The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 3
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V THURSDAY, J5EPTEMBER 22, 1932 BlSlLD FOR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Who Are They? Bound Over to Grand Jury ] on Testimony o{ Thirsty • Visitor. •Ihtce negroes were held lo the slate oil liquor sellin? i:li-"-">" -'i- 1 a fourth arrested yesterday as a result of the conleis»ons 01 j '-..v j i -10 v vno came tit-re to pick cotton bill spent most of his tini? drhik- Wllhe Brown, Marcdla Grey and Bessie Grlce, identified uy ii;nry White as parlies who had fold him liquor oil several occasions, \ver-3 ' bouijd over to await action ot the . grand jury- Sadie Jones, forma- op- ' erator of the old Blue Front rooming hon« and si Hi In the same business, was arrested on charges , tl o:i;ii)g and procuring lifiuor but the couri withheld his decision l!i l>r-r case. ' S White, a well dressed negro from Louisville, cast apprehensive glances around the courtroom as he tcli of liquor purchases from the d;- fendanls. He admitted his revelations to police followed his arr2st on a charge of creating a distuih- [ ance at Sadie Jones' place. Following the pve'.iminary hearing for the oilier negroes he was filial $10. D. Lewis, driver of a Bennett Dairy truck, was fined $25 on a charge of reckless driving. Lewis was arrested on complaint of E. C. i Patton as the result of n colliEi^.i \ nt Vine and Tlrst streets en the night of Sept. 14. C. A. Hovev. local merchant, \vns fined $25 on his plea of guilty (o a charge of Violating state cigar and cigarette tax laws. A charge of violating the stale mall tax law was dismissed following his pica of guilty on the other charge. j Three guesses A charge of operating a disorderly liouse against Nfrs. George. . Smiley was docketed but Irial was ' "8™. Osceoia Society— Personal hostess T p / *irs. f. L. rn .. 1 TOOpS 10 LlllOrce Wednesday atlcmoon to the Wed Oil Slint Dnu'M n^l^itp' WHlll >' aflcrnoon bridge club, uii omit UO\MI ucbpnc u . rlillnl!IK slx llu . mbcrs , im i Biii-.sts. 'IMC Biicsls were Doyle and Julia UK. Jicial Decision. two Misses OKLAHOMA CI'l'V. Sept. 22. (UP)—NMlonal euarUMneii p.ilroleif (he Oklahoma City oil flrkl today at the order of Gov. W. ]i. Murray. .The hoops were .<*iu to ihc (U'M. I one o( Hie richest- oil reserve. 1 ! In the 1 nation, by the picturesque ex IllKli score prize WHS awnnli'd Mrs. MtlUm Pope. Mrs. Lake, W. K. Hunt went to Han Miss., today to vlsll her mr.lwr wlio Iws \ft!\\ 111 for eial \vct-ks. Dr. anil Mrs. W. J. Shcdilau Tuesday afternoon nnd night In Memphis. W. B. Johnson of I*xln«ton, Ky., arrived a lew days »B° 'or an extended visit with daughter. Mrs. I W. W. 1'rewlll and Mr. Pre«Ht.| Hunt Nfoore of Memphis was the wi-ek-eiHI eufst of his aunt uml uncle, Mr. Hixl Mrs. W. E. lliinl. night. They wcivj accompanied by Miss Mabel Nichols who had fipent two weeks In Blyllicvllle visiting (ilends. Mrs. Lee Williams, and sou Harold spout last week In Stifle. Mo. visiting Mrs. \VUllaiiis motlier, Mrs. Rice. Mrs. AUcc Wilson Imil as her guest Sunday Mrs. Clovls Crockell of Wilson. Mr. a ml Mrs. W. E. Plgg and diuigliler, Robbie Jean, were gu?sts of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 1'lgt! In, Os- ccoln Sunday, Mr. niKl Mrs, S. Campbell of McCiee, Ark., vlslleil Mr. nml Mrs. Wutson Sunday. The Ilev. Mr. Klrby of Joivs- Ijoro Uaptlst collene filled the 1 plate of Hie Hev. Mr. FHvgcrnld licic Silnihiy. Mr. Flt?t;eriikl Is holding u revival ut Marked Tree. New Silver-plating Method Discovered KANSAS CITV, Mo. (Ul'J — A method of sIlver-P'atliiR which he claims Is more stiltsfactory thuti ecullvc -to prevent asserted oil thefts and riots. Murray's action followed clashes between gnnrcisincn and employes of the Wilcox Oil nnd Cias company. Several workers were Injure;! W. W. 1'rewlll and Mr. Prewllt.] __ _ _ j before the troous dispersed them with the nlcl of fists, pistol butts and tear gas. Executives of the company, refusing to recognize a shul-i! order, had obtained from the su- uremc