Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 2
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INDIANS AND TORNADOES. Kcil Gladness Comes W ith a butter undurst:ini!injr of the transient nature of the many physical ills, whit-li vanish hofoiv propi>r of- forts—gentle cITorts—pleasant efforts— lightly directed. There is comfort, in the knowledge, that so many forms of •Ickness arc not due to any actual clis- eise, but simply to a constipated con<) : - tlon of the system, which tlie plca.sa.i>6 family laxative, Syrup of F<ifx. promptly removes. Tlia.ti.swhy it is the only remedy with millionsof families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value Rood health. Its beneficial effects arc clue to tho fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal Cleanliness without. dt j bilitat : ng tlic organs on which it acts. It is therefore•II important, in order tn pet its bcne- flcial effects, to note wlien you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold \>y •11 reputable druggists. H in the enjoyment of good health, mud the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies arc then not .needed. If •afflicted with any actual disease, one umy be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should have the host, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of IHgsstands highest and is most largely .wed and gives most general satisfaction. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The •Bperlor accommodations given the freat number of patrons of the above twin during the past tourist season, warrants thr; announcement of plans for next season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet known In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inauguration of "SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co, "Sunset Route" in connection'with the "Queen and Crescent Route" are running tht only line of through tourist Tollman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Ran Francisco. These excursions are specially conducted, and the object is to enable those Who do not care to buy the first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy • comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at. the Tery low second-class rate. • For further Information, address W. H. CONNOR, Commercial Apt. S. P. •o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYER, G. W. Agt. S. P. •o., Chicago, 111. 8. F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Apt. S. P •o.. New Orleans, La. ,>ulu<;C*Mi CMi.-:l£i> SJto Uf.'cjulKC Cyclimi-H Novor TcniclKMl It. "In t.lic speculation about cyclones in Chicago," said Amos Kern\y, :i resident iif K!mluii-st, who has known Chic.-igo for almost 50 years, "np.u most, im- (lorlant ! biiiy is iismrlJy overlookcrl. In the ordinary course of ivituro there will never be a tornado in Chie.-:p;i. It is not entirely a. question of why tin.- city is suft'. The main lliinif i*'- IN it sul'e'. 1 Al'lor that speculation i k ' idle. "l!iit vim know that tornadoes never visit loealilies whtyv tin' Indiitns hail villages? They never d.n. There was .-in Indian village lit. I lit.- mouth of the Chi- I'agoriviTwhen the first explorer came to the portiisje. And tradllion then said I-hal. ;i vill.-i.w always hud slooil IJiere, Thoro lias never been 11 cyclone in the city. Smnt'tiines t.hey como within ten milivs, out IJicy never wreck tho i/ity. "There was MO Indian village on the site ill' Sr. Louis, uml cyclones have conic thi-iv ivpt-ntcdly. The one in 1872 was upmost- as severe :is this one of AVedncs- day. "I don't protend to understand why, you know. I only pive you the facts. I suppose t.lie course of storms, t-lu- channel in which they travel, h: risdefinitely fixi'd us (hi! course oC tin 1 gulf stream or the ivc-iin-enee of the seasons. In passing- ages MH- people, however primitive, will come to rccogni/e these boundaries. They "-ill not make settlements in the places where tornadoes come. The-y will go to places where tornadoes never have struck. 