Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 3, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1895
Page 1
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LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 3, IS95. NO 30. YOL XX, A Monday Surprise! - . . NOT A ... Bankrupt Sale But we will inaugaratea Clearance Sale of Woolen Dress Goods. LN CONGRESS. House Passes Bill to Make Schofield Lieutenant General, Every yard of Dress'Goods on our sh<-/es will go aia price a price which compels you to purchase. Fresh, Honest, Fashionable Dress Gooos at the price of trash. We will start the sale with a great drive of 38 Inch Fancy and Plain Dress Novel- . ties worth 30c for Every reduction is in proportion to this one. Be one of the fortunate ones, NO HUMBUG. IsO DECEPTION. We're going to stay with you. ALL REMNANTS Of Table Linens, Napkins and Crashes are being so d for what they will bring. • • r We have opened our Spring Line of Em broideries. They are the handsomest line we have ever shown, Will be pleased to see you. The Currency Committee to Consider Administration Bill Next Week-—Chicago Post Office Bill Reported. 409-41! Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Play Thousands ol Tunes u> means ot Indeslructiblo Metallic Disks. Piifity& Volume ol Tons Unequalled The wonderful Regina ilnstcBox. Will play any tune. I iuu agent /or Logan sport of tue genuine, also the new tilings inG-.ild Bdrs, Coll tretres, Bucklo*, Czarina Pin.s. Buttc-rlly Hur. Pins. Sid" Cooibs, Hair Pins, Watch PooketH,. Ladies' CrQ-.rd Chains, Gold Bricanmc., Spectacles of all kinds (itCed to tlie eyes. yO years' experience in Eu- gr'iviug aud all kinds of work dune to order at D. A HAUK, lot Jeweler and Optician. 4iO Broadway, \\'ASIII.\GTOX, Feb. -'•—Less than fifty members were present when the house nictat 11 o'clock. The journal of Friday's proceeding-s, which contained no mention of the J-truckinridge-IIeard fracas, was approved. On motion of Mr. Little (dent.. Ark.) senate amendments to a house bill to sell certain lands in Arkansas to the Methodist church south, lor cauip- neeti ig grounds, were agreed to. Mr. Outhwaite (Join., O.) culled up the senate bill reviving- the rank of lieutenant (runoral in tlie army, to be conferred upon Maj. Gen. ^chotield. lie proposed an amendment authorized by the committee on military affairs the effect of which would be to make the rank permanent; but it evoked such opposition that it was withdrawn. The measure was opposed by Mr. (Julelt (rep., Mass.), and advocated by Mr. Orosvcnor (rep. 0.) and then passed. The 1'acitie railroad bill came up then, under the special rule, and Mr. Dockery (dem., Mo.) took the chair in committee- of the whole. An unsuccessful eit'ort was made to modify tile order so as to extend the time for gen- cral debate until '^:'M o'clock. Mi'. Jioatner (dem., La.) asked unanimous consent that the substitute of- red by him on behalf of the minority if the committee be considered as lending, but Mr. Hepburn (rep., la.) jbjeeli-d. Mi 1 . Hoatnur asserted that the pro- ,-ision.s of the bill fixed uo date at which .he eonipanies must issue the collateral jouds described in the bill in exchange 'or their present lirst mortgage bonds, mil .said that if the companies is.seii!.ed to the bill in writing hi: hands of the government, would x: lied for an indefinite period. Mr. Hepburn (rep.. Ja.) denied tin: accuracy of Mr. Koatner's assertions. Instead of the bill postponing- the payment of the government's debt for a period of fifty years, as he (.Mr. lion tiler) had insisU'd, the companies would have paid tin 1 whole amount of the debt, estimated at Sl.'iii.oniUKH). into the tivas- 11 ry at Mir expiration o.f that period. The tii'.'-'t of tiie.st 1 payment^ was lix'ed for the l.st of July this year and the Jan'i-uagi 1 could mil- be more spoeilic. said Mr. lit-pUirn, re^ceiing the payment of ; he money dm 1 the United Stairs, • Mi 1 . Kyle (dem.. Miss.), a member of tin: railrnad committee 1 , said tho question involved in the bill was not one of honesty or morals, but whether or not an ell'ort would be made to get back any of the. money advanced to these railroads. Amendments to the first, section offered by Mr. Reilly (dem., i.'a.) were agreed to, changing tile date for the computation of the government debt to July 1, KS'.;.