court nn order permitting of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lynch,. production under a 55.0W bond. who was seriously injured wh,n hs »"»' « ^"'"l' 0 '" 110 " hc lins Gov. Murray br.nfel the court ws knocked down by a ,,a,,h, g | ft" 1 ^',^ X^ electrons. It Is comparatively ini'xpcnslvo. he says. His silver ]iiathiR process can be applied directly to copper nnd I brass and Indirectly to certain COATS Beautiful New Fabrics of Wool Crepe, denta Cloth ami Im- Itoitecl Uroiidcloth will) Fitcli, Mar- mink, Fox .Did Wolf Collars. Silk lined nnil inlcr-lined, Sport and Dress Styles. $JJ5 to $39.75 Mr. HIK! Mrs. Ray Madden arc 1 elcdro-|>lalhiB has bet-n devclop- speiKlIng the day In Memphis. I'd hy Dr. Pnul Cope, chcinlat here. Uudlcy I.vuch jr.. ti-year-old son The silver Is applied by merely ' covering tlie nvtlcle to be plated knccki'd down by a patting! order a "monstrosity of Justice" and automobile near his home here las! ordered It Ignored. The elastic.'; ua- week, returned Wednesday fnm tiveen troops and workers resulted. Cnmpbell's Clinic, Memphis. Both It wns understood the Wilcox company planned to seek a fotlern 1 court injunction and if necessary apical to the U. S. supreme court. Half-Moon arms, which were broken In the ac-1 ciilcnt. are In casts, but a head In- juiy proved not serious nutl p!\y- (y cs 0 , lroll !ul ,i slt(>1Si To ,, Sl ite e.!elnns say lie will recover rapid- i roll unrt 5tcol | t nrsl Is nfcessnry ly. The accklein occurred when hu to p)a[( , t)lcra wll |, bruss. cllmlx'd down from a seed truck on I ___ | which he was riding nenr his home 1 j icnil courier News Wniit. Ads. Everyone Is l:;vlted to attend 1 here and was struck by ttic paa- Sunday school each Sunday and church each first and last Sun- lug car. : Orlin B. Smith and Miss Lltia I I/oulse Barger, bolli of Osceoia. were] married hcic, Justice o. L. Wad- vlclnlly clcll performing the ceremony. Build Up Health and Paint Go Away who these movie stars are. No, not-Mary Carr nnd Lionel Barrvmore. No, not Alice Joyce and Hobprt Bosworlh. That's Norma Shearer and Clark Gable. Here's liow they appear, the elder roles of moviedom's version ol "Strange Interlude." day of the month. Services ure held nt the school. A number from this attended the baptizing at Lone.'- Marriage licenses were issued lol^OMEN who suffer'from wemk- Onk Sunday. .Edward Griffin nnd Miss Sylvia! nra8 ( ,flcn have nmny uche« anil Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shancyfelt/ Nash wtt o[ EU)wah . w Lulher F™,» wl """'• .ice Portlock, Jet Brown nnd Miss SKhltik¥ anll Mfa c|orta M ,,, cr ail|1 r™ 1 G ™« a ' lendcc ' , CMlrt! ; "." to William Walley and Miss Verna Gosiieli Sunday night. Lm'ie Mny c i arki „„ ofJ West Rlds!C . , I W. I'. Hale jr., Powell and Iloll I their hair eraycd, in Cripple Looks to Chanty For Third Artiikial Leg EVANSV1LLE, Ind. (UP)—E. M. McReyiiolc's, 56, U looking to charity for his third artincial leg. Having recently worn out the 1 jobs, and the remainder on fed-! second, he now uses a-psg. | eral projects. Eighteen years ago one teg was amputated because of blood poisoning. ' . i • :' Slate Employs 5,MO °n Roads William Swanson made a Inp to SALEM Ore (jP)-Ncarly 5.- Alaska. When he returned, Vt, COO men 'are employed on Oregon found a county roatt crew pre- hMww work Slate Engineer pared to build a highway thrown Baldock reported. Approximately j the Ule of Us house. J!c com- 4 200 of them arc working on state planed to the courU House Site Chosen for Road SALEM, Ore. (UP) — Rancher By treating queen bees with nl i Ira-violet rays, they c;in be made I to lay from 10 to 40 per i-ct-.t Uggs. ' Shultz conducted services. Dell. Miss Orn Lee Hawkins has en- I compnnylng the body of Mrs. Hale, which was taken to Little Rock for *I1J3^ v^nl 1.1.-L 1 iltl^rvlll^ IIU.