The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 30, 1937
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BLHHEVnXEXMJRIER NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. 271 Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald Blylhovlile Dully Mississippi Valley Leader _j™e_DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MlSSOTOl SAS, SATUKDAY.' JANUAKY_30, 1<W SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS FLOOD WATERS ISOLATE CITY OF CAIRO Voted County Against ClaytohCqx Goes Down Withgo^t OSCEOLA, AVk.. Jan. 3lU-Clay- lon Cox, 29, 'pi ' Osceola, ' was drowned . yesterday afternoon at about 5 'o'clock when the. Dravo, Top Forecast; No Need! thc foot . of Island 18, about seven r p • I miles south of Caruthersvillc. lor Lvacua lion , j Cox, fireman on Hie boat, which i was attached lo U. S. Fleet No. 7, with headquarters at O.sceola, was Irapped in Ihe .boiler room and it will probably be several weeks' before. his body can be re- Suiulny Gasoline 'Burners To Find •Highways Closed No order for Ihe removal ol llv-fslook and household goods for this area lias been issued and none is contemplated, |.l. James V. Hafan, U. S., Kngin- cers, in eharee of levee work from Ihe Missouri line to Liix- , era, lold Hie'Courier News today. Commenting, on a report in a Memphis newspaper this morning that Die army engineers had ordered all UvMlork arid household goods removed "from Hifk- man. Ky.. 16 the mouth of Ihe While river in Arkansas," he said "There has been no such order for this vicinity and it does not appear that the necessily for such an order Kill arise Should (he situation change :so as to require such an order' it will be communicated ' lo . the people in plenty ; of time." Before the Mississippi river's flood , crest reaches this county the entire | levee from the Missouri line to I Luxora will be in condition to withstand the equivalent of a 55 foot stage on the Memphis gauge, it. was slated tills morning by C. C. Lan?- sloh, levee board member; who is in constant tench with the work of, the army engineers assigned to bolstering this section of levee. . covered. The Dravo .is now, com- pietely sumerged. Ail others .nboiird Surveys > |n Rescue .-Work BlytheviHe residents whose day afternoon custom it is cruise the. countryside by mi) . . . I will find their scene : of activity Aerial! confined lo city streets lomqri-pw, Lacililatc While hundreds of families remain to'be evacuated in areas affected by levee breaks at the state line and on Ihe west side of Lit-1 tie River floodvvay. few are In! deep water and none appear to Jumped and were rescued. Several the Dravo i be In immediate danger, It nad narrow escapes. "Red 1 ' Beall :. had just left the .Dravo for bscepla by motdrboat. He looked back 'and saw .the '"boat topple -completely over. The Dravo announced this morning by G. A Cunningham. Red Cross chairman'. The forwarding to Memphis of flood refugees from this county has been stopped' ami as evacua- was 4ii hv n t,*i "°" of tlle - flooded nrpns continues was w m. o leet, - • n refugee camp of several Cox is survived by his widow dre d persons will develop and an 7-yeor-old son, who went Most O f the refugees will bV to visit revives al Herrln, 111., a for In the box laTeainp « '""' """ - c °* * ««Iuily street from which linn- here. daughter of Charlie Williams Os- u ceoia merchant. more Revenue Department Rules Permits Necessary to Tjanspoit Livestock persons and firms who are said to i than a thousand peisoas uere re 'moved to Memphis Ute Thuis<h\ Make Aeria! Survey Yesterday Mr.' Cunningham, ac- conipanled by his secreliij Mi> Maxlne '• Williams, and J. w! Meyer, Drainage District n en- Bineei made' an aeilal siiuej tup in a plane piloted bj Howard Tnmnell, who has volunteered his "ei vices and the use of las plane foi the period of the emergency rhev flew the section lines o\ei tile area east of the Big Lake levee und between Higlreaj 18 and the slate line and took 'notes on water conditions and : 'the number of people remalnlrig ' to be evacu- Strict -limitations on traffic''are In effect on' nil surfaced highways entering lilytheville null motorists whose only errand Is to kill time or satisfy curiosity hs 'to flood conditions Will be luhie'd back by guards who' have been iiosled at key points. ' .. "', Traffic on Highway 61, both north and south, has been restricted In order to keep the : 'road free of congestion nnd . liuis facilitate, movement, of traffic essential In the ilbod emergency, Highway. 