The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas on June 11, 1966 · 3
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The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas · 3

Odessa, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1966
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SATURDAY. JUNE 11. 1966 THE ODESSA AMERICAN PAGE 3-A Giant Wanted Powers Put Up In 6 Columbus NAT&Pldhs .. . t. WASHINGTON (UPI) -Secretary of State Dean Rusk returned from Europe Friday and declared that NATO allies would not permit French withdrawal to deter them from their, mission. He s a i d the main accomplishment of the Brussels NATO talks was "full agreement among the 14 to get on quietly and with determination with the work of the alliance" despite difficulties Imposed by the 15th member nation, France; Rusk's party arrived by air from London at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. He immediately flew by helicopter to the White House ' to report to President Johnson. At the air base, Rusk told reporters there was no question that France's disengagement from the: NATO military structure requiring U.S. withdrawal from French bases-was "serious, inconvenient and expensive." ' -.' He added that the timing of the U.S- pullout from French soil still was a matter for discussion. j Rusk said there also was general agreement that NATO members should . continue to explore the possibility of East-West agreements. But be said the conference concluded that now is not the time to call for an East-West meeting. - ---- Also taking part In the White House conference were Defense Secretary Robert S. McNama-ra, Undersecretary of State George W.- Ball and Presidential assistant Walt Rostow. Rusk left London earlier In 1 the day after a 90-minute discussion with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson on "current world problems.' Nam and NATOrThey said that Wilson also gave Rusk late details on the talks between British and Rhodesian officials in Salisbury. However, sources said the question of the European Launcher Development Organi zation (ELDO) was not men tioned during the1 morning discussion. - . . v The British are considering withdrawine from ELDO a joint European organization for satellite launcnmgs Because oi the expense. There had been some speculation that Rusk might offer Britain technical assistance. . Present during the talks were British Foreign Secretary Mi' chael Stewart, Defense Secretary Denis Healey and U.S Ambassador : David K- E. Bruce. Soviets Make New Efforts In Viet Nam MOSCOW (UPI) Commu nist party leader Leonid I Brezhnev said Friday the Kremlin is making "new efforts" to strengthen North Viet Nam's military might to ensure defeat of "American aggression." The General secretary of tne party's Central Committee said in a televised speecn rrom tne Kremlin's Palace of Congresses that the l new efforts about which he gave no details- would force a cutback in consu mer products. , We shall do everytning in our power to organize a united antiimperialist front in support of heroic Viet Nam," Brezhnev vowed. "Our country, the other socialist countries, provide and will continue to provide on an ever-growing scale the necessa- The discussion, according tolrv assistance to the lust informed sources, included Vletstruggle of me Vietnamese Judge Orders SanityTrial For Jack Ruby DALLAS (UPI) -Dist, Judge Louis Holland Friday oraerea a sanity- trial for condemned slayer Jacx Kuoy 10 proceed on schedule Monday despite the threat of Rubvs lawyers not to taxe nan m ue proceeamgs. Holland held, a nre-tiral hearing and denied a motion by Ruby's sister, Mrs. Eva Grant, to withdraw an earlier affidavit that Rubv is insane. X Rubv. 55. was convicted March .14. 1964, of murdering presidential assassin Lee Har vey Oswald NOV. 24, law. ins jury set death as the penalty but the case has become so involved in red tape that an anneal has not been heard. In k months past. Ruby's brothers and sisters have insisted their brother had become insane since his conviction and should be treated. The state court of criminal appeals ordered Holland to hold sanity hearing. Holland bad set the sanity hearing, before a Jury, for Monday. But Ruby's lawyers told Holland Friday it would infringe on Ruby's constitution al rights to noia a sanity hearine now The lawyers insisted Ruby himself does not want a sanity trial. The lawyers field a legal document telling Holland if he insisted on a sanity Hearing, r ".