-) LIJ- ' . . rolled nt the Dell school ns a ' mrlal - " rs - «»'« <» c il «l I"- 1 '" houic number of the sophomore class. Lois HnvMns attended to business at Maiden. Mo., Sunday. Everyone is invited to attend the box supper at the school Saturday night. The proceeds will be used to purchase lights. The barn, owned by here Wednesday morning. ch i Btronuer ntulo ol hi-ullh ill'tl'l» condition «houlil tnko Cnv.lul. n. purely vcButablo tonlo tliul IIIIH Irt-i-A In iwo for nvcr 60 yu.ira. -ivkn Curdul (o Improve tlw Kenwai Inr.c ol tho syMfin In cn»«i of nin- ikm-n lu-nllli mill "tlrol nnrVM. Women liuvu fouilil. In «uch ciww. Unit Oinln! hpl|M llinm lo overcvmiu pains mill tnnku tlm mimtlily porlixls '.isltr. CARDUI In «i(o uml wlioli'- IOIIIQ lor wniiifti of all ufon. Try It! Dresses \ 7 ictorian Fashions , 1'ullod and I.CK-0-Mutlon Sleeves,' Victorian Cape.s, Novel Collars, New Kalivic.s and Color Hues in Canton, Jcnco, Uouijli Crciiw), Velvets nnrt Liglil Wcinlit \Vuolcns, l)re=,a and S|M)i-t Stylos. Dresses iciiturinB style ut a price. Sixes 14 to <I8. Now Sliipinunls Arriving-Diiily New Fall Hats Kciuitiful selection «C French I'ur and An- Iclopu I'l'llH, Sport and Urcss Styles. $1.69 to $4*9S NEW ECONOMY SHOP Iinjram m<l»r. lilythcvillei Ark Phone 9M-W Keiser News Notes Mr. and Mrs. John Walts andl | daughter Knthryn shopped in Uly-J Curtiss thevlllc Saturday afternoon. Contey was destroyed by fire of - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weldmnn unknown origin Saturday night, - of Blythevlltc were guests of Mr. Muc licorn and liny was lost. ' and Mrs. C.- L. Nichols Friday THE h OUTLAW OF THE JUNGLE "Nature in the Raw" —as portrayed by the great animal painter, Paul Brnnsom... inspired by the leap' ard's fierce fighting poii'cr ami relentless hunt for prey which makes him the terror of every bcait of the African jungle. HedtVhHe , CWWtei GteextWhitp RED 51 WHITE STOKLb Trust Us to Serve the Children Well I; CRACKERS BEANS 2-Lb. llox (irea( Nuiihcrn 1{luc 1& 10 Lbs. for tW Gentlem No. 2 Can GenUeman 1AC fiirrn? N 'i? ht & Da > r - ;{ - LI '- 1>k e- 70c tUrrEiEi . i-Lb. i'kg. The Quality; Never Varies UD AI1T l^d,& White. A Splendid Value iVIlALi No. 2 1-2 Can c, and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They are not present in Luckies ... the mildest cigarette you ever smoked buy the finest, the very finest tobaccos in all the world— but that does not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. .The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, are then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words— "It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies are such mild cigarettes. "It's toastecl" That package of m«d LachiM "If a man write a bftttr Iwk, frtach a hiltr Krmt»i, tr matt a Ixiitr mint-trap than his luigUitT, the hi hMkis tout in tkt wots, lit world will mate a bcaltnfalk tt hii door. "-RALPH WALDO EMERSON. Does not this exphin the world-wide acceptance and approval of Lucky Suite? W money? la llicre nny Junl itanon (or B low Ki-ade liioom? A rtlJAL broom will Inst Mvcral lime* lonitr— will awflep cleaner and caller and you will (Ind It wmtli tnr mor« limn the dlffercno In price. Just ««k ni:« of th» many thouond ladle, who »r« ujlr.f ihtst brooia*. Red & White lilue & White Green & White 89 C 79° 62° BAKING POWDER R. & W. 1-Lh. Can 19 ( BEANS No. 2 Cnh. 3 for CARROTS R. & W. Diced. Can COKN FLAKES Red & White. 2 for 15 C SUGAR 10 Pounds 47c SOAP Red & White Naphtha 2 Bars 5c FLOUR Guaranteed. S. R. 48-Lb. Sack 85c MAYONNAISE R & £t 25 C GRAPE NUT PI - AM ,,, 10 C CHERRIES FLOUR FLOUR SALMON Rcd - Red PUMPKIN PEANUT BUrrER "• %£ 18 C Try Ours With Crackers pkg. Red & White OOC 5-07. Bottle and CARROTS R. & W. Can SPAGHEHI Ked VINEGAR Cid " 15 C 15 C Green & While IS-Lb. Sack Red & White •I8-U. Sack $1.05 $1,25 32° APPLE BUTTER "*£ 25° OATS Red * whitc 20-0z. PkE. 2 for MILK Red & White No. 2 1-2 Can Red & White One Tall or 2 Small AT RED& WHITE STORES HAVING MARKETS SALT MEAT 9 ( FRANKS Su K ar Cured. Whole or Half. ole ICC Lb. It) BEEF ROAST BOLOGNA BANANAS ,i*» LETTUCE i,10 c CABBAGE ['rices Good Friday and Saturday, September 23 and 24 Lb. Yellow, Ripe 4 Lbs. for Firm Head OC 5° 10° 15° Each Solid 3 !

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