Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on September 3, 1976 · Page 11
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 11

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1976
Page 11
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P™™/U)ELL,I6UESS I'LL PUT THE 01'1 BAT AWAY FOR ANOTHER !«AR> THIS-HAS BEEN A SOOP BAT.... 9-3 I'VE HAP IT FOR SEASONS, ANP THERE ISN'T A CKACK: IN IT! TO C(?ACK A SAT, HAVE TO HIT TME BALL! Alfalfa Pellets at Premium .MICKEY MOUSE- A.6> I 5AVIM6, CLA.RA.BELLE... I'LL CALL YOJ CLARABELLE- T WAITING/ MOOSE- /-YOU'LL ALL BE PA\O/ IN,tERf?UPT5P ME AS I WAS FACT, YOU IMfoRJANT BILL! GotLY,CH6T-YoU OUST A60UT BLASTED BILL CLEAN OFF; ByRODTURNBULL KANSAS CITY — The American farm product affected the most per- centagewise by the drought in Europe this summer apparently is hay — or more precisely dehydrated alfalfa pellets made from hay. The exports of this feed product are going to set a new record this year. Headquarters of some of the nation's largest alfalfa dehydrating companies are in Kansas City with one office being at the Kansas City Board of Trade. Knowledgeable men in the business estimate that exports Ford Bans Federal Jobs For Aliens THE RYATTS- . \r& NOT FAIR... MOM WORKS LIKE A SLAVE APOUNP WHY PONT YOU GET SOMEONE TO HELP HER WITH ALL THE WORK T YOU'KE RIGHT, KITTV, JYE 2EEN THOUGHTLESS-.' NOW I KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN WHEN THEY 6AY 5ILENCE IS IBLONDIE- DAISY REALLY LIKES THAT NEW DIET OOS POOD J WONDER IP SHE KNOWS ITfe SUPPOSED TO MAKE T HER LOSE WEIGHT STEVE CANYON VOU NEED TO KNOW IF THE WHOLE THIN6ISA NEATPLOT-ORI6INATIW6 IN THIS OFFICE.'... AND 6EfOR£ YOU PHONE THE POLICE- ANP AMSSIN6 P£R- PEOPLE PILES OF NEWSPAPERS, MILK, MAIL AND SO ON -CARINTHE-6ARA6E 6ENERAL, (TS STEVE CANVOKI / WHEN I RETURNED HOME, SUMMER. WAS MISSIN6 ON FOOT ONE DAY LAST V6M...UO OTHER CLUES/ BEETLE BAILEY EITMEK TMAT OK I MAVE AN \ UNEASY FEELING 1 THAT TME WATCHIN6- MOVE PO yoil TrllNK IT'S JU$T WASHINGTON (AP) — President Ford is ordering government agencies not to hire foreigners who live in the United States. In barring aliens from holding jobs in the federal government, Ford urged Congress to come up with legislation that will say exactly what rights aliens can exercise within the United States. Ford's decision affects millions of aliens who otherwise might have sought federal jobs all over the country, ranging from janitors to secretaries to middle-level administrators. The order signed Thursday prohibits government hiring of aliens "except where the efficiency of the service or the national interest dictate otherwise." The President's decision comes after a Supreme Court ruling last June struck down a Civil Service Commission regulation that also banned permanent resident aliens from government jobs. Those barred from federal employment are foreigners authorized to live in the United States but who do not obtain citizenship. The court's decision was based on the justices' view that the Civil Service Commission, lacked the authority to enact such a regulation. But the court suggested that Congress or the president could issue such a ruling and Ford's action Thursday took advantage of that invitation. this marketing year — April 30,1976 to April 29,1977 — will approximate 300,000 tons to Western Europe, which would exceed last year's total by 210,000 tons. The figure for last ye&r also was a record. Prior to i last year, alfalfa pellet exports to Western Europe were of little consequence. Most of the increase in exports this year is accounted for by the shipments to Europe. The obvious reason is the 1 dry weather which ap- pa»ently has cut forage crop yields even more than those of grains. Also, European farmers utilize forages to a greater extent in relation to grains in their feeding operations than do their American counterparts. To some extent, all feeds are in competition with each other. But the alfalfa interests in 'Kansas City are of the opinion that the dehydrated pellets are being used in Europe to replace domestic roughages rather than as a grain substitute. In essence then, they don't believe the pellet exports are cutting down on corn shipments. than all of the U.S. From 1955 until 1972, prices on alfalfa pellets at Alfalfa Center ranged in price from $30 to $50 a ton. Then, in 1972, when prices on everything else began to escalate, alfalfa pellets followed suit hitting peaks of $100 a ton in the winters of 1975 and 1976. Summer prices are almost always lower than those prevailing in the winter. Late this summer, prices were quoted around $95 a ton. Isolated trades have been as high as $101 a ton for immediate delivery. In recent weeks, the pellets have been moving by barge down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, or by ships on the Great Lakes on their way to Europe. Prices at Rotterdam have ranged from $130 to $165 a ton. When it is considered that there still must be added costs before the 10. Special Notices AREA MENTAL Health Center. 