The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1955 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1955
Page 15
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER SO, 19M BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER HEWf PAGE riFTEEK OUR lOARPINCHOUSE — with M.J.r HM»!« OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. Williomi Me DELIRIOUSLY HAPPV, AND I'M SOIMS TO POT Art EXTRA YO THAT'S A DELEGATION Of= OLDEETIREO ALUMNI OF TM' MACHINISTS TCAPE-- THESE 6UVS 16 SPECIALISTS,' VEH, BUT. THESE GUYS WORKTHREE TIMES CLOSER THAN WE DID: WEUSEPTO THINK THAT A THOUSANDTH OF A INCH WAS CLOSE BAH; -THE POSITION OF ELSVATOR OP£R AttJR.SeeMSD TOO TRIVIAL f^RMY TALENTS.— BUT MULLINlS it ONER I'M ErtTriUS- KIN CO LIKE WE US6PTO--TORM OUT EVERV PART OF EVEM A BIO LOCOMOTIVE, THEM PUT IT ALL TOGETHER AN' RUM IT TOO.' //•SODOI--MONEOFA I •£« EVER WENT PAST > TH' FIFTH GRADE AM' / AMUZZ.L6 LOWER. HERO I IS AS 6OOPAS A MA\CHINE 6UW HEffQ ANY STUDVAJ-JO IMPROVE VERTICAL TRAMS YOU'RE Pf6HT.BOTTS.' WfTW AM LIKE THIS AF , I'M GOINQ " WHAT KWO OF A DRIVER. TtXJ ARE/ WE'RSSOWA LIVE TbNI6Hr.' NOT EVERY CAT CAN tUX A JOB UK6 THIS. T«l«mion — Ttnight, Tomorrow — WMCT Chamitl 5, t WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel I Friday Ni«ht, Sept, 96 e 00 Wild Bill Hlekok «.30 Ule of Rliejr 7:00 Big StoiT 1:30 Stories or tht Certturr 8.00 C«valc*d« of Sport* 8.45 Amea Brothers p-(X> Touchdown JI.3Q News Reporter B 45 Frank Leahy *nd Fool ball 10 00 Weather 10 05 Tonight 11.00 Mrsiery TheMr* II:M Sign Ofl Saturday, Oct. 1 7:30 News Ac M*<11i«U6E 7;45 Storytlroe 8;00 Plnfcr Leff Show B 30 Paul WtnchcU- Jerrr MfthoneT 9,00 Commando Codr 9:30 Terry * the Pir»t« 10:00 Cartoons 10:15 Pride of th« Southland I0:« World Series—In color 1:30 Soldier Pirade 2.00 Robin Hood 2:30 Press BOI Preview J:*5 Football £»rne— Ohio State *t Stanford • S',15 Fomba,U 5 30 Bob Cummlngs «:00 Perry Como Shoir ?;OQ M« Liebmnn PrwrnW—color "Hetflf' 8:30 Your Hit Parade 9:00 City Detective 9.30 Thf Millionaire 10:00 rather Knows Beat 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Drama Theair« 12-00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Friday Ntfht, Sept. 30 6:00 Dinner Theatre e:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 T. B. A. 7:00 Dollar A Second 7:30 T. B. A. 8:00 Name's the Sam* 8:30 Camera "V 9:00 BIG Town 9:30 Mftyor of tht Town 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 L*t* Show 11:30 Weather Saturday, Oct. 1 8; 45 Tops 9:00 fl;30 10:4$ 1:45 2.00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 S:30 7:00 8:00 9:30 10-00 10:10 10:15 Captain Midnight Tales of Texas Rangers Big Top Pre Game Warm-Up World's Series Shop Talk With Don Saturday Show Wild Bill Hlckok Buffalo Bill. Jr. Annie O»)cley i Top-Ten Dane* Party • / Navy Log Dinner Theatre Ozark Jubilee Lawrence Wclk Million Dollar Movie Topper News Weather Late Snow Wanted to Buy tTscd sidewalk bicycle in good condition. Ph. 3-6327 alter 5 p. m 19 dh 30 buy used turniture HALSELL U3 6 DHUinn Ph 3-60«. 4 ck Used clothing, chlldrens and tnens. Ill 3. Franklin. 9 ; 27 pic 9^30 Wanted to Rent Bedroom, preferably with pyt. bath. WrUe Box AB 0:0 courier News. B 28 p* 10;1 Continual from prcciding pag* Buiirwti Opportunititt Loit Unfurn. Duplex 3 rooms and bath, list. RM. Good location. Ph. 2-2671.. uricr 5 30 3-3435. P 28 pfc 1<V6 2 roam houst with Ph 2-2334, nrd porch. 926 Ck If 3 room* and bmh, rear 134 T Ken- tuckj- Or. J. A. S»lib». Ph 2-1*36. P 28 ck tf Bedroom, or will share home -with Couplf, 1WM Hcarn. Ph. 2-2£>00. 9M pk 10 : 7 Ijirpa brick horn*, (urn J. F. Bun. Joiner, Art. Ph. 7721 day *nA 2091 nicht. P 29 pfc 107 Htfp WanUd WMtrws wanted Apply In person AI Mil Otnirn -3-B937 Stmpvwfl 5tB" Lln« Cule 63i ck tl Men who want to g« ahead. If you ire Intcrostfd In R good job and i if-urc future with a sulnry from *** ^ffr week und up, contact F.. L. OAMBTLL • Boi flM Jonesboro, Ark. or Phone WEbster 5-5311 p 28 ck 102 If Interested In clrtn profitable buMnwi. watch BlythevlUe TASTEE FREEZE In operation. 