~, and fixing- the rate of interest to be paid on the new bonds issued by the companies at 3 per cent. Mr. Terry (dem., Ark.) offered an amendment, to section two, with reference to establishing 1 the priority of tho lien of the United States on the railroad property and to protect the. sink- -Senator Vest presented two sets of resolutions on the financial situation from the Kansas (Jit}- board of trade- llouse bill for the erection ofthe Chicago public building was reported and placed on the calendar. A bill granting to the Gila River, Globe A, Northern Hallway company right' of way through ihe. Sun Carlos Indian reservation, so framed as to avoid the president's objections, as expressed in his veto Friday, was passed. The conference report on the fortification appropriation bill was agreed to aijd a furtner conference ordered on the item in dispute. The resolution offered Friday by tenator Hill (dem.. N. V.) as to income Kax .blanks, was agreed to. •TROLLEY MEN ASSAULTED. Brooklyn New Goods Slaughtered. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear at your own price, We have also between three and. four hundred boys' suits in all sizss and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. JOS. G. GRACE. ing fund, so as to make it say specilic- ally, ho said, what the advocates of tho bill assert that it means. Mr. Lacoy (rep., la.) offered an amendment to require holders of third mortgages,whenever they exist, before the proposed new mortgage goes into effect, to release their claims against the new mortgage. The amendments proposed by Messrs. Terry and Lacey were ag-rec.l to. Win . unsiiler tho 1'nri-cnry Hill, Mr. Springer, chairman of the house banking and currency committee, had a conference with the rules committee Saturday, after which ho stated that the committee had agreed to give Tuesday, \Veduesday and Thursday of next \veek for the consideration of the administration currency bill, recently reported by his committee. C'luciti:u to Lift Her Post Oftlce. *~^, WASHINGTON, Feb. 0.—Senator Vest, from the committaepn public buildings and grounds, reported back house bill for the erection of a government building at Chicago with an amendment in the nature of a substitute, and it was placed on the calendar. The substitute, instead of appropriating S-KOOO.OOO for the . building, authorizes contracts to be made for portions of tne work, and so that the work of construction shall progress continuously end without delay, the limit of cos$-to be S4,OOU,UOO. Accompanying the bill is a communication from the secretary of the treasury ia_jvj\ich he presented several objections to the house bill. He opposed the use of any of the old material because it would cost as much to carefully take it down, prepare •and store it. as it would to buy new material. It was impossible, he said, to complete the plans in six months with the present force in the architect's office; extra force would have to be added at a cost of at least SSO.OoO. The credentials of Senator Lee Mantle, as. senator-elect from Montana, Tverc presented, and Senator Mantle was sworn, in. I -Withdrawn! of Militia from Itvdults hi Act* or VltiNMicr. BROOKLYN, Feb. 2.—Tho withdrawal of all the soldiers on duty in Brooklyn was succeeded Friday night by a series of petty assaults aud attacks on cars, incidents that in places gave the policemen and nonunion men some exciting experiences, but resulted in no serious injury. A few scalps were cut, one nose broken aud a large number of Car windows smashed. Tlie man Taylor, who, it was reported in a Kew York morning paper, was killed by a beating at East. Xe-v York during the night, was running a trolley car Saturday morning. Twelve men. attacked a l>crgen street car run by Motorman Joseph (JuiUa J'Yiday night anil threw stones aud bricks fit the Car. Guilla was hit by one of the missiles and knocked senseless and his nose broken. A crowd of fifteen men Friday night held up a i?inth avenue c;ir of the Atlantic Avenue Ra.ilroai! company at Fifth street, and after dragging the motonnan and conduct"!