-Be present in the cour troom but. will not ' actively . participate in examining mem bers of the : jury panel, presenting and interrogating witnesses, making oral ar guments or engage in any .other aspects of such hearing, save ;and except the making ' of ., objections and taking exceptions to proceedings and occurrences . during the course 'of said hearine in a further effort to protect defendant's rights." :'f:.:&m Holland, after hearing arguments from both defense and Dist.Atty. Henry, Wade's staff, said the court of criminal appeals had ordered him to legally determine Ruby's sanity ana ne was going to oo it. Quick Draw Artist. . COLORADO SPRINGS, Cola (UPD Doctors at J Penrose Hospital gave Robert K. Hale, 22, a memento of his brief stay. Tt wa th huDet which lodged in his right calf when he shot himself while showing a girl friend how fast he could draw a gun. - . "We are . rendering ... all round aid military, political and economic. But we are making some new efforts to facilitate the faster victory of the Vietnamese people. We are auite sure the Vietnamese oeonle will win." - a, a - . r9i. Russia s aid to norm viei Nam to date, as far as can be ascertained, has consisted of antiaircraft missiles, arms, ammunition, food and medical supplies. 1 "We would like to reduce It (arms costs), but the situation does not allow it." he said, noting Russia's determination to resist "American imperia lism" in Viet Nam, Cuba and former colonial countries and "the revival of German milita rism " ' "' . ' BrezhneVs bristling speecn marked the end of the "canmaien" for parliamentary elections Sunday in which he is a candidate for the Supreme Soviet. Instead of promising a mra future. Brezhnev told Russians they might be in for a period of belt ugmening. Illlll Hopes China Learns Bomb Lesson DULUTH, Minn. (UPI) - Wrm, Prus dent Hubert a. VV . ' -V TTumnhrev said j Friday ne hopes Communist uuna s ieau-ers leam the lesson Russia acknowledges that Commu nism could not survive atomic holocaust. The establishment or a world of freedom and justice under law this, is the great challenge, this is the great task of your - generation," ne roia graduates of the University of Minnesota campus at Duluth. Saturday he. addresses ROTC graduates on the university's main campus . in Minneapolis, where , he will receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Mtqov.a-i- There is no longer - any viable alternative to peace, the vice, president said in the speech prepared for delivery Even the soviet leaders acknowledged It when they said mat Communism itself could not " survive an atomic now- caust For the sake of humanity. . I hope that the leaders of Communist - China will learn this lesson in time." The vice president did not refer-directly to Viet Nam In his prepared remarks.- But he said mat even "sc-called "wars, of national liberation' " have become "much too dangerous to use as an instrument of national policy." ; Humphrey, a former teacher, recited , some of the : advances forecast for the next 20 years and the "really far-out develop ments" predicted for the year 2.M0. Among the latter were the virtual elimination of bacterial and . viral diseases, correction, of hereditary de fects, large-scale ocean farming and weatner , control, me laboratory creation of primitive landing of men on mars and dai lue. WANTED BILLBOARD Police Chief George Stoler (L) and Capt. Marty Winters examine one of the six billboards being set up in an attempt to locate the killer of Ohio State University Professor Loren Bollinger anchtwo service station attendants. Police, so far, have had no luck in finding any suspects in the case. (UPI Talephoto) In Is GATESVILLE (UPI)-The all- male jury studying the fate of murder suspect Leslie Douglas Ashley reported it was dead locked Friday after about lour hours of deliberating. -Disk Judge Truman Roberts ordered the jury recessed and Fran Sinatra Hurt In Melee In Nightclub BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (UPI) Frank Sinatra suffered a cut eye and a wealthy retired food company executive tained a fractured skull in an incident . at a swank cocktail lounge where the singer was helping Dean Martin celebrate his 49th birthday, police reported Friday. " Frederick R. Weisman. 