1300 Itfci It now operating. Franchise arsllnblo Arkan««'. . fln»t loc»Uon. Write TASTIE FREEZ, P. O Boi 771. BlvtneTine P 31 ck 10.31 Help Wanttd, Ftmal. &mnl] bro*-n and u-hlte Fox Terrier- Chlldita's pet. Reward. 700 Hardln. ph. 3-8»S. ».n pt 8 : 30 Notlc* Leaving lor California Saturday. Want rider to share expense*. Ph. 3-9973. 829 pk 10 : 1 Woman for jener»l ' work In local office supply *nd stationery Btore. Mrs. Samuel T. Korrls. 9;2S ck tf Leant Money To Loan On Je»*lrr. inotffuns. lURgige ctmerw radloe, muilcal InalrumenU, etc We buy u»*d furnlturi and oth« article* of Tllue East Main LOAD Co. 304 E. Ualn ph. :-;•*« German chocolate c»ses made oy order Ph 3-3340 Un Pred CopeUnd S;3p* 102 OS«D REFRIGERATOR 169.95 up WBIT1 * 34 ck tl FOR THE BEST IN FARM LAND — FARM LOANS See EARL'S FARM A LOAN-CO. O L torlt 3-3418—J Uarnh 2-272* BljVh.TUl*—Ph 3-4052 We buy uied turniture hAJ-SELL * tfHIT* 113 S DiTitlOD Ph 3-«QW » 4 ck ti Private Roomi Bedroom for girls Ph. 3-2087. S 39 ck tJ Nice bedroom Men only Ph. 3-4432 9;12 Cktf Bedroom, twin beds. Wen preferred Ph. 3-8504. 1,18 S. 17th. 9,2? pk 10;13 Sleeping room nwn only. S6.00 single. (10.00 double. Ph. 3-8684. 9 ; 38 pk 10,6 3-Bedroom Home ^ New Courier News employee wants to move his family to Blytheville—needs 3-bedroom, unfurnished, modern home. Can furnish excellent references. Please call Courier News, ph. 3-4461. 9J29 dh tf Man for tht Job , CHEYENNE, Wyo. tn — The Wyoming Travel Commission hired an assistant secretary to brag about the state's tourist attractions. His name: William F. Bragg. XXVI D1OGENE plainly asked us while we lunched what we were up to. I said we were interested in ihe old fortress and since we happened on an old key which fit the door below, WP u'ere making a thorough exploration. He seemed satisfied The secret of the 20 chests apparently had been well kept. He was willing, in his halting French, to talk oC the bearded man tie had called Gros Oiseau. Years ago. it may have been icmard the end of the Big War. some people of the district had found him lying in the woods not ft*r from here- Diogene touched Ms right temple. The white man had been badly wounded—here. The peasants took him home and in time he got well. With a smile and a hcadshake Diogene touched his temple again. But he was not right in the head. 1 When he had tried to tell who ihe was, he had flapped his arms. They had laughed and ever since then he had been called Dig Bird. , Then, being a natural gentleman and having drunk wine and taken "bread* with us, Diogene rose, saluted us and went away. "Do you recall the legend," said Lynch contemplatively when he had gone, "of the burial of Kut.lai Khan with all his staggering wea|th somewhere in the Gobi Desert? No one has ever been able to find the treasure because everyone who accompanied Kublai on that last jour- .ney was put to death. The practice here does not appear to hav« bean so thorough." 'IVilh some force we made the : key fit the other doors. Doors Nrs. 1, 2, and S were creaked on en—upon the same must {now, the same emptiness. Lily, neglected, took one of the flashlights and began to conduct her. own Investigations ol the •mpty chamber* i I A few minutes later I heard 1 her call in a low voice. "Hey, I Bobby! Mr. Lynch. I've found ' something." » * * LJI.Y was in the near, left- hand corner of the stone room behind No. 4 door. • I gave Lily A-PIus for thoroughness. A thin piece of metal about half an inch wide and some eight inches long, with a saw. edge. lay against the wall almost covered by the'gritty dust. "A broken hacksaw blade," Lynch said reflectively. "Very badly rusted . . . been there a long time. But clearly not since this place was built." Lynch flung the hacksaw blade, our first and only clue, abruptly away from him. He didn't even look where it went. While we stared at him he dashed to the pile of stones, picked out the biggest of them, came staggering back with it to where we stood and began to bang it up and down on the stone floor. The sound h« now made with his pounding was a hollow and resounding "boom," Lynch dropped hip stone, rose, dusted his hands and said: "There is a second chamber below this one. I've bwn mentally indolent. When this fort was