- from' their places beat them almost into insensibility. They broke all the windows in the car ami floM.rn.veil the power box. The police mit in an appearance and the crowd lied. Two men wure arrested. The inotiirmai;. (Jeovg-e Uuiug. i!7 years old, of Trenton. M. J.. and the conductor. Micliai:! I lor- i rig.,39 years old, of riiiladulphia. wore sn badly hurt thai tiio.v wer.- sent, to St. Mary's hospital. REVOLUTION IN COLOMS'A. WMCri-tiii-y Hi'l-liiTf OnliT» :i \Vu«ilii|i to J'rnrrril TinT. 1 ! In IIKM! in tciy. \VA.SIIIM;TO.N. Feb. ;!.—Secretary ller- be/t has a cablcirrain Iron'i Cant. Croni- wi-!l. of the Atlanta, at Colon, as follows: "Involution in IJogoui. Information meager." jiugola is the capital of the United States 1 of Colombia and is a city of about, ,">U,()'JO inhabitants. Our minister there is Mr. Luther F. McKinne3-. As a result of the news conveyed in j Capt. Cromwell's cable, Secretary Herbert ordered the Hanger at San Diego, : Cal., to sail Sunday for Jjnena Ventura, Colombia.. These orders have been acknowledged and will be obeyed, j The Alert has a.lso been ordered to sail J for tho coast of Central America on the sanio day. . j The secretary has further sent telegraphic orders to Acapulco, Mexico, to catch the ilenninglon, previously ordered on this service, and to detain nor j on the coast of Mexico until further or- ' dors .jo as to bo on hand in case of any outbreak of hostilities between Mex- | ico aud Guatemala. MEREST A QUEEN. Liliuokalani. Ex-Buler of Sandwich Isles, Again in Trouble. WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Telegrams from Towns and Citie* in Indiana. Military Stores Found in Her House —Leaders of Rebellion Arc Being Court-Marlinled. Aut'iti.A.vn. JC. '.<,. Fob. -.—Advices received In;re from Honolulu under date of January JO announce that ox- Queen Liliuokalaui h:is boon avrestod on the i;h;ir£-e of complicity with the insurgents ;n tlie rceeut rebellion. In addition, all the insurgent loaders have been taken into custody and are being tried by court-martial. KelH'lliou it Compel** l'hi*co. Throe of tho leaders pleaded guilty to treason. Martial law is maintained, c rebellion against the republic of Hawaii turned out to be a complete fiasco. After the first engagement the rebels scattered, and soiuo time later Wilcox, Molim, liuttelmaii and others of the leaders of the insurrection were citptnred, and, as already stated, are bei.'ijj triL'il for treason before a. court- martial. /.mi 1 * J r ounil In Kx-CMuirn's Mount*. Shortly after Queen Tjilinokalani was arrested her house was searched and in it wore stores of ai;ins and dynamite bombs. Tile argcsls referred 10 have resiiil.ed in the restoration of order in Hawaii. l,ator advices, dated .'launary l.'7, say that quite i a. lar^-c quantity of arms, imported for ' the use of the rebels, have been Mjixoti in :itlililio:i to those found in tile house of the ox-queen. .Messrs. Savais, the , importers of the arms, have been lined. • Mu-Ji Surprise In I.imilmi. | LO.NDOX, Feb. •-'.—Tho newsoC the ar- ! resi of ex-Queen Liliuuk:il;:ni, pub- • lish'.'.-l in London Saturday afternoon, created unite a sensation. The facts in the case were telegraphed to Queen Victoria, who is at Osborne. and lo Mr. Thoopliihis Uavis at Liverpool. Mr. t^iyis is tho guardian of l.'rincess Ki'.hi l:ini, of 1 hi w:i i i, heiress presumptive to the- til rime, lie is a.l.vi the ajroiu ill Kn-il-.Hul of cx-Qneea Ijilinokalani. Mr. Davis, it appears. I.KLS also reeeiveil a telegram via Auekl.-i.nu, New Zeu- land, announcing tlio arresL of the ex- queeu. It is expected that the laUt'r's I'riunils 'hero and elsewhere, will make diplomatic representation to Great Hrit- aia and the United Stales iu order to secure her release. Jlrpint* a ^orlc* of Jlnm.tcti Suit*. FRAXKFOBT. Ind., Feb. i.—WilliamB. Colem.ia. i wealthy resident of Craw j fordsville, has been sued for So,000 damages by his divorced wife here. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman were di- vorcid in 1893, and a few months later Mr. Coleman's valuable team o' horses were p« i -T.'M aud his house burned to the ground. Suspicion pointed to Mrs. Coleman aud in Juno hist she was 'arrested on a charge of arson and placed in jail. In .September, a ier a tedious trial-lasting over a week, she was discharged, and the action now taken is the lirst of a series of ' damage sxiits she proposes bringing. Stul«-» Horses to <J«»L t\\r- Illtlcn. HAMMOND. Tnd., Feb. 2.