18, east. Im's been'closed to all but essential traffic fn'ior- ler to keen it in condition'for-the movement of men and supplies .to the.Mississippi river levee,'Limitations on travel over Highway' ;18 to the" west were Imposed to'avoid Interference .with flood relief 'and rescue operations. • •: - satisfactory situaliori Pemtscot county and in the lower jrarl 1 of the county • Prepare for 5" Feet Afost of the levee froni the state line to Ln\ora requires no work to safeguard it against 55 feet at Memphis which Is the highest stage nnjone lias predicted and more than flve feet above the official weather bureau forecast At no point will the levee require as much as Uo fee* of sandbagging to bring it to the 55-foot ^rade, the engi- ineers have informed Afr ston The work is proceeding so rapidly that there Is no question but that the levee will be ready when the crest reaches this county It is expected in about seven days i At Memphis today Lt Col Ku»ens JReybold was still sticking to his forecast of a crest stage of "ID feet on the army engineers »au°e at Memphis This would be equivalent (o 53 5 feet on the weather fci- reau gauge, 55 feet above the 48 foot crest predicted by Meteorologist P w Bnst The crest is expected at Memphis about Febrn- uiy 7 Water Is Far Down, Levee The appearance of: the levee is reassuring even to a layman. Those who have .been able ' to wangle their way past the highway guards on the Bartield road for a view of it share the confidence of experienced river men that it affords ample protection against the rising flood. The water is now 'far down the inside slope of the levee, about eight feet below 'the crown . at most places, and men familiar with flood conditions say that there will be several feet of levee to spare when the crest arrives. River Sets New Mark be spreading flood scare stories, as i means of iriuucing farmers to sacrifice livestock and poultry" at a small' part of. their market value. II B Stout assistant supervisor m charge of the Blytheville office of the revenue deparj-menf, announced this afternoon ~V\v *rp^ mils for movement of livestock'and poultrj over the highways out of Blytheville would be required 05 the revenue department Mr, Stuotisaid: 'Tills office is in full accord with the. efforts of the emergency flood committee to suppress theft of livestock, and poullrj and to prevent exploitation of those unfortunate enough to fee)"required to move or dispose of livestock and poiutry Our highway patrol will require identification and permit for all persons transporting pvestock or poultry in out, or through Blythe vine Permit for such movements may be procured from the emer gencj flood committee in the City ated A very few people were, seen in deep water Mr Cunningham said ' Oui boats advise they le fuse to come out We foimd no one in Immediate dangevl Some 20 or 30 families, weie surrounded by water but were building boats and making rafts and apparently prepaiing to stav in and take caie Givr Gig-nlic Mass De,m- onsliatinn- 14 ol Accused Musi Die 17 MOSCOW, .Jan. 39 (UP) —One 1 if the biggest spontaneous demonstrations Hie Soviet" union has ever seen was held in Red Squaie' of ,lhe Bolshc-v ! late sentpncln" Hall Osceola Electric Service Is Nearing Normal Again CSCEOLA n r\ trie . light service, ^ Urges' People" tojTrbme,' Oui Water in this sec"~i will'con- tinue to rise fm some time from •:he breaks at the state line. The people are foolish to stay there' MI Cunningham warned, because if it becomes necessary to take, them put.Inter it'will in- 'erfere with rescue operations further south where the population is much moie dense We may be forced to take all boats' out of the srea north of Highway 18 ind eave them to depend upon Ihem- elves. Aeml observation lours similar o that made yesterday will con- Inue daily weather permitting Jid will covei all of the flood area under the jurisdiction of the shickosawba - . District Chapter American Red Crosy\and also the reme eastern Craighead county | ex Besides the area east of Big 1 " 1 Jan io_ L lec . disrupted las!' week-end has no<v been restored Ir rill but abojt 75 residences In O.scccLn. officials of the municipal liRht and power company announced today. White way lijjhls on Hale ave- - nue and Highway 61 are also in working order now but othci street lights are still dark. Practically the entire system will have to be rebuilt on Broadway the main north and south traffic artery in the east end of town Three rural lines supplying service are yet out of commission, CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 20 ° e . f U(1 ' ° n .. Hl S hwav 61. -All previous Mississippi river flood * e5t for - 10 milcs °" Hi!ihwn records at this point were broken last night when the river's stage on the gauge here passed 44 .feet. , ae i mark; reach «l the 1913 high The gauge reading this morning was 44.45. a rise of three-quarters of a foot m 24 hours. Twelve hundred men are on levee duly in this county, read}- for any- emergency. All levees are reported in excellent condition. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 30 (UP) —Cotton futures moved up two to nine points today with distant months lagging. There was little inclination to sell in view of the flood .situation and ' buyers were forced to bid up prices. Traders also were pushing up Ihe market lo draw out some of thc government loan cotton on which releases are due Monday. .open high low close Mar 1275 1280 1273 1280 W 1260 1264-1J57 1284 J "l 1244 1248 1242 1247 P 01 11?! 1192 U90 1192 D" 1194 1198 1194 1198 . ; Spots closed quiet at 1340, up 10 miles on Highway 40 and west irom .the .county farm on Ihe Lnxora-LIUle River road. Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK. Jan.. 30 (UP) _ Steel shares advanced to new nighs In d moderately active short session on the New York stock exchange today. • .. A 'r and T 133 i_; American Waterworks .. 26 1-8 Anaconda Copper ..,1.'. 53 |.j Bethlehem Steel .-,' 83 Chrysler 123 1-4 Cities Service 45-1 Coca Cols' 1291-' General Electric 63 1-: General Motors 67 7-i Internationa] Harvester 105 McKesson-Robblns 133-4 Montgomery Ward 56 5-i New York Central 42 Packard n i_| Phillips Petroleum 53 3.; Radio Corp 11 7-: St. Louis-San Francisco 3 1-: sbunons Bed ..'. 54 1-: Standard of N J 69 1- In approval of 17 formei vis,' lenders tr>i plotting againsl' tr-e Malt •/,-'' - "" Thirteen of-[he defendants-were sentenced to.the firing squad and lho four others,•... including^ Karl Dadei n veteran 'BoTshev f isl7u6' i: oii terms, " * It vvas'.vestlmated 'that more tlmu 1.0CO,000'persons;were massed in the .square, and in. the streets as far as a mile away shouting and singing revolutionary songs. in 24 hours and nearly two-tenths below the crest. ' 'The stage at the Roseland ditcl'. bridge on Highway v ia, where a'ma r jor part of Ihe water from the stole'line breaks crosses'the hlgh- ivav. showed a rise of about two inches in the past 24 hours. It ii expected that it will "continue to rise slowly for some time. Persons in flooded 'a'reas who Expect lo be fed by Ihe Red Cross must come oui, Mr.. Cunningham emphasized, as it will be Impossible for the lied Cross to send rlancock Caraway region In e\- su PP lie s into the: Hooded areas except in emergencies. Persons and wishing 'to be Levee B raced for Flco;1 IIMRJCL1S Signalizes Four- Years , ol Nazi Rule With Speech Outlining Position HErtLIN, Jfin. 30 (UP) — Adolf Hitler today withdrew 'Germany's signature from the wav guilt clause of the Versailles treaty and >rcclaimed his readiness 16 coop- tote with other nations for peace Hid' economic progress. Before the Kclchstag, the Fueh- ;er .vvnrned tiie world'Of the inen- nce ol Communism, forbade his lepple to accept-Nobel prizes, anil ijinoiinced the nationalization or lis. country's railroad and central lahklhg systems. > -.The address signalized, the be- Ilnnlng of the fifth year of Hitler's rule as dictator of sixty-six million people I lie Reichstag e\ lended the dictatorial powers -of Ills government for four more yearn, permitting him to rule by decree without legislation, despite .lie constitution. Hitler's speech lasted two hours It was heaid b> nearh all of iermany's population by radio. In domestic nffalis he nnnounc- !(1 Ihe of I the Relchsbank, the cential banking nslllutton. and of all railroads nnd announced a new ^criminal ode I In foreign affalis lie vigorouslj asserted Germans s return as a !rciu work! '..power us lie made lis proud renunciation of war Siiilt. Germany's pride was .further emphasized 'when'a decree was Issued In his name forbidding Germans henceforth to accept Nobel prizes—the lesult of Na?l iage over the" recent award of/ , the peacji prize to Call \on Ossjeisky, Geiman pacihst * ^ Instead Germany will have liei own national awards or three pitas in,- tlie-orts--and-'sciences, vorlh about $40000 each j / He declared, he was cominccd (hat. EuropcanViiatlom -talesmen ivotild be able to p'lesenc peace He said each nation must be the judge of Its own defensb,needs Hitler Insisted that' Qermany plans no colonial aggression arid raises no colonial demands regdrd- IIIB countries which took no Mississippi River Levws Holding as Greal River Rises f Some idea of thc heroic work done bj thousands ol men striving to brace thc Mississippi luvce system may be gained fiom [his