Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 6, 1964 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1964
Page 16
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MONDAY. JULY 6. 1961, LrAc Chcrlc'- Amcncnn Algeria Revolt ^ 'Q^g ,N British Oil Firms P U t$ Out LlgHtS Red China Warns New Segregationist £^0^™ Pnknn»iinhk Racial Violence Laospremier Group Outlines Aims SIMM1T Mi-- 'Al'> Miit ol iin oruani/atinn MiHTirans lor I're.-erv; the \\hi'e I!.)' • ' Wr simply rluiniu nllar to tlu.' white 1 man." he AUilKHS (AIM -.- '-The counter-revolution is being .supported financially by French i petroleum companies." President Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria claimed Sunday. Ben Bella faces guerrilla tip•I the \Uiilc |1 " sillmi in !' lc Aures £inci Kaby In Mexico City Erupts at Beach reservation ,„ T!l ., ,,, l( ;m , llM j ,, , ,, R ,- ; , m . Holla Hick said, !- reaching persons ::;l "' •^ ^,. ,..! |) r | s u!''i "''Hi I be -('"lit 1 - pa^c luil A I'd. uri'i'iil point is Ins ; I lie mountains led by some of his former comrades in revolu- MEXICO CITY (AP) -A sharp earthquake iiit Mexico City early today, and all lights in the center of the capital went oul. it was the sharpest quake , • ,, iii •, 'I ivci.i i i n_ TJ KJ i I^V,,TL vi uctrvi- lion. Me accused the oil com- M , h Ci( h experienced MM paiiK's at a mass meeting mark-1 si|1C( , 1() r )7 " ' second anniversary of Algeria's independence. Three earthquakes \vcrc Icll Sunday in northern , ,, , . , Sonora and Baia California, in In ncigin Knglish. one word ,,,,,-jhwest Mexico, bul no casu- (ir;]ssj a |(j ps nr damage was reported. Kleclrie power was restored jor incident. liS pn-,'i, maintains h;< \mini, .-.^ivua- iionist urcain/aiion i^ neither M.VIY! nor \ioicn! :nul is nr.I as- In mi,' l'i (i" " l:e .>ai.i ol the eel- Secret operations are no| the soeiatod v.ilh thi 1 Ku Kli:\ K!;in iK.iliunai ;)n><,'nn» He haniled aim. lie said, and meetings ;iie o\er :i Mical ol mimeographed open ,] (ll . s „„, - |;l , k (lf mmiv ill!.-' oiuani/atiMii. .,> t.n .i pampnlcK incliidms the APWH It 1 !bou: ; hi loi a minuie thi^ mav mean ^rass h"a'rd hair i am < unc.Tlierl. i- no|V|xi||t| eliarter. newspaper reprints mid w ,v •> el-mrle Iin.' ,,!•»•.oiy.t,on I,,,-',,- I "•>.,! h,- ' ' '^•'•"" power was i-UNlorcu j 6-"'"••<•«"'•« »-cii augiy HIIIICS. . UM.M.-II giii.s.s mm uu.tri ue,.jiu->. . s u. ... ...„. ,.]: ,,:. ,u v ,. eai. nmi-pr.,:,.. wl ^ all v,innu< i, ,,e, ' 'd ,-,'t ,' ' I k H <(mckl - v j " man - v narls ° r !llc; A( ^ther area of the lake. ! Witnesses report this is what £ l " l ^ v ' f C J^' I 1 ",,,. ' Id yet out, l),ek said, • rily. hut somp was romainort' whiles left the bdach when a. happened: giotsian sevual ti.ill.c Mgn.i Aiioii;, iiioiiN sr^reiKitiiHi I.M! Tli"\ tmik Cml Almighty oui dark. group of Negroes began swim- The Negroes, who had been " " «•« ' - 11 "« 1 ' iiei.n appeariiu', in rr ,,f (.