—Peter Hoffman and George Korem were arrested by Chief Malon and Marshal Walker charged with stealing- a quantity of hides. At the city hall Horem turned slate's evidence and informed the authorities where much of tlie stolen property was kept. Following- up tho ciew, the basement in Horeiu's houso was si-arehcd and the hides recovered. Tiorem says llofl'mnn, who is a horse trader, did a i.umber of jobs in Lake <xn;ntv, among-them bein^ picking up .stray horses and mules and killing them for tlieir hides. I'unilly I'otsoniM] .lnn--i-:i:so.Nvir.t.K, by ICj Ind.. tlnsr Tork. Feb. y.. — The GUATEMALA READY TO PAY. linn XotilU-i! Mfxli-o Tli::L Hi:r Dciiiundu Will H<: Cnnipli.Ml IViMi. ClTl" OF Mr.xico. 1'Vb.• :.'.—Minister Marescal and President Dia/. have held another consultation on tlie Guatemalan mallei', in which the subject of lier WILL ASK GOV. (?) KOLB'S AID. In ti'PCNtln^ Cu*« Likely t,o Grow Out <if an fl I from to Siivo u j"\lur<It;ri*rV >v<:k. lintMi.xoiiA.M, Ala.. Feb. 2. — The attorneys of Eunene IJyars, who is under sentence to hang- on the Sth inst. will petition Capt, Kolb to pardon him. Gov. Gates lias declined to interfere. Capt. Kolb claims that • he was elected governor last Aujrust, and has addressed two messages to tho legislature. If he signs a pardon the sheriil will igrnore it, then the attorneys will po before a judge and sue for a writ of habeas corpus, if the judffe declines to errant it, an appeal will be taken to the supreme court. Sheriff Morrow says he will hang JJyars unless Gov. Gates interferes. WILL DECIDE MONDAY. •7ud£c< Gro«t*cup Reserves HJs Decision In Wliinky Trust Cuse. CHICAGO, Feb. 2.- — The motion for the removal of the receivers of the whisky trust was argued before Judge Grosscup Saturday. Under questioning- ' the judge, Receiver Ureenhut admitted that he purchased shares in the wbisky trusl after his appointment as receiver. The iudge reserved his decision until JO o'clock Monday morning- '_ _ THIRTY KILLED. B«rlln, IluiUlittfi Collapses at with Awfnt ItcgnltA. BBTU.ES", Feb. 2.—One of the buildings of the flcxde works-at Dortmund collapsed Saturday, killing thirty pessons. BATTIX CKEEK, JMien., reo. a. —-j.ms body of George Arnold was found in the river here, tie has been missing for several weeks. There is no doubt but that he" was muj^red, but for what purpose is a mystery. U«atJi ol an Kdltor. - ST. LOUIS, Feb. 2.—Moritz i r iedner, the founder of the first evening German newspaper in the west, died here, aged 79, after a protracted illness. The deceased had been a resident of this citv for fifty years. indemnities for Mexico was fnrlh discussed. ; Marescal intimated t» the newspaper , con-espondenls that the amount and j general nature of the indemnity due j from Guatemala is practically the only • nuest'ion beini 1 " considered at the pres- • • i cut time. ' The Tempo says that (.niatemala has sent,'i cablegram to Mexico i;i v.-hicli it acc"edes to the demands of this republic in every particular, agreeing to pay to-Mii.xico full indemnity for all losses iucilr'rcd-in the invasion giving rise to the present unhappy state of affairs, . bu£ this is denied. Summarizing the number of applications of Americans and the followers that the applicants can place on the field in n'g-hting trim, it is evident that 2,000 men now in the United States arc ready to enter the service of Mexico without incurring any expense to the treasury. IliSTKCHt Tln-I'li»to 1 ictory. PiTTSBUttbir. Pa., Feb. 2.—The largest tin-plate factory in the United States is to be built as an addition to the •works of the Illinois Steel company, of Chicago. It will be erected during tho [ coming spring aud summer. It will i consist of thirty black-plate mills in I addition to the tinning department. The company manufactures its own black plates and puts them on the market tinned, its own production entirely-. Besides the above seven other large plants are in contemplation. 1 Iro Ht Chicago. * CHICAGO, Feb. 2.