54. was injured early last Wednes day after be hit Sinatra, 50, in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, police, said. Weisman was reported "un conscious" and in "serious condition" in ML Sinai Hospital. A hospital spokesman said Weisman remained unconscious since his admission Thursday. The spokesman said Weisman had been-, in the . Hospital's intensive care unit,' but now was in a private room. Police Capt. John Hankins said officers were summoned to the hotel at 1:52 a.m. on a disturbance call. An ambulance was dispatched and Weisman was taken to Beverly wins Emergency Hospital. f Hankins said, weisman's trou ble was "diagnosed, as ad vanced state of intoxication." Weisman's family physician arrived at- the emergency facility and drove him to his home here. Weisman's family later found him in : a coma and he was .taken to Mt. Sinai, where his condition appeared to be improving. Hankins said. But, he added. Weisman's doctor "says we wont be able to talk to him for several days" to find out his version of what happened. " ; . '- ' -. The captain said Franklin Fox of Boston, a friend who was . . with Weisman . in. v t h e cocktail lounge, Martin and Sinatra "told substantially . the same story." Hankins said police were told that .- Sinatra, and his party, including several women and New York restaurateur. Jilly Giulano, were leaving their booth when Weisman in the next booth rose to his feet r "Weisman told them they were a noisy bunch, used profanity, swung and struck Sinatra in the face, Hankins said. "Sinatra and his party left the hotel immediately and didnt see him (Weisman) fall, or what occurred." , told them to resume deliberating. Dist Judge Truman Roberts ordered the jury recessed and told them to resume deliberations at 8 a.m, Saturday. - The defense said Ashley is a "pitiful person," but the prose cution called nim "loatnesome and killed for personal gain. Ashley was cnarged wiwi murdering Houston real estate man Fred A. Tones in 1961 and the state asked the jury to give him the death sentence. Testimony started Monday in the trial, which had taken two weeks to pick a jury. Giving of I evidence ended Thursday ana fi nal arguments took up much of Friday morning. The chief defense lawyer, Lloyd Lunsford of Houston, making his first murder case plea, told the jury in final arguments he-was 'making a poor boy's case the best that I can." "The evidence in this case is so full of holes you can see through them," Lunsford said Ashley might not even have been-anywhere near The mur der scene, he said, but prose cution evidence failed to pin that down. The state never even proved it was Tones who was killed, he said. Ashley Is a pitiful figure and I say this in front-of him and do not know what effect it . will have on him," Lunsford said. The prosecution made Ashley out a man who killed Tones to steal his television, watch and automobile so he could go to New York with a girl friend, Carolyn Ann Lima. Miss Lima, like Ashley once convicted of the murder and then spared by an appeals court, served a five-year term upon her second trial - DisL Atty. Byron McClelland reviewed testimony that Ashley I forms of .artificial I Three Texas Counties Eligible For Loans : WASHINGTON (UPI) U S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough's office said Friday the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made Ellis. ' Fannin and Fort Bend Counties in Texas eligible for Farmers' Home Administration emergency loans because of weather damage. .. The action extends eligibility through June 30 of 1967, Yar-borouga said. - - Austin Man Named An Austin man, Eugene V. Henry, was named in a hot check charge filed in Ector County Court Friday afternoon. He is charged with giving a sis check to Furrs Inc., on May 7, 1966. The check was on an account at the Bank of Austin. COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -Giant wanted postersire being put up here to aid police, in their search for a psycopathic killer who has struck four times in the past ten months. Composite drawings of the suspect's face and profile, done by a police artist, have been enlarged to fill 12 by 21-foot posters which will be plastered on six billboards around the city. The killer last struck about three weeks ago when he gunned down rockert expert Loren Bollinger in a downtown office. Last fall, police believe, the same man murdered two gas station attendants and seriously wounded a third. It was from the-wounded man, . Raymond Sigler, that a description of the killer was obtained. That description is about the only clue police have asto the identity of the murderer, whom they feel is a maniac who "kills for pleasure." They hope that the billboards will jar the memory of someone who has seen the suspect. "I see no way of solving this case until