\er\ thinii and that's our Many people were Irightened ' niil1 g- swimming in the lake for some hs around tin' stale, (rouble tuday." he -aid. and ran into the .streets. The Cass County sheriff's of- lime, began singing and clap- At'WH membership is "rowing In Ihe 1957 earthquake (1(5 per-; f ' cc at - Linden, where the Ne-1 ping hands as they waded LOANS TEXARKANA, Tds. (AP) A lakeside racial mtelee Sunday left four persons bounded by gunfire, and 33 Nejjroes Jailed on charges ranging from inciting a riot lo assaulll with intent to murder. The violence erjipled when Negroes swam in take Texarkana near here fj)r the first lime in large numbfers since the passage of the civil rights bill. They were confronted with disgruntled and then dngry whites. , broken glass and other debris. Anti-Red Talks TOKYO (APi Communist China warned Laotian Premier Souvanna Phouma today against making speeches al- west of this northeastern Texas i tacking Communist China. city on the Arkansas border. , Peking People's Daily said. "We Cass County Sheriff Bill Dowd ; musl '\ f \\ p rin( . e phouma in all said from 80 to 100 Negroes and j seriousness that if is very clan- 150 to 200 whites were involved, j (r orous f,,,. | lim to ,..< m timie along They brandished bottles and m ; s ua v." hurled rocks that smashed car;— '. - -windows and headlights. Dowd • Mvml| ( . ]|rs |]g|||s (m .,„,, ,,„„,« mean.-. :;'i':-v|n..'H' !..- (,.,.. ,,, jinn , )„,,.,. |!lt , ,,,1,. .. ln .'•'•'• ir " !l1 ''Ifc'ni'iil uiiitraek-r iermarna.i;e lo Follow Integra- ieu Iriv •.aid in an nilrrvirvs in i h i s. ;,,„, •• j, u .^ /r( , ff| ., y,,,.,;, (-.,,. '/ .1 .OI--M- -ippt t.n\n (i, ,,|j na neHsp;i|)er pur|)octedl\ appauni (nintiny an or,i;aiii/i'r lor the N;i- ; ,| ','„„()) SIGNATURE LOANS $25 to $2000 s-wiltly Irom southwest. Missis- sons were killed and there was i Sfoes were traniferred, said j ashore. x „„.,.„„.„. ,, ,,,„,.,i r m "'' N|I)I ''' '"' S;|I(I - Tll(>rc> n " w yn> Considerahlo damage -Clifford Williams 21-year-old! Guns appeared. Lee Edward urn ijijild with a ,-noek of «r;i\- |( ; v . ' " '• ''t"Piein mark,,; |)i,-k snd. "11 if.s n,,t APWU chapters in :it) of Missis Telephone lines to other areas : Negro, was charged with as-! Johnson, a 21-year-old while. me hair, llr \\;!< Imrn at Kent- • - i .Un c d •hiMnhiiled Inr lh>' sinpfs ['^ cnnnlies. sprradin.u to ol Mexico were down and Ihore : sault w i'n intcn t to murder. i was shot in the leg with a pistol. • ARitANCH.l) itv MIONK v -"' ld '' ;| :ixr Illlilv: "'" m llu> ,, ""'.' r V*' "'' ll> ' ; ' 1 "' lll( ' Americans lor Pre^ervatmn ol | .eakiMiorthi'a^ ol ,1 a <• k s o n. was no immediate wa'v of tellin" Most ° r 1hc others including "Then a white man reached j Arnmsc your ln,-n, hy vhone. Mississippi bonier, bul has lived -Mississippi i oim, il ,„, Unman the White lla,...' n'; not .mi - " a:,,| or'.'.'inr/aiiona! w,rk is HP w |, ( .t|,,. r other ar-is were hit five women, were clnirued with into his car, pulled out a shot-i Pick UP tho rash at your c.m- •• : o past Ji! >,MI-- m Summit. .', '"'latioiir. an inlet,'! at i o n i s I Dick empha -q/eii the ,;ras-. ,|er ua\ in I'.reinida. taither l.arqe crowds mnstlv tourists inciting a riol, a Sheriffs deptt- gun and fired two shots." one ' vrninirr. No m-siencrs. Sam« ""''"'""'•'>>"' K«-n!wn.-,,' .JJI...II, si.ll :,M..ih,.r charged r,K,is -|.,r :1 l |(-u-l" work ,,l the imr ih. Dick ;-ai,l „, ,„',,„ .,„•„.,: our( , ( | fmm ty said. witness said. "A colored man day s-rvi«-. . ,, ... „•.!•,.' ,,| -"I, -,m 'H'-Mvio r-a pawn 111 the Al \\ h. He said the or;;ani/alion lie a ( |,| ( .(| that seuvalehap i ltlll ,|, The Negroes, most from Ark- tried to take it away from him, ' ?<-Month pion M-MO,.* pion t , ,...-')'. vV ' \\V •,v"'in'or "J. 11 """"--! ln "" colleels no due, ,, n lv (Innation-. I.T- h.