'T!y Hint system of sf-loction they chose Chicago. They did riot ehoo«j St. Louis. Now, it may be the presence of the lake—though that scarcely seems reasonable, as other lake cities have been visited. It may be the general flat chara-etc'i- of the land, out Kansas and Xcbraska "nave suffered, and they are ns level. I don't know. why. I only state as a result of my observation nnd study that sites of Indian vjl!:ifrcs are novur visited by cyclones." — Chicago Post. ' " . If It roquirc'd nn atmital ?100,000 to Insure a family a^iiinsc an serious consequences from nn attack o bowel complaint driving (he year tliot- tire many who would feel it their dut to pay it; ihat tlify could not afford t rtek their llyoi?, anil those of their fair ily for such an amount. Any one ca .{ret fills ;ii#itrance for 2"< c-enis, tliat be in^ the pt'k'G of n bottle of C.haiubci Iain's Colic, Cholera and Dinrrhoc. Keuicdy. In almost every neighbor hood sonic one has tiled from nu attacl of bowel complaint before mcdicin could be procured or a physician sum moned. One or two doses of this reiue dy will euro auy oi'dlnary c.-ise. 1 never fails. Can you afford to take tin risk for so small an amount? For sale by E. P. Keesling, druggist. AI the corner of Tisylor and Shei'ma streufs. C'hic'.-iso. .firemen turned tiuM linsi- cm a crowd' of riotous (?ivek* wlioii) tin; j)0l!c-e li:iil been tiuahle to disperse. The wator cure provod of- I'LX-MVO. Moihers will find Chamberlain' Cotiffh Remedy especially valuable fo croup and wboopki!,' cough. It wil pive prompt relief and is safe and pleas ant. We have sold it for several year acd'it has never failed to glre the mos perfect satisfaction. G. W. Richards Duqnosno, Frt. Sold by B. F. Kecsling druggist. Every frnest at.'a Nor\vegi;iti wedding brings tiie bride :i present-. In many parts n Icog of butler -is the usual jt't't. and if the mftrringe takes place in win- tor, s.ilfed or froy.cn nio.it 1s offered. He— Don't j-ou suppose the wild waves are beg'innirg- to say something- down at the seashore? She — I don't know. I do know what the winds are saying-, though I don't k you'do." No. Whu.t do thoy say?" "Woo!" — Cincinnati Enquirer. HEALTH DESTROYING VAPORS, AVator ijupreguatecl with the seeds of malaria, produce incalculable misery throughout; vast portions of the North and SoutJi American eontinonfs. The most 'effective medicinal defence against these producers of physical mischief is Hastettor's Stomach Bitters. Wherever the groat, endemics, chills and fever, bi'.ious, remittent, dumb ague aud ague cake are prevalent, the Bitters is alike the chosen, preventive and remedy. In Mexico, Guatemala, ou the Isthmus of Panama a-nd in South Aiuoricii, no less tliau iu the United States, it has demonstrated its superlative efficacy, and hits received t.hc coui- moiRluUoQ of tho niedicn-1 profcssiou. It remedies rheumatic, kidney aud stomach ailments, nervousness and.de- bility, and counteracts a tendency to jirematuro decay nnd the troubles attendant upon advancing years. Appetite and the ability to sleep are both nid- ed l>y it. Use it with persistence, as it •well deserves to bo used, nnd tho trial will avail you much. Manhood Restored. ---- NEKVITAS, Iho -Wonderful ><oma.n fl»logr»|>l)e4 from life. j^ tlie Generative OIVMIS, -»wu-j»i Toot.'.rul lnilbicn.-tiiiMi,,or I...J i-x .opium, or ntiimillMitH, \vjllcl: , Hllu, (111 (ll-nhlH JOH« Of Jim't-T of by ovcr-r-scrtlc-.i. C vo lno c.r to )uc- ultlmiiti-iy li-nil K o, opium, or ntniuiins. Inhrmlty.Ur.nauinptlon unil Iniuinliy. run up In Tintent fonn tocnrry In Wiovrst jiocki-i. n-loo u paclfiiEu, orOforll, >VUh uvcry 15 ordur wo Klvo a •wrlttrD iniiirunte'5 to CL*r« 01 .--ttrHnil tno SonVy. Flint by mall to nny iirdroa.-. CiroiilAr froe «S pliiln onveiopii AdCrow K<l V,\r, rilKM I C.ll. O(J,, •n»h Ufflco for U. H. i., lifc llnrboro Si.. ClllCi.UU.IU. B. F. K"ilinc. LOGANSPORT. IN'D Small in si/e, but great in results. DeWitt's LiltHe Early Uiscrs act gently but thoroughly, curing indigestion, dyspepsia aud constipation. Small pill, safe pill, best pill. In France, when- a railroad train is ino.ro tl-.aii fen mi mutes lute, the company is fnu-d. Pass th.c good word along the line. Piles can be quieldy cured without nn operation by simply applying DeWlU's Witch Hazel Salve.