24 hour emergency answering service. Garden City. 276-7689, Dodge City, 2278566. Ulysses. 356-1266. —J28tf DOONESBURY- 0&NHACKINB/WY FORALMOSTAH T>i AWE/ sieei/y mm oo i otuewu? JCWrf' SIR? UAtfTANYNAS- I TY SURPRISES > LATER ON! If the alfalfa pellet exports reach the estimated 300,000 tons, the overseas business will account for about 20 percent of this year's U.S. crop estimated to be around 1.5 million tons. i Obviously, the demand from Europe is in competition with that in the United States. In recent weeks, hay prices in recognized market areas have been about $10 a ton higher than a year ago. Most American hay is utilized on the farms where it is produced or nearby. 'Hay is a bulky product to move. Most that is sold off farms is baled. Actual prices on baled hay vary considerably, depending upon hauling costs, supply and demand. The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service Office at Independence, Mo., reports on prices received for alfalfa hay at "Alfalfa Center" in the Platte Valley of Nebraska; South Central Kansas at Lamed; Southwest Kansas, Garden City; Chino Valley, Los Angeles; and the Antelope Valley-Mohave' Desert area. Prairie hay prices are quoted from the Elkhorn Valley of Nebraska and Southeast , Kansas. The most influential pricing ' point, the Kansas City authorities aver, is "Alfalfa Center" in Nebraska, which is Plant FmntioH h\/ a railroad sidin e P° int west of ndlHCmpliea Dy Kearney. There is an alfalfa dehydrating plant there, also. Dehydrating plants buy the alfalfa in the fields, dry the green hay and produce the pellets which are much easier shipped than either the bulk hay or bales. The standard pellets contain 17 per cent protein with some higher quality going as high as 20percent protein. In the U.S., the pellets are used in mixed feeds to comprise about 1 to 3 percent of the ration. The pellets are used mostly in cattle rations, with some going to hogs and poultry. | Alfalfa always has been highly regarded as a feed, and animal nutrition authorities contend it has unidentified growth factors, which means they think it has something in it that is unusually good for animals that they can't define. Apparently, alfalfa is regarded exceptionally high in Europe, the Americans say. As evidence, they cite the fact that although the dehydrating process was developed in America, today France and Rumania together have a greater dehydrating capacity IF YOU are a friend or a relative of an alcoholic the Al-Anon family group may he able to help you solve your side of the problem. Sunshine Al-Anon .group. Friday 10:00 a.m. Presbyterian Church basement. Please contact: 276(Hin or 275-6822 or Box 1365 Garden Cil.v. Ks. CALL YOUR CARRIER If you do not receive your Telegram by 5:30 p.m. If unable to contact your carrier, please call the Telegram at 275-7105 by 6:00 p.m. SYLVIA ANDREWS Known as "Frenchie", has quit the Legion and moved to the Steak Pit. SATURDAY—SARAH Coventry jewelry show, between 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at 2330 West Kansas Avenue or call 276-8150 to book a party. —J3 Pagell Garden City Telegram Friday, Sept 3,1976 pellets actually reach feeders in Europe, it must be recognized this feed is pretty expensive over there, the Kansas City authorities comment. Ironically, high prices in the U.S. are not booming the production of dehydrated alfalfa pellets. The reasons are fundamental. No. 1, the dehydrators use gas as the fuel for drying. Since gas now is expensive and hard to come by, few if any new dehydrators are being built. Second, the dehydrators must compete with other users of the hay, those who use it in bulk or in bales. And third, alfalfa must compete with other crops for land usage, and this has limited total acreage in hay for several years. 