striking- plane plctine At the right of the levee, shown ncai Now Madrid Mo the ilver burges by fully 10 feet above the level behind the levee Laboring (jay and night the cr(ws built plank h'r'a<tes for sandbigs v,hlch wole piled three feet high above tho * ' ' nalu'ial top of thc levee Tiny Baby* Left At Hospital By'T Refugee Parents Big Lake the parts of north Mississippi county in which a flood situa- .ion of serious proportions exists are the, region between the Koch- -itzky levee and the east levee of .he Little River- floodway, from Highway 18 south to the north Ine of the Osccpla district, and the lower part of the Buffalo creek country, between the west evee of the Little River floodway and the Cralghead county line. Much Water Soulh of Dell evacuated, he said, should fly a white flag from when they hear the the house-top motor of a plane. A note will be made of their location and a boat will be sent lo bring (hem out. 150 liefugccs Here Now Some 150 persons were being cored for at the armory receiving station this morning, following the removal of about 50 last night to Memphis. The latter were transported in automobiles which were col onies from. he> I his was coupled with an emphatic,denial of,charges that Germany has designs • on Spanish Morocco. He summarized the needs for the pacification of Europe as follows 1-—Stable internal conditions. 2.—Frank admission of the vital necessities of nil peoples. 3.—Evolutionary reason • to replace reacllonary rigidity. 4—Basing of pacification efforts on equality nnd mutual responsibility. . • . 5.—Consideration of the armaments problem in its universal aspects instead of making one nation alone responsible. 6— Realization that it Is impossible to pacify nations as long as. "a clique of poisoners" (apparently Moscow) Is allowed lo go on. 7.—Realization Wlll you get some one to adopt oui babj If we leave her with you? We want liri to have n good home,' said a father, v»lth n dhty bundle of clolhtng' which' held n tiny baby, as he and his wife departed for the refugee' camp nt Memphis. The baby, 'had so '.won the hearts of those in charge of the emergency hospital that no one dared say, "don't leave hei EO the hospital has a baby. But it Isn't 'a question .of what to do with '.'Hlghwatcr," as she has been nicknamed, but .rather | n question of having enough baby lo go around. Blytheville people assisting nt the hospital-have become, so. .attached to the pretty little four-monllis-old blond that they take turns at keeping UVft baby and a number want to adopt her. Always with n smile on her'Ill- lie round lace, the baby uses her ' Kochtitzky levee may receive a considerable amount of water from the state line breaks. This sec- bilities.. 8.—Realization that peace will benefit if .minorities, arc treated so as to take account of their national feelings. Hitler, said that the new con- southern destination. The convoy istltiition, already long under ure- that pendi ne j blue eyes in a captivating manner queslions can be solved within' which gels Her a lot of friends Ihe framework of practical possi-|The dirty baby, sick with a cold It also appears that the arcaicnronte from a northern niilomo- .uunui iceiing south of Dell and east of the bile manufacturing plant to n| Hitler, said would have been unable to get through Arkansas, from the state lion was badly .flooded by the] line "above here'and southward, heavy rams of a week or more ago mto Memphis, because of a ban and Ls.still receiving a heavy runoff of surface water from the north and east. Reports yesterday that, the water in this region was to on such traffic except for an offer, which was accepted, that the cars be used to transport refugees to. Memphis. rising, however, would tend 10- ,-,.., . , confirm fears that-some of the , I » ! «" i " l °» "tlioso quartered at the nrmory 50 persons were em- hall water from the state line wouldl"' ' hen , ar . mory 5 % persron f h ' flow east of the head of the Koch- llstcd °", llle ,, records ° r thc titzkv levee I ergency .hospital at the city partition, would be given as thc unalterable fundamental law of the nation. The entire nation joined in celebrating the fourlh anniversary, of Hitler's accession to power. New York Cotton and exposure, has become a little beauly.