—Tno. M. Johnston. MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written by Kev. ,1. Gtin- dcnnau of DLinondale, Mich., we are permilued to make rliix extract: 'H have no hcsltarJon in rei-oniTOOnding Dr. King's New Discovery, ns 1ho results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor ^ the Baptist Ciun-c-li at Rives Junction she was brought down, wl:h pneumonia succeeding Je grippe. TerrlMo paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption aud it seemed ns it' she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick i.u Its work aud highly satisfactory in results." hrial bottles free at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Regular sisse uOc and ?1.00. Tlic French have done a tiling, t'.u- like of which has nor been done shire 1S70. They have allowed fho Germ.in naval attache in Paris, Captain Siegel. to. inspect the dockyard ac Brest. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve in the world :oi cnt^ bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rl'eum, fever Bores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. Tt is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Eeesliug-. TRYING TO TAX BICYCLES. PhtliulcliJhla Council YV'untH Ono Dollar H V«ar from Kv«ry Whcohiiiin. Philadelpliia whui-lmou lire up in a.rius against, (ho bicycle t;ixiny ordi- nu.r.c-^ \vhic.li has bucn inrroclucofl in the coim-On couiiuji. r riic ])i-o|>oscvl orcli- uaucL" \\ot;ki c.xaet. :L fct: of one doKur pcrwhecl'Tprthouso ct the highways." Chief Consul Boyle, of fliesMH-division of (.In; L. A..V\'., believes that the courts THE LACK OF MEN. aiatlAr Tlitit IN Really Itccomlui; Einbar* 1 rjtsHlnif In Society CIrcloK. A very dear friend of mine g-ives several dances during the- year at intervals und :is she always nllows me to express ruy opinions frouly. 1 asked her why she gave ihcui, says the New York .Mercury. "You liavu," I K.-iid, "only three dang-Iitcrs, tv,-o married, and tlie !n.st scarcely in her toc-ns; your son c:ily at- \\-ould declare such :m oi-i!ii:anoc in.- j tcucls your dunces because you hnppcn c-onstit.ut.ional. lie s.i.ys tJirn if bk-ycles a.i-c fjixed ull vc'liieli-s iu t.lu- sla.to must be taxed, basing 1 his in-fruincnt ou Mio \u\v p:ussed on Api-EI 2'\, ISoO, \vdich dt?- clarcs "t.hiit. bicyclux. Iricyc-li'S :n:d nil vehicles pro|X'!K'd by hand or fool and r.ll jier^ons by \\-honi bicycles. trk'ycIoH u.nd siieli other veliivlesaro iist'i:!. ridden, en- projiollcd upon the hi 4 c-h\vavs of this Rtato sluill be on titui'd to i.ht- sn.me ri^hts nnd subject to tho same- restrictious in the use thereof as are prescribed by law ir: the cases of person* usiiip-carrinp-es drawn by horses." Chk-f Consul r>oyh- fays that t.hc k'figue officers will st>-' that the rig-hJs of members nn; ful.'y protected. Tho Phil:ulolplii:i whi!i:'. men urc fortunnt-e in having a. hiw b.iok of them upon which to base t.hcir dt 1 - niamls that there be no class taxnt.ion r>( wheelmen in the state. WANTS TO SWING A MACHETE. Pretty s;itocn-y<;ur-Olu Culutii Girl Ilopel £o IJccomc tin Aiim/.on. Miss Maria C'arbri'd, who i.s only if> years old, wants to lx; an amunon in the C'iib.-!Ji r.rmy. Tho little I-J.-n-am-sc; beauty \v:is at the music booth at the uban fair, in progress at Madison qi.'ai'e ,5'ai-dcii; "I'm g-oing to Cubn," she said, "in one of tho expeditions, to,-join Lhe ama/.ons 10 are fig-iiUiig-in fJieinsiu-gvnt rank-s. [ want to lig'it for my country. 