—Fire of -unknown origin early Saturday morning gutted the Allen house, a three-story building at 4137 Halsted street. Loss, 830,000; fully covered by insurance- The saloon of D. Nerrar, adjoining, %vas damaged to the extent of S10.000. members of the family of August Noark. a prominent German of this city, are all lying at the point of dealh as th« result of poisoning. The father pnrehnsed some pork- for theirsup- . per and they ate heartily of it. In a short, while, they were attacked by cx- erucialin»- pains, and it is feared that none of ihem will survive. The family consists of the father, August N'oark, aged -IT; his danghu-.r Kmma. ? years 1.1 f age; .losie. aged •], and JJertic, aged3. Victory foi* Mm \V(r>,l«rji Union. INDIANAPOLIS, Inil.. Fob. 2. — In the 1 .Marion oonnty emirt a decreo was en ti-red making permanent the order restraining the- county treasurers of Indiana from collecting from the Western Union 'Telegraph company tho taxes assessed upon the 100 per cent, increase ,.f valuation made by the state tax board in 1SU1. The decree was made in tho case of the Western Union versus. V. Backus, as treasurer of Marion county. Aoi-llM';! Mail Attempts Sult'Ulo. Tfii:uK HAUTK, InJ.. Feb. 2.— Edward Jockson, aged 21, a telephone repairer of gooi.l family who was arrested cha.nred with robbing residences where lie was doing repair work, tried to suicide by hanging at the county jail. He made a rope by tying a towel and a pillowslip together and then suspended it from the ceiling about Ins neck. He was hanging when he was cut down. Taylor's J:on<!i*mcii Surrt. LAFAYETTE. Ind., Feb. 2. — The state of South Dakota began suit here against the bondsmen of W. \V. Taylor, defaulting treasurer of that state. The amount demanded is §-'!.'iO,(JOO. The complaint alleges that Taylor failed to turn over to his successor the amount of S3G7.023.S-I. All of the bondsmen are name 1 ' in the complaint, but only one, William Taylor, father of \V: W. Taylor, resides here. I'jitullty nl ISIwooil. Ei.woon, Ind.. Feb.-.—Lewis Cooper, a young man employed by the Electric Street Railway company, was instantly killed while stringing a wire to a .spliced pole. In endeavoring to pull the wire to position the pole broke and lie was hurled a distance of 40 feet, his head striking the curbing, breaking his neck and spine. A .Murti'jrcr Cun^ht, TJ-:KRF. HAUTB. In<3.. Feb. 2.—Word was received here Friday that John Ezra, who 7nurdered Solomon Finkelstein, the peddler from this city, at Jackson Hill, was captured at Clay City. The peddler refused to buy drinks for Ezra, who is a miner, and. was murdered in cold blood. Cotn:i£ro Ht the Mints. y, Ffib. 2.-—The coinage at the several mints during January was: Gold, 63,093.300; silver, SJ74.000; minor coins. 568,200. Of the silver .coined 5200,000 was in. silver doUais. Since July I, 1S94, the number of silver dollars coined was 3,203,973. D*1<I to thVGrahn Jorj. TOLSDO, 0., Feb. 2.—Before United States Commissioner Rickenbang-h Friday afternoon C. M. Hughes, ex- cashier of the First national bank of Lima, O., who was arrested on Monday last charged with embezzling some 5150,000 of the bank's funds, waived examination: and was held to the federal grand, jury which meets here in June- Hughes gave bail in the sum ol 85.000. .'-.'.... l''i\IIcd to Import Two lilrtliN. Cr.ow.v POINT. Ind.. Feb. 2.—Dr. J. C. TVatson. a physician of Hobart. a town near here, was tried before a justice of the peace in this city for failure to report the birth of two children within. the time specified by law, and was fined £3.') and costs. No Food in Thirty Day*. N. Ind., Feb. 2.—Mrs. Joseph Studebaker died at her home here Friday evening sifter living thirty days without food and twelve days without sleep. Two months ago she suffered a. stroke of paralysis and a complication of diseases that battled all medical skill followed. Head of J* O»n^ IVABASH, Ind.. Feb. 2.—Charles Templeton, of Chester township, was arrested for wholesale stealing from farmers in Ui2 neighborhood of his home. Templeton was the head of a band of thieves, numbering a, hall dozen boys, who robbed poultry yards A >ew lim.ru...,. BK.'LZCL, Ind., Feb. 2.—The Indiana Midland's branch line from Waveland to Brazil has been opened for business. The line is 110 miles long aad runs from the center of the gas belt into In» diana's best coal Territory.

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