used in the mill, and fell on Mr. Little's foot, breaking some of the small bones. Mr. Little was given medical attention at Davis ''hoi- pita), and returned to his home this morning. Mra. George E. Woodward Buffer* Stroke of Paralyfcjft The friends of Mrs, Oeorge E,. Woodward will regret to learn that Mrs. Woodward suffered a, strode of paralysis Tuesday, 4 wJMch ajfected her. left side. , She' is resting,401^ ..— ... . . . .•..,-... ~, -.,.-,.., „..„ -,-.,- «.- ,— . — „- ., October, well filled with stover. There were.places, between the wrist.and elbow. 1'ortably, however, porting 1700 half gallons of fruit canned, Tho His' injury was, attended at Long's ] condition is regarded aa Berfpup. -• (Continued On Page Five). Sanatorium. He is doing well. is at her hgme on West Bel'j \*n

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