-r.,-l,,ri, on.''.l m !..-»- . . . ansas, were jnilod in lieu of and it went: off again." V ', U I.°M _°j Joo 1 JioMM l -- M w I S"' .''..:,,,', ",' ( ,O, M .K,., ' ,,|-,ei ,'"" ,,"';'' ,, T'"'"! I" ''" : " ul '"^ "" |)a "' " lll( ' l ' r " '• j:iil:i SI.000 bond each set. by Judge Shotgun pellets struck three " - MJ.M SIHJ.M - MI.M v''."'i the n, £ , ,nlii o !' ' , '"''"V- 1 "^^ 1 '!- 1 ""'''- 1'ick.aNavv v..|,,anoi Vu,,M ,\. ,, .,,i :! l ti'-mbersh,),, I,,- Sachs Harbour is the only, Wayne Brown. Negroes: James Hutson. 17: Eu- ?£ = MM ? 9«':S - .'o°? .....K 1,1 ti.< !'«in.c - (ounu o lonnatio,, is p,v.,ent«-d aiul \\ ar II. s liv - lie : amc to ,|,-,-|,...- -ai.l. -| .I.HI'I know. The onlv seltlemeiit on Banks Island in! " - ' : - "' ••••<> Iv.-law-. \ui,i memliM- 1,1 member- cln.o,,. lor themselves, religions convictions laler in hie thin- I have a One white man and three gene Sumler. 15. and William a nenrd ol i., the the Canadian Arctic, a wind-' Negroes were wounded in the Easier, 28. 'ICCL-, ia (,i,h ehapier. UV are whipped land mass about the racial outburst. Police said the Negroes then :h in iii" lice ti<<iitv bracket." siv.- ot U' Virginia. Lake Texarkana Is five miles sped to a Texarkana hospital in payments Include ALL DIAL FINANCE CO. Dial 43M4H 415 RYfcrl $T i-'':i m< ' i l.\ director .Alien 1 i'ii - A!IO visited tins slate ••.'. o \\i-i ks ,IL;O a- 1 , a presidential roiiblr-sliootvr reported ''ler- 'r !i -'ic aeii\ it\ ' in Mississippi HI i ailed tor a n ackdown on !ar;iie-'t:ne •_: r o H p s m the \l'\\i\' lit* -.aid its aim.-, an- to Diet. x,,]ii | he AI'WK i.- wuik nii; Kiward Ilial ihroiiuh iet;is- tration of ulii!'. 1 - as \nlers. >c I' e!]\ e h'.iv nm and educational \' -irk-, ii'i'lndmu di- tnlinlion o| REDDY ANSWERS YOUR AIR CONDITIONING QUESTIONS ...ADOUT OPERATING COSTS QUESTION: M\ tK-ighiior h;is a unit ih.e ^nino ••i/c a c niiiio. Why ,'ircn't our coils the s.iinc.' ANSWER: I'.ich ;ur conditioning MtiiLitum is iiiiK'i\-iu. DiffiTonl In.nuK h.r. i: d.-- upci.iiiiJL' i.'n.ii.rJU'r- jsllC--. I'fOp'c 1 1 '••I' Ullil'U'OI selling. I). >ri)e jl'jsll! JllOll <'!" •-!!.. JL' \,ll,i'v l.ivint; D.ii'iis ihti'i-i. -Ml ibtM.' ihinys — and c^i - o thi: number (.'! ju-L'pk 1 in liic /jmily — alK'Ci :ni" tvnoi- CIAI-. And, remember, \our ;iir conditioner ^ only one of jiuny elecii iv\d sen .ml 1 -, .ill ul which lire ineiorcd at the same lime and all of whieli alleci jour bill. One thing you can be '•S.TC of — your choice ol clicnic air condiiioQiDg yi\e.i >ou the gre.iic^t comfort lor the low (."-.t v-'OSt. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL THAN IN PREVIOUS FILTER DESIGNS RIGHT IN TASTE WITH THE TIMES How does all that flavor get through all that charcoal? Tempo has a new kind of charcoal filter for a taste too good to miss! THE FIRST BONQED CHARCOAL FILTER* An exclusive process* firmly joins together hundreds a,nd hundreds of activated charcoal granules in a new kind of filter... for a taste too gcpd to miss. Tempo has a white ESTRON* filter, too. A STATEMENT FRCM THE MAKERS OF TEMPO No health claim is made for Tempo . . . only the promise of an easy draw and smoother taste than you have ever before experienced Tempo is a product of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, America's largest manufacturer of filter cigarettes.

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