- The parents and their other children, were taken to Memphis en the refugee train after having By United Press Flood vvaleis surrounded Cairo, 111., today as the Ohio hurst, tliio'igh to live Mississippi 15 milts north''of the city of 15,000 persons Foulhvvard thc Mississippi is'i'li- i ing Dikes are holding but (lood waters lapped within Inches of Ibeh lops In some places and thc grail test is jel to come '; Cairo reported llself prepared for Isolation Us walei walls on 'all sides held back the flood. About 10,000 peisons have been sent out of the city, ' Downstream from Cairo lo Hcl- °nn. Ark 1COOOO grimy men are piling higher, the breastworks , against destruction. Thq Red Cross surveyed thc situation again and sftld It might be necessaiy to Inciease Us J10.000.- 000 icllef budget More than $0.400,000 has been collcctej so far. Big tltver U Rlsimj • ,; Throughout Its lower length Hip nighty Mississippi Ls rising with ' ach gulp of flood wateis from the wolten tributaries The rampaging Ohio river and othei feeder streams , are filling as their surpms waters well the Mlsslsslpiil's Uric ' Tour,' hundred persons were re- JOited. marooned between Helena and Marlanna, Ark, and from the game country deer, quail and wild nirkeys are scrambling to the levee for letuge from the flood ' Investigation of Tlptonvllle, Tcnn, levees, Jarred today by an earthquake or a shifting 61 ( un- dermlneJ curfnce" soil disclosed no " damage but the dikes'(.here 1 are .weakest "—- " - ^"'i Forecasts of lain, s'now lilid'toUf-"' er foretold moxe,physical sufferiusr- for Ill-sheltered refugees, although ~ precipitation was not cvpdcted greatly to Increase flood hazoids But from Cairo southward lo New Orlenns—1,200 miles—the great river was rising Hamson «Says Republican Effoits To Amend / Will Tail 1 ^WASHINGTON,- Jan. 30., (UP) — Senalor Pat Harrison (Dem.. Miss, chairman of.the .powerful senat finance committee sold today h believed the "full reserve" fund fea lures of the social security, act \vll be retained.despite Republican i mands for elimination of the pro posed, $47,000,000.000 fund. Harrison's statement cnmc afle Senator Arthur Vandenberg (Hep Mich.), nnd other Republican S3na tors sponsored a 'n/olutioii callln oil -the social seeiiVity board k recommend "constructive amend mcnls' 1 to the law to place it 01 a "prvy-os'-you 1 go" basis. Harrison said he believed the so cla| security board's report to con gross, expected soon, mend only_'administrative change in the law. ' ' ' Harrison also said he beloved there woiilS'be no changes In prds- ent taxing provisions of .the social seciirity. act,. .which provide , for yearly Increases In employer and 80,000 Moved to Safety ' ~' WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (UP)—- , The u ,S army already has evnc"- k ' , uated more than 80.000 parsons in " tho Missouri .amf Arkansas -flood danger zones despite'''conservative-?, ly optimistic 1 , predictions that lip vees will bold firm!)hen Nfalln " Craig, army chief b'P Stjm, reporM- !o President Roosevelt today £\ Craig said "more than 20,0007., Missouri residents and "moie than 60000" Arkansas citizens have been' moved to higher ground; -. ' . In addition the army has nlitu&i completed evacuation of padiicalii Ky., removing the last 10,000 pei-1 sons from the city, Craig 1 said -I The army is prepared for cveii* more widespread evacuation al danger points farther down the Mis-, sisslppi in event It appears dikes » will not withstand the tremendous pressure of the advancing flood crest Thousands of regular army troops and civilians are -working to strengthen nnd heighten 'dikes. tltzky levee. NEW YORK. Jan. 30 (UP) — Collet) closed very steady. ,| Whl,e in some respects the sit- "'*"!; p"?,**?, £, uatlon In the Buffalo Creek country is the most serious In • the county. It does not- appear that anyone in that' region is in bn- mediate danger. Mr. Cunningham said today lhat a considerable number of families, gathered in the school house, gin, and In homes at Milllgan Ridge, had refused to come out. It may become necessaiy to compel their evacuation, he said, because of the difficulty in getting supplies to them. ' Big Lake Falls a Tenth It is of course Irue that a new- break in any of the levees of the Big Lake-Little River system, danger of which has by no means passed. would Intensify the flood slt- . family of Jim Roltns, of Dell, who died Thursday, also were at the city hall hospital today. Texas Co us: U 3. Steel Warner Bros Zonlte ...... 16 1-2 uatlon, greatly Increasing the depth 55 1-4 of water in areas already affected and causing expansion of the flood area. The stage at the Highway 18 963.4 Water Rising West of Oscfob OSCEOLA. Ark.