20. Male or Female Help DELlVERYMAN-Unified School District No. 457 — Must hold proper driver's license — $3.20 beginning salary with salary increase after ninety (90) days. Fringe benefits-40 hour week-For application in- rormation call 275-7181. —J6 APPLICANTS NEEDED for School Food Service Work, full, part time or substitute basis. Excellent working hours and fringe benefits. Call 2759656, Ext. 32 for additional information or apply at U.S.D. No. 457 Cafeteria Office. 211 Jones Ave., Garden City, KS. -J3 WANTED FEED truck driver. Good working conditions. Paid BC-BS. Call 276-7755. —J8 ' MARRIED MAN for year around work on irrigated farm with no livestock. Must be experienced,, dependable and non-drinker. Salary according to ability. Housing furnished David Stanton, Plains, Kan- sas.—J7 TRANSPORT DRIVERS experienced on tractor-trailer for Scott City terminal. Call Becker Corporation 316-624-8441.—J4 ROUTE SALESMAN have opening due to promotion. Must be capable of calling on commercial and industrial accounts. Must be aggressive, dependable and willing to travel one night per week. In return, we offer good pay and excellent opportunity for growth. Apply in person. Western Uniform & Towel Service. 2723 N. 7lh.-G9tl Flea Market Deerfield Grade School September 11 9:00 - 4:00 CDT For display space call: 426-7180 426-7257 Capsula Club ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meeting every Thursday 8 p.m. Gardendale Recreation Center. Also meetings Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 912 13th, 8 p.m. Call 2767011 or write P.O. Box 357 AL-ANON family group every Monday 8 p.m. Gardendale Recreation Center. SNUFFY SMITH ) ] TH' WEATHER MAN SAID ITWUZGOIW / TO BECALM AN' / PEACEABLE ' 'TODAY-- HE NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT TATER'S SUDDEW SQUAWLS!.' Bomb Hoax ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A telephone call warning of a bomb at the strikebound Rodeo Meat Co., plant caused the evacuation of the plant's management employes Thursday afternoon before police determined it was a hoax. Management personnel' searched the plant in vain for about two hours after a police dispatcher received the call, and ernployes returned to work about 2 p.m. The management workers had been trying to operate the meat packing plant to get rid of livestock already in the plant when union employes walked off their jobs early Wednesday. The plant is being struck by about 600 members of the Amalgamated Meatcutters Union Local 340 as part of widespread strike by the meatcutters union. The Arkansas City plant is a subsidiary of Morrell Meats of Chicago, whose nine plants across the country are striking. Other meat packing companies have also been hit by walkouts. A spokesman for Morrell indicated negotiations were conr tinuing, but he said he had no idea when a settlement would be reached. Keys to Meet Freeman on TV TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — WIBW Television of Topeka announced Thursday it will televise a joint appearance by Rep. Martha Keys and her Republican opponent, Ross Freeman, live on Oct. 27. The two 2nd district congressional candidates will appear on an hour-long program which will include filmed biographical sketches of each and questions and answers. The questioner will be television newsman Reed Black, the station said. The program will be offered to all radio and television stations in the district. STEAK PIT Will be closed Monday, September 6 in observance of Labor Day. 11. Lost. Found. Strayed STRAYED 300-400 Ib. heifer and steer calves. Branded on right hip or rib. Call Irvin Caldwell 276-6540.—J3 FOUND, PALAMINO gelding. Identify and pay for ad. Riverside Ranch. 275-6754. —J7 20. Malt- «r I email- Help Help Wanted In Parts Department. Good Pay Fringe Benefits Sick Leave & Vacation Uniforms Apply in person. Merrill Implement West Highway 50 Legals (Published in the Garden City Telegram, Friday, August 27, September 3, and September 10, 1976) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF DELOS HENNIGH. DECEASED. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 5521 THE STATE OF KANSAS, TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You and each of you will take notice that on the 24th day of August, 1976, a petition for Issuance of Letters of Administration for the estate of Delos Hennigh, deceased, was filed in this Court by Opal Hennigh and pursuant to said petition, Lyle Bauer was appointed administrator of the said estate and duly qualified as such administrator and letters of administration were issued to him on the 24th day of August, 1976, by the Probate Court of Finney County, Kansas. All parties Interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. AU creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against said estate within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and If their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. Lyle Bauer Administrator ATTEST: Harrison Smith Probate Judge RONALD D. ALBRIGHT WILLIAM H. YANDELL Attorneys at Law Anthony, Kansas Attorneys for Petitioner (311) Lianro Const Co. Now taking applications for full time permanent employees, positions requiring, a variety of skills. Concrete, Steel, Welding, Carpentry, Mechanical, Etc. Behind Anamo .275-1916 Lianro Const Co. WANTED CATTLE BUYER Excellent benefits, send resume to be held in strict confidence to Box W-533-co Garden City Telegram. NEED AMBITIOUS worker willing to learn industrial distribution business starting as a warehouseman. We offer excellent benefits and opportunities for advancement. Apply in person between B and 9 a.m. or 4 and 5 p.m. or call for appointment to Industrial Bearing and Transmission, West Highway 50, Garden City, 2754176. —H25tf HELP WANTED Would like to hire individuals for service station selling. Salary open plus commission. Apply in person at: Robinson Truck Stop 1 West Highway 50 WANTED EXPERIENCED mechanic with own hand tools for irrigation. Prefer diesel experience but not necessary. Henelits include vacation, insurance, uniforms. Send replies to Box X-534 c-o Garden City Telegram. —J4 WANTED 2 day carhops. $2.20 per hour. Apply in person Sonic Drive Inn. —Jltf MECHANIC WANTED: Top~waies and uniforms. Call 276-3239. -J3 WE NEED 2 experienced diesal- truck-tractor drivers. Class A chauffer's license and health certificate required. Smith Sand Company call for Leonard. 275-5560 and 275-9435. Equal Opportunity Employers. —H28tf ROUTE SALESMAN, wanted. .Apply 122 Anderson.—J3 WANTED NOW: Nurses aides at Hamilton County Hospital, Syracuse, Kansas. Excellent pay and fringe benefits. Please apply at hospital. — J10 WANTED: BOOKKEEPER Vi days, morning or afternoon. Experienced all phases including financial statements. Send resume to Box T-530 c-o Garden City Telegram.—J7 COOK, IMMEDIATE opening, full or part time. Wheat Lands Motor Inn.—H24tf CONCESSION HELP WANTED at Drive In Theatre. Must be able to work 5 nights a week. Neat in appearance; $2.00 per hour. Apply in person 2-4, or 7:30-8:30 at Garden Drive In Threatre. APPLICATIONS TAKEN at Regan Jewelers for lady saleswoman. No phone calls. —J3 ARE YOU a qualified, capable bookkeeper? A young aggressive company is looking for you. Good hours, good benefits. Salary based on experience and qualification. Send resume to: Box Z-536 c-o Telegram. — J2tf YOUNG AGGRESSIVE company needs a secretary. Good typist, handle business phone, must be interested. Bookkeeping experience helpful but not mandatory. Good hours, good salary, good company benefits. Send resume to: Box Y-535 c-o Telegram. — J2tf A NURSE AID-Orderly I course is being offered by Saint Catherine Hospital, starting September 27,1976. It is offered for 4 hours college credit or non-college credit and instructions will be presented during daytime hours. Applications are now being accepted. Deadline for applications is Monday September 13, 1976, —J4 WANTED PEOPLE experienced in metal building erection. Leadman- must be experienced in erecting, buildings and handling crew. Steel workers-experienced in building erection. Apprenticcs-for people willing to work and learn trade. Helper insulating crew. Benefits time and '/4 overtime, paid vacations, paid holidays, insurance, bonuses. Call 2768301, evenings 335-2630. —J8 POSITIONS OPEN at St. Catherine Hospital-Office: (Part-time) relief switchboard operator 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Medical records Dept.; File clerk 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. and medical Iran- scriptionist-day shift. Housekeeper Dept.: Housekeepers-day and evening shifts. Kitchen: Aids and cooks helper- day shifts. Laundry Aids.-Nursing Dept.: Nurse aids and orderlies. Physical Therapy Dept.: Nurse aids or orderly-day shift. Must have completed Nurse aid orderly course. Please contact' personnel office at hospital for appointment, 275-6111. — J3 NEED SOMEONE to build 3700 feet chain link fence. Contact Cummings Earthmoving, 276-7813. —J9

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