1 can lamllo a. machete or a riflo, and can ic7e as \vcll n« (.lie 5f:imbis<?s. Ihavp n :loomer uniform, and in that, garb will je able to straddle, my pony like a. •rooper. T jim in earnest nnd don't, in lend to be persuaded from my ambition, . shall go at the first opportunity that jrescnte itsc-If nfk-i'. tin- fair closes." jrisa Cn-rbred lives in Brooklyn. Her a.t.hcr i.s a. Canary islander named Se- )nfrir;.i Carbrc'l. ivliik- her mother is a 'uban lady, formerly named Clara 'ere?,. to be his mother. Men coinu to them for the sake of the supper, which is always cxec-eilcnt. nnd for the billiiird- room, to wliic!) they manage to find their way. Not a few of them leave vheir card with tho butler before they go in order'to avoid liie conventional visit. "Sutvly these entertainmentsareget^ ting more fui-ciaJ L-\'Cry year. Give them up; replace ilicm by dinner parties and let me choose whom I will take in 1o dinner." My hostess gave me one of her most fascinating smiles nnd said she could invite ITiO people to a dance, but not to ;', di/iner pnrty. Thnt was pnic- tieatly all her defense. Meanwhile the laek of men is becoming so embarrassing that many hostesses send blank cards of invitation to their intimate friends, bidding them collect eligible ma.le. dancers. Is not this a burlesque of hospitality? I do not think that a hostess is right to ask, ov a man to accept, an invitation to a house where he knows nobody. There are, of course, exceptional oii-iiimst.nnces, go to prove the rule. I am prepared to become secretary (o nnanti-privazcdancing-league —provided the saiai'3' be munificentand the labors light. •^^^^^^^^^•^^^^WHHMMHMMMMUMIIIMv ^ Strong Nerves just ns surely come from the useof Hood's Sarsaparilla ns does the cure of scrofula, salt rheum, or other HO-called blood disenses. This In simply because the blood affects tho condition of all the Nerves bones, muscles and tissues. If it is impure it cannot properly sustain these parts. If made pure, rich, red and vitalized by Hood's Sarsaparilla, it carries health instead of disease, and repairs the worn, nervous system as nothing else can do. Thus nervous prostration, hysteria, neuralgia, heart palpitation, arc cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla Because it is the One True Blood Purifier. H^~,4> r»Mi are tlic best after-dinner nOOCI S PlIlS pills, aid digestion. 25C. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ, PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. CIGARETTES AND WHEELS. Good for Sore Throat. Tincture of myrrh dropped into water s nn excellent wash for the month and he throat. The proper proportions!!!'! 1 on drops of myrrh to n glass of walor It is reported thnt if Queen Victoria be spared to complete the .sixtieth year of lief reign, she will murk I he occasion by celebrations in the nature of fliosc in the jubilee year. ELECTRIC BITTERS. E loo trie Billet's is a medicine suited for any season, but perhaps more generally needed when Uio languid, exhausted feeling prevails, when, the liver is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of tin's medicine ha.s often averted long a.ud por'.ia.ps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine will act more surely in counteracting fl nd freeing tlie system from the malai-i.-vl poison. Headache, ludig'Csiioji, Constipation, Dijs/.iness yiold to Elcctviic Bitters. 50c and ?1..00 per bottle store. at B. F. Kecslins's drug TVhen we consider that the intestines are about five times as long as the body we can realize Hie intense suffering ex pcrienced when they become inflamed DeWitt's Colic and Cholera Cure sub dues inflammation at once and completely removes Ibe difficulty.—Juo. M Johnston. Property owners on Et-ins-lairst street are hereby notified that at the regular session of Mie Common Council held May 20, 3S9G, the following resolution was adopted, to wit: Whereas, Bringhurst street is to bo paved with brick in accordance ' with the petition of the property owners along said street; therefore be it Resolved, That all parties interested will be prohibited from interfering with the progess of the improveanents after June 20, 3S90; and that owners of lots on either side along said street are hereby notified to at once make all water, gas and sower connections 'In accordance with the city ordinance; also that the city clerk bo and is hereby instructed to notify the property holders of the passage of the above resolution. Property owners along the line of said Improvement are hereby notified, in accordance with the above resolution. JOHN' B. WINTERS. City Clerk of Logansport. Lady—Is It true that you have fallen in love with Hie princess? Lieutenant —Quito right. I just wanted to sec for once how hopeless love feels.