a private citizen with information steps forward,' said Homicide Squad Lt- Jerry Ryan. The first poster went up Friday and the other five will be put up next week. Ryan felt that the billboards would draw a good response from the public. "When the composite draw ings appeared in local newspa pers, we got about 1.000 telephone calls," he said. "We still have a backlog, and ten men are -vdoing- notntng checking out the cans." " , Footing the bill for - the project, which is - probably unique in police annais, is tne Columbus Outdoor Advertising Co. No Sell Out Plans LONDON (UPI) French official sources said Friday French President Charles de Gaulle considers the problems of Europe end a divided Germany of priority but has no plans to sell out Washington oy arranging a European settlement with Russia which ex cludes the United States. . - : f'km i had driven off with Miss Lima in Tones' auto. "What more loathesome mo tive could vou find than to kill a man, bum his body, take his worldly godus and flee to New York where he could be in his element, garbed in female clothing?" McClelland asked. Ashley was in woman's clothing when arrested, police said. . McClelland said the defense called so many witnesses "you could not get them -in a Grey hound bus." "Where are all their wit nesses?" he asked. The defense did not put any witness on the stand, contending instead ' the state had failed to make a case against Ashley. Viet Premier Moves Troops SAIGON (UPI) Premier Nguyen Cao Ky . moved a reinforced battalion ' of combat police into Hue Friday. Govern ment sources said Ky was so confident . the political crisis was under control he would attend an Asian . ministers conference in Korea next week. But in Qui Nhon, 275 miles northeast of Saigon, local government authorities imposed a 24-hour curfew on the coastal city, warning that Communist sabotage - and assassination squads had infiltrated the area. Buddhist leaders there or dered the removal of family altars that had been set up in the streets : hv the anti- governmentnrotesL In what wassconsidered to oe another " Buddhist conciliatory move, moderate Buddhist lead er Thich Tam Chau met with Ky Friday, apparently at the suggestion of U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge. To African Countries iB1l. DAR ES-SALAAM, Tanzania (UPI) Sen. Robert F. Kenne dy, D-N.Y., said here Friday the - United -.States and other developed nations must invest more in Africa. Kennedy . met earlier with President Julius K. Nyerere of Tanzania, , a focal point , of Communist, Chinese influence in East Africa. After. the; meeting,. Nyerere - said Tanzania's relations with the United States will improve when the ' Americans realize: .bis?: country Is non- aligned, ' neither anti-Western nor ., pro-Eastern; But neither Kennedy nor; Nyerere gave any details of the talks. - , Addressing more than 3,000 persons, mostly students, wno jammed Dar Es-Salaam's Dia mond Jubilee Hall to overflow ing, Kennedy said the U.S. -and other nations, must -"help to stabilize foreign exchange earn ings by Africa and directly aid developments m. the ; fields of education, transport and health as well as contribute to other development ' requirements in Africa.. jSi?--:.' - 'We are moving towards these - goals," he said. "Pres ident. Johnson has pledged the United : States to support the efforts of the African Develop ment Bank...thousands of Peace Corps volunteers are working, teaching, building in . isolated villages and slums. In Johannesburg, the influential newspaper Die Trahsvaler, which usually reflects, official government opinion, dropped a strong hint that Kennedy will not be allowed back in South Africa. Before leaving Thursday, Kennedy promised to return to the white-ruled country next year. The newspaper said that, if the South African foundation has invited Kennedy back in 1967 then the foundation "should be dissolved." "A single American circus display on South African soil as more than enough," the paper said. !'We definitely don't want a second " The icy official reception given Kennedy during his visit to South Africa, contrasted sharply to ' the thunderous greeting he received in Tanzania Thursday night upon his arrival on the second leg of his private African tour. . . ' Speaking at - a news conference , shortly . after meeting Kennedy, ' Nyerere known :-. tr his people as "the mwalimu (teacher) ; ' .... said, the Unite States must accept the fact o. African independence. 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