—West of Osceola water from the state line ditch gap above Big Lake caused a rapid rise between Kochtit'zky ditch and Little River along Highway 40. Water is reported up to the floor of cars for 1,500 feet along the highway. It is 12 to 18 Inches deep on parts of Ihe Crews lateral and ankle deep In Ihe Ouy Swift store on Highway 40. Approximately 135 refugees were brought, into Osceola from thc area being flooded last nighl. The big steel barge, No. 2719. attached to U. S. government fleet, NO. 7, has been tied up at Ihe levee opposite old town at Osceola --.--.- — .,,5,...,„;, ,„ In case It should be needed lo house bridge at Big Lake this mornlnJ or transfer flood refugees from this May Jul bet Dec Jan 8 1-2 was 251.2, down'a tenth of an liich'section. open 1283 12G5 1247 1194 1189 1188 high 1285 1268 1250 llflS 1191 1191 low close 1283 1267 1280 1262 124G 1193 1194 1187 1187 1188 Spot Average Is 13.U The average price of 7-8 Inch middling collon on Ihe ten desig- T h ,, i S° , , ~ natcd spot markets today wL ly ^, y , th ^ ° sce °i" "^ 13.12. the Bly.hcville Board of \ .^^^L^.^l Trade reporls. been brought out of their water- | employe taxesuntil each pays three bound home by rescue workers.! Per cent on 'payrolls annually. When they left her the mother ""•'•-'-' kissed her.'goodbye and .sald,:;!'gct her a good home, will you?" 'as the father hustled other members of his family 1 together before igo- ing to the train. >., i jlocal Lawyers Oppose ' New Judicial District A bill Introduced In thc Ark- lansns senate for formation of .a 'new judicial district lo be com- pcs«d of Crltlenden and Mississippi counties Is opposed by a majority of the members of the Blytheville bar association who have signed a petition requesting defeat of thc measure. A resolution op|xxsing the pfo- | posed change was'adopted recent- Chicago Wheat open high low y 127 3-4 128 closo I?7 1-2 VJ7 3-4 Jul 111 1-8 111 3-8 110 3-4 111 1-8 Chicago Corn '. open, -high .low • close MnyilOfl i\-4 106 7-8 105 7-8 106 1-8 Jul 100 7-8 101 1-8 100 1-2 100 3-4 Mississippi and Crlttenden counties at present arc Included In the [second judicial district with five other counties, Poinsett, • Craighead. Clay, Cross and Greene.. Under tennis,-of the bill chancery, circuit civil and circuit criminal courts 5vould all be held by the same judge In Crlttenden and Mississippi counties. A copper p|i>c, removed from Ihe sspo-year-pld pyramid of the Egyptian - PjiaVaoh Cheops, some years; ago, held water even after so many centuries. Names Commissioners to Prepare Jury List Jerry White, Floyd Acton, and' Marlon Williams were named jury" commissioners b} Judge O. 1 E_ Keck this morning to prepare a jist qt Jurors for the next term of* circuit court here. Due to the flood emergency situation no jury cases Vvere tried at the term of cWll court here, ending today. - This statement was considered an answer to. Vandenbcrg's demand that the board recommend an amendment to'freeze the payroll taxes at the present one per ctnl level. : -.'•"••-'• The proposed $47,000.000,000 reserve . funfl . which would be 'bviit Up gradually froni revenue from the Social security laxes, was attacked by Vandenberg yesterday as "a danger lo free •^titutlons and a menace to sound financial practices:" He contended that the tax rales could be decreased If the necessity for building up the huge fund were eliminated. -Harrison said lie understood the board's tentative recommendation! would discuss thc advisability of starting benefit payments In one or two years Instead of watting until 1942 as now provided In the law. Tomato Residents Will Get Their MailHere t _ , i Arkansas — Cloudy, occasional Residents of the Tomato coni-( ra i ns tonight and Sunday. Warm- munlty. inundated by flood waters [ er m c \lreme east and extreme from-the Mississippi, will receive souUl portions, colder In north- thclr mall at the Blytheville post- L«t portion tonight Colder Sun- office, it was announced todayJ(i av ^- .; t)A,.l»-,„.-»*... t»..__" iVO rT>^-l-."l- _'.|1» ****J« Youthful Refugees Are Osceola Burglary Suspects OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 30-Thrcc youths, refugees from the flood stricken area near here, are suspected of participating in , the burglary last night, of M. Ruben- sttin's store on Hale avenue. About ten dollars in'cash and merchandise . valued at $15. consisting of cigarettes, snuff, cakes and caiidy, were stolen. Entrance was effected by . cutting a panel from the back door to reach thc latch. WEATHER Postmaster Jones of "Tomato will be at the BlythevlHe posiiffice on Monday, Wednesday 1 and Friday lo handle mall addressed to To- 'mato resients. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 61, minimum 32, partly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Norrls, offlclil 'weather observer. ' . il

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