—Flie- gonde Blatter. Mr. James Perdue, an old soldier re siding at Monroe, Mich., was .severely alllioted witli rheumatism but receive! prompt relief from pain by using Cham boi'laiti's Pain Balm. He says: "At (Sines my back would ache so badly that I could hardly raise up. If I had not gotten relief I would'not be here to write these few lines. Chamberlain's Pain Balm lias done me a groat deal of goal and I feel very thankful for it." For sale by B. F. Kcesling. JIablo—And so lie had the assurance to demand tli.'it you marry him. What did you say? Ethel—I told him tlio supply was not equal to Ihe demand.— Truth. It would be hard to convince a man suffering from bilious colic that his agony is due to a miserobc with an nn pronouucnhle name. But one dose of DeWitt's Colic and Cholera Cure will convince him of ifcs power to afford Instant relief. It kills pain.—John M.John- ston. Ex-Governor Holbrook of Vermont, is hale and hearty, and is Die best gardener .In the neighborhood of Brattleboro. Between 300,000 and 500,000 sheep will ga-ise in Bla.ine county, Idaho, tliii.< summer. "Wake up, Jacob, day is breaking!" so said DeWi'tt's Little Early Riser to the man who had taken them to arouse bis sluggish liTcr.—Jno. M. Johnston. We are anxious to do a lirtle good ia this world and can think of no pleasant- 02' or better way to do it than by re'com- mending One Minute Cough Cure as a preventive of pneumonia-, consumption and other serious lung '.roubles that follow neglected colds.—Jno. M. Johnston. WIW birds do not siug more or ten weeks in the year. tlian G REAT SALES prove the great merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla. Hood's Sarsaparilla sells because it accomplishes GREAT CURES. DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The intense itching and smarting inci dent to eczema, tetter, oaJt-riienm, and othet diseases of the skin is instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been permanently cared.by it, .It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favorite remedy for sore nipples; chapped hands, chilblains, t'rost bites, and chronic sore eyes. For sale by druggists at 25 cento per box.' IrjDr. Cadj-'s Condition Powders, they are just what a horse needs when in bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. It is stated that the first cost of build- tog a fleet of Atlantic liu'evs Is a trifle compared to the cos.t of running- them. In lees than three years it will exceed the cost of construction so enormous Is tho constant expenditures in wages, port dues and repairs. THROUGH PARLOR CARS BETWEEN INDIANAPOLIS AND SOUTH BEND. On and after June 22d the Vandalia Line will opora-to through parlor care between Indianapolis and South Bend via Coll'ax. Northward ear leaves Indianapolis on Big Four train No. 3 daily except Sunday 5:00 p. m. arriving at South Bend 10:-1~> p. m. Southward car leaves Souitih Bend on Vandalia Line train No. 33 daily except Sunday o:00 a. in,, arr.lving at liuliana.polis 10:30 a. m. Fast time and fnvt-class service. K. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. I.oti is, Mo. Allowed Increase of Smoking Amonff Women \VIio RUIc UlcyclcK. ' The statement that the sale of cigars and cigarettes is steadily decreasing-is not borne' out by the government statistics, says the New York Sun. l'"or the ton months of the fiscal year ending April 30, 1S06, the cigars manufactured for home consumption only in this country numbered 3,50S,200,-1S7, or an incre.