constructed, shells of the big coastal defense guns of the typ« which it was doubtless the intention to have mounted here, were backed by an additional booster charge of smokeless powder contained in silk bags. The shells and the bags were always stored separately to avoid danger of the powder being ignited from sparks produced by any. handling of the shells. Odd! The furniture of the mind contains these random fragments of information. But It takes some cue, like the hacksaw blade Mini Wyndam 90 fortuitously found to turn them up." Lynch took Ui« flashlight from Lily's hand and returned to the corner where she had found the rusted blade. "I do wish I had a whiskbiGcm!" Lynch made do with a pocket handkerchief. At about the twentieth swipe he hit pay dirt. It was a tiny circle of metal less than half an inch in diameter, level with the concrete floor- It was not surprising we had not discovered, it before. Less than a teaspoonful of dust was sufficient to conceal it, "Excellent mechanics, these chaps. This, you will observe, lias been sawed off and bored hollow, for about half an inch, leaving screw threads. I'm afraid my search of Meer's cabin was incomplete. I am sure he must have in his possession a ring bolt which would fit this socket." He frowned. "Did you, Miss Wyndam, say that when Meer went to Braun'a cabin, you heard a clinking sound? As if he might have two metallic objects in his pocket?" "Yes," said Lily shortly. • » • WITH his handkerchief he now quickly uncovered the crack of the trap door. It had become a very grimy handkerchief indeed. "It may be difficult," said Lynch matter-of-factly, "to get a proper purchase with no lifting bolt But if you two will bear down on the far end ther« • I will see what I can do." . Lynch rattled around in the worn satchel and this time produced a foot-long steei rod. Lynch pushed it into the bolt hole, then forced it toward him. There was a second of stubborn hesitation, then the heavy concrete trap swung up and back. Lily Wyndam screamed as'we directed the flashlights downward. Stone steps led down into the lower chamber. On them, a man was lying. His head was only a few feet below us. He was hideously dead. A bullet of heavy caliber had struck him squarely in the face. Under .that blast it had all but disintegrated. "Braun!" someone whispered. <T« BC CMtl Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing Needs • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry HUDSON Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Blytheville, Ark. NEW WOOLENS 5 Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Sho N*rth Frinklln rhone 1-42M Thank you for the lovely evening—you may kiss me good nisht if you wish!" "This bill i* obviously a mistake—it 'say* tonttbody in this family bought a dress!" ANOTHER TEN FEET, AV.O TH£ NEXT . . ln/y MUSiCAL SOUND f WOULD HA/E KEN L THAT OF AM AMBULANCE 9RENi (AY KNEES KA\'= TUf?WEO TO ICE WSIE1?, CLAY, AND HB? SISTER THEDOU. A HIT TUNE WITH ATJN PAN ALLEY CAT? SHE SAID ONE MORE DAY LIKE TODAY.. WHY, LESTER! DID SHE REALLY SAY THAT* PRINCIPAL'S --l-rEACHER SAYS (I'M A BOY WHO'S x —r GOING PLACES! SINCE A*.BAOJ 5HOWEOUf OP HIS OWN PC- , COPP, Z'LL -^ SETTLE FOR TV\O TICKETS. TO TOSCA/ WRECKS'.' HaV6 I EVSE MtEP SHOW UP WS A ffBfatff+HCt'f MJMtia HOW COULD VOU WALK OUT, WITHOUT A WORP TO |=1N>SOPV; ONLY A PEW CWVS B6FOPE VOU MO, OF COUKSE WOT: OWLY- HWA.1i I HAVE f. CHORE TO CO N OJWA6A 1 . &EE- VOU rOHORKOWi KOVCSi WY 5I5TER. I WAS READY TC LEAV6 BOSTON WHEN 5H6 NICE PUWWIWS PROPPED IW, 50 I WTO *U A PAV V HK ALONS! OH, 515, COM6 EARLY, RD>ee!HMM\. MEET MK. WH(75 TH' BAB6 WHASSA MATTER, OOP,, HAVE FORGOT ITS AMPUTATE OR HE'S MENTALLY SHOT? BUT THA'S WHY WE'RE HE(?E_/AWn«~. WE MUST NOT DOGGONE FAIL...50SET ON WITHTK V JUST CANT JOB, LOP OFF k DO ID HIS TAIL.' ITS PRETTY RIDICULOUS, THA.SSA FACT.' IT'S NO FIT WAY FOR A KINS TO ACT.' tXJNTTHAT BEAT ANYTHING YOU EVER SAW? KNOW.. BUT LOOKiT 'IM THERE... THEY COMES . CANDLES TO A SOX THREE BE BNOUSH? - uL , SEP CAMOLKS FOB ITTOOI^ COMIN UP! HEPE'S VOUB BISTHPAV CAKE, PETUNIA! SUCH ft 60WV WOW'. 9ROBPS.XV VftUGH MS

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