-i.se of GS,-i3S,7ul over the last fiscal year. In cigarettes an even greater increase is recorded, the total pnxluctfor the first ten months for home consumption being 3, 338,147,300, or an increase of G17.SO-MSO. Consequently the statement of a decrease, which was attributed to the bi^'cle, is f.olse. As a matter of fact, there hns been a great increase in cigarette smoking through the popularity of t!ic bicycle. This, it is sta.tcd, is due largely to cigarette smoking by women, who, very ninny of them, arc well equipped with tiny cig-arctte -cases, cigarettes aud matches. A firm making hig-h-jrradv! cigarettes is now turning out more cigarettes specially adapted to the taste of \vomeu than for men; and the number of special private brands, bearing: the name and address, or crest and motto of the customers, is increasing- daily. Some women bicyclists now hand out a cigarette bearing- the name in place of a visiting- card. Some of these private brands made for New York "-oc;on cost five dollars per 100. YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY OF C1I1UST1AN ENDEAVOR. Washington, I). C., July 7th to loth, ISOti.—For ihe nliovc occasion tickets will be sold by liie AVabash Railroad company at rate of $10.75 Cor the-round trip. Tickets will be sold .Tuly -J. 5, 0 aud 7, 3S06. Good for continuous; passage in both directions. Arrangements can be made extending: time of tickets reluming imti.l July 31st. Side tripu from Washington have been plauned at greatly reduced ra.tos.—C. G. N<>wcll,' Agent. STRONG OF WING. Illrds Are Able to Inflict Quite Scrloufl Injuries Even Upon M:»n. There arc a good many birds whose strength of wing is sufficient to strike pretty hard blows, capable of bewildering a man, if Severn! of the birds a.t- tnckcd him at once. Some birds depend on their wings as weapons to be used In the duels for sweethearts. Forest nnd Stream toid some years ngo about an owl whose wing- was broken by a. dove it htul sought to capture and ma.ke a meal of. A correspondent of the National Druggist tells of his first surgical case in the state of Arkansas, A market hunter on Swan lake, near Shawni* Village plantation, was hunting at nig'ht with a light, when a. bond of swans, bewildered by the fire, catoe flying that way. The hunter, who was in a liule pirogue, threw up his nrms to save his head, and the left one was struck by the wing of a bird, and both the ulna nnd the radius of his forearm were broken. The Sun recently told of a PortJcr- vis farmer who was knocked from a tree by a flight of wild geese during a fog, and Forest and Stream has several times in the past 20 years told about men who were Sar.cH by birds flying against their heads, partridges (ruffed grouse) being the principal offenders. AVaterloo, Ind., Sept. S, Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have boon afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and found that it benefitted me. I am convinced that it will do wuat It is recommended when taken according to directions. I Lave taken nearly one bottle aud feel Hie a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. REMEDY. PHELPS COUGH, COLD AND CROUP CURE. OHice of "KinprsOsher Times',' Kingfisher, Okla., Dec. 12, 'S3. Ge.itlemes:—I believe it my duty to write you .a line in repard to the beneficial effects of Phelps' "Four C Remedy" so f.tr as I am personally concerned. A week ago last Thursday, I TV.IS taken with a. severe attack of la grippe and in a short time became sa hoarse I could not speak above a whisper. The nifrht previous I had coughed nearly tlio entire night; just before retiring I took a teaspooniTul, ana slept tlie entire night as sweetly as ever I did in my life, not coujrhind once. I was entirely relieved before takinpr one bottle. Pliolps' Cough, Cold nnd Croup Cure should be In every household in the land. I send you this wholly unsolicited i>y anyone, for you are benefactors of the r.-iee In Blvincr !t the antidote for some of the worst .-iflllctions to which it Is heir. Very TnilyYours, C. .T. XESBITT, Editor. I Kuarantee 4 C in grip, asthma, croup, and co!0s. Try ii.—B. F. Keesllng. ANNUAL MEETING NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. For above inecflnj; which takes place • .it Buffalo, N. Y., -Tuly 7th to llth, 3SOI. file Wabiish Railroad company, will sJl tickets .Tuly yth and Cih at rate of '•il-.i.SO for the round trip, good for cou- inuoiis passncro i.u both directions. By special arrangement tickets can he extended to Sept. l.-st. 1800. For details call on or address C. G. Newell, Ageut. FOURTH OF .TULY EXCURSION Pass the good word along the line. Piles can be quickly cured without an •operation by simply applying DeWJtt's 'Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno.' M. Johnston. Children Cry for *"tcher'« Csetorla, Special Rjiics via Permsylvairia Lines .Tuly 3d and 4th. For the accommodations of persons lesiriag 'to spend the Fourth of July way from home, excursion tickets wiU be sold Friday ami Saturday, July 3d nnd 4Hi, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Linos west of Pittebtirg to aaj- station on .those Hues within two hundred mil«s of the station where-tickets are purchased. Under this ar- rangeun<?n.t: round trips may be made for a single fare, but tickets for aduJts will not be sold for less than 23 cents, nor for children at less than 15 cents. Es- .c-urslon tickets will be good*returning, up to and including Monday, July 6th. Tho Law WB» Vindicated. A friend of Representative. Culberson, of Te.xas, related the following incident:, "When Mr. Culberson was prosecuting attorney," he said, "there was a criminal statute universally disregarded. The indictment of a weJl- known mo.ii for violation of this la-w v.-as secured tlxroiiffh tlie efforts of Xtr. Culberson, who prosecuted the case with more vigor thaji almost any he had ever conducted, succeeding- in securing a conviction and sentence to the penitentiary. Then he left town and no one knew where he had gone until he and the prisoner, wtho had been t:d<en to tlie penitentiary, returned together. Mr. Culberson had gone, to the governor, obtained a pardon and met the convict'at the penitentiary with it. The law had been vindicated and there were no moire violations of tha.t statute in Jeffejeon." and A London correspondent of tlie Paris Messenger, in f peaking of tie usual and general exodu* from that city during tbe Whitsuntide holidays, says that-the excursions from the metropolis were almost wholly made on wheels. On Whit Monday it. was Impoewble to hire or even .buy a NJie in London. The railways beg-in to fecJ the effVetof this form of transportation, which exceeds the most, .estj-eme anticipations. At the same time th« rush, for bicycles -wasn sort of relief for railway, omnibus and. other vehicle passengers, which lie rapid transit *r.onipnnics, however, did less enjoy Jhaj(?:heir fugitive customers. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE A-ANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 2Cith and continuing jntll about Sept. 30th the steamers of jhls line will make two trips each way Jally between St. Joseph and Chicago, JD. tUe following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at -1:30 p. m. and 10:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. L«ave Chicago at 0:30 a. m.'and 11:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. Extra irlps on Saturday leave St. Joseph, at 3 a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time across lake -i bours. Tri-weefcly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday *nd Friday evenings. The equipment of this line includes the side wheel steamers City of Chlc.igo tud Ciry of Milwaukee (the largest and Snest west of- Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections ivith all Vandalia trains. Tickets on sale at all Fandalia Line stations. Chicago dock .'cot of Wabash avenue. ' . J. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, MIcb. Wben Baby T«S s When ghe was R Child, she cried *or Castoris, Vbeo Ghe bc-caw Miss, s.'ie cliiu;? to Csstorl*. n»n sr— huJ U)ii :rnt, "in- .r«wtl«:a Castorik

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